Mooresville Student Test Scores on the Rise

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					                          M o o r e s v i l l e

                          PRIDE                                                                                July 20, 2011

MCSC Vision: To become an Indiana premier school community devoted to the successful learning and maturation of every student.

Mooresville Student Test Scores on the Rise
     After last year’s ISTEP scores                                        “I’m very proud of our
showed the most improvement ever for                                  students, staff, parents, and school
Mooresville students, the Mooresville                                 community. These are very good
Pioneers made another significant step
                                                                      scores and we are on our pathway
toward becoming state premier as their
                                                                      to excellence! This is a result
2011 ISTEP scores were released last week
by the Indiana Department of Education.                               of the culture of collaboration,
     Mooresville students grades 3-8                                  innovation, focused teaching,
moved into the top quartile in the state                              engaged student learning, and
of Indiana in the percentage passing both           Brad Lindsay      continuous improvement our
English/language arts and math.                                       people are creating.”
     Mooresville schools now rank 71
out of 293 school districts in the state of
Indiana in the percent passing both the E/LA and math. our community, and one another and are increasingly
     “Our teachers, principals, and staff are              making learning relevant, inspiring, and exciting,”
developing healthy relationships with our students,        said Lindsay.                     Continued on p. 2

New program puts laptops, Internet access into hundreds of homes
Putting Technology Into Students’ Hands
      Students in 8th and 9th grade        Mooresville’s chief of technology.          must bring the
are less than a month away from                  The laptops will have a built         laptop to
getting a new laptop with wireless         in air card which makes it possible         school, fully
network and Internet access.               for students to access the school           charged, each day.
      The initial plan to provide          district network from their laptop                “We’re extremely excited to
laptop computers to students was           even without home Internet access.          have found a partnership which
expanded after a survey of MHS             This will allow students to use the         will give our students access to
students found that only 25 percent        Internet but the content they can           our school’s network through their
have high speed Internet access at         see will be filtered through the             laptops,” said Sendelbach. He
home.                                      school district server.                     added that Mooresville will be one
      “Having the computer                       Students will also be able to         of only a few school districts in
without access to their research           access their files which are stored          the state to utilize this program.
and files can be a bit handcuffing,”         on the school’s network. Students                 The program will be funded
said Bob Sendelbach,                       may take the laptops home but                                  Continued on p. 3

               Find us more easily on the web at
                                      Mooresville Pride
July 20, 2011                       Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation                      page 2

                                               Percentage Passing Both Test Portions, Gr. 3-8
ISTEP Scores Rise                             80                                   77.9
Continued from p. 1
      “Two years ago we climbed into the       75                                 73.36
top 1/3 in the state, last year we climbed
into the top 30% in the state, and this year 70
we climbed into the top 25% in the state                  65.04
all for the first time in school history,” said 65

Mooresville’s combined scores have            55
  increased 12.86% since 2009                           Spring 2009          Spring 2010   Spring 2011
      “A three-year stretch goal for us is
to climb into the top 20% next year, the            In 2011 combined scores, Mooresville ranked
top 15% the following year, and the top               71st out of 293 Indiana school districts or
10% by spring of 2014 as we continuously                           Top 24% in State
improve into a state premier school
community,” said Lindsay. “We want 90
percent or more students passing math and passing          Percentage Passing Each Test Portion
English/language arts in the spring of 2014.”                                   Grades 3-8
      Mooresville schools once again ranked number        88

one amongst all Morgan County school corporations                                               86
and the Decatur, Perry, Wayne, Greenwood, and
Franklin community school districts.                      84               83.3
      The Department of Education may revise scores       82                                       Jul-10
slightly in the fall when they remove scores of                                                    Jul-11
                                                          80     79.43
students who had attended a school district less than
120 days from that district’s scores.                     78
      Additional information about ISTEP testing
is available at and click on the                 English /Lang Arts         Math
ISTEP+ Info Center tab.

