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Job Description


Department:            Regional Ambulance Services, Inc.

Reports to:            Clinic RN, Field Paramedic/RN, Clinic Supervisor, Site Manager

Current State of Nevada EMT-Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced certification. Pre-
hospital experience preferred. Able to accept direct Paramedic or RN supervision. Must
possess excellent written and verbal skills. Self starter requiring little oversight.
Knowledge of REMSA’s Patient Care Standards. Must be adaptable to change and able
to function in a team based management structure.

This position will require mostly clinic work. The candidate will be required to perform
under adverse working conditions. These conditions may require special uniforms or
protective clothing for all weather and airborne and blood-borne exposures. Candidates
must able to walk, stoop, climb, twist, bend, run, squat, kneel, and work in awkward
positions when moving patients from all types of locations.

Additionally, the candidate will be required to perform various lifts and transfers of
patients who may require the use of one or more of the following items: gurney, scoop
stretcher or backboard, stair chair, and possibly a two person manual transfer.

Essential job tasks are defined as follows:

       1. Independent lift and carry for 100 feet of essential medical equipment
          (i.e., first out bag, oxygen duffel, and cardiac monitor)
       2. Lift one end of a patient laden gurney from mid level to high level.
       3. Lift one end of a patient laden scoop stretcher or backboard from
          ground level to mid level gurney.
       4. Lift and pivot one end of a patient laden scoop stretcher or backboard
          over chest height obstacle.
       5. Carry one end of patient laden scoop stretcher or backboard up and
          down stairs.
       6. “Sit-pick” transfer of patient from chair to gurney.
       7. Lift, carry, and wheel patient laden “stair chair” up and down stairs.

Additional hazards may include dealing with confused and agitated patients; exposure to
adverse conditions on the Black Rock Desert; exposure to known and unknown diseases.


April 2010                    Burning Man Clinic EMT-Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced
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Job Description

REMSA was established to oversee air and ground operations and to coordinate
emergency medical service activities through a central emergency medical
communications center. REMSA answers to its Board of Directors with responsibility to
the Washoe County District Health Department.

This position has contact with the staff of Burning Man; with physicians, public service
agencies (fire, police) and ambulance personnel; and patients and their families.

Within this general framework, this position is accountable for the following functions:
1. Provide consistent, high quality medical care as outlined by the REMSA Patient Care
   Standards, and accepted local and national treatment doctrines.
2. Provide an exemplary, safe, professional demeanor at all times.
3. Provide a catalyst for absolute professionalism, integrity, confidentiality, and
   competency with patients, their families, the public, other agencies, coworkers, and
   REMSA management.
4. Show proof of currency of all required certifications and licenses.
5. Provide feedback to site management for improvement of working conditions, patient
   care, and system performance.
6. Responsible for timely, legible, highly accurate recordkeeping.
7. Performs patient teaching as appropriate
8. This position will be responsible for assisting other clinic staff with patient care to
   include: intake and registration of patients, triage to the appropriate area of the clinic,
   providing patient care as directed by a clinic RN/MD, or a field paramedic/RN, and
   assisting with general cleaning, stocking, and care of the medical clinic.
9. This position will not staff any ground or air ambulance or have
   responsibility/authority to respond to requests for medical assistance outside of the
   medical clinic. All requests for assistance outside of the medical clinic will be
   referred to the clinic supervisor, operations supervisor, site manager, or their

April 2010                     Burning Man Clinic EMT-Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced
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Job Description

10. EMT-Basics may perform only non-invasive skills within their scope of practice.
    EMT-Intermediates and paramedics may perform IV insertion, Narcan, and D50
    administration under the direction of a clinic RN/MD, or a field paramedic/RN.
    Invasive skills may not be performed without the patient first being assessed by one
    of these personnel. No invasive airway procedures will be performed.
11. Prior to discharging any patient will have the discharge approved by a clinic RN/MD
    or a field paramedic/RN.
12. Other duties as assigned.

April 2010                      Burning Man Clinic EMT-Basic, Intermediate, & Advanced
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