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									WDJAA's Action Items Work                                Updated: 09/03/01
In Progress
Task                            Start date   Deadline      Officer   Description
Review & Update "About          3/2/2001     4/6/2001       VPM      Review & update the "About WDJAA
WDJAA"                                                               section on website and submit to Aaron

Membership, why don't           1/14/2001    4/7/2001       VPM      Membership survey needs to add
renew                                                                question: Why doesn't a past member
                                                                     renew membership
Contact people from             1/14/2001    4/7/2001       VPP      Contact people such as Lennie, Ellen,
WDJAA's 1st year                                                     and Brian for history
Publish Minutes from            5/28/2001    7/1/2001       Sec.     Minutes from Officer meeting on 5/27/01
WDJAA meetings                                                       to place on the website and distribute to
                                                                     all members
WDJAA Banner                     6/1/2001     8/1/2001      Sec.     Creation of WDJAA Banner with Logo
Lines of Communication for      1/14/2001    8/15/2001      BOD      Create a flow chart as a chain of
Alumni                                                               command for alumni similar to what
                                                                     exists from the WD DistrictOffiers
WDJAA Brochures                 8/15/2001    9/30/2001      VPM      Distribute to recent graduates.
Contact past WDJAA               7/1/2001    9/30/2001      VPM      Need Treasurer provide names of WDJAA
members                                                              members who did not rejoin - to encourage
                                                                     convince them to rejoin or to help start a
                                                                     local alumni association.
Colony visit with NAU & USU     1/14/2001    10/1/2001      Pres     Arrange with DOs and BOD to have
                                                                     visitation in May by WDJAA, USU, NAU
                                                                     and anyone else
Schedule regular online short   8/15/2001    10/1/2001      Pres     Use the Internet to facilitate more regular
meetings or fall meeting                                             meetings between officer and members
                                                                     and/or schedule fall meeting
Rob Reiner's registration       8/15/2001    10/1/2001      Treas
                                                                     Complete communication with Rob Reiner
                                                                     on his NAA and WDJAA Registration
Contact WD for recent           8/15/2001    10/1/2001      VPM      E-mail WD listserve to get recent
graduates                                                            graduates from those chapters that I have
                                                                     not heard from yet.
BODs, participate more in       1/14/2001    10/15/2001     BOD      BOD should assist more with SUU colony
Colonization                                                         and travel to Utah State day
research on contacting Band     8/15/2001    11/1/2001      VPM      for prospective members and names,
Alumni Associations                                                  addressess, etc.
Establish free checking         8/15/2001     1/1/2002      Treas    Trying to find a bank that will give us free
account for WDJAA                                                    checking as a non-profit association
Add WDJAA Pres. As              3/2/2001      4/1/2002      Pres     Talk to DO's and Gov/Coun. About
member of WD Officer                                                 member of DO
Encourage AA's in WD            1/14/2001     4/1/2002      VPM      Encourage/assist creation of at least 2
                                                                     alumni associations in the WD

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WDJAA's Re-Occuring                                  Updated: 09/03/01
Action Items
Task                                       Deadline     Officer   Description
Update WD Website                           Monthly     Aaron     Keep WD website updated by
                                                                  communicating with WD Officers
File your expense reports                    15th         All     File your expense reports
New Business                               Feb/Mar        All     Any new business to Pres for Convention

