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                                  May 2009
                                  Vol 22 # 2


                 Canadian Honey Council

             Plants for Bees: Apple
                  Honey Bee Losses
                   Condos for Bees
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Canadian Honey Council                                                   HiveLights
The Canadian Honey Council (CHC) is the national                         May 2009 Vol 22 #2
organization of the Canadian beekeeping industry and
Hivelights is the industry’s magazine. Our association
is an “organization of organizations”. One of the                         A flying honey bee with pollen on a willow plant
                                                                           (Salix caprea, Salicaceae). The bee is powdered
benefits of belonging to our member organizations                                                       with yellow pollen.

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Schools, libraries, non beekeepers, university                            3    Canadian Honey Council Activities
or government personnel can receive Hivelights                                 ..................................................................................................................................................... Heather Clay

magazine through special membership as “Friends of                        4    2009 CHC Directors
Canadian Apiculture”.                                                     4    Provincial Reports ......................................................................................CHC Directors
                                                                         10    Honey Bee losses: an 18 month cycle ................... Fletcher Colpitts
Please contact the CHC office for more information.                      12    Forging a new direction
Canadian Honey Council                                                   14    Plants for bees: Apple ............................................................................Douglas Clay
Suite 236, 234-5149 Country Hills Blvd.NW                                16    New folding container system for
                                                                               honey and wax......................................................................................................Geoff Todd
Calgary, AB T3A 5K8
                                                                         17    Vita (Europe) Ltd. ......................................................................................... Press Release
Hivelights is published quarterly (Feb, May, Aug,                        17    Doug McRory Retires as
Nov). Deadline for submissions are 6 weeks prior                               Ontario’s Provincial Apiculturist ............................................ Heather Clay
to publication (i.e. Dec 15th for Feb issue). For                        18    City of Vancouver supplies free condos
                                                                               to boost urban bee population ........................... Gerry Bellett
guidelines on article submission and advertising rates
                                                                         20    Proven success for all achieved
please visit our website at                                  through partnering ...................................................................Sally Huffman Brown
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                    Publication Mail Agreement number                                                                                                    Photos
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                            ISSN 1489-730X
                  Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to                                                        MBA meeting Jim Campbell, MB
                        CANADIAN HONEy COuNCIL
                 Suite 236, 234 -5149 Country Hills Blvd. NW                                                        Apple flowers Heide Janz, NS
                             Calgary, AB T3A 5K8
                               (403) 208 7141

                                                                                                       HiveLights                                                   May 2009                                                                        1
Canadian Honey Council                                                                            Canadian Food Inspection Agency
                                                                                                  conducted a technical review of the
                                                                                                  Good Production Practices (GPP)
                                                                                                  manual that the CHC has produced
                                                    Heather Clay, Chief Executive Officer, CHC
                                                                                                  for the Canadian Bee Industry Safety
                                                                                                  Quality Traceability (C-BISQT)
                                                                                                  program. After a week of meetings
Forging a New Direction                             apiculturists to develop a                    in January the technical review team
                                                    standardized data collection                  produced a report with over two
Project funding for Forging                         system that will provide hive                 hundred Adjustment Needs Requests
a New Direction has come                            health information and flag                   (ANR’s). These items must each be
to an end. For the past                             any concerns before they                      addressed and responded to in a
three years, the federal                            become a crisis. A prototype                  timely manner by our industry. The
government program,                                 hive health information                       CHC core committee (Tim Townsend,
Advancing Canadian                                  system was developed for the                  Rudy Gelderblom, Rhéal Lafreniére
Agriculture Agri-Food,                              CHC. It can be viewed on                      and Heather Clay) are working on
supported the initiative                            the website www.hivehealth.                   the responses. After the changes
of the CHC to restructure and             ca.                                                     have been approved the manual will
reorganize the national association.                                                              be translated and made available for
                                          Emergency Registration Amitraz
A summary of the outcome of the                                                                   distribution. It is expected that a GPP
consultative process can be found         The CHC applied for and received                        manual will soon be available to all
on page 12. Our national association      Emergency Use Registration (EUR)                        beekeepers wanting to implement an
is better positioned to help build a      for Apivar® (amitraz) for the                           on farm food safety program.
dynamic and prosperous honey bee          treatment of varroa mites in August
                                                                                                  New Sponsor
industry now and for the future.          2008. Normally an EUR is granted
Our member associations have              for one year but Arysta Life Sciences                   The CHC has approached a number
enthusiastically embraced the concept     NA (ALSNA), the owner of the active                     of suppliers for support of the new
of CHC being an organization of           ingredient amitraz, was not planning                    organization. In November 2008,
organizations. The CHC is an integral     to continue holding the registration                    Odem International provided a
part of the provincial network of         past 27th April, 2009. Consequently                     welcome kick off to the campaign
associations. It acts on behalf of all    the EUR expires on that date. In a                      by becoming the first sponsor of the
beekeepers in the national interest of    turn of events ALSNA has agreed                         CHC. We are happy to announce that
the industry. Any issues of concern       to give the rights to amitraz to its                    Bayer CropScience, a company that
can be discussed at the provincial        sister company, Arysta Life Sciences                    is heavily involved in the production
level and then brought to the national    America (ALSA). At the same time                        of hybrid canola seed, has shown its
level by the provincial director. It is   the company has asked the Pest                          support of the beekeeping industry
important for beekeepers to remember      Management Regulatory Agency                            with a contribution to assist the CHC
that the CHC is their organization and    (PMRA) for re-instatement of amitraz                    with its activities. We appreciate the
that we are all working together on       registration. This is very good news                    acknowledgement of the importance of
industry issues.                          for beekeepers as it allows us to                       a national organization by our industry
                                          request an extension of the deadline                    sponsors.
Hive Health Committee
                                          for the EUR. After lobbying from
                                                                                                  Canadian Honey Bee Industry Convention
The CHC held a hive health meeting        CHC and a great deal of goodwill on
in January to prepare a strategic plan    the part of Arysta the product may be                   The next Canadian Beekeeping
of action for addressing the situation    available for a longer period of time.                  Conference will be held in conjunction
of continuing honey bee losses. A         The company has indicated that it will                  with the American Beekeeping
committtee was formed to continue         pursue full registration of amitraz and                 Federation in Orlando Florida. We
the momentum of that meeting and          is in the process of discussions about                  are expecting a larger than normal
to develop a research plan that will      data requirements with the PMRA.                        turnout so be sure to book early at the
address hive health issues and the        More information about the possible                     Wyndham resort. Details of the 12-16
importance of an integrated hive          extension of date will be available on                  January meeting are on the CHC
health network information system.        the CHC website when it is available.                   website
Baseline data is essential and we
are working with the provincial
                                          The CHC has undertaken the
                                          development of an On farm food
                                          Safety program for the production
                                          of honey. In January 2009 the
                                                                                         HiveLights             May 2009                   3
         2009 Directors
     Canadian Honey Council
     Conseil Canadien de Miel

