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									         The Archbishop of Sydney’s
         AND AID FUND
         ANNUAL 31REPORT
         1 JANUARY 2006 - DECEMBER 2006

         MISSION        To engage with Anglicans to
         STATEMENT raise awareness and resources
         in order to equip and empower communities
         and churches in the developing world.

UGANDA   KENYA                               EGYPT
                              CHAIRMAN’S                             hospital which are all outside the slum.               OPERATIONAL
                              REPORT                                                                                        REPORT 2006
                                                                     Although a cease fire is in operation in
                                                                     Southern Sudan, most of the Sudanese
                          Last September I had                                                                              Partnership in Development
                                                                     refugees in Cairo are still very anxious
    a very strange experience. I had just spent
                                                                     about safety problems which prevent
    ten days visiting church leaders and ORAF                                                                               After being involved in overseas missions
                                                                     them returning to Sudan. Refuge Egypt
    projects in South Africa, Kenya and Egypt.                                                                              and development for the past 34 years,
                                                                     still has large numbers looking to them
    Boarding the plane in Johannesburg I was                                                                                the last three and half with ORAF, this
                                                                     for medical assistance and general
    told that my seat had been changed and                                                                                  will be my last report as I will be retiring
                                                                     humanitarian support.
    when I was finally shown to my seat I felt                                                                              and moving with my wife Margaret to
    really strange finding myself in first class! I                  In these places, committed dedicated                   Adelaide.
    sat with my backpack on my knee waiting                          people are working in the name of our
    for the error to be noticed!                                     Lord Jesus Christ with very basic resources.           My most abiding work memories, which
                                                                     Here was I sitting in first class being asked          I will treasure in years to come will be
    I had just spent ten days with people who                                                                               the friendships I established with people
                                                                     what would I like cooked for dinner - the
    are struggling to bring at least some help                                                                              on the ground in Africa and Asia. For
                                                                     choices were mind blowing! As I left Africa
    and support to the thousands living in the                                                                              many of those years I think I knew
                                                                     behind, I couldn’t get out of my mind the
    slums of Cape Town and Nairobi, and in                                                                                  intuitively the importance of
                                                                     people I had met who didn’t even know
    Cairo with those who continue to reach
                                                                     where their next meal would come from.                 partnerships to the success of any work
    out to thousands of Sudanese refugees.
                                                                                                                            done. In recent years that understanding
                                                                     We are in partnership with missionaries
    Dr Joe Radkovic, working with a Kenyan                                                                                  has become formalised so that assessing,
                                                                     and nationals in whom under God, we
    Board, is overseeing the building and                                                                                   maintaining and developing our
                                                                     can have great confidence. Thank you for
    running of a general clinic and maternity                                                                               partnerships has been the conscious
                                                                     your support of ORAF. May I encourage
    clinic in the Korogocho Slum in Nairobi.                                                                                focus of every endeavour. I am
                                                                     you to continue to pray and give. The
    Tens of thousands of people living                                                                                      particularly pleased to see this truth
                                                                     needs are not diminishing!
    together along walking paths with open                                                                                  underpinning ORAF’s program in the
    drains, in shanties made of whatever                             I would like to take this opportunity to               past year.
    materials they can find! No water,                               thank the dedicated staff of ORAF for
    sanitation or electricity available to most.                     their work over the year and particularly              In 2006 members of St Thomas’, North
                                                                     to Rick Ford who retires in 2007.                      Sydney drew ORAF’s attention to an
    Maternity care in the slum is virtually non
    existent. The clinic buildings are very                          May mercy, peace and love be yours in
    basic. A room for the women awaiting                             abundance.
    delivery. A room for the delivery. The back                                                                                “What does the Lord require of you but
    door opens on to one of the few pathways                                                                                    to do justice, to love kindness, and to
    that are wide enough for a vehicle. If                                                                                          walk humbly with your God.”
    complications occur, a vehicle will be
    brought up to the back door and staff will                       Peter Tasker                                                            Micah 6:8
    attempt to transport the patient to a                            Bishop of Liverpool

