POSITION DESCRIPTION                                                                  1. Agency PDCN         80529E00
2. Reason for Submission                3. Service                 4. Empl Office Location          5. Duty Station                 6. OPM Cert #
     Redescription       New                HQ     Field

     Reestablishment     Other               7. Fair Labor Standards Act            8. Financial Statements Required                9. Subject to IA
Explanation (Show Positions Replaced)                   Not Applicable                  Exec Pers Financial Disclosure              Action
                                                                                        Employment & Financial Interests                   Yes       No
                                             10. Position Status                11. Position is       12. Sensitivity               13. Competitive Level
                                                  Competitive                        Supervisory           Non-Sensitive
                                                  Excepted (32 USC 709)              Managerial            Noncritical Sens
                                                  SES (Gen)                          Neither               Critical Sens            14. Agency Use
                                                  SES (CR)                                                 Special Sens              ENL
15. Classified/Graded by
      a. US Office of Pers Mgt        b. Dept, Agency or Establishment             c. Second Level Review       d. First Level Review

                            Official Title of Position                            Pay Plan      Occupational Code          Grade    Initials           Date

       Human Resources Assistant (Military)                                         GS                0203                 06        rmp          23 Jun 03
16. Organizational Title (If different from official title)                     17. Name of Employee (optional)

18. Dept/Agency/Establishment -    National Guard Bureau                         c. Third Subdivision -    Mission Support Group
    a. First Subdivision       -   State Adjutant General                        d. Fourth Subdivision –   Military Personnel Flight
    b. Second Subdivision     - ANG Flying Wing                                  e. Fifth Subdivision -
19. Employee Review. This is an accurate description of the major duties           Employee Signature /Date (optional)
and responsibilities of my position.

20. Supervisory Certification. I certify that this is an accurate statement of the major duties and responsibilities of this position and its
organizational relationships, and that the position is necessary to carry out Government functions for which I am responsible. This certification is made
with the knowledge that this information is to be used for statutory purposes related to appointment and payment of public funds. False or misleading
statements may constitute violations of such statutes or their implementing regulations.
 a. Typed Name and Title of Immediate Supervisor                               b. Typed Name and Title of Higher-Level Supervisor/Manager (optional)

    Signature                                                 Date                  Signature                                              Date

21. Classification/Job Grading Certification: I certify                          22. Standards Used in Classifying/Grading Position
this position has been classified/graded as required by     US OPM Job Family Position Classification Standard for
Title 5 USC, in conformance with USOPM published standards Assistance Work in the Human Resources Management Group,
or, if no published standards apply directly, consistently GS-0200, dated Dec 2000.
with the most applicable standards.

    Typed Name and Title of Official Taking Action
      ROGER M. PARRISH                                                          Information For Employees. The standards and information on
      Human Resources Specialist (Classification)                               their application are available in the personnel office. The
                                                                                classification of the position may be reviewed and corrected by
    Signature                                               Date                the agency or OPM. Information on classification/job grading appeals is
      //signed//                                            23 Jun 03           available from the personnel office.
23. Position Review        Initials      Date      Initials         Date      Initials       Date       Initials        Date       Initials      Date

a. Employee (Opt)

b. Supervisor

c. Classifier

24. Remarks:
    Released from NGB-HRC, CRA 03-1006, dated 23 Jun 03.

25. Description of Major Duties and Responsibilities (SEE ATTACHED)
NSN 7540-00-634-4265 Previous Edition Usable 5008-106    Optional Form 8     US Office of Personnel Management (USOPM), FPM CHAPTER 295 [Equivalent]



This position is located in the Military Personnel Flight (MPF), Mission Support Group at
an Air National Guard flying wing. The primary purpose of the position is to provide
technical and substantive clerical assistance and support on military human resources
matters to Human Resources Specialists (Military) within the office and to managers,
supervisors and military members of the serviced organizations. Performs work in one
or more military human resources specialties. Work involves review of a full range of
human resources actions as well as extensive research of military members’ previous
human resources history. Work requires use of an automated system.