Building Improvement Projects Continue
     Upgrades to heating ventilation         the quality of the environment
and cooling (HVAC) systems at PHMS,          through less noise, better ventilation,
Newby, and Northwood are nearing             and higher air quality.”
completion as the summer winds down.              All projects are running
     Through low-interest and zero-          smoothly at this time. Crews are
interest bonds, these projects are being     working 10-hour shifts in some cases
completed without an impact on taxes.        to get projects completed before
     Maintenance and Facilities              school begins in August.
Director Jim Patrick told the school         RIGHT: New air handling units
board at its July meeting.                   such as this on at PHMS will keep
     “We’re able to make some very           classrooms quieter and better control
significant changes which will impact         room temperatures.
                                       Mooresville Pride
July 20, 2011                   Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation                                 page 3

One to One Technology Plan Begins This Fall
Continued from p. 1                    Technology Possibilities                grades, attendance, homework
in part through various technology     Expand for Teachers,                    and other information, available
grants. For grades receiving                                                   for parents and students for
laptops, a $40 charge will be          Parents                                 several years,” said Susan Haynes,
assessed with book rental book                                                 communications director for
rental fee.                                  MCSC Superintendent Brad          MCSC. “But many of our families
      Grades 7 and 10 will be added    Lindsay said staff members are          could not take advantage of it. This
into the one-to-one laptop program     excited about this, and they will       tool will enhance student, parent,
in 2012-2013. Additional grades        utilize some of their professional      and school communication and
will be added each year thereafter.    development time each morning           partnerships.”
      Students who have their own      devoted to innovation and training.          Allen said students can
laptop may use it at school and              “We will use the laptops for      be surveyed easily through the
have the technology fee waived,        all subjects,” said PHMS Lead           laptops, and they can receive up-
but are responsible for keeping        Principal Jake Allen, “But it will      to-date school information right
their own computers in working         be used in different ways. The only     away, such as a safety alert when
order. A technology helpdesk           limit to the learning experience will   schools are delayed due to weather.
will be available for students who     be our imaginations.”                   He added that this technology
have problems with school-issued             The possiblities also expand      enhances relevant and exciting
laptops.                               for communication between               learning in a safe and constructive
      As in the past, all students     families and school.                    manner.
will be required to abide by                 “We’ve had our Harmony
the school district’s Acceptable       online program, which includes
Use Policy, which covers issues
regarding appropriate use of school
computers and the Internet.                     Information for 8th and 9th Grade
      “This initiative aligns nicely                  Students and Parents
with our textbook adoption
program and the online tools                     All parents will receive an email or letter in the next week
available for many courses,” said          with information about picking up their child’s computer.
MHS Principal Chuck Muston.                      Laptop pick up sessions will scheduled by student last
“This is a big step but it makes           name Aug. 1-4. Each student and a parent/guardian will need
sense with the tools available.”           to attend the session together. At this session, a login will be
      Additionally, students in            established, an Acceptable Use Policy signed, and parents will
grades 10-12 may bring laptop              receive specific information about damage/replacement issues.
computers from home for use at             School laptops which are lost or stolen will be the responsibility
school.                                    of the student’s family. Laptops which are damaged due to
      “This is a great opportunity         neglect or abuse will be dealt with per the MCSC One to One
for our students and community,”           Computing Policy.
said Muston. “This initiative will                Questions regarding the computers can be directed to
provide our students the tools and         the middle school (831-9208) or high school office (831-9203)
access they need to capture a 21st         beginning during school hours July 26.
century education.”
                                        Mooresville Pride
July 20, 2011                          Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation                             page 4

