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					                                     The Valley Scouter
                               Published by: The Housatonic Council, Boy Scouts of America, 326 Derby Avenue, Derby Connecticut 06418
                                              Phone (203) 734-3329, Fax (203) 734-0222, Web Site

Volume 19 Issue 4                                                                                  October/December 2008

          POPCORN SALE EXPLODING                                                      Housatonic Council
                                                                                     Merit Badge Book Sales
                             The fall popcorn sale is off to
                             a fantastic start. This year a
                             larger number of Packs have                  From October 7th to November 18th, All merit badge
                             opted to take advantage of                     books in stock will be sold at a 30% discount.
                             the pre-order (Show and
                             Sell) so their Scouts can sell
 popcorn in front of various stores around the Valley.
 That is good news for both units doing the “Show and                                     "#%
                                                                                            $       &
                                                                                                    !      '
                                                                                                           && !
 Sell” sales, and units that decided that they will only do
 the “Take order” Sales.
                                                                                         Valley United Way
  According to Trails End research, 91% of Trail’s End
                                                                     Did you know that the Valley United Way helps to fund
 consumers would buy again. Chances are that the peo-
                                                                     the program of the Housatonic Council, Boy Scouts of
 ple who bought popcorn from a Scout in front of a store
                                                                     America? Approximately 14% of our Council’s yearly
 have finished it and are looking to buy more. (Just like
                                                                     budget comes form the Valley United Way.
 Girl Scout Cookies, you can never buy enough).
                                                                     You can help us by supporting the Valley United Way.
 Did you also know that the average consumer…
                                                                     Make your donation: where you work, on line at valle-
                                                           , or call 735-9331.
 •   Is approached 14 times a year for a youth fundraiser
                                                                                                        If you work in the Valley
 •   Has never been asked to buy Popcorn from a Scout                                                   and your company does
     (Only 17% of all consumers have even been asked                                                    not run a United Way Cam-
                                       (Continued on page 9)                                            paign, you can help the
                                                                                                        communities we serve and
                                                                                                        the Housatonic Council.

                                                                     If you work outside of the Valley and your company runs
                                                                     a United Way campaign, you can Designate the Housa-
                                                                     tonic Council, BSA.

                                                                     Your contribution makes a difference! Thanks for
                                                                     your Support!

        Saturday November 1st - Tag Delivery
        Saturday November 8th - Food Pick-up

 The Housatonic Council B.S.A. is going to be kicking off
 another Scouting for Food campaign. The Scouting for
 Food campaign which, is in its nineteenth consecutive
 year of operation in the Valley, should bring in tens of
 thousands of food items for the needy. The food will be
 collected in the five towns that make up the Housatonic                                  Congratulations
 Council (Ansonia, Derby, Oxford, Seymour, & Shelton).                   to the Housatonic Council’s first Venturing Ranger
                                       (Continued on page 3)                      Award Winner, Katie Melbourne!
Page 2                                                                                                         The Valley Scouter
                   Thing on a Higher Plane
                         by Jim Davidson                                         COUNCIL CALENDAR
 Henry Ford (1863-1947) once said, "thinking is the hardest
 work there is, which is probably the reason so few people en-                                  OCTOBER
 gage in it." Today I would like to share some thoughts with you
 on the important subject of "thinking" and I' titled this column        13       Columbus Day (Office & Scout Shop Closed)
 "Thinking On A Higher Plane." In the Bible you will find these          17-19    Fall Camp-o-ree
 words recorded in Proverbs 23:7a, "As a man thinketh in his             16       Property Committee
 heart, so is he." The Roman Emperor Marcus Arelius once                 16       Risk Management Committee
 said, "A man becomes what he thinks about all day long."                20       Popcorn Money Due for 1st Order
 Back in 1957, the late Earl Nightingale wrote and recorded a            21       Council Officers Meeting
 motivational message titled "The Strangest Secret", which               23       Cub Activities
 became the only one of its kind to ever sell a million copies.          25       BALOO
 The Strangest Secret is that "We Become What We Think                   27       Advancement Committee
 About." It was my good fortune to work personally with Mr.              28       Camping Committee
 Nightingale for several years.                                          30       2nd Popcorn Order Due to Council

