Relieved families greet returning soldiers

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November 16, 2007                                                 Holland College, Charlottetown, P.E.I.                                                                              FREE

    Relieved families greet returning soldiers

  When Captain Kent MacRae
was serving on a tour of duty in
Afghanistan a few months ago,
his wife and two teenaged daugh-
ters were left to wait at home and
hope for the best.
  Deborah MacRae said each day
was a struggle.
  “From one phone call or from
one e-mail to the next, you really
have to take it one day at a time
and have an awful lot of blind
faith that everyone is safe.”
  Family members at home have
no idea what their loved ones go
through, she said.
  And that makes doing regular
household things hard.
  “It’s always there in the back of
your mind as you go on with your
day to day — when you’re going
to work, when you’re caring for
your children and those kinds of
things. There’s somebody miss-
  But MacRae made it home safe-
ly and now the family is celebrat-
  They attended a welcome home
event on September 29, held for
the Island reservist troops of Task
Force 1-07 Afghanistan who
recently returned from active duty
in the war-torn country.
  Hundreds came out in support
of the troops at the shipyard ware-
house on the Charlottetown
waterfront, including a number of
dignitaries and entertainers.
  Everyone in attendance was
there to thank the men and
women for their brave service.
  Charlene McInnis, the co-ordi-      Veteran Walter Doucette shows off a display at the Confederation Court Mall of the province’s cenotaphs. Murray photo
nator for P.E.I. Military Family
Services, organized the day’s         they ask themselves, ‘Are they            As she made her way through           ly when he was in Afghanistan         lending an air of wartime nostal-
activities.                           OK? Have they hit a mine? Has          the crowds of troops and their           and was happy to have the recog-      gia to the afternoon.
  She said it was an event held as    somebody shot them?’ It’s a lot to     families on Saturday, she knew           nition offered at Saturday’s event.     But the emotions at this event
much for families like MacRae’s       go through.”                           everyone by name and made a                “It’s heartwarming and unex-        were very present.
as it was for the troops them-          McInnis, a self-proclaimed           point to stop and chat with each         pected,” he said. “It’s nice to         “Through this event, they’re all
selves.                               “military brat,” said she tries hard   person she knew.                         know that people can focus on the     getting public acknowledgement,”
  Military families go through a      to be a support for the families in       “I take looking after them very       families and the successes.”          McInnis said.
lot of emotional trauma when          her role with P.E.I. MFS.              personally,” she said.                     During the festivities, a wel-        “They went through something
their loved ones are away on            “I just want to be able to com-         “It’s more than a job, it’s truly a   come home video was presented,        extraordinary for the greater
active duty.                          fort the children, tell them Mom-      calling when it comes down to            where photos sent home from           good. That’s what it boils down
  “It’s very scary,” McInnis said.    my or Daddy will be coming             it.”                                     Afghanistan were displayed to the     to.
“From the moment their eyes are       home and if something untoward            MacRae said he was happy a            song Hero.                              “And let’s not forget the fami-
awake, every second they’re           happens and they don’t, we’re          support group like P.E.I. MFS              A young girl sang songs like        lies — they’re wearing uniforms
thinking about their loved ones —     there for them.”                       was available to support his fami-       Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree,       too.”
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         France remembers Canadian soldiers
 By JENNILEE CUDMORE                                                                                                                                      One-hundred and fifty-thousand
                                                                                                                                                        French and British soldiers died
  There is a towering, 10-storey                                                                                                                        trying to take it back.
white-limestone sculpture featur-                                                                                                                         “While I was walking through
ing twin stone pillars on Vimy                                                                                                                          Vimy Ridge I could almost feel
Ridge, France. It list the names of                                                                                                                     the death that had taken place
11,285 Canadian soldiers who
died in France and whose remains                                                                                                                        there 90 years ago. It was just a
were never found.                                                                                                                                       eerie feeling,” Blouvin said.
  The memorial features a 30-                                                                                                                             Canadian troops soon came in
tonne limestone figure carved                                                                                                                           and began to fight. Within the
from a single block, representing                                                                                                                       first four days 3,600 Canadian
Canada itself. It’s a hooded                                                                                                                            solders died and another 5,000
woman crying while gazing down                                                                                                                          were wounded, but the ridge was
on a single tomb overlooking the                                                                                                                        taken that day.
Douai plain. No wonder.                                                                                                                                   “It was the largest amount of
  History teacher Dylan Mullally                                                                                                                        Canadian solders to die during
said five kilometres of tunnels                                                                                                                         that period of time in history.”
were dug in order to move Cana-
                                                                                                                                                          The risk from shells that fell
dian troops and ammunition up to
the front so they wouldn’t be seen                                                                                                                      and never exploded is still high.
by German observers.                                                                                                                                      At Vimy and other former First
  “We can’t even imagine what                                                                                                                           World War battlefields, the
these men went through,” said                                                                                                                           ground is so full of unexploded
Mullally.                                                                                                                                               devices isitors are warned not to
  Mullally said Vimy Ridge isn’t                                                                                                                        stray from marked pathways.
recognized enough in the schools.     The monument known as Mother Canada in Vimy Ridge looking down on the grave sites of many                           Almost a century later it’s still
  “Most of my students haven’t        of the Canadas soldiers killed during the First World War. CBC photo                                              too dangerous to walk onto the
even heard of Vimy Ridge and                                                                                                                            actual battlefield to search for
that’s sad because it is such a big   some of France’s streets while          “I never fought in Vimy Ridge          German troops controlled the
                                      thousands of locals cheered and       so I felt a little awkward at first    ridge using a network of trenches    remains of soldiers listed as
part of our country’s history.”                                                                                                                         “missing.”
  Thousands of soldiers from all      applauded.                            being applauded for something I        that snaked along the crest and
around Canada marched across            Constable Sylvie Blouvin, a         didn’t do,” said Blouvin.              down into the valley, connecting       “Sheep are used to cut grass in
Vimy Ridge this year marking the      Quebec native who was trans-            “I soon realized it wasn’t just us   with another network of natural      the large areas surrounding the
90th anniversary of the First         ferred to join the Charlottetown      they were applauding for, but it       caves.                               park and some sheep actually get
World War Canadian military           police in 2002, was there for the     was for our ancestors and all of         Vimy Ridge is a 14-kilometre       blown up because they came
attack.                               Vimy Ridge celebration, which         Canada, that helped me hold my         long escarpment that overlooks       across an explosive,” Blouvin
  The solders marched throughout      took place on the Easter weekend.     head up a little higher.”              the Douai plain of France.           said.

