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					               Brand Identity & Logo Guidelines

               What is Brand?
               A brand is more than just a name and a logo. A brand is a promise of uniqueness, quality and value. In short, a brand
               distinguishes an organization and its offerings from the competition and helps build preference and loyalty in an
               environment where customers have choices.

               Why is the CARQUEST® Brand Important?
               The CARQUEST brand is a valuable asset that creates preference and loyalty for our products and services. Many
               companies can buy and sell original equipment-quality products, but there is only one CARQUEST brand. Building a
               strong CARQUEST brand presence will support our positive reputation, separate us from our competition and reinforce
               the promise that we will consistently deliver excellence in everything we do.

               Why is Consistency Important?
               Brands define themselves much like people — through words and actions. If the words are consistent and match the
               actions, the brand grows stronger and its positive reputation is enhanced.
               Greater consistency in all we do and say and a disciplined approach to how we communicate with our customers,
               teammates and other stakeholders will help build the CARQUEST brand.
               A consistent look and feel across all communications will also reinforce the impression of an integrated company
               that speaks with one reliable, strong voice and holds the same values across the entire organization. And while the
               company will continue to grow and change, the CARQUEST brand and everything it stands for will endure.

Rev - 2/5/10
The CARQUEST® Trademark and Brand Logos

The CARQUEST logos are the primary representations of our brand identity. They should always be used according to the
standards described in these guidelines.

All approved CARQUEST logos should be derived from digital files. They should never be distorted, altered, amended or
“rebuilt.” The approved logos as digital files are available for download at
or on CARQUEST Link under the Brand and Logo Guidelines link.

The CARQUEST® Auto Parts logo should always be used on store signage, fleet graphics and uniforms.

The CARQUEST Technical Institute® logo should be used on uniforms, promotional materials and educational publications for
those business units.

When co-branding and two or more logos appear together, the CARQUEST logo should appear in the primary position
and appear larger or at least equal to the co-branding logo and should appear separate and distinct from the third party logo.

If any questions arise around the proper usage of any CARQUEST logo, Marketing should be consulted.

Standards for using the CARQUEST Logos

It is the responsibility of every teammate, member, supplier, customer and partner to use the CARQUEST logo correctly. These
comprehensive brand guidelines and standards will help us work together to build a stronger and more unified CARQUEST brand
across all our businesses.

The CARQUEST logo is a registered trademark of CARQUEST Corporation. It is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark
Office and is a distinctive symbol to identify and distinguish the source of goods and services. The registered trademark (®),
which is integrated into the design of the logo, represents a universally accepted mark signifying proprietary legal protections.
It is essential that its usage be managed consistently across all applications.

During the process of registering a trademark, the trademark (™) for products and service mark (SM) for service symbols are
designated to indicate that a trademark registration has been applied for. When the registration process is complete and the
trademark becomes registered, the ™ or SM designation is replaced by ®, the registered trademark designation. Throughout
these guidelines, you will notice various usages of all three designations. This section provides guidelines for usage of these
symbols with the various logos.

The CARQUEST brand identity is predominantly defined by the master brand logo: the “shield” logo with or without a white trap.

                                                        Trap refers to the white border around the logo.

The CARQUEST master brand logo is the CARQUEST shield, which is the central symbol to distinguish and identify the source of
goods and services. Its power and distinctiveness will be enhanced through consistent and disciplined use. This is why it is
important to follow these guidelines and consult with Marketing with any questions. While the CARQUEST shield logo is
appropriate in almost any situation, there are approved modifiers that may be used with the CARQUEST shield logo to provide
clarity and distinguish one product and services offering from another.

Approved logo variations are: CARQUEST® Auto Parts with or without trap, CARQUEST® Tools & Equipment, CARQUEST Technical
Institute®. These may be used where such specific communications are required. They must always be reproduced from digital
master artwork files. No additional modifiers, designs, words or symbols may be attached to these logos. Logos are also avail-
able in French and Spanish online.
Master Brand Logo Elements
The master brand logo artwork consists of three elements: the CARQUEST® “shield,” the
CARQUEST name in its unique typeface, and the registered trademark symbol (®).