 Yes, from King Solomon on down through the ages, the most                                     NOVEMBER
 successful writers, teachers and philosophers have all come to          1        Scouting for Food Tag Delivery Day
 the same conclusion: It is the quality of our thinking that will        2        Scouter’s Religious Awards Banquet
 ultimately determine the quality of our life. At this point, it might   3        Boy Scout Activities
 be in order to ask you some very pertinent questions. What do           4        Election Day
 you think about most of the time? Is most of your thinking              4        Endowment Committee
 done on a higher plane? That is, do you reach for the stars in          5        ACC & Commissioner Staff Meeting
 your thinking or is most of your thinking done in the gutter?           8        Scouting for Food - Food Pick-up Day
 The truth is, we have only to look about us to see where we             10       Roundtable & VOA
 are and to see what we have to see the fruits of our thinking.          11       Veterans Day
                                                                         14       2nd Popcorn Pick-up
 For fear that I may be misunderstood, I want to make it very            15       Scrapbooking Fundraiser
 clear that we don' have to be a religious person to desire a            17       OA Exec Meeting
 good, decent, honest and moral life. Sometimes we forget that           18       Executive Board Meeting (Budget Presentation)
 the greatest “have”, as citizens of this free country, is the           20       Property Committee
 power to choose. Regardless of who we are or what we have               20       Cub Activities Committee
 done in the past, we can choose the quality or level of our own         24       Advancement Committee
 thinking. Isn'it great to be able to say, "the past is gone" and I      25       Camping Committee
      t                                                    m
 can' do anything about it but from this point forward I' going          25       Popcorn Prize Orders Due
 to improve my life by improving the quality of my thinking? As I        27       Thanksgiving (Office & Scout Shop Closed)
 said a moment ago, the choice is yours. What is so tragic for           27       Office & Scout Shop Closed
 me to realize is that millions of people could have more and be
 much happier if they only knew it.                                                            DECEMBER
                                                                         1    Deadline for submitting President’s Award Applications
 While it’s an individual thing, you may ask, "how do I go about
                                                                         1      Deadline for submitting Award of Merit Applications
              s              s
 it?" While it' not easy, it' very simple. Station a guard at the
                                                                         1      Deadline for Silver Beaver Applications
 entrance of your mind. You must be very careful when you
                                                                         1      OA Christmas Campfire at Osborndale
 select the television programs you watch, the books and
                                                                         1      Boy Scout Activities
 magazines you read and the people with whom you associate.
                                                                         2      Endowment Committee
 In short, if we are to improve the quality of our thinking, we
                                                                         3      ACC & Commissioner Staff Meeting
 must be very selective as to where we get our information.
                                                                         8      Roundtable & VOA
                                                                         14     OA Exec Meeting
 It took several years for me to come to the realization that if
                                                                         16     Executive Board Meeting (Budget Approval)
 I' going to improve my life, when a filthy program comes on
                                                                         18     Property Committee
 T.V., or even the radio, I just turn it off. It’s a choice I make
                                                                         18     Cub Activities Committee
 because I now realize what it will do to my thinking. How about
                                                                         22     Advancement Committee @ Council
 you? Have you ever given any serious thought to this before?
                                                                         23     Camping Committee
 Remember please that "birds of a feather flock together" and
                                                                         24     Christmas Eve (Scout Shop Closed for Inventory)
 you may have people tell you that it does not make any differ-
                                                                         25     Christmas Day (Office & Scout Shop Closed)
 ence what you watch or read or who you spend your time with.
                                                                         26     Office & Scout Shop Closed
 But it does. We can trust the words of King Solomon here: "As
                                                                         29-31 Scout Shop Closed for Inventory
 a man thinketh in his heart so is he."
                                                                                             JANUARY 2009
                                                                         1-2      Office & Scout Shop Closed

                                                                                            HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
The Valley Scouter                                                                                             Page 3
 (Continued from page 1)

