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					San Jacinto Community College District



All course descriptions and degree information listed herein are subject to change.
It is the policy of San Jacinto Community College District not to discriminate on the basis of sex,
disability, race, religion, color, age, national origin, or veteran status.
Table of Contents
Facts about SJCD                                                 Admission Requirements for                                       Complete Withdrawal from College or
                                                                 Non U.S. Citizens and Students                                   Dropping All Courses .............................. 31
San Jacinto Community College District                           with no current VISA Status...................... 20             TEC 51.907 Six-Drop Limit Provisions....... 32
Vision and Mission Statements ....................4              English Language Proficiency                                     Residence Status for Tuition Purposes ........ 32
Annual Security Report ..............................5           Requirements for Students Who are Speakers                       Proof of Texas Residency........................... 33
Accreditation ............................................5      of other Languages .................................. 20         Senior Citizens Enrolling in Classes ........... 33
Equal Opportunity Statement .....................5               English for Speakers of Other Languages
QEP .........................................................5                                                                    Tuition and Fee
                                                                 (ESOL) Program ..................................... 21
SJCD Foundation ......................................5          COMPASS-ESL Testing Requirement ......... 21                     In-District Tuition and Fees (TID) ............. 34
Academic Calendar ....................................6          ESOL Program Admission Types ............... 21                  Estimated In-District Student Expenses ...... 34
SJCD’s Three Campuses ..............................7                                                                             Out-of-District Tuition and Fees (TOD) ...... 34
Advantages Offered by San Jacinto College ...9                   Testing                                                          Estimated Out-of-District Student Expenses 34
How to Enroll at San Jacinto College ...........9                COMPASS Testing Schedule ...................... 22               Out-of-State and Other Non-Resident Tuition
Options for Learning                                             THEA/Quick THEA ................................ 23              and Fees (TOS, TIS, TUV) ........................ 35
                                                                 General Educational Development or GED . 23                      Estimated Out-of-State and Other Non-
Traditional Classes .................................. 10        Placement Chart ...................................... 24        Resident Student Expenses ........................ 35
Distance Learning ................................... 10                                                                          Additional Expenses................................. 35
Honors Program ..................................... 10          Texas Success
                                                                                                                                  Fees Per Term.......................................... 35
Weekend Classes ...................................... 10        Initiative (TSI) College                                         Course and/or Other Incidental Fees .......... 35
Summer and Mini Sessions ........................ 11             Preparatory                                                      Lab Fees ................................................. 37
Continuing & Professional
Development (CPD) ................................. 11           Exemptions from the Success Initiative ....... 25                Financial Aid
Business and Industry Training ................. 11              Partial Exemption Based on SAT, ACT,                             Methods of Payment ................................. 39
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) 11                      TAKS ..................................................... 26    Installment Payment Plan (IPP) ................ 39
Aerospace and Biotechnology Academy ...... 11                    Waived Certificate Programs ..................... 26             Credit Card Account Verification –
The University Connection........................ 12             TSI Requirements Deferred for Students                           Authorization ......................................... 40
Extension Centers .................................... 12        Who are not Seeking a Degree or                                  Delinquent Accounts ................................ 40
Campus Housing...................................... 13          Certificate ............................................... 26   Refund Policy.......................................... 40
The San Jacinto College Libraries .............. 13              Skills Prerequisites .................................. 26       Refunds-New Method or Payments to
Interactive Learning Centers ..................... 13            Advising ................................................. 26    Students ................................................. 40
Computer Laboratories ............................ 14            Meeting the Requirements of the                                  Withdrawal............................................. 41
Child Development/Early Childhood                                Texas Success Initiative ............................. 26        Official Withdrawal ................................. 41
Education Laboratory School.................... 14               Student Initiated Withdrawal from                                Tuition Rebate Program ........................... 41
Admission Step                                                   Required College Preparatory Studies ........ 27                 Excess Credit Hours for Undergraduate
                                                                 Retesting ................................................ 27    Students (30-Hour Rule) ........................... 42
Completing the Online Application                                Ability-to-Benefit Test Information ............ 27              Repeated Courses and Unfunded
for Admission .......................................... 15      General Registration                                             Credit Hours ........................................... 42
Admission Types ...................................... 15                                                                         Campus Financial Aid Services Office ......... 42
High School Graduation........................... 15             Information
                                                                                                                                  Financial Aid Services Steps...................... 43
General Educational Development                                  San Jacinto College Academic                                     Procedures.............................................. 43
(GED) Graduate ...................................... 15         Terms and Parts of Term ........................... 28           FAFSA School Code (003609) ................... 44
College or University Transfer ................... 15            Schedule Policy ....................................... 29       Priority Processing .................................. 44
Dual Credit/Early Admission .................... 16              Course Load ........................................... 29       Eligibility ............................................... 44
Early College Programs............................ 17            Counseling and Advising .......................... 29            Before You Begin a Free Application For
Modified Early College Academy                                   Web for Students (Student Online System) ... 29                  Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).................... 44
(MECA)-North Campus............................ 17               University Transfer ................................. 29         Email Address ......................................... 44
Clear Horizons Early College                                     Concurrent Enrollment ............................ 30            Eligibility Date (Census Date) ................... 45
High School-South Campus ...................... 17               Prerequisites or Co-requisites.................... 30            Major Sources of Financial Aid ................. 45
Transcripts for Admission ......................... 18           Repetition of Courses ............................... 30         Types of Financial Aid Programs ............... 45
Academic Fresh Start ............................... 18          Schedule Changes .................................... 30         Grants (Aid that does not have to be repaid) 45
International Student Admission ............... 19               Class Change Fees .................................... 30        Loans (Aid That Must Be Repaid) .............. 46
F-1 Visa Initial Applicants ........................ 19          Auditing a Course .................................... 30        Scholarships
F-1 Visa Holders Transfer Applicants ......... 19                Class Attendance ..................................... 30        (Aid That Does Not Have To Be Repaid) ..... 46
Admission Requirements for                                       Withdrawal from Courses ......................... 31             Employment (Aid That Must Be Earned)..... 46
Individuals with other types of Visas .......... 19              Withdrawal Deadlines .............................. 31           Academic Requirements for Receiving
                                                                                                                                  Financial Aid .......................................... 46
                                                                                                                                  Satisfactory Academic Financial
                                                                                                                                  Aid Components ...................................... 47
                                                                                                                                  Review Procedure .................................... 47
                                                                                                                                  Transfer Students ..................................... 47

                                                                                                               Table of Contents
Concurrent Enrollment ............................ 47           Family Education Rights and                                      Academic Status
Warning ................................................. 47    Privacy Act (FERPA) ............................... 54
Probation ............................................... 47    Discrimination and Harassment ................ 54                Academic Suspension Period ..................... 64
Suspension .............................................. 48    Student Intellectual Property .................... 54            Suspension Appeals .................................. 64
Regaining Eligibility ............................... 48        General Complaint Procedure ................... 54               Re-enrollment After Suspension ................ 64
Transfer Monitoring Students ................... 48                                                                              Transfer Students on Probation or
                                                                Student Grades and                                               Suspension .............................................. 64
Withdrawals, Grades and the Return of
Title IV Funds ......................................... 48     Records                                                          Student Services
Additional Restrictions for Stafford and                        Classification........................................... 55     Student Inquiries ..................................... 66
PLUS Loans............................................ 48       Grading System ....................................... 55        Student Orientation ................................. 66
Official Withdrawals ................................ 48        Incomplete (I).......................................... 55      Campus Activities .................................... 66
Unofficial Withdrawals ............................ 48          No Grade Reported (NG).......................... 55              Recreational and Intramural Sports ........... 66
Debts to the Department of Education........ 49                 Withdrawal within the Limit (WL) ............ 55                 Special Populations.................................. 66
Debts to San Jacinto College ..................... 49           Failure, Excessive Absences (FX) ............... 55              Career and Employment Center ................. 66
Veterans Information                                            Grade Range ........................................... 56       Emergency Closings ................................. 67
                                                                Range..................................................... 56    Textbook Repurchase Policy...................... 67
Steps in Applying for Veterans Benefits ....... 49              Grade ..................................................... 56
Class Attendance                                                Point Value ............................................. 56     Awarding of Degrees
                                                                Grade Point Average (GPA)....................... 56              and Certificates
Course Withdrawal .................................. 49
Excessive Absences ................................... 49       Overall Institution Grade Point Average ..... 56                 Associate of Arts Degree ........................... 68
Repeating Courses ................................... 50        Procedure for Student to Appeal a                                Additional Associate Degrees
Program Requirements ............................ 50            Final Grade ............................................ 56      (Second Degrees) ..................................... 68
Tutoring ................................................. 50   Dean’s Honor List .................................... 57
VA Academic Standards of Progress ........... 50                Transfer Credit ........................................ 57
Students Enrolling Under the                                    Common Course Numbering System .......... 57                     Education Programs ................. 69-97
Hazelwood Act ........................................ 50       Free Transferability ................................. 58        Technical Programs................ 98-212
                                                                Transfer of Credit to San Jacinto College .... 58
Student Rights and                                              Transfer of Correspondence Course Credit .. 59                   Course Descriptions ............. 213-296
Responsibility                                                  Transfer of Credit from San Jacinto College 59                   Index ......................................297-312
                                                                Transfer Disputes Resolution..................... 59
Honesty Statement ................................... 51        Articulated Credit from High School.......... 60
Cheating and Plagiarism .......................... 51           Credit by Examination ............................. 60
Official Communications .......................... 51           College Level Examination
Student ID Cards ..................................... 51       Program (CLEP) ..................................... 60
Student Email Account ............................. 52          Advanced Placement Program (AP) ........... 61
Change of Name or Address....................... 52             International Baccalaureate (IB)
Children on Campus................................. 52          Examination Credit.................................. 61
Final Examinations.................................. 52         Departmental Examinations ..................... 62
Retention of Student Work ........................ 52           Awarding Transfer Credit for
Student Absences for Religious Holy Days ... 52                 Demonstrated Proficiency in Areas
Graduate Guarantee Program ................... 52               Related to College-Level Courses
Transfer Credit ........................................ 52     completed while in the United States
Entry-Level Job Skills .............................. 53        Military ................................................. 62
Student Right-to-Know ............................ 53           Advanced Placement Without Credit .......... 63
Annual Security Report ............................ 53          Transcripts from San Jacinto College ......... 63
Equity and Accommodation ...................... 53              Retention and Disposal of Student Records . 63
                                                                Falsification of Records ............................ 63

                      General Statements

                      San Jacinto Community
General Information

                      College District

                          San Jacinto Community College District is a public community college in East Harris County, Texas, which serves a
                      district defined by the combined areas of these independent school districts: Channelview, Clear Creek, Deer Park, Galena
                      Park, La Porte, Pasadena and Sheldon, as well as portions of Clear Creek and Humble.

                                    San Jacinto Community College District
                                          Vision, Mission, and Values

                      Vision                                                                  VALUES
                          San Jacinto College will be the                              Approved by the Board of Trustees on June 2, 2008
                      leader in educational excellence and
                      in the achievement of equity among
                      diverse populations. We will empower                       Integrity: Ethical and Professional
                      students to achieve their goals, redefine         “We act in ways which instill confidence and trust.”
                      their expectations, and encourage their
                      exploration of new opportunities. Our                       Excellence: In Everything We Do
                      passions are people, learning, innova-
                      tion, and continuous improvement.                  “We achieve quality results in everything we do.”
                      Our Mission                                                   Accountability: It’s Up to Us
                         Our mission is to ensure student             “We take responsibility for our commitments and out-
                      success, create seamless transitions,                                    comes.”
                      and enrich the quality of life in the
                      communities we serve.                                           Innovation: Lead the Way
                                                                       “We apply our knowledge, skill, insight, and imagina-
                                                                   tion to recognize opportunities, solve problems, and rec-
                                                                                     ommend new solutions.”
                                                                  Sense of Community: Caring for Those We Serve and Ourselves
                                                                      “We demonstrate genuine concern for the well-being of
                                                                          our students, our community and ourselves.”
                                                                              Student Success: Our Ultimate Measure
                                                                            “We enable students to achieve their goals.”
                                                                                Diversity: Celebrate the Differences
                                                                         “We celebrate the diversity of ideas and cultures.”
                                                                                  Collaboration: We Work Together
                                                                         “We work together for the benefit of the college.”
                                                                  General Statements
Annual Security                             Accreditation                                San Jacinto
and Fire Safety                                 San Jacinto Community College            Community

                                                                                                                                      General Information
                                            District is accredited by the Com-
Report                                      mission on Colleges of the Southern          College
                                            Association of Colleges and Schools
    The San Jacinto College Commu-
                                            (SACS) to award the associate degree.        Foundation
nity District is committed to assisting
all members of the SJC community            Contact the Commission on Colleges at            The San Jacinto Community Col-
in providing for their own safety and       1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia         lege Foundation is a nonprofit founda-
security. The annual security compli-       30033-4097, or call 404.679.4501 for         tion organized under Texas law, a cor-
ance document is available on the San       questions about the status of San            poration fiscally and organizationally
Jac Police Department website.              Jacinto Community College District.          separate from the college.
                                                                                             The vision of the San Jacinto Com-
    A hard copy of the San Jacinto
College Annual Security and Fire Safety
                                            Equal                                        munity College Foundation is to be
Report is available for review at each of   Opportunity                                  recognized as one of the nation’s leading
                                                                                         community college foundations, a vital
the three campus police departments.
                                            Statement                                    link to its constituents and a source of
    Central Campus                                                                       educational opportunities for future
    W.M. Newton Student Center                  The San Jacinto College District
                                            is committed to equal employment             generations of students. The mission
    8060 Spencer Highway                                                                 of the San Jacinto Community College
    Pasadena, Texas 77505                   opportunity. As provided by this policy
                                            and to the extent provided by appli-         Foundation is to enhance the level of
                                            cable law, no person including students,     student achievement and excellence
    North Campus                                                                         at San Jacinto Community College
    Slovacek Student Center                 faculty, staff, and temporary workers
                                            will be excluded from participation in,      District. Its purpose is to receive gifts,
    5800 Uvalde Road                                                                     bequests and donations and to account
    Houston, Texas 77049                    denied the benefits of, or be subject to
                                            discrimination under any program or          for, manage and help appreciate funds
                                            activity sponsored or conducted by the       or property. Donations to the Founda-
    South Campus                                                                         tion are tax deductible to the extent
    J.D. Bruce Student Center               San Jacinto College District on the basis
                                            of sex, disability, race, religion, color,   allowable by law.
    13735 Beamer Road
    Houston, Texas 7708                     age, national origin, or veteran status.         Students interested in scholarships
                                                                                         should visit the Foundation website at
    The website and report contain
information regarding campus security       QEP                                 and click
                                                                                         on scholarships. The online scholarship
and personal safety, including topics           San Jacinto Community College
                                                                                         program will guide students through
such as: crime prevention; College          District meets the needs of its com-
                                                                                         the scholarship process in a matter of
police law enforcement authority;           munity through high-quality education.
                                                                                         minutes and allow for online submis-
crime reporting policies; disciplinary      As part of this mission, the Quality
                                                                                         sion. Be sure to get your scholarship
procedures; and other matters of            Enhancement Plan (QEP) encourages
                                                                                         application before the deadline posted
importance related to security on our       students to read their textbooks and
                                                                                         on the website. Completion of FAFSA
campuses. They also contain informa-        course material carefully to succeed in
                                                                                         is required as part of the application
tion about crime statistics for the three   their classes and realize their personal
previous calendar years concerning          and educational goals.
reported crimes that occurred on                                                             Parties interested in donating to
campus; in certain off-campus buildings                                                  the San Jacinto Community College
or property owned or controlled by San                                                   Foundation should direct all cor-
Jacinto College; and on public property                                                  respondence to:
within, or immediately adjacent to and
accessible from, the campuses.                                                           San Jacinto Community College
   This information is required by                                                       4624 Fairmont Pkwy., Suite 208
law and is provided by the San Jacinto                                                   Pasadena, Texas 77504
College Police Department.                                                               281.998.6104

                      General Statements
                              Academic Calendar
General Information

                                 Please refer to the San Jacinto College website link below or the current Schedule of Classes for the
                              most recent academic calendar.

                                                                 General Statements
San Jacinto Community

                                                                                                  General Information
College District’s Three
    The North, South, and Central campuses are at the
heart of the San Jacinto College learning experience. All
three are conveniently located to provide easy access for all
citizens of the San Jacinto Community College District. On
each campus, highly qualified faculty teach college-transfer
courses, job-preparation courses in technical fields, continu-
ing education courses and a wide range of other courses
designed to meet the needs of its constituents.

                                                                          Central Campus
The Central Campus
       8060 Spencer Hwy.
       Pasadena, Texas 77505

The North Campus
       5800 Uvalde Road
       Houston, Texas 77049

                                                                           North Campus

The South Campus
       13735 Beamer Road
       Houston, Texas 77089

                                                                           South Campus

General Information   General Statements

                          San Jacinto Community College District
                               Location Map with Extension Centers

                                                                       General Statements
Advantages                                      •     Student support services include
                                                      child care centers, financial aid,
                                                                                                2. Complete the online application for
                                                                                                   admission to the campus you plan to
Offered by San

                                                                                                                                                         General Information
                                                      tutoring, personal counseling, testing       attend.
                                                      and career counseling, veterans in-
Jacinto College                                       formation, bookstores, libraries and
                                                                                                3. Meet with a counselor or advisor.
                                                      assistance for special populations.       4. Arrange for the documents verifying
Low Cost
                                                                                                   your previous education to be sent to
 •   San Jacinto College is tax-supported      Access to Faculty
                                                                                                   the office of enrollment services at
     both by the State of Texas and the         • All full-time faculty at San Jacinto             the campus you plan to attend.
     College District; therefore, students         College post conference hours for
                                                   meeting with students.                       •    High school graduates who have
     pay only a fraction of the total cost
                                                                                                     never attended college will need
     of their education                         • Adjunct faculty may not have regular               their official high school transcripts
 •   Tuition and fees are comparatively            conference hours on campus, but                   verifying graduation.
     low                                           students may contact these faculty
                                                   members by telephone, email, or              •    Individuals who have passed the
 •   Students attending San Jacinto Col-           campus mail. Students may also                    General Educational Development
     lege can commute to and from school           arrange appointments with adjunct                 (GED) test will need their official
 •   Financial assistance is available in          faculty by contacting the department              report of scores.
     the form of scholarships, grants and          chair of the appropriate division or         •    Individuals who have attended a
     loans                                         the evening division office.                      college or university elsewhere will
 •   Part-time jobs are available on each       •      Students enrolled in continuing               need an OFFICIAL transcript from
     campus                                           education classes on a campus may              each institution previously attended.
                                                      call the Continuing & Professional       Note: Even if you do not have these documents, you
Variety of Programs
                                                      Development division.                    still can be admitted on individual approval. To see if
 •   Academic courses can transfer to a                                                        you qualify for admission under this category, read the
                                                •     Students enrolled in classes at an       Admission Requirements section or call 281.998.6150.
     senior college or university
                                                      extension center may call the ap-
 •   Technical courses lead to a certificate          propriate extension center office.        5. Take mandatory placement tests
     or associate degree, and provide job-                                                         (unless exempt). See the Testing sec-
     entry skills                              How to Enroll                                       tion for more information. See the
                                                                                                   Schedule of Classes for dates and
 •   Continuing & Professional Develop-
     ment programs and courses
                                               at San Jacinto                                      times of testing.
 •   Contractual agreements with exter-        College                                          6. Sign up and attend an on-campus
     nal agencies                                                                                  orientation session or complete the
                                                1. Obtain the San Jacinto College                  online orientation process.
Variety of Schedules                               Catalog, the Schedule of Classes
                                                   and an application online at www.            7. Register online using the SOS regis-
 •   Both day and evening classes for the                                                          tration system.
     Fall, Spring and Summer terms at    , or at any of the following
     each of the three campuses and at             campus locations.                            8. Pay online or at a campus business
     the extension centers                          San Jacinto College Central                    office. NOTE: You are not officially
                                                        Office of Enrollment Services              enrolled until payment is made.
 •   Winter and Summer mini-terms
                                                        8060 Spencer Hwy.
 •   Weekend classes in the Fall, Spring,               Pasadena, Texas 77505
     and Summer terms                                   Phone: 281.998.6150
 •   Distance learning classes
                                                    San Jacinto College North
Activities and Services                                 Office of Enrollment Services
 • Students can develop leadership                      5800 Uvalde Road
     qualities in activities such as rec-               Houston, Texas 77049
     reational sports, religion, music,                 Phone: 281.998.6150
     speech, debate, journalism, lyceum
     programs, civic and social clubs,              San Jacinto College South
     academic programs, athletics and                   Office of Enrollment Services
     student government.                                13735 Beamer Road
                                                        Houston, Texas 77089
                                                        Phone: 281.998.6150

                      General Statements
                      Options for                                  Honors Program                                  Student contact information:
                                                                       The Honors program at San Jacinto          Central campus, coordinator
General Information

                                                                   College offers academically talented             Ben R. Fraser
                                                                   and highly motivated students special            8060 Spencer Hwy
                      Traditional Classes                                                                                 Office: ADM Building
                                                                   opportunities for enriched learning,
                           San Jacinto College offers most         recognition and personal growth.                       Room W211B
                      of its courses in a traditional college      The program combines a stimulating               Pasadena, Texas 77505
                      classroom setting, with classes meeting      range and depth of scholarly pursuits            Office: 281.476.1501 x1766
                      during the day and in the evenings           with an interdisciplinary approach to            Cell: 713.614.3498
                      Monday through Friday. The College           learning. Students are encouraged to             Fax: 281.929.4615
                      works to keep class size down so that        make connections between disciplines             Email:
                      students can know their professors and       through an emphasis on critical and            North campus, coordinator
                      have access to any classroom technol-        analytical thinking. Students may                Douglas Simmons
                      ogy or other shared resources. Check         undertake Honors coursework to earn              5800 Uvalde Road
                      the Schedule of Classes carefully            an Honors diploma, or special contracts               Office: Room B1104
                      because traditional classes are taught       may be established to allow a student to         Houston, Texas 77049
                      in several different course lengths          earn Honors credit in a regular course.          Office: 281.998.6150, ext. 7287
                      (i.e., 3-week, 4-week, 6-week, 8-week,       Additionally, scholarships are available         Fax: 281-459-7604
                      10-week, 12-week and 16-week) and at         to both new and returning Honors                 Email:
                      a variety of campus and off-campus           students.
                      extension centers.                                                                          South campus, coordinator
                                                                       The Honors program also engages              Walter Thompson
                      Distance Learning                            in activities and events designed to             13735 Beamer Road,
                                                                   enhance the educational experience                    Office: Room SADM 2259
                           San Jacinto College students            and create interaction with professors           Houston, Texas 77089
                      have the opportunity to take classes         and peers. Honors students participate           Office: 281.922.3469
                      at home via the Internet (online) or         in conferences around the country,               Email:
                      at their local San Jacinto College           often sitting on panel discussions or
                      campus through hybrid classes (com-          presenting papers. Students may also         Weekend Classes
                      bined online and face-to-face) and           participate in special retreats, cultural        Weekend classes are open to all
                      campus- based interactive television         events, community service, brown-bag         students and are especially helpful for
                      (ITV). These courses offer students          lunch discussions with professors, and       those who travel or have scheduling
                      convenience and flexibility and deliver      the Honors Symposium.                        difficulties. Weekend classes normally
                      the same quality instruction for which
                                                                       In the Honors program, academic          begin the weekend AFTER the full
                      San Jacinto College’s traditional class-
                                                                   exploration and intellectual curiosity       term and end the weekend BEFORE
                      room offerings are known. Students
                                                                   are encouraged as lifelong pursuits. It is   the full term. This means that weekend
                      enrolled in distance learning courses
                                                                   an exciting opportunity to work closely      classes will typically have 14 weeks of
                      have access to the same student sup-
                                                                   with professors, make new friends and        instruction rather than the normal 16
                      port services as those attending classes
                                                                   participate in many different academi-       weeks scheduled for traditional Fall and
                      on campus. The San Jacinto College
                                                                   cally enriching activities and events. For   Spring classes. The Schedule of Classes
                      website at provides
                                                                   more information, please contact the         and College website list registration in-
                      access to library databases and other
                                                                   Honors coordinator at your primary           formation and course offerings for each
                      online resources once a student’s data
                                                                   campus.                                      term. For further information, contact
                      is entered into the libraries’ circulation
                                                                                                                the director of the weekend division.
                      system.                                        College Honors Program
                                                                        Scott R. Furtwengler, Dean                Central Campus 281.476.1878
                          For specific course and registra-
                                                                        13735 Beamer Road,                        North Campus 281.459.7625
                      tion information, visit the College
                                                                            Office: Rm. 3200C                     South Campus   281.922.3407
                      website or call a counselor at the
                                                                        Houston, Texas 77089
                      nearest campus. For more infor-
                                                                        Office: 281.929.4614
                      mation, contact the call center at
                                                                        Fax: 281.929.4615
                      281.998.6150 and ask for the distance
                      learning office, email at dist-learn@
            , or visit the college website at

                                                                  General Statements
Summer and Mini                                 The division also offers personal             For more information, contact CPD
Sessions                                    enrichment courses which enable people        at 281.542.2020.

                                                                                                                                     General Information
                                            from all segments of the community to
    The Academic Calendar posted on
the College website lists dates for Sum-
                                            enhance personal growth. From arts to         Small Business
                                            recreational sports, personal enrichment
mer and mini sessions. The Schedule
of Classes lists course offerings, which
                                            courses include a variety of subject areas.   Development
are determined by demand. The normal           For more information, contact the          Center (SBDC)
course load is 12 credit hours in the       Continuing & Professional Develop-                The Small Business Development
long summer session term or 6 credit        ment locations:                               Center (SBDC) at San Jacinto College
hours in the 5-week terms and 3 credit                                                    provides free private counseling and
hours in the three-week mini-terms. For          Central Campus 281.476.1838
                                                 North Campus 281.459.7119                low-cost workshops to help small
information on tuition and fees, see the                                                  business owners start and grow their
Tuition and Fee Schedule.                        South Campus     281.922.3440
                                                                                          companies. Working with existing
                                                 The Training Space
                                                                                          firms, as well as start-up firms, the
Continuing &                                       @ Clear Lake 281.922.3440              Center seeks to increase profits, reduce
Professional                                                                              failures, and create jobs to contribute
                                            Business and Industry
Development (CPD)                                                                         to the economic development of our
                                            Training                                      community.
    The Continuing & Professional De-
                                                San Jacinto College has a new                 SBDC consultants can help business
velopment (CPD) division of San Jacinto
                                            economy initiative for the work force         owners apply for business loans, create
College offers programs and courses for
                                            focused on certification, licensure,          business plans, devise marketing strate-
individuals to retain or advance in their
                                            registration, and professional develop-       gies, develop operating budgets and
jobs or make career transitions. The
                                            ment programs that meet individuals’          more. Workshops cover basic manage-
division provides training to companies
                                            needs for upgrading skills. Programs          ment topics such as starting a business,
and their employees to meet employers’
                                            are designed to meet employer demands         writing a business plan, developing a
demands for a highly skilled work force,
                                            for a talented and trained work force.        marketing plan, understanding and
while helping incumbent workers reach
                                                                                          using financial statements, and govern-
their potential.                                 Training is offered onsite or at the     ment contracting.
                                            employer’s location. The College has a
    No matter what your professional                                                         SBDC consultants are located on or
                                            number of professional training facili-
and educational goals are, CPD at San                                                     near each campus. Call 281.485.5214 for
                                            ties conveniently located in Clear Lake,
Jacinto College is your training connec-                                                  more information.
                                            Pasadena, and Houston.
tion for career success. Our courses are
designed to provide practical skills and
hands-on training in a targeted, time-
                                            Programs include:
                                                                                          Aerospace and
limited, training environment rather         •     Employee Assessment
than a purely academic background.           •     Business Processes
    San Jacinto College is ready to help     •     Customer Service/Satisfaction
you manage the rapid changes and new         •     Information Systems/Technology             The Aerospace and Biotechnol-
realities of today’s workplace. Areas in-                                                 ogy Academy is an innovative K–20
                                             •     Employee Development/Leadership        education-industry-government col-
clude: applied technologies and trades,            Training                               laboration created to address the need
business and professions, computers/
                                             •     Process Improvement/Management         for engineers and other high-tech
IT, health occupations, and languages.
                                                                                          workers, as well as the mathematics
                                             •     Call Centers/Helpdesk                  and science teachers needed to produce
    CPD helps adults who lack a high
school diploma prepare for and take          •     Applied Technologies and Trades        those workers.
the GED, also known as the General           •     Certification Programs                    The goals of the Aerospace and
Education Development test. GED re-         Specialized Training for Industry             Biotechnology Academy are to:
view tests cover math, social studies,      Sectors:
reading, science, and writing. Classes                                                     •   Increase the number of graduates
serve people from all income ranges,         • Petrochemical                                   in science, technology, engineering
so that everyone has the opportunity                                                           and mathematics (STEM) addressing
                                             • Aerospace                                       diversity and changing demographics
to improve their quality of life.
                                             • Health Care
                                             • Maritime

                      General Statements
                       •   Increase the quality and number of       Additional universities and programs       Galena Park High
                           educators teaching science, technol-     will be added as needed. Although          School Extension
General Information

                           ogy, engineering and mathematics         facilities for the University Connection   Center
                       •   Increase the skill levels of the high    are located on the North campus, the
                           technology work force                    University Connection serves all of San     1000 Keene St.
                                                                    Jacinto College.                                Galena, Park, Texas 77547
                          Primary partners in the Aerospace                                                         281.459.7103
                      and Biotechnology Academy are the
                      Bay Area Houston Economic Partner-            Extension                                  Galena Park Community
                      ship; Baylor College of Medicine;
                      the Clear Creek Independent School            Centers                                    Resource and Training
                      District; the Clear Lake business com-            San Jacinto College operates ex-
                      munity; Friendswood Independent               tension centers located conveniently        1721 16th St.
                      School District; La Porte Independent         throughout the service area. A wide             Galena Park, Texas 77547
                      School District; NASA-Johnson Space           variety of educational opportunities            713.672.4606
                      Center; the Pasadena Independent              are offered at the extension centers to
                      School District; Prairie View A&M             employers and residents of Harris and      Small Business
                      University; the San Jacinto College;          parts of Galveston County. These op-       Development Center
                      Space Center Houston; the University of       portunities include GED preparation,        908 West Main Street
                      Houston-Clear Lake; and the University        English for Speakers of Other Lan-              La Porte, Texas 77571
                      of Texas Medical Branch-Galveston.            guages (ESOL), lifelong adult learning,         281.485.5214
                      The Aerospace and Biotechnology               industry-specific IT training, career
                      Academy is administratively attached          development training and academic          Small Business
                      to the San Jacinto College and located        courses.                                   Development Center
                      in Building 226 at the Johnson Space
                                                                        Registration information and course     6117 Broadway
                      Center. For further information, con-
                                                                    offerings are listed in the Schedule            Pearland, Texas 77581
                      tact the Aerospace and Biotechnology
                                                                    of Classes, and the Continuing &                281.485.5214
                      Academy at www.aerospace-academy.
                      org.                                          Professional Development Schedule
                                                                    of Classes.                                Technology and
                                                                                                               Maritime Center
                      The University                                Aerospace and                               3234 E. Pasadena Frwy.
                      Connection                                    Biotechnology                                   Pasadena, Texas 77503
                                                                    Academy                                         281.974.2200
                           The University Connection at San
                      Jacinto College North offers students           2101 NASA Parkway, Bldg 20
                                                                                                               The Training Space @
                      the opportunity to complete a bacca-                Houston, Texas 77058
                                                                          281.483.7252                         Clear Lake
                      laureate degree at San Jacinto College.
                      The University of Houston, University               281.244.5013                          711 W. Bay Area Blvd., Suite 125
                      of Houston-Clear Lake, University of                                                          Webster, Texas 77598
                      Houston-Downtown, LeTourneau
                                                                    Clear Lake High School                          281.332.8400
                      University and Texas A&M University           Extension Center
                      offer courses through the University
                                                                                                               San Jacinto College
                                                                      2929 Bay Area Blvd.
                      Connection. Courses in programs such                Houston, Texas 77062                 Center at La Porte
                      as criminal justice, industrial dis-                281.476.1878                          732 S. Broadway
                      tribution, interdisciplinary studies,                                                         La Porte, Texas 77571
                      business administration and business          Clear View Extension
                      management are offered. Master’s              Center
                      degrees in educational leadership and           400 S. Walnut Road
                      instructional technology are offered by             Webster, Texas 77598
                      the University of Houston-Clear Lake,               281.929.4653
                      while both a master’s degree and a doc-
                      torate in adult learning are offered by
                      Texas A&M. Some courses are offered
                      in a face-to-face setting, while others are
                      presented through distance learning.

                                                                General Statements
Campus                                     Office software, and other applications.
                                           Students who have their own laptops
                                                                                        South Campus Library
                                                                                             The Parker Williams Library holds

                                                                                                                                      General Information
                                           are welcome to use the wireless network
                                                                                        over 63,000 book volumes and magazine
   San Jacinto College does not offer      available at each library. Assistive
                                                                                        titles. The library offers access to a
on-campus housing.                         technology is available for persons with
                                                                                        wide array of online bibliographic tools
                                                                                        including magazine indexes, many with
The San                                        Students may request a TexShare          the full text of magazine articles. Private
                                           card which provides access to materi-        study rooms are available to students.
Jacinto College                            als from participating public and            Laptop computers are available for
                                                                                        student use. The library also has a
Libraries                                  academic libraries across the state. Our
                                           interlibrary loan service may be used        special Texana collection, housed in
   Each San Jacinto College Library        to borrow books or obtain articles not       a separate room on the second floor.
provides a broad range of academic         owned by any of the SJC libraries.           The library is also home to the Student
support services that include:                                                          Success Center.
                                               Note: Late fees for past due items
   • Current print materials including
books, magazines, and newspapers
                                           vary from $.50 to $1 per day. Students
                                           are billed full replacement costs plus
    • Electronic databases with access
                                           late fees for lost or damaged materials.     Learning
to over 19,000 full-text journals          Student I.D. Cards                           Centers
   • Thousands of electronic books              Student I.D. cards and semester             An Interactive Learning Center
                                           validation stickers are available in the     (ILC) located on each campus houses
   • Instructional videos
                                           library. The college identification card     multimedia capable classrooms de-
    Professional librarians are always     serves as your library card for borrow-      signed to support a variety of instruc-
available in person and online to show     ing materials and for all other services     tional needs ranging from lecture and
you how to use the library and to help     on campus. Please report lost I.D. cards     laptop classrooms to computer and
you locate information. Email reference    to library staff as soon as possible. The    video conferencing classrooms. Two
inquiries may be submitted through         cost to replace a lost I.D. card is $10.     specialty rooms, the Kaleidoscope
the libraries’ page on the San Jacinto                                                  room and the Teaching Theater, provide
website.                                   Central Campus Library                       unique environments for instruction
                                               The Lee Davis Library houses over        and presentations. Conference rooms
    Students can access the library        157,000 volumes, 400 periodicals and         and group study rooms provide smaller
catalog and research databases from        20,000 microfilms. The library provides      meeting spaces. The centerpiece of each
home or work through the San Jacinto       51 workstations and 24 wireless laptops      facility is a large, open computer lab
website. In the library catalog, you can   for use in the library. Multiple study       with hardware and software available
place holds on books, renew your           rooms are available that can be used by      to support the technology needs of our
books, and check your personal library     individuals or groups of students. The       students. Each enrolled student is as-
records. You can also access library       collection contains 1,000 videos, which      signed an account to access networked
resources through Blackboard.              can be viewed on VCRs and TVs in the         hardware and software needed for com-
    Textbooks, supplemental readings,      library. This collection is located at the   pleting assignments. Through the open
and videos placed on reserve can be ob-    Library Service Desk.                        lab students have access to the Internet,
tained at the reserve desk of the campus                                                Microsoft Office, Blackboard, and other
                                           North Campus Library                         San Jacinto College supported applica-
where the class is being taught. These
items may be used inside the library.          The Dr. Edwin E. Lehr Library            tions with onsite lab support available.
Copiers, copy cards, and scanners are      houses over 80,000 books, provides
also available at each library.            access to over 17,000 periodical through
                                           TexShare, and 6,000 rolls of microfilm.
    Most books are loaned for three        The library has special law and Texana
weeks. You may renew your book(s)          collections, two small group and six
once, if no one else has placed a hold     individual study rooms and an open
on the item(s).                            computer lab with 40 desktop and 15
   The libraries have laptop and desk-     wireless laptop computers for student
top computers that provide students        use. The library is also home to the
with access to the Internet, Microsoft     Student Success Center.