This position requires military membership. It is designated for National Guard enlisted
incumbency only. In accordance with AFMAN 36-2108, incumbent performs duties
necessary to accomplish human resources functions in support of programs essential
to Wing and supported units Air National Guard daily operations, training and readiness


--Assists the Human Resources Specialist (Military) in execution of the program by
processing a wide range of military human resources transactions and providing
technical assistance in executing programs related to any of a variety of military human
resources program areas (i.e., Career Enhancement, Customer Service, Employments,
Personnel Relocations, and/or Personnel Readiness). Analyzes the interrelationships
and impact that various military human resources actions may have on military

--Provides technical and substantive clerical support in the administration of the human
resources (Career Enhancements, Customer Service, Employments, Relocations, and
Readiness), retention, training, and human resources systems. Processes a wide
variety of personnel actions/transactions pertinent to the assignment, reassignment,
promotion, training, separation, extension and retirement of enlisted and officer
personnel in the military human resources programs. Maintains, files,
researches/verifies accuracy of information, reviews and ensures completeness of
material, and explains regulatory and procedural requirements pertaining to specific
AGR/drill status job standards file.

--Researches, prepares, and processes human resources actions to include tour
extensions, reassignments, separations, retirements, and training requests. Verifies,
prepares, and issues DD Form 214 (Armed Forces of United States Report of Transfer
or Discharge) upon termination of active duty status. Establishes and maintains
Wing/supported unit-level human resources files on AGR/drill status guardsmen.
Answers questions regarding and processes awards, decorations, and suggestions.
Determines factual accuracy, procedural, and substantial completeness of records for


conformity with ANG and State regulations. Makes extensive reviews of records of
enlisted/officer personnel to determine eligibility for continuation of tour or recommends
removal from the active AGR program, and takes final action on all but unprecedented
cases. Performs technical/clerical review prior to action officer’s signature or other
approving authority. Interprets and applies Air NGB and State regulations. Prepares
military orders to include travel requirements, funding, and types of duty authorized.
Provides technical and clerical support in administering the Employment program.
Researches and verifies information on requests for job announcements to ensure
correctness and completeness. Prepares vacancy announcements in final form and
ensures their distribution. Counsels employees and applicants seeking job information
and/or placement, and furnishes information regarding vacancies and mandatory
requirements for eligibility in the AGR Program. Ensures completeness of applications
and requests additional information when necessary. Screens applications and
establishes and maintains pertinent promotion/placement records to reconstruct each
placement action.

--Provides guidance and technical assistance to supervisors, managers, and
employees on a variety of military HR matters. Contributes to the resolution of complex
military human resources problems through extensive research and analysis of
problems, and by initiating corrective action to records when required.

--Prepares a variety of draft reports, statistical data, correspondence, and forms in final
format. Monitors suspense system and replies from organizations. Maintains
necessary records, files, and statistical data to ensure a viable program. Provides
support in processing a variety of military human resources actions ensuring pertinent
documentation is provided.

--Performs other duties as assigned.

Factor 1 – Knowledge Required by the Position:                   FL 1-4        550 points

--Knowledge and skill in applying an extensive body of military human resources rules
procedures, precedent situations and operations sufficient to provide a military HR
support work, to develop facts and resolve support problems.

--Practical knowledge of military human resources regulations such as those covering
employee benefits (i.e., retirement, leave, life insurance, TSP, etc.), classification, and
employee relations (i.e., injury, awards, performance issues, etc.), to obtain relevant
facts and to perform or explain a range of technical/clerical procedures in support of
one or more of these specialties. Incumbent must have the ability to evaluate
adequacy of facts and explain available options to military members based on analysis
of individual circumstances.

--Skill in the use of an automated human resources system.


