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					Exercise and Sport Science                                                                         NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY

Bachelor of Science

                                                 B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science
                                                 The exercise and sport science program provides students with a foundation in
                                                 the movement sciences, which promotes improvements in health, fitness, and/
 AT A GLANCE                                     or performance for the physically active. Students graduating from the exercise
                                                 and sport science major will be able to seek employment as an exercise specialist,
 The college’s average class size of 22          fitness and wellness coordinator, sport performance researcher, and strength and
 students allows for individual attention        conditioning specialist, as well as enter professional graduate programs in exercise sciences
 from professors.                                and other fields with a foundation in the areas of movement sciences.
 The Dual Admission Program reserves             Graduates of this major will be able to
 a seat for exceptional students in
                                                 •    demonstrate critical thinking skills related to the areas of physical activity,
 a graduate or professional school
                                                      movement sciences, and sport through practical experiences
 program upon acceptance into the
 undergraduate program.                          •    obtain knowledge of content area specific to chosen career goals—including
                                                      strength and conditioning specialist, coaching, and corporate fitness and
 The Undergraduate Honors Program presents
                                                      wellness—through didactic and internship experiences
 specially designed courses and events
                                                 •    demonstrate the importance of the physical, psychological, and emotional demands of
 to students ready for more in-depth and
 unique learning experiences.
                                                      physically active individuals through didactic and practicum experience
                                                 These skills prepare students for career opportunities involving exercise physiology
 Students can present their academic
                                                 research, sports training programs, clinical programs, fitness and wellness programs, and
 and creative work to the public in
                                                 become an ACSM ( Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist®.
 Gallery 217, the Farquhar Student
 Journal , Digressions , and at the
 Undergraduate Student Symposium.

 The Performing and Visual Arts Wing in
 the Don Taft University Center provides an
 outstanding new home for the performing
 and visual arts in South Florida.

 Travel study courses take students around
 the world—from Italy to the Galápagos and
 from Baja to Budapest—all for course credit.

 Guest lecturers and faculty members share
 their expertise in the Distinguished Speakers
 Series and the Faculty Lecture Series.

                                                                                       FARQUHAR COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES
    Exercise and Sport Science
    Bachelor of Science

                                                                                   Words from an Exercise and Sport Science Professor
                                                                                   “This program truly combines exercise and science with exciting
                                                                                   classes and practical opportunities.”
                                                                                                          —Elizabeth Swann, Ph.D., ATC, Associate Professor

                                                                                   Words from an Exercise and Sport Science Student
                                                                                   “In one of the courses, it was so exciting to learn about the energy
                                                                                   systems and how the human body is an efficient machine. I am a
                                                                                   better runner from applying the information in class.”

                                                                                                                                                                                              —John Besharat
    Course of Study
    120 credits are required to graduate, including 30 credits of
    general education.                                                             The Division of Math, Science, and Technology
    Major course requirements include
{   ATTR 1200 Principles of Athletic Training OR
    EXSC 1200 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
                                                                                    • Applied Professional Studies
                                                                                    • Athletic Training
    ATTR 1300 Emergency Care                                                        • Biology (Premedical)
    ATTR 1400 Health and Fitness                                                    • Chemistry (starting fall 2011)
    ATTR 2300 Sports Nutrition                                                      • Computer Information Systems
                                                                                    • Computer Science
    ATTR 2400 Strength and Conditioning                                             • Environmental Science/Studies
    BIOL 1400 Introductory Cell Biology                                             • Exercise and Sport Science
    BIOL 3312 Human Anatomy and Physiology with Lab                                 • Marine Biology
    BIOL 3700 Kinesiology                                                          Minors:
                                                                                    • Applied Statistics
    BIOL 3710 Exercise Physiology
                                                                                    • Bioinformatics
    EXSC 3720 Biomechanics of Human Movement                                        • Chemistry
    EXSC 3800 Exercise Prescription                                                 • Computer Information Systems
    EXSC 4100 Adapted Physical Education                                            • Exercise Science
    EXSC 4200 Motor Learning/Development                                            • Information Assurance/Security
                                                                                    • Information Technology
    EXSC 4300 Research Methods in Sport and Physical Education                      • Marine Biology
    EXSC 4400 Exercise and Sport Administration                                     • Marine Ecology
    EXSC 4901 Practicum in Exercise Science                                         • Marine Microbiology
    MATH 1040 Algebra for College Students                                          • Mathematics
                                                                                    • Physics
    MATH 3020 Applied Statistics
                                                                                    • Public Health
    PSYC 3400 Sport Psychology
                                                                                   Nova Southeastern University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1866 Southern Lane,
    This publication should not be viewed as a substitution for official program   Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097, Telephone number: 404-679-4501) to award associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, educational specialist, and doctoral
                                                                                   degrees. n Nova Southeastern University admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation, and national or ethnic origin.
    requirements and outcomes. Students are responsible for meeting curriculum
    and program requirements in the Undergraduate Student Catalog in effect
    when the student enters the program. 

    Admissions                                     Division of Math, Science, and Technology
    3301 College Avenue                  
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314-7796            (954) 262-8301 • 800-757-7257
    (954) 262-8000 • 800-338-4723                        09-143-10 RWM

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