The CARQUEST brand logos should always be reproduced from digital master artwork files. It should never be “recreated,”
altered, amended or distorted. The approved logos as digital files can be found at or on CARQUEST Link
under the Brand and Logo Guidelines link. Below is a complete representation of all approved logos.

The standard spot colors are

Pantone 186 (Red) 100%                 Pantone 286 (Blue) 100%

Process colors (CMYK) are as follows:
CMYK Red (0/100/8/4)                  CMYK Blue (100/64/0/6)

Color is a powerful part of brand recognition, and the full-color version of the logos should be used wherever possible.
Occasionally, one-or two-color executions may be necessary. When single-color applications of the logo are necessary, the
accepted color options are 100% Pantone 186 (Red) or CMYK equivalent, 100% Pantone 286 (Blue) or CMYK equivalent
or 100% Process black or 100% white. CARQUEST and CARQUEST Auto Parts can be used with or without trap.

CARQUEST® Auto Parts Logo
The CARQUEST® Auto Parts logo conforms in every way to the master brand logo with the exception of adding the words
“Auto Parts” in a specially drawn typeface. It should always be proportionally consistent and appear centered under the master
brand logo in a“lock-up” as shown. It can be used with or without trap.

CARQUEST Logo with Approved Variations                             CARQUEST® Technical Institute Logo
In order to distinguish these marks, modifying language
and typographic treatments have been designed in
conjunction with the master brand logo. The typeface is
Avenir Medium and the color is Pantone 186 (Blue). These
“lock-ups” should not be altered, recreated, distorted,
amended or otherwise revised.
CARQUEST® Tools & Equipment Logo

CARQUEST Logo Exceptions - Team CARQUEST and the Linear CARQUEST Mark
These marks are used for specific applications and only with the approval of Marketing.
Whenever possible, the CARQUEST® logo should appear in the lower
right-hand corner of any field facing an audience. It should have “clear”
space around it at least equivalent to the “T” height within the logo itself.

Sometimes it is beneficial to associate the CARQUEST® brand with another entity as “co-brands.” When the two (or more)
brand logos appear together, the CARQUEST logo should appear in the primary and most visible position (e.g., the front of
a hat, lower right on PowerPoint slides and printed material, and, in vertical applications, on top). In general, the CARQUEST
logo should be larger or at least equal to the co-branding logo as shown.

Whenever there is a special event or promotion, the CARQUEST
logo always appears as a separate and distinct element.
It should not be combined with or in any way integrated
into any other logo or design themes or names.

For catalogs and packaging see the guidelines and
templates on

Registration Marks in Text
We communicate that names, logos or phrases are registered trademarks or are pending trademark registration in several
ways. First, we always use capital letters for all registered names – CARQUEST, WORLDPAC, TECH-NET, etc. In addition to using
all capital letters, three symbols used. They are: registered trademark (®), trademark pending (™) and service mark
pending (SM). These symbols are important and help us protect our trademarks and logos. They each have a specific purpose
and must always be used carefully and correctly.
The ® designation is used with a name, line or logo that has been registered as a trademark. After a trademark registration has
been applied for but before the process is completed, the (™) symbol is used for products or (SM) is used for services while the
registration is pending.
The appropriate designation should appear the first time the name or phrase appears on a page, but it only has to
appear once. After that, the mark should be depicted in all capital letters but the registration symbol does not need to be repeated.

The following provides examples of the correct use of a registration marks with our trademarked names:

CARQUEST®                              CARQUEST® Auto Parts
CARQUEST® Tools & Equipment            CARQUEST Technical Institute®

Secondary Branding Elements
The tag line: Proudly serving a world in motion.® is a registered service mark and only the word “Proudly” is capitalized.
The CARQUEST Teammate motto: Exceptional Teammates Proudly Serving a World in Motion SM is an unregistered service
mark and all words in the motto are initial capitalized.
The font for all external media is Helvetica Neue and should always be used according to the standards described in
these guidelines.