                 New deal delivering rural high-speed
               could put province into Internet business
     By STEPHEN BRUN                    “We were looking for cost           live bottom trailers for trucks,       ment, said company communica-        competitive product, then they
                                      reduction. As demand on the net-      uses a satellite connection which      tions director Paula Sibley.         may go beyond that.”
  An expensive new network of         works rose, so did costs,” he said.   can be unreliable, said company          “It’s more of a challenge now to     Sibley said Eastlink is some-
fibre optic cable for high-speed      “There are also some communi-         manager Darrin Mitchell.               continue to [expand]. We usually     what concerned about having the
Internet could be a cost-cutting      ties not currently served, so it’s      “It’s great until we have a          have a great relationship with       government as a competitor in
measure for the provincial gov-       really up to Xittel to see how far    storm. Reliability is extremely        other companies and we all nego-     the Internet business.
ernment in the future, but offi-      they can go with this thing.”         important. The Internet has            tiate plans with other providers       “From our perspective, we
cials say they aren’t ruling out        Eastlink and Aliant previously      become an essential business           for the use of equipment from        don’t always feel it’s the best use
competing with the private sector     split their network service to the    service and I would hope they          time to time.”                       of the government’s time to com-
if there is enough demand.            government, but the province          would treat it as essential as a         The government owns half the       pete with the private sector.”
  The province recently               needs to provide telecommunica-       phone line.”                           cable. Two local service
                                                                                                                                                          Regardless of who provides
announced a partnership with a        tions to its hospitals, schools and     Xittel reached an agreement          providers, ISN and Ruranet, own
Quebec-based company, Xittel, to      public Internet access sites.         with Aliant to use its telephone       the other half and will help main-   rural high-speed services,
string 450 km of the cable across       The new network will eliminate      poles to string the cable and so       tain the network.                    Mitchell said he just wants it to
the Island at a cost of $3.5 mil-     what the government paid to the       far, Panyne said, there have been        The new network isn’t going        be maintained in a professional
lion.                                 two companies and reduce costs        no problems.                           where it would compete with the      manner.
  Chris Payne, the province’s         by over 50 per cent, said Payne.        For several years, Eastlink has      existing companies now, but it         “I just want to know that if I
director of IT services, said he        Trout River Industries in Cole-     been the main name in town             may happen in the future, said       have a problem, I can call them
hopes the deal will provide all       man is one of the rural P.E.I.        when it comes to high-speed            Payne.                               and it will be dealt with.
rural Islanders with wireless         businesses needing a more stable      Internet, and it is still committed      “Xittel and ISN are going to go      “It’s an essential service to us
high-speed and improve the gov-       Internet service.                     to expanding to rural areas            where they can have sustainable      and we need a professional
ernment’s network as well.              The company, which produces         despite the government’s involv-       business. If they produce a good     organization to maintain it.”
                ‘Miss me, but let me go’
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                White cross ceremony remembers man killed in accident on highway last year
    By LINDSAY CARROLL                                                                                                                                     However Ross said he couldn't
                                                                                                                                                         argue with the court's decision
  Tears begin to fill her eyes as                                                                                                                        because in the end it wouldn't
Maria Henderson tries to finish                                                                                                                          have made a difference how long
reading a poem for her son, Jef-                                                                                                                         Attema's sentence was.
frey Henderson, who was killed                                                                                                                             "Jeffery was a young fella like
Canada day 2006.                                                                                                                                         my son, and so to say he should
   "When you are lonely and sick                                                                                                                         be punished more, well, he's gotta
of heart, go to the friends we                                                                                                                           live with this the same as Maria
know and bury your sorrows in                                                                                                                            and myself."
doing good deeds. Miss me, but                                                                                                                             Although the family hasn't spo-
let me go."                                                                                                                                              ken to Attema yet, Ross said they
  She wipes her nose with a                                                                                                                              may contact him in the future,
Kleenex at the podium. Her hus-                                                                                                                          just to let him know who their son
band Ross puts his arm around                                                                                                                            was.
her and leads her away. They low-
er their heads and begin to weep.                                                                                                                                         ***
  Twenty people stand in a circle                                                                                                                          Wind Beneath My Wings plays
at the edge of Highway 26, East                                                                                                                          quietly on a portable CD player.
of Charlottetown on Nov.3. It's a                                                                                                                        Tyler’s 17-year-old brother Math-
cold, grey, windy day. A lone                                                                                                                            ew stands between his parents. He
white cross has been hammered                                                                                                                            stares straight ahead, his face
into the ground in a ditch, under a                                                                                                                      blank. He turns away to wipe his
large tree. This is where Tyler                                                                                                                          eyes on his sleeve. Two women
Henderson was killed.                                                                                                                                    carrying flowers lay them on the
                                                                                                                                                         cross at the end of the ceremony.
                 ***                                                                                                                                       A white cross is a symbol of
  It was 4:30 a.m on July 2 when                                                                                                                         honour and remembrance, said
the Hendersons heard a knock at                                                                                                                          Miller. The MADD cross is
the door of their home in Hamp-                                                                                                                          unique because it has a red centre
ton, New Brunswick. It was the                                                                                                                           and a plaque of dedication.
RCMP. Their 20-year old son was                                                                                                                            For Maria, the cross is a warn-
dead.                                                                                                                                                    ing to other drivers.
  "That's a call no parent wants to                                                                                                                        "[It] might make people slow
receive, I mean out of the blue, a                                                                                                                       down and think about the fact that
shock….you think your child is                                                                                                                           an accident happened there, and
safe…and that's how quickly                                                                                                                              realize the effects of drinking and
things turn. In the blink of an eye,                                                                                                                     driving."
your life changes," said Maria.                                                                                                                            It's been a hard year, said Maria.
  Tyler decided to come to Char-                                                                                                                         She and her husband rushed from
lottetown to celebrate Canada                                                                                                                            New Brunswick to get to the cere-
Day with his friends. He had been                                                                                                                        mony for 2 p.m. Their trips to the
drinking when he took a shuttle                                                                                                                          Island before were under painful
on Canada day from Charlotte-           Maria and Ross Henderson stand at the edge of the highway at the site where their son was killed                 circumstances, but that has all
town to a campground near               in an alcohol-related accident over a year ago. A white cross ceremony was held for him Nov.3.                   changed now, said Maria.
Alexandria at about 2 a.m. It is        Carroll photo                                                                                                      "Now when we come, it'll be on
believed the bus missed the gate        was needed and it was a long         Canada.                               we're here to honour him dying."      our terms. We can come and visit
and some passengers decided to          weekend.                               MADD President Margaret               Attema received one week in         and bring flowers…people say
walk the rest of the way, includ-          "It was two days before we got    Miller put up the Island's first      prison for impaired driving.          you find closure, but I mean, you
ing Henderson. No one knows             to see him. Longest two days of      white cross in Caledonia to mark      Lawyers couldn't argue it was         never find closure. He'll always
how he ended up walking alone           my life, because you keep think-     the death of her own son, Bruce       Attema's drinking that killed         be with us."
down the middle of the highway.         ing, maybe it's a mistake, maybe     Miller, in May 2006, two months       Tyler. Police said even a sober         The poem Miss Me But Let Me
  Twenty-year-old Jeffrey Attema        it's a mistake."                     before Tyler was killed. Since        driver may have hit Tyler.            Go holds a special significance to
had also been drinking that night          No one will ever know what        then, four crosses have been            The white cross says he was         the Hendersons. It's where they
when he got behind the wheel of         happened that night, said Ross.      nailed into P.E.I's red earth.        killed in an alcohol-related crash.   find their strength to keep going,
his car. He didn't see Tyler until it      "You like to have all the         Miller, who spoke at the ceremo-        Miller said his sentence wasn't     said Maria.
was too late.                           answers but there are still little   ny, said Tyler’s death was a tragic   good enough.                            "We miss him, we miss him ter-
  Tyler’s body was found about          gaps. Why was he the last one by     reminder about the consequences         "We would have liked to have        ribly," said Maria, beginning to
400 metres away from the camp-          himself? I don't think we'll ever    of drinking and driving.              seen a further conviction for         cry, "But Tyler was the kind of
ground in a ditch. The Hender-          know that."                            "Tyler should have been home        impaired driving…but it didn't        kid [who would say ] c'mon, can
son's were told they had to wait to        The crash site is now marked by   with his family. He should have       happen and we're looking at           you change this? No. OK, get on
see their son because an autopsy        a white cross through MADD           been celebrating his life, instead    tougher laws."                        with your life.”
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     P.E.I. won’t follow
        N.B.’s plan
                                                         Young people train dogs for fun
       to start using                                      at dog show held on Island
    biodegradable bags                                     By LINDSAY
                                                   Lil ‘Ed paws at the metal
     P.E.I. Liquor says it will not be follow-   gate, whimpering a little. His
  ing N.B. Liquor in its move to                 tail whips back and forth.
  biodegradable plastic bags. Instead, the         “I think he wants to come
  province is looking to more environmen-        out,” says his 12-year-old han-
  tally sound options for customers, said        dler, Chelby Marling.
  the communications director for P.E.I.           When the gate opens he
  Liquor, Wayne MacDougall                       jumps up and starts to kiss her.
     He said sources told him the bags used      She smiles and lets him.
  in New Brunswick are not actually                Lil’Ed is a one-year-old bea-
  biodegradable in a landfill.                   gle. He was one of about 200
     So the Island will look to other options    dogs in the Island Dog club
  including paper bags and even a possible       show at the Civic Centre on
  switch to a heavy-duty reusable cloth          Oct. 27.
  bag similar to those used in grocery             A single, sharp, high-pitched
  stores like Sobeys and Superstore.             bark escapes from his mouth as
     Spokesperson for N.B. Liquor Nora           he jumps up on Marling’s leg.
  Lacey said the bags they use are made            “He only barks when I’m
  of LLDPE number four, a low-density            ignoring him,” she said.
  degradable plastic purchased by N.B.             Marling, from Halifax, is one
  Liquor from PCL Packaging.                     of two junior intermediate han-
     Sales manager for PCL Packaging Ter-        dlers at the show. She is no
  ry Ricketts said the plastic used to make      longer a junior novice, having
  the bags was certified as biodegradable        won more than six times.             Chelby Marling showed Lil’Ed, a young beagle, as a junior handler in the Island dog club
  by Environmental Products Inc., the              Her competition is 12-year-        show on Oct.17. Carroll photo.
  company that makes the additive that           old Colten O’Shea. The two are
  holds the plastic together.                    usually neck and neck, and
     The bag is made up is tiny bits of the      trade off winning she said.            Mary-Jane Sears, Gema’s          keep going…and I’m still here,       dog. And you know the judge
  low-density plastic held together by an          She has her eye on the prize       owner, is friends with Mar-        and I can’t wait for next year.”     is looking at you, so it’s a bit
  organic substance that breaks down over        today.                               ling’s grandmother. Gema slept       The confirmation competition       more nerve-racking, but much
  time, but only under the right conditions.       “There’s a trophy for the jun-     on Marling’s bed with her the      for best dog in the breed, and       more exciting.”
  These conditions include constant sun-         iors…that’s my goal for this         night before.                      best dog overall is like a beauty      O’Shea said he’s trying to
  light, and even then the bags still can        weekend. I want to have my             Although Gema squirmed on        pageant, said Leggo. Their           stay calm.
  take up to a year to breakdown com-            name engraved on it because          the hip-height table while Sears   teeth, eyes, bone structure and        “I know that it’s just for fun,
  pletely.                                       my sister Kimberly has won           brushed and dried her hair, it     walk are inspected by judges to      so there’s not that much pres-
     MacDougall said at that rate in a land-     two years in a row.”                 wasn’t because she was nerv-       find a dog that is perfect.          sure.”
  fill site the bags would never break             When Marling’s grandmother         ous, said Sears.                     That dog will go on to com-          When the judge calls their
  down.                                          bought her first bouvier, a large      “She’s a puppy, so she’s just    pete for best in show with the       arm-band numbers, they take
     Director of disposal of Waste Manage-       black dog, Kimberly began to         excited. She doesn’t have any      winner of every other breed.         turns walking their dogs around
  ment in Charlottetown Heather Myers            show him. Marling tagged             nervous bones in her body. She       If you’ve won the best breed       the small ring in a diagonal.
  said the particular type of bag is oxo-        along and decided it looked          just likes to go and have fun.”    and best in show five times,           They stop along the side and
  biodegradable.                                 like fun, so she’d try it too. She     Sears has had bouviers for 25    you become a champion.               crouch simultaneously, holding
     It will eventually break down small         has been doing it for three and      years. She likes the breed           Breeders often come to the         the dogs stationary as they
  enough that people can’t see it, but will      a half years.                        because they are family orient-    show to look for their next dog.     move around them from front
  not actually disappear.                          “I’ve always liked dogs and        ed and protective.                 The winners of best in show          to back like a ballet.
     “It’s degradable,” she said, explaining     now I’ve found a sport where I         She is filled with pride when    will be chosen first by breed-         They pull up gums, move
  it will break down overtime. “But it’s not     can play with them all I want.”      her dogs win ribbons, because      ers. However, it’s also just a lot   their behinds in place and hold
  biodegradable.”                                                 ***                 that means she has bred her        of fun for the dogs, said Leggo.     up the tip of their tails.
     Green party leader Sharon Labchuck            Marling stayed on the Island       dogs well.                            “They get very excited when          The judge scowls and peers
  said the only truly biodegradable bags         last night at her grandmother’s        Vicki Leggo, the vice presi-     they’re going to do a show           at the dogs. She moves off to
                                                 house. She got up at 6:30 a.m        dent of the dog club, said dog-    because they really do enjoy         the side and points at them.
  are made of paper or other organic mate-
                                                 to get to the show early.            handling can be addictive.         socializing with other                 “One and two, in that order,”
                                                 Although the drive was nerve-          “Once you get started, there’s   dogs…they get to make                she says.
     “As far as I know those are the only
                                                 racking, once she had a leash in     no turning back.”                  friends,” said Leggo.                  Marling won the best Junior
  biodegradable bags,” she said, adding for                                             It was exactly one year ago        O’Shea is showing a golden         handler.
  the bags used in New Brunswick the             her hand, she said she was fine.
                                                   Marling showed a bouvier           that she started handling. The     retriever, Hope. She and Lil’Ed        O’Shea smiles and pets Hope.
  plastic only breaks down so it’s no                                                 president of the club gave one     rub noses and kiss each other        He is fine with the decision.
  longer visible to the naked eye.               puppy named Gema earlier that
                                                                                      of her own dogs to Leggo to        before they go in the ring.            Marling also smiles as she
     “That’s not an answer,” Labchuck said.      day and won best bouvier pup-
                                                                                      show just for fun. She was           Marling is nervous, she says.      runs out of the ring with
  “The only difference then is you don’t         py. Later she will try to win
                                                                                      hooked.                            In junior handling, it’s not just    Lil’Ed. She says she can’t wait
  see the bag blowing around in the wind.        best puppy over-all.
                                                                                        “That was it. I was done. It     about the dog.                       to see her name engraved on
  It’s kind of a fraud.”                           At nine months, Gema looks
                                                                                      was that much fun that I had to      “It’s about you showing your       the trophy, next to her sister’s.
                                                 like a large, fluffy black bear.
Nov. 16, 2007                                                                                NEWS                                                                                       Page 5

