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									    A Blueprint
        Of Our Year
         2009 Annual Report

Child Nursery Centers
Board of Directors
    The Architects

Dear Friends and Supporters of Child Nursery Centers,                                                                 2009
                                                                                                               Board of Directors
  On behalf of the CNC Board of Directors, I thank you                                                                   Sandi Yukman, Chair
for your continuing support. With your help, our organiza-                                                                  Kent Bowman
tion is dealing with the formidable economic challenges                                                                    Mimi Cavanaugh
confronting all nonprofits. We are confident that dynamic                                                                     Lisa Cleary
leadership, a commitment to excellence, strong partner-                                                                     Michael Finelli
ships and innovative solutions will guide and sustain CNC.                                                                 Mike Finkbiner
                                                                                                                           Brian Gilmartin
                                                                                                                            Jim McDonald
   In 2009 we completed the new roof on the Historic Day
                                                                                                                             Joan Mullens
Nursery and launched the Early Learning Ventures Alliance
                                                                                                                            Paula Munger
that will increase capacity and help meet the demand for
                                                                                                                            Cris A. Schoon
quality care through the expansion of our network of home                                                                   Trudy Taxman
providers. We steadily advanced towards accreditation of                                                                     John Whitten
all our Centers by the National Association for the Educa-
tion of Young Children (the gold standard in early educa-
                                                                                                                  President and CEO
tion). Our strategic plan tracks and assesses progress of
                                                                                                                              Diane L. Price
these initiatives and sets goals for the future. Be prepared
for exciting news and changes for CNC in 2010.
                                                                                                                     Board Meetings
                                                                                                                       are held the fourth
  The one thing that will never change at CNC is the                                                                Thursday of each month
primary priority of Board and staff—the well-being of the                                                          (except July and August) at
children entrusted to our care. We never forget that their                                                           4 p.m. in the Historic
success in school . . . and in life . . . may well depend on                                                              Day Nursery.
the blueprint we design.
                                        Sincerely,                                                                             Mission
                                                                                                                     To provide high quality,
                                                                                                                    comprehensive early care
                                                                                                                       and education for
                                                            Sandi Yukman                                                  ALL children.
                                                            Board Chair

  Many Thanks to Our Gingerbread & Jazz Sponsors
     The 15th                                                                      Diamond Sponsor
   annual gala

                                                                                   Platinum Sponsors
   netted over
   $42,000 in
  direct support
   of our early

                                                                                      Gold Sponsors
     care and
                                                                   The                                             Mimi
     program.                                                    Bowman                                         Cavanaugh

                                                                                     Silver Sponsors
                                   American National Bank             Krystal Ostrom Web Consultant                    Walmart
                                    Murphy Constructors                   Sherman and Howard                    Wells Fargo Insurance
                                                                        Stockman Kast Ryan + Co.

                                                                                  Bronze Sponsors
                                                              Coca Cola
                                                  Colorado Information Technologies
             ABC Supply                                                                              Kaiser Permanente                    Steven U. Mullens, PC

                                                       David Ball Graphic Design
      Allied Alarm Systems, Inc.                                                             Law Firm of Jaray & Webster, LLC           The Jensen Group at Morgan

                                               El Paso County Roofing Contractors Assc.          Leap Frog Custom Signs
           All Seasons, LLC                                                                 Law Offices of Thomas M. James, P.C.                  Stanley/

                                                              Equip, Inc.                     Melat, Pressman & Higbie, LLC
         Bristol Brewing Co.                                                                                                                   Smith Barney

                                                         Gary and Kim Feffer
           Central Bancorp                                                                                                                 Total Office Solutions
              The Citadel                                                                             Sno-White Linen                          Trudy Taxman
Early Care & Education
  - A Framework for Success
Curriculum and Assessment
  Our whole-child approach to education focuses on children’s social, emotional and
  cognitive growth and promotes a love of learning and school readiness. Age-
  appropriate assessments measure children’s development and progress.
    • 113 preschool children were assessed using the Work Sampling System.
    • Overall Proficiency in all domains increased from 13% in the fall to 65% in the spring.