The font for all internal communications (e-mails, presentations, memos, letters, etc.) is Arial and should always be
used according to the standards described in these guidelines.
Email Signatures
The e-mail signature for doing business as designation for CARQUEST® must be created in size 10 pt. Arial font and cannot
include graphics or slogans.

John Doe
General Parts, Inc./CARQUEST
P.O. Box 12345
Anywhere, USA 12345
Office: 123-456-7890 Fax: 123-456-7890
Mobile: 123-456-7890 e-mail:

Creating an Email Signature in Outlook

1. In the Outlook main window, from the Tools pull-down menu, select Options. The Options dialog box appears.
2 Click the Mail Format tab.
3. From the Compose in this message format drop-down list, select the message format for which you want to create
   a signature.
4. Click the Signatures button. Click the New button.
5. In the Enter a name … text box, type your name. The Start with a blank signature selection button should be selected.
6. Click the Next button. The Edit Signature dialog box appears.
7. Type your name and address information into the text box. Inclusion of your e-mail address and cell phone number is optional.
8. Highlight your text and click the Font button. When the Font dialog box appears, check to see that the font is Arial, the style is
   Regular, and the Size is 10. Close the Font dialog box.
9. Click the Finish button to close the Edit Signature dialog box, and click OK.
10. In the Signatures section of the Options dialog box, from the Signature for new messages drop-down list, select the
    signature that you just created. Repeat this selection for replies and forwards.
11. Click the OK button.
PowerPoint Templates
PowerPoint is used for a wide variety of internal and external presentations. To support the consistent application of the
CARQUEST® brand, two templates have been designed for use with CARQUEST, CARQUEST® Auto Parts, GPI, CARQUEST
Co-Brands, CARQUEST UniversitySM, CARQUEST® Tools & Equipment and CARQUEST Technical Institute®. The PowerPoint
templates are red and blue with no background color (the solid blue should be used only for projection-only presentations).
This provides the most clear space for business messages, keeps file sizes small and facilitates printing when necessary.

PowerPoint Template Download Instructions
                                                         Red                                    Blue

1. Log on to CARQUEST Link
2. Click on the Marketing tab at the top of the
   screen. This will take you to the Marketing page.
3. On the Navigation menu on the left side of the
   screen, click on the Brand and Logo
   Guidelines link.

4. Under the CARQUEST Brand tab –                        Projection Only

   go to PowerPoint and click on this tab.
5. Select a PowerPoint template for your
   presentation and click on it. You will
   get an option to open the presentation or
   save it. Save it in a folder or on your
Stationary and Business Cards
The Operating Committee, Vice Presidents, District Managers, Regional Directors of Sales, Regional Directors of Operations,
Sales Managers and National Account Executives will order double-sided business cards; these cards provide more visibility to
customers when exchanged in meetings and at trade shows. All other teammates who require business cards will order
single-sided cards unless directed otherwise by your supervisor.

Stationery & Business Cards Ordering Instructions
1.   Turn off any pop-up blockers you have set in your browser. The storefront will not work properly if this option is enabled.
2.   Go to:
3.   Enter your name and password.
4.   Select your corresponding division on the left to see the products available to you. You can also search by product code
     found on the back lower left corner of a printed sample.
5.   Click on a thumbnail of the product you wish to order. If the product is to be personalized, you will haveto create a new title
     for each new order. The details entered for that product will be saved for future reference. Create new titles as needed for
     each different version of a product.
     SAMPLE TITLE: Bob_Jones_BusinessCard
     Once a title is entered, click the SAVE link at the top of the page.
6.   Enter the information you wish to appear on your product in the text fields provided. All fields in BOLD are required.
7.   After entering your information, click the Proof link.
8.   Review your proof for errors.
9.   Close the proof window and make any necessary changes, then proof your order again.
10. Type your order Quantity in the text field provided.
11. Click the Add to Cart link to put this order in your shopping cart.
12. Repeat the order entry process for additional items you wish to order.
13. Click the Checkout link once all desired products have been added to the shopping cart.
14. Enter your shipping address.
15. Enter your billing address.
16. Enter your credit card information. Once your order is processed you will receive a Thank You/Confirmation page.
    Print this page to use as your receipt.

