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          WILLIAMSPORT SUN-GAZETTE                                                       Tuesday, June 1, 2004
      203rd Year, No. 153                                                                                                                                                                      50¢ Newsstand

                                                                        Kari and Cayla Betz, left
      Trial set
A     to start
                                                                        photo, daughters of Laurie
                                                                        and Jeremy Betz of Muncy,
                                                                        watch the Memorial Day Pa-
for Scott Peterson
                                                                        rade from under an umbrel-
               ... A-7                                                  la Monday in Muncy. At
                                                                        right, Fred Temple and
                                                                        David Taylor, both of
                                                                        Muncy, are on their way
                                                                        home after the parade.
                                                                        Their float promoted the
                                                                        upcoming 21st annual
                                                                        Muncy Valley Hospital
                                                                        Lawn Party on June 21.

                                                                         (More photos on Page A-3)                                                                                   BRENT SHIRK/Sun-Gazette Correspondent

        Last widow
B of Civil War
veteran dies at 97
                  ... B-7
                                Rolling Thunder tribute paid
                                Area cyclists
                                join thousands                                                                                          “We are down here to honor the fallen vet-
                                                                                                                                         erans, to show our support for them.”
                                in Washington                                                                                                                     Skip Huyck,
                                     By DENA PAULING                                                                                    director of the Williamsport Chapter of the Harley Owners Group
                                      Sun-Gazette Staff
C grid player                      WASHINGTON — Waves of
                                motorcycle fanatics, from the
                                Williamsport area and across
headed to Australia             the nation, rumbled past Amer-
                  ... C-1       ica’s most hallowed monuments
                                Sunday — for a cause.
                                   “Sounds like heaven,” said
                                Muncy resident Curt Vander
                                Vere, as he watched the motor-
                                cycles depart from the Penta-
                                gon parking lot while waiting
                                for his turn to rev his Harley’s
                                   Vander Vere and at least 10
                                others from the Williamsport
                                area participated in the 17th
                                annual Rolling Thunder “Ride
                                for Freedom,” a Memorial Day
        Researchers             weekend tradition meant to
D are learning                  pay tribute to prisoners of war
                                and military members missing
how obesity kills               in action.
                                   Staying within sight of the
                  ... D-1       Washington Monument, the
                                ride looped around streets near
                                West Potomac Park and cov-
                                ered a route that took an hour.
                                Some members of the group                                                                                                                                  DENA PAULING/Sun-Gazette
                                concluded their time at the pa-     Sid Alpaugh of Pennsdale, left, and Curt Vander Vere of Muncy watch as thousands of motorcyclists gather.
                                rade with a stop at the Nation-
                                al Mall, where thousands of vis-
                                itors gathered around the Lin-      Williamsport chapter of the         during the early morning             leather chaps, Harley T-shirts      time     comparing     Harleys
                                coln, Vietnam, Korean and new       Harley Owners Group, a non-         hours.                               and vests covered in pins.          against the backdrop of a color-
                                World War II memorials, plac-       profit organization where the          “Man, I got to thinking, if al-      The Williamsport group de-       ful crowd with vendors passing
                                ing pictures and flowers around     cyclists hold membership.           Qaida were to slide right            parted from the Pentagon            out free pocket Bibles and cof-
                                the granite monuments.                 Decked out in leather beside     through the parking lot, they        around 1:15 p.m., though thou-      fee.
                                   “We are down here to honor       their most prized possessions,      would get more people than           sands were still rolling out into      “You get more mileage out of
Deaths                          the fallen veterans, to show our    the Williamsport motorcyclists      what they killed on 9-11,” said      the late afternoon. The kickoff     the parking lot than on the
                                support for them,” said Skip        joined the 400,000 who began        Mike Aldenderfer, looking on         began at noon, and until their      road,” said Steve Confair of