Quarterly Update on Membership             Quarterly    Treas     Update any contact changes, new
                                                                  members, etc…
Make travel arrangements for District      Feb/Mar        All     Make travel arragnements for
Convention                                                        conventions
Website - WDJAA, update Bios               Quarterly      All     Review Bios and website
AR's on website                            Monthly       Pres     Put AR's on Website
Inform DO of WDJAA policies                              Pres     Remind of written request for money,
                                                                  requests for services ahead of time,
                                                                  alumni statuses, & lines of
Send out AR's mid month                    Monthly       Sec      Send out AR's mid month
New member welcome letter                   July       Sec/VPM    Welcome letter to new members
Meeting for fundraising discussion                      Treas     Setup a special meeting to develop
                                                                  fundraising projects
Membership, dontation at convention        Feb/Mar      Treas     Ask current membership to donate
                                                                  money if cannot make it to district
Letter for Spring Packet                     Feb         VPM      Letter to WD for including in the Spring
Contact Band Alumni Assoc.                 Sept/Apr      VPM      Contact Band Alumni Assoc for
                                                                  prospective members
Membership, Contact information                          VPM      Inform VPM of contact information
                                                                  changes and monthly inform officers of
Increase WDJAA's Visability                            VPM/VPP    Increase visability of WDJAA's activities
                                                                  and assistance
Coordinate with Alumni Reps                Apr/Oct     VPM/BOD    Work with active alumni reps and/or
                                                                  WDJAA members across the WD to plan
                                                                  mirrored events for alumni, actives or
Membership, Graduating Seniors               Oct       VPM/BOD    Contact Nationals to get list of graduating
                                                                  seniors reported from chapters

Convention, Reception                      Feb/Mar       VPP      Schedule need rooms, jazz band and
                                                                  meeting rooms for reception and NAA
Convention, Photographs                    Feb/Mar       VPP      Arrange to have or get a person to take
                                                                  simple photos of groups @ convention
Sponsored Chapter                          Quarterly     VPP      Planning something for sponsored
Assist District Officers with WD history                 VPP      Send information from DO's

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WDJAA's Action Items                              Updated: 09/03/01
Task                       Start date Comp. Date Officer        Description
Attended National           7/23/2001    7/29/2001 Pres,        traveled and did the National convention thing.
Convention                                         VPP,         VPM & Sec. Couldn't make it due to other
                                                   Treas        commitments
Paid ALL outstanding bills   7/1/2001    8/15/2001 Treas        Bills to NIB participants, balancing ledger for
made books up to date                                           WDJAA

Conversion of Monthly          7/1/2001       9/1/2001 Treas  Convert to Excel format to streamline updates &
Expenses                                                      calculations
WDJAA Brochures                5/1/2001  8/30/2001      VPM Develop WDJAA Informational Brochures for
                                                              graduates and alumni.
Fundraising, Cross-           1/14/2001  7/25/2001     VPP/VP Stitchin 2 flags KKPsi, 2 Flags TBSigma for
stitched flags                                           M    silent auction & fundraising
Make travel arrangements       3/6/2001 Corpus Christi   All  Make travel arragnements for conventions
for National Convention

Forms to Roo in text          1/14/2001     1/15/2001 Richard   Send Roo text or RTF versions of the expense
                                                                and reimburse forms
Create KKPsi email for        1/14/2001     1/19/2001 Aaron     Get Paul an email address to be like the rest of
Paul Patterson                                                  us!
Officer reports from          1/14/2001     1/19/2001 All       Officer reports emailed to Eric
Expense & Reimburement        1/14/2001     1/19/2001 All      Complete missing reports over last year and
reports                                                        email to Richard
National websites format      1/14/2001     1/20/2001 Richard Ask Nationals to keep format of good looking
                                                               website constant or more than year to be able to
                                                               find information
State Day & Convention        1/14/2001     1/21/2001 Eric     Email needed dates, contact information about
Information                                                    State Days & Convention and Election Info to
                                                               NAA List, WDJAA members, WD List, National
Information about State       1/14/2001      2/1/2001 Heather, Information about state days and conventions
Days & Convention                                     Eric     emailed/phoned for members
Get alumni to attend WA        2/4/2001     2/10/2001 Aaron    Get alumni to attend WA State Day
State Day
Pepsi Notes                   1/14/2001     2/15/2001 All       Gather and send in Pepsi Notes so Roo can
                                                                send them in
Communication Activity for     2/4/2001     2/24/2001 Aaron     Communication Activity for AZ State Day
AZ State Day
Add officers on WD            1/14/2001     2/25/2001 Aaron     contact owner, use org emails for Roo &
Listserve                                                       Richard
Elections, Steps to conduct   1/14/2001     2/25/2001 All       Steps to annually elect WDJAA officers &
                                                                Biannually BOD reps for WD
Updated version of Bylaws      2/4/2001     2/25/2001 Eric      Updated version of bylaws to all and Aaron for
to all                                                          website
Copy of minutes to all         2/4/2001     2/25/2001 Eric      Updated minutes from Summer and MLK