                      General Statements
                      Computer                                       Parents pay a nonrefundable regis-
                                                                 tration fee. Tuition is based on contract-
                                                                                                              The South Campus
                                                                                                                 The South Campus Child Devel-
General Information

                                                                 ed schedules. For more information,
                                                                                                              opment/Early Childhood Education
                          Computer laboratories are available    visit our website:
                                                                                                              Laboratory School is located in the
                      to students, staff, faculty and adminis-   The Central Campus                           Roy Swanson Center, directly behind
                      trators of San Jacinto College. They are                                                the W. L. (Levi) Smallwood Health
                      equipped with personal computers and           The Child Development/Early              and Physical Education Building. For
                      printers that are upgraded continually     Childhood Education Laboratory               additional information, contact the
                      to reflect industry standards.             School on the Central Campus is              school at 281.922.3414.
                                                                 located in the northeast corner of the
                          The local area network provides        campus, across from the Monte Blue              Day Program
                      software to assist users in creating       Music building. For additional informa-
                      assignments, reports, accounting                                                           Children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years,
                                                                 tion, contact the school at 281.476.1803.
                      spreadsheets, statistical analysis, com-                                                may be enrolled full time or part time,
                      puter programs, and tutorial software.         Day Program                              Monday through Friday, Monday/
                      Student assistants are also available at                                                Wednesday/Friday, or Tuesday/Thurs-
                                                                    Children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years,        day from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
                      the laboratories.                          may be enrolled full time or part time,
                         Current schedules are posted at the     Monday through Friday, Monday/                  Summer Program
                      beginning of each semester.                Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thurs-
                                                                                                                 Children, ages 6 weeks to 5 years,
                                                                 day from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m..
                                                                                                              may be enrolled full time or part time,
                      Child                                          Summer Program                           Monday through Thursday from 6:30
                                                                                                              a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Friday from 6:30
                      Development/                                   Children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years,       a.m. to 12 p.m.
                                                                 may be enrolled full time or part time,
                      Early Childhood                            Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m.
                      Education                                  to 5:30 p.m., and Friday from 7 a.m. to
                                                                 12 p.m.
                                                                 The North Campus
                      School                                         The North Campus Child Devel-
                          Each campus operates a Child           opment/Early Childhood Education
                      Development/Early Childhood Educa-         Laboratory School is located on the east
                      tion Laboratory School, licensed by        side of the campus, next to the student
                      the Texas Department of Family and         center. For additional information,
                      Protective Services. At each labora-       contact the school at 281.459.7109.
                      tory school, qualified staff provides an
                      enriching early childhood education            Day Program
                      curriculum that includes develop-             Children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years,
                      mentally appropriate activities in art,    may be enrolled full time or part time,
                      dramatic play, music, science, math        Monday through Friday, Monday/
                      and language.                              Wednesday/Friday, or Tuesday/Thurs-
                          Children are enrolled in the Labo-     day from 6:45 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
                      ratory School on a first-come basis,
                      as space is available, for one term or         Summer Program
                      session at a time during the Fall or           Children, ages 6 weeks to 6 years,
                      Spring terms or the mini, Summer I         may be enrolled full time or part time,
                      and Summer II sessions. Check each         Monday through Friday from 6:45 a.m.
                      campus for daily schedules. There are      to 5:45 p.m.
                      no evening programs.

    San Jacinto College is an open           confirmation notice that appears after               College or University
admission institution, and all students      you submit the application. After it is              Transfer

                                                                                                                                                General Information - Admissions
are welcome. We are committed to             processed you will receive information
meeting the needs of all applicants and      sent to the email address you submitted                  You may be admitted by transfer
will provide any information necessary       on your application. The information in              from another accredited college or
to make sure the admissions process is       the email is extremely important and                 university if you are eligible to re-enroll
a positive experience.                       you must read and comply with any                    at the last institution you attended.
                                             instructions or requests.                            A transfer student must submit an
                                                                                                  official transcript from each college or
Admission                                                                                         university previously attended.
Steps                                        Admission
                                                                                                       A student who holds a degree (asso-
 1. Submit a completed online applica-       Types                                                ciate, bachelor’s, master’s, or Doctoral)
    tion for admission.                         San Jacinto College recognizes four               may submit only an official transcript
                                             types of admission:                                  from the school that awarded the high-
 2. Submit official high school transcript
                                                                                                  est degree. However, if you are applying
    showing graduation or official GED        •    High school graduate                           for financial aid you must submit all of-
    indicating all parts have been passed.
                                              •    General Educational Development                ficial transcripts. If you are using course
 3. Submit all official college and/or             (GED ) graduate                                work to satisfy course pre-requisites
    university transcripts.                                                                       you must submit an official transcript
                                              •    College or university transfer
    Note: Prior to registration, students                                                         to document your course work.
    must provide information to docu-         •    Individual approval - students
    ment their Texas Success Initiative            enrolled in high school or have not            Transfer Academic Status
    (TSI) exemption or compliance. This            graduated high school (ability-to-                 Your academic status during the
    can be done by testing on campus,              benefit, special circumstances and             most recent term of enrollment at
    providing official test scores, or             dual credit/early admission)                   another college or university determines
    documentation of exemption (see          Note: Some programs of instruction may have          the academic status under which you are
                                             special requirements in addition to those normally
    section titled Exemptions from the       required for admission to the college.               admitted. A student in good standing
    Success Initiative).                                                                          at the previous school will be admit-
    Admission is invalid if granted on       High School Graduation                               ted in good standing. A student on
    the basis of incorrect information                                                            academic probation will be admitted
                                             Graduate of High School                              on academic probation and should see
    or omitted facts which, if known,
                                                 To be admitted as a high school                  the Admission of Probationary and
    would have caused the applicant to
                                             graduate, you must submit an official                Suspended Students section. A student
    be ineligible for admission.
                                             high school transcript verifying the date            on academic suspension, whose suspen-
Completing the                               of graduation.                                       sion period is over, may be admitted on
Online Application                                                                                academic probation and should see the
                                             General Educational                                  Re-enrollment After Suspension section
for Admission
                                             Development (GED)                                    of this catalog.
    Applicants must complete the             Graduate
online application for admission at                                                                   A transfer student on academic During the applica-              To be admitted as a GED gradu-                   suspension whose suspension period
tion process you will be asked ques-         ate, you must provide an official GED                has not passed should see the Appeals
tions about your name, home/current          certificate (English or Spanish version)             for Reinstatement During Suspension
address, mailing address, personal           indicating that you have passed all parts            section. A transfer student who is
information, program of study (major),       of the GED.                                          admitted on academic probation must
date of high school graduation, previous         If you have not passed all parts                 earn at least a 2.00 grade point average
colleges attended and degrees awarded,       of the GED please see the Individual                 to achieve an academic status of good
and residency. You must also acknowl-        Approval section.                                    standing.
edge that you have read and answered
accurately all areas of the application.     *See Testing Department for GED information              Students are responsible for know-
The application must be complete and                                                              ing if their academic status entitles them
submitted before it can be processed.                                                             to admission. If a student is not eligible
The application will be processed                                                                 to enroll but succeeds in enrolling any-
within 48 business hours after it is                                                              way, that student may be withdrawn and
submitted. To be sure that the applica-                                                           have to forfeit all tuition and fees.
tion has been received you must see the
                                   Individual Approval—Not a high school
                                   graduate or currently enrolled in high
                                                                                Dual Credit/                                                                       Implication
General Information - Admissions

                                                                                                                                                                    for future
                                   school.                                      Early                                            Reading &
                                                                                                                                  Writing                           using this
                                   Unconditional Admission                      Admission                                                                            testing
                                            Ability-To-Benefit                                                                                                       method:
                                                                                Dual Credit/Early Admission (Conditional
                                                                                                                                                                   An eligible
                                       Students who are 18 or older and         Admission Prior to High School                                                    student who
                                   who are not graduates of high school         Graduation)                                                          PLAN
                                                                                                                                                                  has enrolled
                                   or the equivalent, may be uncondition-                                                                         Composite
                                                                                   San Jacinto College conditionally                                                  in dual
                                   ally admitted on an ability-to-benefit       admits high school students and allows            PLAN                and
                                                                                                                                                                  credit under
                                   basis if they can prove their ability to                                                                                         the PLAN
                                                                                them to enroll concurrently in college          Composite            PLAN
                                                                                                                                                                  scores must
                                   successfully complete college courses.       courses. Those students must meet these            23+           Mathematics
                                   To prove their ability, they may take the    conditions:
                                                                                                                                   and                19+
                                   COMPASS test and meet the minimum                                                           PLAN English           and
                                                                                                                                   19+               (21+
                                   passing ability-to-benefit scores before        • Students Classified as Juniors and                            required
                                                                                                                                                                   to enroll in
                                   they enroll. See the Ability-to-Benefit      Seniors Enrolled in High School                                                    dual credit
                                                                                                                                                  for College
                                   Test Information within this section.                                                                                           courses in
                                                                                    Students who are enrolled in high                                                the 12th
                                   Also they must complete all other                                                                                                  grade.
                                   admission requirements.                      school and are classified as juniors or
                                                                                seniors may be admitted to the college                                             An eligible
                                   Individual Approval—Special                  on a dual credit/early admission basis                                            student who
                                                                                                                                                     PSAT         has enrolled
                                   Circumstances                                for concurrent enrollment, if they (1)                            Composite          in dual
                                   Conditional Admission                        submit an admission application; (2)               PSAT              107+         credit under
                                                                                submit a signed enrollment form from             Composite            and           the PSAT
                                            Extenuating Circumstances           their high school principal or designee.           107+              PSAT         scores must
                                                                                                                                    and          Mathematics      demonstrate
                                      Students who are not high school
                                   graduates, or the equivalent, will be         1. Students enrolling in a degree                Critical            50+            further
                                                                                    program must meet TSI assess-                 Reading            (55+           eligibility
                                   admitted on a conditional basis for one                                                          50+            required        to enroll in
                                   term. Please note conditions:                    ment requirements. Submit THEA,                               for College      dual credit
                                                                                    COMPASS or other state-approved                                Algebra)        courses in
                                    1. You must seek unconditional admis-           alternate test scores or provide                                                the 12th
                                       sion through one of the following            proof of exemption from the TSI test                                             grade.
                                       avenues:                                     based on appropriate TAKS, ACT                                                  An eligible
                                        a. Enroll in appropriate college            or SAT scores. If the student seeks                                            student who
                                                                                    enrollment in a course requiring a                                             has enrolled
                                           preparatory courses or retake the                                                                                      in dual credit
                                           compass to obtain ATB status.            designated skill prerequisite, the stu-     10th grade
                                                                                                                                                                     under the
                                                                                    dent must submit a passing THEA,                TAKS
                                           (ATB status available at age 18 or                                                    Language
                                                                                                                                                                    10th grade
                                           older)                                   COMPASS or other state-approved                               10th grade       TAKS scores
                                                                                                                                 Arts Scale
                                                                                    alternate test score on the section            Score
                                                                                                                                                     TAKS          shall not be
                                        b. Take and pass all sections of the        which relates to the designated skill                        Mathematics        required to
                                           GED.                                     prerequisite. If the course has no               and
                                                                                                                                                 Scale Score      demonstrate
                                                                                                                                                    2200+              further
                                        c. Complete high school gradua-             designated skill prerequisite, the          10th grade
                                           tion requirements.                       student must still submit a passing         TAKS Essay
                                                                                                                                                                    to enroll in
                                    2. Must maintain good academic stand-           score on one section of the THEA,                                               dual credit
                                                                                    COMPASS or other state-approved                                                 courses in
                                       ing for continued enrollment. (See the                                                                                         the 12th
                                       Academic Warning section)                    alternate test. See the Exemptions
                                                                                    from the Texas Success Initiative
                                    3. Must meet with a counselor to                section.                                  Note: The PLAN is the Pre-ACT test, just as the PSAT
                                       determine continued eligibility for                                                    is the Pre-SAT test.
                                       enrollment.                               2. Eleventh-grade students are also eli-
                                                                                    gible to enroll in dual credit courses
                                                                                    based on the folowing table.

 3. Students enrolling in a waived                See the Exemptions from the Provi-         4. The College will release official
    certificate program must meet TSI         sions of the TSI section. These students          transcripts of students admitted on

                                                                                                                                         General Information - Admissions
    assessment requirements. Submit           are also subject to the guidelines in             an early admission basis through
    scores from the THEA, COMPASS             the Conditions of Dual Credit/Early               their expected graduation date.
    or other state-approved alternate test    Admission Enrollment for High School              After that date, the final high school
    for advisement and for compliance         Students section.                                 transcript indicating graduation
    with skill prerequisites for courses.                                                       must be submitted before additional
    If the student seeks enrollment in a          Conditions of Dual Credit/Early Admis-        official transcripts will be released.
    course requiring a designated skill       sion Enrollment for High School Students
                                                                                             5. Because any form of early admis-
    prerequisite, the student must submit         High school students may be admit-            sion is conditional, the College may
    an appropriate test score to attain the   ted for dual credit/early admission en-           impose additional limitations and
    skill level. See the Waived Certificate   rollment under the following conditions:          requirements.
    Programs section.
     Students enrolling in a waived cer-
                                               1. High school students shall not be
                                                  enrolled in more than two dual
                                                                                            Early College
tificate program who are exempt from
TAKS and have not graduated from
                                                  credit courses per term. Exceptions       Programs
                                                  to this requirement for students with
high school may take the COMPASS
test. Students must achieve at least
                                                  demonstrated outstanding academic         Modified Early College
                                                  performance and capability (as            Academy (MECA)-North
these scores or higher in one of the three
                                                  evidenced by grade point average,         Campus
required sections:
                                                  ACT or SAT scores or other assess-
                                                  ment indicators) may be approved by           Modified Early College Academy
                 COMPASS                                                                    (MECA) is an early admissions program
                                                  the principal or designee of the high
                Reading - 62                      school and the chief academic officer     housed at the North campus. It is a
                Writing - 32                      of the college.                           two-year program for incoming high
                                                                                            school juniors who take a set block of
      Pre-Algebra/Numerical Skills - 25        2. To continue enrollment, students          college courses (normally four) each
                                                  must complete courses as follows: If      semester, usually classified as full-time
    These students are also subject to            a student is enrolled in one course, a    enrollment. By enrolling in additional
the guidelines in the Conditions of Dual          grade of C or better must be earned in    summer, evening, online or mini terms,
Credit/Early Admission Enrollment for             that course to continue enrollment. If    these students have the opportunity to
High School Students section.                     a student is enrolled in two courses, a   earn associate of arts degrees at the
                                                  grade of C or better must be earned in    same time they earn their high school
   • Students Classified as Freshmen or           one of the courses to continue enroll-    diplomas.
Sophomores Enrolled in High School                ment. If a C or better is not earned
                                                  in both courses, future concurrent            The classes are held at San Jacinto
    Students classified as freshmen or
                                                  enrollment will be limited to one         College North from 7 a.m. to 9:50 a.m.
sophomores enrolled in high schools
                                                  course in the next term enrolled.         The MECA students then return to
must demonstrate exceptional academic
                                                  If the two courses are in the same        their respective high schools for the
ability to be admitted for concurrent
                                                  subject code (rubric), students must      remainder of the day to continue their
enrollment. They must (1) submit an
                                                  earn grades of C or better in each        experience as high school students.
admission application; (2) submit a writ-
                                                  course to continue in the subject code
ten recommendation from their high                                                              Qualifications for the MECA Pro-
                                                  (rubric) in the next term. If juniors
school principal or designee; (3) receive                                                   gram require that students achieve the
                                                  do not meet continued enrollment
approval from the Special Enrollment                                                        Skill Levels of “7” in both Reading and
                                                  requirements in a specific subject
Services Committee; and (4) submit                                                          Writing and “9” in Math. This may be
                                                  code (rubric), they may re-apply for
documentation verifying compliance                                                          obtained through the college placement
                                                  enrollment as seniors. If continued
with one of the following testing re-                                                       testing or by submitting qualifying 10th
                                                  enrollment requirements are met,
quirements: Submit passing THEA,                                                            or 11th-grade TAKS scores, SAT or
                                                  students may enroll for a maximum
COMPASS or other state-approved                                                             ACT scores. Applications for admis-
                                                  of two courses.
alternate test scores in reading, writing                                                   sion to San Jacinto College must be
and mathematics or provide proof of            3. Students may not enroll in private        completed as well as the high school
exemption from the THEA test based                music lessons or courses for which        principal’s signature of approval. An
on appropriate TAKS, ACT or SAT                   they have not complied with TSI and       additional MECA application process
scores.                                           met the course or skill prerequisites.    must be completed.

                                   Clear Horizons Early                         Evaluation of Transcripts for Transfer       will not allow them to drop courses after
                                   College High School-                         Students                                     the census date. They will not be allowed
General Information - Admissions

                                   South Campus                                     The College will conduct a course-       to drop until all required transcripts are
                                                                                by-course evaluation of official tran-       received and reviewed to determine the
                                       Clear Horizons Early College High                                                     six-drop status.
                                   School (CHECHS) is a partnership             scripts from accredited colleges and
                                   between San Jacinto College and Clear        universities for students upon request           As official transcripts are received,
                                   Creek Independent School District            and for all students applying for finan-     the transcript will be reviewed for the
                                   (CCISD) at the South campus. Par-            cial aid without a request. To request       six-drop status. When all required
                                   ticipants in the program are chosen          an evaluation, please complete the           transcripts are received, the hold will
                                   by a selection process established by        Transcript Evaluation Form available         be removed.
                                   CHECHS. Students classified as high          in the enrollment services office at your
                                                                                campus or online. All transcripts must           Non-Affected Students: Students
                                   school freshmen, sophomores, juniors,
                                                                                be received and on file by the College       who are not affected by SB1231 must
                                   and seniors enrolling in college-level
                                                                                before the Transcript Evaluation Form        submit all transcripts needed to docu-
                                   courses as part of this program must
                                                                                is submitted. When the evaluation is         ment TSI, or to establish appropri-
                                   meet the following requirements to be
                                                                                completed a detailed Transfer Equiva-        ate skill levels. Transcripts for these
                                   admitted for concurrent enrollment.
                                                                                lency Worksheet will be mailed to the        students that are not needed for these
                                    1. Submit an admission application          student after which the equivalent           purposes may be submitted prior to the
                                    2. Submit official scores on COMPASS        courses may be viewed via SOS, Student       end of the first semester of enrollment.
                                       test                                     Records, and Unofficial Transcript.          A hold will be placed on the student’s
                                                                                                                             record that will not allow registration
                                    3. Meet the current academic stand-         Evaluation of Transcripts from Other         again until all transcripts are received.
                                       ing rules of San Jacinto Collge to       Countries                                    However, students who enroll on this
                                       continue enrollment in college-level         Transcripts that reflect completed       basis are prohibited from enrolling
                                       courses                                  course work from colleges or universi-       this way in a subsequent term, and
                                                                                ties in other countries must, at the stu-    San Jacinto College will not honor any
                                   Transcripts for                              dent’s expense, be subjected to analysis     requests for their official transcripts.
                                   Admission                                    by a professional evaluation service.        When the required transcripts are
                                                                                                                             received, we will remove the hold and
                                                                                The evaluation will be reviewed by the
                                        Students, not the College, are re-      College and a determination will be          registration restrictions.
                                   sponsible for arranging the required of-     made as to acceptance of the evaluation
                                   ficial transcripts to be sent. Transcripts
                                   are considered official only when they
                                                                                from that service before credit is posted.   Academic
                                   bear the signature of the registrar or       Six Drop Limit (See TEC 51.907 Six-          Fresh Start
                                   some other appropriate school official,      Drop Limit Provisions)
                                   the seal of the issuing school, and are                                                       Under the provisions of Texas
                                                                                    All official transcripts for students    Education Code §51.931, an applicant
                                   mailed from the sending institution.         affected by the Six Drop Limit who
                                   Transcripts are also considered official                                                  for admission may elect an Academic
                                                                                attended a Texas public college or           Fresh Start at the time of admission.
                                   if hand carried in a sealed envelope from    university for the first time in Fall 2007
                                   the institution and submitted within 60                                                   An applicant who applies under this
                                                                                and thereafter must be submitted and         section and is admitted as a student
                                   days of issue.                               reviewed prior to the first date grades      may not receive any course credit for
                                       Transcripts become the property          are awarded and enrolled for the term        courses taken 10 or more years prior to
                                   of San Jacinto College and cannot be         to guarantee compliance with SB 1231.        enrollment under this section. Check
                                   returned to the student. Transcripts              Affected Students: Students identi-     with the Office of Enrollment Services
                                   will be kept on file for one year and        fied during the application process as       for more detailed information.
                                   will be destroyed if the student has not     being “affected” by SB1231 should sub-
                                   enrolled.                                                                                     Veterans and financial aid ap-
                                                                                mit all transcripts prior to enrollment.     plicants should contact the financial
                                                                                (Students enrolling in college for the       aid office before selecting Academic
                                                                                first time in Fall 2007 or thereafter). If   Fresh Start.
                                                                                there are students who have not submit-
                                                                                ted the required official transcripts from
                                                                                Texas public colleges/universities, a
                                                                                hold will be placed on their records that

International                                    scholarships and fellowships may be
                                                 in the form of an official award letter
                                                                                               Transfer students on academic
                                                                                           suspension must apply for suspension

                                                                                                                                            General Information - Admissions
Student                                          and personal or family funds should       appeal in the office of student develop-
                                                 be on bank letterhead stationery.         ment at the campus they wish to attend
Admission                                     5. Provide proof of English Proficiency.     prior to admission.
F-1 Visa Initial                                 Students must meet requirements               Transfer students admitted on
Applicants                                       as listed under “English Language         academic probation must earn at least
                                                 Proficiency Requirement for Stu-          a 2.00 GPA to maintain good academic
   San Jacinto College is authorized
                                                 dents Who are Speakers of Other           standing.
under federal law to enroll non-immi-
                                                 Languages” in this catalog. Students
grant students.
                                                 meeting english language proficiency      Admission
     International students residing out-        may be required to test for college       Requirements for
side the United States may be admitted           readiness in reading, writing, and        Individuals with other
to San Jacinto College and issued the            math, unless exempt. See section on
                                                                                           types of Visas
US Citizenship and Immigration Ser-
vices (USCIS) Certificate of Eligibility      6. Attend mandatory F1 regulation                Students with other types of visas
(Form I-20) for the F-1 Visa processing          orientation.                              or non-immigrant status will be eligible
when all admission requirements have                                                       for admission. To determine eligibility
                                              7. Students must register full-time for      contact the enrollment services office.
been met. To complete the admission
                                                 courses in a specific degree plan         Current B1/B2 visa holders are not
process, students must do the following:
                                                 to maintain F1 status. A full-time        eligible for admission.
 1. Complete online application for              course of study is 12 semester credit
    admission. Students should contact           hour per term. Both fall and spring          To be admitted, the student must
    the enrollment services office for a         semesters constitute one academic         submit the following items:
    nine-digit non-resident admission            year.
                                                                                            1. A completed online application.
    number to access the online applica-     F-1 Visa Holders                                  Contact enrollment services office
                                             Transfer Applicants                               by email for nine-digit application
 2. Complete application for an I-20.                                                          number.
                                                 International students who are
 3. Have all transcripts evaluated and       transferring from another United States        2. Evaluated transcript. Must have a
    have a secondary education that          college or university must submit the             secondary education that is equiva-
    is equivalent to a U.S. high school      ABOVE admission documents as well                 lent to a US high school diploma.
    diploma. Students must submit of-        as the following items:                           Student must send official second-
    ficial secondary school records and/                                                       ary school records and/or college/
    or college/university transcripts to      1. Visa, passport and I-94 card                  university transcript to be evaluated
    be evaluated by an approved foreign       2. All previous I-20s since initial entry        by an approved foreign transcript
    transcript evaluation agency. For a          into the United States                        evaluation agency. For a list of ap-
    list of approved agencies, contact                                                         proved agencies contact enrollment
                                              3. Completed SEVIS Transfer Release
    the enrollment services office at your                                                     services office.
                                                 Form. Must be filled out by the Inter-
                                                 national Student Counselor/Advisor         3. Proof of competency in English as
 4. Provide proof of Financial Ability.          at the student’s current institution          outlined under the English Language
    Students must have a Notarized Af-                                                         Proficiency Requirements section of
                                              4. Official transcripts from all United
    fidavit of Support from a dependable                                                       the Catalog.
                                                 States schools attended
    source that will provide funds for a
                                              5. Attend mandatory F1 regulation             4. Visa, passport and I-94 card, or appli-
    minimum amount of U.S. $15,360 for
                                                 orientation                                   cable proof of residency document.
    the student’s first year of study, and
    provide proof that adequate fund-         6. All students must be counseled by             All students who are enrolling for
    ing will be available for subsequent         the International Counselor before        the first time will be counseled into ap-
    years. This amount increases by              registration and must follow the          propriate levels of English, mathematics
    U.S. $5,000 for the first dependent          agreed-upon degree plan                   and reading based upon their TASP/
    and U.S. $2,500 for any additional                                                     THEA, COMPASS or other state-
                                                 Transfer students who are out of          approved alternate test scores.
    dependents. Students are required
                                             status must contact the International
    to submit documentation of these                                                       See the Residence Status for Tuition Purposes
                                             Student Counselor/DSO on the campus
    funds and currency exchange rates                                                      section to determine residency classification.
                                             they wish to attend prior to admission.
    (if applicable). Documentation of

                                   Admission                                    Test of English as a Foreign Language               All other Students: Must submit an
                                   Requirements for                             (TOEFL) Internet Based (iBT)                    official minimum score of 72 to meet
General Information - Admissions

                                   Non U.S. Citizens                                                                            English Language Proficiency. Students
                                                                                    F1 Students: Must submit official
                                                                                                                                submitting scores below 72 must take the
                                   and Students with no                         minimum score of 70 or above to be
                                                                                                                                COMPASS ESL for placement into the
                                   current Visa Status                          admitted to a degree program. Students
                                                                                                                                ESOL program.
                                                                                scoring between 16-69 must take the
                                       Students who are not citizens of the     COMPASS ESL for placement into the
                                   United States and/or do not have a valid                                                     International Language Testing System
                                                                                ESOL program only. Scores below 16 are          (IELTS)
                                   VISA status are eligible for admission.      not eligible for admission.
                                   Please see Steps for Admission.                                                                  F1 Students: Must submit a score in
                                                                                    All other Students: Students submit-        Band 6.0 or higher to be admitted to a
                                   English Language                             ting official scores of 70 or to meet English   degree program. Students submitting
                                   Proficiency                                  Language Proficiency. Scores below 70           scores in the 3.0-5.5 Band must take
                                   Requirements for                             must take the COMPASS ESL for place-            COMPASS ESL for placement into the
                                   Students Who are                             ment into the ESOL program.                     ESOL program only. Students scoring
                                   Speakers of other                                                                            below the 3.0 Band are not eligible for
                                                                                 •   Submit an official transcript docu-        admission.
                                   Languages                                         menting at least two years in at-
                                        Individuals who were born outside            tendance and graduation from an                All other Students: Must submit
                                   the United States and whose native                accredited high school in the United       a score in Band 6.0 or above to meet
                                   language is not English or those who              States;                                    English Language Proficiency. Students
                                   have educational credentials from other       •   Submit passing scores on all parts of      submitting scores below 6.0 must take
                                   countries or American protectorates must          the English version of the General         the COMPASS ESL for placement into
                                   satisfy an English proficiency requirement        Educational Development (GED)              the ESOL program.
                                   as a condition of enrollment.                     examination;                                •     Submit other documentation to the
                                       For admission into course work, stu-      •   Submit an official transcript from                Enrollment Services Coordinator
                                   dents must document that they satisfy the         an accredited college or university               that would clearly indicate that the
                                   English language proficiency requirement          in the United States indicating that              English language requirement has
                                   by one of the following methods:                  a college-level English course has                been met.
                                                                                     been taken and passed. Successful          Note: A waiver of this requirement is extended (but not
                                   Test of English as a Foreign Language             completion of college-level courses        limited) to native students of the following countries:Aus-
                                   (TOEFL) paper test.                                                                          tralia, Bahamas, Bermuda, Belize, Botswana, Cameroon,
                                                                                     in areas other than English may            English-speaking Canadian provinces, Cayman Islands,
                                       F1 Students: Must submit an official          be considered by the Admission             Fiji Islands, Gambia, Ghana, Guyana, Jamaica, Kenya,
                                   minimum score of 525 to be admitted to            Coordinator as satisfying the English      Liberia, Malta, Nauru, New Zealand, Nigeria, Sierra Le-
                                                                                     proficiency requirement.                   one, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka,Tanzania,
                                   a degree program. Students submitting                                                        Tobago-Trinidad, United Kingdom, Virgin Islands, West
                                   scores of 330-524 must take the COM-         Michigan English Language Assessment            Indies, Zambia and Zimbabwe.
                                   PASS ESL for placement into the ESOL         Battery (MELAB) Test: three sections
                                   program only. Students scoring below 330                                                         Students not able to satisfy the
                                                                                (grammar, composition, and listening)
                                   are not eligible for admission.                                                              English language proficiency will be
                                                                                     F1 Students: Must Submit a minimum         required to enroll in the ESOL Program.
                                       All other Students: Must submit an       score of 72 percent on each of the three        See section titled English for Speakers
                                   official minimum score of 525 to meet        sections above to be admitted to a degree       of Other Languages (ESOL) Program.
                                   English Language Proficiency. Students       program. Students submitting scores
                                                                                                                                Note: F1 students required to enroll in the ESOL Pro-
                                   submitting scores below 525 must take        between 52-71 must take COMPASS ESL             gram cannot fulfill the English Language Proficiency
                                   the COMPASS ESL for placement into           for placement into the ESOL program             requirement by enrolling in Continuing and Professional
                                   the ESOL program.                            only. Students scoring below 52 are not         Development (CPD) ESL/ESOL courses.
                                                                                eligible for admission.

English for Speakers                      COMPASS-ESL Testing                         Ability-to-Benefit Test (students who
of Other Languages                        Requirement                                 are not high school graduates or the

                                                                                                                                    General Information - Admissions
(ESOL) Program                                                                        equivalent and are 18 years old)
                                              To be admitted to the ESOL pro-
   The ESOL program is a credit pro-      gram, all students must obtain the             Students whose native language does
gram of developmental study designed      required minimum score of 35 in the            not include English, who have not
to prepare non-English speakers for       Reading section, 36 in the Grammar/            graduated from high school, or have
admission to college-level work.          Writing section, and 42 in the Listen-         not taken and passed all parts of any
                                          ing section of the COMPASS-ESL                 foreign language version of the GED
    The ESOL Program does not fall        placement test and meet the require-           test, are eligible for unconditional ad-
under the provisions of the TSI. In       ments for one of the following types of        mission only into the ESOL program
order to move from the ESOL devel-        admission. Students who cannot submit          as ability-to-benefit students. These
opmental program and to enroll in         the minimum passing scores on one or           students must submit a minimum
college-credit courses, students must     two sections of the COMPASS-ESL test           score of 35 in the Reading section,
have the recommendation of the ESOL       may be admitted into the non-credit            36 in the Grammar/Writing sction
program director and/or must docu-        ESL courses sponsored through the              and 42 in the Listening section of the
ment that they have met the English       Continuing & Professional Develop-
language proficiency requirement. See                                                    COMPASS-ESL placement test.
                                          ment Office. Upon recommendation
the section titled English Language       of the ESL program director, students       College or University Transfer Students
Proficiency Requirement for Students      may re-test on the COMPASS-ESL                 Students transferring to San Jacinto
Who are Speakers of other Languages.      and reapply for admission to the ESOL          College from other colleges and
F1 students cannot enroll in Continuing   program.                                       universities, whose native language is
& Professional Development (CPD)                                                         not English, must document that they
ESL/ESOL courses to fulfill English       ESOL Program                                   have met the English language profi-
language proficiency.                     Admission Types                                ciency requirements. Students who
                                              There are three types of admission         do not meet the English Proficiency
                                          into the credit ESOL program.                  Requirements are eligible for admis-
                                                                                         sion only to the ESOL program if
                                          High School Graduation or the Equivalent
                                                                                         they meet the COMPASS-ESL testing
                                             Students whose native language is           requirements.
                                             not English and who have graduated
                                             from high schools outside the United
                                             States, or who have taken and passed
                                             all parts of any foreign language ver-
                                             sion of the GED test, are eligible for
                                             unconditional admission only into the
                                             ESOL program if they provide docu-
                                             mentation of high school graduation
                                             or the equivalent and if they meet the
                                             COMPASS-ESL testing requirement.