                                Huyck, director of the              assembling at the Pentagon          the masses of bikers wearing         departure, the crowd spent               (See ROLLING, Page A-6)
   Helena A. Andrews
   Stella R. Bennett
   Stanley Bombaski Jr.
   Diana R. Cohoon
   Cora M. Day
   Immaculata Fisher
                               Bush, Kerry honor veterans on Memorial Day;                                                                       Marines take home
   Max L. Orso                 nation pays quiet tribute with parades, picnics
                  ... B-7
                                       By PETE YOST
                                    Associated Press Writer
                                                                                                                                                 more than memories
   Good morning,
   William Lundy.
                                   ARLINGTON, Va. — Presi-
                               dent Bush declared Monday
                                                                                                                                                 at the end of big war
                               that ‘‘America is safer’’ because
Thank you for subscribing      of its fighting forces while Sen.                                                                                     (EDITOR’S NOTE: Follow-
                               John Kerry went to the Vietnam                                                                                     ing is the conclusion of a
   to the Sun-Gazette!                                                                                                                            three-day Sun-Gazette series
                               Veterans Memorial in somber                                                                                        focusing on the reunion of
                               but historically asymmetrical                                                                                      two Marines 57 years after
  Visit our Web site           Memorial Day tributes.                                                                                             World War II.)                ‘‘Through our history, Ameri-
                                                                                                                                                      By GWEN E. HOCK
                               ca has gone to war reluctantly,’’
                                                                                                                                                    Special to the Sun-Gazette
                               said Bush, speaking at Arling-
Index                          ton National Cemetery after lay-                                                                                     Going home.
                               ing a wreath at the Tomb of the                                                                                      Marines Jim Horner and
Annie’s Mailbox . .B-4         Unknowns. ‘‘In places like Kab-                                                                                   Kenneth Wheat parted at
Classified . . . . . .D-3      ul and Kandahar, in Mosul; and                                                                                    Omura, Japan, when the 2nd
Comics . . . . . . . .C-7      Baghdad, we have seen their de-                                                                                   Marine battalions loaded out
                               cency and their brave spirit,’’ he                                                        ASSOCIATED PRESS        for discharge in late December
Crossword . . . . . .B-4
Editorial . . . . . . . .A-4   said.                                President Bush, left, lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Un-                   1945. Wheat was discharged as
Horoscopes . . . . .C-7            A charcoal sky and light mist    known Soldier marking Memorial Day at Arlington Nation-                      a corporal at Mare Island,
Legal Notices . . .D-3         hung over the remembrance as         al Cemetery Monday near Washington.                                          Calif., on July 7, 1946, while     Run, and Wheat said it took
Lifestyle . . . . . . . .B-6   if to underscore the solemnity of                                                                                 Horner was discharged as a         them a while to orient them-
Lottery . . . . . . . . .A-2   Bush’s speech, Kerry’s visit to      tional World War II Memorial.          It was a day when political           line corporal a day later in       selves after arriving back home
Obituaries . . . . . .B-7      the Vietnam monument and a              Frances and John Carter,         rhetoric was somewhat muted,             Bainbridge, Md.                    after the war.
Sports . . . . . . .C-1/5      parade along historic Indepen-       both 82, were separated by an       eclipsed here by public tributes            ‘‘They paid me $66 for each        ‘‘Jane was half afraid to
Television . . . . . .B-5      dence Avenue. A smattering of        ocean during World War II; he       and the playing of Taps. Bush            month of service and $12.75 for    sleep with me because I would
                               World War II veterans marched        was a paratrooper and she was a     did take a moment to praise Sec-         a train ticket to Altoona where    jump up in a threatening and
                               with people, in some cases, three    ‘‘Rosie the Riveter,’’ one of the   retary of Defense Donald H.              my wife and brother met me         defensive pose every time there
                               generations younger, capping a       thousands of women who went         Rumsfeld for ‘‘your great leader-        and took me home to Boals-         was a strange noise in the
                               weekend highlighted by the for-      to work at home to support the      ship,’’ however. Rumsfeld has            burg,’’ Horner said.               house,’’ Horner said of his wife.
                               mal opening Saturday of the Na-      soldiers abroad.                              (See BUSH, Page A-6)              Both Horner, now of Trout            (See MARINES, Page A-6)
A-6    Williamsport Sun-Gazette, Tuesday, June 1, 2004
                                                                                                From Page A-1