 All of the food collected will
 go directly to local food pan-
 tries in these communities.
 This annual event supplies                                             s
                                                             As America' largest youth organization, the Boy Scouts
 each shelter with enough food to last several months        of America chooses to address important issues that
 through the holidays. The shelters/food pantries that       impact young people. Youth Protection is one of those
 receive food are the Spooner House in Derby, Trinity        issues.
 Episcopal in Seymour, and the Salvation Army in An-
 sonia.                                                      We have developed tried and true policies over the
                                                             years to create as safe an environment as possible for
 This program, which is being sponsored by the Valley        young people involved in any kind of Scouting activity.
 Community Foundation, helps make all of our Scout-
 ing members aware of their social responsibility to the     Taking this training is a major step toward your develop-
 community and provides a vehicle to give back to the        ment as a good leader. The Boy Scouts of America has
 community for their support of our Scouting Programs.       gathered top experts in the field of Youth Protection to
                                                             relay vital information to you. This training is accessible
 The Paugassett Lodge will coordinate the food drop off      to everyone.
 stations. The Paugassett Lodge provides service to
 Scouting and the community through the Scouting Pro-        Our Youth Protection training involves very important
 gram. The Order of the Arrow is considered an honor         information, and we appreciate your willingness to in-
 organization within Scouting.                               vest your time to be the best leaders that you can be.
 Over 500 Scouts and Scouters will be involved in this       Thank you for your commitment to young people and
 annual event. Scouts of all sizes from Tiger Cub’s (age     enjoy your Scouting experience.
 6) through Venture Scouts (age 18) assist with the food

 OA Lodge Advisor, Jim Frovarp, and Good Turn for
 America Chair, Tracy Murphy and VP of Program, Tom
 Wilson would like to thank all the families in the Valley
 that will be contributing food to the campaign and the
 workers for their efforts.

  First United Methodist Church of Shelton
                 ROAST BEEF DINNER
                  Saturday, October 18
                     5:00—7:00 pm
                  PORKETTA DINNER
                Saturday, November 22
                    5:00—7:00 pm
      Served with baked potato, vegetable, salad,
         side of pasta, beverages and dessert

                        $12 Adults
                       $10 Seniors
                  $5 kids 12 and under
      Proceeds benefit the ministries & missions of
      the First United Methodist Church of Shelton.
              Tickets on sale at the door or
          call 929-3537 to make a reservation!
      For more information, please go to our website

                  ALL ARE WELCOME
Page 4                                                                                            The Valley Scouter

