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                     Larry Sinclair/Barack
                     THE   STORY   BARACK   OBAMA   AND   THE   MEDIA   DO   NOT   WANT   YOU   TO   KNOW

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                                        SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2008

                                             UPDATE OF SURRICK ORDER (Courts &
                                             Judges Integrity questionable)
                                        The previous post questioned the actual author of
                                        the "ORDER" allegedly issued by US District Court Judge R.
                                        Barclay Surrick (I left off the title "Honorable" as that
                                        remains to be determined).

                                        This update will address three additional findings concerning
                                        this order and its actual author(s).

                                        1. The "mystery Fax (header on the bottom of the 36 pages)                                                                     10/27/2008
Larry Sinclair/Barack Obama                                                                               Page 2 of 9

                                    began at 4:55PM and ended at 5:11PM for a total of 16
             LARRY'S YOUTUBE
                                    minutes. But where was the "mystery fax" machine located?

                                    2. The fax from Judge Surricks office to Phillip Berg started
                                    at 18:09 or (6:09PM) and ended at 18:16 or (6:16PM) for a
                                    total of 7 minutes. Now what would cause a whole 9 minute
                                    discrepancy in the transmission times of a fax on the exact
                                    same number of pages? And even a slower machine would
                                    not cause a difference of more than double the time of
                                    transmission for the same number of pages.

                                    3. The ORDER has no file/date stamp on the document at
                                    any page whatsoever which is required and is standard
                                    Court procedure. Why?

                                    Judge R. Barclay Surrick, whether intentional or not, has
                                    created a situation that challenges the very integrity of the
                                    US District Court for the Eastern District of PA as well as the
                       powered by
                                    integrity of the Judge himself.

                                    All of these issues must be address without delay, and the
             THE TRUTH ABOUT
                             owner         and location of the "mystery Fax" must be disclosed
                                    immediately with explanation as to why a ruling said to be
                                    issued by Judge Surrick, was in reality Faxed to Judge
                                    Surrick? The first and only Fax header that should be on the
                                    ruling when faxed to Attorney Philip J Berg should have been
                                    none other than that of Judge Surrick alone.

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                                    PENN SY LVANI A, SIDLEY AUS TI N LLP, US DI STR ICT JUD GE R .
                                    BAR CLA Y SURR ICK

                                    SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2008

                                       CONFLICT OF INTEREST


                                    I was sent this interesting side note and thought it was
                       powered by
                                    worth sharing. What makes the question of Conflict of
                                    Interest even more interesting is this.

             IN GRAND RAPIDS                                                                   10/27/2008
Larry Sinclair/Barack Obama                                                                      Page 3 of 9

                                      The original faxed decision from the Clerk of the US District
                                      Court for the Eastern District of PA to attorney Philip J Berg
                                      appears to have been faxed to Judge Surrick for him to sign.
                                      But if this is the case, the questions becomes who wrote the
                                      decision and faxed it for the Judges signature?
                                      DID SOMEONE TELL JUDGE R. BARCLAY SURRICK
      1 (STUDENTS FOR                 WHAT HIS RULING WOULD BE?
      OBAMA PT1)

                                      The attached file of the original fax shows another fax
                                      header on the bottom of the page with the number missing
                                      (look at the lower left corner of the page and then the
                                      lower right corner with the page number). A fax copy
                                      of the decision from Judge Surrick was faxed to Mr.
                                      Berg from the Judge’s Chambers, pages 1-36,
                                      beginning at 18:09 October 24, 2008, and that is
                                      clearly notated by the receiving fax, starting at page
                                      01/36. Page 36/36 is marked 18:16 October 24, 2008.
                                      What is interesting is not at the TOP of the fax pages;
                                      it is at the bottom. The ruling issued by Judge Surrick (?)
                                      was actually faxed to the Judge by someone (?) at 4:55 pm
                                      and the question is who? Did the Obama Attorney's or
                                      Surricks old Law Clerk, Christopher Seaman, (who just
                                      happens to be employed by Sidley-Austin, the former
                                      employer of Barack & Michelle Obama, et al.) write the
                                      ruling dismissing the Berg suit?

      OBAMA PT 2)

                                      At the bottom of each page is a notation from another                                                         10/27/2008
Larry Sinclair/Barack Obama                                                                         Page 4 of 9

                                      FAX machine, indicating the date, page number and
                                      time. Unlike the pages faxed from Judge Surrick’s fax
                                      at 18:09, the “name” of the fax sender is blank,
                                      presumably so the sender’s identity could not be seen,
                                      and obviously with the sender unaware that the date
                                      and time would be stamped on it. The fax began from
                                      this mystery fax at 04:55P on October 24, 2008, and
                                      ended at 05:11P.

                                      So is this why the Obama Campaign and David Plouffe
                                      stated yesterday that "we now have a clear path to Victory"?

                                      POS TE D B Y LA RR Y SIN CLAIR AT 6: 58 PM 14 COMME NT S
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                                      LA BELS: BAR ACK OBAMA , CHI CAGO , CHR IST OPHER SEAM AN ,
                                      LA RR Y SINCLAIR , MUR DER , OB AMA DR UG S , OB AMA HACKE RS ,
                                      OB AMA' S GAY SEX, PENN SY LVANI A , SIDLEY AUS TI N LLP, US
                                      DIST RI CT JUDG E R. BA RCLAY SURR I CK

      ONLY MCCAIN'S                       PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS

                                      The Philadelphia Daily News (a pro Obama Newspaper)
                                      knowingly falsified the ruling of US District Court Judge

                                      The Philadelphia Daily News reported that US District Court
                                      Judge Surrick found Berg's suit to be "ridiculous"
                                      and "patently false". Judge Surrick never made any such
                                      claim in his ruling, claiming that a US Citizen (Philip J.
                                      Berg) does not have standing.

