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UFOs BY Michael House

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									UFOs BY
Michael House
UFO spotted over O'Hare, and other deadline

Here's the UFO story, courtesy of NPR.

The great thing about the digital information age is
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There are 24 of them. You can submit your
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more here.

Also, students were discussing whether we award 20
or 30 College Honor Scholarships, our full-tuition
scholarship. We award around 20, and they are
renewable for four years. Students who were
admitted early action will not hear about scholarship
decisions until April.When the prophecies-within-
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Using cutting-edge data mining techniques, Dr.
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When the prophecies-within-prophecies are
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From the Author:

With a total of eight chapters, The Nostradamus
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Next, the years 2008 through 2012 are explained in
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Time of Troubles, this period is full of war,
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this book to enlighten yourself, your loved ones,
your world, and your future.

In the complete book, you will read about:

     * The identity of the third Antichrist
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     * Radical new weapons described in striking
     * Advent of the "New World Order"
     * Geological Earth shifts caused by man-made
     * Many more details

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Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

This is the journal of the Institute of Hispanic
Ufology (IHU), presenting UFO and paranormal
cases from Spain, South America and the Caribbean
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Spain: Sightings Were a MEDIA HOAX
Source: Planeta UFO

Spain: UFO Sightings a MEDIA HOAX
Internet forums have made it their task to call into
question the work done by journalists. The latest
proof has emerged when many media such as
Telecinco and 20 Minutos reported a mass UFO
sighting reported via e-mail. This information was
no more than an Internet hoax promoted by
Forocoches, which has again "pulled a fast one" on
the press.

The popular Internet forum Forocoches decided to
fill the e-mailboxes of various Spanish
communications media, reporting sightings of lights
in the sky that could correspond with UFOs in
various parts of Spain's geography. It was thus that
newsrooms began receiving e-mails from different
parts of Spain reporting the sightings.

"20 Minutos", "Anda Ya" (Los 40 Principales) and
"Esta Pasando" (Telecinco) all took the bait,
publishing the news item as an actual story.
Evidently the story was a fabrication and was
disseminated by bloggers belonging to the forum,
who have once again called into question the
contrast with information received from traditional
media. Telecinco even transferred a reporter from
"Esta Pasando" to the web newspaper's newsroom to
provide greater coverage on the story.

(Translation (c) 2008. S. Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Luis Eduardo Pacheco).
posted by Inexplicata at 12:25 PM
Spain: Strange Lights Seen All Over Country
Source: 20MINUTOS.ES
Date: 4.14.08


Readers report seeing the same strange lights all
over Spain.
They believe they saw yellowish or orange lights
that traveled in a zig-zag pattern at full speed.
Lights were visible in A Coruna, Burgos, Valencia
and Huelva

Readers of have submitted several e-
mails from various cities throughout spain reporting
that they believe to have seen strange lights that
could be UFOs on Sunday evening.

From Valencia two readers remark that "we have
seen lights moving in zig-zag while going along
Valencia's Avenida del Puerto. Le lights came from
the west more or less. They were yellowish lights
and I thought it was an airplane, but they repeated
and moved very quickly. We have informed the
authorities and we hope information is made
available, as we are somewhat scared."
Pablo describes a similar case: "Only a few minutes
ago did I see a light, [although] I can't tell if it
was yellow or orange. The fact is that it moved
from side to side in a rapid zig-zag motion. Several
of my friends also claim to have seen it. It doesn't
seem to be a shooting star. I found it curious,
although I must admit that I'm scared that it could
be an asteroid about to strike the Earth."

Jorge Luis, in Burgos, claims to have seen"
something that moved at blinding speed. It wasn't
an aircraft, it moved in an uncontrolled manner and
had intermittent orange lights. It made no noise.
People are very nervous by this development and
there is confusion out on the streets".

Sergio Trueba also writes: "I was on my way home
in the car when I saw some lights that flitted by
me in the sky on Sunday. When I got home, they
told me that they'd also seen something, but didn't
give it much thought."

Also seen in Huelva, A Coruna and Madrid

Another reader in Huelva states that he saw "a
spacecraft flying over the city. It had yellow and
orange lights. It moved quickly and was heading
north (I saw it from the east). We're very concerned
about it around here."
The same yellow lights were seen glowing brightly
over A Coruna, according to another reader." We
are sure that they weren't airplanes because they
made no sound at all and made strange movments,
like a zig-zag. We have informed the authorities."

A Madrid resident also says: "I saw an object in
the sky. It was like an airplane with very bright
yellow lights. In fact, it could blind you if you
looked at it closely. It made some very strange
effects and movements. It flew much too fast."

Additional Information:

(Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to
Universo Prohibido)

posted by Inexplicata at 9:05 AM
Monday, April 14, 2008
Brazil: High Strangeness Creatures
Strange Creatures in Brazil: Highest Strangeness
by Dr. Rafael A. Lara, CEFP

[Dr. Rafael Lara is the co-founder of the Institute
of Hispanic Ufology. This is one of his many
articles covering "high strangeness" events in the
Americas - Ed.]
Brazil is one of the largest countries in the world:
spreading over an extension of 8,511,965 square
kilometers, it is the fifth largest nation after Russia,
Canada, China and the USA. Most of it is made up
of jungles that remained unexplored to this very
day, great savannas and a number of mountain
ranges which remain enveloped in dense vegetation,
without mentioning the vast swampland of the
Amazon, which harbors an infinity of creatures and
beings, some of them known to science and others
known only through tradition and sporadic sightings
made by explorers and aborigines.
Our research shows that two groups of entities may
be taken into consideration: 1) Strange beings linked
to the apparition of UFOs (bearing in mind that
Brazil is foremost among the nations with the
greatest number of sightings, landings, contacts,
abductions, etc.; 2) Giant cats, winged creatures,
hairy humanoids, dwarves, sea monsters, gigantic
serpents, etc, which steer the investigator toward a
cryptozoological or paranormal phenomenon.

