; How to Wisely Manage Interactions among Kids with TV
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How to Wisely Manage Interactions among Kids with TV


This is about children.

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									How to Wisely Manage Interactions among Kids with TV

TELEVISION has been a tool that associated with obesity, sexual assault, or declining
achievement in children. Does television really culprit of all problems of children?

It's easy to blame television and other forms of media to the moral degradation that we
see in society. From cartoons filled with images of violence to advertising junk food,
children can certainly get the wrong message from watching television.

"Any positive effect of television on infants and toddlers is still an open question. One
who has proven is a matter of parent-child interaction. Age under two years; talking,
singing, reading, listening to music, or play much more important to their development
than television show, "According to the recommendations of the American Academy of
Pediatrics (AAP).

As parents, we must realize the amount of exposure of children to television and other
media at a young age. Children need to interact and form a real relationship to grow and
develop a healthy sense of self. Letting the kids amuse themselves for hours in front of
the television clearly bad.

Children need parents who are involved to show interest in what they do, think, and feel.
What is needed then is to educate parents about media management.

Here, some tips to help your family manage the exposure to television, as reported from

Do not save the television in the bedroom

Identify one or two locations in your home for the family can gather to watch television
or play games. In this way, watching television and gaming into social interaction and not
a form of escape loneliness.

Do not use television as a gift

This provides additional strength for television. Arrange the rules about how many
children can struggle with television, for example after doing homework and school

Select the appropriate age

In the case of children, make sure you choose the television programs or games that its
content in accordance with their age.

Choose healthy foods while watching television

Serve fresh fruit and healthy snacks around the area to watch television. So, the little
escaped from the snack is not good.

Use television as a springboard for family discussions

Select the events that have educational or moral value as your discussion with the
children. If there are things they ask about the event, invite them to think and express

Take a break from television

Select a day (or more) in a week without television. Encourage your child to play board
games, puzzles, make crafts, science experiments, and so forth. Your children may even
be surprised at how enjoyable life without television.

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