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									     railbl azers
T                                 etwork
                      paigners’ N
             oung Cam
Part of the Y

A l l inc lu

THE Trail blazers tourism repor
                          Now series
Report 5 of the Inclusion
August 2010
                                                       d it upse
                                            o ment an idal suite
                                   at the m           e br
                    my  wedding lude a stay in th ile the
         anning                 inc                  wh
“I am pl o many venues tairs with no lift ly a single
  me that
            s               ht of s             ains on             d
          up a    huge flig sible room cont . Aren't disable
  that is           air acces            pital, et
   only wheelch rated like a hos tic or even an
              is deco               roman
   bed and owed to want a
    people a room?”
                         ington S
     Trailbla zer, Leam

This report has been researched, compiled and written by Trailblazers ambassadors:

Judith Merry – National ambassador         Lewis Mayo – South East
Laura Merry – National ambassador          Stephen Liney – South East
                                           Zoe Hallam – South East
Hannah-Lou Blackall – East of England      Jon Hastie – South East
Nicky Ewen – East of England
                                           Kimberley Randle – South West
Mathy Selvakumaran – East Midlands         Steve Ledbrook – South West
Nick Wallis – East Midlands                Helen Phelps-Starbuck – South West

Aminder Virdee – London                    Ayaz Rauf – Yorkshire and the Humber
Sulaiman Khan – London                     Rebecca Unsworth – Yorkshire and the Humber
Tanvi Vyas - London                        James Skelton – Yorkshire and the Humber
Raquel Siganpona - London                  Tmara Senior – Yorkshire and the Humber

David Gale – North East                    Michaela Hollywood – Northern Ireland
Jennifer Gallacher – North East            Conor O’Kane – Northern Ireland
Carrie –Ann Fleming – North East
                                           Hayleigh Barclay – Scotland
Jessica Berry – North West                 Catherine Gillies – Scotland
Colin Rabbich – North West                 Emma-Gail White - Scotland
Damian Brady – North West
                                           Jonathan Bishop – Wales
Carrie Aimes – West Midlands               Lauren West – Wales
Jagdeep Kaur Sehmbi – West Midlands
Adam Taylor – West Midlands

 Cover shows Tanvi Vyas in Alaska
                           rs                                                               e
             ailblaze                                                           About th
 About Tr
                                                                                       muscular dyst
                                                                                                      rophy campaig
Trailblazers is a nationwide organisation of more
than 250 young disabled and non-disabled
campaigners. We are part of the Muscular Dystrophy                            The Muscular Dystrophy is dedicated to improving
Campaign, the leading UK charity focusing on all                              lives of more than 70,000 babies, children and adults
muscle diseases. We aim to fight the social injustices                        who are affected by muscle disease.
experienced by young people living with muscle
disease or a related condition and ensure they can                            The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign fights muscle
gain access to the services they require.                                     disease by:

                                                                                   funding world-class research to find effective
                                                                                   treatments and cures;

                                                                                   providing free practical and emotional support
                                                                                   to families;

                                                                                   awarding grants towards the cost of specialist
                                                                                   equipment such as powered wheelchairs;

                                                                                   campaigning to raise awareness and bring
                                                                                   about change.

                                                                       outside Parli
                                               es with MPs and Peers
                       mpaigne  rs joining forc
       Trailblazers ca

                e summa

    The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) 1995             buildings, much more needs to be done to ensure
    aims to end the discrimination that many                 disabled people get equal opportunities to relax,
    disabled people face. The Act was significantly          get away and enjoy their holidays.
    extended in 2005 to cover rights to goods,
    facilities and services. However, many disabled          The Trailblazers investigation has highlighted a
    people are still unable to access adequate levels        number of factors that can affect young disabled
    of service when planning and taking holidays in          people on holiday. These include:
    the UK and abroad.
                                                                 Booking holidays;
    Tourism is a major domestic and international
    industry involving diverse businesses such as                Accessibility in hotels;
    hotels, bed and breakfasts, travel agents, tourist
    attractions, restaurants and transport providers.            Air travel;
    These organisations are legally obliged to make
    reasonable adjustments, providing solutions as               Accessibility at tourist attractions;
    long as they are not impractical and beyond
    their resources.                                             Disability awareness in the tourism industry.

    In 2005 Leonard Cheshire Disability published a
    report titled Wish You Were Here that highlighted                                    ay in London
                                                                           gher on holid
                                                             Jennifer Galla
    the major concerns of disabled tourists at that time.
    Five years on this report shows that little appears
    to have improved regarding accessibility in the
    tourism industry and, in some cases, the situation
    has got worse.i

    This report reveals that many young disabled
    people are currently missing out on the opportunity
    to travel independently and holiday in the location
    and accommodation of their choice. This report also
    shows poor services and the complications faced by
    disabled people when organising a holiday can be
    stressful, lead to anxiety and uncertainty and
    turn a break into a chore.

    Extra costs for transport, a shortage of accessible
    budget hotels and the poor disability awareness
    of travel agents offering discount holiday deals
    all result in making the average disabled person’s
    holiday more expensive than their non-disabled
    peers. With an estimated 11 million disabled people
    in the UK and an ageing population it is important
    to recognise there is a business case for improving
    the accessibility of the UK’s transport and tourism

    While this report shows that there are some
    examples of tour operators, accommodation
    providers, tourist attractions and airlines delivering
    excellent staff disability awareness and access to          Dave Gale on a
                                                                               day out


The Trailblazers’ survey reveals that:                     One in two people felt that it was not easy to
                                                           find good, reliable information on accessibility at
   Eight out of ten young disabled people believe          tourist attractions in the UK.
   holidays are more expensive as a direct result of
   disability.                                             90 percent of young disabled people feel that
                                                           most high street and mainstream travel agents
   85 percent of Trailblazers do not feel confident        have poor disability awareness and knowledge
   that they could spontaneously plan a trip away          of issues affecting disabled tourists.
   in the UK.