    In 2006, money raised through the tremendous                                                            2

    support of ORAF’s donors was distributed to some                                                                                  4
    of the world’s poorest countries.                                                                           7

                                                                                                     1              5
    Working through Christian partners, ORAF has                                                                    6
    funded a range of programs from emergency
    famine relief in Tanzania, to longer-term health and
    education programs that helped to meet the needs
    of the poor and the vulnerable.
                                                                                        In 2006 ORAF distributed funds to:
    Your financial commitment has meant that lives                                       1   Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
    have been changed for the better, and people have                                        Providing health education for young people in 61 schools in the Congo.
    been given opportunities they would have been                                            Egypt
    denied without your help.                                                            2   Offering health care and support to refugees who flock to Cairo to escape
                                                                                             persecution and civil war.
                                                                                         3   Giving homeless youth skills training to enable them to earn a living.

2          The Archbishop of Sydney’s Overseas Relief and Aid Fund
Ethiopian non-government agency
(NGO ) called Bright Hope, which was
having a huge success combating poverty
among disadvantaged city youth. A St
Thomas’ member, Cheryl Webster,
volunteered to visit and help Bright
Hope design a development project to
submit to ORAF. The result of these
partnerships added the Bright Hope
Nazaret Community Based Skills
Training and Rehabilitation Centre to
the 18 projects ORAF has with other
long-term existing partners in India and                                                                     Rick Ford with DRC visitor Baliesima
East Africa.                                                                                                           and Julie Yeung
                                                         League continued to make a long-term
Currently these 11 partners spread across                recovery from the 2004 tsunami a reality       help reduce poverty. One practical way
10 countries are involved in programs                    for Anuchankuppam village on the               of doing this is to encourage our
enabling local communities to increase                   Tamil Nadu coast.                              government to honour its commitment
their ability to; improve education, fight                                                              to realising the Millennium
                                                         The addition of Julie Yeung to the ORAF
against HIV/AIDS and malaria disease,                                                                   Development Goals made in 2000. I
                                                         staff as Program Support Officer in 2006
improve maternal and child health,                                                                      would encourage you to use the enclosed
                                                         gave the needed capacity to enable staff
increase family income and unleash the                                                                  postcard to send to the Prime Minister
                                                         and management committee to
potential of a better educated and                                                                      to keep our government’s commitment
                                                         concentrate again in reviewing existing
empowered female population.                                                                            on target.
                                                         policies and procedures as well as
ORAF was able to help four of our                        developing our strategic plan and new          So finally, thank you for your
partners respond with emergency relief                   policies. This important work enabled          encouragement and support and for
to humanitarian crises. The Anglican                     ORAF to be operating according to best         your commitment to the great work that
Church in Malawi and Tanzania gave                       practice and will ensure a favourable          ORAF does. Farewell and God bless.
food aid in the East Africa famine. The                  outcome of our accreditation review
Emmanuel Hospital Association gave                       with AusAID in 2007.
non-food aid and medical services in
                                                         In 2006, ORAF began participating in
Kashmir to communities devastated by
                                                         Micah Challenge. Micah Challenge is a
the Pakistan earthquake. A three-way                                                                    Rick Ford
                                                         global movement of Christians in over
partnership between ORAF, All Saints’                                                                   Project Officer
                                                         40 countries, which aims to deepen
church, Nowra and the India Gospel                                                                      ORAF
                                                         peoples engagement with the poor and

