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					                                         Paper Template for IWSLT 2007
                                                    Arirang U. Speaker

                                    Department of Spoken Language Translation
                                      University of Speechland, Speechland

                         Abstract                                2.1.1.     Headings
This is a layout specification and template definition for the   Section headings are centered in boldface with the first word
papers of the IWSLT 2007 Workshop, which will be held in         capitalized and the rest of the heading in lower case. Sub-
Trento, Italy, October 15-16, 2007. This template has been       headings appear like major headings, except they start at the
generated from the Interspeech 2004 templates and aims at        left margin in the column. Sub-sub-headings appear like sub-
producing conference proceedings in electronic form. The         headings, except they are in italics and not boldface. See
format is essentially the one used for IEEE ICASSP               examples in this file. No more than 3 levels of headings
conferences.                                                     should be used.

                    1. Introduction                              2.2. Text font
This template can be found on the conference website. Please     Times or Times Roman font is used for main text.
use either a MS-Word® or a LaTeX format file when                Recommended font size is 9 points that is also the minimum
preparing your submission. Information for full paper            allowed size. Other font types may be used if needed for
submission is available in the web at <>    special purposes. While making the final PostScript file,
under which you also will find instructions for paper            remember to include all fonts!
preparation and usage of templates.                                  LaTeX users: DO NOT USE Computer Modern FONT
                                                                 FOR TEXT (Times is specified in the style file). If possible,
              2. Page layout and style                           make the final document using POSTSCRIPT FONTS. This
                                                                 is necessary given that, for example, equations with non-ps
The page layout should match with the following rules. A         Computer Modern are very hard to read on screen.
highly recommended way to meet these requirements is to use
a given template (Word® or LaTeX) and check details against      2.3. Figures
the corresponding example file.
                                                                 All figures should be centered on the column (or page, if the
2.1. Basic layout features                                       figure spans both columns). Figure captions should follow
                                                                 each figure and have the format given in Fig. 1.
   Proceedings will be printed in A4 format. The layout is          Figures should be preferably line drawings. If they
    designed so that files, when printed in US Letter format,    contain gray levels or colors, they should be checked to print
    include all material but the margins are not symmetric.      well on a high-quality non-color laser printer.
    Although this is not an absolute requirement, if at all
    possible, PLEASE TRY TO MAKE YOUR                            2.4. Tables
                                                                 An example of a table is shown as Table 1. Somewhat
   Two columns are used except for the title part and           different styles are allowed according to the type and purpose
    possibly for large figures that need a full page width.      of the table. The caption text may be above or below the table.
   Left margin is 20 mm.                                        2.5. Equations
   Column width is 80 mm.                                       Equations should be placed on separate lines and numbered.
   Spacing between columns is 10 mm.                            Examples of equations are given below. Particularly,

   Top margin 25 mm (except first page 30 mm to title top).              x(t )  s( f  (t ))                               (1)

   Text height (without headers and footers) is maximum         where f (t ) is a special warping function
    235 mm.
                                                                                                        v 1k d
   Headers and footers should be left empty (they will be                f  (t )                                          (2)
    added for printing).                                                               2j   C   (1  v 1 )( v 1   )

   Check indentations and spacings by comparing to this
    example file (in PDF or Postscript format).
              Table 1: This is an example of a table                discussion. This is the discussion. Is there any discussion This
                                                                    is the discussion. Is there any discussion This is the
                     ratio         Decibels                         discussion. Is there any discussion? This is the discussion. Is
                       1/1            0                             there any discussion.
                       2/1           6                                 This is the discussion. Is there any discussion This is the
                      3.16           10                             discussion. Is there any discussion. This is the discussion. Is
                      1/10           20                             there any discussion. This is the discussion. Is there any
                      10/1           -20                            discussion? This is the discussion. Is there any discussion.
                     100/1           40                             This is the discussion. Is there any discussion. This is the
                    1000/1           60                             discussion. Is there any discussion.

                                                                                         4. Conclusions
                                                                    This similar template can be found on the past conference
                                                                    website <>.
                      this should be a figure                            This template can be found on the conference website <
                                                                        This template can be found on the conference website <
        Figure 1: Schematic diagram of speech production.

A residue theorem states that                                                       5. Acknowledgements

         F ( z)dz  2j Re sF ( z), p 
                                         k                    (3)   The IWSLT 2007 organizing committee would like to thank
                                                                    the organzing committees of Interspeech 2004 for their help
                                                                    and for kindly providing the template files.
Applying theorem 3 to 1, it is quite straightforward to see that
                                                                                          6. References
        1 1                                                (4)
                                                                    [1] Smith, J. O. and Abel, J. S., ``Bark and ERB Bilinear
Finally we have proven the secret theorem of all speech                 Transforms'', IEEE Trans. Speech and Audio Proc.,
sciences. No more math is needed to show how useful the                 7(6):697-708, 1999.
result is!                                                          [2] Lee, K.-F., Automatic Speech Recognition: The
                                                                        Development of the SPHINX SYSTEM, Kluwer Academic
2.6. Hyperlinks                                                         Publishers, Boston, 1989.
Hyperlinks can be included in your paper. Please pay attention      [3] Rudnicky, A. I., Polifroni, Thayer, E H., and Brennan, R.
to the fact that if the submission is a PostScript file, the            A. "Interactive problem solving with speech", J. Acoust.
hyperlink information will get lost, since PostScript files,            Soc. Amer., Vol. 84, 1988, p S213(A).
unlike PDF, cannot carry an active link
Moreover, be aware that the paper submission procedure
includes the option of specifying a hyperlink to additional
information. This hyperlink will go into the CD-ROM.
Particularly pay attention to the possibility, from this single
hyperlink, to have further links to information such as other
related documents, sound or multimedia.
    If you still choose to use active hyperlinks in your paper,
please make sure that they make no problems in printing to

2.7. Page Numbers
Page numbers will be added later to the document electro-
nically. Don't make any footers or headers!

2.8. References
The reference format is the standard IEEE one. References
should be numbered in order of appearance, for example [1],
[2] and [3].

                      3. Discussion
 This is the discussion. This is the discussion This is the
discussion. Is there any discussion. This is the discussion. Is
there any discussion. This is the discussion. Is there any

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