                                Testing                                      Mathematics: This portion of the COM-
                                                                               PASS test allows the use of a calcula-
                                                                                                                              advise you of your scores. You must visit
                                                                                                                              the counselor’s office in person in order
                                    The purpose of the San Jacinto             tor. There is a drop-down calculator           to find out your scores. Counseling will
                                College testing centers are to support
General Information - Testing

                                                                               built into the COMPASS program or              not advise you of your scores over the
                                the enrollment services division by            you may use your own calculator. To            telephone.
                                accurately administering, reporting            access the scientific calculator, click
                                and storing confidential student assess-                                                 COMPASS Testing
                                                                               “view” and change from the basic to
                                ment records and to provide a clean,
                                                                               scientific version. The use of a graph-   Schedule
                                fair, comfortable, and safe testing
                                environment for all San Jacinto College        ing calculator is prohibited. Scratch      Central Campus
                                students taking institutional exams, as        paper and pencils are provided in              Room 133, Adm. Bldg
                                well as community members taking cor-          the test center for you to make writ-
                                                                                                                              (Weekly) – Open Lab
                                respondence, state and national exams;         ten calculations, if you desire. This
                                including but not limited to COMPASS,          portion of COMPASS is not timed.               Monday and Tuesday
                                COMPASS/ESL, THEA, Quick THEA,               Reading and Writing Skills: As you                 Arrive between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
                                SAT, ACT, GED, correspondence and               complete each section, please re-            Thursday
                                distance learning computerized exams.           member that you may page forward                Arrive between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
                                                                                through the test but you cannot page
                                COMPASS                                         backward. Make sure you answer all        No testing on Wednesday & Friday
                                    COMPASS testing (alternative to             the questions. These portions of the      North Campus
                                THEA) is offered to all individuals             COMPASS test are not timed.                   Room B1008, Adm. Bldg (weekly)
                                planning to attend San Jacinto College       Essay: You will receive a topic and             Students must see a counselor or advisor
                                after having completed an Application           will be asked to write 300 to 600        for appointment time and date.
                                for Admissions. Please visit the coun-          words on that topic. Read the essay/
                                seling office or enrollment services to         composition instructions carefully.       South Campus
                                receive a Testing Request Form. The             You will be allowed one hour (1 hr.)          Room 3234, Adm. Bldg South Wing
                                cost of the COMPASS test is included            to complete this portion of the exam.         (Weekly) and Open Lab
                                in tuition and fees. If the student does        Scratch paper is provided for you to
                                not register, then the $29 fee will be                                                        Monday through Wednesday
                                                                                make notes, an outline, or draft of
                                assessed. The fee is payable at the                                                             Arrive between 10 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.
                                                                                your essay prior to typing the essay.
                                business office. On the day of the test,                                                        (Lab closes at 8 p.m.)
                                bring your Testing Request Form and          Advising of COMPASS Scores: Scores
                                                                                are typically ready within 24 hours           Thursday
                                photo identification to the test center.
                                You will be taking an adaptive (level of        of testing. The testing center cannot           Arrive between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
                                difficulty based on previous responses)
                                exam which will measure your skills
                                in the areas of mathematics, reading                            COMPASS – ESL PLACEMENT CHART
                                and writing. The total time you should       Students who score 34 or below in all three sections must take ESL through Continu-
                                expect to spend on COMPASS is 2 1/2 to       ing and Professional Development. Information on this chart is subject to change.
                                3 hours, but actual testing time depends
                                on you. COMPASS is administered on
                                the computer and is not timed, with the       35-64     ESOL 0321                         Introductory Reading
                                exception of the essay portion.               65-80     ESOL 0322                         Intermediate Reading
                                                                              81-91     ESOL 0323                           Advanced Reading
                                    The COMPASS test is comprised of
                                                                                              GRAMMAR/WRITING (one score-two classes)
                                four sections: math, reading, writing,
                                and essay. You will be given the instruc-     36-60 ESOL 0331 &          Introductory Writing and Grammar & Introduction to
                                tions on the computer for each separate                 ESOL 0351       Developmental Composition for Non-native Speakers
                                section of the exam. Please read these        61-80 ESOL 0332 &           Intermediate Writing and Grammar & Intermediate
                                instructions carefully and follow the                   ESOL 0352       Developmental Composition for Non-native Speakers
                                tutorial provided on the computer.            81-93 ESOL 0333 & Advanced Writing and Grammar & Advanced to Devel-
                                These tutorials will show you how each                  ESOL 0353           opmental Composition for Non-native Speakers
                                exam is set up prior to starting that part                                       LISTENING
                                of the exam.                                  42-66     ESOL 0311                Introductory Listening and Speaking
                                                                              67-85     ESOL 0312               Intermediate Listening and Speaking
                                                                              86-91     ESOL 0313                  Advanced Listening and Speaking
THEA/Quick THEA                                 Math: The math section consists of            General Educational
(Only offered at Central and North campuses)      approximately 50 multiple-choice            Development or GED
                                                  questions covering four general
    The THEA Test is the only as-                                                                 The GED Test battery consists of

                                                                                                                                             General Information - Testing
                                                  areas: fundamental mathematics,
sessment developed specifically to                                                            five separately timed tests that cover
                                                  algebra, geometry, and problem
evaluate the readiness of students for                                                        five main areas of high school study.
                                                  solving. The test questions focus
college-level course work in Texas. It                                                        These tests are:
                                                  on a student’s ability to perform
was developed by Evaluation Systems               mathematical operations and solve            Mathematics (Test 1): This test contains
through a rigorous review and approval            problems. Appropriate formulas will            questions about general math,
process supported by skilled and ex-              be provided to help students perform           geometry, and elementary algebra.
perienced Texas educators. All THEA               some of the calculations required              TIME LIMIT IS 90 MINUTES,
Test questions have been reviewed                 by the test questions. Note: you               which is divided into two (2) 45
by committees of Texas educators to               may use a four-function (+, –, ×, ÷)           MINUTES SECTIONS.
ensure content accuracy and to prevent            nonprogrammable calculator (with
potential bias.                                                                                Language Arts Writing Skills (Test 2):
                                                  square root [√ ] and percent [%] keys).
                                                                                                  This test contains questions about
    The THEA Test is offered in the             Reading: The reading section consists             spelling, capitalization, punctua-
following testing formats:                         of approximately 40 multiple-choice            tion, logic, organization, usage, and
                                                   questions matched to about seven               sentence structure. TIME LIMIT
 • The THEA paper-and-pencil test is               reading selections of 300 to 750 words         IS 2 HOURS, which is divided into
  offered five times a year at centers             each. The selections represent a va-           2 parts: 75 MINUTES for the Objec-
  across Texas. This registration bulletin         riety of subject areas and are similar         tive portion and 45 MINUTES for
  provides complete information about              to reading materials (e.g., textbooks,         the Essay.
  how to register to test, prepare for the         manuals) that students are likely to
  test, and obtain your score report.                                                          Science (Test 3): This test has two parts.
                                                   encounter during their first year of
                                                                                                   The first part contains questions
 • The Quick THEA Test is the same as              college. Students will be asked to
                                                                                                   based on general concepts in science.
   the THEA paper-and-pencil test and is           answer several multiple-choice ques-
                                                                                                   The second part contains several
   offered by many colleges, universities,         tions about each reading selection.
                                                                                                   reading passages. Each passage is
   and high schools on a schedule deter-        Writing: The writing section contains              followed by a number of multiple
   mined by the institution. Consult with          two subsections: a writing sample               choice questions related to its con-
   your advisor to determine whether the           requiring students to demonstrate               tent. TIME LIMT IS 80 MINUTES.
   THEA Quick Test is an option for you.           their ability to communicate effec-
   An official score report for all sections                                                   Social Studies (Test 4): This test contains
                                                   tively in writing on a given topic and a
   will be mailed to you within one week                                                          questions based on maps, graphs,
                                                   multiple-choice subsection including
   after your answer document is received.                                                        charts, cartoons and short reading
                                                   approximately 40 questions assessing
   Once you have taken the Quick THEA                                                             passages related to social studies.
                                                   students’ ability to recognize various
   Quick, you must wait 30 days before                                                            TIME LIMIT 70 MINUTES.
                                                   elements of effective writing. Stu-
   retaking it.                                    dents are asked to prepare a multiple-      Language Arts Reading Skills (Test 5):
 • The THEA/Quick THEA test is com-                paragraph writing sample of about              This test contains various kinds of
   prised of three sections: Math, Reading,        300 to 600 words on an assigned                reading materials. Most questions
   and Writing.                                    topic. Students’ writing samples are           follow a selection, which may be
                                                   scored on the basis of how effectively         from a literary work, newspaper,
                                                   they communicate a whole message               magazine, recipe, etc. TIME LIMIT
                                                   to a specified audience for a stated           IS 65 MINUTES.
                                                   purpose. Students will be assessed on          The cost for the GED is $80 for
                                                   their ability to express, organize, and    the first-time tester. For re-testers
                                                   support opinions and ideas, rather         the fee is $10 per subject. Please con-
                                                   than on the position they express.         tact your campus of choice for the
                                                  The cost of the THEA test is $29 and        testing schedule by calling the call
                                               $39 for the Quick THEA test. Please            center at 281-998-6150 or go online to
                                               contact the campus to receive the testing

                                Placement Chart
                                                                       INFORMATION IN THIS CHART IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
General Information - Testing

                                 Notice: All students, unless otherwise exempt, must have taken the THEA/TASP or other state-approved assessment test before enrolling for classes.
                                              The COMPASS and ASSET are the state-approved assessment tests administered at San Jacinto Community College District.

                                                                 THEA/TASP Score Range
                                             COMPASS                                                                           Required College Preparatory Course
                                                                       Test Taken      ASSET Score Range                                                                                  Skills Level
                                            Score Range                                                                               Enrollment/Placement
                                                                    9/16/95 or After
                                               0-32                       0-164                    23-28                                 READ 0308                                                 2
                                              33-63                     165-200                    29-34                                 READ 0309                                                 4
                                              64-80                     201-229                    35-40                                 READ 0310                                                 6
                                              81-100                  230 and above                41-53                       College Preparatory Not Needed                                      7
                                            COMPASS                     THEA/TASP
                                                                                                          ASSET Score Range
                                           Score Range                  Score Range
                                                                                                                                                 Required College Preparatory
                                                                                                                                                                                              Skills Level
                                                                        Test Taken               Elementary               Intermediate           Course Enrollment/Placement
                                           Algebra Test              9/16/95 or After            Algebra Test             Algebra Test

                                               0-22                      100–205                   23–29                      N/A                        MATH 0304                                 4
                                              23–38                      206–229                   30–37                      N/A                        MATH 0305                                 6
                                                                                                                                                   MATH 0306 or MATH
                                              39–65                      230–269                   38–55                      N/A                1333 College Preparatory                          7
                                                                                                                                                      Not Required
                                                                                                                                                  MATH 1314, MATH 1332
                                              66–100                  270 and Above                38–55                     43–55                College Preparatory Not                          9


                                                                   Machine-scored          THEA/TASP Score                     Required College Preparatory Course
                                     *Essay         scored                                                                                                                                    Skills Level
                                                                                               Range                                  Enrollment/Placement
                                                      ASSET            COMPASS

                                      3-5           23-34                0-43
                                                                                                0-204                                       ENGL 0306                                              4
                                      1-2              N/A                N/A
                                       5            35-39               44-58                                          ENGL 0307 ENGL 0308 (for Speakers of Other
                                                                                               205-219                                                                                             6
                                      3-4              35 +              44 +                                                        Languages)

                                      6-8              N/A                N/A                                                               ENGL 1301
                                                                                               220-300                                                                                             7
                                       5               40 +              59 +                                                  College Preparatory Not Needed
                                *Essay score range is the same for all tests.

                                Note: Unless exempt, students who have scored less than the minimum passing score on any section of an assessment test must enroll in and participate in
                                College Preparatory studies until all the College Preparatory sequence is completed or they meet college level requirements on an approved assessment test.

                          Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
Texas Success                                College                                         4. Students must begin college prepara-
                                                                                                tory courses at their first enrollment
Initiative                                   Preparatory                                        and must continue enrolling in at
                                                                                                least one college preparatory class
(TSI) College                                Courses                                            each semester until they are college

                                                                                                                                          General Information - TSI
Preparatory                                  Students who Enrolled in College Prior to          ready in all areas.
                                             Fall 2010                                      Exemptions from the
    The Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
became effective Sept. 1, 2003. This              The college preparatory program           Success Initiative
initiative replaces the Texas Academic       provides a path for students who are
                                                                                                Students are exempt from the provi-
Skills Program (TASP).                       not college ready. This is based on a TSI
                                                                                            sions of the Success Initiative if they
                                             assessment to reach college readiness. It
    The Texas Success Initiative requires                                                   have met one of the following condi-
                                             is the College’s policy that students who
that incoming students, unless exempt,                                                      tions:
                                             are not college ready in an area(s) must
be assessed for college readiness in the     begin college preparatory courses at            •   Have graduated with an associate
areas of reading, mathematics, and           their first enrollment and must continue            degree or higher from a Texas public
writing. The assessment instrument           enrolling in at least one college prepara-          institution of higher education
used at San Jacinto College is the           tory class each semester until they are
                                                                                             •   Are serving in the military or have
COMPASS. This initiative further             college ready in all areas.
                                                                                                 been honorably discharged, retired
requires that students who do not meet
                                             Students Enrolling in College for the First         or released on or after Aug. 1, 1990.
the passing standard of an area of the
                                             Time Fall 2010 or Thereafter                        (This includes individuals who have
assessment are not allowed to enroll in
                                                                                                 been serving in the Texas National
college-level classes requiring skills in        The following rules must be fol-                Guard or reserves for at least three
the unmet area until those college readi-    lowed by students when enrolling in                 years preceding enrollment)
ness skills are met. Students can meet       college preparatory courses:
the skills requirement by completing the                                                     •   Have previously met TASP require-
sequence of college preparatory courses       1. A student who is not college ready              ments or were exempt from the TASP
for that area or by passing a re-test of         in Reading must first enroll in the         •   Meet qualifying standards on the
the assessment instrument. Students              required college preparatory reading            SAT, ACT, or the exit-level TAKS
should meet with a counselor to develop          course. If the student enrolls in a sec-
                                                 ond course, it must be GUST 0305,           •   ACT composite score of 23 or
their individual college preparatory
                                                 College Student Success. The student            higher with individual mathematics
education plan which will include: when
                                                 can then enroll in other courses for            and English scores of no less than
college preparatory studies must be-
                                                 which he or she has met the required            19. (Scores are valid for five years
gin, the sequence of required college
                                                 skills/course prerequisites.                    from the date of testing. Scores on a
preparatory courses, possible required
                                                                                                 residual ACT are not acceptable for
retesting, study skills and other options     2. A student who is college ready in               TSI exemption. A mathematics score
for developing college readiness.                Reading, but is not college ready in            of 21 or higher is required to qualify
                                                 Writing and Mathematics, must first             for enrollment in college algebra)
    the placement chart, published in
                                                 enroll in the required college prepa-
this catalog, indicates the various skills                                                   •   SAT composite score of 1070 or
                                                 ratory course in either area. If the
prerequisite levels, their corresponding                                                         higher with verbal and mathematics
                                                 student enrolls in a second course,
score ranges on the placement tests and                                                          scores of no less than 500. Scores are
                                                 it must be GUST 0305. The student
either the college preparatory courses                                                           valid for five years from the date of
                                                 can then enroll in other courses for
in which students must enroll or the                                                             testing. A mathematics score of 550
                                                 which he or she has met the required
college-level English or mathematics                                                             or higher is required to qualify for
                                                 skills/course prerequisites.
courses in which they may enroll if                                                              enrollment in college algebra
they meet the skill level requirement.        3. If the student is not college ready in
                                                 only Writing or only Mathematics,           •   Exit-level TAKS mathematics score
the placement chart also indicates the
                                                 the students must first enroll in               of 2200 or higher and a language
college preparatory course sequence for
                                                 the required college preparatory                arts score of 2200 or higher with an
each skill area.
                                                 course in that area. The student is             essay score of 3 or higher. Scores are
                                                 not required to enroll in GUST 0305             valid for three years from the date of
                                                 and may next enroll in any course for           testing.
                                                 which he or she has met the required
                                                 skills/course prerequisites.

                            Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
                             •   Transfer from a private, independent           Students who are partially exempt          are stated in terms of numerical levels,
                                 or accredited out-of-state institution     based on the ACT, SAT, or TAKS must            which correspond with certain ranges of
                                 of higher education and have satisfac-     test for TSI purposes in the areas where       scores on the placement tests. To satisfy
                                 torily (with a grade of D or higher)       they are not exempt prior to enrolling         a course skills prerequisite, students
                                 completed college-level course work        for any courses.                               must score within the range of scores
General Information - TSI

                                 related to a skill area(s). Students                                                      corresponding to the indicated level.
                                 who have not completed course work         Waived Certificate
                                 related to all skill areas must be as-     Programs                                       Advising
                                 sessed in the unmet area(s) and must           Students who enroll in a waived                Advising on college preparatory
                                 participate in college preparatory         certificate program (certificate of            education and degree or certificate
                                 studies if the area(s) is not met on the   technology, occupational certificate or        program options is always available to
                                 test.                                      marketable skills achievement award)           students at San Jacinto College. At cer-
                             •   Have attended any institution of           are not exempt from required assess-           tain times advising is required. Entering
                                 higher education and have been             ment, but are waived from required col-        students who are not exempt, and who
                                 determined to have met readiness           lege preparatory studies while enrolled        have not met TSI testing requirements,
                                 standards by that institution. This        in their waived program. However,              must see a counselor or enrollment
                                 includes passing scores on an ap-          they are restricted to enrollment in           advisor to determine if they must take
                                 proved assessment instrument, a            only those courses within the waived           an assessment test and to obtain a Test-
                                 previous determination of college          program.                                       ing Referral Form for the COMPASS.
                                 readiness (exemption) under the                                                           These students will also receive infor-
                                 TASP or the completion (with grades        TSI Requirements                               mation on college preparatory program
                                 of C or higher) of college preparatory     Deferred for Students                          requirements, degree and certificate
                                 studies at that institution.               Who are not Seeking a                          options, degree plans for university
                                                                            Degree or Certificate                          transfer and available support services.
                            Partial Exemption                                                                              Students who register during campus
                            Based on SAT, ACT,                                  Students who declare that they are         registration, who have not passed all
                            TAKS                                            not seeking a degree or certificate may        areas of an assessment taken for TSI
                                                                            defer both the required assessment (test-      purposes, will meet with an advisor.
                                Students who do not meet the all
                                                                            ing) and college preparatory education         Faculty in all courses and programs are
                            area exemption standard on one of
                                                                            provisions of the TSI. However, they           available to advise students on course
                            the above tests are considered to be
                                                                            may accumulate no more than 15 term            and program requirements.
                            exempt in the individual areas where
                                                                            hours of college-level credit while they
                            the composite and area standard is met.
                                                                            delay these provisions. Once students          Meeting the
                            Partial exemptions based on the SAT,
                                                                            have earned fifteen college-level credit       Requirements of the
                            ACT, or exit-level TAKS are as follows:
                                                                            hours, they must meet all TSI require-         Texas Success Initiative
                                  Reading and                               ments. To delay assessment and college
                                                          Mathematics       preparatory studies, students must meet            Students must have demonstrated
                                  Writing                                                                                  college readiness (area by area) prior to
                                                                            with a counselor to declare that they
                                                      ACT Composite 23+     are not seeking a degree or certificate        being allowed to enroll in college-level
                             ACT Composite 23+                and           and be assigned the appropriate status.        courses with an area skill requirement.
                                   and               ACT Mathematics 19+                                                   College readiness is demonstrated by
                                                                            Students with this status must meet
                              ACT English 19+          (21+ required for                                                   prior college-level coursework with
                                                        college algebra)    all course skill prerequisites, thus as-
                                                                            sessment may be required. Students in          a grade of D or higher, passing an
                                                                            this non-degree seeking status are not         approved assessment instrument (test)
                                                     SAT Composite 1070+                                                   or successful completion, with a grade
                            SAT Composite 1070+                             eligible for state or federal financial aid.
                                     and                                                                                   of C or higher, of college preparatory
                                                      Mathematics 500+
                            Verbal (Critical Read-
                                                      (550+ required for    Skills Prerequisites                           coursework. Once a Success Initiative
                                 ing) 500+                                                                                 area is met, students are not required
                                                       college algebra)          Many courses, including those
                                                                                                                           to further retest unless they are seeking
                                                                            in waived certificate programs, have
                             TAKS Language Arts                                                                            entrance into a program of study that
                                                                            minimum levels of skill in reading,
                                   2200+              TAKS mathematics                                                     requires passing a test for TSI purposes.
                                                                            writing and/or mathematics stipulated
                                    and                    2200+            as prerequisites. These prerequisites
                                Essay of 3+
                                                                            constitute conditions of enrollment for
                                                                            all students coming under the provisions
                                                                            of the TSI and cannot be waived. They

                          Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
Student Initiated                            Retesting                                  Ability-to-
Withdrawal from                                  Enrolled students may retest once
Required College                             each term on the COMPASS at no ad-         Benefit Test
Preparatory Studies                          ditional cost to the student at any time   Information
                                             during the retesting window. The dates

                                                                                                                                               General Information - TSI
    Students enrolled in more than one                                                      Students who are 18 years or older
                                             of the retesting window can be obtained
area of required college preparatory                                                    and have not graduated from high
                                             from the counseling or testing centers
studies may withdraw from all but their                                                 school or the equivalent may take an
                                             and are published in the Schedule of
last (only) required college preparatory                                                ability-to-benefit test. San Jacinto Col-
                                             Classes. Students who wish to retest
course without prior approval.                                                          lege uses two of these tests.
                                             on the COMPASS must first visit with
    Students enrolled in only one area of    a counselor to obtain a Testing Referral    •    The COMPASS test is used for Eng-
college preparatory studies may, under       Form. Students may retest on the Texas           lish speakers and speakers of other
certain exceptional circumstances            Higher Education Assessment (THEA)               languages who meet the English
and for one term only, withdraw from         at their own expense and at any time             language proficiency requirement
their only required college prepara-         following the guidelines published by            and plan to enroll in college-level
tory course, but must meet with a            the test provider, National Evaluation           programs. Students must achieve
counselor to discuss their individual        Systems (NES). The THEA is offered               these scores in the three required
college preparatory education program.       five times a year. The Quick THEA is             sections:
This conference should explore the           offered on a regular basis on the San
consequences of withdrawing, such as         Jacinto College North campus only. In-             ASSET                COMPASS
delayed college readiness, restriction       formation on Quick THEA testing may              Reading - 35          Reading - 62
from college-level courses with required     be obtained from the counseling centers            ASSET                COMPASS
skill prerequisites, delayed entry into      or the test centers on each campus.              Writing - 35           Writing - 32
programs of study requiring certain                                                             ASSET                 COMPASS
skill levels and other factors affecting                                                     Numerical - 33          Pre-Algebra/
the student’s educational objectives. If                                                                          Numerical Skills - 25
the counselor approves the withdrawal,
                                                                                         •    The COMPASS-ESL is used only
it will be sent to the enrollment services
                                                                                              for admission into the English
office for processing. Students are re-
                                                                                              for Speakers of Other Languages
quired to continue with their college
                                                                                              (ESOL) credit program. The College
preparatory studies program at their
                                                                                              administers this test to speakers of
next registration and will not be per-
                                                                                              other languages who do not meet
mitted to subsequently withdraw from
                                                                                              the English language proficiency
required college preparatory studies.
                                                                                              requirement and who seek admission
    Students enrolled in a waived certifi-                                                    only into the ESOL program. More
cate program are advised to meet with                                                         information regarding the ability-
a counselor before withdrawing from                                                           to-benefit tests is available from the
college preparatory studies.                                                                  enrollment services office.

                                      San Jacinto College
General Information - Registration

                                      Academic Terms and Parts of Term
                                          Long Semester (Fall and Spring)
                                          Weeks:   1       2        3       4       5        6         7      8      9       10     11     12   13     14     15      16     1        2       3
                                                   16                                                                                                                        Holiday Mini
                                                   6A                                                  10A
                                                   8A                                                                8B
                                                   4A                               4B                               4C                         4D
                                          Summer Term
                                          Weeks:   1       2        3       1         2      3       4        5      6       7      8      9    10     11
                                                   Spring Mini              5A                                               5B
                                                                            Full (11 weeks)
                                                                                      Weekend (10 weeks)
                                                    14 week

                                     General                                                     3. The terms include a traditional “full”
                                                                                                    term of 16 weeks (Fall and Spring)
                                                                                                                                                5. Students who register are expected
                                                                                                                                                   to pay their tuition and fees in full by
                                     Registration                                                   or 11 weeks (Summer), as well as               the published deadline. Registrants
                                                                                                    multiple shorter “parts-of-term”               can pay online by check, credit card,
                                     Information                                                    which are provided to enable students          debit card that has a MasterCard or
                                     1. Once new students have completed                            to enroll in courses throughout the            Visa affiliation or IPP. Please note
                                        the application process, have been                          year. For example, the Spring term             there is an IPP fee that will apply
                                        admitted and have taken the required                        includes a 3-week “Holiday Mini”               to your account should you choose
                                        placement testing, they are eligible to                     session, a 16-week session, a 14-week          this method of payment. Students
                                        register. Applicants may check with                         “weekend” session, two overlapping             may also pay by cash, check, credit
                                        the office of enrollment services on                        12-week sessions, two 8-week ses-              card, debit card or Installment Pay-
                                        the campus to which they applied                            sions, a 6-week/10-week combination
                                                                                                                                                   ment Plan in person at any campus
                                        to confirm when all transcripts and                         and four 4-week sessions. Students
                                                                                                                                                   business office. Payment by mail
                                        other required documents have been                          who complete the admission process
                                                                                                    for a term should complete advanced            with a check is also available. Be
                                        received and processing for admis-                                                                         sure the check is mailed well before
                                        sion has been completed. Continuing                         registration during the scheduled pe-
                                                                                                    riod prior to the term, but remain able        the payment deadline. Students who
                                        students who are in good standing                                                                          have been awarded financial aid
                                        and have no administrative holds are                        to enroll in the various subsequent
                                                                                                    parts of term up until the day before          grants can expect aid to be applied
                                        eligible to register.
                                                                                                    classes begin for that part of term.           automatically within 24 hours of
                                     2. Students should consult the Catalog,                                                                       registration and have their account
                                        speak to a counselor or contact                          4. The primary method of registration is
                                                                                                    via the Web registration system, which         marked paid. Students with third
                                        the department/program office to                                                                           party billing or scholarships should
                                                                                                    is open for several weeks prior to the
                                        determine the courses most appro-                                                                          visit the campus business office to
                                                                                                    start of the term. Following the start
                                        priate for meeting their educational                                                                       have payment applied to their ac-
                                                                                                    of the term, the Web system is open for
                                        objectives. Detailed procedures,                            adding classes in those parts of term          count. Students who fail to pay by
                                        available classes and registration                          that have not yet started. Students are        the published deadline will be dereg-
                                        dates and deadlines are provided in                         encouraged to register early to have           istered from classes, making seats
                                        the Schedule of Classes published                           the best selection of available classes.       available to other students. Students
                                        each Fall, Spring and Summer term.                          Students should register for the entire        who add classes or complete other
                                        Students are encouraged to rely                             term at one time so that all tuition and       registration transactions at any time
                                        upon the online catalog and course                          fees can be included in Installment            following their initial registration and
                                        finder at, since the                         Payment Plans (IPP). The various               payment should pay immediately all
                                        college website includes interactive                        parts of term provide significant flex-        additional tuition and fees due.
                                        program and schedule information                            ibility for scheduling and increase the
                                        and real-time counts of available                           opportunities for enrolling at times
                                        seats in classes.                                           other than the start of the full term.
     When registration and/or payment          maximum course load permitted during        career. In addition, DISCOVER and

                                                                                                                                        General Information - Registration
has been made, whether online or on            both Summer sessions is 14 term hours       DO WHAT YOU ARE systems offer
campus, the student should print out or        or 7 term hours per Summer 5-week           state-of-the-art programs to explore
obtain a copy of the schedule and bill         part of term. The maximum load in a         careers. Professional counselors are
in order to verify that the classes are        three-week mini session is 3 term hours.    available to help students evaluate the
registered as intended. Occasionally,                                                      results of these computer-based guid-
students exit the registration system              Working students should consider        ance systems.
without completing all steps and the           the number of term hours they take in
registration or payment transaction            relation to the number of hours they
is not posted. A copy of the schedule          work per week. It is unrealistic for        Web for
bill can be obtained at the enrollment
services office counter. Students are
                                               students employed full-time to enroll
                                               in college full-time. Students achieve
encouraged to print a fee receipt to           full-time status when they enroll for       (Student Online
ensure that they are not at risk of            12 or more term hours in a full term
being deregistered from classes for            or Summer session. A useful guideline       System)
non-payment. Students who change               is that students should spend at least          The Web Portal can be accessed
their minds about one or more courses          two hours studying for every hour they      through the San Jacinto College website
should drop the unwanted classes prior         spend in the classroom. For example, a      at by clicking on the
to the start of the semester to avoid          student taking 15 term hours assumes        “My SanJac” link. Students may apply
charges. This enables other students to
                                               the responsibility for a minimum of 45      for admission online.
register for that class. It also assists the
                                               hours per week, 15 hours in class and 30
deans who have to make decisions about                                                         Once students have been admitted,
which sections to close for having too         hours studying. The College reserves the
                                                                                           re-admitted, or if they are continu-
small of an enrollment.                        right to limit the number of term hours
                                                                                           ing students, they may access Web
                                               that working students may attempt.
                                                                                           registration. The student may access
    Once a student has registered and
                                                  The second digit of a course number      the Student Online System (SOS) link
paid, he/she is officially enrolled and
                                               indicates the credit hours associated       from the San Jacinto College website
subject to college regulations concern-
                                               with that course.                           home page.
ing withdrawal and refunds. Canceling
a check or submitting a check for which                                                        In addition to registration, other
there is insufficient funds will not relieve   Counseling and                              services available via the Web are:
the student of legal financial obliga-
tions for his/her enrollment. Full (100        Advising                                     •   Check registration status
percent) refunds are not possible after            The counseling center provides           •   Display class schedule
classes have begun.                            comprehensive services to help students      •   Add or drop classes
                                               in academics, career development, per-
Schedule Policy                                sonal development, college orientation,      •   View changes and make payments by
                                               and personal counseling.                         credit, check or Installment Payment
    The College will determine the
                                                                                                Plan by credit card
times and locations of classes, as well as
                                                   Academic advising normally begins        •   View holds
the minimum and maximum enrollment
                                               after placement testing but before regis-
per class. The College reserves the right                                                   •   Display grades and print unofficial
                                               tration, with a conference between the
to cancel classes, change instructors and                                                       transcripts
                                               student and a counselor about the stu-
otherwise alter the schedule. There is
                                               dent’s educational goals. The counselor      •   Complete degree evaluations
no charge for schedule changes due to
                                               helps the student plan a schedule based      •   View financial aid information
canceled classes. To replace a canceled
                                               on test results and the student’s objec-
class, the student should make changes                                                      •   View personal information
                                               tives. Individual counseling is available
during the time designated in the                                                           •   Change PIN
                                               with a staff of professional counselors.
Schedule of Classes.
                                               Throughout the year, professional staff
                                                                                           University Transfer
Course Load                                    conducts free workshops on topics
                                               such as career exploration, study and           Students planning to transfer to a
    A regular course load during a Fall        test-taking skills, time management         senior college or university should select
or Spring term is 15 to 17 term hours or       orientation to college, motivation,         courses according to the curriculum
five courses, excluding physical educa-        self-concept, résumé writing, job search    requirements of the institution they
tion, choir, or band. Only exceptional         techniques and interviewing. These          plan to attend. Students should contact
students may, with the approval of the         activities help students explore their      a college counselor for help in selecting
vice president of instruction, enroll for      personality, interests and values, which    courses.
additional term hours of credit. The           are important factors in choosing a
                                         Students not planning to transfer        course. These prerequisites constitute          mandatory remediation must drop their
General Information - Registration

                                     may select courses according to associ-      a condition of enrollment in these              college preparatory courses in person.
                                     ate degree, certificate requirements or      courses for all students and cannot be
                                     personal preference.                         waived. Footnotes in the Schedule of            Class Change Fees
                                                                                  Classes and the course descriptions in              Students can make changes to their
                                     Concurrent Enrollment                        the Catalog will indicate which courses         class schedule without a fee prior to the
                                         The total number of term hours           have such prerequisites.                        published start date of the term/part
                                     taken by a student concurrently en-                                                          of term. Students changing classes or
                                     rolled at San Jacinto College and            Repetition of Courses                           sections resulting in dropping classes or
                                     another college or university may not            If a student repeats a course for           sections on or after the start date will be
                                     exceed that allowed by college regula-       which credit has previously been re-            assessed charges equal to 30 percent of
                                     tions (see Course Load). Before they         ceived, the higher grade is the grade of        the tuition for each dropped section in ac-
                                     enroll at another institution, students      record. Neither the hours nor the grade         cordance with the state refund schedule.
                                     should check with the business office        points associated with the lower grade
                                     about paying tuition.                        will be used in transcript Grade Point          Auditing a
                                                                                  Average (GPA) calculations; however,
                                     Prerequisites or                             the lower grade will remain on the stu-         Course
                                     Co-requisites                                dent’s transcript permanently and will             Approval to audit a credit course
                                         Some course descriptions stipulate       be included in calculations of financial        may be granted to individuals who
                                     that students must earn credit for           aid eligibility.                                complete the audit information sheet
                                     certain course prerequisites before they                                                     available in the counseling and enroll-
                                                                                      A few courses may be repeated for           ment services offices or the office of vice
                                     can enroll. Prerequisites help assure that   credit. These exceptions are noted in
                                     students have sufficient background in                                                       president of instruction.
                                                                                  the course descriptions found in this
                                     the subject to succeed in the course.        catalog. Students planning to transfer              Auditors may enroll in a course the
                                         A co-requisite is a notation in a        should check with the receiving institu-        day after the time period for changing
                                     course description indicating that a         tion concerning policy for enrollment           classes has ended.
                                     student who enrolls in the course must       services GPA calculations for repeated
                                                                                  courses.                                           Auditors may not attend some
                                     also enroll concurrently in the listed                                                       laboratories or performing and activity
                                     co-requisite course unless that course                                                       courses.
                                     has already been completed with a            Schedule
                                     passing grade.                                                                                   Auditors may not take examina-
                                                                                  Changes                                         tions, submit written work, receive a
                                         Under special circumstances the              Students may change their sched-            grade or earn credit for the course. The
                                     department chairman may allow a stu-         ules by dropping and/or adding course           College will not maintain records of
                                     dent to register for a course without the    sections only during the periods des-           students auditing courses.
                                     required prerequisite or co-requisite.       ignated in the Schedule of Classes. A
                                     A waiver of the required prerequisite                                                            Students will pay a one-time, nonre-
                                                                                  student may drop a course or withdraw
                                     or co-requisite does not affect degree                                                       fundable fee of $50 plus any applicable
                                                                                  from all courses within the published
                                     requirements. Students who have been                                                         lab fees per course to be audited.
                                                                                  time period during the term with no
                                     granted a waiver may earn needed credit      additional charge. The student should               Senior citizens 65 or older may audit
                                     through course substitution or credit        initiate the drop online, by telephone          a credit course without paying a fee.
                                     by examination. Although students            voice response system, or in person
                                     may receive credit toward graduation         at the enrollment services office. The              Auditors must provide evidence
                                     at San Jacinto College, if prerequisites     Academic Calendar and the Refund                of age.
                                     are waived for certain courses, another      Schedule list deadline dates and refund
                                     college may not allow credit for such
                                     courses. If students do not follow
                                                                                  amounts. If the student is unable               Class
                                                                                  to drop online, by telephone voice
                                     prerequisite/co-requisite requirements,      response system or in person, he/she            Attendance
                                     the college may withdraw them from           must request withdrawal in writing to               Students must attend all lecture and
                                     the course.                                  the enrollment services office. The date        laboratory periods. An education is
                                         Minimum placement test scores in         the enrollment services office receives a       more than just acquiring information.
                                     reading, writing and/or mathematics          fax or letter request is the official date of   Through regular class attendance stu-
                                     skills are prerequisites for virtually       withdrawal, regardless of the last date         dents gain clearer insight into complex
                                     every academic and college preparatory       of class attendance. Students enrolled in       issues through interaction with profes-
                                                                                                                                  sors and other students.
    Considering regular class atten-         only under certain circumstances. (See                      Withdrawal