1. Strange creatures associated with UFOs

There are hundreds of reports in which one can find
a direct relationship between UFOs and strange
creatures. However, in this report we shall limit the
scope to only the most relevant cases and those
which present the most varied morphology. Likewise
we shall concentrate on those events which
transpired after the so-called "modern era of UFOs",
which kicked off, as we all know, with Kenneth
Arnold's sighting in 1947.
Bauru, state of Sao Paulo, July 23, 1947: Only 29
days after the Arnold sighting, Brazilian topographer
José C. Higgins witnessed an enormous disk some
45 meters in width, whitish-grey in color, and
supported by four metallic struts. Three beings,
measuring some 2.15 meters in height (7 ft),
stepped out of the craft wearng transparent outfits
which covered them like "plastic bags". They had
round eyes, bald heads and bulky round heads
without eyebrows or facial hair; their legs were
proportionally longer than a human's. The witness
could not determine if they were male or female,
but found that they had "a certain beauty" about
Near Santa María, state of Rio Grande do Sul,
March 16, 1954. Rubén Hellwing encountered, on
two successive days, with a number of different
entities. On the first day, he saw two slender men,
1.60 meters in height, with dark complexions and
helmetless. On the following day he encountered a
tall blond man accompanied by two dark skinned
women with long black silky hair, and dark slanted
eyes. The three were dressed
in identical one-piece brown outfits. In both cases,
Hellwing was able to see a flying object resembling
"an inverted casserole."
Pontal, November 4, 1954. José Alves was out
fishing when he met three diminutive creatures
wearing white outfits and tight-fitting helmets. The
entities had emerged from a discoidal vehicle some
3 to 4.5 meters in diameter.
Porto Alegre, state of Rio Grande do Sul, November
10, 1954. An agronomer from Porto Alegre
allegedly saw two strange-looking men emerge from
a discoidal structure some 5 meters in diameter. The
figures were humanlike, with long hair, and wearing
Linha Bela Vista, state of Rio Grande do Sul,
December 9, 1954. Olmira da Costa e Rosa, a
farmer, met three average-height humanoids
described as: "broad-shouldered, with pallid
complexions, slanted eyes and wind-touseled blond
hair," who were gathered outside two discoidal
objects enveloped in a kind of fog. The farmer
believed at first that they were aviators from another
Sao Sebastiao, on Brazil's southern shore. At 7:10
p.m. on June 15, 1957, professor Joao Freitas de
Guimaraes, attorney and professor of Roman Law at
the Catholic Law School, observed two tall men
(1.80 mts.) with shoulder-length blond hair, fair
complexions, youthful demeanor and a look in their
eyes which expressed wisdom and understanding.
They wore one piece greenish outfits that were snug
around the neck, wrists and ankles. Professor
Guimaraes was able to see a luminous, hat-shaped
object which descended not too far from his
Quebracoco, October 10, 1957. Spanish Navy officer
Miguel E. and a companion were able to see a
giant UFO whose portholes offered a glimpse of
seven small humanoid beings, no larger than a
child, with long hair and clad in luminous outfits.
Minduri, August 23, 1958. On August 23, 1958,
two giants whose height was estimated at six meters
(19 feet!), clad in brilliant red outfits, were seen
close to Minduri by three witnesses who also
claimed having seen a hat-shaped luminous object
suspended in the sky.
Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, August 28,
1963. At 7:15 p.m., three boys were standing in the
backyard of their home in Belo Horizonte's Sagrada
Familha neighborhood when they noticed an large,
transparent luminous sphere descending toward them.
One of the occupants of the sphere was a tall,
slender man, some 2 mts. in height, dressed in a
"scuba diver's outfit" and with an entirely bald head
contained within a massive helmet. The man was
earless and noseless, red-skinned, and had a single
large dark eye, withouth eyebrows or eyelashes, in
the middle of its face. This case was not
investigated until the summer of 1965, when it was
brought to light by Brazilian researcher Hulvio Brant
Cruzeiros, state of Sao Paulo, August 14, 1965. A
ralilorad worker in Rio de Janeiro, Joao do Rio, had
a close encounter measuring aproximately 70
centimeters in height, with large luminous eyes
recessed in a large bald head. The singular creature
had emerged from a flying saucer.
Sao Joao, state of Pernambuco, September 10, 1965.
Antonio Pau Ferreira, a 45-year old farmer, was
startled to behold two disk shaped objects no larger
than 1.50 meters wide and 60 centimeters thick,
which disgorged two small beings of a generally
humanlike appearance, beardless, with reddish-brown
skin and waxen complexions. They wore form-fitting
Alto Dos Cruzeiros, Canhotinho Municipality,
Pernambuco. On October 26, 1965, José Camilo
Filho, a 56 year-old mechanic, witnessed a UFO
flying over his neighborhood. Minutes
later, driving along a highway, he noticed two small
beings, less than a meter tall, with brown skins,
wrinkled and furrowed faces "like those of old
men", white hair on enormous heads, and slanted
eyes. One of these dwarves wore a pointed cap
made of dark material, and a patchy beard grew on
its face. Both creatures wore silvery outfits and
luminous belts.
Agua Branca, Quipapa, state of Pernambuco,
Februrary 25, 1966. María Marluce and María
Marilucy de Silva had an encounter with a disk-
shaped object some 3 to 4 meters wide. Standing
beside the object was a humanoid being some 2
meters tall surrounded by six small, large-headed
creatures in coveralls. The creatures appeared to be
talking among themselves.
Alexania, Brasilia, December 27, 1967. Wilson
Plácido Gusmao, a resident of Brasilia, ran into five
humanoid entities shortly after having witnessed a
UFO. The creatures belonged to the oft-described
category of long-haired blondes, with porcelain-like
complexions and shimmering, form-fitting outfits.
One of the humanoid, presumably the leader, had a
light in front of him.
Sao Paulo, August 25, 1968. María José Cintra, a
worker at Serafim Ferreira Hospital, was startled to
encounter a strange woman with fair skin, wearing a
light blue cloak over a silvery coverall with tight
cuffs. The entity floated into a pear-shaped object
which floated less than a meter off the ground.
Prefeitura de Lins, state of Sao Paulo, October 2,
1968. Turíbio Pereira witnessed 5 identical beings
which appeared to be repairing a luminous object
that rested on the ground. The witness described the
creatures as being some 1.50 meters tall, wearing
radiant blue tunics which covered their head, arms
and torso. Two other individuals wore brilliant red
Fazenda Bela Aliança, Pirassununga, February 6,
1969. José Antonio Fioco saw a strange craft lying
in one of his ranch's pastures. Three tall humanoids
wearing brilliant silver outfits emerged from the
vehicle. Their outfits had three large buttons on the
Bairro Pinheiro, Pirassununga, February 6, 1969.
Several residents of this community reported seeing
the descent of a large luminous object around 7:30
a.m. Two small men emerged from the object.
Witnesses described tham as having slender lips,
flattened noses, dark eyes with neither pupils nor
whites, wearing aluminized outfits that covered their
Colegio Batista, March 22, 1969. Two girls
observed a small man wearing a helmet which
projected a greenish radiance through bulbs shaped
like "cat's eyes." Two hours earlier, the girls had
seen a strange luminous object which appeared to
be following them.
Itaperuna, December 20, 1971. Manuel da Silva
Souza witnessed a strange discoidal object on the
ground. Standing beside it were 4 diminutive
humanoids with bare round heads, thin noses and
slanted eyes, wearing emerald colored clothing. The
beings appeared to be mouthless.
Baldim, Minas Gerais, July 12, 1972. Joao Alves
Sobrinho saw 2 small beings along the roadside,
wearing light-colored, long-sleeved clothing, standing
beside a dark object with 7 luminous sources
outside it. The witness did not hesitate to notify the
corresponding authorities.
Londrina, January 5, 1973. Joao Marques reported
seeing an airplane-sized object which disgorged a
humanoid occupant, dressed all in white, wearing a
helmet. The creature made a friendly gesture at the
1973 (precise date unknown). Bernadette Gómez,
adopted daughter of General Moacyr Ulloa, was
taken to some location in the Amazon where she
witnessed an extraordinary blue light which produced
a normal sized entitiy wearing a tight-fitting outfit.
The creature cured the young woman of a disease
known as Mal de Chagas -- a fact corroborated by
Santa Lucía Hospital in Rio de Janeiro.
Paciencia, Rio de Janeiro, September 15, 1977.
Antonio La Rubia allegedly encountered an unknown
object resting in the middle of a football field.
Upon turning away from it, he was faced by three
robot-like figures measuring some 1.20 meters. The
robots had antennae which extended over their heads
like footballs, in whose center was a band of tiny
transparent mirrors in shades of blue. They had
thick bodies and appendixes resembling arms whic
thinned out toward their ends (La Rubia compared
them to an elephant's trunk). The witness claims
having been abducted by these creatures.

