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									Opening our hearts
      ... to open their minds!

             Love, Education & Aspiration to change Destinies
Always wanted to be a LEADer?                             Armed with this desire,
Then join us in one of the most fulfilling and exciting   LEAD started off. The
journeys in LEADing the lesser privileged children        first class of LEAD was
towards their brighter futures…                           in the biggest hut in the
                                                          community. The first
                                                          class- art and craft session!
What is LEAD all about?                                   This inspired his friends and
Love, Education and Aspiration to change Destinies        they, in turn, passed the word
- that is what LEAD stands for! LEAD is also an           around. Soon 28 children were admitted to a nearby
attempt to create leaders; individuals who step up        NMMC school. However this sense of achievement
and take the responsibility to initiate change,           was short lived as a few days later, the school called
voluntarily.                                              to tell us about a drop in attendance amongst those
                                                          children. That is when we realized our job was far
LEAD Foundation is a completely volunteer driven
                                                          from done.
NGO (Registered Public Charitable Trust) wherein a
group of like-minded people viz. young working            We started weekend classes for the children to
professionals, house-wives, students and senior           infuse them with an enthusiasm for schooling and
citizens have united by the desire to educate and         discovered that weekends were not enough to
    thereby, change destinies of the lesser fortunate     touch their lives. Since we couldn't leave our regular
      ones.                                               jobs, we turned to colleges to seek the help of
                                                          student volunteers.

       How LEAD Began…                                    Overcoming various issues like finding places to
         July 2008, Airoli                                teach, getting funds and other resources, finding
        Rupesh was on his way to work when he saw         dedicated volunteers, regular field visits to meet the
      some kids; children of local rag-pickers and        parents, planning/implementing/ re-working on
 daily-wage laborers, near the Sector 19 bus-stop at      various teaching methodologies, today LEAD has
Airoli. On a whim, he started talking to the kids.        more than 60 children enrolled and most
Random conversation about their schooling and life        importantly retained, in the schools.
developed into a determined pursuit and soon he           Also, a strong team has gradually shaped up & we
was speaking to kids and their parents about              have, now, leased a premise for conducting our
schooling in general. That is when he came upon           sessions. We never imagined that a desire to help a
Ashok, aged 25, preparing for his Class X English         few children would become a tiny yet immensely
paper. A school dropout Ashok had decided to              satisfying movement for change. Each day with
complete his education. This was probably the             LEAD is a struggle with fresh challenges but we are
spark that lit the flame which would become LEAD.         not daunted, because each day, one of our children
If a road-digger could choose to go back to books,        gives us a reason to smile!
so could others.

                                                          How you can make a difference?
                                                          This brochure is not just meant to tell you about
                                                          the journey of LEAD; it is to spread the message
                                                          that each one of us – any common man - can
                                                          make a difference.
                                                            When we started out, we were just individuals
                                                              who taught some kids in our area, there
                                                               was no professional social worker, no
                                                               NGO & not even a thought about funds.
                                                                We just focused on educating our kids
                                                                and everything else followed. Similarly,
                                                               each one of us can make a difference if
                                                                we put our minds and more importantly
                                                                   our hearts into it. So take the plunge
                                                                     & start doing something; because
                                                                     just intentions don't matter!
Various Projects of LEAD
We primarily work with the children living in the shanties/
street shelters of Airoli and Ghansoli (Navi-Mumbai) who hail
from the families of construction workers and other daily wagers. We
first admit these children into the nearby municipal schools and then strive to
provide a cheerful environment for their holistic development so as to prevent
their early drop out due to their problems at home.
Our sessions comprises of various activities like:
    ·    Supplementing the kids' school lessons, with main focus on Maths,
         Science, English, Marathi, GK and Computers
    · education through charts, moral stories, motivational movies &
         various plays
    ·    Indoor games, Out-of-the-wall activities in the garden, sports and
         Prayer, Yoga before the sessions
    ·    Workshops like Clay Modeling, Fabric Painting, Paper-Bag making,
         Collage, Rakhi-making, Origami, Drawing/Painting etc
    ·    Educational/Fun trips like Nehru Science Center, Planetarium, Nature
         park, Circus, Mall, Post-office, Fire Brigade, Railway station, etc
    ·    Celebration of all major Festivals, 15th Aug, 26th Jan and even their
         birthdays. Our volunteers further seize this opportunity and involve
         even their own kids during these celebrations, thus sowing the seeds
         of humanity, equality and compassion in their kids' minds at the right
         time. Also this serves to weed away any kind of fear/inhibition/guilt
         breeding in the minds of our kids from humbler backgrounds towards
         the children from upper strata helping them truly 'connect'