                                        Action Impact Change
4 India
  Offering Tsunami relief with the rebuilding of a village and the provision of
  community facilities and training.
  Providing specialist medical and education staff for physically and
  intellectually disabled children.
  Provision of health workers to assist with the chronic health needs of
  communities in southern India.
5 Kenya
  Establishing a maternity clinic within the Korogocho slum in Nairobi.
6 Tanzania
  Providing emergency famine relief at Kagera.
                                                                                            “Ultimately, human development is about the
  Implementing a malaria prevention program.
                                                                                         realisation of potential. It is about what people can
  Encouraging farmers to grow vanilla beans as a cash crop.
                                                                                         do and what they can become – their capabilities –
  Primary education levels were lifted by raising teaching standards at Katoke.
                                                                                          and about the freedom they have to exercise real
  Implementing an early intervention health program to assist those with a
  disability.                                                                                           choices in their lives.”
7 Uganda
                                                                                              United Nations Human Development
  Continuation of a malaria prevention program in Ibulanku.
                                                                                                          Report 2006

                                                                                                                 The Archbishop of Sydney’s Overseas Relief and Aid Fund   3

                                                                                          INCOME STATEMENT
    BALANCE SHEET AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2006                                                  FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2006
                                                                     2006         2005                                                      2006             2005
                                                                        $            $                                                          $                $
    CURRENT ASSETS                                                                        Donations & Gifts                               657,122        1,617,164
    Cash and Cash Equivalents                                  911,532          537,974   Legacies & Bequests                             164,871           71,435
    Receivables                                                 13,205            2,300   Grants
    Financial Assets                                                 -                -        AusAID                                      81,449          109,168
    Other                                                            -                -        Other Australian                                 -                -
    Total Current Assets                                       924,737          540,274        Other Overseas                                   -                -
                                                                                          Investment Income                                     -                -
    NON CURRENT ASSETS                                                                    Other Income                                     40,361           25,092
    Property, Plant & Equipment                                      -                -   Revenues from Ordinary Activities               961,803        1,822,859
    Other                                                            -                -
    Total Non Current Assets                                         -                -   Overseas Projects
    Total Assets                                               924,737          540,274        Funds to Overseas Projects                 449,522        1,627,882
                                                                                               Other Project Costs                         10,725           16,391
    CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                                   Domestic Projects                                     -                -
    Trade & Other Payables                                       89,349          60,013   Community Education                               5,000                -
    Provisions                                                        -               -   Fundraising Costs
    Total Current Liabilities                                    89,349          60,013        Public                                       29,195          50,850
                                                                                               Government                                   11,994          12,949
    NON CURRENT LIABILITIES                                                                    Multilaterals                                     -               -
    Payables                                                         -                -   Administration                                   100,240          77,782
    Provisions                                                       -                -   Result from Ordinary Activities                  355,127          37,005
    Other                                                            -                -   Amounts Transfered (to) Reserves               (163,763)        (54,267)
    Total Non Current Liabilities                                    -                -
    Total Liabilities                                           89,349           60,013   Decrease (Increase) in Funds
    Net Assets                                                 835,388          480,261   Available for Future Use                       (191,364)        (17,262)

    Funds Available for Future Use                             390,218          198,854
    Reserves                                                   445,070          281,307
    Settlement Sum                                                 100              100
    Total Distributable Funds & Reserves                       835,388          480,261   STATEMENT OF CHANGES IN DISTRIBUTABLE FUNDS &
                                                                                          RESERVES AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2006
                                                                                                                                Funds Reserves &
                                                                                                                          available for settlement
                                                                                                                          distribution        sum            Total
                                                                                                                                      $          $              $
    FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31 DECEMBER 2006                                                   At 1 January 2005                   216,116       227,140        443,256
                                                                                          Transfer (to) Bequest Reserve       (71,435)       71,435              -
                                      Cash           Cash      Cash      Cash             Transfer from Emergency
                                  Available         Raised Disbursed Available              Relief Reserve                     17,168      (17,168)              -
                               at Begining          During   During    at End
                                    of Year           Year      Year   of Year            Result from continuing
                                                                                            operations for the year            37,005                -      37,005
    Korogocho Maternity                                                                   At 31 December 2005                 198,854       281,407        480,261
    Clinic                          106,565          44,698          (57,000)    94,263
    Other Designated                                                                      Transfer (to) Bequest Reserve      (164,871)      164,871              -
    Purposes                        53,743         273,506 (255,880)             71,369   Transfer from Emergency
    Other Purposes                 377,666         654,600 (286,366)            745,900     Relief Reserve                      1,108        (1,108)             -
                                                                                          Result for continuing
    Total                          537,974         972,804 (599,246)            911,532
                                                                                            operations for the year           355,127                -     355,127
                                                                                          At 31 December 2006                 390,218       445,170        835,388