                  National Jamboree News                          Order of the Arrow

              The 2010 Housatonic Council National
              Jamboree Committee has selected the              Fellow Scouters and Arrowmen,
              leadership for both of our Troops. Bob
 Wnek, Jamboree Committee Chairman, is pleased to              I am speaking as Paugassett
 announce that Gary Zrelak and Tom Murray will serve                  s
                                                               Lodge' Chief for the 2008-09
 as Scoutmasters for our Jamboree Troops. Tom Wilson           Scouting year. I am looking for-
 and Ray Spagnuolo will both serve as 1st Asssistant           ward to a great year as Chief,
 Scoutmasters. Elwin Jimmo and Al Shigo were also              and we have already gotten off
 selected by the committee as the 2nd Assistant Scout-         to a great start. Over the Summer the Lodge worked on
 masters.                                                      a service project to clean up the White Trail at Camp
                                                               Strang. We did a fair amount of work so that the trail is
 Troop                         Troop                           much more usable now. Towards the end of the Sum-
 SM Gary Zrelak                SM Tom Murray                   mer, eight Lodge Members (Doug Demaine, Mr. De-
 1st ASM Tom Wilson            1st ASM Ray Spagnuol            maine, Nick Recine, Will Schmitt, Nick Shigo, Mr. Shigo,
 2nd ASM Elwin Jimmo           2nd ASM Al Shigo                Chris Wilson, and Capt. Wilson) attended the last Sec-
                                                               tion NE-2C Conclave at the TMR Scout Reservation in
                     Congratulations!                          New York. The event was great, and we met fellow Ar-
                                                               rowmen from all over the area. The region has re-
                                                               sectioned this year so our next conclave will be at a CT
                                                               Rivers Council camp in east CT. Our section (NE-2A)
              CHRISTMAS CAMPFIRE                               now includes northeast NY, VT, western MA, and CT.
                                                               The Conclave this year should be a great (and cheap!)
                                                               weekend in June.
                                                                        Recently, three members (Will Schmitt, Chris
                                                               Wilson, and Capt. Wilson—see picture w/National Chief
                                                               Jake Wellman below) attended the Northeast Region
                                                               National Leadership Seminar at Camp Alpine in NJ. The
                                                               seminar was taught by Section Chiefs, the Northeast
                                                               Region Chief, and the National OA Chief. The three of
                                                               us have learned very valuable information we will be
                                                               bringing back to the Lodge and the Council.
 The Christmas Campfire is put on for the Cub Scouts                    Some upcoming events for the Lodge include
 and Webelos of the Council by the Order of the Arrow.         our Annual Potluck Dinner on Sunday, October 26,
 It is a yearly event that features a visit from Santa. This   Scouting For Food on the first two weekends of Novem-
 event will be held on Monday, December 1st at 7:00            ber (all Scouters asked to help) and a Fellowship Week-
 PM.                                                           end at Camp Strang April 17-19 .We will soon be com-
                                                               ing out with a full pocket patch to be worn below and
 It will be held in the lower pavilion at Osbornedale State    match the Lodge Flap. This patch will be sold for $16 to
 Park. There is no cost. We look for donations of cook-        OA Members as a fund raiser for the new Shower
 ies to pass. The Lodge will supply a seasonal drink.          House at Camp Strang.
 Santa will visit with some candy canes and everyone                    I would also like to reach out and ask for all OA
 can sing some Christmas Songs.                                members who have not done so to provide us with your
                                                               e-mail to improve communications and cut down on
                                                               costs. You may e-mail me at If you
                                                               have any questions or comments you may e-mail me
                                                               there. I am excited to be the Lodge Chief of Paugassett
                                                               Lodge, Housatonic Council, and look forward to a great

                                                               Yours in Scouting,
                                                               William J. Schmitt
                                                               Lodge Chief
                                                               Paugassett Lodge, WWW
The Valley Scouter                                                                                                Page 5

          Seven Scouters Commit from Housatonic Council Commit to WoodBadge Training

 On September 5, 2008 seven Scouters from Housatonic Council began the NE I 263 WoodBadge class sponsored
 by the Connecticut Rivers Council at Camp Mattituck. Scouters participating by patrol are: Mark Scinto, Lorenzo
 Recine & Gary Zrelak of the Fox Patrol; Tracy Murphy & Mike Kellogg Buffalo Patrol; Jane Bailey & Jim Ernst Bear
 Patrol. The course consists of the nationally advanced leadership training for adult leaders conducted over six days
 of training (two three day weekends). Following the didactic course, the leaders must successfully complete five
 projects a.k.a "tickets" in service to their primary position in Scouting over the course of 18 months.

 According to Tom Wilson, Vice President of Program for Housatonic Council and an Assistant Course Director for
 the Course for the past two years "WoodBadge is Scouting' premier training program for adult lead-
 ers. WoodBadge Training was established in 1819 by Baden-Powell at Gilwell Field, England. Wood Badge recipi-
 ents now number more than 100,000 and can be found in all corners of the world. By participating in the course, the
 seven scouters from our council have invested a significant amount of their time and energy in advancing their pro-
 fessional growth in service to our council. The results of their commitment to Scouting will not only significantly en-
 hance the future of our council, but more importantly in service to our youth!" Well done Critters!....We look forward
 to monitoring the progress of your "tickets" in your professional growth and service to our youth.
Page 6                                                                     The Valley Scouter

                     -RESIDENT SUMMER CAMP PROGRAMS-
                         2009 SUMMER CAMP SEASON

                           BOY SCOUTS        BOY SCOUTS     BOY SCOUTS        BOY SCOUTS

                           JULY                 JULY             JULY           JULY 26-
 CAMPSITE                                       12-18            19-25           AUG 1

 ALGONQUIN (20)                                Crew 2727    Troop 5              Troop 101
                                                   8        10                      17