   More than half of young disabled people feel
   that the inaccessibility of aircraft has a major
   impact on their choice of holiday destination.                                 ns
                                                                 om    mendatio
                                                         Key rec
   77 percent of young disabled people feel that
   the standard of disability awareness among
   hotel staff members is poor or variable at best.     We are calling on hoteliers, travel agents, airlines
                                                        and owners of tourist attractions to:
   One third of young disabled people feel that
   issues around the accessibility of bathrooms are        work with organisations like Trailblazers to come
   the biggest challenges when staying in a hotel.         up with solutions to the problems faced by
                                                           young disabled tourists;
   One in three young disabled people said that
   access to and around hotel buildings is their           ensure high-quality disability awareness training
   greatest concern when staying in a hotel.               is provided to staff members;

   One in four disabled people feel that there is a        put accessibility at the heart of the tourism
   shortage of accessible rooms at hotels in the UK.       industry and ensure that all members of staff are
                                                           aware of the accessibility of the facilities they
   Half of young disabled people said the                  work with;
   accessibility of hotels and tourist attractions in
   the UK was poor or very poor.                           install ramps, lifts and banisters to ensure
                                                           accessibility throughout buildings;
   More than half of young disabled people
   experience difficulties in booking hotels in the        increase the number of accessible rooms
   UK for reasons related to their condition.              wherever possible;

   Six out of ten young disabled people feel that          ensure that accessible hotel rooms are spacious,
   most hotels are inaccessible and don’t cater to         well planned and, if en suite, have fully
   their requirements.                                     accessible bathrooms including walk in showers;

   70 percent of young disabled people feel that           keep a stock of adaptations and equipment
   there are not enough accessible toilets at most         useful to disabled people;
   holiday resorts and tourist attractions in the UK.
                                                           increase the number of hotel rooms with
   Almost half of young disabled people feel that          automatic power assisted buttons or lighter
   the general standard of disability awareness            doors.
   among members of staff at tourist attractions
   was poor or very poor.

                                                              Online travel agents review
             a holid      ay
                                                              A Trailblazers investigator went undercover to
                                                              see how well some of the UK’s most popular
    The search for a dream holiday for most people            travel websites cater for disabled tourists.
    starts at a travel agency. Traditionally, holidaymakers
    have popped into their local high street agent and        Expedia.co.uk
    received face-to-face advice. Today, many people          Expedia.co.uk recommends that disabled tourists file
    find searching and booking online more convenient.        special requests for accessibility. This can be done
    However, according to the Trailblazers’ survey, many      by clicking on the 'I have a special request’ link.
    disabled people are often left with little guidance,      You are then required to describe any special
    expert advice or information when they encounter          requests (e.g. easy wheelchair access, late check-in).
    travel agents or holiday websites.                        Expedia states that it will pass your special request
                                                              along to the booked location, but such requests are
    Trailblazers report that many travel agents cannot        not guaranteed and may incur additional charges.
    provide any information on the accessible facilities      In order to guarantee your request, Expedia advises
    within the hotels they are advertising. We received       that you contact the hotel directly.
    reports of travel agents being unaware of whether
    hotels had accessible rooms, ramps, lifts or the          Expedia puts the onus on a disabled person to
    gradient of the surrounding location. There also          contact a hotel themselves. It is therefore up to a
    often appears to be a dearth of knowledge around          disabled person to find out if an accessible room
    the accessibility of local transport and the geography    is available.
    of the area.
                                                              However, if you book through Expedia you cannot be
                                                              sure of getting an accessible room and you would be
                                                              paying for a holiday without the guarantee of a room
                                           away               you can use.
                              oking to go
     “I hav e just been lo                   ding it
                               K and am fin
      for a w  eek in the U
                                     d somewhere              On top of this, by pushing disabled customers away,
                     ifficult to fin
       extremely d                  ls and attract
                                                     ions.    Expedia stops disabled tourists from accessing
       that has acc  essible hote                             discounted holidays.
                         are useless w
        Travel agents           ig nam  e travel agen
                ation. Two b                          es
        inform                         essible venu
                       ll me any acc
         could not te
         in the UK at
                                       rou   gh
                        cher, Middlesb
         Jennifer Galla

     “Travel a
       what the nts always have
                 y                    to
      flight tim have in place, w ring the hotels
                 e                   eh                  to
     the hote s by having to w ave missed out find out
               l. Travel             ait a day            o
     or avoid            agents w              for an an n good
               these ho            ou                   swer fro
                         tels if th ld push for a be             m
                                   ey seriou           tt
    David Lo                                 sly cared er system
              we, Ches                                 about us
                       terfield                                .”

Late Rooms.com                                                    Action needed
Late Rooms.com does have the facility to process
specific searches for accessible rooms. When                      We are calling online and high street travel
booking online there is a section dedicated to                    agents to:
specific requests regarding wheelchair access and
other accessibility factors. However, special requests                ensure high-quality disability awareness training
cannot be guaranteed.                                                is provided to staff members;

Late Rooms also has a special request booking line                   put accessibility and tourism at the heart of their
number where they will carry out the research and                    service and ensure that all agents are aware of
get back to you with the information you require.                    the accessibility of the hotels they work with;

Lastminute.com                                                       provide photos and specifications of accessible
Lastminute.com has the facility to search for hotels                 rooms in hotels;
that have accessible rooms, but it is not possible to
see whether an accessible room is available.                         to have the facility to directly book accessible
There are no instructions on booking accessible
rooms and we assume that a disabled person is                        develop good working relationships with
expected to contact the hotel independently.                         reliable and accessible hotels abroad.

                                                                                          n't have enough
                                                                   “Most travel agents do
                                                                                          always understand
                                                                    knowledge and don't
                                                                                             s. This confusion
                                                                    what accessibility mean
                                                                                             and high street
                                                                    needs to be eliminated
                                                                                           l agents need
                                                                    and mainstream trave
                                                                                           advice to
                                                                    to give good, reliable
                                                                     disabled tourists.”

                                                                     Trailblazer, Newcastle

                                                                      “I like websites wh
                                                                                            ich include a 'disabl
                                                                       access' tick box on                        ed
                                                                                             the initial form. Whe
                                                                       I'm ‘just looking’ I wa                      n
                                                                                               nt all the info on th
                                                                       website rather than                           e
                                                                                              having to phone up
                                                                      But there should be                           .
                                                                                              a designated phon
                                         liday                        line for when I am re                        e
                                  s on ho                                                     ady to make
                       ing relaxe
              nne Flem                                                a booking.”