Chair                                                                                 Maritimes               tale as to winter losses.
Corey Bacon
Saskatchewan Beekeepers Association    Jean François Doyon                    As an exceptionally long          Local demand for honey is
B’s Bee Ranch                          Fédération des Apiculteurs du Québec   cold and snowy winter             strong and we are beginning
Box 84                                 287 Rang Beaurivage                    begins to draw to a close         to see some upward
Kinistino SK S0J 1H0                   Saint Sylvestre QC G0S 3C0             the New Brunswick                          movement in the
ph. 306-864-3774 fax 306-864-3260      ph 418-596-3037
                                                                              Beekeepers                                  price at the retail         
                                                                              association the                             level.
                                                                              Nova Scotia
Vice Chair                             Director                               Beekeepers                                  If we can get
Tom Trueman                            Dan Walker                             Association                                 decent spring and
Maritime Beekeepers Association        Ontario Beekeepers Association         and the Prince                              summer weather
200 Etter Ridge Rd                     9327 Scotchmere Dr                     Edward Island                               combined with the
Aulac NB E4L 2V2                       Strathroy ON N7G 3H3                   Beekeepers                                  increasing demand
ph 506-536-2854 fax 506-536-3088       ph 519-245-5361
                                                                              Cooperative                Tom Trueman      for pollinators and         
                                                                              Association have                            for honey 2009
                                                                              all completed their Annual        has the potential to be a
Secretary                              Director                               general meetings. All             good year for the maritime
Ted Hancock
                                       Bruce Podolsky                         three associations are in         bee industry.
BC Honey Producers Association
                                       Manitoba Beekeepers Association        the process of reinventing
General Delivery
                                       Box 1                                  themselves in order to
Dog Creek BC V0L 1J0
                                       Ethelbert MB R0L 0T0                   maintain their relevance
                                       ph 204-742-3535                                                                   Manitoba                                                           to the industry and their
                                                                              membership. Although
                                                                                                                New (APP) Advance Payment
                                                                              this is a long and laborious
Treasurer                              Director                                                                 Program Administrator for MBA
                                                                              task with many challenges
Jerry Poelman
                                       Luc Desaulniers                        it promises to yield results      Effective January 1,
Alberta Beekeepers
                                       Alberta Beekeepers                     that will ultimately improve 2009, MBA has arranged
PO Box 1887
                                       Box 613                                the beekeeping industry in        for the Manitoba Corn
Fort MacLeod AB T0L 0Z0
                                       Falher AB T0H 1M0                      Atlantic Canada.                  Growers association, Inc.
                                       780-837-0416                                                                                           to administer all aspects
                                                                              As wild blueberry                 of the Beekeepers/Honey
Director                                                                      producers faced with the          Producers Crop Advance
                                       CHC OFFICE
                                                                              potential of another year         program. This move is
Lorne Peters                           Chief Executive Officer                of low prices strive to           being made at this time, as
Bee Maid Honey
Peters Honey Farm                      Heather Clay                           maximize yields demand            our present administrator,
Box 98                                 Suite 236                              for pollinators remains           Lois Simpson has given
Kleefeld MB R0A 0V0                    234-5149 Country Hills Blvd            significantly ahead of            notice she will be retiring
ph 204-377-4242                        Calgary AB T3A 5K8                     supply, indicating another        from her roles with the                       ph 403-208-7141                        year of imported bees from        MBA this July. Only paid
                                       fax 403-547-4317
                                                                              outside of the region.            up members of the MBA
                                                                                                                will be able to access the
                                                                              Although too early to know program as they have done
                                                                              how they will emerge from         in the past.
                                       Office Manager
                                                                              winter general consensus
                                       Geoff Todd                                                               MBA Fee and Levy
                                                                              is that the bees went into
                                       403-398-2914                           winter in reasonably good         As of March 6 2009,
                                               shape. The next few weeks         the Honey Producers
                                                                              will begin to tell the true       Administration Fee
                                                                                                                Regulation became law.
                                                                                                                The regulation is made
       4                    May 2009               HiveLights
under the Manitoba Honey marketing
Plan Regulation, Manitoba Regulation                                                           the MBA is committed to providing
244/87R. This plan, which outlined                                                             leadership in relation to the health
administrative procedures for MBA,                                                             of the beekeeping industry.
was originally put into place in 1992.
                                                                                               Working towards a Solution
Since that time, MBA has encouraged
volunteer membership, in resolutions                                                           The National Sunflowers
from the 2007 Annual meeting;                                                                  Association of Canada, Inc
MBA directors took action to extend                                                            (NSAC) & Manitoba Beekeepers
membership to additional Manitoba                                                              Association (MBA) are working on
honey producers.                                                                               a collaborative approach to ensure
                                            Art Bergmann, centre, receiving BEE Hive Award     members of both organizations will
Every producer with 50 hives or more        from MBA President Todd yakimishen, after          benefit while protecting pollinators.
must pay an annual basic fee of $200,       hearing toast from Lorne Peters.
plus a levy of $0.40 per colony (to                                                            When honey producers reported
a max. 1000 colonies), to the MBA.                                                             concerns about
Alberta and Saskatchewan associations                                                          having bees located
have taken similar approaches. The                                                             near Confectionary
main difference is they have separate                                                          Sunflower fields,
organizations to collect fees and levies.                                                      directors sought
The MBA has noted their success.                                                               to understand
                                                                                               the issues and
Honey and Livestock Insurance
                                                                                               background. The
The MBA requested the Manitoba                                                                 MBA made a formal
agricultural Services Corporation                                                              request to NSAC,           Bruce Podolsky
(MASC) to look into providing                                                                  to meet and discuss
coverage for honey bee over winter          Roman and Helen Pankiw centre receiving the
                                                                                               their production needs, while taking
protection, plus coverage for honey         S.A. Bedford Award from Todd yakimishen,           into account reducing the risk to
production during the summer.               MBA president on left, with Lorne Peters           honeybees. MBA offered to work
                                            giving the toast to the family                     together in a collaborative effort to
Paul Gregory, Safety Net Committee                                                             present a common message to our
Chair noted “in light of the uncertainty                                                       respective memberships.
of details within the AgriStability
program, we want coverage for both                                                             NASC began developing a strategy
the bees and honey”.                                                                           to mitigate honey bee pollinator
                                                                                               risks. Strategies will include
A formal request has been sent to Paul                                                         increased awareness of pesticide
Bonnet, Vice President, Research &                                                             effects on foraging bees. Other
Program development, MASC. The                                                                 elements include working with
request sought coverage for honey                                                              provincial entomologists and
production to begin summer 2010,                                                               apiary specialists with regard
and winter loss insurance to begin in                                                          to spray timing, plus featuring
the fall. The plan calls for the MBA                                                           an information articles in their
committee to work with MASC to                                                                 newsletter. NASC welcomed the
develop a suitable program. To help         Herb and Naomi Isaac receive the MBA               opportunity for both boards to work
this process, several documents have        Honorary Life Membership Award from MBA            together on this issue.
been translated from the Quebec             president, Todd yakimishen while Earl Dueck
                                            provides the introduction.
plan which already has these two
components. We are also looking into
what Alberta has done. As part of
the strategic Plan developed last year,                                                                                            P pg 7

                                                                                      HiveLights            May 2009                   5
    Alberta Honey Producers
                                             Carrying a full line of beekeeping equipment from several manufacturers:
    70 Alberta Avenue, Box 3909,
    Spruce Grove, Alberta T7X 3B1
                                             • Dadant & Sons Ltd. • Mann Lake Supplies
    Phone: (780) 962-5573
                                             • Maxant • Dakota Gunness • Walter T. Kelly
    Fax: (780) 962-1653                      • Medivet • Perma-Dent Foundation
    Manitoba Co-operative                    • Pierco Canada • Cook & Beals • Plus Many More.
    Honey Producers
                                             Whatever your requirements we would be glad to help. Quality products for
    625 Roseberry Street,
                                             the beekeeping industry, including:
    Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0T4
    Phone: (204) 783-2240                    • Woodenware • Queen Rearing Supplies
    Fax: (204) 783-8468                      • Package Bees & Queens • Bee Apparel
    BeeMaid Honey Ltd.
                                             • Honey Containers • Extracting Equipment
                                             • Beekeeper Tools • Novelties • Foundation
    1210 – 100 Street,
                                             • Medication & Chemicals.
    Tisdale, Saskatchewan S0E 1T0
    Phone: (306) 873-2521                    Buyers of Light & Dark Beeswax at Competitive Prices. We can arrange
    Fax: (306) 873-3455                      your sugar requirements - dry or liquid sugar in small lots or trailer load lots

                                                                    Eliminate AFB
                                                                  and Chalkbrood
                                                                                Iotron's treatment program offers beekeepers
                                                                            a cost effective, environmentally friendly solution
                                                                                    for managing bacterial and fungal disease.
                                                                 Iotron’s proven technology has been recognized as a useful
                                                                           defense against antibiotic-resistant strains of AFB.
                                                                     Iotron has successfully treated more than 50,000 supers
                                                                                         and thousands of kilograms of pollen.

                                                                                         For more information please contact:
                                                                                                           Robert Krag-Hansen
                                                                                                     Iotron Technologies Corp.
                                                                                                               1425 Kebet Way
                                                                                                   Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 6L3
                                                                                          Tel: 604 945-8838 Fax: 604 945-8827