Factor 2 – Supervisory Controls:                                FL 2-3        275 points

--The supervisor or a higher-graded employees outlines assignments and requirements,
defines overall objective, and priorities of the work. Unusual or most difficult situations
are referred to the supervisor. Incumbent uses initiative in planning and carrying out
day-to-day assignments according to established policies and procedures. Completed
work is spot checked for appropriateness and soundness of decisions. Specific
guidance is provided on new or unusual problems.

Factor 3 – Guidelines:                                          FL 3-2       125 points
--Uses guidelines, covering established practices, rules, requirements, technical
manuals, and local policies as appropriate. The incumbent selects the proper
guidelines according to circumstances of the specific case. The assistant interprets
guides, makes minor adaptations, and uses sound judgment in completing actions and
in resolving issues.

Factor 4 – Complexity:                                          FL 4-3        150 points

--The work consists of identifying scope and nature of the problem. It includes
processes and methods to process actions in one or more military HR specialties. Also,
completes a variety of military human resources actions.

--Assignments require interpretation and analyzing numerous regulations, policies, and
procedures relating to human resources specialties (military) in order to provide advice
or counseling to military members or supervisors.

Factor 5 – Scope and Effect:                                    FL 5-2         75 points

--Various technical services are provided and problems are resolved according to
applicable military human resources management policy or practices. Work involves
applying specific rules or procedures to complete actions in the military HR
organization. Records and statistical data used for reports affect adequacy and
accuracy of agency reports.

--The work products affect the accuracy of documentation in the official military human
resources files. The work products or advice and assistance rendered have a direct
effect upon military members serviced

Factor 6 – Personal Contacts and
Factor 7 – Purpose of Contacts:                                 Matrix 2B      75 points

--Personal contacts are with military members, supervisors, and administrative staff in
the organizations served.


--Incumbent regularly has personal contacts, which involve resolving problems,
obtaining cooperation of others, or reaching mutual agreements. Considerable tact and
diplomacy may be required in dealing with dissatisfied individuals.

Factor 8 – Physical Demands:                                    FL 8-1           5 points

--The work is performed primarily while sitting. Movement is required to obtain records
from files or to visit operating offices.

Factor 9 – Work Environment:                                    FL 9-1           5 points

--The assistant works in a comfortable office setting with proper lighting, heating, and
ventilation. Occasional travel to work sites, training, etc., may be required.


                               EVALUATION STATEMENT

A. Title, Series, and Grade: Human Resources Assistant (Military), GS-0203-06.

B. Reference: US OPM Job Family Position Classification Standard for Assistance
Work in the Human Resources Management Group, GS-0200, dated Dec 2000.

C. Background Information: This position is located in the Military Personnel Flight
(MPF). It is designed to provide technical assistance in one or more military human
resources specialties in administration of the program. This new position description is
classified under the application of the new OPM job family standard (JFS) for the
assistance work in the HR Group, GS-0200.

D. Series, Title, and Grade Determination:

   1. Series: The GS-0203 series covers one-grade interval administrative support
positions that performs human resources assistance work requiring substantial
knowledge of terminology, requirements, procedures, operations, functions, and
regulatory policy, and procedural requirements applicable to HR transactions. This
position provides technical assistance in one or more military human resources
specialties and therefore meets this series definition.

   2. Title: The basic title for this occupation is Human Resources Assistant. The
parenthetical title “Military” is an established specialty for positions involving work that
supports military HR programs and functions. The position is titled Human Resources
Assistant (Military).

   3. Grade: See the Factor Evaluation System, position evaluation statement.

E. Conclusion: Based on the above evaluation, this position is classified as Human
Resources Assistant (Military), GS-0203-06.