Please note: The payee on your credit card will be listed as Automated Graphics-OH., not CARQUEST.

                                                                 Double-sided cards
     General Parts Distribution LLC
     1234 Main Street
     Anytown, US 12345
                                                                                                    JOHN SMITH                                                                     JOHN SMITH
     123.456.7890                                                                                                                                                                   Vice President
                                                                                                     Vice President
                                                                                         Marketing Communications                                                       Marketing Communications

                                                                                                  2635 E. Millbrook Rd.                                                          2635 E. Millbrook Rd.
                                                                                                     Raleigh, NC 27604                                                              Raleigh, NC 27604
                                                                                                        T 919-555-1234                                                                 T 919-555-1234
                                                                   General Parts, Inc.                 C 919-555-4567                             General Parts, Inc.                 C 919-555-4567

                                                                                                                             PROUDLY SERVING
                                                                                                                              PROUDLY SERVING                                                              PROUDLY SERVING
                                                                                                                                                                                                            PROUDLY SERVING
                     General Parts Distribution LLC                                            A                             A WORLD IN MOTION
                                                                                                                                                                                                         A A WORLDIN MOTION®
                                                                                                                                                                                                           WORLD IN MOTION
                                                                                                                           A WORLD IN MOTION®                                                                             SM

                     1234 Main Street
                     Anytown, US 12345

                                                                                                    JOHN SMITH                                                                     JOHN SMITH
                                                                                                      Chancellor                                                                     Chancellor
                                                                                              CARQUEST University                                                            CARQUEST University
                                                                                                  2635 E. Millbrook Rd.                                                          2635 E. Millbrook Rd.
                                                                                                     Raleigh, NC 27604                                                              Raleigh, NC 27604
                                                                                                        T 919-555-1234                                                                 T 919-555-1234
                                                                   General Parts, Inc.                 C 919-555-4567                             General Parts, Inc.                 C 919-555-4567

                                                                                                                             PROUDLY SERVING
                                                                                                                              PROUDLY SERVING                                                              PROUDLY SERVING
                                                                                                                                                                                                            PROUDLY SERVING
                                                                                               A                             A WORLD IN MOTION
                                                                                                                           A WORLD IN MOTION®
                                                                                                                                                                                                         A A WORLDIN MOTION®
                                                                                                                                                                                                           WORLD IN MOTIONSM

                                                                 Single-sided cards

                                                                                                     JOHN SMITH
                                                                                                       Store Manager
                                                                                                   2635 E. Millbrook Rd.
                                                                                                      Raleigh, NC 27604
                                                                   Raleigh Automotive                    T 919-555-1234
                                                                   Machine & Supply                     C 919-555-4567
Vehicle Graphics
Company vehicles are white. Vehicle graphics consist of the approved CARQUEST® Auto Parts logo, the brand tag line, the Web
url, DOT specifications and driving safety language.
Vehicle graphics must be applied correctly and no other logos or messages should be applied to any company vehicles
without the advice and approval of Marketing.
Vehicle graphics are available in kits for over-the-road vehicles, pick-up trucks, vans and cars.

