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									Short Story: Creative Project Ideas
Choose six out of the ten activities below, matching them up with the short stories with which they will be most successful. All of these require that you combine information provided in the story with your own creative input. Do not change the facts, characters or themes of the stories; however, you may fill in "blank spots" with added information where necessary. For each activity, provide the title of the story you have chosen. Choose a wellbalanced variety of activities, including both written and artistic responses. 1. Write a radio show version of one of cassette tape (if you need one, they can school). In the script, write the story effects and music, if possible. You may you in the recording of the radio show. commercial or two!!) 2. Write a resume of that the character is the story). Include: education/schools and interests. Make this your stories and record it on be made available for your use in in play form. Include narrator,sound ask classmates or friends to help (Get creative with a brief

one of your more well-detailed characters. Imagine applying for a job (appropriate to his or her role in objective, prior positions and job experience, degrees (if any), vital statistics, hobbies and document look official!! Type if possible.

3. Create a comic strip or a story board for one of your stories. Be sure that the captions and illustrations explain the story clearly. Do not include every detail -- only those that are most important. You will not be judged on your artistic talent, only on your apparent effort. The pictures may be elaborate or simple, but effective. 4. Rewrite one of your short stories as a poem or a song. Be sure to include important details, symbols, incidents, conflicts. P.S.: Good poetry does not always rhyme! 5. Discuss an important symbol from one of your stories. Explain why you believe the thing (object, color, sign, etc. ) is important, and what you believe it comes to represent in the story. Provide examples and details (approx. 150 words). 6. Write a news article covering the events in one of your stories. Include, besides the 5 w's, eyewitness accounts (quotes), expert opinions and a "photo" or two. Here you may elaborate or expand on basic facts to create a detailed article. 7. Discuss the author's use of suspense or irony in one of your short stories. Provide details and reasons to support your observations (approx. 150 words). 8. Imagine you were to go through the trash of one of your characters. Explain what you would find there, and why. Base your "finds" on the story from which the character comes (at least four objects). Begin by telling a bit about the character. 9. Imagine you are a film producer in Hollywood. The author of one of your stories has contacted you regarding the possibility of producing a film

version of his story. Write your response, in letter form, explaining whether or not you believe the story would make a successful film. Give specific reasons for your opinion. 10. Write a piece in which you discuss your personal connection or response to one of the stories you read (approx. 150 words). Why was it important or relevant to you? 11. Build or draw the set for a TV show or movie based on one of the stories. Write a short rationale for the set design. 12. Other?????

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