2nd Ballajura Campfire Songbook by xiuliliaofz


									                       2nd Ballajura Campfire Songbook
                                              Ant Marching Song                            And when they're only halfway up,
Who hath smelt woodsmoke at twilight?                                                      They're nowhere to be found.
Who hath heard the birch log burning?
Who is quick to read the noises of the        The ants go marching one by one.
night?                                        Hurrah, Hurrah.                              Onni Wonni Wakki
Let him follow with the others.               The ants go marching one by one.
For the young men’s feet are turning,         Hurrah, Hurrah.                              Onni wonni wakki Wah wah,
To the camps of proved desire and known       The ants go marching one by one,             Onni wonni wakki Wah wah,
delight.                                      The little one stops to chew some gum.       Aye yi yi yippi yi yi yi.
                                              And they all go marching,                    Aye yi, aye yi, aye yi, aye yi
                                              Down...to the ground...
Campfire’s Burning                            to get out...of the rain.                    The key thing with this song is not the
                                              Boom, boom, boom, boom.                      words, but the actions! Repeat the song
Campfire's burning, campfire's burning                                                     three times, doing the actions in rhythm
Draw nearer, draw nearer                      (Insert the following lines, replacing one   with the music:
Campfire, Campfire                            by one/to chew some gum, etc.)               During the first verse, put both hands on
Come sing and be merry.                       Two by two / to tie his shoe.                the knees of the person to your right, then
                                              Three by three / to climb a tree.            on your own knees, then on the knees of
                                              Four by four / to close the door.            the person to your left, then back on your
All Together Again                            Five by five / to do a jive.                 own knees.
                                              Six by six / to pick up sticks.              During second verse, start with arms
We're all together again, we're here, we're   Seven by seven / to look at heaven.          folded (not tucked in!) in front of your
here,                                         Eight by eight / to shut the gate.           chest; put right hand out, put left hand on
We're all together again, we're here, we're   Nine by nine / to tell the time.             top of it, put left hand back in “folded”
here.                                         Ten by ten / to say THE END.                 position, put right hand in “folded”
And who knows when, we'll be all                                                           position and then repeat by putting left
together again?                               chorus:
                                              And they all go marching                     hand out first.
Singing all together again, we're here!                                                    During last verse, put both hands on
                                              Down...to the ground...
                                              to get out...of the rain                     knees, then put left hand on nose while
Duke of York                                  Boom, boom, boom, boom.                      crossing right arm over to touch left ear
                                                                                           with right hand; then put hands on knees
Oh, the grand old Duke of York,                                                            again and this time touch nose with right
he had ten thousand men.                      Father Abraham                               hand while touching right ear with left
He marched them up to the top of the hill,                                                 hand...
and he marched them down again.               Father Abraham had many sons
                                              Many sons had Father Abraham.
And when they were up, they were up;          I am one of them, and so are you.            One Bottle O’ Milk
And when they were down, they were            Let me tell you what to do...
down;                                                                                      One bottle of milk, two bottles of milk,
And when they were only half way up,          Right arm.                                   Three bottles of milk, four bottles of milk,
they were neither up nor down.                                                             Five bottles of milk, six bottles of milk,
                                              Father Abraham had many sons                 Seven, seven, bottles of milk!
                                              Many sons had Father Abraham.
If You’re Happy                               I am one of them, and so are you.            You can’t put your muck in our dustbin,
                                              Let me tell you what to do...                Our dustbin, our dustbin.
If you’re happy and you know it,                                                           You can’t put your muck in our dustbin,
                                              Right arm, left arm.                         My dustbin’s full!
Clap your hands (clap)
If you’re happy and you know it,              ......                                       Fish and chips and vinegar,
Clap your hands (clap)                                                                     vinegar, vinegar
If you’re happy and you know it,              Continue until:
                                                                                           Fish and chips and vinegar,
Then you really ought to show it,             Right arm,                                   Pepper, pepper, pepper, salt!
If you’re happy and you know it,              left arm,
Clap your hands (clap)                        right leg,
                                              left leg,                                    The Crocodile
Stamp your feet
Nod your head                                 nod your head,
                                              stick out your tongue,                       She sailed away, on a lovely summer’s
Shout “hooray”                                                                             day,
Do all four                                   sit down.
