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					                             Elmonica Elementary School
                                PTO Meeting Minutes
                                  March 18th, 2009

In Attendance:
Jaime Green, Beth Fischer, Vicki Mark, Leah Carpenter, Amor Greagor, Jennifer Hooson,
Rebecca Brady Catherine Nitz (All American Fundraising).

Call to Order: 6:35pm

Minutes: Motion passed to approve the February minutes as written.

Treasurer’s Report:
    Bank Charges are fluctuating between $7-$25 a month. Rhonda is working with the bank
       to understand these charges.
    Entertainment book line item in the budget shows revenue and expense as the same
       number. It was asked how much did we actually make on this fundraiser and all
       fundraisers in total for the year? This will be taken to Rhonda as well.

Principal’s Report: No Staff report due to Mr. Mitchell not being attendance. Aloha Mr.
   Mitchell! 

Old Business:
      Barnes and Noble Night- The spring date has been set as June 4th. The Polynesian
        dancers will perform that night at B/N. There will be a flyer so that 20% of Elmonica
        sales can be donated to the school. Students can also sign up for B/N Summer
        Reading Program.
      Restaurant Nights- Chevy’s night was well attended. They will look into a
        restaurant night to match up with the Barnes and Noble night.
      Science Kits- no update.
      Cookie Dough Fundraiser- As of tonight ~$7,412 in orders were collected. Great
        job! Elmonica receives 40% so ~$2964.80 has been made. All orders will go in on
      Parent/Staff Fundraiser Activity Survey- As of tonight we have had only 7% of
        surveys returned. Not as many as we hoped from a school base of ~600 families and
        staff members.
      Ice Cream Social- all is in order for this event.
      Clothes Closet- Elmonica Elementary volunteers staffed the Beaverton School
        District clothes closet last week. Vicki Mark attended along with Jaime, Holly, Kristen,
        Mr. Jim and Leah Mark. Vicki personally would love to be there every day, serving our
        community and talking to the great families. There is an urgent need for clothing and
        shoes for elementary age students. If you find yourself cleaning closets this spring,
        please donate to the BSC Clothes Closet. A box will be put next to the display case
        starting in April.
New Business:
      Variety Show- We are looking at consolidate this event. Previously it was a 2 day 4
       show event (two day and two evening). The proposal is to consolidate it to one show
       held in the evening. We have a coordinator who can commit to organizing the show if
       the date is in early May. A few dates will be presented to Mr. Mitchell and a final
       date will be communicated soon.
      Playground Equipment- We are in need of new outdoor playground balls
       (footballs, basketballs, wall balls etc…). Jaime will send the list to Jennifer Hooson
       and tonight’s attendees to see what donations can be made.
      Expectations for April and May PTO Meetings- At the April 15th PTO Morning
       Mtg. the results of the Survey will be discussed. There will be a pre-meeting of the
       executive board to review the survey results and make a proposal. In addition, prior
       to April 15th Mtg, there will be a 2009-10 Events Calendar Proposal given to Mr.
       Mitchell for approval. The treasurer needs to communicate with Mike regarding
       staffing for next year so the budget for Teacher Enrichment Funds can be set
       accurately. There will be a 1st Pass budget 2nd Pass budget for the 2009-10 budget.
       The May 20th evening meeting will be the final budget approval for 2009-2010.
       Executive Board elections will be held at that meeting as well.
   The following positions are open on the PTO board for 2009-2010 school year. Please
      consider your time and talents and contact a current board member to learn more.
      PTO President
      PTO President-Elect
      PTO Volunteer Coordinator
      PTO Volunteer Co- coordinator
  Jump Rope for Heart- Mr. Appelgren proposed a Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. We
  were in support of the activity, and suggested he contact Mr. Mitchell for next steps.

   Fundraising- Catherine from All American Fundraising reviewed her catalog that is
   available for a Fall Fundraiser. There would be a kick off assembly that they would host.
   They also supply prizes. We can decide on the prize packet that we feel would match our
   participation levels. The turn around is 2-3 week. On line ordering is also available. There is
   a 40% profit. Catherine handles the administrative duties for their fundraiser.

   Recycling Fundraiser- Ms. Young the Library assistant proposed a Recycling Event. This is
   a one day event to collect used consumer electronics. Proceeds go to the school. See
   green.fundraiser.org for additional details

   PTO Website- This is maintained by Jaime. If you have want to submit something please
   contact her.

   Staff Appreciation Luncheon has been cancelled due to the days added back for Snow

Adjourned: 8:00 pm

Minutes submitted by Beth Fischer
                 Upcoming PTO Events
3/20    Fri    Second Trimester Report Cards go home
3/21-3/29      Spring Break No School

4/7     Tue    Kindergarten Orientation, 9-10:15 a.m.
4/8     Wed    Local School Committee Meeting, 5:00 p.m.
4/9     Thu    PTO Skate World Night
4/10    Fri    Trimester Assessment Day~ No school for Students
4/14    Tue    Site Council Meeting in Library, 3:15 p.m.
4/15    Wed    PTO Meeting, MORNING, café 9:00 a.m.
4/16    Thu    Open House~Ice Cream Social~Art Literacy Show~Cookie
        Dough Pick Up
5/12    Tue    Site Council Meeting in Library, 3:15 p.m.
5/13    Wed    Local School Committee Meeting, 5:00 p.m.
5/20    Wed    Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
5/20    Wed    PTO Meeting, Evening, café 6:30pm Child supervision provided.
5/22    Fri    Staff Development Day- No School for Students
5/25    Mon    Memorial Day Holiday- No School for Students

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