2. Creatures of a cryptozoological or paranormal

Under this heading we include all those creatures
which have generated multiple reports, but whose
existence science has as of yet been unable to
determine. It should be pointed out that there are, in
fact, "official" confirmations of their existence, but
given the elusiveness of the creatures, reports are at
best sporadic.
As with the previous heading, there exists an
infinity of references concerning these entities, yet
we consider it to be more expedient to mention
reliable evidence exclusively, as well as those cases
which portray the diversity of these manifestations.
Isla de Noronha, Brazil, 1905 (precise date
unknown). Fernando de Noronha, a Luso-Brazilian
sailer, witnessed a sea monster in the waters off the
eponymous island. The creature's head was allegedly
"as large as a cow" and its body spiraled away
from its head to a distance of 9 meters (29 feet).
Rio Negro, Brazil, 1907 (precise date unknown).
Commander Percy Fawcett, an explorer, killed an
Anaconda measuring some 19 meters (62 feet).
These reptiles normally measure no more than 7.5
to 9 meters.
Pernambuco, Recife, 1907 (precise date unknown).
An officer on a merchant vessel witnessed a sea
monster measuring some 55 meters long (180 feet).
The creature reached the ship "...with the speed of a
flying arrow..." It had two large dorsal fins.
Cordillera de Parecis, 1914 (precise date unknown).
Commander P.H. Fawcett encountered savage
creatures covered in hair which resembled apes.
According to his testimony, they had knowledge of
the bow and arrow. Locals refered to these beings
as "maricoxis."
Cuenca del Urubu, 1930 (precise date unknown).
For over 60 years, persistent rumors concerning the
existence of a giant apelike being in this region
have run along the length of the Urubu River. In
this reference, a Brazilian who formed part of a
ten-man expedition ran into a massive hairy creature
which growled as it walked and left in its wake "..a
bitter and penetrating odor..." Despite having fired at
it a number of times, the animal escaped. The
hunter believed that it was the Mapinguary, Pelobo
or Pe de Garrafa.
Along the Araguaya River, 1940's (precise date
unknown). An anonymous photographer took two
pictures of the giant Sucuriju, a sea serpent
measuring anywhere between 60 to 180 feet long,
with brilliant green eyes, which reportedly lives in
the Araguaya River.
Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, 1950's (precise date
unknown). Luiz do Rosario Real and his wife Lucy
Gerlach Real were walking through the forest one
night next to the sea when they were startled to
notice two flying shadows crossing the path upon
which they walked. The couple
believed them to be two colossal birds until the
creatures made a vertical descent, and the Reals
were able to see that they were in fact six-foot tall
winged humanoids. It is worth including under this
item the experiences of British explorer J. Harrison
while traveling along the Manaús River, a tributary
of the Amazon, in February 1947. According to
Harrison, the "birds" had a nine-foot wingspan, had
the color of dark leather and showed no signs of
having feathers. The top of their heads was flattened
and they had a long neck and beak.
Amazon Jungle, 1966 (precise date unknown). A
band of savages, standing more than six feet tall,
hairy and very aggressive, raided neighboring tribes
according to those who know them as the Kreem-
Akakore. Elements of the Brazilian army tried to
contact the giant raiders but did not achieve its
purpose. A team of British scientists led by Alaistair
MacKenzie, Ian Bishop and David Hunt was
dispatched in hopes of finding the Kreem-Akakore.
Rio de Janeiro, August 1982. A group of fishermen
claim having seen a sea serpent twice. The monster
had an elongated neck and was covered in scales,
measuring some 48 meters (157 feet).
Xurucus, Recife, February 3, 1983. A number of
people claim to have seen gigantic green creatures,
some 3 meters tall, with box-shaped heads and
square legs, exiting a cave located near Xurucus.
The main witness is farmer Geraldo Cordeiro.
Lagos do Aviso, Vitoria, July 21, 1992. A large
number of people witnessed the presence of an
extraordinary sea serpent, with an approximate
length of 15 meters, swimming along the river. The
creature did not attack any living beings.
Sao Paulo, February 21, 1994. David Oren, a
Brazilian explorer, went in search of an enormous
creature which traditionally roams the Amazonian
jungles. The Mapinguary, Preguica Amazonica or Pé
de Garrafa has been seen since before 1930 by a
variety of witnesses. According to Oren, the time is
right to send out a serious expedition to find it.
Tres Lagos, Matto Grosso do Sul, March 14, 1995.
Wilson Dourado de Paula, a well-known soccer
player, was attacked by a wolf man (lobizón) in
Tres Lagoas at 1:30 a.m. as he left a family
reunion. He described the creature as measuring
some 2 meters in height and having fiery red eyes,
a pointd tail and entirely black in color. He had to
cast a stone at it, since it very nearly seized him.
Witnesses to the event were Aníbal José Pedro, 43,
and Dirceu Arruda, 52.
San Roque, state of Sao Paulo, October 7, 1996.
Farmer Eduardo Roberto de Moraes stumbled upon
a number of claw-shaped footprints deeply etched
into dry, hardened soil. Some of the prints measured
up to 40 cm. (13 in.) in length. Tufts of brownish-
grey hair were found tangled in a local fence. To
judge by the footprints, the creature would weigh
some 200 kgs. (440 lbs.). According to the
testimony of two witnesses who encountered the
creature, it resembled a dog standing some 5 feet
tall, with large black eyes, long fangs and a body
entirely covered in dense yellow fur. A mane of
sorts ran down its back. The entity was able to
walk grotesquely on its two hind legs or on all
fours. SAMIZDAT correspondent Encarnación Zapata
García submitted the hair samples to the Universtiy
of Sao Paulo to have them analyzed.

posted by Inexplicata at 12:48 PM
Argentina: Chance UFO at Quebrada del Condor

Source: Planeta UFO and Diario Mendoza de
Date: 04.13.08
Argentina: UFO Wasn't Photographed on Purpose,
They Say

Gaston Damia appears in the foreground, left. The
unidentified object is in the upper right hand corner.

A group of friends spent the day at Quebrada del
Condor. A day later, when they looked at one of
the photos they'd taken on the computer monitor,
they realized that a strange object was present in
the sky. They claim that the photo, taken with a
cellphone, is not a hoax. Gaston Damia and Patricio
Pereyra are facing the hard task of convincing
everyone that the photo is real, that it is not a
product of trickery, that they have no intentions of
profiting from it and were never aware of what
appeared there until they noticed it on the computer
screen. Yet there it was, out of focus and in the
distance: an unidentified flying object (UFO).

The event occurred on April 6, 2008 at Quebrada
del Condor in Tupungato, when a group of friends
chose that location to spend the day. "We had
wanted to go there for a long time, but just to see
it. We never imagined this nor ever heard of
anything like it," said Patricio, who despite having
been the one who pressed the cellphone key to take
the photo, is somewhat skeptical about the existence
of flying saucers and alien civilizations. In any
event, he is still at a loss to explain how the object
got into the photo.