6               May 2009            HiveLights
MBA 103rd Annual Beekeepers    Red River Apiarist Association
Convention                     (RRAA)                           will have on the outdoor        As such, the commission
                                                                wintered colonies remains to    board, after consulting
The MBA held their 103rd       The RRAA are a group             be seen until some warmer       with members at the
convention March 6 &7th        of hobby beekeepers in           weather arrives.                AGM and special meeting,
2009 in Winnipeg. This is      and around the city of                                           have decided to raise
the second year we held it     Winnipeg. This group of          Those that winter indoors       check-off fees from $0.50/
on a Friday and Saturday,      about 70 members have            are reported colonies are       colony to $1.00/colony.
allowing people to attend      just developed a new web         looking good heading into       Participation in the check-
that have Monday to Friday     site under the name www:         spring. Those that have         off is mandatory for all
jobs.                          BeekeepingManitoba.              had the opportunity to peak     producers with 100 or more
                               com They meet the second         at some colonies outdoors       producing colonies but is
Over 100 people attended       Tuesday of most months and       are reporting mixed             still a refundable check-
the Research Symposium,        recently viewed pictures of      results. The Saskatchewan       off by written request. It
and about 80 people            a beekeeping trip to Chile       Beekeepers Development          was clear at the special
attended the first ever        and Cambodia. In March,          Commission (SBDC)               meeting that a majority
Social Mixer Evening,          they offer a one year free       hosted a special meeting and    of beekeepers would
where MBA recognized           membership to anyone             formic/oxalic demonstration     support a joint venture
several of its members for     attending Dr. Currie’s           and Q&A in March. The           with government to see this
their contributions to our     “Beekeeping for Beginners”       acid demonstration and          extension/technical support
industry.                      course at the University of      Q&A was very informative.       in Saskatchewan a reality.
                               Manitoba.                        It was clear to those in        Our two associations (SBA
Field Day and Summer Picnic
                                                                attendance that acids           and SBDC) will continue to
                               Brandon Area Beekeepers
Manitoba Beekeepers                                             have the ability to be an       push government towards
                               Association (BABA)
Association together with                                       effective tool against mites.   that goal.
the Red River Apiarist’s       The BABA along the MBA           However, it was also clear
Association invite all to      will have a booth at the         that there are many different   Honey prices in
attend a summer Field Day      Brandon Winter Fair this         products and techniques to      Saskatchewan continue on
at Norte Dame de Lourdes,      March. They will have            apply these products and        an upward trend. In the
Manitoba                       the MBA’s display and            timing is crucial. Some         last three months, we have
Date: Saturday 20 June         backdrop along with an           producers, using the same       seen honey prices climb
2009 at 12:00 noon.            observation hive.                products, reported different    from $1.40/lb to $1.70/lb.
Location: BBQ Lunch                                             results for efficacy and        Considering conditions
and Tour to take place at                                       colony disruption based on      in other honey producing
French Bee Farm. Food                                           the timing and method of        countries, expectations
cost $10.00 , bring your                                        their applications. What        are that prices will remain
own lawn chair.                                                 was clearer than ever is        stable or climb over the
Directions: Travel along       This Saskatchewan winter         that our industry lacks the     following months. This
Hwy. #2 to junction of         has been brutally cold and       extension/technical support     year Saskatchewan will be
Provincal Road #244 south.     long. Saskatoon broke a          to help determine what          offering the spring advance
Travel south about 13 km       record in December for 25        products are best under         to our beekeepers through
to town of Notre Dame.         consecutive days with highs different conditions and             the federal government
Turn west (right) on main      below -25oC. January             timing. This goes for all       AMPA-APP. Producers
St. And keep going just past   through March                             products beyond        are eligible for advances
the “Blue” Co-op store, and    hasn’t faired much                        mite control as        beginning April 1st for up
turn south (left), you will    better and as we                          well. Each year, we    to $100,000 interest free
come across a French bee       approach April                            see more products      with a deadline to repay of
sign. This is the place.       forecasters are                           on the market for      August 31st 2010 or at such
                               calling for below                         the health benefits    a date they sell their 2009
For more information, call     normal into mid                           of our bees – do       crop. As usual those that
Jim Campbell at (204) 467      April. Many areas                           they work? Are       do not wish to participate in
5246 or Rheal Lafreniere at    of the province           Corey Bacon       all spring pollen    the spring advance will be
(204) 945 4825.                did not receive much snow        supplements effective?          eligible for the fall advance
                               until late winter but the        Patties, liquid or dry? Do      in September.
                               Southeast has been on            feed stimulants work? Do
                               the edge of several winter       all mite products work?
                               storms heading into MB.          How do they work best?
                               The full effect this weather
                                                                                                                        P pg 8
                                                                             HiveLights           May 2009                  7
          Alberta                   Here in the province of         on shelves in Vancouver           there is half the fun. One
                                    Alberta we have been trying     was $13.99/Kg. Since then,        year, a pair of beekeepers
It has been a long winter           to establish a system with      several producers have            arrived at the Thursday
here in Alberta. In the             the provincial government       raised their wholesale prices     night wine and cheese party
southern part of the                to help beekeepers monitor      pushing the retail prices as      to announce they had hit
province, there has been            their varroa and nosema         high as $16.00/Kg.                a deer while driving to the
above average snowfall. In          levels. This has been a very                                      convention. Not wanting
the latter part of February         tedious exercise as we try      Meanwhile, the large retail       to let the animal go to
there was warmer                              to form a cohesive    chain stores have honey on        waste, they had thrown
weather and                                   working group that    offer for $5.99/Kg. Despite       the carcass in the back of
winds to melt                                 has the same goals    this price difference, local      their truck and asked for
some of the snow                              and a shared cost     producers have a steady           help in butchering it. B.C.
in the southwest,                             approach which        demand for their product.         beekeepers were up to the
but there is still                            would include         I suspect the increased           challenge and setting down
a lot left in the                             our commission,       desire of consumers to            their wine glasses, soon
southeast. There                              the provincial        buy local products may be         had the animal gutted out
hasn’t been too                               government, and       responsible.                      in the corner of the hotel
                           Jerry Poelman
many reports of                               as well the support                                     parking lot. There was
beekeepers accessing their          from our canola seed            Yvonne Herbison                              some debate about
hives at the beginning of           companies. This has been        from the PMRA                                what to do with
March. Some early reports           a good example of industry      office in Kelowna                            the pile of offal
of northern beekeepers over working with us, as we have             attended the                                 but no resolution
wintering in B.C. suggest           received a lot of support       BCHPA semi-                                  was reached. In
average winter losses. Here         from Bayer CropScience          annual meeting in                            the morning the
in the south there have just        and Pioneer Hi-bred             Kamloops held on                             coyotes had solved
been a couple of beekeepers International. The Alberta              March 7. Yvonne                               the problem
looking in a few hives that         government has seen the         presented a slide           Ted Hancock       by cleaning
have been finding a wide            need for this and added         show and answered                             everything up
range of over wintering             their support as well. We       questions concerning the          during the night.
success. There still is a lot       hope that if we could get       PMRA’s inspection program
of concern of the affects of        extension personnel to help     in B.C.. For several years        This fall’s convention will
high mite loads in the fall         beekeepers better educate       Yvonne has administered           be held the weekend of
and potential nosema issues. themselves at monitoring               an inspection program that        October 24 in Victoria. I
                                    their honey bee diseases        monitors the chemicals used am pleased to announce
We have been hearing                that we could improve the       in beehives. The goal of this that Randy Oliver from
reports of honey prices             bee health in Alberta. It       program is to encouraging         California will be our
moving up slowly which has would also help us identify              beekeepers to use only            keynote speaker.
been a pleasant surprise.           varroa resistance to current    legally registered chemicals
The inventory in Alberta            controls and potential          in their hives and to use         Victoria is a very
is almost gone. Some                nosema outbreaks quicker.       registered chemicals in           cosmopolitan city full of
producers that normally sit                                         accordance with the label         high powered politicians
on a lot of inventory have                                          instructions. The PMRA is         and little old English ladies
moved their honey out due                                           using a graduated system of       who like to wear stylish
                                          British Columbia
to these higher prices. It                                          warnings and fines in this        hats and drink tea while
looks like canola pollination                                       campaign.                         looking at well manicured
acres are slightly down             As of the middle of March                                         flower gardens. I know
this year due to a higher           we still have snow on the       Each fall the BCHPA               the beekeepers in Victoria
inventory of seed than first        ground in most parts of         annual convention is held         will excel at hosting our
expected.                           B.C. Winter has been long       at a different location so        convention and I encourage
                                    and hard. High beehive          that beekeepers get to see        you to attend, but please, no
                                    mortality is expected.          a new part of the province.       road kill.
                                                                    Given our mountainous
                                  The retail price of locally       terrain, sometimes getting
                                  packed honey continues to
                                  rise. At the start of the New
                                  Year the highest price I saw

8                 May 2009              HiveLights
Supports Bee Research in Canada
                     Bee Maid Honey is proud to announce
                     that they will be contributing financial
                     assistance to the following research
                     projects this coming year:
                     Dr. Stephen Pernal, Agriculture and
                     Agri-Food Canada,
                     Beaverlodge Research Station,
   Lorne Peters      Beaverlodge, Alberta
      A study on the integrated Management of Nosema &
      Detection of Antibiotic Residues. Nosema ceranae is an
      emergent world-wide pathogen, and it, in combination
      with N. apis, has been linked to wide scale depopulation
      of colonies in North America and Europe. This study
      will search for more effective chemotherapeutic controls
      for these parasites and generate a modern antibiotic
      residue dataset for fumagillin-based therapies.
Dr. Dave Shutler, Associate Professor, Acadia University
Wolfville, Nova Scotia
      To study the effects of over-wintering environment on
      Nosema disease in western honey bees (Apis mellifera).
      Western honey bees (Apis mellifera) are parasitized
      by two microsporidians, Nosema apis and Nosema
      Pathology and management of N. apis, the only
      previously know microsporidian parasite of western
      honey bees, is well-described; however, it is less
      understood in N. ceranae, a parasite formerly restricted
      to Asian honey bees (Apis cerana). N. ceranae appears
      to be more virulent than its congener, therefore, it
      is important to study factors that may affect disease
      development. The objective is to study effects of indoor
      and outdoor overwintering on N. ceranae disease in
      western honey bee colonies. It is not known how over-
      wintering can be incorporated into an integrated pest
      management approach to Nosema control.
Bee Maid considered project proposals in the area of
apiculture or pollination research. Preference was given to
the area of honey, and the production of pure quality honey
in the Canadian beekeeping industry. Bee Maid Honey is
the marketing organization owned by the Alberta Honey
Producers Cooperative Ltd. and the Manitoba Cooperative
Honey Producers Ltd. Both member owned Cooperatives
have lead the beekeeping industry in their support for
beekeeping research.
For further information, please contact:
Guy Chartier
Bee maid honey Limited.
                                                                   or check our website:
Phone: (204) 783-2240 Ext 234

                                                                 HiveLights     May 2009   9
Honey Bee Losses: An 18month cycle                                                                         Shelter, ventilation and food stores