                                                                     Trailblazer, Oxford

                                                                               when you men
                                                     compan   ies are worried             ’t
                                     “Some holiday                         er say they can
                                                      ess a nd would rath                 u are
                                      wheelchair acc                      the request. Yo
                                                      you  than manage            s who can cha
                                      accommodate                specialised firm
                                                      go to the                 inary holiday!”
                                       then forced to          than for an ord
                                       much higher a
                                            Tanvi Vyas, Lon

                                                            The extra expense of disability
            odatio         n
                                                            Eighty percent of young disabled people feel that
                                                            being a tourist is more expensive for them than it
    Finding good value and comfortable                      is for their non-disabled peers. Many participants
    accommodation is at the top of any tourist’s list       feel the accessible accommodation was often in
    when it comes to planning a holiday. The growth         the more expensive hotels which they would not
    of the Internet has led to this process becoming        choose to stay in. Some people also felt that the
    simpler, cheaper and much more user led. However,       time they had to spend searching for suitable
    many disabled people continue to face obstacles         accommodation was significantly longer than for
    that can make the idea of going on holiday              non-disabled people and added expense to their
    something to dread, rather than look forward to.        holiday . Some Trailblazers have also been charged
    Although the number of wheelchair accessible            for extra rooms for personal assistants, which
    rooms and accessible hotels continues to grow,          effectively places a tax on disabled people.
    there are still hotels and bed and breakfasts that
    just cannot cope with the idea of a wheelchair user
    or person with mobility difficulties staying in their   Disability awareness
                                                            Poor disability awareness among staff members is
                                                            a common concern for the vast majority of young
    Getting away without needing to plan                    disabled people. Some Trailblazers feel that they are
                                                            treated like a nuisance or as if they were subordinate
    More than eight out of ten Trailblazers do not feel     to the member of staff. Other tourists felt that the
    confident that they could take a spontaneous trip       behaviour of staff members could lack respect and
    away in the UK. One problem the participants            dignity, which included ignoring the advice and
    highlighted was the lack of accessible rooms in         suggestions of the disabled person and choosing to
    hotels. This means that they had to book early and      speak to their carer or PA.
    could never guarantee that if they arrived without
    planning the hotel would be fully accessible and set    However, some participants believe that if the hotel
    up to cater for their needs. Many people felt that      has good physical accessibility and facilities for
    it was simply not possible to travel spontaneously      disabled people, there was a greater chance that
    because they had to research, check and then            the staff would also have good disability awareness.
    check again that the hotel would provide what           There were also many accounts of excellent practice
    they need.                                              and helpfulness.

                                                                           s would mean
                                                              just get in my                that I could
                                                                             car, drive for
                                                             hours, stop in                 a couple of
                                                                             the prettiest to
                                                             could find, an                    wn I
                                                                            d go to the firs
                                                            hotel or cottag                  t b&b,
                                                                             e I see. Howev
                                                            believe I could                   er I don't
                                                                             do this and se
                                                            accessible acco                  cure

                                                            Raquel Siganp
                                                                          oria, Richmon
                                                                                                    d and
                                                                                         e organise
                                                                         yo u have to b                there
                                                             “To do this                   help is out
                                                                           ali se that the
                                                              you soon re                      Lots of
                                                                                    me to you.
                                                               but it won't just co
                                        hton                   research is
                         holiday in Brig
        Nicky Baker on                                                                   ight
                                                                           on, Isle of W
                                                                Lorinda Dix

Other major concerns include:                          Action needed

   poor accessibility in bathrooms and a scarcity of   We are calling on hoteliers and providers of all
   accessible rooms with showers;                      tourist accommodation to:

   access into and around hotel buildings;                install ramps and banisters throughout their
   not enough accessible rooms;
                                                          increase the number of accessible rooms
   electronic key cards, heavy doors and timed            wherever possible;
   locks making it difficult for many disabled
   people to enter their rooms.                           consult disabled tourists and act upon their

                                                          ensure that accessible rooms are spacious, well
                                                          planned and, if en suite, have fully accessible
                                                          bathrooms including walk in showers;

                                                          keep a stock of adaptations and equipment
   “The accessib                                          useful to disabled people;
                   ility of hotels
    wildly variable                in Britain is
                       – some places
    have no ramp                        seem to           provide high-quality disability awareness
                    s, wide doors
   or handrails.                    , hearing loop        training to all staff;
                   Other places                    s
   facilities inclu               have fantastic
                    ding mirrors an
   at different h                      d switches         install automatic power assisted buttons
                  eights, all the
   well-trained st                 above, and             and/or lighter doors to all rooms.

  Trailblazer, Nor

                                                                       quires a lot of
                              who told
                                         me a           “Everything re                         care,
                                                                               ed. Transport,
           r trust  someone               e or           when   you are disabl           insurance,
 “I'd neve                       the phon                                n, equipment,
             s access  ible over       graphs            accommodatio                        visit.
   hotel wa                 see photo                                      e and venues to
             . I'd want to            rooms,              carrying luggag               es a few
   by email                  ms, bath                                   usually requir
               ces , bedroo                               Each of these
    of entran                                                            a minimum.”
             .”                                           phone calls as
    bars etc
               r,   London                                 Trailblazer, Oxfor
                                   “Most large h
                                                    otels do have
                                    some have a                     an
                                                    bath rather th accessible room although
                                    It always tak                   an a level acc
                                                   es much long                    es
                                   hotel as you                    er to book an s shower.
                                                   have to shop                   accessible
                                   be booked o                     around and it
                                                   n the Interne                  us
                                   you are actua                 t as it’s not alw ually can't
                                                    lly getting w                 ay
                                  bathing facil                   ith regards to s clear what
                                                  ities.”                         space and
                                  Carolyn Bean
                                                , Middlesbrou

                                                              Action needed
                                                              We are calling on tourist attractions to:
                                                                 provide better disability awareness training for
                                                                 staff members who work with the public;
    The Trailblazers’ Calling Time investigation showed
    that many leisure services and tourist attractions           offer better disability awareness training for
    have made significant steps towards making their             all staff members who work on the future
    venues accessible in recent years. Almost every              development of the attractions. Sometimes a
    Trailblazer interviewed could give examples of a             little awareness can be the difference between
    pub, club, stadium, museum or cinema that had                a disabled person being able to enjoy full use of
    made great strides towards creating an equal                 a tourist attraction or not;
    service for all, and the Trailblazers celebrate these
    establishments and businesses.ii                             develop fully accessible maps for disabled
    However, almost half of the participants in this
    survey feel that the general standard of disability          permit free entry for all carers or personal
    awareness among staff at tourist attractions is poor         assistants to ensure that disabled people do not
    or very poor. Other issues highlighted by Trailblazers       pay a tax on disability.
    include disabled tourists being charged a full price
    to visit a venue but then being unable to access any
    of the facilities.
                                                                                                     hey can
                                                                                             n that t
                                                                                 ave a pla
    One positive note that should be recognised is that
                                                                       laces h                        y have
                                                               “Most p                        hen the
    many tourist attractions offer free access to carers or
                                                                         ut into   action w a tourist
    personal assistants, which ensures that the disabled        easily p        erson v
                                                                      abled p                       ntered
    person does not have to pay twice to visit the venue.        a dis                     e encou         dard of
                                                                            n. B ut I hav          he stan
                                                                 attractio              s where t           ers of
                                                                              raction               g memb
                                                                  tourist att          nes  s amon
                                                                             y aware
                                                                   disabilit           oor.”
                                                                            s been p
                                                                   staff ha
                                                                              er, Newc
      “One partic
                    ular visit to
       was horren                 a well-know
                     dous. My d                n
       access the m               aughter ne tourist attraction
                      ain parts bu           eded
      chair to acc                  t was able to her wheelchair to
                    ess                           g
      staff said th the ride. On seeing m et out of her
                     at                         eh
     the ride. We they didn’t allow disa elp her out the
                     were eventu                ble
     snide rema                    ally allowed d people onto
                  rks.”                          on but only
    Lorna Dixon
                 , Isle of Wigh