                                                                                                                                                     General Information - Registration
dance, along with grade standards,           the Incomplete (I) section under the
such an important requirement of             Grading System section for specific                         Deadlines
enrollment, the College does not allow       information.)
any “cuts” by students, nor does it allow                                                                    The Academic Calendar (available
                                             Note:A student who wishes to withdraw from a course must
instructors to give “walks” or to dismiss    withdraw officially online, by telephone voice response
                                                                                                         online at states the
classes early, except after a major exami-   system or through the enrollment services office; simply    deadlines for submitting both stu-
nation or laboratory exercise.               informing the instructor of the intent to withdraw is not   dent-initiated and instructor-initiated
                                             sufficient. The Withdrawal from Courses section which       withdrawal forms to the enrollment
    Instructors keep an accurate record      follows gives more information.
                                                                                                         services office to receive an automatic
of each student’s attendance and do                                                                      grade of W for various-length courses.
not allow students who do not attend             Accreditation or certification stan-
                                             dards that require more stringent                           As mandated by the Texas Higher
regularly to slow the pace of the class.
                                             attendance policies may govern certain                      Education Coordinating Board, the
However, instructors may provide an
opportunity for a student who presents       departments or programs.                                    withdrawal deadline is determined at
a reasonable excuse for an absence to            College regulations specify that                        approximately the 75 percent point of
make up missed work. A student who           only students who have registered for                       the course. Students should check the
does not offer a satisfactory explanation    the class and who are listed on the                         Schedule of Classes to determine the
for an absence will have that absence        official class rolls may attend a class.                    correct date for specific courses. After
classified as unexcused and earn an F        Students not listed on official class                       the deadline the college does not permit
for any test, assignment or laboratory       rolls may not attend classes; nor may                       withdrawal with a grade of W or WL
work given or due during that absence.       students who have withdrawn or who                          and students will receive a grade of A,
The student will not be allowed to make      have been withdrawn attend classes.                         B, C, D, F or I.
up work that was missed.
    Whenever a student’s absences            Withdrawal                                                  Complete
reach 8.33 percent of the contact hours
of the course for unexcused reasons
                                             from Courses                                                Withdrawal
or reasons unknown to the instructor,
the instructor may request that the
                                                 A student who wishes to withdraw
                                             from a course must withdraw officially
                                                                                                         from College
student drop the course (if applicable,      over the Web, by telephone voice re-                        or Dropping All
see TEC 51.907 Six-Drop Limit Provi-         sponse system or through the enroll-
sions section) and if not eligible to drop   ment services office. Simply informing                      Courses
or the student chooses not to drop,          the instructor of the intent to withdraw
the instructor may award a grade of          is not sufficient. The student is respon-                   Contacts
FX at that time, which will prohibit         sible for withdrawing officially from a                         Dropping all courses for the term
the student from attending class. For        course. Administrative drops are at the                     at the same time constitutes the intent
example, the number of contact hours         discretion of the professor. Students                       to officially withdraw from the College.
in a Fall or Spring term course equals       who do not withdraw officially by the                       Additionally, when students officially
the number of weekly classroom and           published withdrawal deadline are not                       withdraw or do not withdraw from the
laboratory hours in the course de-           eligible to drop or receive a grade of W.                   College but drop individual courses,
scription multiplied by 16. Therefore,                                                                   when the last course is dropped, the
professors may prohibit the students             TSI regulations apply to college
                                             preparatory courses. Students may not                       college requires that the student return
who accumulate four hours absence in                                                                     all College-owned property and pay all
classes meeting three hours per week or      attend any class from which they have
                                             withdrawn or have been withdrawn.                           outstanding debts of tuition, fees, and
eight hours absence in classes meeting                                                                   fines. San Jacinto College does not issue
six hours per week from attending class.         Requests for withdrawal become                          official transcripts for students who
Three unexcused tardies count as one         official and effective the date entered                     have outstanding debts or unreturned
unexcused absence.                           on the Web or received in writing in the                    College property.
    An instructor also has author-           enrollment services office. The College
ity to request that the student drop         will not honor requests received after                      Enrollment Services Office:
the course and to prohibit a student         published withdrawal deadlines.
                                                                                                         Central Campus        281.476.1844
from participating in class, when the                                                                    North Campus          281.459.7699
                                                 Except during registration (when
instructor believes the student has                                                                      South Campus          281.922.3432
                                             a corrected fee receipt documents
accumulated so many absences (includ-
                                             withdrawal), students who make class
ing excused absences) that the student
                                             changes online should print and retain
cannot reasonably expect to pass the
                                             verification of their schedule changes on
course. An instructor may also award
                                             the SOS system in case questions arise
the temporary grade of I (Incomplete)
                                             later about refunds or transcript records.
                                     TEC 51.907                                        other course developed with a “0”        are further classified in-district or out-
General Information - Registration

                                                                                       zero in the first digit of the course    of-district based upon whether the home
                                     Six-Drop Limit                                    number).                                 in which they reside is assessed taxes by
                                                                                                                                the San Jacinto College. Determination
                                     Provisions                                     • All grades of W received for all
                                                                                      courses taken by dual credit/early        of a student’s residence status for tuition
                                          Students who enroll as entering             admission students received prior         purposes is made in accordance with the
                                     freshmen or first-time-in-college (FTIC)         to high school graduation even if         laws of the state of Texas.
                                     students during the Fall 2007 and there-         taken after Fall 2007.                        Students who have attended another
                                     after, are subject to the provisions of the    • All grades of W received when the         Texas public institution in the last 12
                                     Six-Drop Limit. This limits the total            student’s intent was to “withdraw”        months can document status as a Texas
                                     number of drops of an affected student           from the institution. To meet the         resident by providing a statement from
                                     to six. These six include all drops from         requirement for “withdrawing              that institution which confirms their
                                     all Texas public colleges or universities.       from the institution” the student         tuition classification and charges.
                                     The drops a student has at San Jacinto           must drop all courses for all parts
                                     College that are within the six-drop                                                           To be qualified for Texas resident
                                                                                      of term on the same date. This
                                                                                                                                status for tuition purposes, all students
                                     limit will be identified with a grade of         applies to drops after the official
                                                                                                                                are required to document having
                                     WL. An affected student may only have            census date. The term is viewed in
                                                                                                                                physically resided in Texas for at least
                                     six grades the equivalent of WL from all         totality and not by part of term.
                                                                                                                                12 months immediately prior to the date
                                     Texas public colleges and universities           The student must inform the enroll-
                                                                                                                                of registration.
                                     attended. The number of drops included           ment services office of their intent
                                     in the limit from transfer institutions          to withdraw.                                  During the admission process, all
                                     will be indicated on the transcript sent                                                   students answer the Texas Common
                                                                                        San Jacinto College will notify by
                                     to San Jacinto College. After the student                                                  Core questions for residency in order to
                                                                                   email all new first-time-in-college stu-
                                     has received six grades the equivalent                                                     provide for determination of their status
                                                                                   dents each term that they are affected by
                                     of WL in total, the student will not be                                                    as either a Texas resident, nonresident
                                                                                   SB 1231 and that they will be limited to
                                     allowed to drop any additional courses                                                     or international student. Students may
                                                                                   six course drops during their enrollment
                                     and must receive grades of A, B, C, D,                                                     qualify for the tuition rate applicable to
                                                                                   at all public colleges and universities in
                                     or F in the courses.                                                                       the residents of Texas if the following
                                                                                   Texas. San Jacinto College will notify
                                                                                                                                qualifications are met:
                                                                                   students affected by the six-drop limit
                                         Students who remain enrolled in           of the total number of drops they have        1. The student graduated from a public
                                     the course on or after the official census    accumulated at San Jacinto College                or private high school or received the
                                     date of the course will be awarded            and transfer institutions at the end of           equivalent of a high school diploma
                                     a grade on the transcript. Courses            each term.                                        within the state of Texas.
                                     dropped prior to the census date for
                                     that course will not count in the six-            There are provisions for appeal of        2. The student has resided in Texas for
                                     drop limit since courses dropped prior        grades of WL awarded at San Jacinto               at least three years as of the date the
                                     to the census date are not awarded a          College that are included in the six-drop         person graduated from high school
                                     grade of W or WL. (The official census        limit. All appeals must be completed              or received the equivalent of a high
                                                                                   prior to dropping the course. Grades              school diploma.
                                     date varies according to the length of
                                     the course. If you attempt to drop the        included in the six-drop limit from           3. The student has lived in Texas for
                                     course over the SOS self service system,      transfer institutions are not known to            12 months immediately prior to
                                     and the drop option is W3, W4, or W5,         San Jacinto College and any appeal                enrollment.
                                                                                   must be directed to the transfer institu-
                                     these drops will result in a grade of WL                                                    4. If not a permanent resident or U.S.
                                                                                   tion. For more information, go to www.
                                     on the transcript for affected students.)                                                       citizen, the student has completed
                                                                                                                                     an affidavit stating that he/she will
                                         San Jacinto College will consider                                                           file an application to become a
                                     the following situations as constituting      Residence                                         permanent resident at the earliest
                                     an approved blanket exemption from                                                              opportunity the individual is eligible
                                     the six-drop limit for affected students.     Status for                                        to do so.
                                       • Grades of W in all college prepara-       Tuition                                          Non-citizens also must further
                                         tory courses (MATH 0304, 0305,                                                         document eligible INS status as follows:
                                         0306, READ 0311, 0308, 0309, 0310,        Purposes
                                         ENGL 0306, 0307, 0308, DEVS                                                              • Permanent residents of the United
                                                                                       For tuition purposes, students are           States must furnish their permanent
                                         0305, ESOL 0311, 0312, 0313, 0321,        classified at each registration as a Texas
                                         0322, 0323, 0331, 0332, 0333, 0341,                                                        resident (green) card or I-551 pass-
                                                                                   resident, a Texas non-resident or an             port approval stamp.
                                         0342, 0351, 0352, 0353, and any           international student. Texas residents
  • Aliens who have filed an application       Proof of Texas                                   In order to qualify for Texas resi-

                                                                                                                                           General Information - Registration
    with USCIS for permanent residency         Residency                                    dency, a student may be required to
    must provide the original Notice of                                                     document having been a resident of
    Action with an approval notice.                All students wishing to register         Texas for the 12 months immediately
                                               as Texas residents must have legally         prior to the date of registration. To
  • Aliens who are eligible to establish       established such residency under the
    domicile in the United States may                                                       qualify for in-district tuition, a student
                                               Texas Education Code.                        may be required to document their
    be eligible for classification as Texas
    residents. The Citizenship and Im-             Each student must answer a set of        actual address at the time of registration
    migration Services has identified          residency questions developed by the         and through the term of enrollment.
    those students to be (1) holders of        Texas Higher Education Coordinating          Among, but not limited to, the items
    unexpired visas with A-1, A-2, A-3,        Board. If, as the answers to the ques-       that may be used to establish residence
    E-1, E-2, G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4, G-5,         tions are reviewed by College officials,     for tuition purposes, include one or
    H-1B, H-4 (dependent of H-1B only),        there remains a question as to the           more of the following:
    I, K-1, K-2, L-1A, L-1B, L-2N-8, N-9,      student’s proper residency classifica-        •   Texas high school transcript (show-
    NATO 1-7, O-1, O-3 (dependent of           tion, the student must provide a copy             ing enrollment 12 months prior to
    O-1 only), R-1, R-2, T-1, T-2, T-3, T-4,   of one or more appropriately dated                registration)
    TPS, U-1, U-2, U-3, U-4, V-1, V-2,         documents which will establish Texas
    V-3; or (2) individuals classified by      residency. The institution must then          •   An apartment lease and/or lease
    the INS as asylees, parolees, refugees,    maintain those documents showing                  renewal with lease dates and the
    permanent residents, conditional           that the student classified as a resident         student’s name as legal tenant
    permanent residents and temporary          has legal right to such classification as     •   Permanent Texas driver’s license (at
    residents holding an I-688 or I-688B       of the official census date of the term or        least one year old and still valid)
    Temporary Resident card that has           term for which the student is enrolling.      •   Texas voter registration card (valid 12
    not expired.                                                                                 months prior to registration)
                                                   A student who does not furnish
     Undocumented immigrants who               acceptable proof will be designated a         •   Pay stubs for the 12 months preced-
meet academic admission requirements           Texas non-resident student, (or out-              ing the enrollment term census date
will be permitted to enroll, but normally      of-district student if the local address      •   Utility bills in the student’s name for
will be subject to the tuition rate appli-     cannot be confirmed) and charged                  the 12 months preceding the enroll-
cable to non-residents. Undocumented           accordingly. In such a case a student             ment term census date
immigrants may qualify for the tuition         who provides proof of Texas residency
rate applicable to the residents of Texas      to the enrollment services office by the      •   A transcript from a Texas institution
if all four of these qualifications are met:   official reporting date (eighth class day         showing presence in the state for the
                                               in the Summer, 12th class day in the              12 months preceding the enrollment
 1. Graduated from a public or private         Fall and Spring) will be eligible to pay          term census date.
    high school or received the equivalent     resident tuition for the term.                   For a complete list of documenta-
    of a high school diploma within the                                                     tion that may be required, please refer to
    State of Texas                                 A resident of Texas will be desig-       the Texas Coordinating Board website
                                               nated as an in-district or out-of-district
 2. Resided in Texas with a parent or                                                       or the enrollment services office.
                                               student, according to whether the
    court-appointed guardian for at            student resides in or out of the San
    least three years as of the date the       Jacinto College. Any address listed          Senior Citizens
    person graduated from high school          as a post office box will be considered
    or received the equivalent of a high       out-of-district.                             Enrolling in
    school diploma
                                                   The institution is charged to ob-        Classes
 3. Registered as an entering student in
                                               tain necessary documentation that                Under Texas Law (Section 54.210),
    any institution of higher education
                                               conclusively confirms the student’s          a college may allow senior citizens 65
    not earlier than the Fall 2001 term
                                               actual residence. Any address change         years of age or older (by the first day of
 4. Provided to the institution an af-         that causes a reduction in tuition must      classes of the specific enrollment term)
    fidavit stating that the individual        be accompanied by appropriate docu-          to enroll in up to six credit hours per
    will file an application to become         mentation. When returned mail or             term without paying tuition, providing
    a permanent resident at the earliest       other occurrences raise questions about
                                                                                            there is space available. The senior
    opportunity the individual is eligible     the validity of the student’s address or
                                                                                            citizen must pay all application fees,
    to do so                                   when conflicting information exists, ad-
                                               ditional documentation will be required.     including the general service and related
                                               Students will be allowed to register but     lab fees or incidental fees.
                                               will be charged at the higher rate until
                                               required documentation is provided.
                                       Tuition and Fees
                                       Tuition and Fee                                                      Estimated In-District Student
General Information - Tuition & Fees

                                       Schedules                                                                 (Based on 16 term hours)
                                       This schedule is subject to change by the Texas Legislature and      Tuition @ $38 per hour ............................................ $ 608
                                       the San Jacinto Community College District Board of Trustees.        General Service Fee ...................................................$ 135
                                           Repeat Course Fee for Third Repeat — San Jacinto                 Lab Fee (based on two courses @ $15 per course)......$                         30
                                       College will charge a higher tuition rate to Texas resident          Books (based on five courses @ $150 per course) .......$ 750
                                       students registering for a course for the third or subsequent        Total per Term .......................................................... $ 1,523
                                       time. This charge will apply to any course that the student
                                                                                                            Out-of-District Tuition and Fees (TOD)
                                       has already attempted twice and appears on their transcript.
                                       Upon the third or subsequent enrollment, an additional tuition            Tuition             $63 per term hour
                                       of $50 per credit hour will be charged. This additional tuition
                                       charge will be assessed for students registered under Texas             OUT-OF-DISTRICT              TUITION           GEN SVC            TOTAL
                                                                                                                CREDIT HOURS                                    FEE
                                       resident tuition rates. (In-district and out-of-district tuition).
                                       See Repeated Courses and Unfunded Credit Hours within this                          1                   $ 63               $ 135            $ 198
                                       section for additional information.                                                 2                   $ 126              $ 135            $ 261
                                       In-District Tuition and Fees (TID)                                                  3                   $ 189              $ 135            $ 324
                                            Tuition        $38 per credit hour                                             4                   $ 252              $ 135            $ 387
                                                                                                                           5                   $ 315              $ 135            $ 450
                                          IN-DISTRICT       TUITION       GEN SVC FEE       TOTAL                          6                   $ 378              $ 135            $ 513
                                         CREDIT HOURS
                                                                                                                           7                   $ 441              $ 135            $ 576
                                                 1             $ 38           $ 135           $ 173                        8                   $ 504              $ 135            $ 639
                                                 2             $ 76           $ 135           $ 211                        9                   $ 567              $ 135            $ 702
                                                 3             $ 114          $ 135           $ 249                        10                  $ 630              $ 135            $ 765
                                                 4             $ 152          $ 135           $ 287                        11                  $ 693              $ 135            $ 828
                                                 5             $ 190          $ 135           $ 325                        12                  $ 756              $ 135            $ 891
                                                 6             $ 228          $ 135           $ 363                        13                  $ 819              $ 135            $ 954
                                                 7             $ 266          $ 135           $ 401                        14                  $ 882              $ 135            $ 1,017
                                                 8             $ 304          $ 135           $ 439                        15                  $ 945              $ 135            $ 1,080
                                                 9             $ 342          $ 135           $ 477                        16                  $ 1,008            $ 135            $ 1,143
                                                 10            $ 380          $ 135           $ 515                        17                  $ 1,071            $ 135            $ 1,206
                                                 11            $ 418          $ 135           $ 553                        18                  $ 1,134            $ 135            $ 1,269
                                                 12            $ 456          $ 135           $ 591                        19                  $ 1,197            $ 135            $ 1,332
                                                 13            $ 494          $ 135           $ 629                       20                   $ 1,260            $ 135            $ 1,395
                                                 14            $ 532          $ 135           $ 667
                                                                                                                In addition to tuition and fees, other fees will be charged
                                                 15            $ 570          $ 135           $ 705         for some classes.
                                                 16            $ 608          $ 135           $ 743
                                                                                                            Estimated Out-of-District Student
                                                 17            $ 646          $ 135           $ 781
                                                 18            $ 684          $ 135           $ 819
                                                                                                                 (Based on 16 term hours; non-resident of the San
                                                 19            $ 722          $ 135           $ 857              Jacinto Community College District)
                                                 20            $ 760          $ 135           $ 895         Tuition @ $63 per hour .............................................$ 1,008
                                                                                                            General Services Fee ..................................................$ 135
                                                                                                            Lab Fee (based on two courses @ $15 per course)......$ 30
                                                                                                            Books (based on five courses @ $150 per course) .......$ 750
                                           In addition to tuition and fees, other fees will be charged
                                       for some classes.                                                    Total per Term ...........................................................$ 1,923

                                                                                         Tuition and Fees
Out-of-State and Other Non-Resident                                                 Fees Per Term

                                                                                                                                                                General Information - Tuition & Fees
Tuition and Fees (TOS, TIS, TUV)
                                                                                    1. General Service Fee (GSF)—A fee of $135 is charged each
     Tuition             $113 per term hour                                            Fall, Spring or Summer term. This fee is nonrefundable
                                                                                       unless the student withdraws from all courses. The refund
                                              GEN SVC
                                                                  TOTAL                is prorated based on the published refund schedule.
  CREDIT HOURS                                  FEE
                                                                                    2. Late Registration Fee (ELR)—A nonrefundable fee of $25
             1                 $ 113              $ 135            $ 248               will be charged to any student who registers on or after the
             2                 $ 226              $ 135            $ 361               published late registration date.
             3                 $ 339              $ 135            $ 474            3. Schedule Change Fees —Schedule changes made prior to the
                                                                                       first day of class do not incur a fee. Any class changes on or
             4                 $ 452              $ 135            $ 587
                                                                                       after the first class day of the term are subject to the college
             5                 $ 565              $ 135            $ 700               refund policy which allows a maximum refund of 70 percent
             6                 $ 678              $ 135            $ 813               of tuition charges once the term or session has begun. Class
                                                                                       changes are considered processed at the time of data entry.
             7                 $ 791              $ 135            $ 926
                                                                                       The student is considered liable for the appropriate charges.
             8                 $ 904              $ 135            $ 1,039
                                                                                    4. Lab Fees—A Lab Fees chart appears later in this section.
             9                 $ 1,017            $ 135            $ 1,152             Lab fees are subject to change.
             10                $ 1,130            $ 135            $ 1,265          5. Parking Permit (DUP)—Each student will be entitled to one
             11                $ 1,243            $ 135            $ 1,378             parking permit by submitting a completed parking applica-
             12                $ 1,356            $ 135            $ 1,491             tion at the time of registration. Additional parking permits
                                                                                       may be obtained from the business office for $1 each. Lost
             13                $ 1,469            $ 135            $ 1,604             or stolen permits may be replaced at a cost of $1. A parking
             14                $ 1,582            $ 135            $ 1,717             permit must be displayed on each automobile parked on any
             15                $ 1,695            $ 135            $ 1,830             San Jacinto College campus by a student or for the benefit of
                                                                                       a student. A fine will be imposed on any student who fails to
             16                $ 1,808            $ 135            $ 1,943
                                                                                       comply with parking regulations.
             17                $ 1,921            $ 135            $ 2,056
                                                                                    6. Liability Insurance (ELI)—There is a $7 charge per term per
             18                $ 2,034            $ 135            $ 2,169             class. (Health sciences clinical courses, dietetic technician,
             19                $ 2,147            $ 135            $ 2,282             cosmetology and massage therapy lab courses.)
             20                $ 2,260             $ 135           $ 2,395          7. International Student Processing Fee (EFS)—$35. This fee is
                                                                                       assessed to students holding F-1 Visas each term of enrollment.
    In addition to tuition and fees, other fees will be charged
for some classes.                                                                   Course and/or Other Incidental Fees
                                                                                    Required for specific courses.
Estimated Out-of-State and Other
                                                                                           Air Conditioning Technology (ECA)
Non-Resident Student Expenses                                                                  HART 1356 ............................................... $50
          (Based on 16 term hour, non-Texas resident)                                      Art (EIA)
Tuition (@ $113 per hour) .........................................$ 1,808                     ARTS 2323 .............................................. $100
General Services Fee ..................................................$ 135                   ARTS 2324 .............................................. $100
Lab Fee (based on two courses (@ $15 per course) ....$ 30                                  Distance Learning Fees (EDL, EDL6, EDLH)
Books (based on five courses @ $150 per course) .......$ 750                                   Online Courses (EDL6) ............................. $30
Total per Term ...........................................................$ 2,723              Videotape Courses (EDL6) ........................ $30
                                                                                               ITV (Intra-Campus San Jac)................ no cost
Additional Expenses                                                                            ITV (San Jac to other) (EDL6) .................. $30
                                                                                               Hybrid Courses (EDLH) ........................... $15
   Students must purchase their own textbooks, workbooks                                   Emergency Medical Technology (EIC)
and supplies such as paper, pencils and computer disks. Some
courses also require that students buy special supplies.

                                       Tuition and Fees
                                                 EMSP 1260 ................................................ $60           Music (EIM)
General Information - Tuition & Fees

                                                 EMSP 2168 .............................................. $135                All private lessons ............ $100 per credit hour
                                                 Certification Cards (North and Central)                                  Nursing —AD (ENR)
                                                 EMSP 1355 ................................................ $17               RNSG 1251 ............................................... $21
                                                 EMSP 1501 ............................................. $1.00                RNSG 1343 ............................................... $22
                                                 EMSP 2330 ............................................. $2.50                RNSG 2121 ............................................... $37
                                                 EMSP 2444 ............................................. $2.50                RNSG 2201 ............................................... $21
                                             Fire Protection (ECF, EFT)                                                       RNSG 2213 ............................................... $21
                                                 Incidental Fees                                                              RNSG 2231 ............................................... $21
                                                 FIRS 1301(EFT) ..................................... $100                Nursing—ADN Mobility (ELV)
                                                 FIRS 1433 (ECF) TVFP Test Appl. .......... $35                               RNSG 1249 ............................................... $19
                                                 FIRT 2333 (ECF) ...................................... $30                   RNSG 1270 ............................................... $19
                                                 FIRS 1319 (EFT)..................................... $300                    RNSG 1417 ............................................... $19
                                             Flight Fees (EFE, EIF) — Flight courses are subject                              RNSG 2270 ............................................... $19
                                                 to regular college tuition and fees. All college                             RNSG 2271 ............................................... $35
                                                 tuition and fees must be paid at the time of                             Pharmacy Technician (EPH)
                                                 registration. Flight fee charges are subject to                              PHRA 1345 ........................................................$75
                                                 change when the current contract changes.
                                                                                                                          Physical Education
                                                 Please contact the Aeronautical Department
                                                 for the most recent flight fees. Flight loans are                            PHED 1111(Bowling) (EIB) ...................... $58
                                                 available through the Installment Payment Plan.                              PHED 1151 (Scuba) (EIS) ......................... $40
                                                 See Installment Payment Plan within this section                         Respiratory Care (ERT)
                                                 for additional information.                                                  RSPT 2130 .............................................. $125
                                             *Approved Flight Fees (EFE, EIF)                                             Surgical Technology (EST)
                                                                                                                              SRGT 1541 ................................................ $30
                                                 AIRP 1215 ...........................................$10,000
                                                                                                                          Vocational Nursing (EVN)
                                                 AIRP 1255 ............................................ $4,250
                                                                                                                              VNSG 1119 ............................................... $37
                                                 AIRP 2239.............................................$5,800
                                                 AIRP 2242............................................ $6,000     All fees are subject to change by the San Jacinto Community
                                                 AIRP 2243.............................................$4,450     College District Board of Trustees.
                                                 AIRP 2250 ..........................................$12,000
                                                 AIRP 2251 ............................................ $8,940
                                                 AIRP 2336 .............................................$7,600
                                             *Flight fees are to be applied to a particular rating.
                                                 Flight ratings are based upon proficiency and
                                                 not on a completion of a particular course.
                                                 Additional fees may be required to complete the

                                                                                           Tuition and Fees
Lab Fees

                                                                                                                                                                 General Information - Tuition & Fees
Air Conditioning               Automotive Collision           Child Development/             Computer Information            ITSY 2341 ............. $ 20
                                                                                                                             ITSY 2342 ............. $ 20
Technology (AIR)               Repair (ACR)                   Early Childhood                Technology (ITS)                ITSY 2343 ............. $ 20
HART 1401 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1303 ........... $ 24     Education (ECE)                EDTC 1341 ........... $ 20      ITSY 2359 ............. $ 20
HART 1407 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1307 ........... $ 24                                    GAME 1303 .......... $ 20
HART 1441 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1315 ........... $ 24     CDEC 1319............ $ 15     GAME 1304 .......... $ 20       Criminal Justice (CRJ)
                                                              CDEC 1323............ $ 15
HART 1442 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1323 ........... $ 24                                    GAME 1343 .......... $ 20       CJSA 2323 ............. $ 24
                                                              CDEC 1413............ $ 20
HART 1445 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1431 ........... $ 24                                    GAME 1353 .......... $ 20
                                                              CDEC 1417............ $ 20
HART 1449 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1441 ........... $ 24     CDEC 1457............ $ 6      GAME 2332 .......... $ 20       Culinary Arts (CLA)
HART 2431 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1449 ........... $ 24                                    GAME 2341 .......... $ 20       CHEF 1301............ $ 24
                                                              CDEC 1458............ $ 20
HART 2434 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1519 ........... $ 24                                    GAME 2344 .......... $ 20       CHEF 1310............ $ 24
                                                              CDEC 2407............ $ 20
HART 2436 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1555 ........... $ 24                                    GAME 2359 .......... $ 20       CHEF 1345............ $ 48
                                                              CDEC 2422............ $ 20
HART 2441 ........... $ 20     ABDR 1558 ........... $ 24                                    IMED 1341 ........... $ 20      CHEF 1401............ $ 24
                                                              CDEC 2424............ $ 20
HART 2545 ........... $ 20     ABDR 2353 ........... $ 24                                    IMED 1345 ........... $ 20      CHEF 2301............ $ 24
                               ABDR 2502 ........... $ 24     Communications                 INEW 2301 ........... $ 20      CHEF 2402............ $ 24
Applied Computer               ABDR 2541 ........... $ 24                                    INEW 2330 ........... $ 20
                                                              (COM)                                                          IFWA 2441 ............ $ 24
Electronics                    ABDR 2549 ........... $ 24                                    INEW 2332 ........... $ 20      IFWA 2446 ............ $ 24
                               ABDR 2551 ........... $ 24     COMM 1129 .......... $ 6       INEW 2334 ........... $ 20      PSTR 1301 ............ $ 24
Technology (CET)                                              COMM 1318 .......... $ 10      INEW 2340 ........... $ 20
                               Automotive                                                                                    PSTR 1306 ............ $ 24
(see Electronics Technology)                                  COMM 1319 .......... $ 10      ITCC 1401 ............ $ 20     PSTR 1342 ............ $ 24
                               Technology (AUT)               COMM 2129 .......... $ 6       ITCC 1404 ............ $ 20     PSTR 1401 ............ $ 24
Art and Visual                                                COMM 2309 .......... $ 6       ITCC 2408 ............ $ 20     PSTR 2301 ............ $ 24
                               AUMT 1305 ........... $ 24                                    ITCC 2410 ............ $ 20
Communications(FAR)            AUMT 1310 ........... $ 24     Cosmetology (CSM)              ITCC 2432 ............ $ 20
                                                                                                                             PSTR 2307 ............ $ 24
                               AUMT 1316 ........... $ 24                                                                    PSTR 2331 ............ $ 24
ARTC 1302 ............ $ 20                                                                  ITCC 2436 ............ $ 20     PSTR 2431 ............ $ 24
                               AUMT 1345 ........... $ 24     CSME 1271............ $ 12     ITCC 2440 ............ $ 20
ARTC 1317 ............ $ 20                                                                                                  RSTO 2405 ............ $ 24
                               AUMT 1407 ........... $ 24     CSME 1272............ $ 12     ITCC 2444 ............ $ 20
ARTC 1321 ............ $ 10
                               AUMT 1419 ........... $ 24     CSME 1302............ $ 12     ITMC 1343............ $ 20
ARTC 1325 ............ $ 20
                               AUMT 2311 ........... $ 24     CSME 1310............ $ 16                                     Diagnostic Medical
ARTC 1327 ............ $ 10                                                                  ITMC 2303............ $ 20
ARTC 1350 ............ $ 20    AUMT 2313 ........... $ 24     CSME 1330............ $ 37     ITMC 2337............ $ 20      Sonography (MDT)
                               AUMT 2321 ........... $ 24     CSME 1354............ $ 18     ITNW 1308 ........... $ 20
ARTC 1353 ............ $ 20                                                                                                  (see Medical Imaging
                               AUMT 2357 ........... $ 24     CSME 1355............ $ 27     ITNW 1325 ........... $ 20
ARTC 2331 ............ $ 20                                                                                                  Technology: DMSO)
                               AUMT 2371 ........... $ 24     CSME 1421............ $ 12     ITNW 1345 ........... $ 20
ARTC 2335 ............ $ 20
                               AUMT 2417 ........... $ 24     CSME 1435............ $ 8
ARTC 2341 ............ $ 20                                   CSME 1457............ $ 10
                                                                                             ITNW 1346 ........... $ 20      Diesel Technology
ARTC 2347 ............ $ 20    AUMT 2425 ........... $ 24                                    ITNW 1348 ........... $ 20
ARTS 1311 ............ $ 10    AUMT 2434 ........... $ 24     CSME 1501............ $ 18     ITNW 1353 ........... $ 20      (DSL)
                               AUMT 2455 ........... $ 48     CSME 1505............ $ 18     ITNW 1354 ........... $ 20      DEMR 1229........... $ 18
ARTS 1312 ............ $ 15                                   CSME 1520............ $ 12     ITNW 1392 ........... $ 20      DEMR 1306........... $ 18
ARTS 2313 ............ $ 20
ARTS 2314 ............ $ 20    Biology (BIO)                  CSME 1531............ $ 27     ITNW 2301 ........... $ 20      DEMR 1323........... $ 18
                                                              CSME 1534............ $ 8      ITNW 2305 ........... $ 20      DEMR 1405........... $ 18
ARTS 2316 ............ $ 10    BIOL 1406 ............. $ 15
                                                              CSME 1541............ $ 29     ITNW 2353 ........... $ 20      DEMR 1410........... $ 18
ARTS 2317 ............ $ 10    BIOL 1407 ............. $ 15
                                                              CSME 1545............ $ 10     ITNW 2354 ........... $ 20      DEMR 1421........... $ 18
ARTS 2323 ............ $ 10    BIOL 1408 ............. $ 20
                                                              CSME 1552............ $ 10     ITNW 2355 ........... $ 20      DEMR 1423........... $ 18
ARTS 2324 ............ $ 10    BIOL 1409 ............. $ 20
                                                              CSME 1553............ $ 14     ITNW 2356 ........... $ 20      DEMR 1449........... $ 18
ARTS 2326 ............ $ 20    BIOL 1411 ............. $ 15
                                                              CSME 2244............ $ 24     ITSC 1305 ............. $ 20    DEMR 2412........... $ 18
ARTS 2327 ............ $ 20    BIOL 1413 ............. $ 15
                                                              CSME 2310............ $ 24     ITSC 1307 ............. $ 20    DEMR 2334........... $ 18
ARTS 2333 ............ $ 15    BIOL 1414 ............. $ 24
                                                              CSME 2333............ $ 12     ITSC 1309 ............. $ 20    DEMR 2388........... $ 18
ARTS 2334 ............ $ 15    BIOL 2401 ............. $ 15
                                                              CSME 2337............ $ 27     ITSC 1319 ............. $ 20    DEMR 2412........... $ 18
ARTS 2341 ............ $ 20    BIOL 2402 ............. $ 15
                                                              CSME 2343............ $ 24     ITSC 1321 ............. $ 20    DEMR 2432........... $ 18
ARTS 2342 ............ $ 20    BIOL 2406 ............. $ 24
                                                              CSME 2414............ $ 8      ITSC 1325 ............. $ 20
ARTS 2346 ............ $ 20    BIOL 2416 ............. $ 24
                                                              CSME 2430............ $ 24     ITSC 1391 ............. $ 20    Drama (DRM)
ARTS 2347 ............ $ 20    BIOL 2420 ............. $ 20
                                                              CSME 2431............ $ 10     ITSC 2321 ............. $ 20
ARTS 2348 ............ $ 20    BIOL 2421 ............. $ 20                                                                  DRAM 1120 .......... $ 10
                                                              CSME 2445............ $ 8      ITSC 2335 ............. $ 20
ARTS 2349 ............ $ 20    ENVR 1401 ........... $ 24                                                                    DRAM 1342 .......... $ 20
                                                              CSME 2501............ $ 32     ITSC 2337 ............. $ 20
ARTS 2351 ............ $ 20    ENVR 1402 ........... $ 24                                                                    DRAM 2351 .......... $ 10
                                                              CSME 2515............ $ 8      ITSC 2339 ............. $ 20
ARTS 2352 ............ $ 20                                                                                                  DRAM 2366 .......... $ 24
                               Business Office                CSME 2539............ $ 37     ITSE 1307 ............. $ 20
ARTS 2356 ............ $ 20                                   CSME 2541............ $ 27     ITSE 1310 ............. $ 20
ARTS 2357 ............ $ 20    Technology (BOT)               CSME 2544............ $ 8                                      Electrical Technology
ARTS 2366 ............ $ 10                                                                  ITSE 1311 ............. $ 20
ARTS 2367 ............ $ 10    BCIS 1305 ............. $ 10                                  ITSE 1318 ............. $ 20    (ELT)
                               MRMT 1307 .......... $ 10      College Preparatory            ITSE 1331 ............. $ 20
ARTV 1301 ........... $ 20                                                                                                   ELPT 1311 ............ $ 10
ARTV 1303 ........... $ 20     POFI 1341 ............. $ 10   Mathematics (RMT)              ITSE 1345 ............. $ 20    ELPT 1345 ............ $ 24
ARTV 1341 ........... $ 20     POFI 1349 ............. $ 10                                  ITSE 1391 ............. $ 20    ELPT 1351 ............ $ 10
                               POFI 2331 ............. $ 5    MATH 0303 ........... $ 5
ARTV 1345 ........... $ 20                                    MATH 0304 ........... $ 5      ITSE 2305 ............. $ 20    ELPT 1355 ............ $ 10
ARTV 1351 ........... $ 20     POFL 2301 ............ $ 10                                   ITSE 2313 ............. $ 20    ELPT 1357 ............ $ 24
ARTV 2301 ........... $ 20     POFM 1331 ........... $ 10     College Preparatory            ITSE 2317 ............. $ 20    ELPT 1429 ............ $ 24
ARTV 2341 ........... $ 20     POFT 1127 ............ $ 6                                    ITSE 2331 ............. $ 20    ELPT 1441 ............ $ 10
IMED 1301 ............ $ 20    POFT 1328 ............ $ 10    Reading (DVR)                  ITSE 2343 ............. $ 20    ELPT 2305 ............ $ 10
IMED 1316 ............ $ 20    POFT 1329 ............ $ 10    READ 0308 ........... $ 4      ITSE 2346 ............. $ 20    ELPT 2319 ............ $ 10
IMED 2315 ............ $ 20    POFT 2301 ............ $ 10    READ 0309 ........... $ 4      ITSE 2349 ............. $ 20    ELPT 2449 ............ $ 10
IMED 2345 ............ $ 20                                                                  ITSE 2351 ............. $ 20
ITSW 1310 ............ $ 20    Chemistry (CMS)                College Preparatory            ITSE 2357 ............. $ 20
PHTC 1311............ $ 20     CHEM 1405 ........... $ 24                                    ITSW 1307 ............ $ 20
PHTC 2301............ $ 20
                                                              Writing (ENG)                  ITSW 2334 ............ $ 20
                               CHEM 1407 ........... $ 24
                               CHEM 1411 ........... $ 20     ENGL 0306 ........... $ 4      ITSW 2337 ............ $ 20
                               CHEM 1412 ........... $ 20     ENGL 0308 ........... $ 4      ITSY 1342............. $ 20
                               CHEM 2423 ........... $ 20                                    ITSY 2300............. $ 20
                               CHEM 2425 ........... $ 20                                    ITSY 2301............. $ 20
                                       Tuition and Fees
                                       Electronics Technology        Fire Protection                Massage Therapy               Non-Destructive                Respiratory Care
                                       (CET)                         Technology (FPT)               (MAS)                         Testing Technology             (RSP)
General Information - Tuition & Fees