Vehicle Graphics Ordering Instructions
The order form for US delivery vehicle graphics kits is located on CARQUEST Link under both the JV Stores and the IND Stores
tab using the Planograms & Signage link located on the left side of each page. When connected to these links the order form
is in the center of the page at the bottom under Vehicle Identification Kits. This order form can also be accessed under the
Marketing tab using the Brand Identity Guidelines link where the order form is on the right side of the page.
Billing for the US delivery vehicle graphics kits will be done by your servicing DC after the kits are delivered to your store.
For questions regarding store vehicle graphics, please contact:
Steve Blalock,, 919-573-2006

The Canadian English & French delivery vehicle kits can be ordered through:
Christine Clews at, or 416-679-3036

For questions regarding DC over-the-road vehicle graphics, please contact:
Mike Pughes,, 919-573-3892
CARQUEST® Brand Dress Standards Program
Every teammate is an important representative of the CARQUEST brand. Personal interactions with our customers and our
communities provide powerful opportunities to communicate that as teammates we speak with one voice, and that we can be
trusted to deliver on our promises – every time.
First impressions are very important and have a lasting effect on what people believe. The way we present ourselves, our stores
and our products plays a significant role in establishing our identity. The CARQUEST Brand Dress Standards Program is designed
to ensure that every encounter a customer has with our teammates reinforces the promise that we will consistently deliver ex-
cellence in everything we do. It also communicates that the company speaks with one reliable, strong voice and holds the same
values across our entire organization.
The basic CARQUEST Brand Dress Standard is a blue shirt and dark pants. This combination ensures that teammates are always
seen as knowledgeable professionals who are leaders in our industry. The CARQUEST Brand Dress Standards Program promotes
workplace safety and upholds company integrity while maintaining respect for the individual teammate. Please read, understand
and comply with these guidelines. To Order Apparel go to CARQUEST Link or

Store and Delivery Teammates                 Distribution Center Teammates                Distribution Center and
                ®                                            ®
                                             Color CARQUEST Auto Parts logo.              Store Managers,
Color CARQUEST Auto Parts, or
                                                                                          Associate Managers,
CARQUEST® Tools & Equipment logo.            APPROVED APPAREL:                            Supervisors
APPROVED APPAREL:                            • Navy polo shirt                            and Sales Teammates
• Navy polo shirt                            • Navy t-shirt
• Navy mock turtleneck                       • Navy mock turtleneck                       Color CARQUEST® Auto Parts or
• Navy sweatshirt                            • Navy sweatshirt                            CARQUEST® Tools & Equipment logo.
• Dark pants or shorts                       • Dark Pants, jeans or shorts                APPROVED APPAREL:
  (no shorter than 2” above knee)              (no shorter than 2” above knee)            • Blue oxford button-down shirt
• Dark blue 3-in-1 jacket and/or             • Dark blue 3-in-1 jacket and/or             • Dark pants
  fleece zip-out jacket                        fleece zip-out jacket                      • Navy mock turtleneck
• Yellow rain slicker                        • Yellow rain slicker
• Navy baseball cap                          • Navy baseball cap
• Navy knit hat                              • Navy knit hat
• Navy sweater vest
                           • Name tag
Product Packaging
Instructions and guidelines for packaging templates are available on CARQUEST Link under the Brand and Logo Guidelines
link or -
The templates must be followed as closely as possible when new packaging or package labels are developed and
before any existing material is reprinted. Contact Marketing with any questions.

Product Catalog Covers
Instructions and guidelines for the template are available on CARQUEST Link under the Brand and Logo Guidelines link or -
The template must be followed as closely as possible when new catalog covers are developed and before any existing catalog
covers are reprinted. Contact Marketing with any questions.
CARQUEST Color Palette
The strategic intent of the color palette is to bring consistency and brand recognition to all our communications materials.
These colors will support the appearance of the logo and communicate a sense of vibrancy and accessibility. By defining the
specifics of our color palette, our branded communications will have greater consistency, integration and distinctiveness.
The darkest secondary colors can be used as accent colors or as font colors. The lightest colors should be used for background
colors. If you have questions about the use of colors, contact Marketing for help or advice.