  Saving lives, money with simple solutions
  Holland College student’s constant fight to be a voice for Island’s disabled
      By STEPHEN BRUN                                                                                                                                        said Barry Schmidl, executive
                                                                                                                                                             director of the P.E.I. Council for
  When Fraser MacPhee lifts                                                                                                                                  the Disabled.
weights in the Holland College                                                                                                                                 “There certainly does need to
gym he forgets about his wheel-                                                                                                                              be more programs for people to
chair, at least for a few minutes.                                                                                                                           live independently, whether it’s a
  Forgetting is not always an easy                                                                                                                           program or services offered.”
task for the 37-year-old student
                                                                                                                                                               The centre does have a Snoeze-
whose days are filled with con-
stant reminders of living with a                                                                                                                             len room, a Dutch concept which
disability.                                                                                                                                                  provides an extra-sensory experi-
  Aside from the physical benefits                                                                                                                           ence for relaxation and stimula-
to the workout, going to the gym                                                                                                                             tion, including a ball room, water
helps him mentally as well.                                                                                                                                  bubble tubes and fibre-optic light
  “It makes it easier for me to                                                                                                                              sprays. The room is just one of
think, too, when I’m in class. The                                                                                                                           many components needed for
things that usually sit in my head                                                                                                                           independent living.
are the first things to go,” he said.                                                                                                                          The complex has 18 apartments,
“There are some things I realized                                                                                                                            all of which are occupied.
I just need this to do.”                                                                                                                                       MacPhee’s friend Elizabeth
  MacPhee has a condition called                                                                                                                             Pierlot sits in building’s lounge
familial or hereditary spastic para-                                                                                                                         watching TV. She said MacPhee
pareisis. It began to slowly affect                                                                                                                          seems to be more active than
his body at age 12. Six years ago,
                                                                                                                                                             many Islanders without disabili-
he began using the wheelchair.
  Like going to the gym, the con-                                                                                                                            ties.
dition affected MacPhee both                                                                                                                                   “He’s always causing trouble,”
physically and mentally. He has                                                                                                                              Pierlot laughs. “He’s a really fun
been clean and sober for several                                                                                                                             guy and he’s always trying to help
years after a time of hard drugs                                                                                                                             other people out. He seems to
and alcohol.                                                                                                                                                 have a life and he lives it.”
  “I isolated for such a long time.                                                                                                                             The manager of Atlantic Peo-
For a long time I had trouble                                                                                                                                ple’s Housing, which oversees the
admitting I had a problem of any                                                                                                                             centre, said he doesn’t normally
kind,” he said.                                                                                                                                              comment to the media about
  “Since I stopped drinking and                                                                                                                              issues with their buildings.
smoking and using drugs I’ve
                                        Fraser MacPhee works out in the Eye of the Hurricane fitness centre as much as he can. The 37-
                                                                                                                                                               MacPhee said he has some
never felt better. I don’t know if
                                        year-old disabled student says the weights sometimes take his mind off being in a wheelchair.
                                                                                                                                                             issues with the upkeep of the
I’ve ever been stronger.”
                                        Brun photo
                                        the Prince Edward Island               like Holland College.                 Reynolds building, Pat and the          building when it comes to the
  MacPhee takes the computer
                                        Marathon in a specially designed         “Sometimes just getting some-       Elephant and the [P.E.I.] council       ramps and paving.
information systems (CIS) course
at the college in Charlottetown         wheelchair.                            one with a disability to say some-    of the disabled have both helped          “For me this is almost perfect,”
and works for the Department of           Many of his days are also spent      thing is a huge step. When they       me,” he said.                           said MacPhee. “My disability was
Veterans’ Affairs doing IT support      participating on various disability-   do say something it means more.”        “We should have an independ-          so gradual I learned how to do
for their offices across the coun-      related boards.                          MacPhee is still able to stand by   ent living centre on the Island         new things while it was happen-
try.                                      Among several other commit-          supporting himself on his car door    that’s based on the successful          ing to me. It’s not so bad for me,
  “They said that I didn’t get the      tees and boards, MacPhee is the        as he dismantles his wheelchair       national model. It would save           but some other people can’t do
job because of this [the wheel-         P.E.I. representative, executive       and folds it into the back seat.      government money and people’s           certain things.”
chair] but it was just one of those     secretary and treasurer for              The specially designed car has      lives.”                                   MacPhee said he feels lucky to
things where the pressure was           NEADS, the National Educational        no gas or brake pedals, but using       The Reynolds building is acces-       have the mobility he does, that’s
gone as soon as they said ‘yes.’        Association of Disabled Students.      a lever on the left side of the       sible, but is not an independent
                                                                                                                                                             why he works so relentlessly so
  When MacPhee works on the               “I do it for the trips,” he said     steering wheel MacPhee can pull       living centre (ILC) according to
                                        with a laugh. “I’m on three new        back and forth to accelerate or       standards set by the Canadian           others with disabilities will be
military press, he wobbles slightly                                                                                                                          safe.
– a common problem since he             [boards] now, but I don’t even         slow down.                            Association of Independent Liv-
                                        know the names of them. When I           As he pulls into the parking lot    ing Centres.                              While some of the issues he
doesn’t yet have the trunk control                                                                                                                           talks about may seem insignifi-
to hold himself steady, he said.        was first there it sounded great.      at the Kay Reynolds Centre where        The centres need programming
                                        You get to meet new people and         he has an apartment, he sees          geared toward people with mental        cant, it’s the frequency with
When he works on the various
machines he must climb in and           make contacts.”                        many issues of concern.               and physical disabilities to teach      which he sees these problems that
out of the chair just to change the       But his involvement with these         Pat and the Elephant is a com-      them life skills to cope with the       can become frustrating.
weight settings.                        organizations is an example of his     mercial tenant of the building and    world around them.                        “I don’t want to go to bed one
  While he only picks at weights        seemingly tireless commitment to       MacPhee said sometimes up to 12         The kinds of programming              night and think ‘that person got
once in a while, he’s recently          providing a voice to the disabled.     of their vehicles can be in the       offered depend on what type of          hurt today because I didn’t say
participated in marathon-length         The task is difficult enough, even     parking lot taking up spaces.         disabilities are present in a certain   anything.’”
races and the 10-km portion of          in a relatively small community          “While I’ve been in the Kay         area and what demand is like,
Page 6                                                                                  EDITORIAL                                                                            Nov.16, 2007

          Your cab driver might have a PhD
 By JENNILEE CUDMORE                                                                                                                                  should not be penalized just
                                                                                                                                                      because they aren’t familiar with
  Highly skilled immigrants are                                                                                                                       the Canadian culture.
trying to find employment in their                                                                                                                       If they have the drive to go
professional fields. Yet, the                                                                                                                         through seven to10 years of
majority of them are struggling to                                                                                                                    school to become a doctor, den-
get back to their former careers.                                                                                                                     tist, engineer or lawyer, then
  Immigrants can face a number                                                                                                                        chances are they have the brains
of barriers when they try to secure                                                                                                                   and work ethic to pick up on a
employment in Canada. First and                                                                                                                       culture.
foremost are the challenges                                                                                                                              Some immigrants leave their
obtaining Canadian accreditation                                                                                                                      country to escape harsh living
for their skills and education.                                                                                                                       conditions or because their coun-
   Lack of Canadian work experi-                                                                                                                      try feels more like a prison than a
ence, lack of knowledge about                                                                                                                         home.
Canadian workplace culture and                                                                                                                           They move to Canada to get a
low proficiency in English are all                                                                                                                    fresh start, but how can they do
problems they may face.                                                                                                                               that if they can’t even work? How
  Internationally trained profes-                                                                                                                     are they supposed to build a better
sionals and skilled trade workers                                                                                                                     life without money, or if they
from other countries may not                                                                                                                          have a job not doing what they
know North American standards                                                                                                                         love?
required for their profession.                                                                                                                          Not to bash Canada, it’s an
  Lawyers, dentists and doctors                                                                                                                       amazing country and I’m proud to
are sometimes unable to continue                                                                                                                      live here, but I think the govern-
their former profession and are       China they are unable to continue    number of doctors accepting new       doctors. But why not use the         ment does need to re-think the
either unemployed or doing jobs       their practice as doctors because    patients.                             money to educate the immigrants      immigration policies.
that don’t require education.         they aren’t familiar with our cul-     As the shortage of doctors          who are already doctors?               Canada accepted about 250,000
  I hear it in the news and see it    ture.                                increases, so does the risk of the      Not everyone has the mentality     immigrants last year and yet a lit-
on the web all the time. Canada         The Canadian Institute for         health of potential patients.         to become a doctor. It takes years   tle over 100, 000 are still unem-
has a shortage of physicians, yet     Health released a study in 2006        The government is setting aside     of dedication and hard work.         ployed or doing a job they are
when doctors move here from           showing a steady decrease in the     millions of dollars to train more     Immigrant who have worked hard       over qualified for.

                                                                                                                               The Surveyor
  Female hockey on P.E.I.                                                                                                            is a learning tool for students
                                                                                                                            in the Journalism program at Holland College.

  going in wrong direction                                                                                            Opinions expressed in The Surveyor do not necessarily reflect
                                                                                                                                  those of the college administration.

                                                                                                                           Editorial Staff                    REPORTERS/
         By MEGAN WALSH               wanted was not taken into consid-    should be playing at the “AA”
                                      eration when the decision was        level but were unable to try out           MANAGING EDITORS                    PHOTOGRAPHERS
  The goal of the decision to         made. And now the female hock-       because their parents refuse to                JENNILEE CUDMORE                     Nathan Rochford
adopt new “AA” zones may have         ey community on the Island           travel. So the “AA” divisions                    MEGAN WALSH                         Lindsay Carroll
been to strengthen female hockey      includes a lot of unhappy people.    aren’t necessarily getting stronger                                                   Jaclyn Killins
on P.E.I, but I don’t think that’s      The decision was based on what     because they are missing some                     CONTACT US                         Margie Holmes
what will happen.                     is best for the “AA” players so      girls who deserve to be there.                      by mail at
  As of the 2007 season of female     they can have six great teams.         The changes have also taken its                                                  Douglas Dickieson
                                                                                                                          Journalism Program
minor hockey on P.E.I., the Pee         But now the “A” teams do not       toll on the “A” division as well.                                                     Mike Ramsay
                                                                                                                         140 Weymouth Street
Wee, Bantam and Midget AA             have enough players, especially        Now, associations are finding                 Charlottetown, PE
                                                                                                                                                                Matthew Daye
divisions have been split into six    those in smaller communities that    they don’t have enough players                      C1A 4Z1                          Stacey Murray
different zones.                      barely had enough for a team in      for their “A” teams because of all                                              Teresa Wright Constable
  They are zone 1 Evangeline,         the first place.                     the players that were taken for the                by e-mail at                     Christy Marsters
Tyne Valley, O’Leary, Alberton          Any female hockey player in        “AA” zones.                                           Colin MacLean
and Tignish, zone 2 Summerside,       the Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget         I think the change was one that                   Stephen Brun
Bedeque and Borden, zone 3            divisions had the opportunity to     does not benefit the teams, and                                                        Ryan Ross
North River, South Shore, Kens-       try out for the “AA” zone that       isn’t that what matters most?                   or by telephone at                 Kerrie Thompson
ington and North Star, zone 4         their association falls under, but     Some girls may agree with the             (902) 566-9589, 566-9591,             Editorial Illustration:
Charlottetown and Sherwood,           with a cost.                         change because they want it to be              629-4229, 566-9389
                                                                                                                                                                 PJ Stephen
zone 5 Pownal; and zone 6               Those who made it into one of      more competitive and with six                      or 566-9588
Souris, Georgetown, Morell,           the six zones will now have to       “AA” teams maybe it will be.
Montague, Belfast and Northum-        travel to arenas outside of their      But for some girls it just means            The Surveyor would like to thank
berland.                              hometown for practices and           they no longer get to play with
  What the parents and coaches        games.                               their friends, and for some, that’s
                                                                                                                     Transcontinental P.E.I. Printers in Borden
and most importantly the players        So now there are girls who         more important.                           and The Guardian for continuing support.
Nov. 16, 2007                                                                             FEATURES                                                                                        Page 7