                                       CETT 1303 ............ $ 14   FIRS 1301 ............. $ 24   MSSG 1105 ........... $ 10    (NDT)                          RSPT 1340............ $ 24
                                       CETT 1305 ............ $ 14   FIRS 1313 ............. $ 24   MSSG 1207 ........... $ 10                                   RSPT 1429............ $ 24
                                                                                                                                  METL 1313 ........... $ 24
                                       CETT 1325 ............ $ 14   FIRS 1319 ............. $ 24   MSSG 1413 ........... $ 10                                   RSPT 1431............ $ 24
                                                                                                                                  METL 1405 ........... $ 24
                                       CETT 1329 ............ $ 14   FIRS 1329 ............. $ 24   MSSG 2311 ........... $ 10                                   RSPT 2258............ $ 24
                                                                                                                                  METL 2435 ........... $ 24
                                       CETT 1345 ............ $ 14   FIRS 1407 ............. $ 24                                                                RSPT 2314............ $ 24
                                                                                                    Medical Assisting             NDTE 1301 ........... $ 24
                                       CETT 1349 ............ $ 14   FIRS 1423 ............. $ 24                                                                RSPT 2353............ $ 24
                                                                                                                                  NDTE 1410 ........... $ 24
                                       CETT 1357 ............ $ 14   FIRS 1433 ............. $ 24   (MDA)                                                        RSPT 2355............ $ 24
                                                                                                                                  NDTE 1440 ........... $ 24
                                       CETT 2449 ............ $ 24   FIRT 1303 ............. $ 24
                                                                                                    MDCA 1343........... $ 10     NDTE 1450 ........... $ 24     Restaurant
                                       CPMT 1303 ........... $ 14    FIRT 1315 ............. $ 24
                                                                                                    MDCA 1348........... $ 20     NDTE 1454 ........... $ 24
                                       CPMT 1345 ........... $ 14    FIRT 1345 ............. $ 24                                                                Management (CLA)
                                                                                                    MDCA 1417........... $ 24     NDTE 1471 ........... $ 24
                                       CPMT 1349 ........... $ 14    FIRT 1370 ............. $ 24
                                                                                                    MDCA 1421........... $ 10     NDTE 2401 ........... $ 24     CHEF 1301 ........... $ 24
                                       CPMT 2333 ........... $ 14    FIRT 2333 ............. $ 24                                 NDTE 2411 ........... $ 24     CHEF 1345 ........... $ 24
                                       CPMT 2345 ........... $ 14    FIRT 2345 ............. $ 24
                                       CPMT 2349 ........... $ 24                                   Medical Imaging               QCTC 1341 ............ $ 24    CHEF 1401 ........... $ 24
                                                                     Foreign Language                                             QCTC 1343 ............ $ 24    CHEF 2301 ........... $ 24
                                       EECT 1307 ............ $ 24                                  Technology (MDT)              QCTC 1446 ............ $ 24
                                       EECT 1340 ............ $ 24                                                                                               CHEF 2402 ........... $ 24
                                                                     (FLG)                          DMSO 1302 ........... $ 8     QCTC 1448 ............ $ 24    IFWA 2441 ............ $ 24
                                       EECT 2439 ............ $ 14
                                                                     CHIN 1411........... $     4   DMSO 1342 ........... $ 8     QCTC 2331 ............ $ 24    IFWA 2446 ............ $ 24
                                       ELMT 1305 ........... $ 24
                                       ELMT 2333 ........... $ 14    CHIN 1412........... $     4   DMSO 1355 ........... $ 8                                    PSTR 1301............ $ 24
                                                                     FREN 1411 ........... $    4   DMSO 1441 ........... $ 24    Nursing (ADN)                  PSTR 1401............ $ 24
                                       ELMT 2335 ........... $ 24
                                       ELMT 2341 ........... $ 24    FREN 1412 ........... $    4   DMSO 2342 ........... $ 8     RNSG 1140 ........... $ 12     PSTR 2331............ $ 24
                                       FCEL 1405 ............ $ 24   GERM 1411........... $     4   DMSO 2405 ........... $ 24                                   PSTR 2431............ $ 24
                                       RBTC 1355 ............ $ 24   GERM 1412........... $     4   RADR 1313 ........... $ 16    Nursing (NUR)                  RSTO 2405 ........... $ 24
                                                                     SPAN 1411 ............ $   4   RADR 1317 ........... $ 6     RNSG 1144 ........... $ 6
                                       Emergency Medical             SPAN 1412 ............ $   4   RADR 1318 ........... $ 16    RNSG 1215 ........... $ 12     Sonography (MDT)
                                                                                                    RADR 1360 ........... $ 15
                                       Technology (EMT)              Geology (GEO)                  RADR 1411 ........... $ 16    RNSG 1413 ........... $ 6      (see Medical Imaging
                                                                                                                                  RNSG 2207 ........... $ 6      Technology)
                                       EMSP 1338............ $ 24                                   RADR 2305 ........... $ 16
                                                                     GEOL 1403 ........... $ 15                                   RNSG 2231 ........... $ 6
                                       EMSP 1355............ $ 24                                   RADR 2309 ........... $ 6                                    Speech (SPC)
                                                                     GEOL 1404 ........... $ 15
                                       EMSP 1356............ $ 24                                   RADR 2360 ........... $ 15    Paralegal (LGL)
                                                                     GEOL 1405 ........... $ 15                                                                  SPCH 1145 ........... $ 4
                                       EMSP 1501............ $ 24                                   RADR 2361 ........... $ 15
                                                                     GEOL 1447 ........... $ 10                                   LGLA 1317 ........... $ 20
                                       EMSP 2243............ $ 36                                   RADR 2362 ........... $ 15
                                                                                                    RADR 2363 ........... $ 15                                   Surgical Technology
                                       EMSP 2330............ $ 24    Health Information                                           Pharmacy Technician
                                       EMSP 2338............ $ 24                                   RADR 2401 ........... $ 16                                   (SUT)
                                       EMSP 2434............ $ 24    Management (HIM)                                             (PHT)
                                       EMSP 2444............ $ 24    HITT 1341............. $ 4     Medical Laboratory                                           SRGT 1505 ........... $ 24
                                                                                                                                  PHRA 1313 ........... $ 10     SRGT 1509 ........... $ 24
                                                                     HITT 2335............. $ 4     Technology (MLT)              PHRA 1345 ........... $ 24
                                       Engineering Design            HITT 2249............. $ 4                                   PHRA 1349 ........... $ 24     Vision Care
                                                                                                    HPRS 1391 ............ $ 24
                                       Graphics (EDG)                Instrumentation                MLAB 1201 ........... $ 24                                   Technology (VCT)
                                       ARCE 1421............ $ 24                                   MLAB 1227 ........... $ 24    Physical Therapist
                                       ARCE 1452............ $ 24    Technology (INS)               MLAB 1231 ........... $ 24    Assistant (PTA)                OPTS 1315............ $ 16
                                                                                                    MLAB 1235 ........... $ 24                                   OPTS 1501............ $ 16
                                       ARTV 1402 ........... $ 24    INTC 1301............. $ 16                                  PTHA 1305 ........... $ 8      OPTS 2350............ $ 10
                                       ARTV 1440 ........... $ 24    INTC 1312............. $ 16    MLAB 1311 ........... $ 24
                                                                                                    MLAB 1415 ........... $ 24    PTHA 1413 ........... $ 6      OPTS 2431............ $ 16
                                       DFTG 1405 ........... $ 24    INTC 1315............. $ 16                                  PTHA 1431 ........... $ 24     OPTS 2441............ $ 16
                                       DFTG 1409 ........... $ 24    INTC 1322............. $ 16    MLAB 2431 ........... $ 24
                                                                                                    MLAB 2434 ........... $ 24    PTHA 2409 ........... $ 10     OPTS 2445............ $ 16
                                       DFTG 1410 ........... $ 24    INTC 1341............. $ 16                                  PTHA 2431 ........... $ 6
                                       DFTG 1413 ........... $ 24    INTC 1350............. $ 16    MLAB 2501 ........... $ 48                                   Vocational Nursing
                                                                                                    PLAB 1223 ............ $ 24   PTHA 2435 ........... $ 6
                                       DFTG 1417 ........... $ 24    INTC 1353............. $ 16
                                       DFTG 1445 ........... $ 24    INTC 1355............. $ 16                                  Physics (PHY)                  (LVN)
                                       DFTG 2402 ........... $ 24    INTC 1375............. $ 16    Mental Health                                                VNSG 1170 ........... $ 16
                                       DFTG 2406 ........... $ 24    INTC 1453............. $ 8     Services (MNH)                PHYS 1401 ............ $ 10    VNSG 1227 ........... $ 16
                                       DFTG 2407 ........... $ 24    INTC 2310............. $ 16                                  PHYS 1402 ............ $ 10
                                                                                                    PSYT 1471 ............ $ 24                                  VNSG 1320 ........... $ 4
                                       DFTG 2408 ........... $ 24    INTC 2330............. $ 16                                  PHYS 1411 ............ $ 10    VNSG 1323 ........... $ 4
                                       DFTG 2417 ........... $ 24    INTC 2333............. $ 16                                  PHYS 1412 ............ $ 10
                                       DFTG 2419 ........... $ 24
                                                                                                    Music (RCS)                   PHYS 2425 ............ $ 10    VNSG 1423 ........... $ 4
                                                                     INTC 2359............. $ 16                                                                 VNSG 2331 ........... $ 16
                                       DFTG 2421 ........... $ 24                                   MUSC 1323 ........... $ 24    PHYS 2426 ............ $ 10
                                       DFTG 2423 ........... $ 24    Interior Design (IND)          MUSC 1327 ........... $ 24                                   Welding Technology
                                       DFTG 2428 ........... $ 24                                   MUSC 1331 ........... $ 24    Process Technology
                                       DFTG 2432 ........... $ 24
                                                                     INDS 1411 ............ $ 12    MUSC 2101 ........... $ 24    (PRT)                          (WLD)
                                                                     INDS 1415 ............ $ 12
                                       DFTG 2436 ........... $ 24                                   MUSC 2427 ........... $ 24                                   WLDG 1528.......... $ 48
                                                                     INDS 1445 ............ $ 12                                  CTEC 1401 ............ $ 10
                                       DFTG 2438 ........... $ 24                                   MUSC 2447 ........... $ 24                                   WLDG 1530.......... $ 48
                                                                     INDS 1449 ............ $ 12                                  PTAC 1410 ............ $ 10
                                       DFTG 2440 ........... $ 24    INDS 2407 ............ $ 12                                                                 WLDG 1534.......... $ 48
                                       DFTG 2445 ........... $ 24                                   Music (MUS)                   PTAC 1332 ............ $ 10    WLDG 1535.......... $ 48
                                                                     INDS 2413 ............ $ 12                                  PTAC 2336 ............ $ 10
                                       DFTG 2447 ........... $ 24    INDS 2421 ............ $ 12    MUSI 1159 ............ $ 4                                   WLDG 2543.......... $ 48
                                       DFTG 2458 ........... $ 24                                                                 PTAC 2420 ............ $ 10
                                                                     INDS 2425 ............ $ 12    MUSI 1186 ............ $100                                  WLDG 2551.......... $ 48
                                                                                                                                  PTAC 2438 ............ $ 10
                                                                     INDS 2431 ............ $ 12    MUSI 1187 ............ $100                                  WLDG 2553.......... $ 48
                                                                                                                                  PTAC 2446 ............ $ 10
                                                                     INDS 2435 ............ $ 12    MUSI 1286 ............ $200                                  WLDG 2571.......... $ 48
                                                                                                                                  SCIT 1414 ............. $ 24
                                                                                                    MUSI 1287 ............ $200
                                                                                                    MUSI 1290 ............ $ 24
                                                                                                    MUSI 2186 ............ $100
                                                                                                    MUSI 2187 ............ $100
                                                                                                    MUSI 2286 ............ $200

                                                                                       Financial Aid
Methods of                                          account. These are referred to
                                                    as POP checks. The cashier will
                                                                                          7. Exemptions/Scholarships–Documen-
                                                                                             tation must be submitted in person

                                                                                                                                      General Information - Financial Aid
                                                    inquire as to whether you agree          to any campus business office, each
 THE COLLEGE ACCEPTS THE                            to have the check converted              semester, in order for your account
   FOLLOWING METHODS OF                             to an electronic payment. If             to be updated. Students are liable for
   PAYMENT:                                         you agree, the check will be             any unpaid balances.
                                                    returned to you upon comple-             San Jacinto College will not be
WEB PAYMENTS                                        tion of the cashiering transac-      responsible for multiple holds being
 1. Credit Cards – American Express,                tion along with an electronic        placed on your credit or debit card by
    Discover, MasterCard or Visa.                   agreement receipt.                   your bank or the card issuer.
 2. Debit Cards – Must have a Master-            b. Personal checks in which the
    Card or Visa affiliation.                       student is NOT an authorized         Installment
 3. WEBCheck – Must be an individual                signer on the account and the
    checking or savings account.                    authorized signer is not present     Payment Plan
                                                    will be processed as a normal
    a. Company checks may be rejected               paper check and included with        (IPP)
       after submission to the bank due             the normal deposits of the                An installment payment plan (IPP)
       to debit blocking by the company             College.                             is available at any campus business of-
       and result in a $30 return check                                                  fice and on the SOS Web based registra-
       charge.                                   c. Company checks, cashier
                                                    checks or money orders will be       tion system under the Student Account
    b. Loan checks from credit cards or             processed as a normal paper          Suite. When initiating the IPP, the
       other financial institutions will be         check and included with the          student will be required to pay 25 per-
       rejected after submission to the             normal deposits of the College.      cent of eligible tuition and fees. There
       bank and result in a $30 returned                                                 is a $25 setup fee which is prorated
       check charge.                             d. Loan checks from credit cards or     over the initial and future installments.
                                                    other financial institutions will    The IPP will have three additional 25
    c. The College assesses a $30                   be processed as a normal paper
       processing fee for each stopped-                                                  percent payments on specified dates
                                                    check and included with the          for each term. The College assesses
       payment or returned check. An                normal deposits of the College.
       individual who has had a check                                                    a fee of $25 for each late payment.
       returned must then pay the                e. The College assesses a $30           Through the Student Account Suite,
       College by cash, cashier’s check,            processing fee for each stopped-     students may establish an automatic
       money order, or credit card.                 payment or returned check.           payment from their selected method of
                                                    An individual who has had a          payment using a credit card, checking or
 4. Installment Payment Plans will                  check returned must then pay         savings account. Students who utilize
    capture the scheduled method of pay-            the College by cash, cashier’s       the IPP must follow the regulations
    ment and use that for future dated              check, money order or credit         for withdrawals and refunds. Students
    payments. The students may use the              card.                                who withdraw from or add one or more
    Student Account System to change a                                                   classes still must pay the installments
    scheduled method of payment for the       5. Cash – Legal currency of the United
                                                 States.                                 on time. The system will recalculate
    automated payment process.                                                           any changes to the future dated install-
                                              6. Third Party Payment–Payments
IN PERSON PAYMENTS AT ANY CAMPUS                                                         ments. No installment payment plan is
                                                 made by third party vendors via
BUSINESS OFFICE                                                                          available for books, supplies or cash
                                                 letters, purchase orders, or invoices
 1. Credit Cards – American Express,                                                     advances. The financial aid section
                                                 must be presented in person to
    Discover, MasterCard or Visa.                                                        describes other forms of financial as-
                                                 any campus business office, each
                                                                                         sistance. Installment plans must be paid
 2. Debit Cards – Must have a Master-            semester, in order for your account
                                                                                         in full before another installment plan
    Card or Visa affiliation.                    to be updated. Students are liable
                                                                                         can be initiated.
                                                 for any unpaid third party charges.
 3. Debit Cards – PIN Based.
                                                 Students are liable for any unpaid
 4. Checks                                       balances.
    a. Personal checks in which the
       student is an authorized signer
       on the account or if the autho-
       rized signer on the account is
       present may be converted to an
       electronic payment from the
                                      Financial Aid
                                      Credit Card                                 ditures, including reasonable attorney’s
                                                                                  fees and costs incurred, protecting the
                                                                                                                              services office on or before the 12th class
                                                                                                                              day of the Fall or Spring term or the 8th
General Information - Financial Aid

                                                                                  College’s interest, rights, and remedies    class day of the Summer session.
                                                                                  on the Installment Payment Plans or
                                      Verification –                              Financial Aid Short Term Loan or                Refunds do not include the late
                                                                                                                              registration fee or International student
                                      Authorization                               returned checks.
                                                                                                                              fees. Students who register late are not
                                          An individual who uses a credit card        Delinquent accounts sent to col-        eligible for 100 percent refunds.
                                      to pay tuition or fees authorizes the       lections may be reported to the Credit
                                                                                  Bureau.                                         Specific withdrawal dates and
                                      College to communicate with the credit
                                                                                                                              refund dates apply to each course based
                                      card issuer and/or financial institution
                                                                                      The College charges a late fee          upon start date and class length. The
                                      for the limited purpose of verifying
                                                                                  of $25 for late payment of any IPP’s        Schedule of Classes contains a table
                                      information related to use of the credit
                                                                                  or FASTL’s. The College assesses a          with details for the different course
                                      card at the College, such as verification
                                                                                  $30 processing fee for each stopped-        lengths.
                                      of account number, of a transaction, or
                                                                                  payment or returned check. Returned
                                      of a student’s signature.                                                               Refunds-New Method
                                                                                  checks include electronically converted
                                          San Jacinto College will not be         checks that have been rejected by the       or Payments to
                                      responsible for multiple holds being        College bank. An individual who has         Students
                                      placed on your credit or debit card by      had a check returned must then pay the
                                                                                                                                  Effective May 20l0, Higher One,
                                      your bank or the card issuer.               College by cash, cashier’s check, money
                                                                                                                              the technology and financial ser-
                                                                                  order or credit card.
                                                                                                                              vices company focused on the higher
                                      Delinquent                                      A student who is in default on a gov-   education market, has been selected
                                                                                                                              to electronically distribute financial
                                      Accounts                                    ernment student loan for attendance at
                                                                                  San Jacinto College may not receive an      aid refund disbursements and semester
                                          Currently enrolled students who are     official academic transcript or diploma     credit hour refunds to San Jacinto Col-
                                      delinquent in repaying a loan, are re-      unless the student has made six consecu-    lege students in a timelier manner. This
                                      sponsible for a returned check, or have     tive voluntary monthly payments on the      process does not include dual credit or
                                      failed to pay appropriately and on time     defaulted loan.                             undocumented students.
                                      any other debts to San Jacinto College
                                                                                                                                  San Jacinto College is excited to re-
                                      (not including library and traffic fines)
                                      will receive warning notices informing
                                                                                  Refund Policy                               place the use of distributing over 25,000
                                      them that they must pay their debts by          To be eligible for a refund, students   paper checks to students with Higher
                                      a certain date or be withdrawn from all     must officially withdraw from the           One’s One Disburse Refund Manage-
                                      classes. If they do not pay by the desig-   College by the deadline in the Refund       ment. San Jacinto College will now use
                                      nated date, the College may withdraw        Schedule. Students may find the specific    a more efficient, safer, and convenient
                                      them from all classes, and they may not     dates for the Refund Schedule in the        process when disbursing refunds. The
                                      be reinstated during that term.             Schedule of Classes each term. Specific     new method will also allow students to
                                                                                  provisions of the Texas Administrative      have quicker access to funds and pro-
                                          Students must pay all debts—            Code, Title 19, Part I, Chapter 21,         vide more options for disbursements of
                                      including tuition, fees, fines, returned    Subchapter A, Rule § 21.5 “Refund           Federal financial aid and college credit
                                      check penalties, College generated loans    of Tuition and Fees at Public Com-          refunds due to changes in enrollment.
                                      and restitution for loss of or damage       munity/Junior and Technical Colleges,”
                                      to college property before they may                                                         All San Jacinto College students
                                                                                  govern the refund schedule. Only the        will receive a SanJacCard in the mail
                                      re-enroll, receive a diploma, or have       Texas Legislature or the Texas Higher
                                      a request for an official transcript                                                    with instructions on how to log on to
                                                                                  Education Coordinating Board as             a secure website. The student will be
                                      honored.                                    authorized by the Legislature can alter     responsible for the card received in the
                                                                                  this schedule.                              mail as this will be their key to selecting
                                          In the event of failure to pay the
                                      Installment Payment Plan (IPP) or Fi-           The College will process refunds        their refund preference.
                                      nancial Aid Short Term Loan (FASTL)         only after completion of all other
                                      at its maturity, and if the same is                                                         Students will be asked to confirm
                                                                                  registration responsibilities.              their primary email and mailing ad-
                                      placed in the hands of an attorney or
                                      collections agency, the student shall be        The College will grant refunds for      dresses and select how they would
                                      responsible for all expenses and expen-     redetermined legal residence only if the    like to receive their refund from the
                                                                                  student presents proof to the enrollment    College. Students will be given multiple

                                                                                    Financial Aid
electronic options including direct de-      Withdrawal                                      Students who register and receive
posit to the OneAccount; an optional,                                                    financial aid, then withdraw, drop out,
                                                 Students who officially withdraw

                                                                                                                                      General Information - Financial Aid
no-minimum balance, no-monthly-fee,                                                      get expelled, or reduce their course load
                                             from one or more courses will receive
FDIC-Insured checking account pro-                                                       are subject to the Federal Repayment
                                             a percentage of the refundable tuition
vided by Higher One; or an Automated                                                     Policy. If they withdraw completely
                                             and fees they paid, depending on the
Clearing House (ACH) transfer to a                                                       within the 60 percent enrollment period,
                                             effective date of complete withdrawal,
bank account of their choice. The card                                                   they must repay a significant amount of
                                             in accordance with the state refund
also acts as a Debit MasterCard® with                                                    their financial aid back to the federal
acceptance worldwide. Students also                                                      government. Students who owe a repay-
have the capability to sign up to receive    Official Withdrawal                         ment may not register until they repay
text and/or email notifications and have                                                 any outstanding balance. San Jacinto
access to pay bills online through a             The College will not issue a re-        College may refer any repayments to the
secure website.                              fund to students who do not officially      Department of Education for collection.
                                             withdraw, nor will the College issue a
    In addition to the refund disburse-      refund to students withdrawn by their       Tuition Rebate Program
ment process, Higher One educates the        instructor(s) for excessive absences.
                                                                                              Students transferring to a Texas
campus community on the changes
                                                  Once students pay tuition and fees     senior college or university may qualify
and benefits to the new process. Higher
                                             or have financial aid applied, they are     for a $1,000 rebate if they have attempt-
One also collects and maintains student
                                             considered officially registered until      ed no more than three semester credit
bank account information in a safe and
                                             they complete the term or officially        hours above the minimum number of
protected manner. Colleges, like San
                                             withdraw. Simply not attending class        hours required for their baccalaure-
Jacinto College, can rest assure that
                                             or telling the instructor does not          ate degree. Attempted hours include
Higher One handles all customer service
                                             constitute withdrawal. Withdrawal           every course for which the student
inquires from students or administra-
                                             requests become official and effective      has registered, as of the official census
tion staff. This truly gives colleges more
                                             the date they are completed online,         date, in every term, including: college
time to get back to what is important,
                                             through the telephone voice response        preparatory courses taken for credit,
helping the student body.
                                             system or received in the enrollment        repeated courses and courses from
     Higher One is the leading company       services office, regardless of the date     which the student withdraws and all
focused on helping college business          the student last attended class and even    credit by examination, except for the
offices manage operations and provide        if the student never attended class. Stu-   first nine hours and dual credit courses.
enhanced service to students. Through        dents must submit withdrawal requests       Students initiating their undergraduate
a full array of services from refunds,       electronically or in writing on forms       education at San Jacinto College should
payments, electronic billing, payment        from the enrollment services office.        carefully follow approved degree plans
plans and more, Higher One works             A student unable to appear in person        in order to maintain eligibility for
closely with colleges and universities       may also request withdrawal in a fax or     this program. Senior universities are
to ensure students receive financial aid     letter addressed to the registrar. Letter   required to provide students with forms
refunds quickly, can pay tuition and         requests become effective the date the      and instructions for requesting the
bills online, make on-campus and com-        enrollment services office receives them,   rebate at the time the student applies
munity purchases, and learn the basics       regardless of the postmarked date or        for a baccalaureate degree.
of financial management.                     the date the student last attended class.
                                                                                             Texas Education Code §54.0065
                                             Mailed requests should include a copy
    Higher One provides its services to                                                  established this tuition rebate program
                                             of a picture ID. The College will not ac-
distinguished public and private higher                                                  for certain undergraduate students, ac-
                                             cept withdrawal requests by telephone.
education institutions throughout the                                                    cording to legislation passed in 1997 by
country that have a total enrollment             Once students have paid tuition and     the 75th Texas Legislature and amended
of more than 4 million students. More        fees, they are officially registered and    in 2003 by the 78th Texas Legislature.
information about Higher One can be          subject to regulations for withdrawal       The website
found at                       and refunds. Canceling a check will not     includes more detailed information
                                             cancel registration.                        about the tuition rebate program and
                                                                                         also includes a directory of institutional

                                      Financial Aid
                                      Excess Credit                                  Repeated                                       3. Hours from college preparatory
                                                                                                                                       courses, technical courses, workforce
                                      Hours for                                      Courses and
General Information - Financial Aid

                                                                                                                                       education courses or other courses
                                                                                                                                       that would not generate academic
                                      Undergraduate                                  Unfunded                                          credit that could be applied to a
                                      Students                                       Credit Hours                                      degree at a senior institution.
                                                                                                                                    4. Hours earned by the student at a
                                      (30-Hour Rule)                                     Students may be charged a higher
                                                                                                                                       private institution or an out-of-state
                                                                                     tuition rate, not to exceed the non-
                                          Effective May 9, 2006, college                                                               institution.
                                                                                     resident undergraduate charge, in the
                                      students who have attempted 30 or              following circumstances:                       5. Any credit hours not normally
                                      more credit hours beyond the minimum                                                             eligible for state formula funding.
                                      number of hours required for their              A. Repeated hours for attempted course.
                                                                                                                                       Texas Higher Education Coordinat-
                                      baccalaureate degree requirements at a             Credit hours for the same course (or
                                                                                                                                   ing Board Rule §13.100-13.109, effective
                                      Texas public senior college or university          a course substantially similar to an
                                                                                                                                   November 22, 2005, reflects changes
                                      may be charged additional tuition, up to           earlier course) previously attempted,
                                                                                                                                   from the 79th legislative session for
                                      the level of that institution’s out-of-state       but not completed (no grade re-
                                                                                                                                   public higher education institutions in
                                      charges.                                           ceived) for three (3) or more times at
                                                                                                                                   Texas and amendments to Texas Educa-
                                                                                         the same institution, are not eligible
                                           This rule applies to all credit hours                                                   tion Code §54.068 and §61.0595.
                                                                                         for state reimbursement. Institutions
                                      in which a student was registered as               may, with the third and subsequent
                                      of the official census day for the term            enrollments, charge an increased tu-      Campus
                                      (i.e., 67, dual credit courses, failed
                                      courses and courses from which the
                                                                                         ition rate, not to exceed that charged
                                                                                         non-resident undergraduate students
                                                                                                                                   Financial Aid
                                      student withdrew after census day).
                                      Students enrolled as undergraduates
                                                                                         to compensate for the loss of state       Services Office
                                                                                         formula funding.
                                      in the Fall term of 1999 or later could                                                          The primary purpose of the campus
                                      be affected.                                    B. Repeated hours for completed              financial aid services office is to provide
                                                                                         courses. Institutions may also charge     financial assistance in the form of
                                          A student’s credit hours received              students enrolling for the second time    grants, scholarships, loans and employ-
                                      during any term prior to the Fall 1999             in a previously completed course at       ment opportunities to qualified students
                                      term; hours earned through examina-                the same institution an increased         who, without such assistance, would be
                                      tion; hours from college preparatory,              tuition rate, not to exceed that          unable to attend college.
                                      technical courses, work force education            charged non-resident undergraduate
                                      courses or other courses that would not            students. A completed course is one            You should contact the campus finan-
                                      generate academic credit that could be             for which a grade of A, B, C, D, F        cial aid service office on the campus you
                                      applied to a degree at the institution;            or Pass/Fail was earned. This rule        will attend for assistance in completing
                                      hours earned at a private or out-of-               applies to all credit hours for classes   financial aid or scholarship applications,
                                      state institution; any hours removed               previously completed regardless of        and for answers to specific questions
                                      from admission consideration under                 whether or not the hours may or may       about the financial aid process.
                                      Academic Fresh Start (Texas Educa-                 not be submitted for formula funding      Central Campus
                                      tion Code §51.931); and any hours not              from the state.
                                      eligible for formula funding are exempt.                                                               8060 Spencer Highway
                                                                                         The following types of credit hours                 Pasadena, Texas 77505
                                      Non-resident students paying tuition at        are exempt and are not subject to these
                                      the rate provided for Texas residents are                                                              281.998.6150
                                      subject to the same limitations as hours                                                     North Campus
                                      generated by resident students.                 1. Hours earned by a student prior to
                                                                                                                                             5800 Uvalde Road
                                                                                         receiving a baccalaureate degree
                                          Texas Education Code §54.014                                                                       Houston, Texas 77049
                                                                                         that were awarded previous to the
                                      (§54.068 renumbered in 2006) as up-                                                                    281.998.6150
                                                                                         effective date of these changes.
                                      dated on July 5, 2006, reflecting changes                                                    South Campus
                                      from the 79th legislative session (House        2. Hours earned through examination
                                                                                         or similar methods without register-                13735 Beamer Road
                                      Bill 1172 and Senate Bill 1528, available
                                                                                         ing for a course.                                   Houston, Texas 77089
                                      at established
                                      this option for public senior colleges
                                      and universities.

                                                                                  Financial Aid
Financial Aid                                After all, it may be necessary to drop
                                             a class, a class may be cancelled, or
                                                                                           Students should apply for federal
Services Steps

                                                                                                                                     General Information - Financial Aid
                                             you may simply receive a scholarship      funding and follow the progress of their
    Completing the following steps           or assistance you were not anticipat-     financial aid application on the Web.
by the priority processing date will         ing. Selecting your preferred method
                                             to receive refunds from SJC ensures        1. You can follow the progress of your
increase the chance of your financial                                                      financial aid application by viewing
aid application being reviewed prior to      you will always receive your refunds
                                             in a timely manner. Once your refund          the SOS website, under the “My
the beginning of school:                                                                   SanJac” link at, for
                                             preference is selected, funds are sent
 1. Apply for admission to San Jacinto       from SJC to Higher One who then               the following actions:
    College online at        disburses them according to your           •   Check the status of your financial
    Returning students who have not          selection.                                     aid file, including documents that are
    attended San Jacinto College during      If you want the fastest access to              requested
    the past year may need to submit a       your money, simply choose to have          •   View your financial aid awards
    new application. Please keep in mind     your refunds deposited directly into
    that you must be admitted to San                                                    •   Determine if your funds have arrived
                                             your OneAccount using the Easy                 at the school
    Jacinto College prior to any financial   Refund method. Your OneAccount
    aid processing taking place.             is a fully functioning, FDIC Insured,      •   Determine if your funds were mailed
 2. Submit an official high school (or       free checking account that has no              to you
    GED) transcript to the San Jacinto       minimum balance, no monthly fees,          •   Determine if you remain eligible for
    College campus enrollment services       and free internet banking features.            future terms
    office.                                  Using the SanJac Card, you can             •   Check any updates to your financial
 3. Submit, if you are a transfer student,   access the funds in your OneAc-                aid account
    official college transcripts from each   count to make purchases anywhere
                                             Debit MasterCard® is accepted or           •  View your grades and academic
    institution attended that includes all                                                 transcript
    classes attempted and file a request     withdraw cash with no fees at Higher
                                             One ATMs located on or around              2. If you register for classes and fi-
    with the enrollment services office to
                                             campus. Selecting the Easy Refund             nancial aid is authorized on your
    have the transcripts evaluated. Stu-                                                   account, and you do not attend San
    dents who have taken classes outside     method makes refunds available the
                                             same day they are released. Higher            Jacinto College, you must contact
    the United States must have courses                                                    the enrollment services office and the
    evaluated by a foreign transcript        One will send an email to the address
                                             you entered during activation when            campus financial aid services office
    evaluation company.                                                                    before the first day of class. Failure
                                             your refund has been deposited to
 4. Register with Selective Service at       your OneAccount. You can view                 to do so could result in being billed if you are a male, age                                                     for accumulated charges.
                                             the details of your OneAccount by
    18 to 25.                                accessing your statement online            3. You will also be able to go to the
 5. Apply for financial aid by completing    at or by                   campus bookstore, during the time
    the Free Application for Federal         signing up to receive text messages           posted by the bookstore, to charge
    Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.       sent directly to your cell phone with         books and supplies to your grants Our school code is:        mobile alerts.                                and some scholarship proceeds
    003609                                                                                 within 24 to 48 hours after the grants
                                             You may also choose to have your              have been authorized to pay your
 6. San Jacinto College has partnered        refund deposited to the bank of your          tuition and fees. You will need your
    with Higher One to offer faster de-      choice. In order to do so, select ACH         student ID number and a photo ID
    livery of refunds to students. Higher    transfer (to another bank) for your re-       to charge against any available grant
    One will help bring this new method      fund preference during the activation         funds. Please check with the campus
    for receiving refunds to San Jacinto     process and complete, print, and mail         bookstores or the campus financial
    College via the SanJac Card. In order    the required third party form to the          aid services office for the dates you
    to receive a refund it’s required that   designated address. ACH Transfer to           may charge.
    you activate your refund preference      another bank makes refunds avail-
    at as soon            able in two to three business days.
    as your card arrives in the mail.
    Although you might not currently
    expect a refund from SJC, we may
    have a refund for you in the future.

