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Better Communication Better HealthCare


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									Better Communication
Better HealthCare

Brought to you from the   NOVARHIO

Better Communication Better HealthCare

   Information is key to the improving the
    quality and lowering the costs of

   Communicating that information to the
    right people is key

Better Communication Better HealthCare

        What is happening today in healthcare?

   Critical information missing -14% of primary care visits
      Affects care in 44% of these cases

   Patients agree to duplicate tests 50% of time

   Difficulties in information retrieval account for 1 in 7
   Medication errors result in 7,000 deaths nationally each year
Emergency Medical Technician Scenario

  Suppose you have a medical emergency; when the ambulance arrives, do you want the
 Emergency Medical Technicians searching your home, vehicle or office for your hand-written
                                     health records


 Would you prefer they press a few keys on a computer in the ambulance and instantly have
          the accurate and comprehensive information needed to save your life?

       Personal                       Electronic
     Health Record                                                         EMT
                                 Patient and Provider                      Portal

Better Communication Better HealthCare

                   What the people think?
While there is need to ensure privacy, public understands the benefits –
        Dec 2007 Wall St. Journal Online/Harris Interactive poll

       6 in 10 adults believe the benefits of EHRs outweigh the risks!
       Majority agreed that EHRs can reduce costs and decrease
        medical errors!
       75% of respondents would like to communicate with doctors and
        schedule appointments via email

    While 51% agreed that the use of EMR makes it more difficult to ensure
      patient privacy, down 10% from similar 2006 survey

    Better Communication Better HealthCare
                               EHRs & PHRs

       How is health information communicated?
    PHRs- Personal Health Records - EHRs Electronic Health Records
                                 What are they?
                             They are the future

   Patient-controlled electronic records from every health encounter in one
    spot, such as a password-protected Internet site.

   Updated information crucial to your medical care always available if you
    travel, change doctors, go to multiple specialists, or a disaster destroys
    paper charts (remember Hurricane Katrina flooding doctors’ offices?)

    Our Region – VA Planning District 8
   Counties               Cities                Towns
   Arlington              Alexandria            Clifton
   Fairfax                Manassas              Dumfries
   Loudoun                Manassas Park         Hamilton
   Prince William         Falls Church          Haymarket
                          Fairfax               Herndon

                        Our Mission
  ...to improve the health status and health care of the those who
live and work in Northern Virginia by facilitating the availability of
 accurate and timely electronic medical records when needed for
                  health maintenance and treatment                       7
                       Founding Principles
   Safety
    Programs will improve the safety of medical care

   Value
    Programs will improve the efficiency of medical care

   Convenience
    Programs will be user friendly and promote access to health and health

   Privacy and Integrity
    The protection of an individuals’ personal and private information is critical

       NOVARHIO Organization
   Hospitals                      Pharmacy organizations
   Doctors                        Businesses
   Local Governments              Universities
   Payers                         Not-for-profits
   Laboratories

   Organized as a Virginia not-for-profit corporation
   Start-up funding
      through grants and employer contributions
      plan for long-term sustainable business model
            NOVARHIO Board of Directors
    Board Chair - William Hazel, MD, of Commonwealth Orthopedics and the
    American Medical Association Board of Trustees

   Alan S. Goldberg – Secretary                 Dr Kenneth Geoly - Medical Director,         Anne Rosenblum - Fairfax County
    JD, LLM (Tax), Attorney and Counselor at      Dialysis Unit, Fairfax Inova Health           Economic Development Authority
    Law                                           System                                       Tom Rust - Delegate, NoVA TownHall
   Dr. Gloria Addo-Ayensu - Health              Dr. David Goodfriend - Director,             Dr. Carol Shapiro - President of the
    Director , Fairfax County Health              Loudoun County Health Department              Medical Staff
    Department                                   Burwell Gunn - SVP & Senior Lender           James Thur - Executive Director,
   Dr. Alison Ansher - District Health           Metro Washington Market, Commerce             Fairfax-Falls Church Community services
    Director, Prince William County               Bank                                          Board
   Khalil Bouharoun - Chief Information         Hon. Mark R. Herring - State Senator,        Dr. Rueben Varghese Director, Public
    Officer, Potomac Hospital                     Virginia                                      Health Division Department of Human
   Delegate Bob Brink - Virginia State          David Hollins - Chief Information Officer     Services Arlington County
    Legislature, 48th District                    Hospital Corporation of America,
   Geoff Brown Chief Information Officer,        Washington Capital Region
    Inova Health System                          JoAnn Pearson Knox - Executive
   Mike Corrigan -President, Reston              Director, NoVA Scripts Central
    Citizen’s Association, IEEE—USA              Ian Kremer, JD - Government Advocacy
    Medical Technology Policy Committee           and Public Outreach Director,
    Chair                                         Alzheimer's Association
   Senator Jeannmarie Devolites Davis            National Capital Area
    Virginia State Legislature, 34th District    Dr. Archie McPherson - Virginia
   Dr. Leslie Ellwood - Associate Professor      Hospital Center, Vice President and Chief
    of Health Education, Northern Virginia        Medical Officer
    Community College , Immediate Past           Philip Reilly - KOL BioMedical
    President of the Virginia chapter,            Instruments, Vice President and Chief
    American Academy of Pediatrics                Financial Officer
    NOVARHIO’s Current, Planned and
          Future Activities
   Grant awarded by Governor Kaine - $150,000
       Provide electronic access to patient medical histories and File for
        Life’s in hospital emergency rooms
            Pilot with Inova Alexandria, Erickson, Greenspring Village and
             General Electric
            With patient consent, Inova Alexandria physicians and staff will be
             able to access patient medication histories to assist in patient
             diagnosis and treatment.
            And with patient consent, Inova Alexandria physicians and staff will
             be able to access Erickson, Greenspring Village patient File for
             Life’s to assist in patient diagnosis and treatment.
       Launch effort to educate residents about the need for electronic
        health records and encourage each resident to create a File for
        Life. Work with local municipalities to develop compatible
        electronic File for Life’s.
    NOVARHIO’s Current, Planned and
          Future Activities
   Northern Virginia partner for Commonwealth of Virginia
    CMS Electronic Health Record Demonstration.
       Virginia is one of the 12 communities that was selected by CMS
        to participate in a Medicare project that provides incentive
        payments to physicians for using electronic health records
        systems. The goal of the project is to ascertain the healthcare
        benefits of EHRs and the importance of incentive payments for
   Hosting physician and practice manager oriented
    seminar on ePrescribing and PQRI as part of outreach
    efforts to further community involvement in the planning
    and development of the NOVARHIO Health Information
    NOVARHIOs Current, Planned and
          Future Activities
   Planning a pilot project with Virginia Hospital Center and
    Arlington Free Clinic with the goal using Enterprise
    Search technology to advance Health Information
    Exchange development.
   Future pilots with Potomac Hospital and HCA Reston (as
    well as Inova, Virginia Hospital Center and local
    physicians) on radiology and lab reports.


   A fully-integrated Health Information
    Exchange for Northern Virginia to:

        Facilitating the availability of accurate and timely
         electronic medical records when needed for health
         maintenance and treatment
        Improve Public Health response

        Support patients in a mobile society

        Empower consumers.

 Jane Woods – jwoods1@cox.net
 J.P. Auffret - jauffret@catsglobal.org
 Goodlett McDaniel -
 Janet Palmisano –


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