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									I was browsing through several forex websites yesterday looking for a
potential short-term strategy I could use to compliment my current longer
term strategy. Anyway I happened to stumble across a product called Forex
Trading Made EZ which was getting a lot of positive comments from people
who had purchased the system, so I thought I would buy it myself and see
if it was any good.

I have to say that I can see why Forex Trading Made EZ was getting so
many rave reviews. It really is a great short-term trading system.

The creator of the system is a man called George Smith who is a retired
airline pilot who now spends a few hours a day trading the forex markets
with the aim of achieving 20-25 points a day.

He does this by targeting several winning trades of   5 or more points,
which when combined gives you this daily target and   it seems to work very
well. All he does is identify the longer term trend   on the 15 minute
chart and then takes small chunks out of this trend   using the 5 minute
and 1 minute charts.

It really is very effective. He favours the EUR/USD pair but I personally
prefer trading the GBP/USD pair as it has slightly bigger price moves and
have so far had 3 winners out of 3 since yesterday afternoon giving me an
overall profit of 26 points after deducting the spread. I've even had
success trading the FTSE 100 using this method via my spread betting

So if you are looking for a short-term trading system, I can definitely
recommend you check out the Forex Trading Made EZ system. When you buy
the course, you receive an 80-page ebook and several accompanying videos
so it is very simple to learn and despite the fact that is doesn't use
many technical indicators, it does seem to be extremely effective and
it's certainly a method that I plan on using quite a lot in the future.

If you want to find out more about this Forex Trading Made EZ system, you
can do so by clicking here.

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