     Trek to village
     takes nerves
    By COLIN MACLEAN                  the brush you can see Wenshuan
                                      and the surrounding mountains
  MacLean spent six weeks in Chi-     behind you. Small fields full of
na last summer as part of a Hol-      corn and onions cover the moun-
land College project there.           tain along the road. Even a small
                                      orchard can be seen every once in
  My day visiting villages in the     a while.The group traveling to the
mountains near the town of Wen-       villages consisted of Chinese
shuan in China’s Sichuan              teachers, administrators and mem-
province was the most incredible      bers of the Canadian delegation to
day of my life.                       the enhanced rural teacher-train-
  The walk up the mountain starts     ing program.
in the town, turning up a steeply       After an hour of hard walking
inclining street and going for sev-   we arrived at the first village. The
eral hundred metres through busy      group took a tour of the school
alleys. But there comes a point       and made donations of new sup-
when the buildings start becoming     plies to the teachers and students.
farther apart and more plants start     The looks on the faces of those
to crowd the path.                    kids when they were given their
  Unless you are in good physical     new school bags is one I’m never
shape I wouldn’t recommend this       going to forget. Several Holland       A little girl plays with two Canadian flags given to her from the Holland College delegation. The
trek. I’m not in the best shape but   College staff members raised           Canadians passed out dozens of flags during their visit to China. MacLean photo
did it anyway and had to stop         money last year to buy the sup-        drop.At some points while going     the rest of the way.               were wearing their beautiful tradi-
about ever 15 minutes for a           plies donated to the schools.          up steep inclines on the snaking      After about a 15-minute walk     tional clothing, which is covered
breather. Another problem is the         Many of the villagers also          road we actually started rolling    we cut through a cornfield and     in flower and spiral designs.
air thins the higher you climb.       came over to visit and talk with       backwards.                          clambered over a small cliff to      Later the Chinese teachers told
  Coupled with the stifling           us. I believe we were something          Our progress was slowed while     arrive at our final destination.   us we were probably the first
humidity, you are in for the walk     of an oddity to them.                  we waited for a large excavator to    The school we visited was very   western people to visit this vil-
of your life. The path up the           After about an hour at the first     clear away rubble from a land-      basic, like something you see in   lage. Normally the road is too
mountain is nice, but it would        village we loaded into SUVs for        slide from the day before at one    old black and white pictures back  dangerous for even local officials
have been nicer if the side of the    the rest of the climb. This proba-     point. How they managed to get      in Canada. You can’t help but      to make the journey very often.
path wasn’t choked with garbage       bly wasn’t the best idea because       that monster of a machine up the    admire the teachers who work in      After making our donations and
until about half way up. The smell    at some points the road was bare-      mountain is beyond me.              these small villages.              taking a few more pictures with
is overpowering at some points.       ly wide enough to support the             When we arrived at a small         The people were all very curi-   the people in the village we made
  The view, on the other hand, is     vehicles and there was nothing         group of houses along the road      ous about us and came out to       the long journey back down the
incredible. After walking out of      over the side but a very long          we decided to get out and walk      watch what we were doing. Most     mountain.

    The sound of music: Music’s role in movies
      By MIKE RAMSAY                  sight, cannot easily do.               greater when played together.           I learned to speak.”                    creepy theme that comes to mind.
                                        Music is used to set the mood of     Without the music, their attention        A self-proclaimed movie fanat-          “Without it, the movie wouldn’t
  Walking home from school on a       a scene and can change how it is       declined.                               ic, Barnett has been dissecting         be near as effective,” said Barnett.
crisp fall day, a group of teenage    interpreted, said Cohen, a psy-          Cohen said the difference was-        movies for as long as he can              Another movie where the music
girls are followed on the opposite    chology professor and head of the      n’t as great as they predicted, but     remember and writes movie               was essential for Barnett was Rob
side of the road by a large, cover-   auditory perception and music          she suspects that was because the       reviews as a hobby.                     Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects.
all-clad figure. The girls have no    cognition research and training        clip was short.                           He estimates he has written             He remembers the ending scene
idea of the horror about to happen    laboratory at the university.            “We do this research in hopes of      thousands since he started at 15        when the movie’s anti-heroes
to them, but we know.                   Hollywood knows that, so a lot       being surprised a little bit at least   and he said music is one of the         charge at the police in an old con-
  How?                                of money is put into soundtracks.      because it always takes us to the       most important factors of a             vertible with no sound except
  Because of the menacing music         Film composers believe the           next step,” she said.                   movie.                                  Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird play-
playing in the background of John     music is successful when people          Cohen and the students doing            “I’d put it right after the direct-   ing. As the tempo of the song
Carpenter’s classic horror movie      don’t pay attention to it.             the research are going to try the       ing and the acting.”                    changes from slow to fast, so
Halloween.                              “The success of the music, they      experiment again, this time with a        The movie Halloween comes to          does the mood from hopeless to
  When people go to the movies,       say, is when it doesn’t draw atten-    longer clip to try to find out when     mind when Barnett thinks of a           an almost heroic final stand with
music is a big part of the experi-    tion to itself and you’re not aware    a major change happens.                 case where the music was essen-         bullets flying.
ence. And a UPEI professor is         of it,” Cohen said.                      Tim Barnett, 21, of Charlotte-        tial.                                     It was a great ending said Bar-
part of a team trying to find out       One experiment the researchers       town plans on attending a film            With just simple piano and syn-       nett.
how important the music is.           did was show a clip to a panel of      production course at the Academy        thesizer sounds the movie does a          “Every time I hear that song
  Annabel Cohen said film music       people with just the soundtrack,       of Design and Technology in             great job of setting the mood.          now, I think of that scene,” he
is used to transfer information       then with just the speech and then     Toronto in January. He has been         When anybody remembers the              said. “It was very climactic. Pret-
other devices, like speech and        together. People’s attention was       watching movies “probably since         movie, usually it’s the simple,         ty powerful stuff.”
          Drama about dangers of gambling
Page 8                                                                                EDUCATION                                                                       Nov. 9, 2007

             hopes to get teens thinking
      By TERESA WRIGHT                                                                                                                                     “They’re also going to be going
          CONSTABLE                                                                                                                                      away at college and university in
                                                                                                                                                         a year or two, and most of them
   A troupe of young actors is trav-                                                                                                                     will be away from home for the
eling around the Atlantic                                                                                                                                first time and vulnerable.”
provinces encouraging teens to                                                                                                                             This was a key message in
think twice before visiting poker-                                                                                                                       Jurko’s play at Colonel Gray. The                                                                                                                                                plot follows a university student
   Their play, House of Cards, was                                                                                                                       who becomes so addicted to gam-
written for high school students to                                                                                                                      bling he loses all his money and
create awareness among youth                                                                                                                             alienates his friends.
about the risks of gambling.                                                                                                                               “I think the message was how
   They performed at Colonel                                                                                                                             gambling can change your life
Gray Senior High in Charlotte-                                                                                                                           and not for the better,” Campbell
town on Nov. 2.                                                                                                                                          said.
   “We want students to be able to                                                                                                                         “Everybody thinks, ‘Oh well,
make informed choices,” said the                                                                                                                         just one more game. I might be
show’s artistic director, Sasa                                                                                                                           lucky,’ or ‘I’m on a losing streak
Jurko.                                                                                                                                                   but I’m going to win soon.’”
   “We want to let students know                                                                                                                           Showing the devastation that
that there are risks and that there’s                                                                                                                    can result in their personal life
ways to avoid risk and there’s                                                                                                                           and how it can take over is an
help out there if they need it.”                                                                                                                         important message for high
   The show was designed and                                                                                                                             school students headed soon to
developed by the Responsible                                                                                                                             college, Campbell said.
Gambling Council – an independ-                                                                                                                            Elizabeth Lee, a Grade 10 stu-
ent, non-profit organization com-                                                                                                                        dent who attended the perform-
mitted to problem gambling pre-         Alex Goldrich, left, Jason Sellers and Fraser McCallum perform in a play called House of Cards at                ance, said she appreciated being
vention.                                Colonel Gray on Nov. 2. The three are part of a troupe traveling to high schools across Atlantic                 shown the truth of what really
   The play is also funded in part      Canada with their drama warning students about the risks of gambling. Wright Constable photo.                    happens to a young person addict-
by the Atlantic Lottery Corpora-                                                                                                                         ed to gambling.
tion.                                     “So if this can prevent someone      Daphne Campbell, a counselor       time jobs.”                              “I’ve known people that have
   Although the corporation makes       from having gambling problems,       at Colonel Gray, said while she        As a result of online games, TV      had problems with this kind of
its money from gambling rev-            then that’s a good thing.”           thinks gambling among teens is       programs about poker and a             thing before – and I know that it
enues, spokesperson Robert Bour-          Although most visitors to the      not a huge problem, it’s a grow-     colourful host of lottery tickets      can mess you up,” she said.
geois said the corporation does         Charlottetown Driving Park and       ing one.                             for sale at every convenience            “I know that people waste their
not like to see gambling become a       Entertainment Centre are older,        “I think it’s on the increase      store checkout, gambling has nev-      lives on (gambling) a lot and lose
problem among its customers.            poker tables are becoming popu-      because students have the means      er been so accessible, Jurko said.     control.”
   “We want people to use our           lar with younger crowds, Bour-       with computers now to gamble           “This is pretty much the first         After watching the performance,
products and we want them to use        geois said.                          online. And students also have       generation to be exposed to this       she said she’s now more aware of
it in a healthy way,” Bourgeois           “A lot of younger people play      their own credit cards and have      amount of legalized gambling,”         what outlets are available for
said.                                   those types of games now.”           access to more money with part-      he said.                               help.

      New sex therapy helps women with dysfunctions
                                        difficulties by staying in the       increased desire and arousal in        O’Sullivan’s research helps          well, it’s a bonding thing too.”
 By LINDSAY CARROLL                     moment and becoming aware of         two of Brotto’s studies, one pub-    bring to light the true sex lives of     Letting people know they are
                                        all parts of their body while hav-   lished, one being reviewed for       university students. She found         not alone if they feel like they
  A new therapy will bring hope         ing sex.                             publication.                         when first dating, both partners       need to convince their partner to
where there was none before to            About one-third of all women         Women who suffered sexual          always seem to be turned on.           have sex sometimes is important,
women with sexual dysfunctions,         have had discomfort or distress      abuse benefited most from the        However in a long-term relation-       said O’Sullivan. “I think it takes
says a University of British            when having sex, yet there is no     therapy. “We think it has some-      ship the nature of sex changes.        the pressure off people.”
Columbia professor.                     effective medication to treat        thing to do with staying in the      One person will usually want it          Using technology to gather her
  Lorri Brotto was one of the           women. This therapy, however,        now and helping to challenge dis-    more than the other at a particular    data works better than pen and
keynote speakers at the 34th            works, said Brotto.                  tractions such as previous abusive   time.                                  paper because people are more
Canadian Sex Research Forum                “It feels great because we do     episodes,” she said.                   She found having sex, even           honest, said O’Sullivan. “You can
held in Banff Alberta on Oct. 11-       see this is a very effective           Lucia O’Sullivan, a psychology     though you may not be in the           get a snapshot of people’s lives.”
14.                                     method…to be able to offer           professor at the University of       mood, is normal and can bring            Using a phone or the Internet to
  Her Mindfullness Therapy helps        something is great.”                 New Brunswick, said she found        people closer together.                record a diary of sexual behavior
women with sexual disorders and           It decreased sexual distress and   Brotto inspiring.                      “Sex has another function as         works the best.
 Prices drop at Stratford store as dollar climbs
 Nov. 16, 2007                                                                          ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                    Page 9