                                     ill try and
                        ttractions w
     “A lot of tourist a                   le and
                            ng as possib
      be as acc ommodati                   lthough
                             for advice a
      helpful w  hen asked             ueless."
                         stratingly cl
       som  e can be fru

                      y, Aylesbury
        Judith Merr

Zoe Hallam an
                                                                                                de is good,
             d friends in Eu
                                                                                   staff attitu
                                                               “In E ngland, the                   d due
                                                                                      u go abroa
                                                                howev   er, when yo
                                                                                            there may
                                                                 to cultural                   people to
                                                                                s in getting
                                                                 b e challenge               ould talk to
                                                                              . People sh
                                                                  understand                  !"
                                                                               on with me
                                                                  not the pers

                                                                   Tanvi Vyas,

                                                                “A lot of
                                                                 really he            ns have
                                                                            lpful for          staff tha
       "We went to the                                           but whe               people in         t are
                         Lancashire Cricke                                n they se               wheelch
        recently to see a                     t ground          disabilit             e someo               airs,
                           concert. The staff                             y who ca              ne with
        were brilliant. W                       there          they don              n walk, t           a
                           hen we were leav                               't need t            hey assu
       we were asked if                        ing             and can               he same             me that
                          anyone objected                               cope wit               sort of fa
       everyone else be                        to             I ask the             hout the              cilities
                          ing let out first at                          y are mo             m. I find
       so we didn't get                        the end        but can               re than w           that if
                         into the large cr                             sometim                illing to
      was pleased that                      owds. I          unaware               es be mo             help,
                          we were asked in                              of what             re hesita
      being told or be                        stead of                             to do tha           nt or
                        ing held back by                                                     n hotel s
      or otherwise.”                        a barrier        Mathy Se                                  taff.”
                                                                                ran, Work
     David Lowe, East
                      M        idlands

                                                                                      UK is haphaza
                                                        isability aw   areness in the              ca,
                                         “Once again d                               ared to Ameri
                                                           list of p riorities. Comp          ethos of
                                          and low on the ed into the customer service
                                          where it is ing                     r.”
                                                            s it is very poo
                                          a ll organisation
                                           Nicky Baker, Ha

                                                             Trailblazers believe one solution is for airlines to
             travel                                          allocate specific places on planes where seats can
                                                             be removed and wheelchairs can be clamped into
                                                             place – this will provide greater comfort for many
                                                             wheelchair users and ensure their chair is not at risk
     Airlines and holiday companies are no longer            of damage. The seats could be put back into place
     permitted to refuse to fly people because they are      when not required, so the company does not
     disabled. European regulation 1107 for persons with     lose revenue.
     restricted mobility has been in force since 2008.
                                                             Currently most wheelchair users need staff
     The introduction of this regulation represented a       assistance to transfer into a manual wheelchair
     major change in assistance provision, identifying       provided by the airline. This method could be
     new responsibilities for the airport and making it      improved upon by using a hoist which would also
     a statutory requirement for both the airport and        remove health and safety concerns for airline staff
     airline to provide assistance. It is now an offence
     to deny someone access to a flight on the grounds
     of disability or impairment, except where there         Wheelchairs and oxygen
     are specific safety restrictions. The regulation also
     means that appropriate assistance must now be           When disabled people fly, the costs incurred can
     provided throughout the journey at no additional        be disproportionately high and directly related to
     cost to the passenger.iii                               disability.

     Travelling by plane is often an integral part of a      Trailblazers investigators have revealed that
     holiday. However, two years after the regulation        although most full service airlines have no
     was implemented, our investigation reveals              additional charges for disabled people, many no
     that many disabled people are still receiving a         frills budget airlines can add considerable sums for
     second rate service.                                    so called “luxury” items such as oxygen which can
                                                             cost up to £100 per canister to hire and is essential
     Trailblazers continue to have concerns about the        to many air travellers.iv Trailblazers argue this
     way airlines treat essential equipment, like powered    amounts to a charge on breathing.
     wheelchairs, on flights, where they are often
     returned damaged.
                                                                 “My electric whe
          Zoe Hallam ta                                                            elchair was almos
                       kes in the sight                           the cargo holdin                     t left in
                                       s of Edinburgh                               g area on the pl
                                                                  two hours we as                   ane. After
                                                                                   ked where it was
                                                                 had forgotten af                    . The staff
                                                                                   ter getting my si
                                                                 chair that there                    ster's
                                                                                  was another on
                                                                 closing down fo                   e and were
                                                                                  r the evening. A
                                                                 had to go and ge                  manager
                                                                                   t it himself."

                                                                 Judith Merry, Ayle

                                                                                         uble with a
                                                                         a  d much tro
                                                             "I haven't h        e up to req
                                                              as I always phon           to and from
                                                               wheelchair          er, I do find
                                                                                                 the aisle
                                                                the plane . Howev
                                                                               ne a bit narr
                                                                within the pla

                                                                              d ee, Hayes
                                                                   Aminder Vir

How the airlines faired

Bmi                                                          Virgin
Passengers who require oxygen canisters are                  No additional charge for oxygen.
charged £100 for oxygen. Passengers may not                  No weight or size restrictions on
bring their own.                                             powered wheelchairs.