                              Troop 28          Troop 28        Troop 65           A2E
 CHESAPEAKE (30)                                                                    30
                                 15                15              16

 MOHAWK (50)                      Troop 3?      Troop 3?        Troop 11         Troop 19
                                     20            20              20               28

 PAUGASSETT (24)                  Troop 55     Troop 146        Troop 1           Troop 1
                                     30           18              15                15

 SCATICOOK (24)               Troop 170         Troop 27
                              Unionville        Shelton
                                 20                25

                                               Troop 177                         Troop 35
 WEPAWAUG (13)                                                                    Goshen
                                                   10                               15
 POOTATUCK (24)                                Troop 170                         Troop 330
                                                  20                             Waterbury
 Total Youth- 390                   85            116                 61            113
The Valley Scouter                                                                                  Page 7

           Housatonic Council
                                                         The Commissioners Corner
           Commissioners Staff
                                                 Commissioners are district and council leaders
Lori Davies, AC 881-1934                         who help Scout units succeed. They coach and
T65, C65 (Jeff Anderson)* 888-4861               consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout packs,
                                                 Boy Scout troops, and Venturing crews. Com-
T105 Eric Goldstein 556-8314                     missioners help maintain the standards of the
                                                 Boy Scouts of America. They are there to serve
T1, C1 Art Aldred 888-6313
                                                 you as your friend, representative, doctor,
Pk11, T11, C11 Chuck Hemstreet 888-6417          teacher and counselor. They
                                                 also oversee the unit charter
T19, C22 Bill Prutting 929-7358                  renewal plan so that each unit
                                                 reregisters on time with an opti-
Elwin Jimmo, AC 888-4920                         mum number of youth and
P5, T7, T28 Wes Nelson, Jr. 888-7773             adult members.

T55, T101 John Cleri 732-8891
C555,C1762, E108 Karen Lord 729-3034
T9, T50 (Elwin)* 888-4920                              October - Uniform Inspection Month

Dot Pendagast, AC (203) 268-0717                 Your Commissioner Staff reminds you that October is uni-
                                                 form inspection month. A sports team doesn’t look like a
Pk20, Pk24, T25 Joe Kundrat 926-0399             “team” when everyone isn’t wearing the correct uniform,
                                                 the same is true with Scouting. Your Unit Commissioner
Pk27, T27, C2727 Mary Jane Liddel 929-7269       can help with your Pack or Troop’s uniform inspection.
Pk28 Sarah Cayer 929-8521
Pk3, T3, C33 Fran Saresky 924-1974
                                                              Council Awards Deadline
Sandy Barber, AC 888-4328
                                                                  Monday, December 1st
Pk16, Pk25, E127 Eric Jansen 924-0922
                                                 Each year the Housatonic Council presents awards to the
Pk19 JoEllen Lisi (203) 394-3343                 best Scouters in our council. But some years the very
                                                 best people never receive an award. That is because no
Pk14, Pk60, Pk65 Lori Davies 881-1934            one nominated them!

* These units are being temporarily covered by   Nomination forms for the Silver Beaver, Award of Merit
these commissioners.                             and the Presidents Award are available at the Council
                                                 Service Center and on our Council website.
Commissioner at Large:
     Bob Singletary 929-3832                     Who will your unit honor?

Roundtable Commissioners:                        Help us recognize our outstanding leaders, take the time
                                                 to fill out a nomination form. If you don’t do it, who will?
Cub Scouts - JoEllen Lisi 203-394-3343
       Asst. - Eric Jansen 924-0922
                                                              BSA National Help Desk
Boy Scouts - Lorenzo Recine 888-5878                          Available to Volunteers

Venturing - Don Woodin 888-1690                  Having problems with Internet Advancement, Internet Re-
                                                 chartering, Online Training or logging in information on
                                                 the Good Turn for America website? Call the Help Desk
                                                 at 1-800 627-3025. Volunteers press Option 1.
       Interested in becoming a Commissioner?
Page 8                                                                                          The Valley Scouter