        By RYAN ROSS                     Ewing said a lot of that product
                                       stays on the shelf for a while.
  Customers expect prices to go          “Your average product will
down to keep up with the chang-        change every two to three
ing dollar, the owner of a Strat-      months.”
ford hobby store says.                   That means the amount they
  Jim Ewing, the owner of Great        make off each item will change
Hobbies, lowered prices in             with the dollar, he said.
response to the rising Canadian          “There are times when you’ll be
dollar.                                on the short end of the stick.”
  They have made several price           Most of the competition has fol-
changes along with the loonie but      lowed their lead, which Ewing
there is a psychological barrier       said they always do.
where people expect more of a            “We were definitely the first.”
change, he said.                         Brittany Stephen, one of
  “Once we hit par that’s when         Ewing’s employees, said she has
everyone’s brain switched.”            been getting positive feedback
  The loonie reached parity with       from customer.
the U.S. dollar in September and         “Definitely had a few say others
has since hit record highs.            have to jump on the bandwagon
  And Ewing said at Great Hob-         and lower theirs too.”
bies, more than 95 per cent of           But Stephen said she wasn’t
their stock gets priced through the    sure if they were busier because
U.S.                                   of the prices.
  “There’s not a heck of a lot that      “Hard to say because the phone
doesn’t.”                              system changed at the same
  To help make the transition the      time.”
company had a sale before lower-         Ewing said even though the dol-
ing prices, he said.                   lar has changed there are other
  “We ate the GST.”                    factors that make doing business
  Ewing said they made the deci-       in Canada more expensive than in
sion to lower prices about a           the United States.
month before making the change.          Factors like high taxes and the
  “We didn’t wait that long.”          cost of getting things across the
  But it took time to adjust the       border mean they have to add to
price on the almost 70,000 prod-       prices to cover the cost of doing
ucts they carry, he said.              business, he said.
  “Not a simple feat to re-price all     “From what I’ve heard, most
of that.”                              people are OK with that.”
                                                                             Brittany Stephen answers calls at Great Hobbies in Stratford. The hobby shop dropped its prices
                                                                             last month in response to the rising dollar. Ross photo

        Horse refuge waiting for charitable status
     By MATTHEW DAYE                   herd is an educational tool,” she       However, the paperwork got            my pocketbook couldn’t.”               an eight-hour work day really is,”
                                       said. “Through it all they learn      lost somewhere in the delivery.           While some of the horses are         she said. “Most have a really
  Horses take a lot of time and        how to break and ride.”                 Fell said, “Somewhere in Ser-         old or battered, most are just         good work ethic.”
energy to care for, but there is a       Despite her service, there have     vice Canada is where my paper-          horses whose original family             She has been receiving some aid
woman in South Granville who is        been some snags getting charita-      work is sitting.”                       can’t support anymore.                 from her neighbors, including
more than happy to help, although      ble status with the government.         Charitable status would make            “A lot of the horses donated to      some steel for fences as well as
she could use a hand herself.            “The ACE group adopted me           things easier as she’s tied up all of   the sanctuary are much loved,”         food.
  Yogi Fell is a retired shipper       and they did all the paperwork to     her money in the sanctuary.             Fell said. “For some it’s their sec-     “I’ve had some wonderful peo-
who now spends her time caring         get me charity status.”                 “It seems like one step forward,      ond life.”                             ple share their gardens with me,”
for horses in her horse sanctuary,       The ACE group was a group of        two steps back, cause really my           The camp she runs for the chil-      she said. “I’m not whining, this is
Handibear Hills. She has 29 hors-      students from UPEI who did the        pension isn’t covering all my           dren has helped some parents to        just how things go on a farm.”
es and a llama on the 35-acre          project as part of an international   costs right now,” she said.             better educate their kids on hors-       Others who help with the horses
farm ranch.                            competition. They won first place       Fell started with two horses, but     es.                                    is the Sir James Dunn Animal
  She has been running the sanc-       in the province and made it to the    things snowballed over time as            “As one gentleman said, I saved      Welfare Group, which provides
tuary since 1979. She works the        semi-finals in Canada.                more people asked her to take           him a lot of money because his         vaccinations for the horses.
ranch alone most of the year, but        Student union president Willy       their horses in.                        kids were nagging him for a              Despite the hardship, she plans
occasionally hires students            Gautheir was the leader of team.        “Once I started working full          horse,” she said. “They realized       to continue the sanctuary as long
through the grant program.             He said he enjoyed working on         time I started saying yes more,”        that they couldn’t handle the          as she can.
  Fell also uses the ranch to edu-     the project and with Fell.            she said.                               work.”                                   “Horses are my passion, they
cate the younger generation about        “She’s one of the most selfless       She has retired as a shipper for        She’s said she’s proud of the        have been all my life.”
animals and farm life. She calls       people I’ve ever met,” Gautheir       UPEI and used her pension to            program and the kids that take           More information can be found
them her trailblazers.                 said “She’s been a mentor to us.      support the sanctuary ever since.       part.                                  on her website www.hand-
  “For me it’s important that the      It’s been a great relationship.”        “I could handle 50 horses, but          “It teaches these kids how long
                 Export market leads to success
Page 10                                                                                   BUSINESS                                                                             Nov. 16, 2007

                for some small Island businesses
      By TERESA WRIGHT                                                                                            that doesn’t come naturally to      buying in bigger volume.”
          CONSTABLE                                                                                               me. I remember telling my broth-      Noland’s beginnings in the
                                                                                                                  er, ‘I’m going to do this,’ but I   retail sector on P.E.I. allowed her
  Two Island businesswomen                                                                                        kept pacing around,” she said.      to experiment with her product
have made it onto the world busi-                                                                                   “But sometimes you’ve just got and prepare for successful export,
ness stage after their decision to                                                                                to be nervy and do it.”             she said.
export their products led to suc-                                                                                   She was encouraged to send          Since many of her clients were
cess with a world famous compa-                                                                                   them a few samples. Six months      tourists, she was able to test the
ny.                                                                                                               after she’d sent the samples in,    North American market and iden-
  Margaret McEachern and Bren-                                                                                    McEachern had all but forgotten     tify buyer trends.
da Noland, two local entrepre-                                                                                    about the encounter.                  “Most of our tourists were com-
neurs, attended a trade mission in                                                                                  Then, after attending the         ing from out west in Canada and
Florida a few months ago.                                                                                         ACOA-organized trade mission        the east coast of the U.S., so we
  They each met with the compa-                                                                                   in Florida and meeting with the     were really meeting our cus-
ny’s businesses executives and                                                                                    park’s executives, she got the      tomers face to face like we would
made their pitch to provide prod-                                                                                 phone call of a lifetime.           if we did export farther.”
ucts for sale on location at the                                                                                    “They said it                                            It was this pre-
company’s famous theme park in                                                                                    would be a small                                        pared approach
                                                                                                                  order to start,” she
  As a result, the two have been                                                                                  laughed. “A small       “When they looked sheher successto
                                                                                                                                                                                believes led

                                                                                                                  order for (this
chosen to be part of an Atlantic
Canadian kiosk that will feature                                                                                  company) is the
                                                                                                                                         at the product line, with the bigtheme park’s
14 exporters in the artisan field                                                                                 biggest order I’ve they said, ‘We can                   business execu-
from the region.                                                                                                  ever had – it’s                                         tives during the
  The kiosk will be set up in front                                                                               been a madhouse.” see this in (our theme trade mission in
of the Canadian pavilion in the                                                                                     She’s now work-                                       Florida.
theme park – which, for legal rea-                                                                                ing on a 342 piece park) and we can see “When they
sons, cannot be named – and will                                                                                  custom-design                                           looked at the
be open for visitors and cus-                                                                                     order for the com- it selling.’ The whole product line,
tomers from late November until                                                                                   pany.                                                   they said, ‘We
the new year.                                                                                                       She said the sea- package was there,” can see this in
  It is a joint project developed                                                                                 sonal nature of her                                     (our theme park)
by theme park executives and the                                                                                  specific market in         - Margaret McEachern and we can see
Atlantic Canada Opportunities                                                                                     the Island’s retail                                     it selling.’ The
Agency (ACOA).                                                                                                    sector is what                                          whole package
  McEachern, an Island designer,                                                                                  made her decide to                                      was there.”
knitter and weaver, was recruited                                                                                 get into exporting.                                        Both Noland
by ACOA to attend trade mis-                                                                                        “There wasn’t                                         and McEachern
sions in New England and Flori-                                                                                   anything that pro-                                      are excited to
da in an attempt to coordinate                                                                                    vided production                                        see their prod-
international business develop-                                                                                   in the fall. So I                                       ucts on display
ment activities to benefit Island                                                                                 needed to be able to find other     at the Atlantic Canadian kiosk
businesses.                                                                                                       markets.”                           when they will travel to the Flori-
  McEachern designs sweaters,                                                                                       Brenda Noland, owner and cre-     da theme park for a demonstra-
tartan shawls, capes and throws,                                                                                  ator of COSMO Jewellery             tion during the last week in
which she hand-weaves on a tra-                                                                                   Designs in Summerside, said she     November.
ditional Celtic triloom. Her busi-                                                                                experienced similar roadblocks        “I’ve knit it all and sent it, but
ness, called Knit Pickers by Mar-                                                                                 with her business.                  there’s a part of it that doesn’t
garet McEachern, has been grow-                                                                                     She also was approached by        really seem real until you walk
ing steadily for the last five years.                                                                             ACOA after deciding to get into     into their shop and see it there,”
  Her decision to get into the                                                                                    the wholesale export trade.         McEachern said.
export trade with her product line                                                                                  Noland began with a jewelry         Noland agreed, saying it will be
is what has made the difference,                                                                                  retail store, but decided to switch like a dream come true.
she said.                               Island designer, knitter and weaver Margaret McEachern knits a            to wholesale exporting to expand      “I went to (the theme park)
  It all began with an unplanned        blanket for Florida theme park. Wright Constable photo.                   her business.                       when I was 11 …and I bought
vacation to the well-known theme                                                                                    This gave her the opportunity to this beautiful beaded hair barrette
park. Her brother had invited her         “There wasn’t anything in there       So she went to the manager,       sell more jewelry in more loca-     that some artisan had made,” she
to accompany his family to Flori-       that said ‘Canada.’ There was         introduced herself, and told them   tions.                              said. “So it’s kind of funny - now
da. Shortly after arriving on site,     pretty stuff, but there wasn’t any-   about her original Canadian           “It’s wonderful. We’re getting    I’m going to be one of those
she discovered the Canadian             thing I felt was truly Canadian,”     designs.                            into places that we’ve never been artists selling beaded things. It’s
pavilion.                               she said.                               “I’m not a pushy salesperson –    before. Now there’s a middle man just kind of come full circle.”
  Optimism limited among small businesses on P.E.I.
Nov. 16, 2007                                                                            NEWS                                                                                      Page 11