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Get email addresses of       1/14/2001   2/25/2001 Heather Get email addresses of alumni reps to contact
alumni reps                                                about alumni issues
BOD Elections, information   1/14/2001   2/25/2001 Richard provide information on process for elections

Contact VH-1                 1/14/2001   2/25/2001 Roo      Contact VH-1 for status and information on their
                                                            "Save the Music"
Information on Logo          1/14/2001   2/25/2001 Roo,     Contact graphic design shops, plan on logo
                                                   Heather creation and timelines
Xeta Zi needs ritual robes   1/14/2001    4/7/2001 Heather, Need ritual robes - as WD through Julie Morris
                                                   Roo      and donate
WDJAA membership form,       1/14/2001    4/7/2001 Richard Add committee assignments on WDJAA
committee                                                   membership form for NAA & WDJAA
WDJAA membership form,       1/14/2001    4/7/2001 Richard Add space to provide cellular or pager numbers
add cell/pager number

Forward Nat'l Listserve      1/14/2001             Aaron     Forward interesting tidbits from National
items                                                        Listserves to Richard & Eric
Website - WDJAA, name        1/14/2001   2/25/2001 Aaron     Ask membership if OK to post just name on our
posted                                                       website as information
Website - WDJAA, move &      1/14/2001   2/25/2001 Aaron     Move website, update search engines and notify
update                                                       of new site change - use alias
Proposals to Bylaws          2/25/2001    3/2/2001 Aaron     Send out e-mail for request for proposals to
Setting Agenda for           2/25/2001    3/2/2001 Aaron     Set Agenda for Convention
Fanfare, Spring Edition      1/14/2001    3/5/2001 Eric      conention topics, no articles, paper
Display Board                2/25/2001   3/25/2001 Eric      Fix Display board
Contact Oregon Schools       2/25/2001   3/10/2001 Pres      Contact school's photography dept for possible
for Pictures                                                 project. Taking pictures at convention

Update price for              3/6/2001   3/15/2001 Pres      Update price on website for convention
Get Paul to use his new       3/2/2001      Apr-01 Pres      Get Paul to use his kkpsi e-mail address
Write a check to Richard      3/6/2001    4/6/2001 All       Write Richard a check for Roo's flight
for Roo's flight
Post Cards & Pictures        1/14/2001    4/7/2001 All       Assemble postcards from each chapter's city &
                                                             pictures from any acivities for WDJAA history

Creation of Logo             1/14/2001   2/25/2001 Eric    First draft of Membership Card, Shingle, and
Templates                                                  letterhead while leaving space for Logo
Candy bags for Reading       1/14/2001    4/7/2001 Heather Tickets for Candy bags for reading band people
Band people                                                and information at pickup table
BOD KKPsi, get IRS audit     1/14/2001   2/25/2001 Richard IRS auditing national chapters, and getting Tax-
report                                                     id figured out
Contact Eric Morrison        2/25/2001   3/25/2001 BOD     Contact Eric Morrison for proxy form
Graduating Members           2/25/2001   3/25/2001 BOD     Talk to DO's about importance of this form
Sustained account balance    1/14/2001    4/7/2001 Treas     Create a policy to create a sustained WDJAA
$1 Fee w/registration        2/25/2001   3/10/2001 Roo       Find out what the $1 covers

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