Gaston is more enthusiastic. He acknowledges that
since he saw the photo, he has read as much
ufological material as possible and has also received
e-mails from people interested in hearing more of
his experience. However, they told us that they
didn't have an inkling until the saw the photo on
their computer monitor. "I took several at that site,
it was a sequence. And the fact is that we hadn't
seen anything at all. The next day we got together
to see the photos taken by a friend who went there
with us, and that's when we saw it."

When he first saw it, Gaston thought that the UFO
had been placed there by Patricio using Photoshop.
And he didn't believe what he was seeing until his
friend also swore that he was surprised by the
whole thing. "I was told that there are may cases of
"phantom UFOs" -- one doesn't see them at the site,
but they subsequently appear in photos," he

The group of friends included Facundo Olguin,
Brenda Canizo and Bibiana Sanchez. All of them
are currently receiving comments regarding the
photo, as tends to occur in such cases. Most suspect
its a trick, particularly because they believe that
Patricio and Gaston have a masterful command of
image editing software by virtue of being systems
engineering students.

"The photo is right here. And if anyone wants to
research it, no problem. It's available, because I'm
not interested in making money on this either," said
a defiant Patricio

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(Translation (c) 2008, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Guillermo Gimenez)

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Argentina: The Malargue UFO

Source: Luis Burgos, FAO
Date: 04.03.08


Sighting, Photos and Analysis

Félix Fernandez, Omar Gonzalez and Virgilio
Moreno, workers at the Direccion Provincial de
Vialidad (Provincial Highway Authority) were
returing from La Junta toward the city of Malargue
in the south of the province of Mendoza after
having worked on some machinery. As they journey
elapsed, Fernandez took pictures of the landscape
with his cell phone (of which no data is available
to this day). At 18:50 hours, a strange flying object
- disk shaped -- appeared out of nowhere and
maneuvered in front of the sun and the witnesses. It
flew over the area for 15 minutes until standing still
for a moment and losing itself toward the west in
the El Chacal region. This allowed several photos to
be taken of it. The episode was retold by Fernandez
himself on Alvear's Radio 1 and recently reached
the media. Analyses performed by our specialist,
Jorge Luis Figueiras, show a typical solid "saucer"
shape with interesting contours and edges, similar to
the ones photographed with cellphones at El Chocon
and Santiago del Estero, both in 2008.

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Argentina: More Phantom UFOs

The first photo was taken in mid-February 2008
during a sports training session. Two spherical
"objects" appear in the background. One is larger
than the other and with its upper section somewhat
clearer. These were not detected at the time that the
photograph was taken. A Soni 7.2 mpix camera was
The second photo, from Alvear, Argentina, shows a
lawn hockey practice session and was taken on
February 8, 2008. The object was only detected
when the image was downloaded to the computer.
Both photos courtesy of Raul Chaves and CIUFOS-

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Friday, April 11, 2008
Chile: One of Our Lakes is Missing
Date: 04.11.2008

Lago Cachet vanished in the early hours of 7 April

Experts from the Center for Scientific Study in
Valdivia (CECS) have reported the disappearance of
another lake of glacial origin in the Aysen region
after having been alerted by an "unusual swell" of
the Baker River. It was Lago Cachet, which was
located some 1,700 km south of Santiago de Chile,
and occupied a surface of four kilometers long and
one wide.

According to Radio Cooperativa, scientists explained
that the new glacial voiding was confirmed by
Jonathan Leidich of the Patagonia Adventure
Expeditions company, who visited the area on
Last year, between the months of April and May,
Lago Tempanos at Campo de Hielo Sur disappeared.
This lake was 1.8 square kilometers in size. The
CECS stated that Cachet is two and a half times
larger and held a water volume five times greater.
These 200 billion liters of water emptied in a few
hours on the evening of April 6-7. The research
center added that the emptying caused the partial
collapse of the Colonia Glacier, flooding significant
parts of the river valley and the Baker River, but
without causing any accidents or loss of life.

The frequency of this phenomena in Chile's southern
region has us concerned, as it confirms that these
events, which occur periodically in glacier basins,
are probably becoming more frequent due to the
increase in temperature linked to climate changes
experienced by our planet," said experts. "This flood
reminds us that event such as this may occur
periodically and be magnified by the recent warming
experienced by the zone," added scientists, referring
to the high temperatures experienced southern Chile
this summer.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Liliana Nunez)

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Mexico: Crews of 5 Airliners Report UFO Activity
Date: April 10, 2008
Ana Luisa Cid writes: On March 23, 2008, between
20:00 and 20:40 hours, five airliner crews reported
UFO sightings over Mexico.

All witnesses agreed on the traffic being intensely
brilliant, with lights resembling airliner strobes
(white and intermittent). The objects were described
as brilliant spheres that were also surrounded by

One of the pilots, the one who flew closest to the
UFOs, added that they had a pentagon-shaped base.
The objects went up and down, making movements
that could not be matched by an airliner. At that
time they were flying at 25,000 feet, 70 miles
northwest of Guadalajara (Jalisco).

The airliners followed different routes and according
to the triangulation between pilots and air traffic
controlers, the UFOs should have been at the center
of the triangle formed by Guadalajara -
Aguascalientes - Bajio.

Aircraft involved:
ATR42, Aeromar
Boeing 737-800, Aeroméxico
Boeing 737-200, Aviacsa
Focker 100, Click de Mexicana
Airbus A320, Mexicana de Aviación
Communication frequencies employed:
128.5 MHz
123.9 MHz

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Ana Luisa Cid, air traffic controller
Enrique Kolbek and aviation mechanic Alfonso

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Mexico: Hairy Creature Attacks Sheep in Pustunich
Source: Fundacion Cosmos A.C. and
Date: April 11, 2008

Mexico: Hairy Creature Attacks Sheep in Pustunich

PUSTUNICH, Ticul, 8 April -- The bizarre deaths
of four sheep in a small ranch of this community
has caused trepidation among local residents, as
there are those who claim that the "Chupacabras" is
to blame.

Some locals claim having seen "a hairy animal
standing nearly 2 meters tall" in the dark of night.

This situation has caused the town's habitual repose
to be interrupted, especially that of the ranch's
owner, who has even decided not to breed any
more animals to avoid attracting the strange entity.
According to the facts, the strange deaths of four
sheep occurred only a few days ago on the property
of Ligia Couoh, on Calle 27 between 16 and 18.

"The animals showed no signs of being tortured,
they only had two deep holes in the neck. There
wasn't even any blood spilled on the soil. On that
day the animal attached the three sheep and must've
filled itself with blood, as the [fourth sheep] only
had a scratch on it. However, on the next day, that
last animal turned up dead . That was my last
sheep, and that creature came back in the night to
kill it."

"I told the police and a veterinarian came to inspect
the animal. She said that the holes were deep and
made by fangs that are curved, rather than straight."

Mrs. Couoh says that the animal that killed her
sheep must fly, as she saw blood spattered in
different locations.

