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									Veterinary Medical School Libraries

                  Julie Kliever
                  LSC 523
                  Special Libraries
                  December 6, 2005
There are 28 veterinary medical school libraries in the US:

Auburn University Cary Veterinary Medical Library                          University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Library
Tuskegee University Williams Veterinary School Library                     Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine
University of California - Davis Carlson Health Sciences                   University of Missouri- Columbia College of Veterinary
      Library / UC Davis Center for Animal Alternatives                          Medicine
Western University of Health Sciences                       Pumerantz      Cornell University Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library
                                                                           North Carolina State University College of Veterinary
Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital                           Medicine
University of Florida Health Sciences Library & Veterinary                 Ohio State University Hodesson Veterinary Medicine Library
      Medicine Reading Room
                                                                           Oklahoma State University The William E. Brock Memorial
University of Georgia Sciences Library             & Veterinary Medicine         Library Center for Veterinary Health Sciences
      Reading Room
                                                                           Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine Library
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Veterinary
      Medical Library                                                      University of Pennsylvania C.J. Marshall Memorial
                                                                                 Library/School of Veterinary Medicine
Perdue University Veterinary Medical Library
                                                                           University of Tennessee Pendergrass Agriculture & Veterinary
Iowa State University Veterinary Medical Library                                 Medicine Library
Kansas State University Veterinary Medicine Library                        Texas A & M Medical Sciences Library
Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine                   Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary
      Library                                                                   Medicine Veterinary Medical Library
Tufts University - Webster Veterinary Library                              Washington State University Health Sciences Library
Michigan State University Veterinary Medical Center Library                University of Wisconsin Steenbock Memorial Library

  Note that most of these schools are large land-grant institutions that have substantial agriculture curricula.
  Remember that veterinary science has its roots in enhancing farming production, not in healing your sick cat!
Veterinary library size & staffing
   Some are standalone libraries – co-located with Veterinary Medicine program, in the
    same building.

   Some co-exist with medical, pharmaceutical or
    other science library (serving more than 1 curricula). These are the largest libraries.
    Some have 2 libraries, one for the vet school and one for a separate clinic.

    Libraries that are not co-located with the vet classrooms sometimes have “reading rooms” in the
    classroom area.

   Staffing varies:
    As many as 6 dedicated staff members, 1 or 2 with MLS degrees
    As few as 1 librarian who have shared duties with other programs.

   Number of volumes varies:
    Smaller schools that only serve veterinary medical program average 30,000 volumes.
    Larger schools that serve multiple health science programs average 140,000 volumes.
What kind of skills are needed in a
veterinary medical library?

   MLS (of course)

   Some experience in the field is preferred:
          medical degree - a few librarians are also VMD’s
          science degree – chemistry, biology, zoology, infectious diseases
          “gentleman farmer” experience, raising various animals

    “..but I do not think a fresh library science school graduate can adequately serve the
    veterinary teaching faculty, hospital doctors, and veterinary students with necessary skills
    and efficiency unless he/she is among many senior librarians.” – U of Illinois librarian
    (recently retired)

   People skills a must!
    “willingness to provide service is probably the most important and desirable staff quality” –
    Colorado State librarian
“Chain of command” in veterinary school libraries

   Many report to main campus library, even though vet library is located

    Cornell University – until 18 months ago, reported to Vet School administration, now reports to main
    campus library with a “dotted line” responsibility to vet school.

    Oregon State University – The Library Director reports to main library but is “contracted out” for 20 % of
    her time to the vet school. This helps with the accreditation reporting and budgeting.

   Some report to the Dean of the Veterinary School.

    Mississippi State – Head librarian reports to main library, but his staff librarians report to the vet school.
Veterinary Medical Library professional organizations and

   Medical Library Association – Veterinary Medical Libraries Section
    Journal of the Medical Library Association – quarterly publication
    Publishes Annual Survey of Veterinary Medical Libraries,
    Basic List of Veterinary Serials
    Standards for veterinary medical libraries were approved at the MLA 2003 conference – format adopted from that used by
    Hospitals Libraries section and JCAHO (remember them??)

   Special Libraries Association – dual associations
             Food, Agriculture and Nutrition Section                         Biomedical and Life Sciences Division
             Food for Thought – semi annual newsletter                       Medical Section
                                                                             Biofeedback – quarterly newsletter

   American Veterinary Medical Association- accrediting body for vet schools.
    Has a library accreditation section
    Accreditation Policies and Procedures of the AVMA Council on Education (COE)

   International Association of Agricultural Information Specialists

   Online resources: VETLIB-L listserv, SLA Food Ag & Nutrition listserv
Whom do they serve?

    “Academic veterinary medical libraries exist to support the educational,
    clinical, and research needs of the faculty, students, and staff of the
    veterinary medical institution.”
                    - American Veterinary Medical Association Standards
                                                      Committee website

   Students
   Faculty
   Practicing veterinarians
    Information retrieval services are offered at many vet school libraries:
    University of Illinois library has a fee-based service.
    Ohio State University has a document delivery form on their home page.
    Texas A&M offers free information retrieval and info retrieval education.
What materials are in a veterinary library?

   textbooks and journals
   CD-ROMs, videos and slides
   online medical and agricultural databases such as PubMed,
    AgriCola, Ovid Medline
   donated collections of retired or deceased professors
   surgical knot tying kits for practice
   collection of plants that are toxic to animals
   leather recliners and sleep timers (yes, students can check out
    sleep timers for use in “power naps” at the library)
Spotlight on: Texas A&M

   Medical Sciences Library Clinical Veterinary Librarian Program

    “These librarians attend Clinical Rounds on a weekly basis and comprise part of the patient care team
    along with the clinicians, surgeons, residents, and students of the clinics. Working with the other team
    members, the librarians provide information support to assist the clinical team in making health care
    decisions and providing quality patient care.” – description of program from library’s web page.

   In my opinion this program epitomizes the true definition of a Special Librarian.
Spotlight on: Western University of Health Sciences

   Newest veterinary school in the US, located in Pomona, CA.
   Probationary accreditation granted by AVMA in 2003.
   First class will graduate 2007.
   Accreditation process began in 1999.
   Library building is a converted AT&T switching substation.
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University of California – Davis, Oregon State University, Mississippi State University, Cornell University,
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