                                                                                                                                                                                                              ASSOCIATED PRESS
                                                                                                                            DENA PAULING/Sun-Gazette   A U.S. Marine salutes motorcycle riders in the Rolling
Sharing a laugh as they wait for other motorcyclists to participate in the Rolling Thunder “Ride for Freedom” are, from                                Thunder's 17th annual Motorcycle Ride and Rally Sunday
left, Curt Vander Vere of Muncy, Brenda and Todd Charles of Williamsport and Mike Aldenderfer of Cogan Station.                                        in Washington.

Rolling Thunder tribute paid to POWs and MIAs
(From Page A-1)                                                                 “She would come down by herself if I couldn’t come. That’s how         said.
Williamsport.                                                                nice they are,” said Todd Charles, her husband, as he waited for              As the group finally left the Pentagon parking lot, they were
   The group also passed the time making friendly jokes with each            the ride to begin.                                                        cheered on by thousands of people lining the streets with fists
other, often picking on Kenny Shollenberger of Montgomery, a qui-               Many in the group spent time trying to calculate the value of          raised. Some bystanders were crying as many slapped the hands
eter member of the bunch.                                                    the amount of motorcycles in the parking lot.                             of the motorcyclists as they drove through.
   “Sure you do get more mileage out of the parking lot, but that’s             “Could you imagine how much is in this parking lot?” Alden-                “I’ll tell you what was amazing — all these people standing
not the point. The point is that we came down here because we                derfer asked his buddies. “Holy cripes! There has to be $1 billion.”      around, the crowds cheering. It was great,” Aldenderfer said as he
could be entertained by Kenny all weekend,” Aldenderfer joked.                  The group figured that the cost of 10 motorcycles would be             went on to tell of grabbing a “Bikers for Kerry” sticker from one of
   But Shollenberger just smiled and fired back with more jokes              about one-quarter of a million, but they had difficulty doing the         the members of the crowd.
throughout the day when given the opportunity.                               multiplication for the entire crowd. Aldenderfer called on Vander             “I would do this again, and you know why I would? Because of
   “This is a good bunch of fellas; we have a good time,” he said.           Vere, a math professor at Pennsylvania College of Technology, who         the people on the side of the road,” said Aldenderfer, referring to
   Brenda Charles, the only female among the group who attend-               figured the total value to be between $2.5 and $3 billion.                those who came to pay homage to loved ones who served.
ed the event, said the men are always courteous.                                “That’s a few dollars worth of hardware out here,” Aldenderfer             Vander Vere agreed.

Enjoying a meal in Omura, Japan, in the fall of 1945 are Ken Wheat, Yosui, Jim Horner                                                                                                                         ASSOCIATED PRESS
and two other Marines. Yosui was a Japanese man who befriended the soldiers shortly                               Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., facing at right, hugs Bar-
before they returned home to the United States.                                                                   bara Bronson at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington on Monday. Bronson’s
                                                                                                                  son William Bronson’s name was recently added to the memorial. Bronson died in 1976

Marines take home more than                                                                                       from a grand mal seizure directly related to a wound he received in combat in Vietnam.