"Perhaps it's the Chupacabras, as my neighbors have
heard the screams of strange animals at night -- and
seen them -- since my sheep were killed. That day
I was overcome with fear. I was even paralyzed by
the way in which my animals were killed. I've been
living here for 47 years and had never seen or
heard of animals being slain like this."
Ligia Couoh says that the several families have seen
a strange entity standing two meters tall in the
night, and they say it's like a bear.

Other residents of the locality say that ducks and
turkeys have also been drained of blood.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Leopoldo Zambrano, Fundacion Cosmos

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008
Argentina: Meteorite Crash Confirmed
Source: INFOBAE de Buenos Aires
Date: 04-09-08

Argentina: Meteorite Crash Confirmed

Scientists have ratified that the remains found in the
locality of Colonia Verdu showed signs of having
entered the atmosphere, and dismissed the possibility
that it could have been "space junk"

Five rock fragmnets found in an area beloning to
the El Palmar National park were analyzed by
scientists from the Asociacion Entrerriana de
Astronomia (AEA) and yielded positive results. They
stated that what fell in that province on Sunday
night was in fact a meteorite.
The larger object -- the size of a fist -- and the 4
remaining ones, almost 3 cm in diameter, were
subjected to magnetization tests that yielded positive
results. The blackish color of the rocks was further
corroborated as the hue generated by the ablation
resulting from entry into the atmosphere, according
to the La Republica de Entre Rios web portal.

AEA qualified the remains as "fragile". For that
reason, they beleive that contact with the Earth's
surface led to the meteorite shattering into hundreds
of pieces, thus making the search for the missing
parts much harder. Laboratory results are still
expected, which will allow the origin of the rocks
to be determined with precision. However, the
possibility of "space junk" was discarded.

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO)

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Ecuador: Another Furtive UFO Photo

Date: 04.08.08

Ecuador: Another Furtive UFO Photo

Raul Oscar Chaves writes: This image was obtained
in early January 2008 in Guayaquil, Ecuador, by
Mariano P. while conducting a photographic tour of
this country. He took a picture of the monument
that displays the flags of various nations, and upond
downloading the images to his computer, found to
his surprise that an object not visible when he took
the photo was plainly visible. He employed a Sony
7.2 mpix digital camera.

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Ecuador: UFO Photographed between Cuenca and

Source: CIUFOS-LAPAMPA / Date: April 7, 2008

ECUADOR: UFO Photographed between Cuenca and

Raul Oscar Chaves writes: "This photo was taken
on the road linking the cities of Cuenca and
Guayaquil in Ecuador and was taken by Mariano P.
who collaborates with our group. He employed a
Sony 7.2 mpix digital camera and the presence of
the object was detected when the images were
analyzed on his computer.

(Translation (c) 2008, Scott Corrales, Institute of
Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Raul Oscar
Chaves, Ciufos-LaPampa)

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Monday, April 07, 2008
Argentina: No Information on Alleged Meteorite
Source: Diario AP Noticias (Villaguay, Entre Rios,
Date: 04/07/08

Argentina: No Information Regarding the Alleged
Meteorite Crash

*** Meteorite Fell in Colonia Baylina and was Seen
Throughout the Region***

Rumors have so far led to the belief that the
“meteorite that fell in Colonia Baylina, Dept. of
Colon, is located in the vicinity of the La Paulina
ranch” but silence or denial have kept further
information about this event from emerging.

Eyewitnesses to the extraordinary phenomenon have
added details about what crossed the skies of
Villaguay and the region. Aside from describing it
as an immense red fireball underneath and sky blue
on top, with a trail of small shiny particles like a
tail, residents of the department have described
smelling an odor resembling burnt wiring as the
object went overhead.

One witness, Miguel Amoroto, currently president of
the “La Rocka Moto Club”, described the event
thus: “Last night we were traveling from San
Salvador to Villaguay in a group of 13 people.
Shortly after 22:00 hours, we were passing the
entrance to Villa Clara and at that time, the sky
literally turned to daylight. We could see the
continuation of the road, the fields, even some
chicken coops in the horizon, right in the middle of
the night. The phenomenon didn’t last more than
four seconds. [The sky] went from midnight blue
and turned to sky blue (almost white) and then
turned red for an instant, in the same way as some
sunsets do, and suddenly turned off. After this, we
pulled over to the curb to discuss the experience
we’d been through. Most of believe that this
phenomenon took place east-southeast with regard to
our position. We regretted not having traveled in the
opposite direction, since this would have allowed us
to see the events more clearly. After having
discussed the occurrence for more than 4 minutes,
and as we nearly got ready to resume the journey,
a powerful explosion was felt in the atmosphere and
on the surface. This enabled us to deduce that some
meteorite was involved.”

Some people confessed to feeling afraid and the
majority was amazed at being able to witness
something unknown that they may never see again
in their lifetimes, given the distance at which it
took place and the magnitude of the extraordinary

(Translation (c) 2008. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Pablo Lasa, Ariel Coppola, Fernando
Lizardo of Grupo G.A.B.I.E)

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Argentina: Object Falls From Sky in Entre Rios
Source: C.E.I Engimas – Parana, Argentina
Date: 04/07/08

Argentina: Strange Object Falls from the Sky in
Entre Rios

On Sunday night, April 6, 2008 at around 22:00
hours (Argentinean time) a strange object fell near
the center of the province of Entre Rios (Argentina)
near the communities known as Villaguay and San

According to locals, a powerful light was seen in
the clear night skies, leaving in its wake a reddish-
orange tail. A powerful explosion that caused the
earth to shake was subsequently heard, and it even
caused some windows to shatter.
The news media immediately stated that an immense
meteorite was involved. This fact has not yet been

The Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Enigmas
sent three of its researchers (a professional aviator
among them) to fly over the San Salvador area, the
region with the greatest likelihood of having been
impacted by a significant chunk of the (still
unidentified) object that fell from the sky.

Meanwhile, Raul Avellaneda, Director of the Centro
de Estudios e Investigaciones Engimas, told local
and national media that “our Center remains
cautious about stating the nature of the object, as
there is still no physical evidence that would allow
us to ascertain that it was indeed a meteorite.”

He also added that there are other possibilities
beyond the meteorite, adding: “While the greatest
likelihood involves a meteorite, we are leaving a
margin for the possibility of space junk being
involved, similar to what fell recently in Goiás,

When consulted about the possibility that [the
object] could be a spacecraft, he downplayed the
possibility, while not discarding it. “For the moment
we are dealing with an unidentified flying object
(UFO) which is not synonymous with alien
spacecraft, and in such a case we would be
speaking in terms of a VED (Spanish for Guided
Extrahuman Vehicle). For now it is a UFO, an
unidentified object that has not even been located.
Our Center prefers not to put forth any hypotheses
until more specific elements are at hand.”

This information shall be expanded on in the
Enigmas radio show on Tuesday as of 22:00 hours
(Argentinean time) on FM 91.7 La Radio de Paraná
and also online at its website,

(Translation (c) 2008 S. Corrales, IHU).

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Argentina: UFO Flies Over El Chocon
Source: Noticias On Line
Date: 04/03/08

Argentina: UFO Flies Over El Chocon

A young man who was making a domestic video
recording with his cellphone captured the presence
of a strange flying objects in the skies of Neuquen.