   Children are served two wholesome meals and a snack daily that are prepared
   on-site. In 2009, 72% qualified for free or reduced-cost
   meals through the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
    • 160,908 Total Meals Served          • 52,646 Lunches
    • 45,896 Breakfasts                   • 62,366 Snacks

  Our health staff ensures the health, well-being and safety
  of CNC children. Our Get Well Center, located at the
  Day Nursery, serves mildly-ill children from all our locations.
    • 96 Get Well Center patients • 172 Medications
 Family Involvement
  Teachers conduct two home visits and two parent/teacher conferences annually.
  Each Center holds four Family Nights and several classroom celebrations every year.
    • 541 Home visits and conferences
    • 47% Average number of families attending Family Nights
    • 45% Average number of families attending classroom celebrations

 Professional Development
   To maintain high quality programs and meet accreditation standards, CNC requires and
   facilitates continuing education for staff. Individual professional development plans and
   on-going, on-site training helped 59 teachers, staff and center directors to achieve their
   educational goals.
     • 14 - BA/BS in ECE or related field              • 14 - AA in ECE or related field
     • 8 - Child Development Associate credential

 Family Child Care Home Providers
   A partnership with privately-licensed family child care home providers, the Home
   Network offers high quality care and education in smaller settings and meets the
   needs of parents with non-traditional work schedules. Nine providers were accredited
   or Qualistar rated.
    • 298 children served in 2009 – 53 Head Start; 23 Early Head Start
    • 134 Colorado Child Care Assistance Program children
    • 8 homes offered night and weekend care
    • 13 providers have college degrees or are pursuing higher education in ECE

   In 2010, the Home Network transitioned to the Early Learning Ventures Alliance at Child
   Nursery Centers, a shared services model for increasing capacity and assuring quality.
Financial Summary - The Nuts & Bolts

                                              2009 INCOME

                                                                                                      Fundraising    $    881,549
                                                                                                      CACFP          $    190,011
                                                                                                      Program Fees   $1,725,119
                                                                                                      Partnerships   $ 731,235
                                                                                                      Other Income   $ 129,113
                                                                                                      Foundation     $ 812,793

                                                                                                      Total          $4,469,820

                                        2008 EXPENSES

                                               2009 EXPENSES
                                                                                              Program                    $3,554,193
               85%                                                                            Management & General       $ 459,954
                                                                                              Fundraising                $ 167,256

                                                                                              Total                      $4,181,403

                                                                                      Management & General


              Children served in 2009                             875                         Caucasian                        46%

              Average      Daily Enrollment General
                            Program Management &                  391
                                                              Fundraising                     Hispanic                         26%


              CCCAP Eligible Children                             340                         African American                 24%
              (families living at or below 185% of poverty)
                                                                                              Native American                    2%
              Families served in 2009                             713
                                                                                              Asian                              2%
              Single-parent households                            469

CNC Foundation                                                                2009 Board of Trustees
      Child Nursery Centers receives quar-                                                   William S. Corrigan, Jr., President
      terly income from an endowment                                                         Brian Gilmartin
      established in 1941. The Foundation,                                                   Thayer Tutt
      incorporated as a separate 501(c)(3)                                                   Jan Weiland
      in 2000, exists solely to support CNC                                                  Sandi Yukman
      operations and oversee all investments
      in the endowment.

Legacy & Vision                                                                Volunteers
      Our women’s giving circle continued                                               Volunteers donated time and
      its generous financial and in-kind sup-                                           talent in classrooms and in other
      port of our literacy program, explored                                            ways to support CNC.
      the many facets of philanthropy and                                                 • 95 volunteers
      enjoyed the company of like-minded                                                  • 6,554 volunteer hours
Donors - Cementing Our Future
                                Marilyn Kessler                Barbara Webb, The Webb                 George Jolley, Jr.

         u! k
                                Arianna Kingston                 Family Fund of the Pikes             Keene & Sparks LLP
                                Barb Kitchen                     Peak Community Foundation            Arline Kensinger
                                Bruce & Carolyn Kopper         Lyle & Ruby West                       Gary & Lorraine Kilgore
                                Daniel Korleski & Monserrat    Karen Wiedemann                        Howard & Karen Kunstle
                                Edie-Korleski*                 Janet Wilcox                           Bert & Barbara Laird