memories at the end of big war Bush, Kerry honor veterans                                                         (From Page A-1)                      Victory. ‘‘They must not have         will give the men everything I
(From Page A-1)                                                                                                                                        died in vain,’’ said Sanchez, who     have to give,’ ‘‘ Bush said.
                                                                                                                  heard calls for his resignation
‘‘In case you ever wondered                                                                                       in connection with the prisoner      is due to rotate out of Iraq soon.        • Pfc. Jesse Givens of
where the term ‘shell shock’                                                                                      abuse scandal. And Kerry re-             A year ago at this time, more     Springfield, Mo., had written to
came from, I can soon tell you.’’                                                                                 sumed his political campaign in      than 160 American soldiers had        his wife, Melissa: ‘‘Do me a fa-
    Once settled, Horner contin-                                                                                  earnest later Monday in Vir-         been killed in Iraq. The total        vor after you tuck the children
ued taking a few more forestry                                                                                    ginia.                               since has risen to more than          in — give them hugs and kisses
courses at Penn State while                                                                                          Traditional Memorial Day          800, and last week the Penta-         from me,’’ the president noted.
cutting logs for a living with his                                                                                observances including picnics        gon reported that the number              • Master Sgt. Kelly Horn-
brother. In December 1949, he                                                                                     and parades were played out          wounded in action is approach-        beck of Fort Worth, Texas,
accepted a position as a forester                                                                                                                      ing 4,700.                            wrote his parents saying, ‘‘I am
                                                                                                                  coast to coast — half a world
for a hunting club in Lycoming                                                                                                                             Bush took time out in the af-     not afraid and neither should
                                                                                                                  away from U.S. fighting forces
County.                                                                                                                                                ternoon to call Crown Prince          either of you be,’’ Bush said.
                                                                                                                  in Iraq and Afghanistan. But
    “They offered me $70 a week                                                                                                                        Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and              ‘‘Because of their fierce
                                                                                                                  overseas, the conflict raged.
along with a farm house to live                                                                                                                        express condolences over the          courage, America is safer, two
                                                                                                                     Two Americans died Monday
in,’’ Horner said. “That was a                                                                                                                         loss of life in the attack by mili-   terror regimes are gone forever
                                                                                                                  as U.S. troops clashed with Shi-
pretty good deal back in those                                                                                                                         tants in the kingdom’s oil in-        and more than 50 million souls
                                                                                                                  ite militiamen in fighting that      dustry hub. Bush expressed
days.’’ Horner eventually start-                                                                                                                                                             now live in freedom,’’ Bush said
                                                                                                                  strained a cease-fire called last    support for the Saudi govern-
ed his own lumber business                                                                                                                                                                   to a warm applause.
                                                                                                                  week around the holy cities of       ment’s handling of the shooting
and ended up fathering seven                                                                                                                                                                     Bush’s appearance, by dint
                                                                                                                  Kufa and Najaf. And in Bagh-         rampage and hostage standoff
children. “The war taught me                                                                                                                                                                 of tradition and practice, was a
                                                                                                                  dad, a car bomb exploded near        that killed 22 people, White
not to fear anything, and that I                                                                                                                                                             generic tribute to people who
                                                                                                                  U.S. coalition headquarters,         House spokeswoman Pamela
could do everything I set my                                                                                                                                                                 have fallen in all U.S. wars past
                                                                                                                  killing four people and injuring     Stevens said.
mind to.’’                                                                                                                                                                                   and present, although he par-
                                                                                                                  25. Two other American sol-              Bush also called German
    A few months after Wheat                                                                                                                                                                 ticularly cited Iraq. For Kerry, a