                                      Financial Aid
                                      4. If you have been awarded financial        FAFSA School Code                              Eligibility
                                         aid for Fall and Spring terms and         (003609)                                           In general, to be eligible for financial
General Information - Financial Aid

                                         you decide not to register for Fall,
                                         all of your financial aid awards will         The Free Application for Federal           aid, you must:
                                         be cancelled for both Fall and Spring     Student Aid (FAFSA) determines your
                                                                                                                                   1. Be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-
                                         terms. If you decide to attend San        eligibility for aid. The FAFSA is avail-
                                         Jacinto College in the Spring term,       able online. The San Jacinto College
                                         you must immediately notify your          school code 003609 should be reported           2. Have a high school diploma, GED or
                                         campus financial aid services office      on the application, regardless of the               its recognized equivalent
                                         and inform them that you wish to be       campus you will attend. Go to: www.             3. Be enrolled in a certificate or degree
                                         considered for financial aid for the for details.                           program
                                         Spring term. There is no guarantee
                                                                                   Priority Processing                             4. Be making satisfactory academic
                                         that you will receive the same aid as
                                         originally awarded due to limited                                                            progress
                                                                                       You must apply for financial aid
                                         funding in some grant programs.                                                           5. Not be in default of a federal or state
                                                                                   each year. If you wish to receive priority
                                      5. If you have been awarded financial                                                            student loan or owing a repayment
                                                                                   consideration, you should apply as soon
                                         aid you can expect the aid to be                                                              on any federal grant
                                                                                   as the FAFSA is available, usually after
                                         posted as “authorized” aid to your        January 1. Awarding of aid is done in a         6. Meet requirements specific to the
                                         account at the time of registration.      batch process, with the student dem-               financial aid program for which you
                                         The updating occurs on a regular          onstrating the highest need within the             are applying
                                         and frequent basis. If the aid has not    batch receiving first consideration, sub-       7. Enroll for at least the minimum
                                         been authorized within 24 hours of        ject to the availability of funds. Funds
                                         registration, you should contact the                                                          number of hours required by each
                                                                                   for most financial aid programs are                 program
                                         campus financial aid service office
                                                                                   awarded on the basis of demonstrated
                                         to determine if a problem exists.
                                         Financial aid funds are officially
                                                                                   financial need (except unsubsidized            Before You Begin a
                                         applied against your account on the       Stafford and PLUS loans).                      Free Application For
                                         census date. If your fees are paid by          Awarding of aid will begin ap-            Federal Student Aid
                                         a third party, you MUST visit the         proximately the first working day of           (FAFSA)
                                         campus business office to sign the        April. Any financial aid applications
                                         paperwork to have the third party                                                            You must obtain a PIN to electroni-
                                                                                   completed after the last working day           cally sign the FAFSA. For a dependent
                                         payment applied. Once payment             of June for Fall; October for Spring;
                                         has been applied, the PAID flag is                                                       student, your parent(s) should also ap-
                                                                                   or April for Summer will not be pro-           ply for a PIN so they can electronically
                                         set on the account. The PAID flag
                                                                                   cessed prior to the start of the term.         sign the FAFSA. For those who do not
                                         prevents the purging of registration
                                         for non-payment.                          (If interested in loans, please check the      have a PIN, one can be obtained at
                                                                                   electronic loan process portion of the Please note:
                                      6. Any unused balances from your             SOS website for priority processing            any FAFSA that has not been submitted
                                         financial aid funds (grants and/or        dates.) If your application is complete        with the required signature(s) will be
                                         loans) will be paid by check made         by the last working day of March, you          rejected by the Department of Educa-
                                         payable to you. All financial aid                                                        tion and cannot be processed.
                                                                                   will be given priority processing. An
                                         checks, other than work-study, are
                                                                                   application is considered complete when
                                         mailed directly to you at the address
                                                                                   all documents needed by the campus
                                                                                                                                  Email Address
                                         listed with the enrollment services
                                                                                   financial aid services office and the              Be sure to include your new San
                                         office. After eligibility has been con-
                                                                                   enrollment services office are on file;        Jacinto College email address on the
                                         firmed, financial aid balance checks
                                                                                   and/or spouse/parents, if applicable,          FAFSA to ensure faster correspondence
                                         are mailed 30 days after the first day
                                                                                   have provided complete and correct             from the Department of Education.
                                         of classes. You may track the status
                                                                                   data; and the file has been reviewed.          Specifically, you will receive a link
                                         of your check by logging into SOS,
                                                                                                                                  where you will be able to view the analy-
                                         located under the “My SanJac” link
                                                                                       Since late applications may not be         sis of the data you submitted on your
                                         at, and viewing
                                                                                   processed before classes begin, if you         FAFSA. In addition, our office may
                                         the “Scheduled Disbursement” and
                                                                                   apply after the priority date you may still    use your email address to correspond
                                         “Account Summary by Term” sec-
                                                                                   receive aid, but you will have to pay for      with you. Please note, all students are
                                         tions. Please cash your balance check
                                                                                   your own tuition, fees, books, and supplies.   strongly encouraged to check their
                                         promptly as the college policy is to
                                                                                                                                  SJC email account at:
                                         void uncashed checks after 90 days.
                                                                                                                                  email. San Jacinto College will only
                                                                                                                                  send electronic communications to this
                                                                                                                                  email account.
                                                                                                    Financial Aid
Eligibility Date                                                 formation you and/or your parent/        5. TEXAS Grant (Toward Excellence,
(Census Date)                                                    spouse provides on the FAFSA.               Access and Success) is a need-based

                                                                                                                                                                      General Information - Financial Aid
                                                                 The formula produces an Expected            grant authorized by the State of
NOTE: If you register for a term and decide that you
do not want to attend, you must withdraw yourself from           Family Contribution (EFC) that is an        Texas. To receive consideration,
your courses before classes begin. If you do not withdraw        indication of how much your family          the EFC must not exceed $4,000.
yourself, you may receive grades of F in registered courses      is expected to financially contribute       You must be a resident of Texas and
which will impact your grade point average and incur a           toward the cost of your education.
potential liability for financial aid recipients.                                                            you must have graduated from a
                                                                 For those who qualify, the Pell Grant       Texas high school on or after May
    In general, eligibility for financial                        is intended to be the primary award         1998. In addition, you must have
aid is based upon the number of hours                            of your financial aid package and           completed the recommended or
in which you are enrolled as of the                              is the starting point for financial         advanced high school curriculum
census date. The census date is the 12th                         assistance at San Jacinto College.
                                                                                                             and it must be stamped on the high
                                                                 Pell Grants are awarded only to the
class day during the long term and the                                                                       school transcript or verified by the
                                                                 undergraduate student who has not
eighth class day during the Summer                                                                           high school in writing. Students may
                                                                 earned a bachelor’s or professional
term. If you enrolled in part-of-term                            degree from any institution. The            continue to receive the award for
class(es), eligibility will be calculated                        amount of aid is based upon the             up to 150 credit hours or six years,
and payment made after the part-of-                              number of hours enrolled and the            whichever comes first, if you stay
term class(es) begin.                                            EFC determined by government                in college and continue to meet the
                                                                 analysis of the information submitted       eligibility requirements. You must
    If you partially or completely with-
                                                                 by the family on the FAFSA.                 enroll at least three-quarter time
draw, and the withdrawal date is prior to
                                                              2. Federal Supplemental Educational            (nine term hours) within 16 months of
the census date, eligibility for aid will be
                                                                 Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is                high school graduation and you must
recalculated or, if applicable, rescinded.
                                                                 limited by the availability of funds        not have been convicted of a crime
Major Sources of                                                 and is only awarded to those with           involving a controlled substance.
Financial Aid                                                    exceptional financial need. Priority     6. Texas Educational Opportunity
                                                                 will be given to Federal Pell Grant         Grant is also a need-based grant
     For additional information about
                                                                 recipients.                                 authorized by the State of Texas.
federal financial aid programs, including
                                                              3. The Academic Competitiveness                To receive consideration, you must
eligibility guidelines, you are encouraged
                                                                 Grant (ACG) requires graduation             be a Texas resident, be enrolled at
to read “Funding Education Beyond
                                                                 from a rigorous secondary school            least half-time (six term hours) in a
High School: The Student Guide,” which
                                                                 program. The maximum first year             certificate or associate degree plan at
is published by the U.S. Department
                                                                 award is $750. Students must be             a two-year institution, demonstrate
of Education and is available from the
                                                                 U.S. citizens, Pell Grant eligible,         financial need with an EFC of $2,000
campus financial aid services office. By
                                                                 and enrolled full-time. Addition-           or less (as determined by a standard
visiting the Texas Higher Education Board
                                                                 ally, students must work towards an         need-analysis process), not have been
website at, you
                                                                 associate degree. For a second year         convicted of a felony or crime involv-
will find valuable information about many
                                                                 renewal, students must complete 24          ing a controlled substance, not have
forms of state assistance that are available
                                                                 credit hours, maintain a 3.0 Grade          an associate degree or baccalaureate
to qualified students.
                                                                 Point Average (GPA), and demon-             degree and not be eligible for a Texas
                                                                 strate need.                                Grant.
Types of                                                      4. Texas Public Education Grant            NOTE: Students who are transferring to San Jacinto Col-

Financial Aid                                                    (TPEG) is authorized by the State of
                                                                                                         lege and are eligible to receive a Renewal TEXAS Grant
                                                                                                         or Renewal Texas Educational Opportunity Grant must
                                                                 Texas from tuition revenues gener-      notify the campus campus financial aid services office by
Programs                                                         ated by San Jacinto College. TPEG       October 1 for the Fall and by February 1 for the Spring
                                                                                                         or eligibility to receive consideration will be forfeited.
Grants                                                           is available to those who demonstrate
(Aid that does not have                                          financial need. The amount of the
                                                                 award varies, depending upon resi-
to be repaid)
                                                                 dency, the number of hours enrolled
 1. Federal Pell Grants are available                            and the availability of funds.
    to you if you demonstrate financial
    need within the established federal
    guidelines. To determine need, the
    U.S. Department of Education uses
    a standard formula, established
    by Congress, to evaluate the in-
                                      Financial Aid
                                      NOTICE: FUNDING FOR ALL GRANT FUNDS,          1. The Federal Stafford Student Loan         is available. Deadline dates vary. For
                                      EXCEPT PELL GRANT, IS LIMITED AND NOT ALL        (subsidized) is a low-interest, long-     additional information, students are
                                      STUDENTS WHO QUALIFY WILL RECEIVE A GRANT.
General Information - Financial Aid

                                                                                       term loan available if you demon-         encouraged to contact the campus
                                      Loans                                            strate financial need. Students are not   financial aid services office well in
                                      (Aid That Must Be                                charged interest before repayment         advance of these dates.
                                                                                       begins or during authorized periods
                                      Repaid)                                                                                    Employment
                                                                                       of deferment. The federal govern-
                                          Due to new Federal guidelines, San           ment “subsidizes” the interest during     (Aid That Must Be
                                      Jacinto College has implemented the              these periods while students are          Earned)
                                      William D. Ford Direct Loan Program.             enrolled at least half-time (six term
                                      Up to this point, San Jacinto College                                                       1. You must inform the College that
                                      has been participating in the Federal                                                          you want to participate in the Federal
                                      Family Education Loan (FFEL) Pro-             2. The Federal Stafford Student Loan             Work Study (FWS) program.
                                      gram in which students or parents chose          (unsubsidized), which is not awarded
                                                                                                                                  2. Federal Work Study (FWS) is a
                                      a lender to fund their Stafford or PLUS          on the basis of demonstrated fi-
                                                                                                                                     federal work program that provides
                                      Loans. Beginning with the Summer                 nancial need, is available to an
                                                                                                                                     part-time on-campus employment
                                      2010 term, the Direct Lending program            independent student or a qualified
                                                                                                                                     to you if you demonstrate financial
                                      allows students or parents to borrow             dependent student, who needs ad-
                                                                                                                                     need. You will earn at least minimum
                                      loan funds directly from the Federal             ditional assistance. You will be
                                                                                                                                     wage, (many jobs pay more) and
                                      Government.                                      charged interest from the time the
                                                                                                                                     may work up to 19.5 hours per week.
                                                                                       loan is disbursed until it is paid in
                                          Direct Lending provides two types                                                          Information regarding employment
                                                                                       full. If you allow the interest to ac-
                                      of education loans that are used by                                                            opportunities for Federal Work
                                                                                       cumulate while in school or during
                                      many San Jacinto College students                                                              Study can be obtained at each cam-
                                                                                       periods of nonpayment, it will be
                                      and parents. The Federal Stafford                                                              pus career and employment center. It
                                      Loan is available to students, while the         capitalized—that is, the interest will
                                                                                                                                     is important to remember, an offer of
                                      Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate            be added to the principal amount of
                                                                                                                                     FWS does not guarantee a job or job
                                      Students (PLUS) is available to parents          the loan and additional interest will
                                      of undergraduate students. Both loans            be based upon the higher amount.
                                                                                                                                  3. Part-time employment is available
                                      require that students enroll in a degree      3. Federal Parent Loans to Under-
                                                                                                                                     through various departments and/
                                      program at the half-time level or above.         graduate Students (PLUS) are avail-
                                                                                                                                     or the career and employment center.
                                                                                       able to parents, not to exceed the cost
                                          In the FFEL program, you signed a                                                          Students should contact the appro-
                                                                                       of attendance, minus any financial
                                      Master Promissory Note (MPN) with                                                              priate campus office for additional
                                      your lender promising to repay the loan          aid awarded to you. These loans
                                      you borrowed from them. The William              have a higher interest rate and the
                                      D. Ford Direct Loan program will                 borrower is responsible for paying all
                                                                                       the interest that accrues. Dependent
                                      now serve as your lender and servicer
                                      for the life of your loan. All students          students whose parents have been          Requirements
                                      will have to sign a new MPN with the             denied a PLUS Loan may qualify for
                                      federal government if they plan to bor-          up to $4,000 in unsubsidized Federal      for Receiving
                                      row additional loan funds Summer 2010
                                      and later. Students that have previously
                                                                                       Stafford Loan funds.
                                                                                                                                 Financial Aid
                                                                                   Scholarships                                      The Higher Education Act of 1965
                                      borrowed Stafford or PLUS loans under
                                      the FFEL program will graduate owing         (Aid That Does Not                            (as amended) and the Texas Higher
                                      loan amounts to two different entities.      Have To Be Repaid)                            Education Coordinating Board man-
                                                                                       A variety of scholarships, many           date institutions of higher education to
                                          To sign your new MPN for the Wil-                                                      establish a standard of satisfactory aca-
                                      liam D. Ford Direct Loan Program, log        funded through The San Jacinto Col-
                                                                                   lege Foundation, are available from           demic progress for a student to receive
                                      onto You will need                                                     financial aid. This standard must apply
                                      your Department of Education PIN             both institutional and private sources.
                                                                                   Scholarship selection criteria may be         to a student’s entire academic history,
                                      (the same PIN used for the FAFSA) to
                                                                                   based on demonstrated need, academic          whether financial aid was received or
                                      e-sign your electronic MPN. You will
                                                                                   merit, or other specific qualifications,      not. In order to remain eligible to
                                      also need your social security number,
                                      date of birth, driver’s license number,      depending on the funding source.              receive aid at San Jacinto College a
                                      and two personal references (full name,      The funding source also determines            student must meet these standards, as
                                      address, and telephone numbers) to           the amount of the scholarship award.          approved by the San Jacinto Commu-
                                      complete your MPN.                           Throughout the year an online SJC             nity College District Board of Trustees.
                                                                                   Foundation scholarship application
                                                                                        Financial Aid
Satisfactory Academic                         1. Academic Standards and Rate of               attended a school outside the United
Financial Aid                                    Completion                                   States must also have the transcript(s)

                                                                                                                                          General Information - Financial Aid
Components                                           The SJC campus financial aid             evaluated by the office of enrollment
                                                services office will determine whether        services, at his/her own expense, on
    San Jacinto College requirements                                                          a course-by-course basis by a foreign
for receiving financial aid include the         or not you have successfully completed
                                                                                              transcript evaluation company.
following components:                           at least the minimum expected percent-
                                                age (75 percent) of hours attempted at        Concurrent Enrollment
 1. Grade Point Average (GPA) Compo-            San Jacinto College with at least the
    nent                                                                                          Federal regulations prohibit a stu-
                                                minimum required GPA (2.0). Grades of
                                                                                              dent from receiving financial aid funds
        San Jacinto College uses the 4.0        A through D will be considered as term
                                                                                              under Title IV programs while enrolled
   grade point average system and numeri-       hours successfully completed.
                                                                                              at more than one college or institution
   cal code:                                        Audited courses, credit earned            at the same time. A San Jacinto College
 4.0 = A 3.0 = B 2.0 = C 1.0 = D 0.0 = F        by placement tests, or programs not           student who registers concurrently
                                                approved by the U.S. Department of            at another school and receives Title
       A student is expected to maintain a      Education are not eligible for federal        IV aid at both schools must officially
   minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 based          financial aid funding.                        withdraw from one of the schools so his/
   upon the aggregate number of hours         2. Time Frame Component                         her financial aid can be processed at the
   attempted at San Jacinto College.                                                          appropriate school. If the student does
                                                     During each review, the financial        not officially withdraw, all San Jacinto
 2. Rate of Completion Component                aid services office staff will determine      College financial aid will be rescinded,
       A student is expected to complete        the aggregate number of hours a student       and the student will be accountable for
   a minimum of 75 percent of all hours         has attempted. Courses for which a            reimbursement of these funds to the
   attempted at San Jacinto College.            student has received an incomplete, from      College.
 3. Time Frame Component                        which he/she has withdrawn, which have
                                                been repeated and which are defined           Warning
        A student receiving financial aid       as College Preparatory classes will be            A student who has not met the
   funds will be expected to complete his/      counted in the aggregate. Once a student      Standards of Academic Progress,
   her San Jacinto College educational          has attempted 90 hours, the student is        except for Time Frame Component,
   objective or course of study within the      ineligible to receive further consideration   will be placed on financial aid warning.
   first 90 hours attempted, including          for financial aid. During the last term in    A student, if otherwise eligible, may
   college preparatory and transfer hours.      which the student will reach the 90-hour      receive consideration for financial aid
    Grades of F, I, W and N, repeated           limit, the student may receive aid for        during the warning term.
courses, and college preparatory cours-         the number of hours for which he/she
es are counted in the aggregate total           is enrolled.
number of hours attempted. However,                                                               Except for Time Frame Component,
for repeated courses, only the higher        Transfer Students                                a student who is on financial aid warning
grade is used in computing the cumula-           Under the San Jacinto College                and does not bring himself/herself into
tive grade point average.                    Academic Requirements for Receiving              compliance with the requirements will
                                             Financial Aid, transfer hours must               be placed on financial aid probation.
Review Procedure                             be taken into account in determining             By the end of the probationary term,
    Satisfactory academic progress will      whether or not a student is in compli-           the student is expected to be in full
be measured at the end of each term for      ance with the Time Frame Component.              compliance with the San Jacinto College
all students who are enrolled in credit      Transfer hours are not used in the               Academic Requirements for Receiving
classes, not just students who apply for     computation of GPA or rate of comple-            Financial Aid.
financial aid. All students are expected     tion components. A transfer student
to be in compliance with the Academic        must have a transcript from each
Requirements for Receiving Financial         college/university attended, including
Aid at the time they receive aid.            foreign schools, on file in the office of
                                             enrollment services and must have the
                                             transcript(s) evaluated by the enroll-
                                             ment services office. A student who has

                                      Financial Aid
                                      Suspension                                   Transfer Monitoring                          or unofficially, from class(es) prior to
                                                                                   Students                                     completing more than 60 percent of
                                          A student who fails to meet the
General Information - Financial Aid

                                                                                                                                the term and parts of term in which the
                                      standards of academic progress by the             Transfer Monitoring (TM) is the         student enrolled.
                                      end of the term of probation or who has      process by which schools must verify
                                      reached the 90-term hour Time Frame          with the Department of Education                 The federal funds that are subject
                                      Component limit, will be placed on           through the National Student Loans           to “Return to Title IV (R2T4)” are
                                      financial aid suspension and is ineligible   Database System (NSLDS) your eligi-          the Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental
                                      to receive further consideration for         bility for financial aid if you begin your   Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG),
                                      financial aid.                               study mid-year or the summer at San          Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford
                                                                                   Jacinto College. Per regulation, during      Loans, Parent Loans for Undergradu-
                                      Regaining Eligibility                        the seven-day period after your name         ate Students (PLUS), and Academic
                                          Except for the Time Frame Compo-         is added to the NSLDS TM list, the           Competitiveness Grant (AIG).
                                      nent, a student who has been suspended       College may not authorize or disburse
                                      may regain eligibility for financial aid     Title IV aid to your account. It may         Additional Restrictions
                                      by:                                          take longer than seven days if, through      for Stafford and PLUS
                                                                                   NSLDS, any issues are identified that        Loans
                                       1. Enrolling at his/her own expense         need to be resolved. During the seven
                                          and bringing himself/herself into                                                         Subsidized and Unsubsidized Staf-
                                                                                   day NSLDS review, financial aid funds
                                          compliance with the requirements                                                      ford Loans and Parent Loans for
                                                                                   are not available to you and funds will
                                          (the student must notify the campus                                                   Undergraduate Students (PLUS) have
                                                                                   not show on your financial aid file, even
                                          financial aid services office after                                                   additional restrictions. Students and
                                                                                   if previously offered. You may deter-
                                          exercising this option)                                                               parents may owe the College the full
                                                                                   mine when your file was put on TM hold
                                                                                                                                loan amount for loans certified by San
                                       2. Filing an appeal with the campus         and when it will go off hold by accessing
                                                                                                                                Jacinto College after the mid point of
                                          financial aid services office within     your account at
                                                                                                                                the student’s payment period or the
                                          15 calendar days (excluding campus
                                                                                      You may take the following steps to       full amounts of second or subsequent
                                          holidays) from the date of the suspen-
                                                                                   check on your status:                        loans disbursed, in addition to any
                                          sion letter
                                                                                                                                indebtedness created by the return
                                          The appeal must be in writing and         1. SOS-My Online Lifeline                   calculation, should the student officially
                                      supporting documentation regarding            2. My Registration, Financial Aid &         or unofficially withdraw.
                                      special circumstances must be provided.          Student Record
                                      Appeals are considered for extenuating                                                    Official Withdrawals
                                      circumstances such as injury, illness         3. My Student Record
                                                                                                                                    Official withdrawal occurs when
                                      and death in the immediate family or          4. View Holds
                                                                                                                                the student completes the withdrawal
                                      undue hardship. A student must provide          Any aid awarded to a student              process over the Web, or through the en-
                                      sufficient supporting information            whose record goes on TM hold will            rollment services office. The student is
                                      to explain his/her reason for lack of        be automatically reinstated after the        considered to have officially withdrawn
                                      progress. A student who has not met          seven day period, unless there is an         from San Jacinto College when all
                                      the maximum Time Frame Component             unresolved issue.                            courses are dropped at the same time.
                                      must file an appeal to be able to receive                                                 After the student is completely, officially
                                      consideration for financial aid.             Withdrawals, Grades                          withdrawn, the campus financial aid
                                           If an appeal is approved, the student
                                                                                   and the Return of Title                      services office calculates the amount
                                      is placed on financial aid probation and     IV Funds                                     of aid earned by the student for the
                                      required to meet the conditions stated           Students receiving federal monies to     payment period and the amount of un-
                                      on the approval letter without exception.    fund their college education are subject     earned aid and notifies the student at the
                                      If a student does not meet the conditions    to the federal regulations requiring the     address on file in the enrollment services
                                      of the appeal, the student will be placed    student (and parent in the case of a         office of any indebtedness created by the
                                      on financial aid suspension.                 PLUS Loan) and/or institution to repay       complete official withdrawal.
                                                                                   any unearned portion of the federal
                                          If an appeal is denied, the student                                                   Unofficial Withdrawals
                                                                                   funds awarded, credited or disbursed on
                                      may file a written request to meet with                                                       The federal regulations consider
                                                                                   behalf of the student (and parent) if the
                                      the Appeal Committee, which responds                                                      any student who fails to successfully
                                                                                   student completely withdraws, officially
                                      to all appeals in writing.                                                                complete any course during the term
                                                                                                                                to have unofficially withdrawn. After

                                                                                                      Financial Aid
grades are posted at the end of the
term, financial aid services completes
                                                               Veterans                                     2. Take their NOBE to the college VA
                                                                                                               counselor and complete VA form

                                                                                                                                                         General Information - Financial Aid
the return calculation for any Title IV                                                                        22-1990.
financial aid recipient who fails, dur-                            Virtually all academic, vocational         Reservists filing under the Mont-
ing the term enrolled, to successfully                         and technical courses leading to a degree   gomery G.I. Chapter 1607 should:
complete at least one course. Since San                        at San Jacinto College are approved for
Jacinto College is not required to take                                                                     1. Take the member 4 copy of their
                                                               veterans training.
attendance and there is no official                                                                            DD214 (from being called up to active
withdrawal date, the mid point of the                              Students who expect to receive vet-         duty) to the VA certifying official on
student’s enrollment must be used                              erans’ benefits while attending school          their campus.
as the effective date of the complete                          should contact the San Jacinto College       2. Complete the VA Form 22-1990 (Ap-
withdrawal. Notification is sent to the                        campus financial aid services office on         plication for Educational Benefits).
student at the address on file in the                          the campus they will attend. For more
enrollment services office.                                    information visit        Class Attendance
                                                                                                               The VA requires class attendance for
                                                                   Disabled veterans who plan to
Debts to the                                                   attend school under the VA Vocational
                                                                                                           students to be eligible for VA benefits;
                                                                                                           however, only the last day of attendance is
Department of                                                  Rehabilitation program should contact       reported. An eligible person will be paid
                                                               the counseling and training office at
Education                                                      the VA Regional Office in Houston at
                                                                                                           only to the last day of class attendance
                                                                                                           when he/she withdraws from school or is
    If the student owes the Department                         713.383.1985.                               withdrawn for non-attendance.
of Education, the eligibility to receive                           Dependents of deceased or disabled
federal aid at any school will be lost                         veterans whose death or disability is       Course Withdrawal
until the debt is repaid or acceptable                         service-connected may be eligible to            The VA does not allow automatic
repayment arrangements are made                                receive VA benefits. For information,       payment of benefits for a grade of W
with the National Payment Center of                            call the San Jacinto College financial      or I. Students who drop courses after
the Department of Education. San                               aid services office.                        the period designated for class changes
Jacinto College will assign any debt due                                                                   may have to pay back money received
to the Department of Education to its                          Steps in Applying for                       for such courses.
overpayment collection process.                                Veterans Benefits                               The VA will allow payment only in
Debts to San Jacinto                                               Veterans who have previously used       cases of mitigating circumstances and
                                                               educational benefits should complete        students will be required to explain in
                                                               only VA form 22-1995 (Change of Pro-        writing to the VA the reason for their
    Funds owed to San Jacinto College                          gram or Place of Training), and contact     withdrawal from courses. There is a
are subject to San Jacinto College collec-                     a campus veterans’ affairs certifying       one-time exclusion for dropping up to
tion procedures. Federal regulations are                       official.                                   six credit hours.
subject to change without notice.
                                                                   Veterans filing under the Montgom-          The student is responsible for with-
NOTE: Once tuition and fees are paid or financial aid is
                                                               ery GI Bill, Chapter 30 or 33 should:       drawing from an academic course
applied, you are considered officially registered until you                                                by going to the “My SanJac” link at
complete the term or officially withdraw. Students who
have never attended class(es) are not eligible for financial    1. Take the original or a certified copy and notifying their
aid funds. Students must submit withdrawal requests                of their DD-214 to the college VA       VA representative. If students need to
electronically or in writing on forms from the enrollment          counselor.                              drop a college preparatory course, a
services office. See Official Withdrawal discussed in the                                                  counselor’s approval must be obtained.
San Jacinto Community College District Catalog.You are          2. Complete the VA form 22-1990 (Ap-       Students needing further assistance may
urged to take class enrollment and attendance seriously.           plication for Educational Benefits).
Consider the amount of time required to successfully                                                       contact the enrollment services office on
complete a class and plan the number of hours in which            Applicants filing under the Mont-        their campus.
you enroll. If need be, officially withdraw; simply not at-    gomery GI Bill, Chapter 1606 (for active
tending class or telling the instructor does not constitute
                                                               duty guardsmen and reservists) should:      Excessive Absences
                                                                                                               Students receiving veterans benefits
                                                                1. Obtain a Notice of Basic Eligibility
                                                                                                           should not stop attending classes with-
                                                                   (NOBE) form from their unit (DD
                                                                                                           out properly withdrawing from school;
                                                                   form 2384).
                                                                                                           they should formally withdraw online
                                                                                                           or in person through the enrollment
                                                                                                           services office.

                                      Financial Aid
                                      Repeating Courses                           will be suspended if the student’s insti-        The Hazelwood Act also allows
                                                                                  tutional GPA does not meet or exceed         veterans to use other federal aid in
                                          No student may retake a course for
General Information - Financial Aid

                                                                                  a 2.0. Students may then submit to the       conjunction with Hazelwood benefits.
                                      VA benefits in which a passing grade                                                     An eligible person is limited to a maxi-
                                      or a temporary grade of “I” has been        VA a written statement of mitigating
                                                                                                                               mum of 150 credit hours attempted.
                                      awarded. The student is responsible         circumstances request resumption of          Students who are in default on an edu-
                                      for knowing which courses have been         VA benefits.                                 cational loan are not eligible to receive
                                      completed. The college will imme-                                                        Hazelwood benefits. To comply with
                                                                                      Any student on continued probation
                                      diately notify the VA of any course                                                      the requirements of the State Auditor’s
                                                                                  may be certified for VA benefits for two
                                      duplications and appropriate changes                                                     Department, during or before registra-
                                      will be made when a student has taken       terms. However, after two terms on           tion, veterans or qualifying dependents
                                      an unapproved course.                       continued probation, VA benefits will be     must present six documents for the files
                                                                                  suspended if the student’s GPA does not      at San Jacinto College:
                                      Program Requirements                        reach 2.0. Students may then submit to
                                                                                  the VA a written statement of mitigating      1. The member 4 copy of DD-214
                                          VA regulations require that persons                                                      (separation papers)
                                                                                  circumstances and request resumption
                                      who have declared an objective take                                                       2. A letter from the Department of
                                                                                  of VA benefits.
                                      courses leading toward that objective.                                                       Veterans Affairs in Muskogee, Okla.,
                                      Any deviation from the approved pro-            A vocational nursing (VN) student            certifying that the veteran is not
                                      gram cannot be certified for VA benefits.   who fails to earn at least a grade of C in       eligible to receive benefits under the
                                      Students should request a change of         each course of the first 462 clock hours         Montgomery GI Bill
                                      program before enrolling for courses        shall be suspended from the program           3. A completed formal application for
                                      outside the approved program. Electives     and VA benefits. Similarly, a student            Hazelwood Act benefits (Applica-
                                      not suggested in the Catalog should be      who fails to earn at least a grade of C          tions are furnished by the college.)
                                      approved by the veteran’s counselor.        in each course of the succeeding 512          4. A Hazelwood transcript from all
                                                                                  clock hours shall be suspended from              schools attended since Fall 1995,
                                      Tutoring                                    the program and VA benefits.                     showing credit hours attempted
                                          All students (veterans, wives,                                                           under the Hazelwood Act
                                                                                      An emergency medical technology
                                      widows, and children of disabled or                                                       6. Veterans eligible for VA Education
                                                                                  (EMT) student who has not accumu-
                                      deceased veterans) who receive educa-                                                        5Benefits must provide a copy of
                                                                                  lated a grade point average of 2.0 at the
                                      tional allowances are eligible for tuto-                                                     their award letter if applying for the
                                                                                  end of 148 clock hours will be suspended
                                      rial assistance. Students needing extra                                                      Hazelwood exemption.
                                                                                  from the program and VA benefits.
                                      tutoring should contact their campus                                                      6. Qualifying dependents must submit
                                                                                  Similarly, a student who fails to earn
                                      financial aid services office to process                                                     Form DD 1300.
                                                                                  at least a grade of C in each course of
                                      the certification papers. A student must                                                 Note: Veterans may use the Hazelwood Exemption in
                                                                                  the succeeding 454 clock hours shall be
                                      be enrolled at least half time.                                                          conjunction with the Pell Grant if eligible. However,
                                                                                  suspended from the program and VA            compliance with the “default loan” clause will be verified
                                                                                  benefits.                                    by the school.
                                      VA Academic Standards
                                      of Progress                                 Students Enrolling Under                         Unless all of these documents have
                                                                                                                               been approved by the College at the
                                          The Department of Veterans Affairs      the Hazelwood Act                            time of registration, a veteran is not
                                      requires that a student make satisfac-          An act of the Texas Legislature          eligible to receive benefits under this
                                      tory academic progress to be eligible       known as the Hazelwood Act pro-              act. Qualifying dependents must follow
                                      for VA educational benefits.                vides that all veterans who were Texas       the same procedures that a qualifying
                                                                                  residents when entering service, and         veteran would follow.
                                         Also, VA students on academic
                                                                                  who were honorably discharged or
                                      suspension will be reported to the De-      discharged under honorable conditions
                                      partment of Veterans Affairs and will       from the armed forces of the United
                                      not be eligible for educational benefit     States after serving on active duty
                                      payments until approved by the VA.          (excluding training time) for more than
                                                                                  181 days, are exempt from paying tuition
                                          All students receiving VA educa-        and certain fees.
                                      tional benefits are subject to the aca-
                                      demic conditions under the Academic
                                      Warning Table found in the catalog. The
                                      exception to this table: For any student
                                      on continued probation, VA benefits

                    Student Responsibility and Rights
Student                                       her own. This applies to examination
                                              of whatever length, as well as to final
                                                                                           the instructor judges it appropriate to
                                                                                           recommend suspending the student
Rights and                                    examinations, daily written reports,         from the college, the report will include

                                                                                                                                        Responsibility and Rights
                                              and term themes.                             that recommendation.