                                                                                           On the back of a crocodile.
                                              (can also sing as “Robert Baden-Powell       “You see,” said she, “he’s as tame as tame
Ging Gang Gooli                               had many scouts”)                            can be,
                                                                                           I’ll ride him down the Nile.”
Ging gang gooli-gooli-gooli-gooli             Noble Captain Kirk                           The croc. winked his eye, and the lady
watcha                                                                                     waved “goodbye”,
Ging gang goo, ging gang goo. [x 2]           [Tune: Grand Old Duke of York]               Wearing a happy smile.
Heyla, heyla sheyla, heyla sheyla heyla                                                    At the end of the ride, the lady was inside,
ho-o, [x 2]                                   The noble Captain Kirk,                      And the smile on the crocodile!
Shalliwalli Shalliwalli Shalliwalli           he had 500 men.
Shalliwalli                                   He beamed them up to the Enterprise,
                                              And he beamed down again.                    Soap and Towel
Oompah Oompah Oompah...
                       2nd Ballajura Campfire Songbook
Soap, soap, soap and towel; towel and        Oh, a guy had a game with a ping-pong        Cottage In A Wood
water please.                                ball,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, wash     With a ping, ping-pong ball.                 In a cottage in a wood
your dirty knees.                            Oh, a guy had a game with a ping-pong,       Little old man at the window stood,
                                             ping-pong, ping-pong, ping-pong, ping-       Saw a rabbit running by
                                             pong ball,
Galoomp                                      With a ping, with a ping, with a ping-
                                                                                          Frightened as could be.
                                             pong, ping-pong, ping-pong, ping-pong        “Help me, help me, sir,” she said,
Galoomp went the little green frog one       ball.                                        “Before the huntsman shoots me dead.”
day,                                         Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping, ping,    “Come, little rabbit, come with me,
Galoomp went the little green frog,          ping, ping, ping!                            Happy we will be.”
Galoomp went the little green frog one       A guy had a game with a ping-pong ball,
day,                                         Oh, a guy had a game with a ping-pong
And his eyes went gloomp, gloomp,            ball,                                        The Old Fashioned Ford
gloomp                                       A guy had a game with a ping-pong ball,
                                             With a ping, ping-pong ball.                 (tune - The Road to Gundagai)
                                             (repeat, but this time say “pong” for        There’s an old fashioned Ford
We all know frogs go                                                                      Made of rubber, tin and board,
Lah dee dah dee dah,                         “ping” and vice-versa)
                                                                                          Along the road to Gundagai.
Lah dee dah dee dah,                                                                      Oh the radiator’s hissing,
Lah dee dah dee dah,                         Life is But a Melancholy                     And half the engine’s missing,
We all know frogs go                                                                      The oil tank’s running dry.
Lah dee dah dee dah,                         Flower                                       There’s water in the petrol
They don’t go gloomp, gloomp,gloomp.                                                      And sand in the gears,
                                             (tune of “Frere Jaques”)
Repeat but replace “Lah dee dah dee dah”                                                  And it hasn’t seen a garage
with:                                        Life is butter, life is butter,              For more than forty years;
                                             Melancholy flower, melancholy flower,        But, oh gosh, hear her roar
“Pop” in the microwave                       Life is but a melon, life is but a melon,    When the pedal hits the floor
“Splat” when you step on them                Cauliflower, cauliflower.                    Along the road to Gundagai.
“Squelch” on the freeway
Using sound effects for the word in quotes   I Zicka Zimba (Hold Him                      Yogi Bear
and appropriate actions.
                                             Down)                                        (tune - Camptown Races)
Little Tom Tinker                            I zicka zimba, zimba, zimba                  I know someone you don’t know,
                                             I zicka zimba, zimba, hey                    Yogi, Yogi,
Little Tom Tinker sat on a clinker,          I zicka zimba, zimba, zimba                  I know someone you don’t know,
Then he began to cry,                        I zicka zimba, zimba, hey                    Yogi, Yogi Bear,
“MAMA, MAMA”,                                                                             Yogi, Yogi Bear,
Poor little innocent boy.                    Hold him down, you Zulu Warrior              Yogi, Yogi Bear,
                                             Hold him down, you Zulu chief                I know someone you don’t know,
Sing as a 4 part round - jump up on          Chief chief chief...
