Selling Your Consignment Saddle by fdh56iuoui


									                          Selling Your Consignment Saddle
We accept Dressage, Jumping, All-purpose, and Endurance saddles. Our consignment fee 20%.
Upon submission of your consignment form, you will receive a call or email from our web consultant.
She will advise you if there is a market for your brand of saddle and provide you with an authorization
number. She will provide you with a shipping address and how best to pack and ship your saddle. If
your saddle needs to be returned for any reason, you the consignee, are responsible for Return
Shipping Costs.

Every saddle shipped to Hobson's Choice will be checked for possible defects or fractures to the tree
that would make it unfit for resale. Any defective saddle shall be returned at the customer's expense.
If you wish to have your saddle repaired, please call or email in advance. You may reach us by phone
at 978-363-8881. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

First Name:                                       Last name:_________________________



Home Phone:______________________________________________________________

Work Phone/Cell phone:______________________________________________________


Saddle Type: Dressage ______        Jumping _______ All Purpose __________

Seat Size:______     Saddle Brand/Model:___________________________________

Tree Width:________ Color:________________ Age of Saddle:______________

Flocking: Wool Flocked ______ Foam _______ Air Panels ___________

Describe Flaws and Alterations: _______________________________________________

Date of Manufacture:_________________ Minimum Selling Price:________________

                                             Is Price Negotiable     Yes        No

I hereby authorize Hobson's Choice Saddlery to sell my saddle herein described. I understand that I
will receive the selling price of the saddle, less commission, upon successfull completion of the sale.
The foregoing statement is true and I agree to the terms and conditions set forth.

Signature:____________________________________________ Date:_______________

Checklist Before You Ship!
 * Please Include A Copy Of This Form With Your Saddle.
 * Call Ahead or Email For An Authorization No:________
 * Pack Your Saddle In Bubble Wrap. No Peanuts!

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