                                                                                                           must be provided to allow a stress
                                   Fletcher Colpitts, Chief Apiary Inspector, New Brunswick Agriculture,
                                                                                        Fredericton NB     free winter environment for the bees.
                                                                                                           Weather is the uncontrollable part of
                                                                                                           winter. It may not be possible for bees
                                               3.     Low stress during the 6 month
For Most oF the bee                                                                                        to have cleansing flights for months at
                                                      wintering environment
keepers in new brunswiCk,                                                                                  a time. Also the weather may cause an
the winter anD spring                          The adverse effects of a harsh winter                       ice crust to form on the hives, a factor
of 2008 was much better for colony             with a small cluster of winter bees can                     that can be deadly.
survival than 2007. Average loss for           be minimized if the winter bees are
the province was about 30% compared            healthy. Healthy winter bees are long                       The summer following the poor spring,
to 61% for the year before. In 2007            living and able to raise young bees in                      mites are usually in low numbers
some beekeepers experienced losses             the spring. The health of our bees has                      because of the small amount of brood
of 60-80 percent with some at 100              been deteriorating since the arrival of                     in the colonies and splitting. However
percent.                                       tracheal mites and varroa mites. Before                     the next spring, when the colonies
                                               the mites arrived, viruses, bacteria and                    are stronger and have early brood,
After speaking to beekeepers in other          fungi were not much of a problem.                           the mite count is much higher. These
parts of Canada and the US there               Now however, these pathogens enter                          pathogenic mites, mainly varroa, can
seems to be a pattern of over wintering        the bees through the puncture wounds                        increase to very high numbers over
hive survival and losses. This pattern         from the mites and shorten the life of                      summer so by fall the winter bees
can occur within areas or in individual        the honey bee by half. Many of the                          are severely damaged. When these
operations in the same area. It is called      winter bees do not survive, as they                         damaged winter bees meet with a
“an every other year” or “18 month             should, till spring making the winter                       harsher than average winter, the result
cycle”. It starts with colonies wintering      cluster smaller. It is important to                         is a very high loss situation, such as
poorly for various reasons producing           have varroa and tracheal mites under                        occurred in 2007.
a higher than average winter loss.             control in summer. By fall the damage
Throughout the following spring and            has been done to the wintering bees                         So as we enter the second summer of
summer colonies build up well with             and it is too late for wintering success.                   the 18 month cycle, we should always
splits being taken to recover the winter                                                                   be vigilant, watching our varroa mite
loss. The beekeeper takes extra care           It is important to have an adequate                         levels. It is also important to watch for
of rebuilding colonies—possibly with           number of winter bees. Care must                            congestion of honey in the brood area
new queens and clean equipment. The            be taken in summer not to allow the                         during August and September.
next winter and spring the colonies are        brood area of the hive to be filled with
strong with less than average losses.          honey. This reduces the area the queen                      As we gain better knowledge of varroa
Another good summer seems to be                has to lay which in turn reduces the                        mite controls along with better colony
underway. Confident that the colonies          number of winter bees that hatch.                           management we will be able to level
are strong, the beekeeper reduces                                                                          out our winter losses and break out of
monitoring and preventative treatment.                                                                     the “every other year” syndrome.
However by late fall, which is about
18 months from our starting date,
negative circumstances in the colonies               Use round comb section equipment by
                                                     Ross Rounds, Inc. and see how this low
may already be established that will
                                                     cost investment can increase your profits.
result in a poor wintering season.                   • 8 oz. Sells For Same As 12 oz.
                                                     • Minimal Labor

                                                                                                           Comb Honey
These negative circumstances directly                • Bees Fill Completely
affect the bees emerging in late                     • No Breakage And No Propolis
summer and early fall. These bees are                • Attractive Durable Package
the wintering bees that are necessary
to ensure the colony survival into the
                                                     To purchase, contact your dealer.
                                                     For more information call                              Has Come
                                                                                                            Full Circle.
following year. For strong colonies                  toll-free: 877.901.4989
to emerge in spring these winter
bees must have the following three
1. Good health with low levels of
     viruses and pathogens                 
2. Adequate numbers                                  PO Box 11583, Albany, NY 12211

10                May 2009              HiveLights
We offer a complete line of candle making supplies
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selection of waxes, molds, additives, oils and
decorations provide an abundance of options when
making candles. If you’d like help with a project
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Natural Products Store sales people are always
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• Waxes — beeswax, soy, paraffin, and honeycomb beeswax sheets
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• Essential Oils — for aromatherapy or scenting products
• Decorations — like pressed flowers, paints, and colorants
• Tools and Educational Equipment

Find these and thousands of
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         Email or call to request a catalog

                                                                 HiveLights   May 2009   11
Forging a New Direction

                                                                                               Prepared by Green Isle Consulting Inc., Victoria BC

Over the past three years the Canadian        New national office                         •    Be primarily a producer
Honey Council has re-invented itself to       Canadian Honey Council has a full-               organization
meet significant challenges facing the        time Chief Executive Officer. The           •    Acknowledge that the industry is
Canadian honey bee industry. Major            national office is in Calgary and                broader than just beekeepers
contributions of time and energy from         is supported by a part-time office          New board of directors
industry stakeholders working in              manager and others, across the
focus groups, committees, provincial          country, working at distance for the        Each member organization has at
associations, the project steering            CHC.                                        least one representative on the CHC
committee and the CHC Board of                                                            Board of Directors. Directors elect
Directors has resulted in a revitalized,      Guiding Principles                          members of the Executive (Chair,
restructured, and more sustainable            • Make optimum use of technology            Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary).
organization better positioned to serve                                                   Directors may serve 3 consecutive 2-
                                              • Be near a national transportation
the industry.                                                                             year terms. Board effectiveness and
                                                                                          the responsibilities of Directors are
New purpose
                                              New membership                              defined in the new Board Manual.
Canadian Honey Council, the national
voice of the Canadian honey bee               The CHC is now an “organization             Guiding Principles
industry, is dedicated to building            of organizations” and membership            • Limit CHC Board Directors
a dynamic and prosperous honey                is defined in new by-laws and                  to board members of member
bee industry that promotes “100%              policy. Policy ensures that producer           organizations
Canadian” and acts as the instrument          organizations hold a majority of            • Expect Directors to represent
for achieving a sustainable Canadian          positions on the Board; however, other         the views of their organization
honey bee industry in the global              organizations who wish to join may             and the Board to act in the best
economy.                                      apply for membership and will be               interests of the national industry
                                              considered by the Board in accordance       • Consult industry stakeholders not
Guiding Principles:                           with membership policy.                        on the Board
• Continue to serve the Canadian
   honey bee industry.                        Guiding Principles
• Be the definitive unified national          • Provide benefits to the members
   voice of the industry.                        of member organizations
• Represent the Canadian honey
   bee industry as a whole while
                                                     Letter to the editor
   respecting regional differences .
New roles                                            Save the Bees - Donation to Research

Roles of the Board and Executive are                 Dear Sir/Madam,
stated in new by-laws approved by
Corporations Canada.                                 I am not a BEE keeper, just a lover of bees, distressed ones
                                                     from CCD.
Roles of Board Standing Committees
and the CEO are detailed in policy                   I hope that the Government have the sense (as if!) to contribute
and protocols contained in the Board                 large sums of cash for research.
                                                     Please accept my donation to the CBRF.
Guiding Principles
• Undertake only roles that serve the                yours sincerely
    stated purpose
                                                     Victoria Mazzuchin
• Lead, encourage and support
                                                     Hanmer, Ontario