                                                                                                                                         General Information - Student
                                              Plagiarism                                       The student has the privilege of
Honesty Statement                                 Offering the work of another as one’s    making a written declaration on his
    As a student at San Jacinto Col-          own without proper acknowledgment is         or her own behalf. Copies of this
lege, you are expected to exhibit hon-        plagiarism. Therefore, any student who       declaration, which are not construed
esty, integrity and high standards            fails to give appropriate credit for ideas   as an appeal, but for information only,
in your academic work. Members                or material he/she takes from another,       will be filed with the vice-president of
of the College community benefit              whether a fellow student or a resource       instruction. The student may file an
from an open, honest educational              writer, is guilty of plagiarism.             appeal of the decision of the instructor
environment. We are all responsible                                                        to the college president. (See the Policy
to encourage and promote academic             Responding to Violations                     Manual and the Student Handbook.)
integrity, a code of moral and artistic           The instructor has responsibility
honesty. Students should refer to                                                          Official Communications
                                              for initiating disciplinary action in re-
the Student Handbook for policies             sponse to violations of the rules against        At times, the College may need
and procedures on cheating and                                                             to request a student to report to an
plagiarism.                                                                                administrative or faculty office for a
                                              Penalties                                    conference. This request may be in
Cheating and
                                                  If, in the judgment of the instructor,   person, by letter, email or by telephone.
Plagiarism                                                                                 Students who fail to comply with such a
                                              cheating or plagiarism has occurred,
    The following policies and proce-         he or she may assess an appropriate          request may be subject to disciplinary
dures concerning cheating and pla-            penalty: an “F” on the assignment, an        action.
giarism are printed in this form for          “F” in the course, and/or a recommen-
the information of all students. The                                                           The College considers communica-
                                              dation that the student be suspended
gaining of knowledge and the practice                                                      tions to the entire student body properly
                                              from the college. The instructor will
of honesty go hand-in-hand. The impor-                                                     delivered through San Jacinto College
                                              notify the student of his or her decision
tance of knowledge, properly gained, is                                                    E-Com (email, text message, voicemail,
                                              concerning the student’s grade and
emphasized by the grading system. The                                                      etc.) and/or posted on the official San
                                              whether or not further disciplinary
importance of honesty, fully practiced,                                                    Jacinto College website, Blackboard,
                                              action is recommended before filing the
is emphasized by rules against cheating                                                    campus bulletin boards, or published
                                              report as indicated below. Should the
and plagiarism.                                                                            in the Catalog, Student Handbook, cur-
                                              instructor recommend suspension of the
                                                                                           rent Schedule of Classes, or the school
                                              student, the vice president of instruction
    Any act of cheating or plagiarism                                                      newspaper as official notifications.
                                              has the responsibility and authority to
in any degree subjects a student to
                                              determine whether the student will be        Student ID Cards
disciplinary procedures listed below.
                                              suspended. The instructor should also
                                              communicate with his or her depart-              All students enrolled in degree and
                                              ment chairman and dean regarding any         certificate programs must obtain and
    The College defines cheating as                                                        carry the San Jacinto College identifica-
                                              violation of college policy regarding
dishonesty of any kind on examinations                                                     tion card. The San Jacinto College I.D.
                                              student honesty. The student may ap-
and written assignments; illegal posses-                                                   card is primarily used for identification,
                                              peal both the decision of the instructor
sion of examinations; possessing crib                                                      for using College services, and to access
                                              and the vice president of instruction to
notes during an examination, whether                                                       extracurricular activities including
                                              the college president who initiates the
used or not; illegally obtaining informa-                                                  special events, intramural sports, and
                                              formal appeals process.
tion during an examination from the                                                        athletic events. The San Jacinto College
examination paper or from another             Reporting Cheating and Plagiarism            I.D. card may be obtained in the library
student; assisting others to cheat; altera-                                                on each campus.
                                                  The instructor prepares a report
tion of grade records and illegal entry or
                                              for the vice president of instruction
presence in any office are instances of
                                              and the dean; the report indicates the
cheating. Complete honesty is required
                                              nature of the cheating incident and
of the student in the presentation of any
                                              the student’s grade in the course. If
and all phases of course work as his/

                                 Student Responsibility and Rights
                                 Student Email Account                         Student Absences for                          Jacinto College is completed in accor-
                                                                               Religious Holy Days                           dance with an approved and properly
                                     Email service is provided to all
                                                                                                                             executed transfer plan.
Responsibility and Rights

                                 San Jacinto College students. This                In accordance with Senate Bill 738,
 General Information - Student

                                 account will be used by the college as        a student who is absent from classes           1. Transferability means the acceptance
                                 the primary email account for student         to observe a religious holy day will              of credit toward a specific major
                                 communications and is tied to Black-          be allowed to take an examination or              and degree. The receiving college
                                 board courses for communications with         complete an assignment scheduled for              or university must identify courses
                                 faculty and other students. An email          that day within a reasonable time after           as transferable in accordance with
                                 address will automatically be generated       the absence, if (1) not later than the 15th       transfer plans dated 1992–1993 or
                                 for a student who has registered and          day after the first day of the term, the          later.
                                 paid for a class at the College. This         student notifies the professor of each         2. Limitations of the total number of
                                 email service is for student use only.        class that the student will be absent for         credits accepted in transfer, grades
                                 Features of the service are available at      a religious holy day and (2) the student          required, relevant grade point aver-
                                                 personally delivers the notification              age and duration of transferability
                                                                               in writing to the professor of each               apply as stated in the catalog of the
                                 Change of Name or                             class (with receipt of the notification
                                 Address                                                                                         receiving institution or in an agree-
                                                                               acknowledged and dated by the profes-             ment concerning the transfer of
                                     The College expects students who          sor) or sends a notice by certified mail          courses between San Jacinto College
                                 change their names, residences, email         (with return receipt requested) to the            and the participating receiving
                                 address or mailing addresses to no-           professor of each class.                          institution.
                                 tify the enrollment services office
                                 immediately. The College considers any            A student who is excused under Sen-        3. The guarantee applies only to
                                 communication sent to the name and            ate Bill 738 will not be penalized for the        courses taken at San Jacinto Col-
                                 address given by a student on College         absence, but the professor will respond           lege and listed on approved transfer
                                 records to be properly delivered.             appropriately if the student fails to             plans. San Jacinto College will not be
                                                                               complete satisfactorily the assignment            responsible for courses not applicable
                                 Children on Campus                            or examination.                                   to a major due to a change of major
                                     San Jacinto College occasionally                                                            by the student.
                                 offers classes and activities for children.   Graduate                                       4. Students may be required to take
                                 At all other times children may not                                                             prerequisite courses that may not
                                 remain unattended on campus, nor              Guarantee                                         apply to degrees in certain majors.
                                 may children attend classes with their
                                                                               Program                                           Such courses are not eligible for this
                                                                                   San Jacinto College is so confident
                                 Final Examinations                            of the quality of its instruction that,        5. To be eligible for the guarantee, the
                                                                               subject to the special conditions listed          student must file with the office of
                                     The vice presidents of instruction                                                          enrollment services on their campus
                                 establish the times and dates of final        below, the College makes these guar-
                                                                               antees:                                           an agreement to follow a written
                                 examinations. Professors must follow                                                            transfer plan. The plan must include:
                                 those published schedules and students         •   Academic students can transfer their
                                 may not take final examinations earlier                                                         a. The name of the institution
                                                                                    academic credit courses to Texas                to which the student plans to
                                 than the times designated in the pub-              public colleges and universities
                                 lished schedules.                                                                                  transfer
                                                                                •   Technical students will acquire job          b. The associate degree, the
                                 Retention of Student                               skills for entry-level employment in            bachelor’s degree and the major
                                 Work                                               their fields.                                   the student plans to pursue
                                     The College may indefinitely retain       Transfer Credit                                   c. The date the plan was filed
                                 all work submitted to a professor in a            Subject to the conditions specified           d. The date shown on the transfer
                                 course, including but not limited to tests,   below, San Jacinto College guarantees                plan
                                 term papers, reports and projects.            students the transfer of credit to those
                                                                               publicly supported Texas colleges and
                                                                               universities that participate in the
                                                                               College’s Guarantee of Transfer Credit
                                                                               Program when course work at San

                    Student Responsibility and Rights
    If a student meets the above condi-       3. The student must be employed full         of full-time undergraduate certificate
tions, but does not receive transfer             time within 12 months after gradua-       and degree-seeking students. The
credit for one or more courses from the          tion in an occupation directly related    campuses also report beginning salaries

                                                                                                                                       Responsibility and Rights
receiving institution, the student must          to the specific program completed at      for recent graduates. The Student

                                                                                                                                        General Information - Student
notify in writing the vice president of          San Jacinto College as certified by the   Handbook describes the sources for this
instruction at his/her campus within 14          College.                                  information. The police department
calendar days of the notice of transfer       4. The student’s employer must certify       on each San Jacinto College campus
credit denial. The vice president of             in writing that the student lacks the     reports campus crime statistics.
instruction will initiate the Transfer           entry-level job skills identified as
Dispute Resolution process established                                                     Annual Security and
                                                 program-exit competencies by San
by the Texas Higher Education Coordi-            Jacinto College for the program           Fire Safety Report
nating Board. If this process does not           which he/she completed. The em-               The San Jacinto College Commu-
resolve the course denial, San Jacinto           ployer must specify the areas of          nity District is committed to assisting
College will develop a plan whereby the          deficiency within 90 days of initial      all members of the SJC community
student may take, tuition free, a maxi-          employment.                               in providing for their own safety and
mum of nine credit hours of acceptable                                                     security. The annual security compli-
alternative courses within one year           5. After the student contacts in writing     ance document is available on the San
from the date the plan was executed.             the San Jacinto College campus            Jac Police Department website.
Although tuition for these courses is            where he/she received training, the           A hard copy of the San Jacinto Col-
free, the student must pay for books,            student and the College will develop      lege Annual Security and Fire Safety
fees or other course-related expenses.           together a written educational plan       Report is available for review at each
                                                 for retraining.                           of the three campus police departments.
Entry-Level Job Skills                        6. Retraining will be limited to nine            Central Campus
    Subject to the special conditions            credit hours related to the identified        W.M. Newton Student Center
listed below, San Jacinto College                skill deficiency and to those classes         8060 Spencer Highway
guarantees that students earning an              regularly scheduled during the pe-            Pasadena, Texas 77505
associate of applied science degree              riod covered by the retraining plan.
or certificate of technology will have        7. The students must complete all                North Campus
the job skills necessary for entry-level         retraining within a calendar year             Slovacek Student Center
employment in the technical field for            from the time the educational plan            5800 Uvalde Road
which they have been trained. If the                                                           Houston, Texas 77049
                                                 is agreed upon.
employer provides sufficient evidence         8. Although tuition for this retraining is        South Campus
that the student lacks these skills after        free, the student must pay for books,          J.D. Bruce Student Center
completing one of these programs, the            insurance, uniforms, fees, and other           13735 Beamer Road
College will provide additional skill            course-related expenses.                       Houston, Texas 7708
training, tuition free. These special
conditions apply to the guarantee:            9. The guarantee does not imply that             The website and report contain
                                                 San Jacinto College graduates will        information regarding campus security
 1. The student must earn the associate          pass any licensing or qualifying          and personal safety, including topics
    of applied science degree or the             examination for a particular career.      such as: crime prevention; College
    certificate of technology in a techni-                                                 police law enforcement authority;
                                              10. This guarantee does not apply to         crime reporting policies; disciplinary
    cal program listed in the San Jacinto         competencies taught in courses in        procedures; and other matters of
    College Catalog as of the 1992-1993           which the student earned a grade         importance related to security on our
    academic year or later.                       of less than C, nor does it apply to     campuses. They also contain informa-
 2. The student must complete the                 courses which have been substituted      tion about crime statistics for the three
    degree program within four years or           for required courses specified in the    previous calendar years concerning
    the certificate program within three          degree or certificate program.           reported crimes that occurred on cam-
    years. All technical course work must                                                  pus; in certain off-campus buildings or
    be completed at San Jacinto College
                                             Student Right-to-Know                         property owned or controlled by San
                                                 The San Jacinto College publishes         Jacinto College; and on public property
    within the specified time period.
                                                                                           within, or immediately adjacent to and
                                             a statement of Student Rights and Re-
                                                                                           accessible from, the campuses.
                                             sponsibilities in the Student Handbook.
                                             San Jacinto College campuses make                 This information is required by
                                             available statistics regarding persis-        law and is provided by the San Jacinto
                                             tence, completion and graduation rates        College Police Department.

                                 Student Responsibility and Rights
                                 Equity and                                         School officials (faculty, adminis-      The College is committed to protecting
                                 Accommodation                                  trators and staff, including part-time       the rights and privileges of all students
                                                                                and student workers) may have access         and employees. Faculty, staff, and
Responsibility and Rights

                                     San Jacinto College is dedicated to
                                                                                to student records when a legitimate         students should be aware that any form
 General Information - Student

                                 providing the least restrictive learning
                                                                                educational interest exists. Students        of harassment or illegal discrimination
                                 environment for all students. The Col-
                                 lege promotes equity in academic access        wanting their parent, friend, or other       against any individual is inconsistent
                                 through reasonable accommodations as           individual to access or obtain their         with the purpose, values, and ideals of
                                 required by the Vocational Rehabilita-         records should give that person a signed     the College.
                                 tion Act of 1973, Title V, Section 504 and     release specifying what they need and a
                                                                                photocopy of the student’s picture ID.           Students who believe they have
                                 the Americans with Disabilities Act of                                                      experienced harassment or illegal dis-
                                 1990 (ADA), which allow students with              The College may disclose education       crimination are encouraged to contact
                                 disabilities access to all post-secondary
                                                                                records without a student’s prior written    the dean of student development office
                                 educational programs and activities.
                                                                                consent under the FERPA exception            at their respective campus.
                                 Family Education                               for disclosure to school officials with
                                                                                legitimate educational interests. A          Student Intellectual
                                 Rights and Privacy Act
                                                                                “school official” is a person employed       Property
                                 (FERPA)                                        by the College in an administrative,             Students shall retain their intel-
                                     The following information concern-         supervisory, academic or research, or        lectual property rights on projects
                                 ing student records maintained by San          support staff position (including law        produced as a result of their individual
                                 Jacinto College is published in compli-        enforcement unit personnel and health        initiative with incidental use of College
                                 ance with the Family Education Rights          staff); a person or company with whom
                                 and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).                                                            facilities and resources. If the student
                                                                                the College has contracted as its agent to   is working on a project initiated and
                                     The College gives access to records        provide a service (such as an attorney,      funded by San Jacinto College, owner-
                                 only to those persons and agencies that        auditor, health care professional or         ship resides with the College.
                                 the Privacy Act specifies and the College      diagnostician, computer services pro-
                                 will keep a record of all persons who          fessional, or insurer); a person serving     General Complaint
                                 receive access.                                on the Board of Trustees; a student          Procedure
                                                                                serving on an official committee, such
                                      The College will release only direc-      as a disciplinary or grievance com-              A general complaint is a response to
                                 tory information without a student’s           mittee; or a student assisting another       a College-related problem or condition
                                 consent including high school dual             school official in performing his or her     which a student believes to be unfair or
                                 credit/early admission students. Direc-        tasks. The term “school official” also       a hindrance to the educational process
                                 tory information includes the student’s                                                     or the conduct of on-campus business.
                                                                                includes representatives of hospitals and
                                 (1) name, (2) current and permanent                                                         The general complaint procedure is the
                                                                                clinical sites with whom the College has
                                 address, (3) telephone listing, (4) date                                                    process by which a student may file a
                                 and place of birth, (5) marital status,        a contractual relationship that permits
                                                                                students to receive clinical training as     general complaint.
                                 (6) major and minor, (7) classification,
                                 (8) eligibility for and participation in of-   part of their educational programs.              The general complaint procedure
                                 ficially recognized activities and sports,         A school official has a legitimate       provides students the opportunity
                                 (9) terms of attendance, (10) enrollment       educational interest if the official         to express their views on College-
                                 status (full-time or part-time), (11)          needs to review an education record in       related conditions which impede their
                                 dates of degrees and awards received,                                                       education and to seek relief from those
                                                                                order to fulfill his or her professional
                                 (12) previous educational institutions                                                      conditions. It is not intended, nor may
                                                                                responsibilities for the College.
                                 attended and (13) student photo.                                                            it be used, to supplant other grievance/
                                     A student may ask that this infor-         Discrimination and                           complaint/appeals procedures designed
                                 mation be withheld from the public             Harassment                                   to address certain matters for which
                                 on their application for admission or                                                       special procedures are published.
                                                                                    San Jacinto College is committed         Specifically excluded from the general
                                 in a written request to the enrollment         to providing an educational and work
                                 services office. The student may make                                                       complaint procedure are grievances
                                                                                environment conducive to the personal        related to sexual harassment; grade
                                 this request at any time. Once a student
                                                                                and professional development of each         disagreements or appeals; traffic ticket
                                 has requested that directory informa-
                                 tion be withheld, no information will          individual. To fulfill its mission as an     appeals; and grievances or appeals filed
                                 be released except with written approval       institution of higher learning, the Col-     under the procedure for violations of
                                 from the student.                              lege encourages a climate that promotes      student life conduct policies.
                                                                                collegiality, diversity, and pluralism.

                                        Student Grades and Records
   Students who wish to file a general                          Grade Points Per               Incomplete (I)
complaint should follow these steps:             Grade
                                                               Credit Hour Earned                  Incomplete (I) is a temporary grade
 1. The student should discuss the                       Excellent, superior     4 grade       that indicates that a student has satis-
                                                         achievement              points

                                                                                                                                             General Information - Student
    complaint with the College employee                                                        factorily completed the requirements
                                                                                               of a course with the exception of a final

                                                                                                                                              Grade and Records
    most directly responsible for the               B
                                                         Good, above aver-       3 grade
    condition which brought about the                    age achievement          points       examination or other work delayed
    complaint. Most matters will be                      Average, accept-
                                                                                               by illness, emergency, or authorized
    resolved at this level.                                                      2 grade       absence. The student is responsible for
                                                    C    able
                                                                                  points       making arrangements to complete the
 2. If the student is still not satisfied, he/           achievement
                                                                                               work within the time limit set by the
    she may discuss the matter with the                  Passing, marginal
                                                    D                          1 grade point   professor. This time limit, however, may
    next level of supervisory authority.                 achievement
                                                                                               not extend beyond the conclusion of the
 3. If the student is still not satisfied, he/           Failure, unsatis-                     next Fall or Spring term. If the student
                                                                                 0 grade
    she may file a written presentation             F    factory achieve-                      has not submitted course requirements
    of the complaint with the dean of                    ment                                  set by the instructor and had a final
    student development, who is respon-                  Failure, excessive      0 grade       grade posted by the end of the next long
    sible for taking appropriate action on         FX
                                                         absences                 points       term, the record system will automati-
    matters within his/her jurisdiction                                                        cally convert the Incomplete to an F.
                                                                                 0 grade
    or for routing the complaint to the             I    Incomplete
    appropriate senior administrator for                                                       No Grade Reported (NG)
    action.                                                                      0 grade
                                                   W     Withdrawal                                 A grade of No Grade Given (NG)
 4. If the student is still not satisfied, he/                                                 is a temporary grade assignment pend-
    she may file a written presentation                  Withdrawal within       0 grade       ing receipt of a final grade from the
    of the complaint with the campus                     Limit                    points       professor. Professors may not assign
    President.                                           No Grade Re-            0 grade       grades of NG.
                                                         ported                   points
Classification                                                                                 Withdrawal within the
    A freshman is a student who has ac-
                                                     If a student believes an error has        Limit (WL)
                                                 been made in a course grade, the
cumulated fewer than 30 term hours of                                                               A grade of WL is awarded for course
                                                 student should contact the professor or
college credit. A sophomore is a student                                                       withdrawals to students who were new
                                                 appropriate department chair as soon
who has accumulated 30 or more hours                                                           first-time-in-college students in Fall
                                                 as possible within 30 days of the end
of college credit.                                                                             2007 or thereafter and are affected by
                                                 of the term. The College assumes no
                                                                                               the six-drop limit. The grade of WL
                                                 obligation to hear or act upon conten-
                                                                                               is the indicator that this withdrawal is
Grading                                          tions of error after that 30-day period of
                                                                                               counted in the six drop limit. An af-
                                                 time has elapsed. The student is entitled
System                                           to see his/her grades as posted in the
                                                                                               fected student is limited to six grades the
                                                                                               equivalent of WL from all Texas public
    Term grades for all students are             professor’s grade book and to receive
                                                                                               colleges and universities combined.
entered electronically by the faculty            an explanation of the grade calculation.
within one work day of the end of final              An informal discussion of the             Failure, Excessive
examinations for the term or session.            grades between the student and the            Absences (FX)
Once the grades have all been entered,           professor or department chair or ap-              A faculty member may award a
GPAs and academic standings are re-              propriate associate dean will usually         grade of FX at the end of the term to any
calculated and posted to the academic            resolve a question about a grade.             student who has exceeded the excessive
record as quickly as possible. Students
                                                                                               absences limit. This grade means that
can view or print their grades online                A formal procedure to appeal a
                                                                                               the student registered and paid for the
through the Student Online System                final grade is also available to students.
                                                                                               course and failed the course because the
(SOS) on the San Jacinto Community               Professors are expected to enter the
                                                                                               student missed an excessive number of
College District website.                        final grades electronically by the date
                                                                                               classes and did not exercise the right
                                                 published in the schedule of classes.
   The College uses these grades to                                                            to drop the course or was not eligible
                                                 Once final grades have been processed
evaluate students’ academic perfor-                                                            to drop the course because of TSI or
                                                 by the enrollment services office, they
mance.                                                                                         Six-Drop rule regulations. For each
                                                 may be changed only with the approval
                                                 of the vice president of instruction.

                                Student Grades and Records
                                grade of FX submitted, the last date        computing the cumulative grade point             The procedures for appealing a
                                the student attended the course must        average. Grades of I, N, W and WL             grade shall be as follows:
                                be reported. Grades of FX will not be       are neutral and are not included in any
                                posted without this date.                   grade point average.                          Student Meeting with Instructor
General Information - Student

                                                                                                                              The student and instructor shall
 Grade and Records

                                     The grade of FX carries the same       Overall Institution Grade                     discuss in private consultation the grade
                                academic impact as the grade of F in        Point Average                                 that the student believes is incorrect.
                                that the credit hours are included in the                                                 At this meeting, only the grades on
                                                                                The College has established 2.0
                                calculation of the grade point average                                                    tests, projects, reports, etc., and the
                                                                            as the minimum grade point average
                                and the grade awards zero (0) grade                                                       grading system listed in the syllabus
                                                                            requirement for a student to remain in
                                points. The grade of FX indicates a                                                       will be discussed and recalculated as
                                                                            good academic standing. (See the Aca-
                                completed course just as a grade of F                                                     necessary. Whenever possible, the mat-
                                                                            demic Status section.) The transcript         ter should be resolved at this meeting.
                                indicates a completed course. The grade
                                                                            Grade Point Average (GPA) is calcu-           If the instructor cannot resolve the
                                of FX is not a drop or withdrawal. The
                                                                            lated on the basis of all credit posted       problem immediately, the student will
                                process to appeal the grade of FX is the
                                                                            to the San Jacinto College transcript,        be notified of the availability of a copy
                                same as an appeal for any other faculty
                                                                            including credit hours in college pre-        of the grade appeal procedures in the
                                awarded grade.
                                                                            paratory courses. If a student repeats a      office of the appropriate dean or the vice
                                                                            course, which may not be repeated for         president of instruction. If, upon receipt
                                Grade Range                                 credit, only the highest grade earned in      of the instructor’s written decision, the
                                   Percentage grades, when used, are        the course is used in determining the         student is dissatisfied with the decision,
                                converted to these letter grades:           Grade Point Average. The graduation           the student may request a meeting with
                                                                            GPA is calculated using only college-         the department chair to appeal the
                                                               Point        level courses. Students will be denied        decision of the instructor. (NOTE: In
                                     Range       Grade                      graduation if the transcript GPA is less      the event there is no department chair,
                                                               Value                                                      the student may request a meeting with
                                                                            than 2.0.
                                     90–100         A            4                                                        the dean who will conduct the meeting
                                     80–89          B            3          Procedure for Student                         in accordance with steps No. 1 and No.
                                                                            to Appeal a Final Grade                       2 of this procedure.) The student must
                                     70–79          C            2
                                                                                                                          make the appeal within five (5) working
                                     60–69          D            1              Grade determination and awarding          days after notification by the instructor.
                                                                            of a final grade in a course is clearly the
                                   Below 60         ,
                                                   F FX          0
                                                                            responsibility of the instructor. Final       Student Meeting with Department Chair
                                                                            grade reports should be available to
                                Grade Point                                 the student within a reasonable time
                                                                                                                              The department chair must arrange
                                                                                                                          a meeting no more than five (5) work-
                                Average (GPA)                               following the end of the course.              ing days after receiving a request from
                                                                                When a student becomes aware              the student. This meeting will include
                                   Earned grade points are calculated
                                by multiplying the number of credit         of a final grade that is believed to be       the student, the instructor, and the
                                hours of the course by the grade point      incorrect, the student may appeal the         department chair. Providing sufficient
                                value of the grade received in the          final grade received in the course. The       evidence of discrepancies or errors in
                                course. For example, in a three-term        student shall initiate the appeal process     the grade will be the responsibility of
                                hour course, an A produces twelve           as soon as possible following the receipt     the student. If insufficient evidence
                                grade points; a B produces nine grade       of the grade. The appeal process shall be     is offered, the appeal is denied. The
                                points; a C, six grade points; a D, three   filed no later than 30 days after the end     student will be given an opportunity to
                                grade points; and an F or FX, zero          of that semester, and must be resolved        present his/her case. The instructor will
                                grade points.                               within 120 days following the initiation      be given a chance for rebuttal.
                                    The grade point average is com-         of the appeal.                                    On hearing the evidence from both
                                puted by dividing the total grade               At no step in the process are the         sides, the department chair will take one
                                points earned by the total number of        instructor’s questions or individual test     of the following actions:
                                term hours completed in unduplicated        items to be scrutinized. Only course
                                courses with grades of A, B, C, D, F                                                           a. If, in the opinion of the depart-
                                                                            syllabus (e.g., grading system), and                  ment chair, the student failed
                                or FX. Grade point average computa-
                                                                            letter or numerical grades as recorded                to provide sufficient evidence
                                tions include only courses completed
                                at San Jacinto College. For repeated        in the instructor’s grade book will be                of discrepancies or errors in the
                                courses only the highest grade is used in   examined.                                             grades, the student will be noti-

                                                  Student Grades and Records
          fied in writing that the appeal is                Student Meeting with Academic Appeals            The same appeal process will be
          denied. The department chair will                 Committee                                    followed when the instructor is not ac-
          inform the student of the right                        Within five (5) working days after      cessible or no longer employed by San
          to appeal the decision and about                  receiving notification from the dean that    Jacinto College by excluding step No. 1

                                                                                                                                                        General Information - Student
          the procedures for appeal. At the                 the appeal has been denied, a student        involving the instructor.

                                                                                                                                                         Grade and Records
          same time, the department chair                   appealing a grade in a course may
          will notify the instructor in writ-                                                                (Revised March 2008)
                                                            request a hearing before an Academic
          ing of this decision. The notifica-
          tion must be given within five (5)
                                                            Appeals Committee. This request will
                                                            be in writing to the vice president of in-   Dean’s Honor
          working days of the hearing.                      struction. The committee will consist of     List
      b. If, in the opinion of the depart-                  one (1) full-time instructor to be named
         ment chair, the student did                        by the student, one (1) full-time instruc-        At the end of each long term, a Dean’s
         provide sufficient evidence of                     tor to be named by the instructor and        Honor List is compiled. In order to be
         discrepancies or errors in the                     one (1) full-time instructor to be named     listed, a student must have earned a grade
         grades, the instructor will be                     by the vice president of instruction. The    point average of at least 3.5 as a full-time
         notified within five (5) working                   vice president of instruction will request   student (12 or more hours completed
         days of the meeting. At the same                   that the student and instructor submit       during the term). The Dean’s Honor List
         time, the department chair will                    the name of their nominees within five       is recorded on the official transcript each
         notify the student in writing of                   (5) working days after notification of       term the student qualifies.
         this decision.                                     all parties involved. Upon receiving the
    The instructor will, in turn, inform                    names of those nominees and appoint-         Transfer Credit
the department chair in writing within                      ing a third instructor to the committee,
five (5) working days whether he/she                        the vice president of instruction will set   Common Course
will change the grade. If the instruc-                      the time, date and place of the closed       Numbering System
tor changes the grade, the instructor                       hearing and notify all parties. This             San Jacinto College is a member of
notifies the student in writing, and the                    will be done within five (5) working         the Texas Common Course Numbering
matter is closed.                                           days after having received the names of      System. Institutions of higher education
                                                            both nominees. A student may present         in Texas teach similar courses and these
    If the instructor chooses not to                        written evidence relevant to the grade       courses have a common number. This
change the grade, the department chair                      appeal and may be advised at the hear-       common number facilitates transferring
will be notified of the decision in writ-                   ing by one or more persons of his/her        these courses among the participating
ing within five (5) working days after                      own choice. The student may have a           institutions.
having received the recommendation                          maximum of two (2) persons in the room
from the department chair. Within five                      at a time. The Academic Appeals Com-             The Texas Common Course Num-
(5) working days after being informed                       mittee may request information from          bering System Manual identifies general
of the instructor’s decision to deny the                    the instructor and/or persons familiar       academic courses that transfer. It does
grade change, the department chair                          with the case.                               not include college preparatory and
will notify the student that the appeal is                                                               technical courses. The common number
denied and inform the student of further                        Within five (5) working days after       system makes it easier for students to
rights to appeal and the procedure for                      this hearing, the Academic Appeals           plan future studies.
doing so.                                                   Committee will notify the student, the
                                                            instructor, and the vice president of           For example, English 1301, Com-
Student Meeting with Dean                                   instruction in writing of its findings:      position I at San Jacinto College, has
    Within five (5) working days after                                                                   the common course number ENGL
                                                                 a. A grade change is justified and      1301. Some institutions adopt the com-
receiving notification from the depart-                             will be made.
ment chair that the appeal has been                                                                      mon course number as their number.
denied, a student may request a meeting                          b. A grade change is not justified      Other institutions may not change their
with the dean who will take either action                           and will not be made.                course numbers to common course
A or action B as described above.                               If the decision of the Academic          numbers, but may display common
                                                            Appeals Committee is to change the           course numbers alongside their existing
(NOTE: In the event there is no dean or in the event that
the dean conducted the initial meeting, the student will    grade, the vice president of instruction     course numbers. Three possible ways of
proceed to step 4.)                                         will have five (5) working days to make      presenting ENGL 1301 are:
                                                            the grade change. The decision of the
                                                            Academic Appeals Committee will
                                                            be final.
                                Student Grades and Records
                                 San Jacinto Course    Other Institutions       The Texas Higher Education Co-                                     Commission
                                                                            ordinating Board publication “Lower            Accrediting Agency
                                      Number            Course Number                                                                               Specified
                                                                            Division Academic Course Guide
                                      ENGL 1301         ENGL 1301                                                            Middle States
                                                                            Manual” identifies these freely transfer-
General Information - Student

                                     Composition I     Composition I                                                         Association of       Commission on
                                                                            able courses for Texas community col-            Colleges and        Higher Education
 Grade and Records

                                      ENGL 1301        ENG 101 (ENGL        leges. Specifically excluded are courses
                                     Composition I         1301)                                                                Schools
                                                                            designated as vocational, ESL/ESOL,
                                                         Freshman                                                            New England
                                                                            technical, and college preparatory                                    Commission on
                                                        Composition I                                                        Association of
                                                                            courses listed as basic skills.                                       Institutions of
                                      ENGL 1301          LANG 1311                                                            Schools and
                                                                                                                                                 Higher Education
                                     Composition I      Rhetoric and        Transfer of Credit to                              Colleges
                                                        Composition         San Jacinto College                              North Central
                                                                                                                                                  Commission on
                                                        (ENGL 1301)                                                          Association of
                                                                                San Jacinto College follows these                                  Institutions of
                                                                                                                             Colleges and
                                    Once students understand this sys-      policies for students who wish to                                    Higher Education
                                tem, they can easily match the courses      transfer credit for courses taken at other        Northwest
                                they have taken at San Jacinto College      colleges and universities:                       Association of       Commission on
                                to the corresponding courses at other
                                                                             1. College-level course work: All grades        Colleges and           Colleges
                                member institutions. However, since
                                not all courses are common courses,             received on college-level course work
                                students should obtain a list of courses        will be transferred into the College.          Southern
                                recognized by the school to which they          Courses completed with grades of A,          Association of       Commission on
                                plan to transfer. Many courses not              B, C and D or P will be eligible for         Colleges and           Colleges
                                recognized as common at a member                use toward graduation if consistent             Schools
                                institution may still have equivalents          with program requirements. Transfer             Western           Accreditation
                                at that institution and will transfer and       grades will not be included in the San       Association of      Commission for
                                fulfill degree requirements.                    Jacinto College GPA calculation.              Schools and        Senior Colleges
                                                                                                                               Colleges          and Universities
                                   Students can get more information         2. College preparatory course work:
                                about the Texas Common Course Num-              Grades of A, B and C in college                 Western            Accrediting
                                bering System at San Jacinto College            preparatory coursework will be used          Association of      Commission for
                                from the enrollment services office on                                                        Schools and        Community and
                                                                                at San Jacinto College for placement
                                any campus.                                                                                    Colleges          Junior Colleges
                                                                                in college preparatory courses and
                                                                                skill levels decisions only. No college      Students who have completed course
                                Free Transferability                            preparatory course will be eligible for   work from non-accredited institutions
                                    Lower-division courses included in          use toward graduation. No college         may be eligible to receive credit by
                                the Academic Course Guide Manual                preparatory transfer grades will be       examination.
                                and specified in the definition of lower-       included in the San Jacinto College
                                division course credit shall be freely          GPA calculation.                              The office of enrollment services
                                transferable to and accepted as com-                                                      will evaluate course work applicable to
                                                                             3. Financial aid: All grades on all prior
                                parable degree credit by any public                                                       the associate degree within the first term
                                institution of higher education where           courses attempted, both college-
                                                                                                                          of enrollment for new and returning
                                the equivalent course is available for          level and college preparatory, will
                                fulfilling baccalaureate degree require-        be included in the total hours at-
                                ments. However, each Texas institution          tempted calculations for financial aid        A firm or organization specializing
                                of higher education may have limita-            purposes.                                 in evaluating international education
                                tions that invalidate courses after a        4. The institution from which the stu-       credentials must evaluate course work
                                specific length of time.                        dent is attempting to transfer credit     completed at colleges and universities
                                                                                must be accredited through one of         outside the United States before San
                                                                                the following associations:               Jacinto College will consider that
                                                                                                                          course-work for transfer credit or for
                                                                                                                          admission to special programs. The
                                                                                                                          firm or organization must be on the
                                                                                                                          San Jacinto College approved list.
                                                                                                                          Documents must be either originals
                                                                                                                          or certified copies and may have to be
                                                                                                                          translated into English. The office of en-
                                                                                                                          rollment services and the international
                                       Student Grades and Records
student counselor offer help in locating       Transfer of Credit from                       3. A university may deny the transfer
translation and evaluation organiza-           San Jacinto College                              of credit in courses with a grade of
tions recognized by San Jacinto College.                                                        D as applicable to the student’s field
                                                   The receiving institution decides            of study courses, core curriculum

                                                                                                                                           General Information - Student
Transfer of                                    whether to accept San Jacinto College            courses or major if it denies credit in

                                                                                                                                            Grade and Records
Correspondence                                 courses in transfer and to apply those           those same courses with a grade of
                                               courses to individual degree plans. Stu-
Course Credit                                                                                   D to its own students.
                                               dents planning to transfer San Jacinto
    Students may transfer correspon-           College course work to another college           No university must accept in trans-
dence course work to apply toward a            or university should always consult the      fer or toward a degree more than
degree only if they meet these condi-          college or university catalog and proper     sixty-six (66) credit hours of academic
tions:                                         officials of that institution to determine   credits earned by a student in a com-
                                               the best courses to take for transfer.       munity college. Universities, however,
 1. The student must earn a D or higher                                                     may choose to accept additional credit
                                               Some universities or programs do not
    in each course.                                                                         hours.
                                               accept grades of D in transfer.
 2. The course must be equivalent to a
                                               Transfer Disputes                                Public institutions of higher educa-
    course offered by San Jacinto Col-
                                                                                            tion shall follow these procedures to
    lege.                                      Resolution                                   resolve credit transfer disputes involv-
 3. One of the San Jacinto College test-           The Texas Higher Education Coor-         ing lower-division courses:
    ing centers must administer the final      dinating Board, under the requirements
    examination for a correspondence           of Section 61.078 of the Education Code,      1. If an institution of higher education
    course taken while the student is          has established procedures to resolve            does not accept course credit earned
    enrolled at any San Jacinto College        disputes between public institutions of          by a student at another institution
    campus.                                    higher education involving the transfer          of higher education, the receiving
                                               of credit from lower-division courses            institution shall give written notice
 4. A correspondence course meeting
                                               (courses offered in the first two years          to the student and to the sending
    the above criteria (1–3) is acceptable
                                               of college study).                               institution that transfer of the course
    for transfer if the student has taken it
                                                                                                credit is denied. A receiving institu-
    through either Texas Tech University
                                               Resolution of Transfer Disputes for              tion shall also provide written notice
    or The University of Texas at Austin.
                                               Lower-Division Courses                           of the reasons for denying credit for a
 5. San Jacinto College may accept                                                              particular course or set of courses at
    a correspondence course taken                  Each public college and univer-
                                               sity must accept in transfer into a              the request of the sending institution.
    through another institution if the
                                               baccalaureate degree the number of            2. A student who receives notice, as
    student petitions to transfer the
                                               lower-division credit hours in a major           specified above, may dispute the
    course. However, (a) the institution
                                               which are allowed for their non-transfer         denial of credit by contacting a des-
    must be regionally accredited and
                                               students in that major; however,                 ignated official at either the sending
    (b) the student is responsible for
                                                                                                or receiving institution.
    making sure the institution certifies       1. No institution must accept transfer
    that a community college, college or           more credit hours in a major than         3. The two institutions and the student
    university testing center proctored            the number set out in the appli-             shall attempt to resolve the transfer of
    the final examination. If the test was         cable Coordinating Board approved            the course credit in accordance with
    not so proctored, but the institution          Transfer Curriculum for that major,          Board rules and guidelines.
    can demonstrate that the final exam            as prescribed by the current issue of     4. If the transfer dispute is not resolved
    was sufficiently proctored to make             the Coordinating Board’s Guide to            to the satisfaction of the student
    it a valid exam, San Jacinto College           Transfer Curricula and Transfer of           or the sending institution within
    may still consider the course for              Credit, Transfer of Credit Policies          45 days after the date the student
    transfer.                                      and Curricula.                               received written notice of denial,
                                                2. For any major for which there is             the institution that denies the course
                                                   no Coordinating Board approved               credit for transfer shall notify the
                                                   Transfer Curriculum, no institu-             Commissioner of its denial and the
                                                   tion must accept in transfer more            reasons for the denial.
                                                   lower-division course credit in the
                                                   major applicable to a baccalaureate
                                                   degree than the institution allows its
                                                   non-transfer students in that major.