Jorge Villarreal became aware of the unusual find
once he returned to his home in Neuquen after
having spent a few days with his girlfriend. Upon
reviewing the videos created with his cellphone, he
realized that he had captured the flight of a UFO
over the El Chocon area.

The images show Jorge’s girlfriedn and then the
lakeside landscape at a place known as “El Faro”,
near a campsite. A small moving point can be seen
almost imperceptibly from a given angle. When the
image is paused and advanced frame by frame, a
sort of saucer-shaped object with a dark base and a
light colored rear section can be clearly seen.

Villarreal reported to the studios of Radio y
Televisión del Neuquén (RTN) to make the news
known. Technicians at the TV station’s editing room
analyzed each of the frames of the film and attested
that the mysterious object indeed appeared in the
images. They believed that photographic trickery
with a cellphone such as Jorge’s was virtually

“As the skies were clear, it’s possible to see the
black disk very clearly,” said the youth during an
interview with RTN.

Jorge stated that this was the first time he had
experienced such a situation.

”The fact is that I couldn’t believe it. We went
over the video many times with friends and co-
woerkers,” he said, still stunned by the discovery.
Villarreal says that the most noteworthy detail is
that while he was making the recording in which
the UFO appears, both he and his girlfriend began
feeling intense headaches and an unexplained
tiredness. “We had slept well and didn’t have any
reason to feel so tired,” he added. They ascribed it
at the time to the long hike they’d taken around the
lake, but when they discovered the flying object in
the recording, they thought that their condition could
perhaps be related to the presence of the UFO.

Jorge will surely never forget his experience. The
proof that he was very near a flying saucer, a UFO
or whatever it was, is still inside his cellphone.
Wherever he goes, he has no objection to showing
the video and explaining what it all meant to him
on that unusual Sunday as he observed the majestic
landscape under the skies of Neuquen.


(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Guillermo Gimenez, Planeta UFO).

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Argentina: Residents of Rio Cuarto Witness UFO
Date: 04/7/08


A mysterious unidentified craft, described as “large”
and with a “yellowish light”, was seen by numerous
residents in the city of Cordoba province on
Monday night (03-31-08) in a sighting confirmed by
journalist Alfredo Cieres. The sighting was
confirmed by the Argentinean Air Force.

Carlos Oyola, a spokesman for the Argentinean Air
Force, told Radio Rio Cuarto that there were no
flights scheduled at that time for either commercial
or military craft, stressing that the object reported,
“did not correspond to any conventional type of

The object was seen on Monday at 22:30 hours in
a rather exposed area of the city while it made
elliptical east-to-west movements at high speed. An
operator for the Air Force who was at the control
tower at the Rio Cuarto airport saw the object in
the sky and tried to make radio contact with it, but
no response was given.

Oyola confirmed that “there has been a sighting by
one of the control tower operators, involving
precisely an object that did not correspond to a
commercial, military aircraft or any conventional
one, nor did it correspond to the any of the
satellites that are often seen.”

Several residents of Rio Cuarto who were enjoying
the evening also became aware of the UFOs
presence and alerted local radio stations.

Witnesses to the object’s presence noted that it was
large, with a yellowish light, more so than that of
satellites which can be seen over the area.

While the air force authorities confirmed that the
object seen over Rio Cuarto was unidentified, they
avoided stating that it could have been an
extraterrestrial craft. Nor was any indication given
that the object left traces of its passing over the

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Planeta UFO).

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Argentina: Strange Apparitions Accompany Saucer
Source: Diario Popular
Date: 04/06/08
Communities visited by strange entities in human
Strange Apparitions Accompany Saucer Waves
By Sebastian Aranguren

In Valcheta, Rio Negro Province, between Bajos del
Gualicho and Somuncurá, there are those who claim
to have seen an inexplicable light in the immensity
of the desert, belonging to a lost city that emerges
and vanishes, according to Luis Burgos.
The vast number of UFO cases recorded in
Argentina, totaling 110 sightings since the start of
the year, has opened the door to a singular number
of ET- related phenomena which include, for
example, strange characters that vanish and
evaporate in the loneliness of the towns of the

Ufological studies of these mysterious manifestations
of “strange people”, as defined by the locals who
experience them, suggest that these fantastic
manifestations of the UFO phenomenon are closely
tied to the latest extraterrestrial developments.

Specialists who deal in these cases believe that the
manifestations are usually contained within the small
communities in which they occur, and therefore do
not yield even larger case histories within a field
that nonetheless acknowledges the presence of
ghostly figures ascribed to alien entities.
Luis Burgos, director of the Fundacion Argentina de
Ovnilogia (FAO), stresses that the subject isn’t an
easy one, as involvement in these cases implies
crossing the swampy terrain that lies on the border
between ufology and parapsychology. Burgos
cautiously took on the challenge of stating the
specifics of these manifestations, which always occur
at lonely locations with few witnesses. The final
result is a unique experience that may have various

”The explanation one can give these cases is that
the fit into a collateral manifestation of the UFO
phenomenon,” says Burgos, convinced that in order
to venture into these cases “it is necessary to have
the proper balance, as poorly grounded individuals
could go off the deep end.”

From FAO’s perspective, one of the most valuable
cases consigned in local records and involving
fantastic events that cannot be rationally explained,
could be taking place right now in any town of the

Burgos recalled that some 8 years ago, in the
vicinity of Estancia La Esperanza, Gobernador
Galvez, Province of Buenos Aires a young woman
witnessed one of these cases: two alleged teenagers,
dressed in early 20th century farming clothes,
crossed her path in an empty field.
Carolina, the protagonist of this story, gave FAO a
detailed account when researchers delved into the
case. She explained that the two teenagers – a male
and a female – whom she was seeing for the first
time, greeted her by name. When she turned around
to ask where they knew her from, they had already

“There are many cases in ufology that involved
contacts with humanlike entities clothed in archaic
dress, as though they belonged to another time,”
explains Burgos, not dismissing the possibility that
this situation could be the result of a “breach in
time.” The specialist does not dismiss the possibility
of a “dimensional doorway”, but adds that the
known cases of “oddball humans” always occur
within the framework of UFO manifestations.
Therefore, it is “very feasible” that the current UFO
flap will yield some of these experiences.

The 110 sightings catalogued by FAO in 2008 stress
the possibility that fantastic experiences, such as
Carolina’s, may occur. To this day she still talks
about the day that she crossed paths on her way to
La Esperanza with “oddball people” having nothing
to do with the town and probably not to the world
as we know it.

Humanoids And Mysterious Cases
Ufology acknowledges several sidelines of the UFO
phenomenon that somehow mark the presence of
humanoid contact with Earth dwellers. These give
rise to such bizarre events as the animal mutilations
ascribed to the Chupacabras, imp-like beings similar
to the ones from the SUPE neighborhood in
Berisso, and even ghosts.

One of the stranger cases involves animal
mutilations in the pastures of the heartland by a
specimen still uncatalogued by human science or
rather, by an entity that still remains unknown, aside
from its red eyes glaring in the dark of the night,
generally near the carcass of an eviscerated bovine.