12               May 2009               HiveLights
                                •   Communicate in                                                    School Kits for Grades
                                                                      serve the membership
New participation                   English and French, as                                            1 – 12, participation
                                                                      and advance the
                                    appropriate                                                       in American Bee
Members of member                                                                                     Federation Trade
                                New operating budget             •    Ensure that                     Show)
organizations are
                                                                      conferences and
encouraged to participate in:   The operating budget is                                               FOOD SAFETY -
                                                                      other events generate
                                primarily supported by                                                top quality products
• national research                                                   revenue for the
                                member organizations. The                                             that instil consumer
    symposia;                                                         operating budget
                                CHC Board determines                                                  confidence (CBISQT
• ad hoc committees;                                             Strategic priorities                 Good Practices
                                member fees based on
• stakeholder meetings.                                                                               Manual, Product
                                a formula that includes                                               Traceablity Proposal)
Individual beekeepers are       the number of Directors          The CHC is now acting on
expected to make their          and hive numbers in              four strategic priorities:     •     LABOUR and
                                                                                                      SUCCESSION -
priorities clear to their own   each province (using             • HIVE HEALTH -                      people to work in the
organizations so that each      StatCan data). How                   thriving, productive             industry now and
CHC Director is informed        each organization pays               livestock (Hive Health           in future (Foreign
enough to make sound            its fees is left entirely to         Baseline, Management             Worker Program
decisions on behalf of the      its own discretion. Fiscal           and Stock                        Proposal, Beekeeper
entire industry.                responsibility is held by            Replacement Research             and Worker Training
                                the Board and once the               Proposal, Oxalic                 Proposal)
Guiding Principles              annual budget is approved            Acid Registration,
                                                                     Battery Box Proposal,
• Offer a wide range            by the Board, the CEO is                                        Assistance for CHC
                                                                     Proposal for Bees on
   of opportunities             responsible to manage it. A                                     restructuring was provided
   for participation in         new Sponsorship Program                                         by Agriculture Agri-Food
   activities                   has been established             • MARKET ACCESS/SHARE          Canada.
                                                                     - increased demand
• Decision-making is the        to encourage other
                                                                     that supports better
   responsibility of the        organizations to support the         prices (Pierre the Bear,
   Board                        work of the CHC. CHC
                                projects are often funded by
New communication               Agriculture and Agri-Food
Hivelights and CHC              Canada.
websites have been
enhanced. Directors             Guiding Principles
are expected to ensure          • Secure funding for the
communication with their           operating budget from
own organizations is
accurate and regular. The
                                   member organizations
                                   and sponsors
                                                                                              & Sons
                                                                                                  Enterprises Ltd.
CEO communicates with           • Seek additional funding                      BOX 316, AUSTIN, MANITOBA
the Boards of member               for special projects from                        Toll-free 1-866-800-2077
organizations and others           governments, allied                     Phone: (204) 637-2277 Fax: (204) 637-2033
through a new monthly              industries and others                            Murray or Adam Lewis
newsletter Bee-TALK. The
                                New conferences                          QUALIT Y WOODENWARE B OXES,
national office distributes
Hivelights to members of        The new policy defines                  FRAMES, ET C., AND PINE LUMBER
member organizations.           CHC’s role in national                       Unassembled, Assembled
                                events such as conferences                      and/or Wax-dipped
Policy is in place for          and research symposia as                        Food-Grade Finish
external and internal           assisting with planning
communication.                  and promotion. When                           Also available at all " Bee Maid "
                                CHC enters “event”                                   Bee Supply Outlets
Guiding Principles              partnerships, e.g. with                                 Call for Pricing
• Establish and use             provincial associations, this                    Please order well in advance.
   proper channels of           role is defined in a letter of
   communication                understanding.                                         BEEKEEPERS
                                                                                 BUILDING FOR BEEKEEPERS.
• Communicate
   accurately, openly and       Guiding Principles
   in a timely manner           • Assist with conferences
                                   and other events that
                                                                                 HiveLights         May 2009                  13
Plants For Bees:
Apple                            Douglas Clay, Research Scientist, Calgary AB
                                                                                              coronaria (L.) Mill.) from southwestern
                                                                                              Ontario. Many other species have been
                                                                                              introduced. Crab apples tend to be cross
                                                                                              fertile and freely hybridize. Authorities
                                                                                              recognize approximately 800 crab apple
                                                                                              Malus spp is a deciduous tree growing
                                                                                              to about 5 to 8 m while some crab
                                                                                              apples and varieties of domestic apples
                                                                                              are dwarf and even ‘vine’ type trees.
                                                                                              The prairie crab apple (Malus ioensis
                                                                                              (Wood.) Britt.) is large and grows to 9
Common Name:       Apple                                                                      m in height while many other species are
                                                  the fruit. Researchers have even found      smaller. Generally the apple is a multi-
                                                  the charred remains of apples at a stone    stemmed tree with a spreading rounded
                                                  age village in Switzerland.                 crown. The branches bear showy white
Scientific Name:Malus domestica                                                               flowers from mid April to early June.
Borkh. (sometimes listed as Pyrus sp.)            Canadian Distribution:
                                                                                              Individual trees bloom from 2 to 14 days
                                                  Although apples are Canada’s most           with a mean of about 9 days. The five
                                                  important tree fruit crop, we do not        petal blossoms are white to pink, fragrant
                                                  make the top 10 of apple producing          and in a flat-topped showy cluster. Some
                                                  countries. Production is approximately      varieties flower in alternate years. The
Native Range:
                                                  a half million tons annually – about 1%     apple fruit can be yellow to green to red
Apples and crab apples are members                of worlds crop. Ontario, B.C. and the       depending on the variety. Crab apple
of the same genus, Malus spp. all of the          Maritimes are the major apple regions of    fruit are from 1 to 3 cm across while
Rosaceae family. The domestic apple is            Canada.                                     domestic apples can be >12 cm. The fruit
believed to be native to the Caucasus                                                         matures August to October.
mountain region bordering southeastern            The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom
Europe and western Asia near the                  Festival in Nova Scotia is one of a         The bark is red-brown to dark gray with
modern city of Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan.              number of springtime celebrations based     small narrow scales. The twigs are also
Some believe the crab apple (Malus                on apples.                                  red-brown to gray with numerous short
sieversii (Ledeb.) M. Roem.) is the                                                           lateral shoots, some bearing terminal
original source of the domestic apple.            European settlers brought apple seeds       thorns. Leaves of the apple are alternate,
                                                  and trees with them to the New World.       dark green, elliptical, and up to 10
The apple was historically one of the             Apple trees from France were growing        centimetres long. The edges are toothed
first fruits to be cultivated. Possibly the       in Annapolis Royal, NS as early as 1635.    along the irregular lobes.
most common fruit in the world (at least          In 1796, John McIntosh discovered a
in temperate climates). Apples come in a          variety of apple in Ontario that is today
wide variety of sizes and colors. Though          enjoyed by people around the world--the     Apples prefer full sun. They can tolerate
a temperate fruit, a select few varieties         McIntosh apple!                             a wide range of soil types (pH 5.0 to 7.5
can be grown in subtropical and tropical                                                      – preferred 5.5 to 6.5). Most ‘wild’ crab
climates.                                         Twenty to thirty species of crab apples     apple grow in moist, open woodlands
                                                  occur in the temperate regions of North     often along lakesides and stream banks.
The Greeks were growing several                   America, Europe and Asia. Two are           The plant requires good drainage.
varieties of apples by the late 300’s BC,         native to Canada, the Pacific crab apple
and later the ancient Romans also grew            (Malus fusca (Raf.) Schneid) from
                                                  BC and the sweet crab apple (Malus
14                 May 2009              HiveLights
                                           Honey bees pollinating apple
                                                flowers in Nova Scotia’s
                                                      Annapolis Valley.

There are over 7,500 cultivars of apples,      Apple blossom honey is a light golden        good year a colony can increase from 1.3
each with a different range of preferred       color and may have a hint of apple in its    to 3.6 kg/day but there are many years
habitat. The average apple tree needs          scent. Apple blossoms are an important       when the gain is negligible.
750-1000 hours of chilling each winter         source of nectar during the spring in
in order to ensure flowering. Chilling         southern Canada and in the northern          Reference:
is defined as temperatures between             USA. Bees collect both nectar and            Anon. 2009. Apple. Wikipedia. Available at:
0°C and 8°C. Temperatures below 0°C            pollen from the apple blossom. This can      http:// / wiki / Apple . (Accessed
have no effect on chilling hours, while        produce an early spring honey crop,          8/04/2009.)
temperatures above 8°C have a negative         often mixed with dandelion honey. It         Cole, T. (1996). Gardening with trees and shrubs
effect, resulting in the tree needing          granulates quickly. The nectar is one of     in Ontario, Quebec, and the northeastern US.
                                                                                            Whitecap Books, Toronto, Canada. 215pp.
additional chilling hours for proper           the highest in sugar content - over 50%.
flowering.                                                                                  Lovell, H.B. (1977). Honey plants. Gleanings in Bee
                                                                                            Culture. Medina, USA. 96pp.
                                               Although the harvest is variable,
Methods of Reproduction and Spread:                                                         Ramsay, J. (1987). Plants for Beekeeping in Canada
                                               colonies can collect up to 45 kg per
Apples can be bought as bare root,             colony from apple blossom. During a          and the northern uSA. IBRA, Cardiff, UK. 198pp.
potted, or balled small tees from
nurseries. Most domestic varieties are
grafted to hardy root stock, but apples
can also be grown from seed, and seeds
are often the source of new varieties.                                     Canada’s Favourite Apples
Root pruned trees transplant most easily.        Since the 1980’s many new varieties of apples are being grown. These
                                                 include Gala, Fuji, Ambrosia, etc. and have supplemented and in some cases
Honey/Pollen Potential:
                                                 replaced the old favorites such as McIntosh, Spartan, Red and Golden Delicious,
Because many of the cultivated crops in          Gravenstein, Cortland, Jonagold, etc.
Canada are not native to the America’s,
native pollinators are often inefficient         The crab apples were an important fruit for native peoples with access to them.
or unsuitable. Thus honey bees (Apis             They were harvested in the late summer and early fall and either eaten fresh or
mellifera L.) native to Europe are often         stored under water. Because of their acidity, the apples did not require further
used to pollinate crops such as apples           preservation.
introduced from these same regions.

                                                                                       HiveLights               May 2009                          15
New folding container system for                                                                     decant process, maintaining air free
honey and wax                                                                                        conditions.

                                                    Geoff Todd, Canadian Honey Council, Calgary AB   Identification
                                                                                                     Containers have large areas for
TOTE SOLUTIONS LTD of                               damage and can also be heated if                 labelling and offer a number of ID
Abbotsford, British Columbia has                    required.                                        options including bar code marking.
announced two new container                  •      Sight gauge provides visual check                Filling
solutions for packing bulk honey for                on liquid level.
shipping.                                                                                            Various connectors are available for
                                             Heating                                                 attachment to filling lines, ensuring
LIQUIFOLD 65 Intermediate bulk                                                                       a sealed and sterile fill. Liners are
container is a 65 gallon collapsible         Thermostatically controlled heater                      supplied flat, in vacuum and specially
container system designed for the            mats positioned under the liner prior                   folded to ensure a perfect fill every
easy and efficient handling of liquid        to filling, aid the flow of high viscosity              time.
products. Already successfully proven        products like honey.
                                                                                                     Safe Stacking
in the honey and food industry the
container provides an Eco friendly,                                                                  Stacking Locks ensure the cover and
cost saving and logistically efficient                                                               skid interlock when stacked, allowing
solution for honey and wax handling.                                                                 a safe self supporting column in
It has been designed to compete with                                                                 storage and distribution.
cardboard totes, but offers a stronger
package which is not susceptible                                                                     LiquiFold O.T. (one trip) Intermediate
to moisture and can be reused if                                                                     bulk container provides an economic
recovered.                                                                                           solution where container recovery
                                                                                                     is not possible or uneconomic. The
Benefits to Honey & Wax producers:                                                                   container is disposable or reusable and
• Simplifies handling throughout                                                                     weather resistant.
   the logistics process.
                                                                                                     It presents a safe, strong, one trip
• Significantly reduces packaging
   costs compared to traditional                                                                     answer for the transportation of honey.
   alternatives.                                                                                     Liquifold OT is:
• Being returnable and re-usable,                                                                    • Manufactured from recyclable
   Liquifold reduces packaging               Decanting                                                    material, so it is both cost effective
   waste and associated costs.                                                                            and environmentally friendly.
                                             Liquifold is easily emptied using                       • Supplied flat packed to reduce
• Flat pack ability reduces space            aseptic valve/cutter systems, which                          storage and transport costs and
   and costs during storage and
                                             pierce the liner’s sealed membrane,                          can be quickly assembled ready
   transportation. 12 flat packed
   Liquifold 65’s can be shipped on          as the valve is attached. Liners                             for use.
   one pallet space.                         do not require venting during the                       • Featured with a sterile inner liner
• The use of an internal, disposable                                                                      providing an air, moisture and
   liner provides air, moisture                                                                           contaminate free environment for
   and contaminate free                                                                                        any product
   conditions for any
   product. It also removes                                                                                    For information contact Colin
   the need to wash the                                                                                        Stephens at Tote Solutions
   container before re-use                                                                                     Ltd P. O. Box 10226
   and eliminates product                                                                                      Clayburn Plaza, Abbotsford,
   to container dedication.                                                                                    BC V2S 8K5 TEL: 778-
• It has the approval of                                                                                       808-4987 or email: info@
   FDA, Kosher, HACCP                                                                                 web site:
   and CFIA.                                                                                         
• Thick container walls
   provide insulation                                                                                          Foldable – Liquifold containers can
   against temperature                                                                                         be easily and quickly collapsed when
                                                                                                               empty for space-saving storage and