“MAMA”.                                                                                   Yogi, Yogi Bear.
                                                                                          Yogi has a little friend,
                                             My Aunt Came Back                            BooBoo, BooBoo, Bear...
                                             (Leader sings line and does actions and is   Yogi has a sweet girlfriend,
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,         echoed by audience. Keep doing actions       Cindy, Cindy Bear...
Think I'll go and eat worms;                 for following verses)
Long thin skinny ones;                                                                    Yogil lived in Jellystone,
Big fat juicy ones,                          My Aunt came back (My aunt came back)        Jelly, Jellystone...
See how they wriggle and squirm.             From old Japan (From old Japan)
                                             And she brought me back (and she             Yogi has an enemy,
Bite their heads off,                        brought me back)                             Ranger, Ranger Smith...
Suck their blood out,                        A Japanese fan (a Japanese fan)                       BANG!
Throw their skins away,                         (Start waving right hand like a fan)
Nobody knows how much I thrive                                                            On Ilkla Moor Bacht ’At
On worms three times a day.                  My Aunt came back
                                             From old Hong Kong
Long thin skinny ones slip down easily,      And she brought me back                      Where hast tha' been since I saw thee, I
Big fat juicy ones stick;                    A game of ping pong                          saw thee?
Hold your head back,                            (wave left hand like ping-pong bat)       On Ilkla moor bacht ’at.
Squeeze their tail,                                                                       Where hast tha' been since I saw thee?
And their juice just goes drip, drip.        Kampuchea - Rocking Chair                    Where hast tha' been since I saw thee?
                                               (start rocking back and forward)           On Ilkla moor bacht ’at.
                                                                                          On Ilkla moor bacht ’at.
The Ping-Pong Ball                           Timbuktu - some nuts like you                On Ilkla moor bacht ’at.
                                                (stop actions and point at audience)
(Tune - William Tell Overture)                                                            Ah’ve been a-courting Mary Jane...
                                                                                          Tha'll shoorly catch tha death of coold...
A guy had a game with a ping-pong ball,
                         2nd Ballajura Campfire Songbook
Then ducks will come and eat up worms...     I looked at him                                Hold onto your meatball, 'cause someone
Then we shall go and eat up ducks...         He looked at me                                might sneeze.
Then we shall all have eaten thee...         I sized up him
                                             He sized up me
Gory, Gory                                   He says to me
                                             Why don't you run                              [Tune: Auld Lang Syne]
[Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic]          I see you ain't
                                             Got any gun                                    On mules we find two legs behind, and
He jumped 40 thousand feet without a                                                        two we find before;
parachute.                                   I said to him                                  We stand behind before we find, what the
[Repeat twice more.]                         That's a good idea                             two behind be for.
But he ain't gonna jump no more.             So come on feet                                When we're behind the two behind, we
                                             Let's get out of here                          find what these be for;
CHORUS                                                                                      So stand before the two behind, and
Gory, gory, what a heck of a way to die.     And so I ran                                   behind the two before.
[Repeat twice more.]                         Away from there
Well, he ain't gonna jump no more.           But right behind
                                             Me was that bear                               Kum Ba Yah
He landed on the target like a blob of
strawberry jam...                            But ahead of me                                Kum ba yah, my Lord, kum ba yah!
                                             There was a tree                               [Repeat 3x]
We scraped him off the target with a bread   A great big tree
and butter knife...                                                                         Oh Lord, kum ba yah!
                                             Oh, Glory Be!
We put him in an envelope and sent him                                                      Someone's sleeping, Lord . . .
                                             But the lowest branch                          Someone's crying, Lord . . .
home to mum...                               Was ten feet up                                Someone's singing, Lord . . .
She put him on the mantelpiece for           I'd have to trust                              Someone's laughing, Lord . . .
everyone to see...                           My luck to jump                                Someone's praying, Lord . . .
                                             And so I jumped                                Someone's Scouting, Lord . . .
