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					                                    Ethics Assignment
                                     Due March 14, 2007

Part 1:
                Write a short (approximately ½ page) summary of The Chemist’s Code of
                 Ethics (or another professional code of ethics—for example, the Code of
                 Ethics of the American Medical Association or the Code of Ethics of the
                 Association of American Educators).
                Write a short reflection on the code of ethics you chose (approximately 1
                 page). Did you agree with everything that was stated? Were there other
                 ethical considerations you would have included?

Part 2:
          Option 1: Choose an ethical dilemma from Chapter 5 of The Ethical Chemist.
Write a 2-3 page reflection on it, including:
                State the problem clearly. What are the ethical issues raised? Who will be
                 affected by your decision?
                What moral principles will you use to decide on a particular course of
                 action? What ethical theory or combination of theories would you use to
                 inform possible courses of action?
                Discuss at least two possible courses of action. Include benefits and
                 consequences of each.
                What course of action do you think is best? Why? How difficult would it
                 be to make that decision in “real life”?
          Option 2: Design your own dilemma
                Design a dilemma (½ page) that you might encounter personally in
                 professional practice (as a researcher, teacher, doctor, etc.) This must be a
                 dilemma about which you personally would have to decide a course of
                 action. Show me a draft of your dilemma or talk it over with me before
                 writing your reflection on it.
                Write a 2-3 page reflection as described above.

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