The Nuns of Berisso and the Suicide Dogs

When it comes to marking strange events linked to
the UFO phenomenon, the FAO’s records hold some
unique cases that exemplify this connection rather
well, such as the enigmatic presence of the so-called
“Nuns” of Berisso, who caused surprise and shock
to infrequent witnesses.
FAO’s files make reference to them during an
investigation performed in 1991, in after some
workers in the Naval Workshop area of that
community, located south of La Plata, allegedly saw
entities clad in hooded garments – hence their
description as “nuns” – moved around, causing
wonder and fear of the unknown.
At that same site, and within the framework of this
investigation, another “high-strangeness” characteristic
ascribed to UFOs emerged. Three operators of the
old electric power station facing the port of La
Plata claimed seeing a strange creature running
between the sheds. It stood no taller than 40
centimeters, but was robust and clad in green,
military-type garments.
Prior to the manifestations of the “Nuns” and the
creatures of the old power station in the SUPE
neighborhood, FAO also recorded an intense UFO
presence over the area which gave rise to a terrible
situation: dozens of dogs leaped into the void from
terraces and balconies, inexplicably committing

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales, IHU. Special
thanks to Guillermo Daniel Gimenez, Planeta UFO).

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Monday, March 31, 2008
Reflections on March 2008
March 2008 ends with a bang and not a whimper
(J.B.S. Haldane?) at least in terms involving UFO
and the paranormal in general. Argentina, basking in
the warmth of the southern hemisphere's summer
season, has boasted some of the most intriguing
UFO photographs taken in recent memory...images
that have been praised for their quality by some and
derided as mere "BlurFOs" by others. The
Argentinean "flap", to use that hallowed word from
the early years of ufology, shows no signs of
abating, with more cases and photos being added
even as the country drifts into a stormy fall season
that has been characterized by unprecedented winds
and tornado activity. March also brought us the
controversial footage of the "goblin", which caused
a stir worldwide. UFO activity over Mexico,
witnessed by professionals in the aviation field,
remains as steady as ever, and new information
continues to emerge on the bizarre CE-2 that
occured at the beginning of this year. This is
probably the first time that I've been moved to
write some kind of wrap-up to mark the end of a
month on the INEXPLICATA blog, but such
constant activity had been unheard of since the days
of the Argentinean cattle mutilation wave of 2002.
I'd like to offer my sincerest thanks to all the
members of the Institute of Hispanic Ufology for
their hard wordk and dedication, and our friends
and readers around the world for their support and
unwavering interest as we "make our way through
the dark mountain pass that leads to the following
month" -- a shameless paraphrasing of a line by
P.J. O'Rourke that I've been dying to use for years!
-- Scott Corrales, INEXPLICATA

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Mexico: Easter Week UFOs
Source:, "El Matutino de
Guerrero", "La Cronica de Chilpancingo"
Date: 30.03.08

MEXICO: Easter Week UFOs

Ana Luisa Cid writes: According to a report
furnished by journalist Francisco Rangel, UFO
activity was reported over the Mexican state of

These cases involve images of "chance" UFOs that
appeared in the "El Matutino de Guerrero" weekly
and the "La Cronica de Chilpancingo" daily papers.

Photograph 1 was taken by young Irving Francisco
Guerrero on a journey to the town of San Miguel
el Progress, Municipality of Malinatlepec, dated
March 19, 2008, approximately 14:00 hrs. He used
a 5 mpix Kodak EasyShare.

Photograph 2 was taken by the same author. It is
interesting to note what appears to be a disk that
leaves a wake as it moves.

Photograph 3 was taken on March 21st by Lic.
Javier Francisco Reyes, editor of the abovementioned
publications, when taking photos of the premises
where a Chedraui supermarket is to be built in
Tlapa. An object that the journalist was unable to
identify can be seen in the background, against the
mountains. Lic. Reyes employed a Samsung S630

(Translation (c) 2008, S. Corrales. Special thanks to
Ana Luisa Cid, Francisco Rangel and Javier Fco.

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United States over the next year, which will be
followed by man's final world war. This last war
will be the result of clashing religions and the
governments they sway. Billions will die! This time
will far exceed even the very worst times in all
human history.

As these events unfold, the world will increasingly
become aware of the authenticity of the words in
this book and realize that Ronald Weinland has
been sent by God as His end-time prophet.

This book is primarily directed to the people of the
three major religions of the world (Islam, Judaism
and Christianity), whose roots are in the God of
Abraham. Ronald Weinland has been sent to all
three.New Journal for 2008: Studies in Ethics, Law,
and Technology

Irene Perciali, The Berkeley Electronic Press

The Berkeley Electronic Press is pleased to
announce the launch of a new peer-reviewed journal
in law and technology, Studies in Ethics, Law, and
Technology. This new journal brings the bepress
journal collection total to 39.
Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology is a peer-
reviewed and policy-focused journal that examines
the ethical and legal issues that arise from emerging
technologies. While much attention has gone to
specific fields such as bioethics, this is the first
journal to address the broad scope of all
technologies and their impact on the environment,
society, and humanity. Topics include biotech,
nanotech, neurotech, IT, weapons, energy and fuel,
space-based technology, and new media and
communications. Articles explore the synergy
between law and ethics, and provide a robust policy
response to technology’s opportunities and

The journal is edited by Anthony Mark Cutter
(University of Central Lancashire) and Bert Gordijn
(Radboud University); co-editors include some of the
best-known figures in their fields, such as NASA’s
David Grinspoon, NIH bioethicist David Resnick,
and technology law advisor Jeffrey H. Matsuura.

Upcoming special issues will include Health
Information Management, Synthetic Biology and
Synthetic Life, and Communications and Media.

$275 for a one-year academic/non-profit subscription
$825 for a one-year corporate subscription
Suggested Citation

Irene Perciali. "New Journal for 2008: Studies in
Ethics, Law, and Technology" The Berkeley
Electronic Press Journal Information (2008).
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Growing Joys

Rina Williams, Interim Director of Studies in
Women and Gender
Posted 02/19/08
This is an image of Rina Williams

Photo by Jerry Meyerle

Dear friends,

SWAG is growing! The signs are everywhere. You
might notice that this newsletter is longer than any
previous edition — we have so much to show you
and share with you, we couldn’t fit it all in without
expanding our borders.

In these pages you’ll find pictures of our Fall
Student-Faculty Social, several contributions from
students, and descriptions of our Essay Contest
winners. You will also find out what our faculty
have been up to, and help us mark the return of
Iris: A Magazine for Thinking Young Women in its
latest incarnation. We have revamped our webpage
as well — and already won an award for it! You’ll
find a description of some of the changes and
features inside.

We’re also growing in the number of ways we can
connect and stay in touch with you. Very shortly,
starting with this edition, we will produce an online
version of the newsletter. It’s not déjà vu! When
you get the message, please click on the link and
take a look — we will want to know what you
think. The online version will also allow us to
begin distributing the newsletter to colleagues in
Women’s Studies programs across Virginia and
beyond — growing our network even further.

All this growth might, under other circumstances,
cause some growing pains. But with the endless
support we receive from you — our students,
alumnae, faculty, and friends of the Program — all
this growth brings nothing but joy.

So I will close this note with a request for your
continued support. Whenever your circumstances
permit, please consider making a contribution of any
size to support the very important work we do. It’s
as easy as visiting our webpage:
There you’ll see all the ways your gift will help us
fulfill our teaching and research missions—to keep
watching our students succeed and our faculty excel.
And help us keep growing!