Hi Ho! Nobody Home                           Into the air                                   Someone's camping, Lord . . .
                                             But I missed that branch                       Kum ba yah, my Lord, . . .
(Three part round)                           A way up there

Hi, ho! Nobody home,                         Now don't you fret                             Taps
Meat nor drink nor money have I none.        Now don't you frown
Yet will I be merry.                         'Cause I caught that branch                    Day is done, gone the sun,
                                             On the way back down                           From the lake, from the hills, from the sky;
                                                                                            All is well, safely rest, God is nigh.
The Merry-Go-Round                           That's all there is
                                             There ain't no more
Divide into four groups. This represents     Unless I meet
an old steam merry-go-round. Start groups    That bear once more
in order, then stop in reverse order. 4
repeats between starting/stopping each       On Top Of Spaghetti
Group 1 oom-pah-pah        (engine)          [Tune: On Top of Old Smokey]
Group 2 oom-sss-sss        (steam)           On top of Spaghetti, all covered with
Group 3 oom-tiddle-dee-dee                   cheese,
         (high-pitched squeak)               I lost my poor meatball when somebody
Group 4 da-da-da           (music -          sneezed.
group sings in “tinny” way; any waltz
rhythm will do)                              It rolled off the table, and onto the floor,
                                             And then my poor meatball rolled out of
                                             the door.
The Bear Song
                                             It rolled down the garden, and under a
Leader:              Group, echoing:         bush,
 The other day       (The other day)         And then my poor meatball was nothing
 I saw a bear        (I saw a bear)          but mush!
 A great big bear    (A great big bear)
 A way up there      (A way up there)        The mush was as tasty, as tasty could be,
                                             And then the next summer it grew into a
 The other day I saw a bear                  The tree was all covered, all covered with
 A great big bear a way up there             moss,
                                             And on it grew meatballs, all covered
                                             with sauce.
[Continue this pattern throughout the
song.]                                       So if you have spaghetti, all covered with
                      2nd Ballajura Campfire Songbook
                                            Coo Coo: Everyone nod their heads up         together. Decrease the number of fingers
Cheers, Yells, and Applauses                and down and say: "COO-COO" as               as the storm passes.
                                            many times as you tell them, as if you
                                                                                         Relay: First person in row claps next
Artillery: Begin slowly with the flats of   were striking the hour.
                                                                                         person's hand and so on down to the
your palms and increase in speed: then      Cookie Clap: Everyone takes a big            end of the row.
slow down until finally the last time       bowl in their arms. In bowl, dump
the hands are not brought together.                                                      Reverse Applause: Move hands away
                                            ingredients to make cookies, such as:
                                                                                         from each other.
Big Hand: Leader says, "let's give them     flour, sugar, salt, chocolate chips and
a big hand" everybody in the audience       dill pickles (have the boys tell out the     Round of Applause: While clapping
holds up one of their hands with the        ingredients and you'll get some odd          hands, move them around in a circle in
palm up.                                    cookies). After the ingredients are in the   front of you.
                                            bowl, you take a big spoon and with
Big Sneeze: Cup hands in front of nose      stirring motion yell "Crummy,                Seal of Approval: Put your thumbs in
and sneeze in hands. Having nowhere to      Crummy, Crummy".                             your armpits, then move arms up and
put it, wipe your hands in your hair.                                                    down like a seal moving its flippers and
                                            Eskimo Cheer: Brrrrr-rrr, Brrrrr-rrr.        say "Arf, Arf, Arf" several times.
Blast-off: Start counting backwards from                                                 Variation: Add: Pretend you are
6 to 1. Bend the knees a little more on     Fire Engine: Divide the group into four
                                                                                         balancing a ball on the end of your
each count until you are in a squatting     sections: (1) Rings the bell fast, DING;
position. Then, while saying, "BLAST        (2) Honks the horn, HONK, HONK,
OFF!", jump straight up in the air.         HONK; (3) Sounds the siren, Rrrr,            Seal: Extend arms, cross hands at the
                                            Rrrr, Rrrr; (4) Clangs the clanger,          wrist and flap hands several times.