                                                                                                                  diers died over the weekend in       Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
returned home, he decided to            A last photograph was snapped before Jim Horner of                                                                                                   decorated veteran, it was a day
                                                                                                                  separate attacks, the U.S. mili-     to urge support of a strong
enter college.                          Trout Run, at left, and Kenneth Wheat, center, left Japan                                                                                            to focus on that conflict of the
                                                                                                                  tary said.                           United Nations resolution for a
    “The war changed my life,’’                                                                                                                                                              1960s and early 70s — one he
                                        on Dec. 7, 1945. That was the last time the two war bud-                     Still, American soldiers took     new Iraqi government. Bush
Wheat said. “I started out                                                                                                                                                                   would ultimately march and
working as a machinist appren-          dies saw one another until their reunion earlier this year.               time to remember their slain         urged that the two nations
                                        The soldier at right is not identified.                                   comrades during holiday cere-        work together to back the new         speak against.
tice and if I hadn’t had the priv-
                                                                                                                  monies across Iraq.                  government.                               Bush gave a speech; Kerry
ilege of getting college tuition           ‘‘Yosui saw me looking at it      was planning a special celebra-         ‘‘When we return to our               In his speech, Bush singled       said little as he walked somber-
through the GI Bill, I probably         and he gave it to me as a gift. I    tion for his own 80th birthday       home stations, we must ensure        some of the dead from Iraq for        ly along the shiny black granite
would have ended up working             later decided that I really had      this coming August.                  that we never forget those fall-     special commendation:                 wall where the names of the
as a machinist for the rest of          no use for the vase, so I gave it        ‘‘I want Horner and his fam-     en comrades that deployed with           • Capt. Joshua Byers, a           more than 58,000 who fell in
my life.’’                              to Horner, since he was mar-         ily to come to my party. They
    Wheat graduated with an                                                                                       us that will not return to their     West Point man and South              Vietnam are etched in time and
                                        ried,’’ Wheat said. Horner           treated me and my wife like          loved ones,’’ Lt. Gen. Ricardo       Carolina native. ‘‘When this son      remembrance. He rubbed his
engineering degree and worked           packed the vase carefully in his     royalty during our visit here,
for Phillips Petroleum in Okla-                                                                                   Sanchez, the senior U.S. mili-       of missionaries was given com-        thumb over one of the newest
                                        duffel bag and carried it home       and we want to return the hon-       tary officer here, said during a     mand of a 120-man combat              names to be added to the
homa until he retired. He also          after the war.                       or,’’ Wheat said.
married the girl he correspond-                                                                                   ceremony at Baghdad’s Camp           unit, he wrote to his parents, ’I     memorial.
                                           ‘‘Jane put the vase in a              Even though Horner is still
ed with during the war and to-          dresser drawer for safekeep-         suffering from a back injury he
gether they had four children.          ing,’’ Horner said. ‘‘I always put   received while operating a bull-
    An item Wheat wanted to
see during his reunion with
Horner, was an ornate Japan-
                                        my spare change in it at the
                                        end of the day and the money
                                        paid for a lot of school lunches
                                                                             dozer last year, he said he is de-
                                                                             termined to make the trip to
                                                                             Wheat’s home.
                                                                                                                  Three killed in Bradford County crash
ese vase. Wheat said that one           and other necessities.’’                 ‘‘Wheat and I looked out for        Three people are dead and one person is in              The wreck happened when 19-year-old Mark
day while he was on liberty in             After Jane died and their         each other during the war,’’         critical condition after a crash Sunday on Route        Shingler of Sayre, traveling south just north of
Omura, a Japanese man                   children were grown, Horner          Horner said. ‘‘We were good          706 in Wyalusing Township, Bradford County,             Cold Creek Road, crossed the center line and
named Yosui approached him              took the vase out of the drawer.     friends and it’s unfortunate         according to state police in Towanda.                   struck a car driven by Gregory Liddick head-on,
and asked for a light for his cig-      Wheat found the vase sitting on      that life kept us separated for         Gregory Liddick, 48, of Laceyville; Elsie Lid-       police said.
arette.                                 the fireplace mantel in              57 years.                            dick, 68, of Stevensville; and Judith Wargo, 59, of        Shingler is reported in critical condition at
    Wheat explained that dur-           Horner’s home.                           “Now that we’ve found each       Laceyville were pronounced dead at the scene by         Robert Packer Hospital in Sayre. He was not
ing one of his visits he picked            Before Wheat packed his           other again, we should try to        Bradford County Coroner Gordon E. Farr about            wearing his seatbelt, according to police.
up an ornate vase and admired           bags for the journey back to Ok-     make the most of the time we         7 p.m., Farr said. Autopsies will be done to de-           All three of the deceased were wearing seat-
it.                                     lahoma, he told Horner that he       have left.’’                         termine the cause of death, he added.                   belts, police said.

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