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AJNA Salon and Day Spa Presentation


									AJNA Salon and Day

         Katarzyna Jaszczolt
         BUS 5450
         Emerging Business Models
         Business and Organizational Plan
     Business Philosophy & Vision

► Ajna Salon and Day Spa will be a new upscale destination offering a wide
  range of services that is not available at most salons making it easy for a
  customer to get what they want with a complete day spa experience!
► Our vision is to provide the best quality and atmosphere while providing Salon
  and Spa treatments. Salon services would include coloring, cutting and styling
  hair for men, women and children. We would also include the newest
  treatments of professional straightening, smoothing and wave including
  Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin treatments. Spa services will include massages,
  facials, eye treatments, nail services and hair removal. In addition we would
  like to provide acupuncture.
       key issues involve balancing the
► Ajna's
 higher and lower selves and trusting inner
 guidance which gives clarity.
          Area and target Market

►   Our target market is the middle to upper class men and
    women who regularly need a wide variety of treatments
    from skin care, massage, waxing, make up, nail care, hair
    services and men’s barbering.
►   For this reason we will be located in the Danville, Alamo,
    San Ramon Area with the highest concentration of our
    target market with low direct competition.

►   I will provide top quality botanical and organic ingredients.
    Those would include the best non-evasive hair product
    lines to incorporate into the salon experience. We are also
    very mindful of what we use during massages and would
    like to use only the finest oils, lotions and aromatherapies
     Education & Innovation
 Ajna will invest in
  educating our
  management and
  staff to promote a
  Knowledge at work

                        This will lead our team to
                        innovate and inspire!

Salon furniture, design, products and pay: $150,000
                 Advertising $29,100

                            BUT THAT’S THE
                               PRICE OF
►The  management style is ran in a team manner to
make employees more comfortable with
management and each other so I hope to make
employees comfortable enough to be able to come
to management with any personal or work related

► Human   Resources will be run on a very personal
 level identifying everyone’s personal needs.
Invest in Ajna Salon and Spa!

   Create Powerful Beauty

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