                 Troop 28 Scouts Hike Northern Presidential Range
On June 22nd and June 23rd, five                                                          Unf ortunately,       Mount
scouts from Troop 28 hiked the                                                            Washington was covered in
Northern Presidential range in                                                            de ns e f o g s o p h o to
the White Mountains of New                                                                opportunities were limited.
Hampshire.    The five scouts                                                             However the gift shop and
included, Eagle Scout Bobby                                                               cafeter ia was opened
Giuliani and Life Scouts Kyle                                                             allowing all to enjoy warm
Casiglio, Thomas Johnson,                                                                 food inside a heated building.
Andrew Sheldon and Jimmy
Flood. Three adult leaders also                                                          After peaking Mt Washington,
participated, Maurice Donini,                                                            some of the group decided to
Matt Fama and Mike Flood.                                                                take the shuttle from Mt
                                                                                         Washington to Pinkham
The hike began at Pinkham                                                                Notch while others chose to
Notch (elevation 2032), 15 miles                                                         hike down. For those that
south of Gorham New                                                                      took the shuttle, ice cream
Hampshire. The goal for the first                                                        was had at the bottom.
day was to reach the Madison                                                             Those that hiked down,
Spring Hut – a mostly uphill hike of eight miles. The hike   encountered much snow and ice in Tuckerman’s ravine
included peaking Mt Madison (elevation 5367 feet).           and sited a moose on the trail down. In total, almost
During the hike weather conditions deteriorated with the     twelve miles were hiked on the second day.
temperature dropping to around 40 degrees with torrential
rain, high winds and lightening. The group arrived safely    Finally, on the drive home, Troop 28 members came upon
(very wet and tired) at the hut in mid-afternoon.            a two-car accident in Vermont. One of the cars had rolled
                                                             over and the driver was trapped inside the car. The group
The Madison Spring Hut, provides food and overnight          was able to free the driver and provide first aid and
shelter for up to 48 hikers. The hut has five rooms; a       comfort until the arrival of the local paramedics.
kitchen, a dining area, two bunk rooms and a bathroom.       Fortunately, the injuries were minor.
The hut is complete “off the grid”. It generates its own
electricity via solar and wind and pumps its own water.      Kyle Casiglio, SPL, stated, “I had a great time; I thought
There is no telephone or television service at the hut.      that the challenge of the storm as we ascended Madison
There is no heat in the hut. The hut is staffed by four      made the trip very exciting and fun. I would definitely like
‘croo’ members who provide the guests with dinner,           to do something like this again.”
breakfast, snacks, drinks and entertainment. The hut is
opened from June through Sept. Heavy items and non-          Thomas Johnson, ASPL, said               “Our trip to Mt.
perishable items are brought it and out via helicopter.      Washington was exciting. However, it was nothing like I
Perishable items are hiked in by croo members. The hut       expected. I expected for it to be hard, and it to rain, it
is a pack in/pack out facility.                              always seems to on scout outings, but I was not prepared
                                                             for what the trip actually entailed. As a runner, I thought
That evening, the scouts were treated to a dinner            that I would be just fine, and could make it easily up the
including black bean soup, stuffed shells, peas, home                      m
                                                             mountain. I' sure my running experience helped a great
made bread, lemonade, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and         deal, but with the change in altitude I was out of breath,
home made cookies. Breakfast included, home made             and with the rain and thunderstorms, I was wet, cold, and
cinnamon donuts, scrambled eggs, bacon, oatmeal,             cramped to the point of almost not being able to lift my
coffee, tea, hot chocolate and apple juice.                  legs. All of this aside, the trip was fun. I always enjoy
                                                             being in the outdoors and relying on my skills to survive,
On day two of the hike, the scouts left the Madison Spring   and this trip was just that kind of experience. It also gave
Hut and headed for Mount Washington. Additional peaks        me a great sense of accomplishment, peaking 3
included Mount Adams (elevation 5774 feet), Mount            mountains and having a good time. It brought all of us on
Jefferson (elevation 5712). The group arrived at Mount       the trip closer together, and all of us would gladly go on
Washington (elevation 6288 feet) around noon time.           another trip like this again, though much better prepared.”
During the hike the temperature hovered around 45
degrees with high winds, some sun and some rain.             Overall, everyone had a good time and the scouts asked
Unfortunately, Mount Washington was covered in dense         to have a similar event next year.
fog so photo opportunities were limited.
The Valley Scouter                                                                                              Page 9

