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									How to Create and Display Favicon In WordPress Blog

Favicon is an icon image from a website that will appear on the user's browser when visiting a
website you can see the favicon tersebut.Contohnya online business blog is on the browser icon
is a picture of my caricatures.: D

By using this favicon then your blog will be better branded and more professional and will allow
visitors to navigate if you use more than one tab in the browser when accessing other websites
besides your blog.

Favicon will also provide the identity or characteristics on your blog so it will look different
from other blogs as long as your image does not exist like it and it describes the domain name or
topic of your blog.

I myself see a lot of blogs that do not use this favicon either probably because it was considered
not too important or does not know how to make it, but believe it or not, favicon membranding
blog useful for you, especially if it's your personal blog, blog make money online or others who
could provide the first impression for new visitors to your blog.:)

Have your blog using this favicon? If not, why not use it? for how to create and display is not too
difficult. Here's how to create and display the favicon to your WordPress blog

   Your first step should have a raw image format JPG or PNG file whether it be a square
measuring 50 × 50, 100 × 100 etc. so that the position could be a perfect picture when converted
into a file. Ico to use for the favicon to your blog. It would be better if you are adept at using
Photoshop software so that you can design your own favicon image. If not, you get the favicon
image that is ready and just download the

   After the picture to favicon ready, now is the time menconvertnya a file. Ico in order to
display your blog. The trick please go to and upload
image files that will be made into a favicon.

  Once completed please download the favicon that is so by pressing the download button and
save the favicon on your computer.

  Next upload the favicon to your blog using the Media menu - Add New in your admin
dashboard. Once uploaded do not forget to copy the URL of the file faviconnya because we will
use to call this file to appear as a favicon dibrowser users.

  Next we need to put this code in the header.php file between <head> tag code and </ head> in
your theme.

  Then click save, and please try to access your blog. If it means it has not appeared since the
cache of your internet ISP. The solution is try to refresh the page by pressing CTRL + F5.

Anyway, since we put it manually directly on the WordPress theme files, so if you do the
replacement theme, you have to relocate it on a new theme file you use.

If you want more simple, you can also use the plugin to create a favicon to your blog
automatically without needing the person who tinkers code your theme header.php file. For this,
please search only plugin in the plugins directory of your WordPress blog with the keywords
"Favicon Generator".

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