16               May 2009              HiveLights
Vita Research Awards
                                                            Vita (Europe) Ltd Press Release
                                                                                              The Vita research award, valued at
                                                                                              around Euros 10,000, was launched

                                                                                              in 2005 with well-known beekeeper
                                                                                              President Viktor Yuschenko of
Vita Research Awards help unscramble       (Europe) Ltd said: “The biannual                   the Ukraine as patron. The first
and combat the current honeybee crisis     international Vita Research award                  award was made to Dr Alexandros
2009 Award to develop a green biotech      series which we launched in 2005 is                Papachristoforou of the Aristotle
anti-varroa product                        exceeding the hopes we had for it.                 University of Thessaloniki for his
                                           The two completed studies thus far                 work on chalkbrood control. He
2007 Award highlights the global
                                           have produced vital information with               discovered that Apiguard, a varroa
spread of viruses
                                           practical implications for treatment.              control product, also had a major
A project to develop a new, green bio-                                                        inhibitory effect upon chalkbrood
                                           “As the largest dedicated honeybee
control agent to combat the varroa                                                            and this finding has given beekeepers
                                           health company in the world, we
mite that is decimating the world’s                                                           another weapon in their armoury in
                                           are eager to foster much-needed
honeybee colonies has won the Vita                                                            fighting chalkbrood which in many
                                           new research to combat threats to
2009 Research Award. Meantime, the                                                            parts of the world debilitates and even
                                           honeybees. The next award will
results of the Vita 2007 award have                                                           kills honeybee colonies.
                                           be in 2011 and I would encourage
just been released providing further
                                           researchers across the world to                    For more information
evidence that three viruses, almost
                                           consider making an application and to    
certainly induced by the varroa mite,
                                           talk to us soon.”
are implicated in honeybee losses
across the globe.
The 2009 Vita Research Award is
being awarded to a team of researchers         Doug McRory Retires as Ontario’s
at the University of Parma, Italy.
They have already discovered several           Provincial Apiculturist

fungi that can kill varroa and their
next crucial step, for which Vita has                                                             Heather Clay, CEO, Canadian Honey Council, Calgary AB
awarded the research prize, is to
ensure that the fungi are perfectly safe               After 24 years as Ontario’s Provincial Apiculturist Doug McRory
for bees and will be effective in the                  has announced his retirement. Doug is a graduate of University of
warm, humid environment of the hive.                   Guelph specializing in apiculture and entomology. He went on to
                                                       become provincial apiculturist in Manitoba 1967-1971. For a period
Meanwhile, the results of the 2007                     of twelve years he was a commercial beekeeper but gave it up to
Vita Research Award, just announced,                   become Provincial Apiculturist for Ontario in 1985. Throughout the
provide important further evidence                     years he has been dedicated to the honey bee industry and always
that three viruses implicated in                       kept the beekeepers at heart. His close friend Medhat Nasr says,
the demise of honeybee colonies                        “Doug was not one of a clique. He always did what he thought was
are global rather than regional in                     best for the industry, even if it went against the thinking of the day.
distribution. Working in Jordan,                       His colleagues respected him and government officials in Ottawa
Dr Nizar Haddad applied the latest                     valued his advice. He knew how to work with the system rather
molecular (DNA) techniques to detect                   than against it, to get the best results for the benefit of beekeepers.
honeybee viruses. With the first work                                                Doug pushed for registration of useful
of its type in the region, he showed                                                 chemicals and made the connections
that three of the six main honeybee                                                  with the companies that were able to
viruses were widespread in Jordan                                                    make it happen. He was very good for
– and by implication in neighbouring                                                 the industry in every way”.
countries. These three viruses – Acute
Bee Paralysis Virus, Sac Brood Virus,                                                         Although Doug was active in assisting
and Deformed Wing Virus – never                                                               industry to get access to chemicals for
before conclusively identified as being                                                       the treatment of varroa and tracheal
widespread in Jordan have been                                                                mites, he was acutely aware that this
implicated in recent colony deaths in                                                         is a short term solution. The long
many other parts of the globe.                                                                term solution is bee breeding and
Jeremy Owen, Sales Director of Vita                                                           stock improvement. To accomplish P pg 18

                                                                                     HiveLights                  May 2009                         17
this he spent a great deal       City of Vancouver supplies free condos to
of time promoting the
Buckfast bee program             boost urban bee population
in Ontario, encouraging
Russian honey bee                                                                                       By Gerry Bellett, Vancouver Sun
stocks as a commercial
enterprise, lobbying for
and maintaining Canada’s
best inspection program,
establishing the successful
Ontario Tech Transfer
Program and working
with key beekeepers to
put Ontario at the top of
Canada’s bee breeding
industry. The CHC
recognized his efforts with
the Fred Rathje Award in

Anyone who travels with
Doug has observed his
connections. He knows the
majority of beekeepers in
Ontario and many across
Canada. He is welcome in
their home and he has met
most of their families. He
knows the best places to         VANCOUVER — A                     organically without the use    Within the last month, 53
eat for the best price and       $90,000 project to increase       of pesticides, Rosen said.     large condos, 50 of them
he is always sought after        the bee population in                                            capable of housing 72 bees
to speak at beekeeper’s          Vancouver is underway with        “They are expected to          each, and three super-sized
meetings. To be on Doug’s        volunteers now monitoring         monitor the colony and see     hives which will be home
large email list is to be part   53 new colonies of mason          how the bees are doing and     to 720 bees each, have
of his extended family.          bees, living in their own         how many cavities in the       been placed in public areas
Beekeepers have been his         “bee condos” in various           condo are filled,” he said.    around Vancouver.
life and life will be very       parks and public spaces
different for him now            around the city.                  “It’s pesticides which are     The largest are a pagoda-
that he is stepping aside.                                         killing bees, so we want to    shaped hive in Stanley Park
The Canadian Honey               The program began last            encourage people to garden     near the Rose Garden, one
Council wishes him the           year with 100 mason-bee           organically.”                  resembling a Yaletown
best and offers Doug a           condos being distributed                                         condo in Jericho Park and
heart felt thanks from all       to homeowners for                 Rosen said the urban apiary    a pyramid-style structure in
beekeepers in Canada for         placing in backyards, said        project was inspired by the    Everett Crowley Park.
his important work, his          Hartley Rosen, manager            news that bee populations
mentoring and his pride in       of Environmental Youth            across North America are in    That’s 8,000 bees spread
doing the right thing.           Alliance, the volunteer           decline.                       across a whole city, but
                                 organization that is                                             Rosen said the hope is that
                                 responsible for the initiative.   “We do a lot of hands-on       the bees will reproduce.
                                                                   work with youth and this
                                 Residents taking a colony         was a project to create
                                 of 36 bees were expected          awareness about the need to
                                 to plant pollen-rich,             encourage the growth of bee
                                 bee-friendly plants and           populations in urban areas,”
                                 fruit trees and to garden         he said.