              2008 Trained Catholic                                Ask a Friend to Join Cub Scouts!
              Boy Scout Counselors
                                                                                This fall, please ask your Cub
The Archdiocese of Hartford Catholic Boy Scout Commit-                          Scouts to invite a friend to join the
tee held their annual Religious Emblems Counselors                              fun and excitement of the Scouting
Training on September 20, 2008 at the Archdiocesan                              program. Scouts who have a friend
Center at St. Thomas Seminary. Congratulations to our                           join will receive a limited edition re-
newly trained Religious Emblems Counselors: Robin Don-                          cruiter patch.
nelly: Holy Rosary, Ansonia and Thomas Wilson: St. Jo-
seph, Shelton.                                                                    A promotional website for the Cub
                     Congratulations!                                             Scout program, set up by National
                                                            Office, is available. It is designed for the general pub-
                                                            lic, specifically non-members who may wish to consider
                                                            joining or starting a unit.
 (Continued from page 1)
     to purchase Trail’s End Popcorn.)                          Join Cub Scouting (http://
 •   Would buy if asked, would spend an average of
     $14.00, and would buy again
 •   Makes their purchase decision based on 1) the child    Share the fun of Cub Scouting -
     at the door 2) the youth organization 3) present re-   invite a friend to join with you!
     turn to organization and 4) the product

 •   Believes that Scouting is one of the top youth or-
     ganizations to support in fundraising
                                                                          BALOO Training
                 • Is willing to spend up to 46% more                Saturday, October 25, 2008
                 in their purchase if they know the child
                                                            Studies have shown that 85 percent of boys who join Cub
                 • 4 out of 5 people when asked, will       Scouts do so to go camping, and they want to do it right
                 buy Popcorn to support the Boy Scouts      away. BALOO, Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, is
                 of America.                                the key to lots of Cub Scout camping.

                • Consumers will spend more if they         Adults giving leadership to a pack overnighter must
                know how the popcorn profits are being      complete BALOO and be present on campouts. Packs
     used to support Scouting.                              should have more than one BALOO-trained adult among
                                                            its leaders so there is always someone who can be the
 The second popcorn pick up is Friday, November             required BALOO-trained adult when their pack is going
 14th (order by Thursday, October 30th). Popcorn            camping.
 Prize orders are due by Tuesday, November 25th.
 Final Payment is due on Monday, December 1st               BALOO helps participants properly understand the
 (that’s when we have to pay the popcorn company).          importance of program intent and how to be comfortable
                                                            camping out. It trains them on youth protection guidelines,
         Thank you for your Support of Scouting!            health and safety, site selection, age-appropriate
                                                            activities, and sufficient adult participation.

             Camp at Strang for FREE                        BALOO training will be conducted by our training team on
                                                            Saturday, October 25th.
                           Interested in spending the
                           weekend at Camp Strang
                           with your family, for FREE?
                           Call Tom Symski and ask          Get all the details from JoEllen
                           him how you can become a         Lisi at 394-3343!
                           Campmaster at 203-615-
                           1131 or email him at tsym-
Page 10                                                                                         The Valley Scouter
                     Eagle Dinner
 Each year the Housatonic Coun-                                          A SCOUTING THING
 cil recognizes the Scouts who
 have reached the rank of Eagle
 throughout the year. The Eagle
 Class of 2008 will be honored on                                      FROM                           FROM
 Monday, January 5, 2009.
                                                               Carol & Dave Pendagast                Troop 3
 Scoutmasters and Eagle Scouts                                  Dot & Don Pendagast            Dot & Don Pendagast
 will be receiving information on                                  Richard Marano                IN MEMORY OF
 the dinner soon.                                                   Kevin Moyher                 Anna Mary Dilella
                                                                 Florence Robinson
                                                                  IN MEMORY OF
                                                                  Herbert Rollinson                   FROM
                                                                                               Arlene & Royal Wells
                                                                                                 IN MEMORY OF
                                                                                                   Curt M. Tuski
                                                                Maurice & Jane Martin
                                                               Carol & Dave Pendagast
                                                                    Kevin Moyher               Dot & Don Pendagast
                                                                  IN MEMORY OF                    IN HONOR OF
                                                                    Ruth Kneen                     Stanley Sliva