Health and Nutrition
Along with regularly inculcating the importance of hygiene and nutritious
meals, we conduct health check-ups for these kids, through NMMC dispensary
/ hospital visits and medical camps, and even get them and their younger
siblings vaccinated. We also give them calcium/vitamin tonic and hot cooked
breakfast/snacks daily during the sessions besides providing the nutritional
powder packets and tins to their families.
It's been close to 3 years now and we are proud to say that we have been able
to make a significant impact in the lives of over 60-70 children and even, to an
appreciable extent, in the thinking and behavioral patterns of the major
stakeholders - their parents.

Women Empowerment
Here, we try to impart the vocational skills like candle making, tailoring,
embroidery etc to the mothers of these children and even other local
household maids, thus attempting to provide them some additional income.
Currently, we try to market these products by putting up stalls in various
companies, schools and colleges.

Other projects
    ·Sponsoring the Educational expenses of the needy and deserving
    ·Rehabilitation of extremely poor/ street children into shelter homes.
    ·Encouragement of kids in some of the shelter homes.
Our Village Project
In March 2011, LEAD ventured upon one of the most
exciting and challenging projects in one of the tribal
villages near Badlapur – Lavhali - a small habitat that
falls under Ambernath Taluka.
We started off taking sessions on English, Mathematics and
Computer Skills for the students of class-8, 9 and 10 of this village on every
weekend. Due to our regular and deeper involvement with this adolescent
group we were exposed to the quality of education received by the children in a
rural primary school.
We are now dreaming and gearing up for elevating the learning levels of the
younger children with the help of these elder students of this village. This in-
turn will build the personality and raise the self-esteem of this adolescent
group thus propagating the next level of change-makers within the community.
Our other activities till now:
   ·  Distribution of Nutrition powder to the adolescent girls as well as
      Anganwadi children (0-6yrs)
   ·  Distributing educational toys/games and computer for the primary
   ·  Aptitude testing and Career counseling for the students of class-9 and 10
   · to Juhu Beach and ISKCON
   ·  Session on Menstrual Health and Hygiene for adolescent girls with the
      help of a Gynecologist
Since the journey to success never ends we need your support and LEADership
to help us add little drops of water to make the mighty ocean deep.

    "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can
        change the world. It indeed, is the only thing that ever has!"
                                                         - Margaret Mead
How LEAD works?
We, at LEAD, are driven by our volunteers; they are the force
behind our incredible journey. They see firsthand the realities of
the under privileged, our efforts/ challenges and hence the potential
to make a difference. Our volunteers realize that LEAD does not have any
separate fund raising team or program or sources and hence they too start
working, voluntarily, for the same. Thus most of our funds actually come from
some of our volunteers and then their friends, family and well wishers.
As we are moving ahead in our journey to make a difference, we are growing.
Today we operate at three centers – two in Navi Mumbai while one in a rural
setting & we have various projects. This change has been a learning experience
and we realize we cannot just rely on personal donations but need to have
consistent flow of funds to sustain these programs.
We are sure there are many who care and our work will inspire them to
contribute for this cause. All details about donations are present on our

What makes LEAD different?
LEAD also stands for leadership. We tell our volunteers what to do and not
really about how to do; and they surprise us with their results. We may assign
them a task in the beginning but after a short while they realize for themselves
the various ground realities and the challenges at hand and develop their own
ways of working.
Volunteering with LEAD involves a lot of multitasking but it also gives you the
freedom to use your skills, execute your ideas and stretch your capacities in a
manner of your liking. And hence, we succeed in transforming our volunteers
into leaders.
Volunteer Speak...
Snehal, 20, Bio-technology student says
“As a teaching volunteer, instead of teaching I am myself learning so many
things from kids. I hope this beautiful journey with LEAD would continue for
long time. Thank You So Much LEAD for all these wonderful moments!”

Jyoti Madam, 49, House-wife says
“Being part of LEAD is amazing. These kids have become my family. I enjoy
teaching them. I want every single child to get proper equal education and be
successful in the future.”

Avishkar, 25, Telecommunications engineer says
“LEAD gave new dimensions to my life, my thinking towards society, people has
completely changed. LEAD has helped me to grow as an individual; it feels
satisfying to work for my country and its people.”