18                 May 2009            HiveLights
                                      Tony Lalonde Sales Prt.

          Buy                  Sell                   Distributors for some or all
                                                      of the supplies
          Honey                Beekeeping Supplies
          Wax                  Extracting Equipment   Alberta Honey Producers Coop .................780-960-8010

          Propolis             used Equipment         Manitoba
                                                      Manitoba Honey Coop ..................................204-783-2240

          Bentley extractors     Supers assembled     Claude Hachey .................................................506-546-6687
          Cowan extractors        and unassembled
          Swinger Forklift       Lumber for supers    Munro Honey ............................................. 519-847-5333

          High Fructose Corn     Helmets              Quebec
            Syrup                Hive tools           Réjean Lambert................................................819-828-2549

          Sucrose Syrup          Hive lifters         Saskatchewan
                                                      Tony Lalonde Sales ................................... 306-931-0155
          Inland Plastic         Smokers    
            Winter Wraps         Honey containers
          TLS Bee Apparel        Feeder pails
          Mahurangi              Barrels
          Bee Pro Pollen
            Supplement           Barrel Grabber
          Mountain Bee           Barrel Carts

                                                                                                                                                   Russian Stock
            Products - bee       Pallet puller
            suits, veils
          Permadent                                                                                                                          Serious Breeding For Improved Genetics
          Supers painted                                                                                                                             Over 6 years Of Selection
            and unpainted
                                                                                                                                            Selection For Hygienic & Varroa Resistance
                                                                                                                                    Eggs, Cells, Queens, Breeders, Wide Gene Pool–14 Families
                                                                                                                                                    Closed Population Breeding
                                                                                                                                         We Can Ship Aircargo To Major Cities In Canada
                                                                                                                                               Pilgrim Honey House – François Petit
                                                                                                                                                         Cell: 613-577-6790
Tony Lalonde Sales Prt.                                                                                                     
Box 42, Clavet Sk,
Canada S0K 0y0
Ph: 306-931-0155
fax: 931-1646

                                                                                                                                            HiveLights              May 2009                    19
    Proven success for all achieved through partnering
                                                                                         Sally Huffman Brown, OBA Marketing and Media Coordinator,
                                                                                                                                   Ridgetown, ON

    In this economic challenging time             looked like it was destined to be           and honest relationship and the best
    creative methods of finding some              axed until an offer came to OBA             customer service available. “I believe
    financial support for agriculture             from Heather. Heather states that,          that keeping my customers happy,
    producer associations has been                “I adore dealing with honey people          keeps everyone happy, enthusiastic
    recently achieved utilizing existing          and the industry as a whole. It has         and energetic;” states Heather.
    relationships and                                                     always been a
    the belief that                                                       joy to work with    It certainly seems to be working for
    helping partners                                                      these customers.    everyone since OBA and Dominion
    will help everyone                                                    Since Dominion      and Grimm are both happy with what
    at the end of the                                                     and Grimm has       Heather has been able to provide to
    day.                                                                  always been         the industry and to her employer.
                                                                          innovative and      Tim Greer, President of OBA states,
    Showcasing                                                            has a history of    “The agreement with Heather and
    this philosophy,                                                      giving back to      Dominion and Grimm is beneficial
    the Ontario                                                           its customers it    to everyone and the industry is
    Beekeepers’                                                           was not hard to     appreciative of this offer from Heather
    Association (OBA)                                                     convince my boss    since she will be administrating the
    and Heather Clark, Heather Clark, Dominion and Grimm, has             that by offering    sales, delivery and customer service
    sales representative arranged a container sales incentive program for an incentive        of the OBA skep bottles while still
                          OBA members.
    of Dominion and                                                       payment back to     providing OBA with an incentive
    Grimm, have                                                           OBA from sales      payment.”
    developed an arrangement where                of the OBA skep bottle was a win,
    industry has offered to support               win situation. Everyone benefits and        Dominion and Grimm just announced
    agriculture.                                  the customers are happy with this           that Heather will be their new
                                                  arrangement.”                               representative for Western Canada.
    The new arrangement replaces a                                                            OBA has now fully launched the
    previous one where OBA’s delivery             Heather came to Dominion and                incentive program and feedback from
    of their honey skep bottle was sold           Grimm after working 15 years within         the Ontario industry has been positive.
    to producers and packers through              the packaging industry as a buyer.          Details of the offer can be found on
    the OBA office. With increasing               The experiences she gained have             the OBA website at: http://www.
    administration and delivery costs,            helped her to be an excellent sales rep
    selling through the OBA office was no         for the Ontario industry because she        lay&cat=15
    longer feasible. The whole program            believes that every customer should
                                                  get the best pricing, through an open

    20                May 2009              HiveLights
           Honey Wanted
     1-800-265-4988 Ext. 3285

    Trusted By Beekeepers
      for Over 50 Years!
            McCormick Canada,
       600 Clarke Road, London, On.
                 N5V 3K5

Fax: 519-673-0089       

       HiveLights              May 2009              21
BeeCause – Canadian Artists Raising
Money for Bee Research
                                                                                                 Robin Honey, Honey Design, London, ON

Honey Design is a London,                             2009. On the evening of          research to solve this problem through
Ontario, based marketing and                          September 17, 2009 Honey         the Canadian Bee Research Fund.
communications company.                               Design will host a special
Our philosophy is that clients                        event, auctioning the artwork    research_fund_donations.
should not be separated                               live, by telephone and
                                                                                       Entry Guidelines:
from the creative process                             online. The exhibition and
and that good ideas always                            auction will be in support       •   The maximum dimension for
come from collaboration. To                           of London’s arts incubator,          artwork is 24x36 inches
celebrate Honey Design’s                              The Arts Project, and the        •   Selected artists to receive 30% of
20th anniversary, our hive hatched a         Canadian Bee Research Fund, a                 the purchase price or a tax receipt
creative idea. We chose to celebrate         Canadian research initiative focussing        for the full value.
creativity across multiple channels          on the disappearance of honeybees.        •   Complete the online entry form
in support of two organizations that                                                       at and upload a
                                             About the Arts Project                        photograph of your work online
we care about, The Arts Project and
the Canadian Bee Research Fund.              The Arts Project is a very unique             no later than June 30, 2009.
Because we care about the arts and           organization in the London community      •   Uploaded submissions must be in
we care about honeybees we are               as it is the means through which              .jpg, .gif, or .png format.
holding an exhibition called BeeCause.       hundreds of artists of all disciplines    •   Maximum file size is 300 dpi, or
The exhibition’s theme is honey and          are offered an opportunity to develop         no larger than 2 MB
the creative direction is indicative of      and showcase their work. The main         •   Be aware that the artwork image
Honey Design’s philosophy: Truly             goal of The Arts Project is to give           will be viewed by judges online
innovative creativity comes from a           artists the support to be creative and        for selection and inclusion in the
clear statement of purpose without           develop their work and to offer them          exhibition and auction.
unnecessary restrictions.                    an outlet for which they can share that   •   Be aware that by submitting
                                             work with the community. Visit www.           artwork photography and
About BeeCause
                                                                   photgraphs online, the artist/
Artists of all kinds, across Canada are                                                    photographer is granting Honey
                                             About The Canadian Bee Research Fund
invited to enter this juried exhibition                                                    Design permission to use the
and auction celebrating the theme of         Honeybees, via pollination, are               images to promote BeeCause.
honey. Submitted artwork must be             responsible for 15 to 30% of the food     •   Artists whose work is selected
inspired by honey, in all its forms.         we eat. But in the last two years the         for exhibition and auction will be
From beeswax to honeycombs, and              domesticated honeybee population              notified on July 30, 2009.
queen bees to killer bees, anything          - which most farmers depend on            •   Those artists and photographers
related to honey is encouraged. Any          for pollination - has suffered annual         whose work is selected must
media is acceptable from photography         colony losses averaging 28 to 35%             deliver their work, protected from
to painting, drawing to sculpture,           with some regions of the country              handling, by September 14, 2009
and mixed media. All entries will be         experiencing losses in excess of 60%          to: The Arts Project , 203 Dundas
displayed online, and the judges’ top        of their colonies. Research is key to         Street, London, Ontario, Canada
selections will be invited for exhibition    determining why this is happening.            N6A 1G4, 519-642-2767
and auction at the gala celebration at       The Canadian Honey Council, the
The Arts Project.                            industry group representing both          For more information please contact:
                                             commercial and hobby beekeepers,          Liisa Sheldrick, Honey Design, 519-
BeeCause ,the exhibition, will take          and Canadian Association of               679-6755 ext. 213
place at The Arts Project from               Professional Apiculturists supports
September 14, 2009 - September 26,
                                                                                       or visit BeeCause at

22                May 2009             HiveLights
        From September 15th to 20th
       2009, Apimondia will welcome
     you to Montpellier in the south of
           France for its 41st Congress.
               Numerous professional
     encounters, scientific conferences
     and techincal exchange will make
        Apimondia 2009 a worthwhile
            and unique experience for
                 For your registration visit :

              Pure Honey
                 100% CANADIAN

           (Size: 2 7/8” x 4”, 1,000 labels per roll)
 Pierre says: “Be proud of your Canadian Honey and
      place a label on each container you ship”.
              Labels are available from:
Provincial Beekeeping Associations or BeeMaid Honey.