These are the approved colors for the CARQUEST brand:

    Primary Color Palette

      CARQUEST RED                   CARQUEST BLUE                  CARQUEST GOLD
      PANTONE 186                    PANTONE 286                    PANTONE 871 (metalic)
      CMYK: 0/100/81/4               CMYK: 100/64/0/6               CMYK: 20/30/70/15
      RBG: 215/35/47                 RBG: 6/78/148                  RBG: 182/158/86
      HTML: d7232f                   HTML: 064e94                   HTML: b69e56

                                                                   Packaging Color Palette
                                                                   CARQUEST Red (Pantone 186).
                                                                   CARQUEST Blue (Pantone 286).
                                                                   CARQUEST Gold (Pantone 871).
     Secondary Color Palette

       PANTONE 295                    PANTONE 432                    PANTONE 504                    PANTONE 3435
       CMYK: 100/65/0/55              CMYK: 50/35/15/70              CMYK: 30/82/44/73              CMYK: 95/19/70/72
       RBG: 0/47/95                   RBG: 55/66/74                  RBG: 89/44/53                  RBG: 2/71/49
       HTML: 002f5f                   HTML: 37424a                   HTML: 592c35                   HTML: 024731

       PANTONE 646                    PANTONE 430                    PANTONE 465                    PANTONE 5555
       CMYK: 73/30/4/10               CMYK: 33/18/13/37              CMYK: 7/27/55/22               CMYK: 47/11/35/33
       RBG: 84/130/171                RBG: 129/138/143               RBG: 179/153/93                RBG: 106/138/127
       HTML: 5482ab                   HTML: 818a8f                   HTML: b3995d                   HTML: 648a7f

       PANTONE 643                    PANTONE 427                    PANTONE 7500                   PANTONE 5595
       CMYK: 21/4/0/4                 CMYK: 7/4/4/10                 CMYK: 0/5/23/4                 CMYK: 14/0/10/4
       RBG: 195/211/233               RBG: 209/212/211               RBG: 225/216/183               RBG: 203/217/209
       HTML: c3d3df                   HTML: d1d4d3                   HTML: e1d8b7                   HTML: cbd9d1
Exterior Signage
Approved Permanent Signage:

• 6’ x 8’ or 8’ x 10.5’ Double-face python signs
• 5’ x 7’ or 6’ x 8’ Double-face monument signs
• 5’ x 7’ or 6’ x 8’ Monument elevation
• 2’ x 1’, 3’ x 2’, 4’ x 3’, 4’ x 5’ or 6’ x 5’

Letter & logo elevation signs
• 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’ Logo elevation signs

Exterior Signage Ordering Instructions
1. Log on to CARQUEST® Link.
2. Click on the Marketing tab.
3. Click on Store Signage in the Navigation menu.
4. Click on GPI Store Signage Purchase Requisition and print the form.
5. Fill out the Order Form and FAX it to the number provided on the form for our approved sign supplier (Allen Industries).
6. Our approved sign supplier (Allen Industries) will perform a store site survey and return a full sign package that will include
   a store rendering, quote, and warranty information.
7. Store management will forward a copy of the sign package along with the Order Form and a completed Capital
   Authorization Request (CAR) form to the Shared Services Department attention: Ed Shields, to the
   General Parts, Inc./CARQUEST Headquarters by FAX (919) 301-4012 or by e-mail to for appropriation.
8. Shared Services Department approves or rejects the project and notifies all involved.
9. Shared Services Department will e-mail approval to Corporate Accounting for issuance of required purchase order number.
10. Ed Shields issues PO Number for the approved project to the sign supplier (Allen Industries), and store management.
11. Sign supplier (Allen Industries) places sign project into fabrication and notifies all involved of the projected installation date.
12. Sign supplier (Allen Industries) will work with the CARQUEST store management team to install and execute final sign project.
13. Store management team must sign off on the project at time of installation.
14. Sign supplier (Allen Industries) sends sign installation completion report to all involved.
15. Ed Shields sends corporate accounting the project sign off and approval for payment of the completed sign project.
16. Corporate accounting issues payment to sign supplier (Allen Industries) and bills the project accordingly.

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