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What are the 2011 Certification Program dates?
        Application opens December 1
        Application closes February 28
        Review begins March 1
        Review closes May 31
        Notifications by August 31

My program’s certification is due to expire on August 31, 2011. Should I wait until next December to apply for recertification?
        No! The application that opens on December 1st is for you! The reporting period for this application cycle is Jan 1 to
        Dec 31, 2010.

My program has never applied for certification before. Is it hard?
        The online Certification Center makes applying for certification — and recertification — easier than ever before. Read
        the Applicant Manual for your program (Cardiovascular or Pulmonary) found on the Certification Resources page of the
        AACVPR website before you begin.

You have PDF versions of the application available to download from your website. Can I just fill those out and send them in?

        The application can only be submitted in its online form. The printable applications are there to help you prepare. If
        you have any trouble at all using the online application, we can help!

I need help!
        Everybody needs a little help sometimes! Certification specialists are standing by, Monday through Friday from 9 am
        to 5 pm Eastern time. You can use the phone, email or live chat to get help navigating the site, resolving technical
        issues, understanding the process or getting in touch with a subject-matter expert who can answer your Big Questions.
        Our phone number is 312/321-5146, select Option 1 for the Certification Center.
        Look for these buttons on the bottom of every page of the

How much does Certification or Recertification cost?
      The cost of certification for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab programs is $650.00
      The cost of recertification for Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab programs is $550.00

When do I need to pay for my application?
       You must submit payment before you can submit your application. If you are mailing in a payment (rather than paying
       by credit card or electronic check online) your application will not be reviewed until payment has been received.

You have a long list of documents I should be prepared to submit. Can I wait until I’m asked for them to prepare them?
       You are required to have these documents ready before you submit your application. If you are asked to submit any of
       them during the review process, you only have 48 hours to do so.

Some of my documents are electronic, some are paper. What should I do?
       You can submit your electronic documents by uploading them directly to the application page (PREFERRED), or you
       can print them and fax them in using the cover sheet. See page 15 of the Applicant Manual for more information
       about getting your documents to us.
Do I have to complete the entire application all at once?
        Not at all! The online Certification Center allows you to take your time completing your application, so you can make
        sure you’ve got everything just right. Look for buttons at the bottom of each page that say “SAVE”, “PREVIOUS” or
        “CONTINUE” to save your work.

I started an application but now I don’t know how to get back to it.
         AACVPR is located on the web at Look for this symbol
         It will take you directly to your application dashboard.

What’s a dashboard?
        It’s where your application “lives” on the AACVPR website. From the dashboard you can
        get important messages from us about the certification process, access your application
        one page at a time, and find requests from your reviewer. You are expected to check
        your dashboard EVERY DAY during the review process (March 1—May 31).

I got an email saying my reviewer needed something from me but I don’t know what. How do I find out?
         Go to your application dashboard and look for this symbol next to any of the pages on the index. If you see that
         symbol, that means your reviewer has a question or comment for you on that specific page of the application. Go to
         that page and respond directly to your reviewer through the interactive chat feature.

Can I speak to my reviewer over the phone? Will you give me their         contact information?
        Certification Center staff will not give out contact information for the reviewers. Sometimes the reviewer will give you
        that information through the interactive chat. Usually they don’t.

Who are the reviewers?
       They are volunteer subject matter experts with years of experience in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
       They also have years of experience with AACVPR and the cortication program, as well as national guidelines and

I’m done with my application. How will I be notified of the decision?
        When final decisions are made, your dashboard will be updated. Keep checking your dashboard regularly during the
        decision phase (June 1 to August 30) for updates. You will also receive a letter and a formal certificate in the mail if
        your program is certified by AACVPR.

I haven’t gotten any e-mails about my certification application or anything else. What’s going on?
         Make sure to check your junk mail folder for AACVPR communications. Please add these e-mails to your list of safe
         senders: and

        You can visit the Certification Resources page on the AACVPR Web site to get information on how to add AACVPR to
        your e-mail provider’s “white list” to help ensure you receive every important communication!

Make sure you read the Applicant Manual for your program before you begin your application! You’ll find
it in the Certification Resources section on the AACVPR Web site.

                                                       Thank You!

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