                                            Action Impact Change
4          The Archbishop of Sydney’s Overseas Relief and Aid Fund
                                                 Snapshot of some of the
                                                 2006 ORAF-funded projects
To the Members of                                EGYPT
The Archbishop of Sydney’s
OVERSEAS RELIEF AND AID                          Assisting refugees in Cairo
FUND                                             Refugees continue to flock into Cairo, escaping war, persecution and
We have audited the summarised                   civil unrest. They often arrive hungry, sick and desperate. For over a
financial report of The Archbishop of            decade ORAF has contributed funds to Refuge Egypt, which provides
Sydney’s Overseas Relief and Aid
                                                 assistance fro these refugees. Run as a practical ministry by the
Fund for the year ended 31 December
2006 as set out on this page in                  Episcopal church at All Saints’ Cathedral, it is a safe haven for those
accordance with Australian Auditing              who have suffered both terror and deprivation.
                                                 Refuge Egypt offers a range of services including
In our opinion, the information                  pre and post natal care, a full range of medical
reported in the summarised financial             services, advocacy (particularly with the UNHCR
report is consistent with the annual
                                                 in attaining refugee status), skills training and
statutory financial report from which
it is derived and upon which we                  providing basic food and clothing. Refuge Egypt is
expressed an unqualified audit                   now the major health care provider for refugees in
opinion in our report to the members             Egypt. HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis continue to be
dated 20 March 2007. For a better                major health issues in this refugee community. I
understanding of the scope of our                                                                         Sudanese receive help
                                                                                                          and support from the
audit, this report should be read in
                                                                                                          staff of Refuge Egypt.
conjunction with our audit report on
the annual statutory financial report.
                                                 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO
                                                 Providing much needed health education
                                                 Straight Talk Amongst Youth in Schools (STAYS), is a program partly
HLB Mann Judd                                    funded by ORAF that is targeting young people attending 61 primary
(NSW Partnership)
                                                 and secondary Anglican schools in the Democratic
Chartered Accountants
                                                 Republic of Congo (DRC). Still battling political
                                                 and social instability within DRC and high rates of
                                                 HIV/AIDS, STAYS is an educational prevention
                                                 program that is able to deliver the message of
                                                 prevention in a culturally appropriate manner. It
E R Temple
                                                 helps young people to examine their attitudes
22 March 2006                                    towards others who are infected with HIV and who
                                                 are suffering with AIDS. I
                                                                                                          Preventing infection with
                                                                                                          HIV/AIDS is the key
Audited full financial statements are                                                                     message being delivered
                                                                                                          by STAYS.
available upon request from ORAF’s               UGANDA
                                                 Preventing malaria
                                                 Up to 500 million cases of malaria occur each year – causing
                                                 widespread death and debilitation. Pregnant women and young
                                                 children are particularly vulnerable to both
                                                 contracting malaria and suffering the effects of the
           Code of Conduct                       Claiming the lives of around 3,000 people each day,
ORAF is a member of the Australian Council       malaria is both largely preventable and treatable.
for International Development (ACFID), the
peak body for nearly 100 Australian non-gov-
                                                 ORAF is funding a malaria prevention program in
ernment aid and development organisations.       the small village of Ibulanku in southern Uganda.
ORAF is a signatory to the ACFID Code of
Conduct that requires members to meet high
                                                 It is distributing mosquito nets, a simple but
standards of corporate governance, public        effective way of preventing infection, as well as        The children of Ibulanku
accountability and financial management.         running education programs on eliminating                are reaping the benefits
ORAF also has base accreditation with AusAID,    mosquito breeding grounds. It is also providing          of the ORAF malaria
making us eligible to receive funding from the                                                            prevention program.
Australian Government. AusAID accreditation      medical treatment at the nearby clinic. I
ensures agencies are accountable, well managed
and deliver quality outcomes.
                                                                                                        The Archbishop of Sydney’s Overseas Relief and Aid Fund   5
                                                               ORAF’s work results in