Classifier: Roger M. Parrish, NGB-HRCA                                    Date: 23 Jun 03


                    FACTOR EVALUATION SYSTEM

        FACTOR          LEVEL   POINTS                   REMARKS
                                         Meets Level 1-4. Applies an extensive
1. KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED    1-4     550     body of knowledge of NGB military HR
                                         rules, procedures and/or operations
                                         involving a wide variety of interrelated
                                         and/or non-standard military HR support
                                         work; planning, coordinating, developing
                                         and/or resolving support problems in one
                                         or more military HR specialist areas. This
                                         factor fully meets the requirements of
                                         Level 1-4 as described in the standard.

                                         In order to fully meet Level 1-5, incumbent
                                         must not only have a knowledge of, and
                                         skill in applying a comprehensive body of
                                         military HR rules, but must be able to
                                         carry out limited projects; analyzes a
                                         variety of routine facts; research minor
                                         complaints or problems that are not
                                         readily understood; summarize military
                                         HR facts and issues. The position does
                                         not meet this level
                                         The supervisor or a higher-graded
2. SUPERVISORY           2-3     275     employees outlines assignments and
   CONTROLS                              requirements, defines overall objective,
                                         and priorities of the work. Unusual or
                                         most difficult situations are referred to the
                                         supervisor. Incumbent uses initiative in
                                         planning and carrying out day-to-day
                                         assignments according to established
                                         policies and procedures. Completed work
                                         is spot checked for appropriateness and
                                         soundness of decisions. Specific
                                         guidance is provided on new or unusual
                                         problems. This fully meets Level 2-3
                                         described in the standard.
                                         Level 3-2 is fully met. Military regulations
3. GUIDELINES            3-2     125     and guidelines are rather specific and
                                         generally applicable to the work. Proper
                                         interpretation is very important to ensuring
                                         counsel/advice offered is valid. Does not
                                         meet Level 3-3 wherein guidelines are not
                                         completely applicable and where there
                                         are gaps in specificity. Position does
                                         require judgment in selecting the most
                                         appropriate guidelines and in deciding the
                                         best way to complete work, but the
                                         position falls short of meeting the full
                                         intent of this higher level.


         FACTOR             LEVEL    POINTS                      REMARKS
                                                Meets intent of Level 4-3. Carries out
4. COMPLEXITY                 4-3        150    different unrelated military HR processes
                                                to accomplish military HR assignments,
                                                by identifying and reviewing factual data,
                                                and determining appropriate action from a
                                                variety of alternatives. Exceeds Level 4-2
                                                that consists of related steps, processes,
                                                and standard explanations. Requirement
                                                to explore and provide alternatives
                                                exceeds intent of this level.
                                                Follows specific rules and procedures to
5. SCOPE AND EFFECT           5-2         75    complete actions in the MPF. The work
                                                products affect the accuracy of
                                                documentation in the official military
                                                human resources files. The work products
                                                or advice and assistance rendered have a
                                                direct effect upon military members
                                                serviced. This factor fully meets the
                                                requirements of Level 5-2 as described in
                                                the standard.

                                                Factor 5-3 is not appropriate since this
                                                position does not deal with a full variety of
                                                routine problems, questions, or situations
                                                within the MPF.
                                                Level 2 is met. Contacts involve
6. PERSONAL CONTACTS          2B          75    interaction with military members and
        &                                       managers inside and outside the
7. PURPOSE OF CONTACTS                          immediate office (i.e., supv/mgr/mil
                                                members in the wing, state headquarters
                                                and NGB as well as gaining service).
                                                Meets Level B as to purpose of contacts
                                                as position requires planning,
                                                coordinating, and advising on program
                                                matters and working toward mutual goals
                                                of providing quality information and advise
                                                essential to a successful program.
                                                Fully meets Level 8-1.
8. PHYSICAL DEMANDS           8-1         5
                                                Level 9-1 is fully met.
9. WORK ENVIRONMENT           8-1         5

           TOTAL POINTS ASSIGNED:        1260      GRADE: GS-06

FINAL CLASSIFICATION: Human Resources Assistant (Military), GS-0203-06

Classifier: Roger M. Parrish, NGB-HRCA                                    Date: 23 Jun 03


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