                        Crew 555
 To most people in our council crew 555 is the camp
 staff, and we are just a seasonal crew. Crew 555 is
 more than just a camp staff it is a family, and this year                  Monday, November 10th
 we will not be a seasonal crew. The crew has begun to                       Monday December 8th
 hold one meeting a month, and we are also looking for a
 sponsor. This year the crew has also formed a commit-                           Council Office
 tee to help promote the place that we all love “SSR”.                  326 Derby Ave. (Rt. 115), Derby
 This crew committee has agreed to work with the OA on                    Starts Promptly at 7:30 p.m.
 camp promotion. The crew would like to go to out of
 council troops, and promote camp so if you know any
                                                                Parking in front of the building, in the lots on both
 troops that are looking to change camps please call a
 member of the crew. The crew is also talking about par-             sides and in the lot behind the building.
 ticipating in the Crew Cup and the Crew Olympics.
 Crew 555 is also holding a Christmas party in Decem-                  Roundtable - It’s for all leaders!
 ber. The crew is also looking to do a trip in the spring to    Roundtable is a uniformed training event, but we
 NYC. If you know of anyone who is looking to sponsor              t
                                                                won'send you home if you forget to wear yours.
 a Venturing crew please call Alex Olbrys @ 723-8199.

 Elections were held this date:                                       Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner
 Pres                                                                            Jo Ellen Lisi
 Alex Olbrys 203-723-8199

 VP                                                                   Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
 Rich Morano 203-592-3961                                     Lorenzo Recine

 Sec                                                                       Venture Officer Association
 Kyle Kurtich 860-485-1478                                Don Woodin

 Kyle Casiglio 203-929-1779
The Valley Scouter                                            Page 11

                      Housatonic Council,
                     Boy Scouts of America
                         And Troop 1 – Oxford, CT


                     “Stop,Drop & Support”
                             Food Drive
    In conjunction with our annual “Scouting for Food” Food Drive

                     Saturday, November 8th, 2008
                     To Benefit the Valley Food Bank

                           Stop and Shop
                             15 Franklin Street
                               Seymour, CT

                          From 9am to 1pm
               Stop by the Bus, Drop off some Food &
                     Support Your Community
Page 12                                                                      The Valley Scouter

      Who’s Who in the Housatonic Council
                 Scout Executive - Vacant                       Scout Shop Hours
                 W:203-734-3329 Ext. 304
          Senior District Executive - Tina Paolillo
                W:203-734-3329 Ext. 303
                                                             Monday          CLOSED
                                                             Tuesday   9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
         Scout Shop Manager - Nancy Prutting                 Wednesday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
        Scout Shop Sales Clerk - Dot Pendagast
               W:203-734-3329 Ext. 306
                                                             Thursday        CLOSED
                               Friday    1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
                                                             Saturday        CLOSED
           Registrar/Bookkeeper - Barbara Kinzig
                 W:203-734-3329 Ext. 301
          Part-time Registrar - Carole Cafaro
                  W:203-734-3329 Ext. 302
               Camp Ranger - Jack Watson
    Year-round Camp Reservation Line (Voice Mail)
               203-734-3329 Ext. 313

 The Valley Scouter                                                              NON-PROFIT
                                                                                   Bulk Rate
 Housatonic Council B.S.A.                                                        U.S. Postage
 326 Derby Avenue                                                                    PAID
                                                                                   Derby, CT
 Derby, Connecticut 06418                                                        Permit No. 11
 (203) 734-3329

 THE VALLEY SCOUTER is published quarterly
 by the Housatonic Council, BSA
 326 Derby Avenue, Derby, CT 06418.
 Web Page -
 Fax: 203-734-0222

       Richard Marano
    Council Commissioner
      Jeffery Anderson
      Scout Executive
        Tina Paolillo
        Bob Giuliani
                               The Housatonic Council is a
                                Valley United Way Agency

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