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					                               CVC TRUST FUND

           CVC TRUSTEES’ MEETING FRIDAY 9th October 2009, 8.30 AM
                     COMMON ROOM/STAFF ROOM, CVC


Viju Churchman
Rosemary Boyle
John Helmsing
Thomas Hillas
Linda Hollow
Sylvie Nicholas
Nikola Baumgarten
Richard Brown (9.30am to 9.45am)
Lesley Murray (9.30am to 10.00am)

1.     Apologies

Peter Law

2.     Minutes of the meeting dated 15th May 2009

Signed as a correct record and available for publication on the web in their
current format.

The launch of the minibus at CVC successfully took place on 11th June 2009.
News/Sports@com didn’t cover this event again as it had been already covered
in a previous edition.

3.     SMT Meeting

The SMT meeting was very encouraging and raised the profile of the CVC Trust
Fund and the benefits of its charity status. Two main ideas were raised:-
   - Recruiting fund raisers for each year group to liaise with CVC Trust Fund,
   - Completing of a formal application process from each year
      for the CVC Trust Fund’s annual appeal.

4.     Trustees - Resignations/Appointments/Officers

JH is considering stepping down from the position of Treasurer once the
accounts to 9th March 2009 and the gift aid claim have been completed. This will
be considered further at the next meeting (08.01.10).

The appointment of Nikola Baumgarten and Lesley Murray as Trustees of the
CVC Trust Fund will be formalised at our next meeting (08.01.10).
5.     Finances/Requests for funding

5.1    Financial report

Cambridge Building Society Current Account/
Cambridge Building Society High Interest Account….. £5,868.13 (as at 24.09.09)
Barclays Bank Account………………………………………........ £ 663.36 (as at 24.09.09)

Just Giving………………………………………………………………. £ 978.62 (as at 01.10.09)

Historically, our Barclays Bank account has been used to receive donations and
the Cambridge Society Accounts have been used as savings accounts and day to
day operational purposes. When the balance at Barclays Bank exceeds £500.00
then £500.00 is transferred to the Cambridge Building Society.

It has become apparent that the use of the Just Giving tool to receive donations is
a good alternative. Monies donated can and will be monitored project by project,
with a web page for each project. The subscription cost for Just Giving is £15.00
+ VAT per month plus some small transactional costs which are deducted from
the gift aid element. The Trust Fund have used the facility on an ad hoc basis.
There may be scope for CVC paying invoices, and reclaiming VAT, with a
reimbursement of the net sum by the Trust Fund to CVC. This should be

The end of year accounts (09.03.09) will be completed by our next meeting
(08.01.10). JH stated however that the final statement should show the final
figure broken down by project (Academy of Death/Principal Ball etc.) and not
just as a grand total. JH/VC to action.

It was agreed that details of the monies held in our accounts with Barclays Bank
and the Cambridge Building Society and Just Giving should be sent to SN prior to
our termly meetings for distribution. JH/VC to action.

5.2    Academy of Death

The accounts for the Academy of Death have not been closed off. VC will see if
final closure and reporting can be finalised for our next meeting (08.01.10).

In June 2009, the CVC Trust Fund agreed to donate £1,500.00 and agreed to
advance £800.00 of gift aid from donations raised for the Academy of Death. VC
stated that the Academy of Death might not need the full amount of the donation
(possibly only £1,200.00). The gift aid would remain with the Academy of Death
project. The balance of the donation would go back into general Trust Funds (ie
not earmarked for future music department projects).
RB re-iterated the steer from the Principal and Chair of Governors that the CVC
Trust Fund should not act as a banker for departmental projects.

5.3    South African Walk

£4,180.01 was raised, part of which £1249.50 (before gift aid) was raised
through Just Giving. RB believed that the total sum raised was higher than in
previous years.

5.4    Future requests for funding

There are presently no requests for funding. It was decided that future project
funding should be formalised and a “project plan” detailing the type of project,
the level of commitment from both the college and CVC Trust Fund etc. should be

6.     Publicity/Marketing of CVC Trust Fund

6.1    Website

Thanks to Steve Odell for his continuous support were minuted.

All that remains to be posted is a brief report on the Academy of Death. VC/Ben
Parker to action.

6.2    Link Governor

Welcome to Nikola Baumgarten, Governor, who will be acting as a “link” between
the Government Body and the CVC Trust Fund.

7.     Fundraising

7.1    100 Club

It was agreed that the most appropriate time to launch the 100 Club would be
during the 50th Anniversary celebrations of CVC (March 2010). SD to co-

7.2    Business donations

RB/TH to produce a mailing to local businesses. The launch of this initiative
could coincide with the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

7.3    Practice (solicitor/accountancy firms) donations

SD to produce a mailing to local solicitor/accountancy firms. The launch of
this initiative could coincide with the 50th Anniversary celebrations.
7.4    50th Anniversary celebrations

R .Brown indicated that a series of events will be taking place throughout the
month of March 2010, namely a dinner dance with waiter service on Saturday 6th
March, a Music Concert on Friday 5th March, an Arts Festival, a performance by
the Cambridge Choral Society etc. A brochure will be published outlining the

LH and/or TH to sit on the 50th Anniversary committee and liaise with Anne
Jones regarding the alumni (donations).

R. Brown was asked to write a short report on the PA system donation.

8.     Appeal

A final decision needs to be made for our appeal by our next meeting.

9.     Future meeting

Friday 8th January 2010 at 8.30am

The meeting closed at 10.00am.

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