     By MARGIE HOLMES                                                                                                                                     It can be an opportunity for a
                                                                                                                                                        business to buy new equipment at
  Prince Edward Island has the                                                                                                                          a cheaper price than a few months
least optimistic small- and medi-                                                                                                                       ago, or it could cast a black shad-
um-sized businesses when it                                                                                                                             ow for tourism operators and
comes to their future success,                                                                                                                          exporting businesses. A big attrac-
according to a new survey                                                                                                                               tion for American tourists to trav-
released by the Canadian Federa-                                                                                                                        el to Canada was that their money
tion of Independent Business.                                                                                                                           was worth more here.
  The survey, which is conducted                                                                                                                          “That was a competitive edge
quarterly by the CFIB and its                                                                                                                           that we were able to use for many
1,100 members on the Island, also                                                                                                                       years,” said Gaudet.
suggests confidence has been                                                                                                                              However, not all independent
decreasing steadily since the mid-                                                                                                                      businesses are worried about the
dle of last year.                                                                                                                                       coming years for their business,
  Rising energy prices and insuf-                                                                                                                       some are thriving in downtown
ficient qualified labor are the                                                                                                                         Charlottetown.
biggest obstacles facing smaller                                                                                                                          Hearts and Flowers Florist,
businesses on the Island. The flow                                                                                                                      located on University Avenue for
of workers heading for bigger
                                                                                                                                                        10 years, has been experiencing a
paycheques in Alberta isn’t help-
                                                                                                                                                        boom in sales and its owner is
ing the situation, said the policy
                                                                                                                                                        confident of a bright future ahead
analyst with the CFIB in Charlot-
tetown, Erin McGrath-Gaudet.                                                                                                                            of them.
  “Many businesses are just com-                                                                                                                          “We’re experiencing a growth
ing off their busy season and are                                                                                                                       spurt right now, we expect it to
having trouble finding skilled                                                                                                                          last a while,” said Alan Preston.
workers, especially electricians,                                                                                                                         Increased promotion has been
which are in such high demand,”                                                                                                                         the biggest reason for the compa-
Gaudet said.                                                                                                                                            nies growth spurt. He has teamed
  Welding is another trade experi-                                                                                                                      up with the local radio station
encing a shortage of qualified                                                                                                                          Ocean 100 to get the firm’s name
workers on the Island. People are                                                                                                                       out to Islanders for their flowers
taking the welding course, but                                                                                                                          needs on all occasions.
they come out of school and seek                                                                                                                          Every Friday a listener to the
a job with no experience, said                                                                                                                          station can call in with a story
                                                                                                                                                        about a random act of kindness.
                                      Hearts and Flowers employee Janet Anderegg prepares flowers for sale, The store on University
Double R Manufacturing owner,
                                                                                                                                                        The person with the best story
                                      Avenue is experiencing a boom in sales from increased promotion. Holmes photo
Paul Fox.
  “We need people who are able        workers go to Western Canada          enough work, it’s a major prob-        U.S. dollar in September and         receives a free bouquet of flowers
to do a number of things. They        after working here and there on       lem right now,” he said.               ,depending on the type of busi-      from Hearts and Flowers.
need experience in the business,”     the Island and he knows why.            For the first time in 31 years the   ness a person runs the mighty dol-     “It’s a wonderful promotion for

            Fateful experience convinces woman to stay on P.E.I.
he said. Fox has seen some young        “To start with, there is just not   Canadian dollar hit parity with the    lar can be a positive or negative.   us,’’ said Preston.

    By KERRIE THOMPSON                  The Lees saw the land in person
                                      at 2 p.m. on Nov. 18 and told the      “You don’t have to                                                           Four in one million people get
  An Ontario woman never
believed in fate until she moved
                                      agent they would buy it at 4 p.m.
                                      that day.
                                                                            be related by blood.                                                          Lee was the one.
                                                                                                                                                          The doctor, through the church,
to P.E.I. and contracted a rare
blood disease.
                                        Instead of waiting until 2009 to
                                      begin building they started on
                                                                             I have five sisters,                                                       helped with her treatment and she
                                                                                                                                                        had frequent visitors from the
  Now, she is not so sure.            May 1, 2005 and officially moved      but found family                                                            church while in the hospital.
  Laura Lee, 50, now a resident of    in on April 1, 2006.                                                                                                Lee said she found the strength
P.E.I., lived in Ajax, Ont., for 41     The house was up for sale in         through the church.”                                                       she needed through the friends
years when she and her husband        July after they decided they did                                                                                  from church and she kept a posi-
decided to build a summer house.      not want to stay there.               - Laura Lee                                                                 tive attitude.
  Lee, originally from Newfound-        Being in a new surrounding                                                                                        “It’s almost like a pattern. He
land, said they have family there     with no family and no friends was                                                                                 knocked on the door, I started
with land but decided to look         hard on Lee. She often cried her-                                                                                 going to church, got sick and
elsewhere and found a spot on         self to sleep and wished to be                                                                                    found a doctor through the church
P.E.I. online.                        back home again.                                                                                                  and got healed. I couldn’t have
  “We had never been to P.E.I.          Lee said in October there was a     that month and began finding new                                            done it without friends.”
                                                                            friendships in the congregation,
                                                                                                                   Laura Lee. Thompson photo
before.”                              knock on her door and a man, lat-                                            found family through the church.”      After getting a clean bill of
  They called the agent after         er she learned he was a priest,       almost like family, and feeling                                             health Lee decided to stay on
                                                                            more at home.                            She began getting sick and
viewing online photos of the land,    told her God had told him she                                                found a doctor through the           P.E.I. with her new family and
                                                                              “You don’t have to be related by
then got into their car and drove     was supposed to stay on P.E.I.                                               church.                              friends.
                                                                            blood. I have five sisters, but
to P.E.I.                               Lee began going to church later                                                                                   “This is where I belong.”
Page 12                                                                                                                                                                      Nov.16, 2007

 Help keep children safe with Child Find P.E.I.
      By JACLYN KILLINS                                                                                                                                      Seven ways
   Child Find P.E.I. is seeking vol-                                                                                                                         to stay safe
unteers to help deliver a new edu-
cational program called Kids in
                                                                                                                                                       Kids in the know throws out
the Know.
   This safety curriculum, for                                                                                                                         the ambiguous term “stranger”
grades kindergarten through 12,                                                                                                                        and focuses on Seven Root
will be presented to child and
youth groups across the island.                                                                                                                        Safety Strategies.
   Volunteers will present age                                                                                                                         1. Shout No! Run.
appropriate safety information in
                                                                                                                                                          Tell Someone
a fun way, said Grace Kimpinski,
education coordinator assistant for                                                                                                                    2. Trust your instincts
Child Find P.E.I.                                                                                                                                      3. Buddy System
   “[Volunteers] would learn how
to become comfortable teaching                                                                                                                         4. If asked to go and your par-
and public speaking.”                                                                                                                                  ents don’t know shout No!
   It’s a great opportunity for peo-
ple considering a career in educa-                                                                                                                     5. Speak vs. Keep Secrets
tion, Kimpinski said.                                                                                                                                  6. Dignity and Respect
   “You have the opportunity to                                                                                                                        7. If you’re asked to share and
work with kids and help them feel
safe.”                                                                                                                                                 your parents aren’t aware, say
   The curriculum isn’t scary, but                                                                                                                     No!
it takes safety issues seriously.
Young children learn what to do if
you get lost and high school age
students learn about relationships,
Pelckmann said.
   “It comes across to them as any                                                                                                                       “Grade 1 kids are at a cute age,”
lesson they would have at school                                                                                                                       Kimpinski said.
… because it’s done so lightly                                                                                                                           Working to keep children safe is
                                       Grace Kimpinski shows off Hooty, one of the Kids in the Know puppets volunteers will use to teach               in the interest of everyone, Pelck-
children are equipped in a fun         children how to be safe. Killins photo
way.”                                                                                                                                                  mann said.“If one child is missing
   Child Find also needs volun-                                                                                                                        the whole country gets involved”
teers to help fundraise and to           “Often times people don’t real-    think one of the only things we do      “Children are so trusting of         Training for Volunteers is on
work behind the scenes, said           ize the importance of volunteer-     is look for missing children,”        adults and are easily lured, so we   Nov. 17 at the Rodd Royalty Inn
executive director Colleen Pelck-      ing.”                                Kimpinski said.                       want to get in there prior to this   and Suites from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
mann. Volunteering is a great            Child Find is a national organi-     Though this is a primary goal,      happening.”                          Lunch is provided. For more call
activity to do with a friend or        zation that promotes the safety of   the main focus is to take preven-       One of the main programs Child     Child Find P.E.I. at (902) 368-
group of friends, Pelckmann            children. “One of the things with    tative measures to ensure the safe-   Find runs is fingerprinting stu-     1678 or go to the website
added.                                 Child Find is often times people     ty of children, Pelckmann said.       dents in Grade 1.          

  Japanese teens travel long way to learn all about Island
     By STACEY MURRAY                  experience was very good and         school. They also saw themselves      in Charlottetown recently, staying      “It was a good experience for
                                       Sukurada said she was very happy     as representatives for their coun-    with Claudette Arnold and her        me to learn some Japanese. I wish
  For Yumina Murakami and Nat-         with the trip.                       try.                                  twin daughters, Samantha and         I could do it again,” Samantha
sumi Sukurada, travelling to             Taking in local attractions and      “They take it (exchanges) very      Katelyn.                             said.
Prince Edward Island wasn’t just       sampling Canadian dishes, they       seriously in Japan,’’ said Donna        While they took in all the usual     The exchange students headed
about experiencing a different         found food very different in         Hurry, Charlottetown’s tourism        attractions, the Arnolds provided    home soon after and Claudette
culture, it was also about promot-     Canada, but the school system        officer.                              an extra taste of Canadian culture   said they would be missed.
ing peace.                             surprised them most.                   “They see it as promoting peace     last weekend when the exchange         “We really enjoyed them. I
  The pair from Ashibetsu, Japan,        “In the school (in Charlotte-      and goodwill.’’                       students attended the twins’ 15th
                                                                                                                                                       think it’s going to be quite differ-
were among four students who           town) there are not as many rules.     Queen Charlotte intermediate        birthday.
                                                                                                                                                       ent with them gone.”
came to the Island as part of an       In spite of that, everyone was       school vice-principal Alan              Holding a traditional party with
exchange with Queen Charlotte          well behaved,’’ Leach said.          Edwards said they’ve participated     balloons, presents and cake, it        Since the cities paired up in
Intermediate School in Charlotte-        In Ashibetsu, students wear uni-   in exchanges with the city for        was much different from a Japan-     1993, students have travelled
town.                                  forms to school and aren’t           more than five years.                 ese birthday, where close family     between the two cities 12 times.
  Speaking little English, the         allowed to wear makeup.                “Kids are the same around the       enjoys a meal to mark the occa-        Sharing roughly the same cli-
girls’ smiles as they spoke to           The system is highly structured    world . . . it doesn’t matter where   sion.The twins enjoyed the           mate and population, the
translator David Leach said it all.    with many rules to follow.           they go, they find a way to get       exchange, learning a lot about       exchange shows students how
  Picking up some words during           But coming to Canada wasn’t        along.”                               Japanese food, language and          similar communities differ cultur-
their stay, Murakami said the          only about representing their          Murakami and Sukurada arrived       style.                               aly.
Nov. 16, 2007                                                                                                                                                                         Page 13