No weight or size restrictions on                            Easy Jet
powered wheelchairs.                                         No additional charge for oxygen as you can bring
                                                             your own on board as long as passenger notifies
 Ryan Air                                                    the specification prior to travel.
 Passengers who require oxygen canisters are
 charged £100 for oxygen. Passengers may not                 Wheelchairs and mobility aids weighing more
 bring their own.                                            than 60kgs (excluding battery) can be accepted
                                                             for travel provided they can be collapsed into
 Powered wheelchairs can only be accepted on the             separate parts weighing less than 60kg each.
 basis that the battery is a dry or gel cell and the
 dimension of the wheelchair when collapsed will             British Airways
 not be greater than the combined dimensions of              No additional charge for oxygen since 2008.
 more than 81cms (height), 119cms (width) and
 119cms (depth). No weight restrictions. 4 people            No weight or size restrictions on
 with reduced mobility permitted per flight.                 powered wheelchairs.

                                                            “It wo
                                                                    uld b
                                                            right         eg
                                                                   s. The ood to ha
                                                                          y alw           v
                                                           to the
                                                                    plane       ays le e an idea
                                                          discu             door       t me           of yo
                                                                                             take          u
                                                                                   but o
                                                                                         nly af     my ch r
                                                         even                  g it             ter      air
                                                        nice t lly let me is not allo a big
                                                                o not           do it           wed.
                                                                        have          b               T
                                                                              to fig ut it woul hey
                                                       Laure                        ht.”            d be
                                                             n Wes
                                                                     t, Wal

                                       “There sh
Steve Ledbrook on a                              ould be b
                                        One time            ette
day out in Somerset
                                                  I had to le r staff awareness
                                        passed th             t go of m               of disabil
                                                  rough th                y                      it
                                       unable to            e scanne stick so it could b y.
                                                  w                    r, this me             e
                                       very unb alk through custo                 ant I
                                                alanced.”                 ms witho was then
                                                                                    ut it and
                                      Steve Led
                                                brook, We

     Common concerns include:                                   Key Recommendations

        boarding the plane.                                     We are calling on the airlines and airports to:

        travelling on the plane.                                   work with groups like Trailblazers to create
                                                                   effective and appropriate policies on disability;
        no accessible toilets on board.
                                                                   allow a passenger to pre-book luggage
        the additional expense.                                    assistance;

        the staff attitude and organisation.                       scrap all charges on oxygen;

        the way essential disability related equipment             allow all wheelchairs to travel;
        was treated when transported to the plane and
        on board the flight.                                       improve the secure storage of wheelchairs on

                                                                   provide better staff disability awareness training;
        “An internationa
                          l standard shou
         be introduced w                   ld
                          hich would prov                          find methods that will permit a wheelchair user
        certainty. For ex                   ide
                         ample, all wheel                          to travel in their own wheelchair on a plane;
        should be brough                    chairs
                            t to the plane an
        collected at the                      d not
                         baggage carous                            improve the passenger assistance services by
                                                                   putting the passenger first;
       Raquel Siganpor
                          ia, Richmond
                                                                   promote clear and concise information on a
                                                    how            wheelchair user’s rights as an airline passenger;
                                         to know
                             r ts need                airs
                     d airpo                wheelch
      "Airlines an              p owered              hout         give the customer the option to allow clear
                      nd load                and wit
       to h andle a         carrie r safely        for             markings on tickets belonging to disabled
                  e plane                t airline
        on to th               The bes               s they        passengers without visible disabilities, so staff
                    g them..               tlantic a
        damagin ople is Virgin A                       uld be      are aware additional assistance may be required;
                     pe                       ut it wo
         d isabled            hee  lchairs b he same as
                    board w            line did
         have on             ther air                              ensure airlines follow the advice of the
                    e very o          easier."
          good if           gs a lot
                                                                   Deparment of Transport and approve the
           it ma  kes thin                                         carriage of oxygen cylinders or concentrators.
                        r, Newca
            T railblaze

      “Airlines sh
                    ould have a
       people who                 'disabled' ti
                      are not obv               cket, like on
       airport wou                 iously disab               trains, for
                     ld know tha                 led. The air
      in and can p                 t you are dis              line and
                     rovide any                  abled from
                                 needed sup                    ch
      especially u
                    seful for so                port. This w eck-
                                 meone like                  ou
      a wheelcha
                   ir user and                myself, who ld be
     airlines and               still                        is not
                    airports do needs some support,
                                 n't know to                  b
     they can't 's
                   ee' the disa               provide help ut
                                bility.”                      because
     Mathy Selva
                 kumaran, W

                                                            Jagdeep Sehm
              om                                                        bi in New York
        ds fr
                     accessible ho
          K an  d abroa
 in the U

                                                                       road. After some
                                                    time I have been ab
                      nt to Canada                                       ed they could
 Jagdeep Sehmbi we                                  discussion they decid
                        her thoughts                                    air after all!
 last summer. Here are                              accommodate my ch
 on her airline experie
                                                                          bled assistance was
                                                    “In Toronto the disa
                     t we wanted to leave                                    s someone waiting
 “Before we flew ou                                  really good. There wa
                       y car park near the                                    landed. They
  our car in a long sta                               to help as soon as we
  airport. While makin
                         g our booking on                                   ere we needed and
                                                      helped us get to wh
  the telephone we as
                         ked whether they                                  d both my manual
                                                      I was relieved to fin
                         ssible transport to                                 were in one piece!
   had wheelchair acce                                 and powered chairs
                        r park to the airport.
   take us from the ca
                         at they did and so we                            sistance at Heathrow
   We were assured th                                “On returning the as
   confirmed the book
                          ing.                                            compared to other
                                                      was also very good
                                                      times. But I was again
                        we were faced with                                  ic chair at baggage
  “However, on arrival                                when I saw my electr
                        e buses were not                                    s bent out of shape
   disappointment. Th                                 reclaim. The back wa                      .
   accessible, so we as
                       ked whether the                                      s completely broken
                                             e         and the headrest wa
                         in our own car to th
   driver could take us                  ke                                                       is
   airport and after dr
                        opping us off ta                                   with the airline as th
                                                      “I filed a complaint
                         rk it. We were told                                  is has happened;
    our car back and pa                                is the second time th
    they were not insure
                          d for this.                                         had been put onto
                                                        previously my chair
                                                                              d after falling off
                                                        the conveyor belt an
                          get out of my                                        with the batteries,
    “In the end, I had to                      e        it had broken apart,
                           into the bus with th                              her parts lying all
     wheelchair and get                                  control box, and ot
                          d sister, and my chair                             or.
      help of my mum an                                  over the airport flo
                          ck of the bus, using
      was put into the ba                       t
                           lp. We were all upse                                sn’t as bad, it is
      our car ramps to he                               “Though this time wa
                             use we had been                                  when a piece of
      at this situation beca                             still very upsetting
                             was quite                                          dependent on for
       told something that                               equipment that I am
                                                                              day to day basis
       obviously untrue.                                 independence on a
                                                                              e of a lack of care
                                                          is damaged becaus
                          the staff insisted                                    part of an airline
     “Once at the airport                                 or ignorance on the
                          load my chair until                                   e needs to be some
      that they could not                                  company. I feel ther
      the backrest was fo
                          lded. However the                                     ing for the handling
                                                           regulation and train
                            is fixed and this                                    lchairs."
      backrest on my chair                                 and storage of whee
                            ue any other
       has never been an iss