Can of Applause: Cheer and applaud as       CLANG, CLANG, CLANG. Have all
cover is removed from can and become        four groups do their parts together.         Sky Rocket: Make a motion of striking
quiet as lid is replaced.                                                                a match on your pants, lean over to
                                            Fireman Yell: Water, Water, Water!           light your rocket. Make a "SH, SH,
Canary Applause (2000 lb): Put hands        More, More, More !                           SH" sound, point from the floor to the
on opposite shoulders, while opening        Giant Beehive: Tell the group to buzz        sky as if you were following it in flight
and closing elbows, say, "Here, kitty,      like a bee. When your hand is raised,        with your finger. CLAP hands and say
kitty."                                     the volume should increase. When you         "BOOM" spread arms wide and say
Carpenter: Pretend to be holding a          lower your hand the volume should            "AH____AH____AH".
hammer in one hand and a nail in the        decrease. Practice this at various levels.
                                                                                         Tonto: Leader says "Where does Tonto
other. Start pounding the nail with the     Good Turn: Stand up and turn around.         take his trash?" The audience yells in
hammer while saying, "Bang, Bang,                                                        reply, "To de dump, to de dump, to de
Ouch".                                      Grand: Everyone is sitting down in
                                                                                         dump dump dump," to the rhythm of a
                                            their chairs. All stomp their feet three
Cheery: Pick a cheery, roll in your                                                      running horse in a sing-song manner
                                            times loudly, then slap leg three times,
mouth, then spit the pit out with a loud                                                 while clapping hands on thighs. (Like
                                            then clap hands 3 times. Then stand up
"P-TUU."                                                                                 Lone Ranger)
                                            all together and shout "Ra, Ra, Ra!"
Chinese: How! How! How! Phooey,                                                          Two-Handed Saw: Everyone pairs off
                                            Hankerchief: Tell the group that they
Phooey, Phooey.                                                                          into two's. Each pair sticks their hands
                                            are supposed to applaud as long as the
                                                                                         out with their thumbs up. Alternately
Chinese Bow: Stand, fold your arms,         handkerchief you are about to throw in
                                                                                         grab each other's thumbs until all four
bow from the waist while saying, "Ah        the air, when it hits the floor to stop
                                                                                         hands are each holding a thumb. Move
Phooey."                                    applauding. Variation: Catch the
                                                                                         arms and hands back and forth as if
                                            handkerchief instead of letting it drop.
Christmas Bells: Pretend to hold a bell                                                  sawing.
                                            Vary the applauding by using short
rope, then get the left side of the         throws, long throws, throwing to             Watermelon: Hold a piece of
audience to say "DING" on the               someone in the audience etc.                 watermelon in both hands, make the
downstroke and the other side of the                                                     motions of taking several bites, turn
audience to say "DONG" on the               Hay DD Straw: Divide the group into
                                                                                         head and spit out the seeds.
upstroke. Repeat three times.               two sections, tell one group that when
                                            you point to them they are to yell,
Class A: Clap rapidly in the following      "HAY". Tell the other section they are       Run Ons and Short Skits
rhythm: 1-2-3-4, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2-3-4, 1-2,    to yell, "STRAW" !!! Vary the speed
1-2, 1-2-3-4...(pause)..One big clap.       in which you point to the different          1) The first person calls from out of
                                            groups. Variation: When the leader           sight "Hey Fred, look! I'm in the top of
Class B: Just like the Class A except                                                    a 100 foot tall tree."
                                            yells hay or straw, the group responds
that on the last clap, you come back                                                     The second person: "But Joe, we don't
                                            with the opposite word.
with your hands and make one big clap.                                                   have any 100 foot tall trees in camp.
                                            Rainstorm Cheer: To simulate rain,           First person: "Oh noooo....", screams
Class C: Just like the class B except
                                            have everyone pat one finger of the left     as he is falling.
that after missing the clap, you come
                                            hand and one finger of the right hand.
back with your hands and make one big                                                    2) 1st person: "Excuse me, but is that
                                            Gradually increase the intensity of the
                      2nd Ballajura Campfire Songbook
2nd person: "I don't know. I'm new to      12) 1st Scout: Say wasn't there a rap at   22) Librarian: "Please be quiet, young
these parts too."                          the door?                                  man. The people near you can't even
                                           2nd Scout: I didn't hear anything.         read."