           You can’t beat the beat in this class
      By TERESA WRIGHT                                                                                                                                       “We’re not just waiting for the
          CONSTABLE                                                                                                                                        class to end. We actually feel like
                                                                                                                                                           we want to be there, which is rare
   Colonel Gray is a typical high                                                                                                                          for school.”
 school and its students are typical                                                                                                                         As the class put their pens and
 teenagers.                                                                                                                                                pencils to work coming up with
   When they walk into the class-                                                                                                                          interview questions, MacCorma-
 room at the beginning of the                                                                                                                              ck played a few Beatles tunes.
 school day, they find their friends                                                                                                                       When Come Together began to
 and chat in animated voices about                                                                                                                         sound from his computer speak-
 the homework they didn’t do, the                                                                                                                          ers, students tapped their pencils,
 boy or girl they think is cute,                                                                                                                           bobbed their heads, mouthed the
 their plans for the weekend.                                                                                                                              words and even danced in their
   When the buzzer sounds, the                                                                                                                             seats as they jotted down inter-
 students of Music 801- Styles of                                                                                                                          view ideas.
 Popular Music take their seats.                                                                                                                              “Hey! I should interview my
   As with any high school class,                                                                                                                          mom and ask her if she’s ever
 the buzzer doesn’t inspire the                                                                                                                            taken acid,” Christian MacDonald
 silence it’s meant to create.                                                                                                                             joked to one of her friends.
   The teens continue to chatter on                                                                                                                          She said later Music 801 is her
 until – all of a sudden – teacher                                                                                                                         favourite class at Colonel Gray.
 Scott MacCormack begins to clap                                                                                                                             “It’s one class I really look for-
 his hands very slowly and                                                                                                                                 ward to. As teens, we can relate
 methodically from a corner of the                                                                                                                         to it. And it’s better than ancient
 room.                                                                                                                                                     history, that’s for sure.”
   The chatter quickly dies down                                                                                                                             The course is important so
 and a student at the back of the                                                                                                                          today’s teenagers realize how
 class joins in the steady clapping.                                                                                                                       youth of the 1960s and 1970s
 Then another joins in, and anoth-                                                                                                                         became an integral part of the
 er – until finally the whole room                                                                                                                         music industry and how this
 is clapping together in unison.                                                                                                                           shaped the mindset of a genera-
   MacCormack makes his way to                                                                                                                             tion, MacCormack said. But he
 the front of the room. He intro-                                                                                                                          also hopes the class will give his
 duces a syncopated rhythm, giv-                                                                                                                           students a different view of why
 ing one side of the room this new                                                                                                                         they’re really in school.
 rhythm, while the rest continue to                                                                                                                          “Students think that we’re fill-
                                       Grade 12 students in a new music appreciation course at Colonel Gray high school show their
 clap the steady beat. He does the                                                                                                                         ing them up with skills and
                                       excitement for the class. The new class has inspired its students to think critically about music and
 same thing for the other side of                                                                                                                          knowledge – I hope this class
                                       social culture. Pictured from left are Francois Dumouchel, Christian MacDonald, Madeleine Wright
 the room. Soon, there are three or                                                                                                                        gives them a different view of
                                       and Maikayla Choy. Wright Constable photo.
 four counterpointed rhythms on        course, MacCormack said he              ments of a three-hour-long a          have to interview a contemporary      what knowledge is. Because
 the go.                               wanted to be a part of it. “I love      video about the 1969 music festi-     of The Beatles about their memo-      learning something new is impor-
   “Eight more bars,” he says to       teaching something that’s so easi-      val at Woodstock. They recently       ries and first impressions of the     tant, no matter what it is.”
 the class.                            ly accessible to the kids.”             finished watching a part of the       band. But he asked the students         Despite the label the class has
   They finish in unison. The sec-       He also teaches math and biolo-       movie that focused on the drug        to come up with their own inter-      assumed as a ‘bird course,’
 ond of silence that follows wash-     gy, but said it’s difficult for a lot   culture of the event.                 view questions and he gave them       Dumouchel said he has learned to
 es over the room, bringing every-     of his students to connect with           “Don’t tell your mom and dad        the opportunity to decide by vote     think more critically about music
 one together into a shared head-      the material in those classes.          we watch movies about acid,”          how many questions to ask.            and the way it can effect social
 space.                                  “But in this case, almost every-      MacCormack laughed. “This was           They were given the option to       change.
   Now the class can begin.            body has a connection with music        the baby-boomer generation,” he       ask only five, but as a class           “We’re learning about culture
   Music 801 is new this year at       somewhere. So it’s a lot easier to      explained. “They were very opti-      decided eight would be a more         and society. We know that history
 Colonel Gray Senior High School       get the students involved, get          mistic, but very naïve.”              appropriate number.                   repeats itself, but this helps us to
 in Charlottetown. It’s a music        them engaged, get them interest-          At the beginning of the semes-        It’s this kind of initiative Mac-   really see that and get that. This
 appreciation course designed to       ed. That part’s already done. I         ter, students looked at blues         Cormack loves about the course.       is history we can understand and
 offer students perspectives of        just have to get up there and           music and how it fused with             “I don’t normally do that sort of   relate to.”
 music and history from the late       talk.”                                  country to form rockabilly and        thing in my other classes. This         MacDonald agreed, saying the
 1950s up to the late 1970s.             The students also enjoy the           eventually rock n’ roll. They stud-   class – they’re just… different.      class has also helped her develop
   It was started by a teacher at      accessibility of the material.          ied such artists as Jerry Lee         This is a really good class. There    a new appreciation for music.
 Bluefield High and was piloted          “We talk about things in society      Lewis, Little Richard and Elvis.      are a lot of really good students.”     “It gets us to pay more attention
 last year in three other schools. A   - things that are actually useful,        But on this day, they were start-     Francois Dumouchel said he          to the music, instead of just lis-
 tremendous response from teach-       things that we’re going to remem-       ing a new section – one that          enjoys this more progressive way      tening to the song. You’re paying
 ers, students and parents prompt-     ber,” said Grade 12 class member        focused on the turning point of       of learning. “We have a teacher,      attention to the sounds of the
 ed the education department to        Maikayla Choy.                          rock n’ roll – better known as The    but we’re still in control of the     instruments, the quality. You’re
 offer the course this year at the       Aside from the clapping start,        Beatles.                              class. We can talk about the          finding the harmonies and the
 Gray. It is an open course, mean-     there are many ways this class is         “Get out your notebooks,” Mac-      things we’d like to.”                 rhythm and the texture,” she said.
 ing students from all grades can      out of the ordinary. Since the          Cormack said. “We’re going to           He said this makes the class          “We’re not going to remember
 join.                                 beginning of the term, the stu-         design an assignment together.”       feel more involved in their own       our math, but we’ll always
   As soon as he heard about this      dents have been viewing seg-              He told the students they would     education.                            remember this class.”
Page 14                                                                            TECHNOLOGY                                                                                     Nov.16, 2007

  Viral marketing takes aim at you
     By STACEY MURRAY                                                                                                Music Awards and Music New             A Montreal native, Lavie has
                                                                                                                     Brunswick Week 2007.                 been using the Internet as a pri-
  Every day, the public is exposed                                                                                     For these events, they inter-      mary means of promotion.
to countless advertisements when                                                                                     viewed up-and-coming artists,          With a MySpace profile and
they open the newspaper, turn on                                                                                     recording live audio clips for their numerous live performances post-
the television or walk down the                                                                                      virtual radio station.               ed on YouTube, she caught the
street.                                                                                                                At the 2006 ECMAs, which           attention of a radio station last
  But what many people don’t                                                                                         were held in Charlottetown, one      July. It became the first to play
realize is marketing and advertis-                                                                                   of the singers they spoke to was     one of her songs.
ing agencies are using subtle tech-                                                                                  Stratford native Jenn Grant.           In a journal entry on her site,
niques when it comes to the Inter-                                                                                     Fairly new to the music scene,     she said she remembers checking
net, stepping away from pop-up                                                                                       the folk-pop singer jumped at the    the site after her song made it on
advertisements.                                                                                                      opportunity to be featured on the    the radio. At that point, it had
  Increasingly, selling something                                                                                    site, even though they approached been downloaded 1,850 times.
has become all about the user                                                                                        her at 3 a.m. for an interview.      Within 24 hours, the song had
marketing a product, event or                                                                                          “They’re on the ball with local    been downloaded 33,000 times.
service for free.                                                                                                    acts,” she said.                       Three and a half months later,
  Viral marketing is one of the                                                                                        Since then, she has been fea-      the song had been played over
newest territories for marketing                                                                                     tured on the site multiple times     200,000 times, with her other sin-
pioneers.                                                                                                            and while it does-                                       gles boasting
  In its simplest form, it consists                                                                                  n’t happen every                                         high numbers as
of clicking on a button, said                                                                                        day, people have         “You only have                  well.
Amanda Hamel, a client and                                                                                           told her they first      to get it to                      Grant also has
development manager with Revo-                                                                                       heard her music on                                       a MySpace pro-
lution Media in Charlottetown.                                                                                       Radio@UPEI. She          so many people,                 file, and her
  “The viral marketing success                                                                                       said it’s just one                                       own site at
has come from clicking on a but-                                                                                     more way people          then it spreads                 www.jen-
ton to refer a friend.”                                                                                              can market them-         like wildfire.”       
  When users refer a video or arti-                                                                                  selves.                                                  While she rec-
cle to a friend or subscribe to a                                                                                      “The more              - Amanda Hamel                  ognizes the
newsletter, advertisers reach their                                                                                  you’re around, the                                       potential of mar-
target audience with little effort.                                                                                  more people can                                          keting herself on
They also know the user can easi-                                                                                    hear you.”                                               the Internet, she
ly pass the message on to other                                                                                        Hemphill said the                                      tries to stay
potential clients.                                                                                                   group has contin-                                        away from
  “You only have to get it to so                                                                                     ued to grow and                                          groups like
many people, then it spreads like                                                                                    introduced video to                                      Facebook, call-
wildfire.”                                                                                                           the mix at the 2007 ECMAs.           ing it an unnecessary drama. She
  Hamel said another positive of                                                                                       “It was unprecedented to have      also limits the time she spends
viral marketing is it takes very lit-                                                                                that sort of online presence at the  checking e-mails.
tle time to click on a link and type                                                                                 ECMAs…the numbers were fan-            “I really hate the idea of sitting
in an e-mail address. In today’s                                                                                     tastic.”                             at my computer all day…it really
fast-paced society, time is certain-                                                                                   Steve Horne, executive director    takes away from songwriting.”
ly a factor marketing specialists        Amanda Hamel, a client and development manager with Revo-                   of the East Coast Music Associa-       While it appears the success
have to consider.                       lution Media in Charlottetown, said viral marketing happens to               tion, said Radio@UPEI has done         of the Internet could signal the
  “It’s a lot more time effective       almost everyone on a daily basis. Murray photo                               an amazing job capturing artists     end to traditional forms of mar-
and a lot more cost efficient.”                                                                                      doing what they do best.             keting, Hamel thinks the two will
  Viral marketing costs a fraction      they have.”                              In the music world, for exam-         “We’ve seen a lot of examples      find a way to compliment each
of traditional advertising.               These e-mails are common.           ple, a local group has been very       where they’ve taken quality          other.
  Instead of advertising in several     Many people check their inboxes       successful at spreading the word       shoots.”                               “I think there’s a place for the
newspapers or producing a televi-       to find news alerts and promo-        about Maritime talent.                   Radio@UPEI gives artists           traditional because they (con-
sion commercial, advertisers send       tional e-mails from companies            Radio@UPEI provides video           another way to reach their audi-     sumers) need to feel productive in
out newsletters and e-mails to          every day.                            and audio content of local acts on     ence, by using their audio and       their own right.”
their target audience, who then           Many times, the e-mails are a       the Internet.                          video clips to promote them-           Whether that means picking up
pass the message on to anyone           direct result of someone signing         Mark Hemphill, director of the      selves, he said.                     a newspaper as opposed to read-
who might be interested.                up for more information.              business, education, and applied         “I think a lot of bands are really ing the online version, or seeing
  Paderno Kitchenware, for exam-          “If you don’t think about it, you   technology program at UPEI, said       savvy…they are leading the way       an artist live instead of watching a
ple, puts out a monthly e-newslet-      don’t think it’s marketing.”          the possibilities are endless when     compared to other industries.”       video performance, human inter-
ter, Hamel said. For them, the e-         Outside of the marketing world,     it comes to what the Internet can        Hemphill said the exposure for     action is still important, especially
newsletter’s success is nearly          viral marketing has spread nearly     do.                                    local artists is the same and it has to older generations.
instantaneous.                          everywhere on the Internet. Peo-         “Everything on the net is viral.”   the same effect in the end.            Placing her hands around her
  “Within two to three hours, their     ple are using it to market almost        Since 2006, Radio@UPEI has            “I think artists recognize what it own computer, Hamel said the
online sales spike,” she said,          anything, including themselves.       participated in several music          can do…it’s cost effective and it’s Internet isn’t the same as develop-
adding sales stay high for at least       “They say word of mouth is          events, including the 2006 and         got reach.”                          ing a rapport with someone.
two days.                               everything. This is the new ver-      2007 East Coast Music Awards,            Lisa Lavie is one of many            “As fast and efficient as this
  “They’re hitting a demographic        sion of word of mouth.”               the 2006 Prince Edward Island          Canadian artists using the Internet (computer) is, there’s no love in
they know are interested in what                                                                                     as a virtual calling card.           there.”
Nov. 16, 2007                                                                           TECHNOLOGY                                                                                 Page 15