                                      What the Philadelphia Daily News failed to state in its
                                      report is that they published the Obama Campaigns
                                      statements filed on behalf of Barack Obama and the
                                      DNC in their motion to dismiss and for a protective
                                      order. This is the biased media yet again being used
                                      by Barack Obama to tell out right lies to the American
                                      Voter. Obama Attorney LaVelle, in his motion to dismiss and
      NOVEMBER 1, 2008
      MARCH TO STOP OBAMA             motion for protective order claimed Berg's suit
                                      was "ridiculous" and "patently false". The Courts ruling
                                      never once used either of these phrases as reported by the
                                      Philly Daily News doing Obama damage control.

                                      Call the Daily News and its parent the Philadelphia Inquirer
                                      and demand that they publish a correction and admit to
                                      knowingly misrepresenting the facts to the American and PA
                                      Voters. Inquirer & Daily News 215-854-4500 or 215-854-

                                      Cannot wait to see Barack Obama explain to the                                                             10/27/2008
Larry Sinclair/Barack Obama                                                                         Page 5 of 9

                                      American People why he feels American Citizens do
                                      not have standing under the US Constitution to
                                      challenge him and his fraud!

                                      Fox News and the Associated Press finally report the Berg v
                                      Obama action. Maybe soon Obama will have to address his
                                      Larry Sinclair actions!

                                      POS TE D B Y LA RR Y SIN CLAIR AT 5: 12 PM 5 COMME NT S
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                                      JOE BI DEN , LA RR Y SINCLAIR , MUR DER , NEW YOR K OBAMA T IM ES ,
                                      OB AMA DR UG S, OB AMA HACKE RS , OB AMA' S GAY SEX,
                                      PENN SY LVANI A

                                          MAJOR ENDORSEMENT FOR OBAMA?


                                      Iran has officially endorsed Barack Obama for President of
                                      the United States!. Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, did
                                      on October 21, 2008 announce that Iran supports Barack
                                      Obama's bid for President of the United States.

                                      In the same endorsement of Obama, Larijani went on to say
                                      that Iran is not worried that the US will take any action
                                      against Iran as the US is weak and is completely comsumed
                                      in its current economic worries.

      OBOTS ATTACK PALIN              This from the same Country who says Isreal and the US will
      MOTORCADE                       be destroyed! Not mention that Iranian President claims
                                      there are no Gays or Bi-Sexuals in Iran. I guess an Obama
                                      official visit to Iran would result in his arrest for his sexual
                                      orientation.                                                             10/27/2008
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                             0:00/ 0:0

                                         POS TE D B Y LA RR Y SIN CLAIR AT 4: 34 PM 2 COMME NT S
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                                         JOE BI DEN , LA RR Y SINCLAIR , MIKE SIG NA TOR, MUR DER , NEW
                                         YORK OB AMA T IME S, OB AMA HACKE RS , OB AMA' S GAY SEX,
      I AM JOE                           OB AMA' S LI ES

                                            THE US CONSTITUTION IS A
                                            WORTHLESS PIECE OF PAPER

                                         The United States Constitution, you know that piece of paper
                                         that is supposed to provide protections for every single
                                         American Citizen, which every President of the United States
                                         is sworn to uphold, has become as worthless as a sheet of
                                         used quilted northern toilet tissue. And the Obama rag the
                                         Philadelphia Daily News (which smells like used toilet tissue)
                                         reports at the request of the Obama Campaign outright false
                                         claims and statements attributed to the Judges ruling. Now
                                         if Obama's media cannot report the truth on the Judges
                                         findings, what the hell can they report the truth about when
                                         it comes to the biggest fraud in American Politics?

                                         The US Constitution states that certain qualifications must
                                         be met to hold the Office of President of The United States,
                                         yet Barack Obama, the DNC and now the Philadelphia Judge
                                         in Berg v. Obama (see at
                                         says a United States Citizen does not have standing in
                                         demanding that a candidate provide documentation of their
                                         Constitutional Eligibility to run for and hold the highest office
                                         in the land.!?

                                         So what does the Constitution protect US Citizens from?
                                         Since when is Barack Obama given more protection and
                                         standing, simply because he says, than any other US Citizen?                                                              10/27/2008
Larry Sinclair/Barack Obama                                                                       Page 7 of 9


                                      Rise up American Citizens and protect yourselves from the
                                      constitutional tragedy that is taking place in this Country. If
                                      the Judges in this Country do not start to enforce the US
                                      Constitution and stop being scared and using "plaintiff has
                                      no standing" as a blanket excuse to continue to ignore valid
                                      constitutional challenges, election 2008 will become even
                                      more litigated than election 2000, and this will not be about
                                      hanging chads, but about the biggest constitutional fraud
                                      ever perpetuated on this country by a political candidate and

                                      So is this what Barack Obama and David Plouffe were
                                      referring to yesterday when they said, "we have a clear path
                                      to victory?"

      FOR MCCAIN                      Philip J. Berg, Attorney and Plaintiff in BERG v OBAMA,
                                      states he has yet to receive the ruling but that he will appeal
                                      to the US Court of Appeals and even the United States
                                      Supreme Court.


      MY BLOG LIST                    "This is a question of who has standing to stand up for
                                      our Constitution," Berg said. "If I don't have standing,
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                                          if you don't have standing, if your neighbor doesn't
         Helping to Keep an
         Eye on the Larry                 have standing to ask whether or not the likely next
         Sinclair Allegations             president of the United States--the most powerful
         Letter to Philip Berg
                                      man in the entire world--is eligible to be in that office
         Regarding Berg v. Obama
         13 minutes ago                              in the first place, then who does?"

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