                                Student Grades and Records
                                    The Commissioner of Higher Edu-
                                cation or the Commissioner’s designee
                                                                              Credit by                                              Test               Course     Credit
                                shall make the final determination            Examination                                        Composition           ENGL 1301     3
                                about a dispute regarding the transfer                                                                                 ENGL 2322
General Information - Student

                                                                                  Each college and university has its         English Literature                     6
                                of course credit and give written notice      own policy for credit earned by exami-
                                                                                                                                                        & 2323
 Grade and Records

                                of the determination to the involved          nation and any such credit allowed by            College Algebra         MATH 1314     3
                                student and institutions.                     one institution may not necessarily be              Chemistry            CHEM 1411     4
                                    The Board shall collect data on the       accepted at another.                                 Calculus            MATH 2413     4
                                types of transfer disputes that are re-           A student must have earned at least                                    FREN
                                ported and the disposition of each case                                                             French                           6
                                                                              three credit hours of course work at San                                 2311/2312
                                that is considered by the Commissioner        Jacinto College before the College will                                    GERM
                                or the Commissioner’s designee.                                                                    German                            6
                                                                              post credit for College Level Evaluation                                 2311/2312

                                    If a receiving institution has cause      Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement                   Spanish               SPAN        6
                                                                              (AP) or departmental examinations                                        2311/2312
                                to believe that a course being presented
                                by a student for transfer from another        to the student’s transcript. Credit for              Spanish               SPAN        8
                                                                              CLEP, AP, departmental examinations                                      1411/1412
                                school is not of an acceptable level of
                                quality, it should first contact the send-    or a combination thereof may not                      French               FREN        8
                                ing institution and attempt to resolve        exceed 30 credit hours.
                                the problem.                                                                                                             GERM
                                                                                                                                   German                            8
                                                                                  A student who has previously                                         1411/1412
                                    In the event that the two institutions    received a grade (A, B, C, D, F or I) in      American Government        GOVT 2302     3
                                are unable to come to a satisfactory          a course may not receive CLEP, AP or
                                                                                                                             History of the US I:
                                resolution, the receiving institution may     departmental examination credit for the        Early Colonization        HIST 1301     3
                                notify the Commissioner of Higher             same course.                                         to 1877
                                Education, who may investigate the                Grades and credit hours are as-            History of the US II:     HIST 1302     3
                                course. If its quality is found to be unac-                                                   1865 to Present
                                                                              signed to credit earned by departmental
                                ceptable, the Board may discontinue           examinations; a minimum grade of C is               Prin. of             ECON 2301     3
                                funding for the course.                                                                       Macroeconomics
                                                                              required to earn credit. Term hours only
                                                                                                                                   Prin. of
                                                                              are assigned to credit earned by CLEP                                    ECON 2302     3
                                Articulated                                   and AP examinations. Residence credit
                                Credit from                                   is not given for CLEP, AP or depart-
                                                                              mental examinations and they are not
                                                                                                                                  Psychology           PSYC 2301     3

                                                                                                                            Introductory Sociology     SOCI 1301     3
                                High School                                   included in GPA calculations.
                                                                                                                            Western Civilization I:
                                    Some high school courses have             College Level                                 Ancient Near East to       HIST 2311     3
                                been identified statewide as articulated      Examination Program
                                courses—that is, courses that cover                                                         Western Civilization II:
                                                                              (CLEP)                                                                   HIST 2312     3
                                                                                                                              1648 to Present
                                the same materials and/or teach the
                                same skills as courses in the College’s           San Jacinto College awards col-           Financial Accounting       ACCT 2301     3
                                own programs. Additional articula-            lege credit for certain College Level         Introductory Business      BUSI 2301     3
                                tion agreements have been developed           Examination Program (CLEP) tests.                      Law
                                between San Jacinto College and many          Students should submit scores from            Information Systems
                                high schools in order to provide non-         completed tests to the vice president of           & Computer            CSCI 1301     3
                                duplicative, sequential programs of           instruction, who evaluates such scores
                                study for students that link high school      and authorizes the posting of credit.            San Jacinto Community College
                                and college instruction. Under some           The current in-district tuition per credit   Central and San Jacinto Community
                                circumstances, students who take these        hour fee is charged to record credit.        College South have been designated as
                                designated Career and Technology Edu-         Students taking one of the following         testing centers for CLEP examinations.
                                cation (CATE) courses in high school          CLEP exams and scoring 50 or better          Complete information about the CLEP
                                may be eligible to receive credit for a       will be awarded the credit indicated:        program and credit by examination
                                corresponding college course.                                                              policies for San Jacinto College is
                                                                                                                           available from the testing centers on
                                                                                                                           both campuses.

                                     Student Grades and Records
    Rules that apply to earning credit by                            FREN                                       PSYC
any form of examination appear earlier                                        Psychology      3         3
                                                                     1411,                                      2301
in the Credit by Examination section of      French Lit     3   14   1412,
                                                                     2311,                                      SPAN
this catalog.                                                                                                   1411,

                                                                                                                          General Information - Student
                                                                     2312       Spanish
                                                                                              3         14      1412,

                                                                                                                           Grade and Records
Advanced Placement                                                   GERM                                       2311,
                                                                     1411,                                      2312
Program (AP)                                  German
                                                            3   14   1412,
                                               Lang                                                             SPAN
    San Jacinto College awards college                               2311,
                                                                     2312                                       1411,
credit for certain Advanced Placement                                         Spanish Lit     3         14      1412,
(AP) program tests. Students should         Government                                                          2311,
                                             & Politics-    3   3                                               2312
submit scores from completed tests to           US
the vice president of instruction, who
evaluates such scores and authorizes        History-US      4   6    1301,
                                                                                 Rules that apply to earning credit by
the posting of credit.                                               1302    any form of examination appear earlier
                                                                             in the Credit by Examination section of
                           HRS               European                        this catalog.
                Minimum            COURSE                   4   6    2311,
   AP Exam                  OF                History
                 Score             CREDIT                            2312
                          CREDIT                                             International
     Art                           ARTS
                                                            4   6    2321,   Baccalaureate (IB)
                  4         3                 History
   History                         1303                              2322    Examination Credit
  Studio Art                                 Environ-                            San Jacinto College awards college
                                   ARTS                              ENVR
 (Drawing or      4         3                 mental        4   4
                                   1316                              1401    credit for certain freshmen students who
   General)                                  Science
                                                                             have completed International Baccalau-
  Studio Art                       ARTS      Human                   GEOG
 (2D Design)
                  4         3
                                   1311     Geography
                                                            4   3
                                                                     1302    reate (IB) Examinations with a score
                                                                             of 4 or above. In compliance with the
  Studio Art                       ARTS                              MATH
 (3D Design)
                  4         3
                                             Statistics     3   3
                                                                             Texas Higher Education Coordinating
                                                                             Board regulations, the College awards
                                    BIOL                             MATH
   Biology        4         4               Calculus AB     3   4
                                                                             24 semester hours or equivalent course
                                                                             credit in appropriate subject areas to
                                   BIOL                              MATH    those students who have completed the
                  5         8      1406,    Calculus BC     4   8    2413,
                                   1407                              2414    International Baccalaureate diploma
                                                                             program and who have achieved at least
                                   CHEM       Calculus
  Chemistry       3         4
                                   1411         AB          3   4
                                                                     MATH    the minimum required score on each
                                                                     2413    examination administered as part of
                                   CHEM                                      the diploma program.
                  4         8      1411,                             CHIN
                                   1412       Chinese                1411,
                                               Lang/        3   14   1412,       Students should submit scores from
 Comp Sci A
                  3         3
                                   COSC       Culture                2311,   completed tests to the vice president for
   or AB                           1336                              2312    instruction who evaluates such scores
                  4         3
                                   ECON     Music Theory:                    and authorizes the posting of credit.
    Micro                          2302                                      The current in-district tuition per credit
                                               Aural                 MUSI
 Economics-                        ECON                     5   2            hour fee is charged to record credit.
                  4         3                Subscore                1216
   Macro                           2301                                      Rules that apply to earning credit by
                                             NonAural                MUSI
   English                         ENGL      Subscore
                                                            5   2
                                                                     1211    any form of examination appear earlier
                  3         3
 Lang/Comp                         1301                                      in the Credit by Examination section of
 English Lit/                      ENGL      Physics B      3   8    1401,
                                                                             this catalog. Credit by IB examination
                  3         3
   Comp                            1302                              1402    may be earned in the following courses.
                                   FREN     Physics C-               PHYS
                                   1411,                    3   4
   French                                   Mechanics                2425
                  3        14      1412,
    Lang                                    Physics C-               PHYS
                                   2311,                    3   4
                                   2312     Elec&Mag                 2426

                                Student Grades and Records
                                                  Minimum   San Ja-                                Minimum   San Ja-             exam the student must pay the business
                                 IB Examination    Score cinto College Credit     IB Examination    Score cinto College Credit   office a nonrefundable fee of the current
                                                  Required  Course                                 Required  Course              in-district tuition per credit hour fee
                                         Art          4    ARTS 1311     3                                                       to record credit. The vice president of
General Information - Student

                                                                                 Language AB          4      GERM 1411    4
                                                                                                                                 instruction evaluates the completed
 Grade and Records

                                     Biology SL       4      BIOL 1406     4
                                                                                 Spanish                                         exam and authorizes the registrar to
                                                             BIOL 1406,                                                          record credit as appropriate. Rules that
                                     Biology HL       4                    4                                   SPAN
                                                                1407             Language A1 or                                  apply to earning credit by any form
                                                                                                      4      1411,1412,   4,3
                                  Business &                                     A2 or B HL
                                                      4      BUSI 1301     3                                 2311, 2312          of examination appear earlier in this
                                                                                                             SPAN 1411,          Credit by Examination section.
                                 Chemistry HL         4      CHEM 1411     4     Language B SL        4                   4
                                                             CHEM 1411,
                                 Chemistry HL         5
                                                                           4     Language AB          4      SPAN 1411    4      Transfer Credit
                                  Computing                                                                                      for Demonstrated
                                                      4      COSC 1336     3       Geography          4      GEOG 1301    3
                                  Studies HL                                                                                     Proficiency in Areas
                                 Economics SL         4      ECON 2301     3
                                                                                                      4      HIST 2311    3
                                                                                                                                 Related to College-
                                                                                   (European)                                    Level Courses
                                                             ECON 2301,            Information
                                 Economics HL         5                   3, 3                        4      BCIS 1305    3      completed while in the
                                                               2302                Technology
                                                                                                                                 United States Military
                                   English HL
                                                      4      ENGL 1301     3                                 MATH 2312,
                                 Lang A1 or A2                                       Math HL          4                   3          San Jacinto College may give un-
                                   English HL                                                                                    dergraduate credit for demonstrated
                                                     A,B,C   ENGL 1302     3
                                Extended Essay                                   Math w/ further                                 proficiency in areas related to college-
                                                                                                      4      MATH 1342    3
                                 Environmental                                      math SL                                      level courses completed while in the
                                                      4      GEOL 1405     4      Math Methods                                   United States military. The Defense
                                    Systems                                                           4      MATH 1324    3
                                                                                       SL                                        Activity for Nontraditional Education
                                Foreign Languages:
                                                                                 Math Studies SL      4      MATH 1332    3      Support (DANTES) and the Office of
                                                               CHIN                   Music           4      MUSC 1306    3      Education Credit and Credentials of the
                                Language A1 or                                                                                   American Council on Education (ACE)
                                                      4      1411,1412,   4, 3     Philosophy         4      PHIL 1301    3
                                A2 or B HL                                                                                       will be the sources used to determine
                                                             2311,2312             Physics SL         4      PHYS 1401    4
                                                               CHIN                                                              proficiency. In assigning credits of this
                                Language B SL         4                    4                                 PHYS 1401,
                                                             1411,1412             Physics HL         4                   4      nature, the recommendations of the
                                                                                                                                 American Council on Education (ACE)
                                Language AB           4      CHIN 1411     4       Psychology         4      PSYC 2301    3
                                                                                                                                 will be used as guidelines.
                                French                                                                4      ANTH 2346    3          A maximum of 15 credit hours of
                                                               FREN                                                              course work from official transcripts
                                Language A1 or
                                                      4      1411,1412,   4,3                                                    below, and two credit hours of PHED
                                A2 or B HL                                         Theater Arts       4      DRAM 1310    3
                                                             2311, 2312                                                          activity courses awarded from the
                                                             FREN 1411,
                                Language B SL         4                    4                                                     DD214 basic training documentation,
                                                                1412               Visual Arts        4      ARTS 1301    3
                                                                                                                                 may be earned and applied toward a de-
                                Language AB           4      FREN 1411     4                                                     gree or certificate in this nontraditional
                                                                                 Departmental                                    manner. Only the courses that apply to
                                German                                                                                           the student’s major and used for gradu-
                                Language A1 or                                                                                   ation will be evaluated and assigned
                                                      4      1411,1412,   4,3        A student must petition the College         credit. The credit will be evaluated as
                                A2 or B HL
                                                             2311, 2312          to receive credit by departmental ex-           transfer work and will not appear on
                                                             GERM 1411,          amination. The chair of the department          the San Jacinto College transcript. The
                                Language B SL         4                    4
                                                                1412             in which the examination is requested           courses will be assigned the grade of
                                                                                 will arrange for such an exam on an             “CR” indicating credit. These grades
                                                                                 individual basis with the approval of           will not calculate in the overall GPA
                                                                                 other individuals as indicated on the           of the student but the credit hours will
                                                                                 student’s petition. The vice president          count in the total hours for financial
                                                                                 of instruction must approve the peti-           aid awards.
                                                                                 tion and designate a faculty member to
                                                                                 administer the exam. Before taking the
                                    Student Grades and Records
    Any student wishing to earn credit
for military experience must submit
                                            Advanced Placement                           Retention
                                            Without Credit
official transcripts. Students must                                                      and Disposal
                                               Many departments permit ad-
have official transcripts mailed to the                                                  of Student

                                                                                                                                       General Information - Student
institution from the appropriate office     vanced placement without college

                                                                                                                                        Grade and Records
depending on the student’s branch of        credit. Students should contact the
service:                                    department chair for information.
                                                                                             San Jacinto College follows the
    American Council on Education           Transcripts                                  American Association of Collegiate
                                                                                         Registrars and Enrollment Services
(ACE) (all service branches included)
                                            from San                                     Officers guidelines and the Local
cfm?Section=Transcript_Services1            Jacinto College                              Retention Schedule JC as submitted to
                                                                                         the Texas State Library and Archives
    Army/American Council on Educa-             The San Jacinto College transcript       Commission for keeping and disposing
tion Registration Transcript Service        serves as the student grade report,          of records. The College keeps records
(AARTS)       since no other printed grades are pro-       for three years in paper form, then
mil/                                        vided. Students may print an unofficial      microfilms the records and shreds the
                                            transcript from the Web or obtain an         paper copies. The College then keeps
    Sailor/Marine American Council          official transcript by sending a written     the microfilmed records indefinitely.
on Education Registry (SMART)               request to the enrollment services office.   In 2006, the College began a transition           The request for an official transcript       to electronic imaging as the method of
transcript.html                             should include the student’s name, name      archiving records.
                                            while enrolled at San Jacinto College,
    Coast Guard Institute (CGI) http://
                                            student’s generated ID number or Social      Falsification of
                                            Security number, date of birth, dates
                                            of attendance, address to which the          Records
   DSST (formerly DANTES Subject            transcript is to be mailed, and signature.       San Jacinto College may dismiss im-
Standardized Tests) http://www.dantes.      Except during registration periods,          mediately any student who deliberately          processing and mailing of transcripts        falsifies documents he/she submits to
                                            should be completed within two work          the College. In addition, the College
DSST.htm                                                                                 may suspend the student for whatever
                                            days of receipt of the request. There is     length of time deemed appropriate. The
   CLEP http://www.dantes.doded.            no charge for transcripts.                   College also reserves the right to initiate
mil/dantes_web/examinations/CLEP.                                                        legal proceedings against the student.
htm                                             Students may request copies of
                                            their transcripts in person at the en-
    *Community College of the Air           rollment services office with a photo
                                                                                         Academic Status
Force (CAF) (accredited and all college-    ID. These requests are normally filled           A student’s academic status is calcu-
level credits will be accepted) http://     immediately. If the student desires for      lated each term (Fall, Spring, Summer)       someone else to pick up the transcript,      based upon previous academic status,
    The DD214 will not be used to evalu-    that person needs the student’s written      term grade point average (GPA) and cu-
ate credit other than PHED activity.        release (name, student’s generated ID        mulative grade point average. All credit
                                            number and signature plus the name of        courses taken at San Jacinto College,
    If the transcripts are complex,         the authorized individual) as well as his/   including college preparatory courses,
students will be asked to identify the      her own picture ID. Official transcripts     are included in the calculation, except
courses they think should apply to their    will not be released if there are any        that only the highest grades achieved in
major program. The official transcripts     outstanding admission requirements           repeated courses are counted. No course
will be evaluated and the student will be   or financial obligations to the College.     work from other institutions is included
notified of the number of credits up to     The College cannot provide official          in the San Jacinto College GPA.
15 that will be accepted.                   copies of any other college or high
                                            school transcripts held. Those should
                                            be requested directly from the issuing

                                Student Grades and Records
                                Academic Suspension                         teacher(s) involved and mandatory           Transfer Students
                                Period                                      follow-up counseling. Students who          on Probation or
                                                                            agree to the conditions of enrollment       Suspension
                                     Suspended students must sit out        as defined by the Committee will be
General Information - Student

                                one long term (Fall, Spring or the entire   allowed to re-enroll on suspension              Students admitted from other
 Grade and Records

                                Summer session). After the student          override. Failure to meet the terms of      institutions on academic probation or
                                has sat out the suspension period, they     the contract will result in immediate       academic suspension will be treated
                                must request re-admission and obtain        execution of the suspension stipulations    the same as students from San Jacinto
                                counseling before being eligible to en-     with no refund of tuition and fees and      College on probation or suspension as
                                roll again. Students placed on academic     without further appeal. If the Commit-      described above. Students who fail to re-
                                suspension will be notified by mail or      tee on one campus denies the suspension     port academic status which is less than
                                email that they have been suspended.        appeal, the denial is effective on all      “Good Standing” to gain admission will
                                Students may appeal their suspension        three San Jacinto College campuses.         be immediately withdrawn without any
                                as described below when extenuating                                                     refund of tuition and fees paid.
                                circumstances exist.                        Re-enrollment After                         Note: Please see the Academic Probation and Suspension
                                Suspension Appeals                          Suspension                                  Table for more information.
                                                                                Once the term of suspension has
                                     San Jacinto College students on
                                                                            elapsed, students may apply for re-
                                academic suspension who have not
                                                                            admission. The academic status of
                                completed their term of suspension may
                                                                            suspension will prevent registration
                                appeal for immediate reinstatement
                                                                            until mandatory counseling has been
                                when truly extenuating circumstances
                                                                            completed. Students enrolling after
                                exist. Request for Appeal of Suspen-
                                                                            their suspension period on academic
                                sion forms are available in the student
                                                                            probation, who achieve an overall
                                development centers on each campus.
                                                                            institution GPA of 2.0 or greater, will
                                If the Appeals Committee approves the
                                                                            be considered in “Good Standing.”
                                request, the Committee will prescribe
                                                                            Students who achieve a term GPA of
                                specific conditions for enrollment.
                                                                            2.0 or better, but who do not raise their
                                These conditions may include limits on
                                                                            overall institution GPA of 2.0 or better,
                                classes or the number of hours which
                                                                            will continue on academic probation.
                                may be taken, specific grades which
                                must be attained (e.g., C or above; stu-
                                dent may not withdraw), requirements
                                for periodic progress reports from the

                                       Student Grades and Records
  Academic Probation and Suspension Table
           Both the term and the institution GPA are based on the completion of grades A, B, C, D, or F at San Jacinto College.

                                                                                                                                                      General Information - Student
                                                                                                                                                       Grade and Records
                 A student’s academic status is calculated at the end of each Fall, Spring, and Summer term
                                         (Summer I and Summer II are combined).
       Good                                Academic                           Academic                           Academic
     Standing                              Warning                           Probation                         Suspension
All students are expected to        At the end of the first term         At the end of any term in           At the end of any term in
maintain an overall institu-        in which the overall institu-        which the student is on             which the student is on
tion GPA of 2.0 or higher. At       tion GPA is less than 2.0,           academic warning and the            academic probation and
the conclusion of each term         the student will be placed           overall institution GPA is          both the student’s overall
of enrollment, the student          on academic warning                  less than 2.0, the student          institution GPA and his/her
will remain in good standing        status.                              will be placed on academic          GPA from that just com-
if either of the following is                                            probation. At the end of any        pleted term fall below 2.0,
true:                               At the end of any term in            term in which the student           the student will be placed
                                    which the student was on             was on academic probation,          on academic suspension.
1) If the overall institution       academic warning status,             these are the possibilities:
     GPA is 2.0 or greater          these are the possibilities:                                             Students on academic
     when the grades from                                                1) If the student’s overall         suspension will not be
     the recently completed    1) If the overall institution                  institution GPA is 2.0         eligible to re-enroll until one
     term are included.             GPA is 2.0 or higher,                     or higher, the student’s       term has passed.
                                    the student’s status will                 academic status will
2) If no grades of A, B, C, D,      revert to good standing.                  revert to good standing.       Students on academic
    F, or FX are reported for                                                                                suspension will be required
    the term, there will be    2) If the overall institution  2) If the overall institution                  to meet with a counselor
    no recalculation of the         GPA is less than 2.0, the     GPA is less than 2.0, but                  prior to re-enrollment.
    overall institution GPA.        student will be placed on     the GPA for the recently
                                    academic probation.           completed term is 2.0
                                                                  or better, the student
                                                                  will remain on academic
                                                                         3) If both the student’s
                                                                              overall institution GPA
                                                                              and the GPA from the
                                                                              recently completed
                                                                              term fall below 2.0, the
                                                                              student will be placed on
                                                                              academic suspension.
                                                                         Note: Students will remain
                                                                         on academic probation after
                                                                         each term in which his/her
                                                                         overall institution GPA is
                                                                         less than 2.0, even though
                                                                         the most recent term GPA
                                                                         may be 2.0 or higher.
NOTE: If at the end of any term when the overall institution GPA is recalculated a student’s status reaches good standing, the sequence begins
over. For example, if the student has been on academic warning but then raised his/her status to good standing, then the next term in which
the overall institution GPA falls below 2.0, the student will again be placed on academic warning status.

                                         Student Services
                                         Student                                      ties. The College provides a variety of
                                                                                      campus activities to meet the interests
General Information - Student Services

                                         Inquiries                                    and needs of all students. These campus     Populations
                                            Inquiries about student grades and        activities enrich the college experi-           The special populations office
                                         records should be addressed to the           ence through a wide variety of social,      assists both academic and technical
                                         enrollment services office.                  cultural, intellectual, and recreational    students with physical and mental
                                                                                      programs that complement the students’      disabilities. Special populations staff
                                         Central Campus      281.998.6150             classroom experiences.                      will assist students who may need ac-
                                         North Campus        281.998.6150                                                         commodations such as extended testing,
                                         South Campus        281.998.6150                 Each campus has a resource center
                                                                                      that oversees campus activities. The        tutors, resource referral, specialized
                                             San Jacinto College provides a           student life office has information on      equipment, coordination with interpret-
                                         comprehensive network of support             dozens of student organizations, fine       ers and readers, library and registration
                                         services to create a supportive, stimulat-   arts events, festivals, lecture series,     assistance, and campus orientation.
                                         ing academic environment that extends        community service projects, and leader-     Child care assistance is available
                                         beyond the classroom. The student            ship development programs. Student          through the Carl Perkins Grant for
                                         services program helps students achieve      organizations are a major component of      eligible students who are enrolled in
                                         their educational and vocational goals       the student life and activities program.    certificate of technology and/or associ-
                                         by providing knowledgeable counsel-          Belonging to a professional, social,        ate of applied science degree programs.
                                         ing and opportunities for leadership,        cultural, or special interest group on
                                         personal enrichment, and recreation.                                                         Inquiries about special populations
                                                                                      campus allows a student to acquire new      services may be addressed to the special
                                                                                      interests, develop leadership and man-      populations office.
                                         Student                                      agement skills, and meet new people.
                                                                                                                                  Central Campus     281.476.1888
                                         Orientation                                      Participating in extracurricular pro-   North Campus       281.459.7624
                                                                                      grams can make a difference between         South Campus       281.922.3453
                                             Student orientation is conducted
                                                                                      getting behind and getting ahead in col-
                                         before each Fall and Spring term to
                                         help entering students succeed at San
                                                                                      lege and in a career. Many employers see
                                                                                      campus involvement as a key indicator
                                                                                                                                  Career and
                                         Jacinto College. New student orienta-
                                         tion includes important information
                                                                                      of a student’s potential for success with   Employment
                                                                                      his/her company. Therefore, students
                                         on registration, academic advising, fi-
                                                                                      are encouraged to participate in campus     Center
                                         nancial aid, student activities and other
                                                                                      activities for both personal and profes-        Part-time and full-time employ-
                                         support services and programs. The
                                                                                      sional enrichment.                          ment listings are available to current
                                         program also provides a new student
                                         with the opportunity to ask questions,                                                   and former students in the career and
                                         to tour the campus, and to meet faculty      Recreational                                employment center via an online data-
                                                                                                                                  base. This database lists employment,
                                         and other students. Getting off to a
                                         good start is important; therefore, the
                                                                                      and Intramural                              internship, and volunteer opportunities
                                         College encourages all new students          Sports                                      from employers in a variety of fields and
                                                                                                                                  with different skill requirements. In ad-
                                         to attend orientation. Students should
                                                                                          The San Jacinto College campus          dition to the online database, employers
                                         refer to the Schedule of Classes or
                                                                                      rec department provides students op-        recruit students at each of the campuses
                                         contact the student success center or
                                                                                      portunities to enjoy a variety of sports,   throughout the year.
                                         counseling center on each campus for
                                                                                      some of which may be new to them.
                                         the times, dates and locations of student                                                    During each term, the career and
                                                                                      All eligible students are welcome to
                                         orientation.                                                                             employment center conducts workshops
                                                                                      participate in the program’s individual,
                                                                                      dual, or team sports. Most activities       on such topics as résumé writing,
                                         Campus                                       are free for eligible students. For more    interviewing, locating jobs, job search
                                                                                                                                  tips, and career changes. The Schedule
                                         Activities                                   information, contact the student life
                                                                                      office.                                     of Classes lists workshop dates and
                                             San Jacinto College believes that                                                    times. Books, videos, and informational
                                         students acquire many of their most                                                      handouts related to job search are also
                                         lasting impressions in college in co-                                                    available.
                                         curricular and extracurricular activi-

                                                                            Student Services
    The College sponsors job expos               Students are encouraged to sign up          Bookstores will buy back textbooks
held at each campus during the year          for the SJC Alert Me system to receive      at the end of each term. Bookstore deci-

                                                                                                                                      General Information - Student Services
at which employers conduct interviews        voice and text messages in the event        sions about whether to buy back any
and educate students about employment        of a College closure. SJC Alert Me          textbook are determined by the need for
and industry requirements as well as job     will provide San Jacinto College with       that book in the next term. Cash register
availability. These expos are open to the    another communication tool to keep          receipts are not required to sell books
community and to San Jacinto College         students, faculty, and staff informed       back to the bookstores. Contact the
students and alumni.                         during threatening situations and           bookstore for specific buyback dates.
                                             weather-related closings. In order to
    To register with the career and          receive voice and text messages, you        North Campus 281.459.7111 Option 1
employment center, go to             must provide your telephone and/or          South Campus 281.922.3410 Option 1 or visit         cell phone number. There is no cost         Central Campus 281.476.1898 Option 1
your campus career and employment            to sign up for this notification service.
center. Online registration is approved      However, when the system sends a mes-       Awarding of
in one to two business days, and a
login and password will be sent to the
                                             sage to your personal phone, you are        Degrees and
                                             responsible for any charges from your
email address listed in the registration.    phone service provider associated with      Certificates
Login and password information is also       receiving voice or text messages.
available via phone at:                                                                      Upon completion of degree and/or
                                                                                         certificate requirements, the student
Central Campus      281.476.1805             Textbook                                    must apply for graduation in order for
North Campus        281.459.7156                                                         the credential(s) to be awarded. This
South Campus        281.992.3488             Repurchase                                  process requires the student to complete
    Registration will remain active for      Policy                                      a Degree Evaluation and an Application
six (6) months and can be updated by                                                     for Degree or Certificate.
                                                Students may purchase all required
contacting the Career and Employment         books and supplies for their courses         1. Degree Evaluation: The student
Center. Individual assistance is avail-      from the bookstore.                             first completes a Degree Evaluation
able for résumé review, mock interview                                                       online using the Student Online
sessions and career development.                Textbooks purchased at the begin-            System at Confirm
Services are free.                           ning of the term may be returned for 100        that ALL requirements for the degree
                                             percent refund, subject to the following        or certificate are completed or in
Emergency                                    conditions.                                     progress. Print a copy and annotate
                                                                                             the status of any unmet requirements
Closings                                      1. A register receipt must accompany
                                                                                             (i.e., Computer literacy test has been
                                                 all returns.
     Providing a safe and secure environ-                                                    taken, scores pending; department
ment for our students, faculty and staff      2. Items must be in original condition.        course substitution initiated; MATH
is a top priority at San Jacinto College.        New books must be in new condition          requirement in progress at another
In the event the College needs to be             (no markings in book at all). Books         college). Submit a Request for Final
closed for any situation, such as inclem-        with software and CDs, videos,              Graduation Verification with at-
ent weather, students and employees              etc., must be in original condition.        tached Degree Evaluation to the
should refer to the College website at           No refund if seal or shrink-wrap is         campus Enrollment Services Office. or the Emergency In-              broken.
                                                                                          2. Application for Degree or Certifi-
formation Line for the most immediate         3. Contact the bookstore for specific          cate: The enrollment services office
and current information regarding clo-           refund periods.                             will verify eligibility for graduation
sure status. In addition, local television       Refunds will not be given on any            and mail an Application for Degree
and radio stations may also broadcast        textbook purchased after the term’s             or Certificate form to the student
bulletins announcing campus closings         refund period ends.                             when eligible.
in emergency situations.

                                         Student Services
                                          3. Regalia: The student orders cap and        3. Have a minimum cumulative grade                      Additional Associate
                                             gown for commencement through                 point average of at least 2.0 (C aver-
General Information - Student Services

                                             the campus bookstore. Honors                  age) on all college-level course work                (Second Degrees)
                                             program graduates, graduates from             completed at San Jacinto College.
                                             special programs and members of               The Graduation GPA is displayed                          Students should obtain academic
                                             Phi Theta Kappa should speak to               on the CAPP Degree Evaluation.                       advising before enrolling in pursuit
                                             their program advisor regarding                                                                    of another associate degree. With the
                                                                                        4. Meet the provisions as described in                  following stipulations, students may
                                             specialty regalia for commencement.           the section titled Transfer of Credit                obtain additional associate degrees.
                                          4. Diplomas: Following the end-of                when transfer credit is to be applied
                                             -term posting of grades, the enroll-          toward a degree.                                      1. A student who has received an A.A.
                                             ment services office verifies that         5. Have at least 24 term hours of                           or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree
                                             all requirements in progress have             college-level credit earned at San                       may earn an Associate of Applied
                                             been completed and prepares the               Jacinto College, not including credit                    Science (A.A.S.) degree but may
                                             diplomas. Diplomas will normally              by examination.                                          not earn two A.A.’s or another A.S.
                                             be available for pick-up in the enroll-                                                                degree.
                                             ment services office about two weeks       6. Complete two term hours of physical
                                                                                           education activity courses. Students                  2. A student who has received an A.A.S.
                                             following the posting of final grades                                                                  degree may obtain an A.A. or A.S.
                                             for the term.                                 with prior military service may
                                                                                           provide a copy of their DD214 for                        degree or an additional A.A.S. degree
                                            Students not currently enrolled,               possible credit toward the physical                      in another major area.
                                         who complete final graduation require-            education requirement. Students                          These stipulations are subject to the
                                         ments elsewhere at another regionally             who are excused from physical edu-                   following:
                                         accredited college or university and              cation due to a medical waiver must
                                         provide an official transcript, may also          take additional courses to replace                    1. For each additional associate degree
                                         apply for the degree or certificate.              the two hours toward the minimum                         permitted by the above stipulations,
                                                                                           required hours for the degree.                           a minimum of 24 term hours of
                                         Associate of Arts                                                                                          college-level credit above the total
                                         Degree                                         7. Make formal application for gradua-                      number of term hours applied to the
                                                                                           tion at the enrollment services office.                  previous degree(s) must be earned at
                                             San Jacinto College confers the               (See the Academic Calendar for
                                         Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree upon                                                                       San Jacinto College. The 24 hours
                                                                                           deadline dates.)                                         may not be repeats of hours previ-
                                         students who meet the general and
                                         core requirements for graduation listed        8. Complete the required transfer core                      ously earned at San Jacinto College
                                         below.                                            curriculum, major requirements or                        or other schools.
                                                                                           one of the established Fields of Study                2. The student must comply with all
                                          1. Meet entrance requirements for                options for the A.A. or A.S. degree*                     applicable provisions listed in the
                                             unconditional admission.                   9. Satisfy the computer literacy require-                   section titled Degree and Certificate
                                          2. Complete at least 61 credit hours of          ments.*                                                  Requirements for each degree the
                                             college-level (non-college prepara-       *See sample of the general Associate of Arts (A.A.)          student is seeking.
                                             tory) course work, as prescribed by       degree plan and the various Field of Study A.A. degree
                                                                                                                                                 3. At the student’s option, a previously
                                             the degree, including a maximum of        plans for details.
                                                                                                                                                    awarded associate degree may be
                                             two term hours of physical education                                                                   officially relinquished in order that
                                             activity courses. Scholarship athletes                                                                 previously earned hours may apply
                                             may apply up to two hours of varsity                                                                   to a different associate degree.
                                             sports towards free electives in addi-
                                             tion to the basic physical education
                                             requirement. Students who graduate
                                             as health and physical education ma-
                                             jors (ONLY) may apply a maximum
                                             of four credit hours in any physical
                                             education activity courses to their
                                             A.A. degree.


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