Wedding Florist Form by xiuliliaofz


									                     HMPC Wedding Florist Guidelines

                                 Hudson Memorial
                                Presbyterian Church
                                  4921 Six Forks Road,
                                   Raleigh, NC 27609
                                    (919) 787-1086

*   Floral decorations should be kept elegant and simple.
*   Recommended size for an arrangement under the chancel cross is 3’ x 3’.
*   No decorations may be placed on the communion table.
*   No decorations shall be attached to the walls, furniture or windows without the
    specific advance approval of the HMPC Wedding Director.
*   Chancel furniture may not be moved without the specific advance approval of the
    officiating minister.
*   Care should be taken not to damage the church or its pews or furniture in any way.
*   The use of nails, thumbtacks, paste or non-removable tape is prohibited.
*   All decorations and floral arrangements must be removed from the sanctuary at the
    conclusion of the wedding service.
*   Florist is responsible for costs incurred due to any damage to pews, carpet, etc.
*   The main chancel floral arrangement may be left for Sunday morning services only if
    prior arrangements have been made with the HMPC Wedding Director.
*   Decorations and floral arrangements may be delivered to the church 2 hours prior to
    the wedding, unless other arrangements are made with the HMPC Wedding Director.

By signing below, I agree that I understand the above terms and conditions, and I agree
to abide by them on the day of the wedding.

_______________________________________                     ________________
Signature of Florist                                              Date

_______________________________________                     ________________
Signature of Bride or Groom                                       Date

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