                Important Information for Back to School
School Supply Lists                      and high school will be $2.35.          school dress requires all shorts
Supply lists for all five                       Breakfast will be $1.60 for all   and skirts to be knee-length or
MCSC elementary                                grades. Reduced breakfasts        longer. All shirts must have sleeves
schools are available on                       and lunches will stay the         (no tank tops, spaghetti straps,
our district website at                        same, at 30 cents and 40 cents    sleeveless shirts, etc.). Also, all
www.mooresvilleschools.                        respectively.                     clothing must be free of rips, tears,
org .                                                Parents are                      and frays. Parents and students
Middle and high school                         encouraged to put                      should plan their back-to-
supply needs are based on the            money into their child’s                     school shopping accordingly.
classes being taken.                     lunch account before
                                         school starts. This                         Orientation Programs
                                         helps lines go more                         for 7th and 9th Grade
2011-2012 Calendar
                                         quickly in the first days                      New students at PHMS and
     The 2011-2012 MCSC
                                         of school, especially in middle and     MHS have an opportunity to see
calendar is available on the
                                         high school where students pay in       and learn about their new school
school website at www.
                                         the line.                               before the first day. Click
                                               Parents may pay at the school           Freshmen are invited to
on the “Calendar” tab on the left
                                         office before school or pay online       attend orientation Tuesday, Aug. 9,
side of the page to see the district
                                         through Cafe                            from 1-3p.m. Parents should drop
calendar as well as individual
                                         Prepay. Information                     students off at door #29 in back of
school calendars.
                                         is available on the                     the school.
                                         MCSC website.                                 Incoming 7th graders and
School Lunch Information                 Click on the                            their parents are invited to middle
    To offset the rising food            “Departments”                           school orientation Monday, Aug.
                  costs, MCSC            and then “Food                          8, from 1-3:30p.m. at PHMS.
                  will raise the         Services” tab on                        Parents and
                  price of meals by      the left side of the page.              students should
                  10 cents for the
                                                                                 enter through the
                  2011-2012 school
                  year. Lunches
                                         Dress Code Reminders                    cafeteria, door
                                              Students going to middle and       #29, behind the
                  for elementary
                                         high school should remember that        school.
school will be $2.10 and for middle

                                       Notice of Public Auction
     MCSC will hold a public auction of surplus            sets, VCRs and video equipment; computers,
equipment and school-related items Saturday,               projectors, and accessories; chalk boards, file
July 23, beginning at 10a.m. in the parking lot            cabinets, shelves, and other items too numerous
behind Mooresville High School.                            to list. Some items will sell in lots.
     Items to be auctioned include equipment                     The auction will be held by Mason & Mason
from shop classes; an assortment of desks,                 Auction Company. Terms are cash or a check with
chairs, and other small furniture; television              identification.
                                      Mooresville Pride
July 20, 2011                   Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation                               page 5

                                    MCSC News Briefs
Summer Break - A Time to Help Others
     Several members of the MCSC family took part int
he Relay for Life at the MHS track to raise money and
awareness int he fight against cancer. The Writer Fighters,
a group from the MHS journalism department, raised
hundreds for the cause.

MHS Picture Day Early
    In order to get student IDs more quickly, students at
MHS will have school picture day on Tuesday, Aug. 16.
Order forms and information will go home the first day of

Brooks Named AP Scholar
                                                                              The MHS Writer Fighters
     MHS graduate Sterling Brooks has been named an
AP Scholar. The national certification is awarded to those
who receive a score or 3 or higher (on a scale of 1-5) on at least three
Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Taking an AP class and receiving                    Upcoming Events
scores of three or higher are considered by many colleges as the
equivalent to taking a college course.                                           July 26
                                                                                 -MHS & PHMS Offices open
                                                                                   during school hours
School Supply Drive, Distribution
                                                                                 Aug. 1
      MCSC is proud to partner with Churches in Mission and the                  -Elementary school offices
Mooresville Ministerial Association to provide school supplies for                 open during school hours
students in need. Last year, about 650 students received supplies and
more than 250 have received them so far this year.                               Aug. 7
      This year’s Concert on the Lawn raised $3,000 to help purchase             -Old Settlers parade
items needed by students. The program helps students in all grades.
                                                                                 Aug. 8
      Donations of supplies may be dropped off at the MCSC Education
                                                                                 -Pioneer Pathways 7th grade
Center, Churches in Mission, or the Mooresville Public Library. Items
                                                                                   orientation 1-3:30p.m.
needed most include: folders with prongs, looseleaf paper, pencils, full-
size boxes of tissues, backpacks (especially for older students) and glue        Aug. 9
sticks. Monetary donations can be made to the Mission or MCSC and                -Pioneer Premiere freshman
delivered to either location.                                                      orientation 1-3p.m.
      Families in need may pick up supplies at the Mission on M-W-F
mornings from 9-noon or Thursday evenings from 6-8p.m. The Mission               Aug. 10
is locat at 27 S. Indiana St. in downtown Mooresville.                           -Teachers In-service
      Families who are already being served through the Communty
                                                                                 Aug. 11
Action Program (CAP) school supply shopping program are not eligible
                                                                                 -First Day of School
for supplies at the Mission.
      For more information, contact Churches in Mission at 831-3987 or
the MCSC Education Center at 831-0950.

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