                                                                             ck at the Eden
     Tanvi Vyas went to Tenerife in July 2010.                   Helen Starbu
     This is what she made of it:

     “Los Christianos is an extremely accessib
      seaside town in Tenerife. Ther  e is easy
      access to the beach if you use a manual
      wheelchair, and a boardwalk all along
      coast if you use an elec tric wheelchair.
      There are ramps everywhere, althoug
      they are sometimes very steep, and acce
       into most shops and restaurants too -
       probably more accessible than London
       However disabled toilets are   extremely               Helen Starbuck went to
                                                into                                  see Calvin Harris at
       rare and you will probably have to go                  the Eden Project. Here are
                                                for                                      her thoughts:
        well known fast-food establishments
        accessible loos.                                       “I went to the Eden Pro
                                                                                         ject to watch one
                                                                of their music sessions
                                                le                                         in July featuring
      "Although very hilly, there are accessib                  Calvin Harris, Audio Bu
                                                                                          llys and Annie
       taxis which are easy to book and even                    Mac. Accessible parking
                                                                                            was close to the
       when you haven’t booked, other drivers                  entrance with just a sh
                                                                                         ort walk. Once
       radio them to let them know you are                     through security, which
                                                                                            was simple,
       there so you don’t have to wait long.                   we had to go and get a
                                                                                          band for our
       You can use an electric wheelchair and                  wrists. It is quite a wa
                                                                                        lk from the top to
        get safely in the cab, and they aren’t too            the bottom at Eden wh
                                                   re                                    ere the domes
        expensive. Around five euros to the cent              and the stage are but
                                                 Las                                   everyone was very
        of town and eight to the next town of                 friendly and helpful. At
                                                                                          the bottom of the
        Americas. People are really friendly and             long path I was directed
                                                                                           to the accessible
        willing to help.                                     raised stage. Once I ha
                                                                                       d reached this
                                                             they had my name on
                                                                                      a list to make sure
       “The Hollywood Mirage hotel, where                   only people that were
                                                                                       disabled were
        I stayed, is on a very steep hill which             allowed on with their
                                                                                      guests. The raised
        can be problematic. The room had two                stage for wheelchairs
                                                                                      was massive with
        showers – one bath and one shower, but              an amazing view and the
                                                                                          re was room to
        as we did not book the accessible room              dance on it also! The ac
                                                                                       cessible area also
         we had to make do with the communal               had an accessible porta
                                                                                       loo which was a
         disabled shower which was downstairs.             good size and a wheelch
                                                  wet                                    air could fit in
         This was great as it had lots of room, a          there nicely.
         room, an additional stool and was clea
         regularly and hardly used. The pool area         "When the concert ende
                                                    p                                  d we waited for
         was accessible via a very, very steep ram         some of the crowd to cle
                                                                                        ar and I was then
          but once there it was fine.”                     chauffeured by two as
                                                                                     sistants out of the
                                                           Eden area and through
                                                                                       all of the hidden
                                                          areas where no memb
                                                                                     ers of public are
                                                          usually allowed. It did
                                                                                     make me feel a
                                                          bit like a celebrity if I’m
                                                                                       honest! I got
                                                         through the crowd with
                                                                                       no problems
                                                         and was taken back to
                                                                                     the car park.
                                                         I found them all very he
                                                                                      lpful and was
                                                         quite impressed!”

          Tanvi Vyas
                       in Tenerife

    Nicky Baker went to Brighton and
                                     stayed at         “The bathroom was extremely
    the famous Grand Hotel for the                                                      large.
                                   weekend.             A toilet, bidet, shower cubicle
    Here are her thoughts:                                                             , bath
                                                        and vanity unit/sink were pro
   “The main entrance is comple                         and there was still enough spa
                                    tely                                                 ce to
     inaccessible but there is an alte                  manoeuvre a wheelchair. The
                                       rnative                                         shower
    entrance with an enclosed pla                      was a small cubicle and althoug
                                     tform lift                                           h it was
    at the front of the hotel. To ope                  a roll-in shower, was not large
                                      rate the                                          enough
    lift, you must keep your hand                      for a person with a mobility imp
                                     on the                                               airment.
   button continuously, which can                      The bath had handrails provid
                                       be very                                         ed.
   difficult. Because of this, I had
                                     to have         “Brighton Palace Pier is entirel
   someone in the lift with me and                                                    y
                                       the             accessible if the wheelchair use
   space to do this was very tigh                                                       r does
                                   t.                 not mind bumps, a more level
  “The reception area was large                       has been provided from half way
                                   and easy                                               down
    to navigate around but the rec                    the pier. Each individual attract
                                    eption                                              ion or
   desk was extremely high so a                       ride had a cost associated wit
                                   wheelchair                                        h it but
   user could not see over it or be                   none of the rides had been ada
                                     seen.                                             pted for
   The accessible WC was situate                     wheelchair users. There were
                                   d within                                          several
   the ladies WC. This may make                      coffee shops/food outlets which
                                   a male                                                all
   who needed to use the facility                    had high counters and high tab
                                    very                                               les and
  uncomfortable. Or like me, hav                     seating. There were some ben
                                    ing                                              ches
  one carer with me of the opposit                   provided but there were no spa
                                      e sex,                                           ces
  who did not feel comfortable                       provided for wheelchair users
                                  entering                                           without
  the ladies WC.                                    blocking routes. There is an acc
                                                    WC on the pier which doesn’t
 “I booked into a room for £13                      you having to travel further tha
                                0;                                                    na
  however, it was not an accessible                 non-disabled person and it is
                                       room.        signposted from the standard
  The accessible rooms are suites                                                    WCs.
  cost £250 a night. I was upgrad
                                    ed at no       “The Royal Pavilion was comple
  additional cost – they informe                                                    tely
                                   d us of           accessible and there was no par
 this a week before we arrived                                                        t
                                 . However,         wheelchair users could not acc
 the hotel was not very busy the                                                    ess.
                                     night we       There was an audio guide, how
 stayed and I wonder if the hot                                                     ever,
                                  el would          that you had to hold to your ear
 have still upgraded us if it had                                                    , no
                                   been busy.       alternative or headset were offe
                                                                                     red. The
“The room itself was large and                      standard price is £9.50 per per
                                spacious                                           son but
 although the two doors to acc                     this is reduced to £7.50 for wh
                                ess                                                eelchair
 the room were slightly narrow                     users and the carer goes free.
                                 for                                              The staff
 wheelchairs. In the room, there                   I came into contact with were
                                  were                                            friendly
 two single beds pushed togeth                     and helpful.
                                 er to
make a double bed. We had req
                                  uested          “Overall I would not recomme
a twin room, as I was sharing                                                     nd Brighton
                              a room               as a place for a disabled tourist
with my carer, we just separated                                                     as there
                                   the             is so much that is not accessible
beds. However, it was nice tha                                                        . You also
                               t the               have to plan very carefully wh
hotel did not assume I didn’t wan                                                  ere you
                                   ta              go, due to the limited accessibil
double bed.                                                                          ity and it
                                                  is also quite hilly.”