3) Two boys playing quick draw:            1st Scout: Yes, I'm sure there was a rap   Scout: "Then what are doing in a
1st boy: "My Scoutmaster (Cubmaster        at the door!                               library?"
etc.) can shoot a gun faster than any      2nd Scout: I'm sure I didn't hear
man in the West."                                                                     23) Scout 1: "Did you hear how my
2nd boy: "Really?" What do they call                                                  mother strained herself."
                                           The first scout then goes to the door
your Scoutmaster."                                                                    Scout 2: "No, how did she manage to
                                           and brings in a coat and tells the
1st boy: "Toeless Joe."                                                               do it?"
                                           audience as he holds it up for them to
                                                                                      Scout 3: "She ran through a screen
4) 1st boy: "I heard you had an accident   see. I knew there was a wrap at the
on your hike today."                       door.
2nd boy: "No but I did get bitten by a                                                24) Fortune Teller: "That will be $20
                                           13) 1st Scout: I went fishing last week.
rattlesnake."                                                                         for two questions."
                                           2nd Scout: What did you catch?
1st boy: "You don't call that an                                                      Client: "Isn't that a lot of money for
                                           1st Scout: Three bass and one smelt.
accident?"                                                                            two questions?"
                                           2nd Scout: It did? Which one?
2nd boy: "Heck no, he did that on                                                     Fortune Teller: "Yes, it is. Now what
purpose."                                  14) A group of boys are discussing a       is your second question?"
                                           football game.
5) DRAG: Have two boys drag a third        1st boy: I sure hope that the ________
boy across the stage. The third boy        wins.
says: "What a drag!"                       2nd boy: Well I'm sure that _________
6) Big Chief: Bring in 10 scalps, kill 5   will win.
buffalo bare handed and go into desert     3rd boy: Why ______ will beat them
without water for a moon. Then I will      40 to nuthin'.
pronounce you Big Brave. You               4th boy: I can tell you the score of the
understand? Indian Brave: Yes. What        game before it starts.
do I do to get pronounced Little Brave.    The Others: Oh Yeah? You're not that
7) A boy walks across stage carrying a     4th boy: Nuttin' to Nuttin' of course
car door. He is asked why he is carrying   (The others chase him off.)
the car door. The boy answers so that
he can roll down the window when it        15) First Scout: I bet I can jump higher
gets hot.                                  then a house.
                                           Second Scout: I bet you can't.
8) The scene is a courtroom scene with     First Scout: Yes I can. Did you ever see
one person as the judge. A person          a house jump.
walks through the court carrying a sign
or a skunk stuffed animal. The judge       16) Leader: I can make everyone in the
watching says: "Odor in the court! Odor    audience into an old fashioned Indian.
in the court!"                             Audience: How?
                                           Leader: (Leader raises right hand and
9) The three boys are in a line facing     then says, "How!")
the audience.
Second Boy in Line: This story begins      17) Why are you pulling that rope for?
with "Once upon a time"                    Did you ever try to push one.
First Boy: Hey, wait a minute, I'm the     18) Wire for Mr. Jones. I'm Mr. Jones.
beginning.                                 The clerk hands him a piece of wire.
Middle Boy: I'm the middle.
Last Boy: That's nothing I'm the end.      19) Two guys talking, first asks the
                                           second where he is going; second says
10) A boy is sitting on the bake with a    fishing. First asks second what he has
fishing pole in hand. There is a NO        in his mouth and the first says worms.
FISHING sign nearby. The game              The first guy says good luck and slaps
warden appears.                            second guy on the back.
Fisherman: Are you the game warden.
Game warden: Yep!                          20) Radio Announcer: We interrupt this
Fisherman:Just teaching him how to         program for a spot announcement.
swim(pointing to the worm on the           Dog (offstage): Arf! Arf! Arf!
pole)                                      Announcer: Thank you, Spot.
11) (Boy runs on interrupting leader):     21) Scout 1:(running on stage) "They're
"We interrupt this program for an          after me!"
important news flash." Turns flashlight    Scout 2: "Who's after you."

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