                                                              Taking medical ACTION in                          Working with intellectually and
                                                              Tanzania.                                         physically disabled children
                                                              Taking action changes the life of a
                                                                                                                has an IMPACT in India.
                                                              child like Mjuni forever. Born with a             It is estimated that around 10 percent
                                                              cleft palate, Mjuni would have been               of India’s population has some form of
                                                              condemned to a life of social isolation           disability. Since 2002, ORAF has been
                                                              and exclusion. Fortunately he came                partnering with the Herbertpur
                                                              under the care of an early intervention           Christian Hospital and working with
                                                              community health program run                      intellectually and physically disabled
                                                              through the local Anglican Church in              children in this rural area of northern
                                                              Kayanga in Tanzania and partly                    India.
                                                              funded by ORAF. The operation he
                                                              subsequently underwent transformed                The Anugurah project started as a
                                                              Mjuni’s life. He no longer hides his              pilot program but because of the very
                                                                             face, but is playing with          positive impact it had on children and
                                                                             the other children and             their families, the pilot program has
                                                                             learning to read and

                                                                            As well as assisting with
                                                                            the costs of medication
                                                                            and surgery, the program
                                                                            is raising awareness in the
                                                                            community regarding
                                                                            disability. It is liaising
                                                              with government to ensure that people
                                                              with a disability are able to access their
                                                              rights to education and healthcare.

                                                                   ORAF is helping children with intellectual
                                                                           and physical disabilities.

6   The Archbishop of Sydney’s Overseas Relief and Aid Fund

now been expanded to a five-year          The lives of Rwandan women                     husbands during the killings, and
project.                                  are CHANGED.                                   others had been raped or seriously
                                                                                         injured by machete attack. However,
The project is currently working with     For the past six years, a small band of        all were extremely grateful for the
25 differently abled children and their   Australian women have been writing             assistance given to them, and touched
families who would otherwise receive      letters and exchanging gifts with a            by the fact that women across the
little support or physical therapy.       group of Rwandan women who had                 other side of the world were
Capacity building within the              been affected by the genocide of 1994.         supporting them both in prayer and
community is now also one of the                                                         with gifts.
                                          Through the ‘Women with Women’
aims of the project. This includes the    project, this group of Australian              Kaliziya Godelieve wrote to her
education of those in the community       women sponsored over 60 Rwandan                sponsor saying, “The money you sent
so they can both identify and assist      women, by providing money for them             to me helped me, it came at the right
these children who need special help as   to set up or strengthen their own              time. May God bless you and your
well as accepting those children with a   businesses, and thereby change their           family. We have a lot of rain and are
higher level of need.                     prospects for the future. All of the           busy planting our gardens in beans and
                                          women had been affected by the                 vegetables. My health is quite OK
                                          genocide, many had lost children or            except and right hand and ear which
                                                                                         got paralysed because it was hit by
                                                                                         machetes during genocide, it gives me
                                                                                         troubles all the time but I have
                                                                                         medicine to use when the pain is too
                                                                                         much. The money you sent to me last I
                                                                                         bought one goat and the remaining
                                                                                         money I will use it too pay school fees
                                                                                         for the orphan I take care of.

                                                                                         “I always wished to see you eye to eye
                                                                                         and I know God will one day make it
                                                                                         happen.” I

                                                                                    Over 60 women benefited from the
                                                                                      Women with Women project.

