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5j-3 _McGovern Library Archives Brochure_.p65


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                                                  Finding the Archives
                                                  The Archives and History
                                                  Library was established in
                                                  the Parker United
                                                  Methodist Conference
of the Dakotas Conference of the                  Center in Mitchell in 1969
        United Methodist Church                   by Dr. Matthew D. Smith,
                                                  former president, dean
The Commission on                                 and 1912 graduate of
Archives and History is                           DWU. Materials known as Dr. Matthew D. Smith

charged by the United                             the Methodist Collection
Methodist Book of                                 were relocated from the Layne Library at DWU
Discipline to preserve                            to the Conference Center.
the records of the
Dakotas Conference                                In 2002, the Dakotas Conference and Dakota
of the United                                     Wesleyan University entered into an
Methodist Church and                              agreement to share archives space in the
its predecessors                                  George and Eleanor McGovern Library and
within the conference
boundaries. For
                                                  Center for Leadership and Public Service. The
                                                  new McGovern Library opened in October                •   Dakota Wesleyan University
reference purposes,
this collection retains
                                                  2006. With the retirement of longtime archivist
                                                  Pat Breidenbach, the Dakotas Conference
                                                  Archives and History Library officially moved to
                                                                                                        •   Dakotas Conference of the
                                                                                                            United Methodist Church
records of the general
conferences, the                                  the McGovern Library in March 2007.
disciplines and the general minutes of all the
annual conferences.

The Archives and History Library is the
depository for the records and other historical
materials of the United Methodist Church and
predecessor denominations within the
boundaries of the Dakotas Conference and
predecessor conferences.

The holdings include:
• records of closed churches, containing rolls
  of pastors, memberships, baptisms,                     George and Eleanor McGovern Library
  marriages and sometimes deaths;                     and Center for Leadership and Public Service
• historical files on active and closed local
  churches;                                               FOR MORE INFO
• minutes/yearbooks/journals of the Dakotas
  Conference and predecessor conferences;                Laurie Langland, Archivist
                                                                                                     DAKOTA WESLEYAN
• publications/newspapers of the Dakotas
  Conference and predecessor conferences;
• histories of conferences throughout the
                                                           McGovern Library, DWU
                                                            1201 McGovern Ave.                       UNIVERSITY
  United States;                                             Mitchell, SD 57301                      George and Eleanor McGovern Library and
• hymnals and gospel songbooks;                                                                       Center for Leadership and Public Service
                                                              Phone: 605-995-2134
• disciplines; and                                                                                    1201 McGovern Ave., Mitchell, SD 57301
                                                               Fax: 605-995-2893
• local church commemoratives.                                                                       605-995-2134 • www.mcgoverncenter.com
                                                            E-mail: lalangla@dwu.edu
   the history
   of Dakota Wesleyan University
                                                     and Special Collections of DWU
                                                                                                            the history
                                                                                                                of the Dakotas Conference
   In 1883, a                                       The George                                           The Dakotas Conference of the United
small band of                                       and Eleanor                                          Methodist Church was created in June 1994,
Methodist                                           McGovern                                             with the merger of the North Dakota and the
settlers meeting                                    Library at DWU                                       South Dakota conferences, which had been
in Dakota                                           houses the                                           separate conferences since their beginnings in
Territory secured                                   university                                           the 1880s. The merger meeting was held at
a charter to found                                                                                       Aberdeen, S.D.
                                                    archives and
the college that
                                                    special                                              Methodist Predecessor Conferences
has become
                                                    collections:                                         The North Dakota Conference had its
Dakota Wesleyan                                                         Eleanor and George McGovern
University.                                                                                              beginnings as a mission conference
   A small, private                                   • Sen. Francis H. Case Collection                  organized in October 1884 at Fargo. The
university located                                    • Sen. George McGovern Collection                  South Dakota Conference had its beginnings
in Mitchell, S.D.,                                    • Jennewein Western Library                        on two fronts in 1880: the Black Hills Mission
DWU aspires to                                                                                           at Deadwood; and the Dakota Mission
                       Merrill Memorial Hall, DWU      The university archives consists of               Conference at Yankton. During the
excellence in the
                                                    publications, images and memorabilia which           organizations and mergers of conferences in
liberal arts and professional programs. As the
                                                    preserve DWU’s institutional memory.                 the Dakotas, three branches of the Methodist
university for the Dakotas Conference of the
                                                       The Case Collection                               Episcopal denomination merged in 1939 and
United Methodist Church, Dakota Wesleyan
                                                    contains more than 300                               dropped Episcopal from the name, which
encourages the dialogue between mind and
                                                    linear feet of materials                             would be only Methodist until 1968.
soul, simultaneously building relationships,
                                                    which represent the work
developing whole persons, and promoting                                                                  Evangelical Predecessor Conferences
                                                    of Sen. Case, a 1918
service to God and humanity.                                                                             In 1884, the Dakota Conference of the
                                                    DWU graduate, during
                                                    his 25-year membership                               Evangelical Association Church was organized
                                                    in the U.S. Congress and                             for all of Dakota Territory. The conference was
                                                    Senate.                                              divided into separate conferences for North
                                                                                  Sen. Francis H. Case
                                                       The McGovern                                      Dakota and South Dakota in 1920. In 1951,
                                                    Collection consists of an                            the North Dakota and South Dakota
                                                    extensive collection of                              conferences met again and reunited as the
                                                    photographs, as well as                              Dakota Conference of the Evangelical United
                                                    campaign memorabilia                                 Brethren Church.
                                                    and personal papers of
                                                    George McGovern, a                                   United Brethren in Christ Work in the Dakotas
                                                    1946 DWU graduate and                                United Brethren work in the Dakotas was
                                                    former faculty member.                               carried on by conferences headquartered in
         Postcard of Old College Hall, DWU             J. Leonard Jennewein,                             Iowa and Nebraska. The Evangelical United
                                                                                  J. Leonard Jennewein
                                                    professor of history and                             Brethren and Methodist denominations
                                                    English at DWU from 1953-68, donated the             merged in 1968, creating the present-day
               Check online at                      collection known as the Jennewein Western            United Methodist Church.
  www.dwu.edu/library/archives.htm                  Library, which consists of books, images,            For additional information on the Dakotas
            for more information.                   audio material, and papers on the history of         Conference of the United Methodist Church,
                                                    South Dakota and the Middle Border region.           go to www.dakotasumc.org.

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