                                Sandy & Dorothy Kraemer        Matthew & Julia Wills                  Gene & Beatrice Lake
                                David & Stephanie Kunstle      David & Nancy Winter                   David & Patricia Lewis
                                Gayle Landrum-Montgomery       Russell Wolfe                          Malcolm & Phyllis
                                Hal & Edna Littrell            Woodford Manufacturing Co.               MacDougall
                                Stephanie Lloyd                  (matching gift)                      Frank & Adele McNamara
Individuals and Businesses      Robert & Jean Lohse            Shauna Wursten                         Memorial Health System
Anonymous                       Gary & Jane Loo                Joe & Julie Wysocki*                    Auxiliary
Jay & Margaret Adler            Katherine Loo                  April Yates                            Red & Bunny Noland
Jack & Joan Agee                David & Kim Ludlow             Jennifer Youell                        Harlan & Alice Ann Ochs
Jim & Leah Ash                  Ron & Suzy Marold              Tom & Sandi Yukman                     Beth Phillips
Robert & Margaret Avery         Donnis Martin*                                                        Diane Price
Norton Bain                     Johnnie B. McCaa               In Kind                                Steven & Janelle Reed
Terry Barnett                   Sue McCord                     Acme Fire & Safety Co., Inc.           Lucy Ross
William Barnett*                Helen McCullough               Allied Alarms, Inc.                    Sandia National Labs
Mike & Diane Bell               Jim McDonald                   Bed, Bath & Beyond                      Employees
Robert Bennett &                Jon & Becky Medved             Shelese Bonacquista                    Beverly Skrukrud
  Jacqueline Dowds-Bennett      Rob & Linda Meredith           Deal Services Corporation              June Steahlin
Cherie Bisler                   Karin Merkert                  Kathy Dunn                             Terry Thatcher
Bill and Gail Blount            Becky Miller                   El Pomar Foundation                    Jean Thomson
Shara Bohr                      Cindy Morgan                   David & Pat Meier                      Gerry & Cheryl Tolley
Jeffrey & Shelese Bonacquista   Christopher & Tanya Morton     Richard R. Mertens & Family            Tycoons Investment Club
Walter Boyd                     Ewell Mueller*                 Red & Bunny Noland                     John Weiler
Ian Bryant                      Steve & Joan Mullens           Pottery Barn #731                      Janet Wilcox
Mary Beth Burichin              Dave & Paula Munger            Pottery Barn Kids #773                 W.A. & Eileen Wills
John and Pamela Burkholder      Maria Newsome                  Trudy Taxman
  u! k
Virginia Carlson                Red & Bunny Noland             John & Robin Whitten                In Memory of Irene Ober
Christopher &                   Nor’wood Development                                                  June Steahlin
  Dana Chippindale                Group Employees              Grants
Melba Cimino                    Dave & Kelly Nothstein         Anna Keesling Ackerman Fund         In Memory of Jakey Striley
                                Allen & Holly Oliphant         Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation         and his mom, Mary
Jim & Lisa Cleary
                                Olson Plumbing and Heating     Bruni Foundation                       Jean Aylesworth
Nakiesha Coleman-Colby
                                Greg & Krystal Ostrom          Colorado Health Foundation             Kipper & Sarah Berry
Dalton & Kathy Conner**
                                Kent and Christen Petre        Colorado Springs Utilities             Carole Brady
Vince & Pamela Conner                                                                                 Kathleen McKenna Cook
Bill Corrigan & Jane McMahon    Terry & Carol Piddington       Joseph Henry Edmondson
                                                                                                      Suzanne Daitch
Guy & Jinny Cresap              Denis & Bev Pirio                Foundation (merit)
                                                                                                      Holly Eldred
Charley & Patti Curtis          Paula Pollet                   El Paso County Physicians
                                                                                                      Tara Frame
Cindy Davis                     Hannah Polok                     Foundation
                                                                                                      Michelle Garnett
Victor & Shirley DeCoster       Casey Powers                   El Pomar Foundation (merit)            Tammye King-Pruitt
Melanie DeShon                  Rick & Diane Price             Joint Initiatives for Youth &          Ray & Connie Krontz

Phillip & Anne DeVries          Lee Putnam                       Families/Alliance for Kids           Julie MacKenzie
Franklin & Deborah Dowis        Brandy Rael                    Helen K. & Arthur E. Johnson           Joyce Markley
Paul & Denise Eckstein          Rick & Shirley Ricketts          Foundation                           Greg & Jill Melchoir
El Paso Corporation             Tom & Kathy Rodgers            Kaiser Permanente                      Kristin Rasmussen
  (matching gifts)              Becky Rodriquez                Leighty Foundation                     Lawrence & Cynthia Striley
                                Rudy & Linda Rodriquez         David & Laura Merage                   David Sweet
Ellen Enoch
                                Athena Roe & Chris Tulin         Foundation                           Erin Tackitt
Episcopal Church Women,
  Grace and St. Stephens        Lucy Ross                      Nutrition Camp School
                                Sidney & Karen Rubinow           Foundation                        In Memory of Hester Thatcher
Carolyn Evans                                                                                         Pamela Thatcher Marsh
Elizabeth Evans                 Michelle Sanchez               Pikes Peak Community
Michael & Adele Faber           Marguerite Savage                Foundation
                                                                                                   In Memory of
                                                   u! k