             Carrie-Ann Fleming wh
                                      o works for Tourism
            for All and is a member                                   “We then visited the
                                      of the Cumbria                                          Church of the Holy
            Trailblazers group visite                                   Rude, the second old
                                      d Stirling. This is what                                  est building in
            she made of it.                                             Stirling after the castl
                                                                                                 e.We were met by
                                                                        Brian, who is in charge
                                                                                                   of the Welcome
          “Our hotel was the Ex                                        Team. He gave us a fu
                                 press by Holiday Inn                                           ll, very informative
           Stirling which is abou                                      tour. There are ramp
                                  t two miles from the                                        s inside the church
           city centre. Compared                                       for wheelchair access,
                                   to previous stays at                                          and an information
           Express By Holiday Inn                                     guide available in diff
                                    hotels, we felt this                                       erent formats,
           one was not quite up                                       including Braille.
                                 to the high standard
          usually found. The ma
                                  in doors into the
          lobby were not auto                                        “Next we popped int
                               matic and extremely                                         o the VisitScotland
         heavy so I was very gla                                       Information Centre fo
                                   d to have someone                                          r Stirling.
         there to help. Access                                        Unfortunately, we we
                                in the bedroom was                                           ren't very impressed.
         great, especially the                                        Obscuring the accessi
                               'wet-room' style                                              ble entrance was a
         bathroom, however                                            foot stool and severa
                               we found the room                                            l cardboard boxes.
         decor a little dated.                                       We milled around fo
                                                                                          r a while looking at
                                                                     leaflets but no-one as
                                                                                            ked us if we required
        “We had dinner at th                                         help. I understand th
                             e Sprinkerse                                                  at the Information
         View restaurant, wh                                        Centre has been made
                              ich was adjacent                                                aware of these
         to the hotel. They se                                      issues and is tackling
                               rve enormous                                                them.
         portions at very chea
                               p prices. No issues
        with access here, apar                                   “The following day, we
                                t from trying                                                travelled out to the
        to wheel back to the                                      Bannockburn Heritag
                              hotel with a very                                             e Centre, which is
        full tummy!                                               owned by the Nationa
                                                                                            l Trust for Scotland.
                                                                  Access is brilliant, wi
                                                                                         th wheelchairs
      “The next morning we                                        available for hire and
                               set off to Stirling                                         information
        Castle. We were met                                      available in Braille, lar
                             at the entrance                                               ge print, audio and
       and led to the Castle's                                   subtitled formats. Th
                               complimentary                                             e staff were dedicate
       wheelchair accessible                                     to the subject, and ve                         d
                               minibus, which                                             ry passionate, which
       took us up to the hig                                     was infectious.
                             hest point.
      This enabled us to ta
                            ke our tour
      around the Castle do                                   “Before we embarked
                            wnhill rather                                             on our journey
      than uphill – much ea                                    home, we had lunch
                             sier when cobbles                                      at the King Robert
      are involved!                                            Hotel, which was next
                                                                                       door to the Heritage
                                                              Centre. It was very qu
                                                                                     iet, at one point we
     "All areas are accessi                                   were the only people
                            ble, apart from the                                      in the dining room,
      medieval kitchens an                                    however the food wa
                              d the Elphinstone                                     s tasty, and good
      Tower. We finished off                                  value. The accessible
                               our visit with lunch                                 toilet was badly
     in the cafe, which wa                                   designed, I found it diffi
                            s buffet style.                                             cult to transfer –
     I normally find this se                                 I mentioned this to th
                             tup difficult,                                         e hotel, who have
     but they had made it                                   taken my comments
                             as inclusive                                          on board and, with
     as possible.                                           the assistance of VisitS
                                                                                     cotland, they are
                                                            trying to find a solut

                                                                 Carrie-Ann Fle
                                                                 in Stirling

  Advice f
       the experts

Tourism for All

For over 30 years Tourism for All has listened very
closely to hundreds of thousands of people who
have contacted us for advice.

As well as our helpline which is open from
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, our websites
                                                                                  in Anglais
www.tourismforall.org.uk and                                           at the Jard
                                                          Zoe Hallam
www.openbritain.net may also be helpful if
you are looking for information about accessible
facilities - especially outside of these hours.       Questions to ask when booking
                                                      accessible rooms
We always try our best to provide answers which
aren't always immediately obvious. There is a Forum   In terms of booking an accessible room this
on our website where you can see what other users     might depend on what you are prepared to
have written or you can put up a question of your     accept, as it probably isn't going to be perfect
own, to see if anyone has some ideas.                 for everyone, and may also depend on how long
                                                      you intend to stay.
For those who wish to support us they can become
members for an annual subscription. There are some    The questions might include some or all of these:
benefits for this which are listed on our website.
                                                      1. Is there a description or an Access
For more information and advice contact                  Statement on the website? Hopefully there
Tourism for All UK on 0845 124 9971                      will be some information eg:
or email info@tourismforall.org.uk or go to              www.mortonshouse.co.uk/access.asp.
www.tourismforall.org.uk                                 However, not all places currently do this
                                                         which can be frustrating. Send them a link
                                                         to this or other hotels so that they can see
                                                         what others are doing.

                                                      2. If you contact an accommodation provider
                                                         explain what you are looking for. For example a
                                                         wheel-in shower, shower seat or hoist. If they are
                                                         booked or can't help you ask them if they know
                                                         somewhere nearby that can?