 Internet takes classes out of the classroom
  By CHRISTY MARSTERS                                                                                                                                   one who’s interested. Many more
                                                                                                                                                        professors should be using the
  Professor Joe Velaidum, who                                                                                                                           Internet as a teaching tool.”
teaches religious studies at UPEI,                                                                                                                        Counsellor James Reddin said
has gone through the same course                                                                                                                        professors at UPEI vary in their
material with different groups of                                                                                                                       use of the Internet.
students at least 15 times.                                                                                                                               “Some professors seem to
  He remembers the days of                                                                                                                              ignore it completely, others use it
standing in a piled classroom, the                                                                                                                      to make additional lecture materi-
centre of attention, to deliver a                                                                                                                       als [such as media clips, readings,
three-hour lecture while students                                                                                                                       course notes and class forums]
scribbled notes.                                                                                                                                        available.”
  Today, Velaidum uses the Inter-                                                                                                                         Reddin can see the benefits and
net as a tool for teaching, which                                                                                                                       problems for professors using the
takes the class out of the class-                                                                                                                       Internet.
room and lets students obtain lec-                                                                                                                        More information and more
tures online.                                                                                                                                           variety in instructions means stu-
  Small tutorials provide an                                                                                                                            dents have increased opportunities
opportunity for students who need                                                                                                                       to learn in ways consistent with
the social interactions of the tradi-                                                                                                                   their learning style, Reddin said.
tional classroom and oral evaluate                                                                                                                        “It also gives students a way of
the efforts of students, Velaidum                                                                                                                       getting extra information from
said.                                                                                                                                                   teachers without exhausting class-
  “However, the online site                                                                                                                             room resources.”
replaces the lectures, making                                                                                                                             The major issue would be an
them into documentaries available                                                                                                                       easier chance for certain students
to students over the Internet.”         Professor Joe Velaidum works with the computer program Apple GarageBand to compile taped                        to fall behind, Reddin said.
  Class marks have gone way up          audio clippings. They are used to create online lectures for students taking his Religious Studies                “Internet resources often require
since students started using these      course at UPEI. Marsters photo                                                                                  students to be more proactive in
online lectures half a year ago,                                                                                                                        seeking out information, being
Velaidum said.                            And the success of online lec-     one interested in lifelong learning     Velaidum said sharing educa-       more critical of information
  “My real goal is to educate my        tures has begun to expand beyond     through YouTube. Visitors to the      tional lectures through YouTube is   sources and more disciplined in
students in the best way I know         the student.                         site have access to educational       an incredible idea that would        accessing information in a timely
how and the online lectures are           The University of California,      courses ranging in topics and over    allow the classroom to expand        manner. That’s a problem for
overwhelmingly successful with          Berkeley makes entire lectures       300 hours of videotaped lectures      into an even bigger place.           those who struggle with these
students.”                              available, free of charge, to any-   or events.                              “Education should be for any-      areas.”

    Schools seek keyboards
      to help teach typing
                                                                                          New cellphone policy restricts
                                                                                         inappropriate use in classrooms
      By DOUG DICKIESON                 out e-mails and asking various              By MEGAN WALSH                 exams to cheat, Connolly said.         Susan Willis, principal at
                                        businesses for help.                    A cellphone policy has been          Pictures were being taken of       Charlottetown Rural High
    Glenn Stewart Elementary              “It’s a great way to recycle        put into place to regulate the       students and staff in unflatter-     School, agrees with the cell-
  School is looking for used key-       your old keyboards and it’s just      use of cellphones in the             ing poses and posted on Face-        phone policy.
  boards to help teach kids how         a great cause.”                       schools, says the manager of         book and MySpace with rude             “I think it was necessary at
  to type.                                She started looking for key-        policy and planning for the          comments, he said.                   this point to do something.”
    With around 700 kids and            boards around the end of Octo-        Eastern School District.               “This is a form of bullying
  only one computer lab in the          ber and in a week received 15                                                                                     At Charlottetown Rural, there
                                                                                Philip Connolly said the dis-      and it’s very serious.”              were a number of inappropriate
  school, getting the kids on the       of them.                              trict objects to using the word        Incidents were taking place
  computer is hard, said parent           “That alone has helped ease                                                                                   uses of cellphones going on,
                                                                              ban when describing the policy       outside of the school, but the       Willis said. Pictures of students
  Heather Wilson.                       some of the tension from the          because students can have cell-      next day it would affect the
    She initially approached the        over crowding labs.”                                                                                            and staff were being taken with
                                                                              phones in schools. During class,     school atmosphere, said Con-
  school with the idea of using           She said if she continues to                                                                                  phones and being used in an
  old keyboards to teach kids to        find them she would try to get        cellphones must be turned off,       nolly.
                                                                              but in the schoolyard students         “What we wanted to do was          inappropriate manner. They had
  type.                                 enough for the whole school.                                                                                    to do something to prevent this
    Wilson has two sons going to          “I would love to keep this up,      can use them, Connolly said.         get out classrooms back to
                                                                                The policy took effect April       where they weren’t being com-        from continuing, she said.
  the school. The kids only get to      if I can keep finding them.”                                                                                      Since the policy was
  go to the computer lab once a           Wilson is still looking for         12.                                  promised by the use of elec-
                                                                                The move followed disrup-          tronic devices.”                     announced, the school hasn’t
  month, she said. “It felt like it     donations and if anyone has
  was a waste of time.”                 keyboards to spare you can find       tions cellphones were causing          If a student has an emergency      had any problems with cell-
    Wilson started to look for old      her at the Justice Knowledge          in classrooms.                       where they need to call their        phones, she said.
  and even broken keyboards to          Network building on University          Students were being caught         parents, use of a cellphone can        “People have been pretty
  donate to the school, sending         Avenue in room 203.                   taking pictures of exams and         be authorized by the staff, he       respectful of what they were
                                                                              using their phones during            said.                                told to do.”
Page 16                                                                               FEATURE                                                                          Nov. 16, 2007

                Keeping it clean, for years
   By CHRISTY MARSTERS                                                                                                                            remembers last spring when an
                                                                                                                                                  elderly lady fell and broke her
  Room 7 looks like any other                                                                                                                     ankle. Marlene helped her at the
room. It is aligned in typical                                                                                                                    motel, traveled with her to the
motel fashion with every little                                                                                                                   hospital and stayed with her until
room containing a big picture                                                                                                                     her family arrived, Sonier said.
window, green hanging curtains                                                                                                                      “She really would do anything
and two beds separated by a                                                                                                                       for anybody.”
small end table.                                                                                                                                    Marlene never forgets anyone’s
  But Marlene McGregor said the                                                                                                                   birthday at work and will buy
bathroom in room 7 is more diffi-                                                                                                                 cakes for everyone on their birth-
cult to clean than some because                                                                                                                   day with her own money, Sonier
of the wedged tiles collecting hair                                                                                                               said.
and the long planks separating                                                                                                                      “She just has a heart of gold.”
the bathroom from the main                                                                                                                          One woman stands in the door-
room, another place for dirt to                                                                                                                   way of her room.
hide.                                                                                                                                               “Hello,” McGregor said with a
  “You have to be more careful.”                                                                                                                  smile in passing.
  McGregor, 49, is the supervis-                                                                                                                    It’s policy to be polite and
ing housekeeper for the Holiday                                                                                                                   address people when walking by
Island Motor Inn and the female                                                                                                                   but it’s being friendly too,
version of Mighty Mouse.                                                                                                                          McGregor said.
  Standing about five feet tall,                                                                                                                    “I like that all the regulars here
she has zoomed though the same                                                                                                                    knows me by name.”
motel rooms with sheets or clean-                                                                                                                   McGregor rushes back down to
ing supplies held in her hands for                                                                                                                the laundry room for new sheets.
nearly every day of the last                                                                                                                        Everything else in room 7 has
decade.                                                                                                                                           been scrubbed and set for a new
  As she walks up and down the                                                                                                                    visitor. The soaps, shampoos and
same flights of stairs for the 10th                                                                                                               conditioners are all specifically
time in an hour and rushes from                                                                                                                   fanned out on the bathroom
room to room, it becomes                                                                                                                          counter. Everything from the
increasingly difficult matching                                                                                                                   electric heater to the picture win-
her stride and pace as her tiny                                                                                                                   dow and the phone gleams in the
legs motor along the halls.                                                                                                                       light of this empty room.
  Being a housekeeper allows for                                                                                                                    McGregor returns to room 7
lots of exercise, McGregor said.                                                                                                                  with an armful of sheets towering
  “But I’m used to it ‘cause I                                                                                                                    over her small frame.
walk pretty much everywhere I                                                                                                                       Throwing the sheets down on
go.”                                                                                                                                              the bed, she works at laying out
  McGregor doesn’t own a car                                                                                                                      the clean sheets with a beaming
and expresses little interest in                                                                                                                  smile.
material things. In the winter,                                                                                                                     Sonier said in the winter there
when the hustle of tourists fade                                                                                                                  are regulars who live in the
and her working hours shortened,                                                                                                                  rooms of the motel and they all
she seeks out unemployment to                                                                                                                     know McGregor by name, but in
survive the colder season.                                                                                                                        the summer there are more tourist
  Many of those who work in the                                                                                                                   who stay over for the busy season
fishing, farming and hotel indus-                                                                                                                 on the Island.
tries on P.E.I. are used to being                                                                                                                   “The tourists leave compli-
on unemployment, McGregor                                                                                                                         ments about the rooms on the
said.                                                                                                                                             way out, but they don’t really
  “You can’t expect to make $15                                                                                                                   know Marlene.”
an hour starting out here, you just                                                                                                                 McGregor said when she talks
can’t.”                                                                                                                                           to tourists she often makes it a
  There are more important things     Marlene McGregor has been working at the Holiday Island Motor Inn in her hometown for over a                point to praise up P.E.I. “I’ve
than money, such as enjoying a        decade. Marsters photo                                                                                      lived here my whole life and it’s
job and the people in any line of                                                                                                                 a pretty place.”
work, McGregor said. “I like            “If you can’t make it in your     Inn. It’s not difficult to work,     hours in a week and keep going,      Traveling to Florida, Boston,
cleaning and meeting different        hometown, you can’t make it         with Marlene because she’s easy-     Blacquiere said.                   Moncton and many parts of N.S.
types of people, but in the end it    anywhere.”                          going and understanding, Blac-         “I wish I was more like her      she knows they are all nice places
all goes back to family.”               Valery Blacquiere, McGregor’s     quiere said. “Her family comes       because she’s such a bundle of     to visit, McGregor said.
  Family is the real reason many      older sister, works alongside her   first and then her work, but she’s   energy and she’s always there to     “But I’ve been pretty well
never have any urge to leave the      young sibling, sharing the loads    very dedicated to both.”             help people.”                      everywhere on P.E.I. It’s what
Island, McGregor said.                of laundry and housework at the       In the summer she can work 60        Co-worker Tammy Sonier           I’m so used to and what I love.”

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