Leonard & Barbara Farr          Cris & Nancy Schoon            U. S. Bank
                                                                                                     Mary Ellen Wiggins
Mike Finkbiner                  Peggy Scroggins                Wells Fargo                            Scott Wiggins
Mick & Margaret Finnegan        Larry & Vicki Sharrar
                                Tony Sides                     In Memory of                        In Honor of Bill & Gail Blount
Kim Firestone
                                James & Jean Slater              Mr. & Mrs. Leo C. Cove               Carole Flint
Lindsay & Joanna Fischer

                                Brian & Shannon Smith             Susan Cove
Mary Flemke
                                Jeff Stahl                                                         In Honor of Roger DeKok*
James & Suzanne Fortune
                                June Steahlin                  In Memory of L. B. and                 Carolyn DeKok
Melvin Fowler &
                                Deborah Lee Stelter              Olga E. Delabar
  Pamela Heffernan-Fowler                                                                          In Honor of Carole Flint
                                Marvin & Shirley Strait           Sandy & Dorothy Kraemer
Betty Francis                                                                                         Bill & Gail Blount
Joan Frederick                  Bob Strobel
                                Gottfried & Veronica Strobel   In Memory of John Frederick
Fred Gabbin, Jr.                                                                                   In Honor of Jontell &
                                Brenda Tank-Bohrer                John & Arlene Grassel
Carlos Garcia                                                                                        Janine Heffernan
Donald & Barbara Gazibara       Kelly & Cindy Tappan                                                  Pamela Heffernan-Fowler
                                                               In Memory of Trudie Gregory

Randall Geving                  Deidra Tenorio
                                                                  Alfred Metzger & Esther Beynon   In Honor of
Brian & Tami Gilmartin          Michael & Chris Tessarowicz
                                Darryl & Terry Thatcher,                                             the Ron Meyer Family
Gary Gladney                                                   In Memory of Georgia Mertens
                                  The Pikes Peak Community                                            Virginia Neely
Linda Grosso                                                      Jack & Joan Agee
John Gruitch                      Foundation
                                                                  Bob & Carol Baker                In Honor of
Jim & Nechie Hall*              Gerry & Cheryl Tolley
                                                                  Joseph & Gwendolyn Barron          Callie & Billye Bob Watt
Sam & Mary Alice Hall           Mark & Susan Turk*                                                    Lucy Ross
                                                                  Thomas & Mary Beltz
Julia Hargrove                  Katie Turner
                                                                  Barbara Brinkers
Diana Harmon                    Mark Tyson &                                                       *Myron Stratton
                                                                  Paul & Sharon Clarkin
Teresa Heckel*                    Noreen Landis-Tyson                                                Child Development Center
                                                                  Lee Clement
Renate Henning                  United Restaurant Supply
                                                                  Charley & Patti Curtis
                                Marion Ritchey Vance                                               **CNC Foundation
LaVerne & Terri Herman                                            Susan Daniels
Rossanna Hernandez              Kathy Velasco
                                                                  Michalina DeRosier
                                Valerie Velasquez                                                       Do We Have it Right?
Veronica Humphrey                                                 Mary Eiber
                                Luis Vidal                                                              We make every effort to
Natasha Jackson                                                   Joan Frederick                     ensure donor information is
Tom James                       Wachovia Foundation
                                                                  J. R. & Mary Hanson                 accurate. We apologize
Peter & Lee Jolivet               Matching Gifts Program                                             for any errors. Please send
                                                                  Larry & Jane Hecox
Tara Kelley                     Milton & Betty Waldron                                               corrections in the enclosed
                                                                  Frank & Darlene Hooper
Doug & Sherry Kelly             Clint & Stephanie Waltman                                           remittance envelope or call
                                                                  Robert & Gretchen Howard
Patrick & Patricia Kelly        Josie Watters                                                           Mary Beth Burichin at
                                                                                                         (719) 632-1754 x28.
                                                                                         Child Nursery Centers        NoN-ProFiT org.
 Child Nursery Centers Locations                                                         104 E. Rio Grande             U.S. PoSTage
     Ages Infant - 14 Years
                                                                                         Colorado Springs, CO 80903
                                                                                         (719) 632-1754
    Centers                      Schools                     Homes
                                                                                         www.cscnc.org                Colorado Springs
    Antlers Place                Dare to Dream               Early Learning                                              Co 80903
    Historic Day Nursery          School Age Program at      Ventures Alliance at
                                                                                                                      PerMiT No. 990
    Sand Creek                     Mountain Vista            Child Nursery Centers
    South Chelton                  Sand Creek
                                   Stratton Meadows
  Did You Know?
   Monetary donations made to Child Nursery Centers are eligible for a 50%
   Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit. Check with your tax professional
   or visit our website at www.cscnc.org.
3,231 Children      53 Head Start Slots        150 Dare to          30 Colorado
served in 2009    16 Early Head Start slots    Dream slots     Preschool Program slots

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