                                                      3. Is the room a double, twin or zip and link
                                                         bedded room? Your requirement may depend
                                                         on whether or not you travel with a PA and are
                                                         happy to share a room with them.

                                                      4. If you need a tracking hoist is this available in
                                                         the accessible room? The Ceiling Hoist Users
                                                         Club www.chuc.org.uk has a list of places it is
                                                         aware of. If there isn't one is it possible to use a
Jennifer Gallagh
                er on a boating
                                                         portable hoist?

                                                             10 useful tips when booking a holiday

                                                             1. Does your holiday insurance cover pre-existing
                                                                medical conditions? Tourism for All has a list
                                                                of insurance companies that do:

                                                             2. Does your holiday insurance cover wheelchair
                                                                and equipment repair or replacement? Tourism
                                                                for All has a list of companies that should be
                                                                able to help.

                                                             3. Can the agent make accessible accommodation
                                                                a ‘requirement’ rather than a ‘request’? This is
                                                                important if you need an accessible room.

                                                             4. Can the agent guarantee this room will be

                                                             5. Is the resort and beach accessible? This is likely
               Hallam in Edinbu
                                rgh                             to be important if you want to get out and see
                                                                the world. Not many people want to stay in their
     5. Are there any pictures of the accessible                room for two weeks if they can help it.
        room, bathroom or equipment? If not,
        can they send some?                                  6. If oxygen is required on the flight is this free of
                                                                charge? If you use oxygen, some airlines charge
     6. Is there accessible public transport? How far           for this and some don’t. If possible, shop around
        away is this?                                           so you can get the best deal.

     7. Is there designated accessible parking nearby?       7. Is there assistance available at the UK and
                                                                destination airport? Under EU legislation you
     8. Is parking free for Blue Badge holders? This does       should be provided with assistance in the UK
        vary and could add significantly to the cost of         and in Europe. Outside the EU you will need to
        staying somewhere.                                      check with your operator. Please give at least 48
                                                                hours notice.
     9. Are there step-free routes to the entrance?
                                                             8. If the transfer bus at the destination is not
     10. Is there wheelchair access to all public areas         accessible is there an alternative accessible
         including leisure facilities such as the swimming      taxi service? Not all transfer vehicles will be
         pool or garden?                                        accessible so it is definitely worth checking.

     There may be many more questions if you                 9. Who is liable for the cost of an accessible
     have dietary requirements, need to store medication        transfer taxi? Again, check to see if this would be
     in a fridge or if you have other specific needs.           at an additional cost over and above the holiday.

                                                             10. Don’t forget to take additional medication in
                                                                 case of delays when travelling and at the airport.
                                                                 You could be away more days than planned.


 For young disabled people to be able to relax and                                                This report has highlighted examples of good
 enjoy their free time, we believe that hoteliers,                                                disability awareness throughout the sector.
 airlines, travel agents and all other businesses                                                 However, Trailblazers campaigners have also
 involved in the tourism industry need to place                                                   revealed many of the issues that can make travel
 accessibility at the heart of their goods and                                                    and tourism more expensive and more complicated
 services provision. Although some alterations and                                                for a disabled would-be holidaymaker.
 adjustments can be expensive, there are many ways
 that small and simple adjustments can be made                                                    Trailblazers believes that by making adjustments
 that will help to improve the opportunities available                                            and putting an emphasis on accessibility for
 to disabled tourists and ensure a fairer deal for                                                disabled tourists, the tourism industry will open
 disabled holidaymakers.                                                                          itself up to many new potential customers which
                                                                                                  over time will lead to increased revenue.

Aminder Virdee
                      on holiday in Sc

 i.    http://www.lcdisability.org/?lid=3873
 ii.   http://www.mdctrailblazers.org/assets/0000/2993/Trailblazers_calling_time_final_copy.pdf
 iii. http://www.caa.co.uk/docs/14/InFocus-PRM%20Review-web2.pdf
 iv http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200809/cmhansrd/cm090630/halltext/90630h0009.htm

      useful l

     ABTA                                                    Find your MP
     www.abta.com/consumer-services/                         www.findyourmp.parliament.uk/commons
     accessible_travel                                       Self explanatory!
     Information and tips on travel and accessibility.
                                                             Find your MSP
     Direct Enquiries                                        www.scottish.parliament.uk/msp/
     www.directenquiries.com                                 membersPages/MSPAddressPostcodeFinder.htm
     Provides nationwide resources for disabled people.      If you live in Scotland, search here for your Scottish
                                                             Parliament Member.
     www.disabledgo.com                                      RADAR
     Lists accessible entertainment and retail facilities    www.radar.org.uk
     around the UK.                                          RADAR is the UK’s largest disability campaigning
                                                             organisation, with a membership of over
     DirectGov                                               900 disability organisations and individual
     www.direct.gov.uk                                       campaigners.
     Provides information on government services.
                                                             The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain
     Disability Law Service                                  www.accessibleguide.co.uk
     www.dls.org.uk                                          The place to order a guide to accessible holidays in
     Provides information and advise for disabled people.    the UK.

     The Equalities and Human Rights Commission              Tourism For All
     www.equalityhumanrights.com                             www.tourismforall.org.uk
     The home of campaigning for equality in the UK.         Advise on accessible tourism.

     The Equalities and Human Rights Commission –            Visit England
     tourism                                                 www.enjoyengland.com/access
     www.equalityhumanrights.com/advice-and-                 Tips and advice on holiday travel in England for
     guidance/information-for-service-users/                 people with access needs
     The EHRC guide to the rights of disabled                Visit London
     air travellers.                                         www.visitlondon.com/attractions/culture/
     Find your Assembly Member                               A guide to the accessibility of London's
     www.assemblywales.org/memhome/                          cultural attractions.
     If you live in Wales, search here for your Welsh
     Assembly Member.

     Find your MLA
     If you live in Northern Ireland, search here for your
     Northern Ireland Assembly Member.

 get involv

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 friends. Int ampaign, learn skills
             erested in             , make
We always               becoming
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             g commun               our thrivin
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              scula                   trailbla
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 www.m                                     r Dystro
                         out the                ne),
              more ab                (freepho
     find out              52 6352                visit
  To             ll 0800 6              y.org or
        paign ca               ystroph
  Cam                scular-d
            fo@mu           rophy.o
   email in        lar-dyst
This report has been researched, compiled
and written by Trailblazers ambassadors

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