Sunita, 25, Software professional says
“Spending weekends into the tribal village, getting to know these people,
understanding their problems made me realize how much lucky we are to get
all the facilities and resources easily. I have learnt to realize the value of all
things we have around. I am growing to a better person with our kids.”

Ashish Pawaskar, 38, Internet and Media Consultant says,
“LEAD's volunteer driven model has made me a more take-charge person than
before. The kids are so sweet and eager to learn anything that you throw at
them, this has made me evaluate the impact of my actions and words and have
become a more careful and loving person in my thoughts, actions and words.
The LEAD model has become my inspiration for my NGO Adarshmay.”

Vinita Shah, 37, with backgrounds in Education and Puppet making,
says, “…Sitting under the shade of a lush green tree, having an impromptu story
telling session (with kids in LEAD) is one of the finest memories I cherish. It has
been a wonderful come back to teaching by being with LEAD. It is wonderful a
feeling to see the million dollar smiles and gleaming eyes looting the little
pleasures of learning with fun!”

Swagata Yadavar, 22, Content writer says,
"I always had the urge to do something for the society but lacked the courage to
go ahead and do it. But when I came here, I felt like I belonged. I feel I am
fortunate to be associated with LEAD because it gives me a perspective on
things, surprises me with what all I can do and empowers me to make a
Women Speak...
Here is what the community women have to say about us; these women                    Shobha
attended tailoring, cooking, sewing classes conducted by LEAD and WISE
(Women's Institute for Social Education) for a period of a year.

Shobha Rosary said, “Thanks to Rupesh sir, we could come out of our homes.
Here we did not just learn stitching but we could see the world outside our                               Kamal
homes. Our lives were always about doing something for others- our kids, our
husband and our house but here we did something for ourselves.”

Kamal Sonawane said, “After coming to the class, I realized that I could
stand on my own feet. I have learned so many things from the class. I have also
given a speech in the class by myself!”

Vimal Chavan said, “I have come from poor family, spent my childhood
collecting garbage. Never did I think I would be able to see and do these things. I
want to thank Rupesh sir for this.”

Anita Shinde said, “I have learnt so many things in the class. I am not
educated but learning all these skills makes me feel like I have learnt                Vimal


Children Speak...
Children, the main beneficiaries of our activities, our reason, our cause, tell
us what they feel about LEAD.                                                                            Simran
Rajesh, 8, says, “I used to sort junk before, but Rupesh sir brought me here in
LEAD. Now I only study and I want to grow up to become someone great. Before
coming to LEAD I did not know how to talk well or study but the teachers here
taught me that. I study, play, paint, make new things here. All the teachers are
great here.”                                                                          Tulsiram

Simran, studying in class-6, says, “I felt very good after coming to LEAD. Before
coming here, I always had a desire to study and after coming here, my desire
was fulfilled. Earlier I used to behave badly but teachers in LEAD taught me how
to behave well and now I am better behaved. In LEAD, we go to picnics and we
get to learn a lot, wherever we go.”                                                                     Anjali

Tulsiram studying in class-4 says, “I like coming to LEAD, I was silent before but
teachers say now I have started talking a lot. Teachers here love us and do not
hit us. I also take the help of the teachers here for school homework. I also like
the food we get here and also like the games we play here.”                           Sanjana

Anjali, studying in class-5, says "Teachers, here, are like our friends and we
share our problems with them. They understand us and help us.”

Sanjana, studying in Class 6, “I don't feel good on the days I don't come to

"It is absolutely necessary for the mental health & development of the children that they should not have mere
                schools for their lessons but a whole world whose guiding spirit is personal love."
 So, how can you become a LEADer now?
 • Volunteer your time and hobby/professional skills for our urban
   and/or rural students.
 • Donate in Cash or Kind.
 • Sponsor one of our programs like education, nutrition/ snacks, picnics,
   workshops etc.
 • Spread awareness about the work of LEAD in your circle of influence,
   by word of mouth, putting up posters in colleges/schools/
   offices/societies/high foot-fall areas, through internet, sharing
   information about our work in meetings/gatherings.
 • Connect us with other skilled/resource persons/like-minded
 • Start teaching an underprivileged child in your area. We will guide you
   with everything.
 • Share the journey of LEAD with others; this might inspire them to
   initiate something similar.

  "We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.
       But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop"
                                                        - Mother Teresa

You are invited in our journey...
           Contact us at:   LEAD Foundation
                            14, Garden View Society, Plot-66,
                            Near Jain Temple, Behind NHP/VPM School,
                            Sector 19, Airoli, Navi Mumbai 400 708

                            Email us at:
                            Like us at :
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