            $400.00 plus GST per roll
         HiveLights                May 2009             23
                The proof is in the frame!                                                                               Above, picture taken
          Made from 100% Natural Vegetable Ingredients                                                                   February 14, 2008 (TX)
                                                                                                                         Below, picture taken March
                             Contains:                                                                                   18, 2008 (TX)

        No Pollen - No Hive Products - No Animal Products
                - No Soy Products - No Chemicals
         Formulated to closely emulate the natural diet of
                    Available Dry and in Patties
                          Available from:
                 Ellingson’s Inc. – 1.888.273.2300
                       Cell - 1.320.760.6769

Classifieds:                                                                Hive Equipment and Radial Arm Saws : Ethelbert (MB)
                                                                            800 1 gallon feeder pails $2.00 each,
                            Help Wanted                                     13 wood boxes for pails $50.00 each,
Full Time Seasonal Beekeeper Assistants wanted - Carlisle (ON)              225 supers 20 3/8 x 16 5/8 $4.00 each
March through October. Beeyard and honey house work. Heavy lifting,         580 single stack honey pallets $4.00 each
No bee sting allergies please. Send resume to John Van Alten, Dutchman’s
                                                                            5000 lb 4 x 4 beam scale $500.00
Gold Inc., 300 Carlisle Rd., Carlisle ON L0R 1H2 or email info@                                                           7” Delta Radial Arm Saw single phase with stand $200.00
                                                                            20” DeWalt Radial Arm Saw 38” travel three phase with stand $3500.00
                          Wanted to Buy
                                                                            Poitras Shaper single phase new motor & starter switch $2000.00
Cowand spinner and horizontal extractor, 60 frames or more, self loading/   Contact: Bruce, at Podolski honey Farms 204 672 0036, or
unloading. Also truck with beekeeper crane. Call Victor 613-596-5975

Borage and buckwheat honey wanted. 100% pure honey. We are just north
of Toronto. Call Henry Nauta, Penauta Products Inc. Phone 905-640-1564      Best cut comb honey trays (340g) Tight Snap-on clear plastic lid, cream
or fax 905-640-7479                                                         coloured base. Sold coast to coast by mail. Contact NOD Apiary Products,
                                                                            877-483-2929 or email
                                For Sale
4-frame nucs available mid-May, queen cells ready for pick-up June
and July, mated queens shipped from mid-June to September. Contact
                                                                            For all your foundation needs, any size wired or without, organic or
Phil Laflamme, RR 3, Lanark, Ontario, KOG 1KO. (613)267-4614 or
                                                                            conventional, place orders by phone 780-835-2115 or fax 780-835-2873 or

24                   May 2009                 HiveLights
                      HONEY                       APPLES                BLUEBERRIES
   CANOLA SEED                             CANDLES                COSMETICS & MANY MORE

   THANK A BEEKEEPER                                                    Honey Bees are Angels of Agriculture.
                                                                  Honey Bees increase the production of fruits, vegetables
                                                                  and seed crops by two to four times- a value of over one
                                                                  billion dollars annually.
                                                                  Honey Bees pollinate thousands of acres of Apple,
                                                                  Blueberry Canola and other flowering crops important to
                                                                  Honey Bee pollination results in one third of the food we
                                                                  Honey Bees contribute to a healthy lifestyle by giving us
                                                                  natural, unrefined sugars and minerals for a balanced diet.
                                                                  Honey is a highly digestible energy food for athletes.
                                                                  Honey is antibiotic and does not need special storage.
                                                                  Honey is useful for the treatment of wounds and burns.
                                                                  Honey is used to make Mead, an ancient drink also called
                                                                  Honey Wine.
                                                                  Pollen is collected by honey bees from flowers. It is a
                                                                  nutritious mix of proteins, vitamins and minerals that can
                                                                  be eaten as a health supplement.
                                                                  Beeswax is secreted from glands of the honey bee. This
                                                                  natural wax is used by honey bees to form honeycomb and
                                                                  by industry for making candles, cosmetics, skin balm and
 Pierre the Bear, the Canadian Honey Council’s mascot for Pure    lotions.
Honey 100% Canadian, asks everyone to help save our honey bees.   Honey production has zero carbon emission and a positive
                                                                  impact on the environment.
  FOR MORE INFORMATION WWW.HONEYCOUNCIL.CA                        Honey purchased locally supports local beekeepers and
                                                                  helps keep our rural communities vibrant.

                             SAVE OUR POLLINATORS
                 If necessary, spray only at night when honey bees are not around
                   If spraying a crop, call your local beekeeper and let them know
                      Always read the label and apply insecticides with caution.
                                                                           HiveLights           May 2009                 25
T                                                     PLAN NOW
        he Canadian	Beekeeping	Annual	
        Convention will be held in Orlando Florida
        January 12-16, 2010.
It will be held at the same time as the 2010 North
American Beekeeping Conference.
                                                      Westjet offers 10% discount off regular air fares to
Location is the Wyndham Orlando Resort, in the        Orlando for convention attendees.
heart of Orlando’s Tourist Attractions.               Quote promo code QC#6028 when booking.

There are numerous restaurants within walking
distance. The hotel grounds are a tropical isle.
Shuttle service to all the entertainment parks.
Make it a family trip.

Special room rates ($119.00 US) are available when
booking rooms by mentioning you are attending the
North American Beekeeping Conference.

Wyndham Orlando Resort
8001 International Drive
Orlando, FL. 32819
Reservations: 1-877-999-3223

                                     Sponsorship Opportunity
 Platinum ($20,000.00):          Gold (15,000.00):             Silver ($10,000.00):             Bronze ($5,000.00):
 • sponsor status at             • sponsor status at           • sponsor status at              • sponsor status at
     ChC events                      ChC events                    ChC events                       ChC events
 • 	 Official	recognition	       • 	 Official	recognition	     • 	 Official	recognition	        • 	 Official	recognition	
     in ChC publications             in ChC publications           in ChC publications              in ChC publications
 • plaque in                     • plaque in                   • plaque in                      • plaque in
     appreciation	of	being	          appreciation	of	being	        appreciation	of	being	           appreciation	of	being	
     a sponsor                       a sponsor                     a sponsor                        a sponsor
 • 	 Recognition	in	             • 	 Recognition	in	           • 	 Recognition	in	
     ChC’s monthly                   ChC’s monthly                 ChC’s monthly
     newsletter                      newsletter                    newsletter
 • 	 Preferred	and	large	        • 	 Preferred	and	large	                                       The Canadian Honey
     location at annual              location at annual                                         Council, as the national
     trade shows                     trade shows               voice of the Canadian honey bee industry, has served the
 • 	 Registration	for	           • 	 Registration	for	         industry for more than 50 years. During this long history
     research symposium              research symposium        the Council has been supported by generous donations
                                                               from many individuals and organizations. To strengthen
 • opportunity to meet                                         its relationships with current sponsors and encourage
     with the board                                            new sponsors, the Canadian Honey Council has created a
                               Sponsorship Program to offer individuals and organizations opportunities to support the
                               national organization and receive specified benefits and recognition in return.
The purpose of the Program is to expand participation to those who wish to demonstrate their support for the day to-day
work of the Canadian Honey Council.
There are several types of sponsorships and the benefits vary with each.

          We need your support. If you would like to be a sponsor of the Canadian Honey Council please contact
                                            our office or call 403-208-0330.

26                May 2009            HiveLights
HiveLights   May 2009   27
             Bees require proper nutrition to produce new bees and to
               increase longevity. Here at Mann Lake we have been
   involved in bee nutrition for over 20 years - supplying the best feed products
                     at the most economical prices available!
            Don’t be taken in by hype and high prices.
               Nutrition is based on good science.
• Bee-Pro® gives your bees the best nutrients available for the production of
  larval food.
• Bee-Pro® is a high protein pollen substitute which supplies the lipids, miner-
  als, and B-complex vitamins honeybees need to produce
  larval food.
• Bee-Pro® is specially formulated for the commercial
  beekeeper feeding syrup as the source of carbohydrates
  in the bee’s diet.
• Bee-Pro® can be fed in dry form in a feeder box placed
  in the yard or made into patties by mixing with high
  fructose corn syrup or sugar syrup and placed in the
• Bee-Pro® is free of all contaminants. Natural pollens
  may contain pesticide residue and disease carrying
  bacteria (foulbrood.)
• Bee-Pro® can be used for building colonies in late winter or early spring, to
  prepare for pollination and to maintain or increase brood production prior to
  and after honey flow.

    Save time and money with our pre-made supplement pat-
     ties. They can go from box to hive in seconds! Feed your
    bees in early spring and fall to increase colony numbers.

   Authorized Dealers:
    Manitoba Cooperative
        (204) 783-2240                                800-880-7694
   Alberta Honey Producers                            Mann Lake Ltd.
        (780) 962-5573                       
                                                                                        Fully reconditioned and #1 Quality Export Drums - Offering
                                                                                        custom trucking across western Canada and western states.
                                                                                               Office/Cory 250-499-5773 - Lee 250-499-5753 -
                                                                                                             Fax 250-499-5752

                           PLANET BEE HONEy FARM
                           TOuRS & GIFTS   Retail / Wholesale &
                                                               Distributor Pricing,
                           5011 Bella Vista Road               Re-sellers Wanted
                           Vernon, B.C. V1H 1A1              Specialty Honey, Pollen,
                           Phone 250 542-8088                 Propolis, Royal Jelly,
                           email:            Filtered Beeswax

Beekeeping Supplies Equipment & Glassware
Larry & Marilyn Lindahl
6456 Cowichan Valley Hwy
PO Box 1491 - Lake Cowichan BC V0R 2G0 -Canada
250-749-3800 -

                   Custom Pollen cleaning and
                   drying services
                   Fresh frozen pollen available
         Nutrition Purchase of Canadian Pollen

                   Call Danny or Ginette Paradis
                   Tel. (780) 359-2772, Fax (780) 359-2773
                   PO Box 30 Watino, Alberta T0H 3R0


            MENTHOL BOARDS
                      Please order early

              Box 1169, Nipawin SK S0E 1E0

                 Phone 306-862-4194

                    Fax 306-862-4193

     Producers of Northern Blossom Honey
SECURE                                                     Get control of Varroa
                                                           mites with Apistan.
  THEIR                                                    • Up to 100% Varroa control
                                                           • Cost effective and convenient to

                                                             use – one treatment gives a full year’s
                                                           • Safe for bees and beekeepers
                                                           • Considered the best anti-Varroa product
                                                             by beekeepers around the world
                                                           • No detectable residue in honey
                                                           • No risk of applying too much,
                                                             or too little

For additional information contact your favourite bee supplies company
                       or call 1-800-263-2740.
            Please read label carefully for directions and precautions. APISTAN is a registered trademark of Wellmark International.

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