                                                                                                The Archbishop of Sydney’s Overseas Relief and Aid Fund   7
                                          Church Support Matters
                                         Over the last two years a remarkable story has emerged of two very different
                                         communities linked together by Christian care and compassion. In 2005, the church
                                         of All Saints’ in the south coast town of Nowra, committed to raise $100,000 over five
                                         years to rebuild the tsunami ravaged village of Anuchankuppam in southern India.
                                         Already the church and its parishioners have raised over $75,000, which has been
                                         distributed by ORAF to the Adopt-A-Village project run by the India Gospel League
                                         (IGL). IGL was ORAF’s principal partner in its post-tsunami work.
                                         A team from All Saints’ Nowra was on a mission awareness trip in January 2005,
 I Back Row- David Dennis, Michael       visiting the work of IGL. They saw first hand the devastation of the tsunami, and
    Lawrence, Ross Hall
                                         under the leadership of their minister Gavin Wilcox, committed to raise the money
 I Front Row – Wendy Toulmin, Patricia   needed to rebuild the village and provide skills training and equipment for the
    Spencer, Ruth Powys (Russell)
                                         villagers so they could again earn their own living.
                                         Gail Lloyd was one of those who visited.
 Management Committee                    “I have been changed forever” she said.
 Members                                 “I feel I have a better sense of the world
                                         and my place in it – the amazingly
 Rt Rev PJ Tasker                        privileged life I have and how as a
 TLL                                     Christian, I have a responsibility to share
 Bishop of Liverpool                     my wealth with those less fortunate.
                                         Jesus always looked after the poor, sick
 Mr David Dennis                         and those in trouble, so I want to follow
 BEc (Hons)
                                         his example.”
 Banking Executive
 St Barnabas Church, Broadway            In 2006, Rev Samuel Stephens, the             I Rev Sam Stephens and his wife
                                         President of IGL visited Nowra and gave       Prathi visited key church supporters at
 Mr Ross Hall                            a personal report to ORAF on the              All Saints’ Nowra in 2006. They are
 MPS Phc                                                                               pictured here with Gail Lloyd, Keith
                                         tsunami work.
 Pharmacist                                                                            Adams and Rev Gavin Wilcox.
 CMS Tanzania 1969–1986                  ORAF is keen for other parishes to work
 CMS Mission Personnel Secretary         with it, in partnerships overseas. Church
 1987–2001                               support matters!
 St Andrew’s Church, Roseville

 Professor Michael Lawrence                                       MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE
 BSc, BE, MS, PhD
 Emeritus Professor of Information
 Systems, UNSW                           Under ORAF’s legal trust deed, policy is made, directions established and funds
 St Michaels & All Angels, Newport       disbursed under the guidance of a management committee. This committee is
                                         constituted of six appointees and the Archbishop of Sydney (or nominee).
 Dr Ruth Powys (Russell)
 MBBS, MPC, FAChPM                       The Archbishop invites members onto the committee for a term of five years.
 Palliative Care Doctor
                                         The standing committee of Synod approves their appointment. At a
 CMS Nepal 1985–1995
 Holy Trinity Church, Mowbray            minimum, the committee must meet twice in each calendar year. The
                                         Archbishop (or nominee) presides, although each member’s vote is of equal
 Mrs Patricia R. Spencer                 weight and the Archbishop (or nominee) has no casting vote.
 BA Grad Dip. TESOL, RN, Mid
 TESOL Teacher                           The management committee must ensure proper and accurate accounts and
 CMS Tanzania 1984–1995                  records are kept and must see that accounts and records are audited annually. A
 Wild Street Church, Eastgardens         copy of the audited accounts must be tabled at each ordinary session of Synod,
                                         which is the governing body of the Anglican Church in the Sydney Diocese.
 Mrs Wendy Toulmin
 Executive Director
 Langham Partnership Australia
 Secretary Brass for Africa
 CMS Democratic Republic of Congo
 Christ Church, Springwood

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