With warmest regards,
En Route to Morocco

One SWAG Major’s Journey to Study French
By Anya Good (Studies in Women and Gender ’08,
Posted 02/19/08
This is an image of Anya Good

Good (French and Studies in Women and Gender
Photo courtesy of Anya Good

I remember how I felt prior to June 1 — it was
really impossible to imagine Morocco. I knew the
country’s name. With the aid of Google, I prepared
my knowledge of “Moroccan customs,” “Moroccan
Religion,” “the Food of Morocco.” And I could,
respectably, locate Morocco on a world map. It
seemed that my preparedness to travel abroad was
rooted in my ability to point out — for myself and
others — Morocco’s physical characteristics, major
cities, and neighboring countries. I was not scared,
but almost wholly unknowing. Morocco existed as a
hazy thought bubble that hovered just above my
right shoulder, filled with bright colors and “exotic”
postcard images.

On May 31, this bubble thickened with the reality
of airports and cross-Atlantic travel. The following
morning, I landed in Casablanca, and I felt relieved
that I no longer had to try to imagine Morocco; in
the airport, Morocco started happening. I heard
French mixed with Arabic, and I wanted to speak
to the animated families who crowded the bottom of
the international terminal, waiting for loved ones to
emerge. I met Aicha, the director and co-founder of
the Institute for Language and Communication
Studies (ILCS), where my fellow students and I
would be taking courses in French and Arabic and
Moroccan culture, history, society, literature, life.
Aicha would later reveal herself to be my surrogate
Moroccan mother. She somehow managed to
assemble our group of U.Va. and non-U.Va. students
in the airport, and suddenly we were en route to
Rabat, the capital of Morocco and our home base
for the next six weeks.

The first week and a half in Rabat felt like at least
one breathtaking, frustrating, overwhelming month. I
immediately loved our neighborhood, Agdal, where I
bonded with fellow program participants in our
various quests to speak French well even as we had
to buy groceries and hail taxis, to find our way to
school, to meet and learn from new professors. I ate
almost every meal for under five U.S. dollars. Food
was a mix of what was described to me as
authentic Moroccan cuisine, French cuisine, and a
surprising number of Italian pizza places. I explored
Rabat’s beaches. I went running in a park very
close to ‘Hotel Hilton’ — pronounced en Français
sans the letter “h” — and visited the Hassan Tower,
which is all that remains of an unfinished mosque,
a building project that commenced in 1196 A.D.
Ten of my new friends and I made a pact to take
surfing lessons. We fulfilled this pact at the Rabat
Club de Surf via the intensive surf and training
regime of our instructor, Ocean. I ventured into the
most ancient part of the city, the Medina, the
marketplace, which is still surrounded by walls and
exists today as an intricate, labyrinthine maze of
vendors selling nearly anything imaginable. There, I
bought my brother a detailed wooden camel and a
Moroccan Footballer t-shirt. This was all by the end
of the first week of classes.

By the end of the second week, there was a sense
of routine: one literature course and a hour of
learning and discussion, followed by a cup of mint
tea and a delectable Moroccan treat, another class,
lunch at le Pause Gourmand, during which we
would hear the 12:15 call to prayer, and one final
class. Then time for homework, running, belly-
dancing lessons, soccer in the park, dinner and
conversation in the home of Aicha and her family,
further exploration and understanding of the sites
and people in our city.
In the best ways possible, our weekends were far
from routine. Traveling by bus in Morocco was an
entirely new type of learning. As we drove out of
Rabat for the first time, I witnessed a distinct line
— also evident in Rabat and later in every city we
explored — between the city’s more middle class
neighborhoods or “suburbs” and the impoverished
“shantytowns,” poorly connected shack-like structures
featuring an abounding, unorganized proliferation of
satellite dishes. We journeyed to Marrakech, where I
became an expert bargainer for jewels and leather
backpacks, and where I watched and listened to the
body language and sparkling voice of a storyteller
raconte ses histoires en arabe in the center of the
Medina. I ate couscous from a street vendor, and
was challenged to traverse winding, narrow streets,
in search of the best price for a hand-crafted rug,
or to locate our hotel, called Riads, which always
carried an abrupt tendency to appear out of
nowhere, like a trick bookcase, from along a
towering Medina wall.

Traveling by bus in no way made me feel less like
a jetsetter: over the course of five weekends, we
traveled to Fès, to Volubilis, to Tangier, to Meknes.
I swam in the Mediterranean Sea. I rode a camel
and watched the sun rise over the sand dunes in the
Sahara Desert. I was humbled to spend one night in
the mountains in the home of a Berber family,
where I befriended a seven-year-old girl thanks to
those transnational means of communication that
exist through song: an elementary performance of
“The Itsy-Bitsy Spider.” Her father, a highly sought
after tour guide in the Atlas Mountains, and her
mother, a successful homemaker, farmer, and
caretaker, welcomed my friend and me into their
home, fed us tagine and fresh baked breads and
butter and jam, and allowed us, for one night, to
share their company. The following day, I was
surprised at the opportunity to spend the day at a
Moroccan water park, full of wave pools, slides,
fountains, located less than one hour from Imlil, the
town of my new seven-year-old friend, where
running water and indoor plumbing were neither
expected nor trivial.

By the end of six weeks, I recognized and extracted
the ‘exotic’ postcard images from my pre-Morocco
bubble. But at some point, somewhere between days
twelve and fifteen perhaps, this bubble popped. I
experienced moments that were pretty, and likewise
ugly. I saw things that were seemingly painted, and
other things I thought should be addressed, fixed, or
erased. I also found the balance and lived in the
middle of extremes. And in writing about this place
and this time abroad, I hope most of all to portray
my understanding and appreciation of this country’s
diversity, its uniqueness: in and of the people, the
towns and cities, the geography, the physicality, the
languages, the old and new, the ancient and modern
and everything in between. I no longer feel wholly
unknowing, but it seems that such complex
diversities demand continued study, experience,
learning of and about Morocco. I wish, still, to
know more.

“The Lives of Wives”

A SWAG and History January Term Course Looks
at the Changing Roles of Wives.
By Anne Bromley (Anthropology '80, M.F.A., Poetry
Posted 02/19/08
This is an image of Anne Throckmorton

History instructor Anne Throckmorton teaches
students about “The Lives of Wives” in 16th
century Europe.
Photo by Jane Haley

Today’s college students have grown up in a time
when the roles and duties of the ideal wife are in
flux more than they were for centuries in European
and American societies. A January term course at
the University of Virginia is looking at “The Lives
of Wives” and the history of marriage and childbirth
from the early modern era to the contemporary

It is the first joint class that the History department
and Studies in Women and Gender have offered
during the “J-term,” a 10-day semester that provides
students the opportunity to take an intensive,
seminar-style course.

History instructors Anne Throckmorton and Melissa
Blair are covering how marriage has changed over
time, how the family or community was involved in
the decision of who and when to marry, and how
expectations of spouses differed according to class.

The wide-ranging reading list includes some New
Testament letters from Paul and historian Elizabeth
Fox-Genovese’s “Within the Plantation Household:
Black and White Women of the Old South.” There
also are several 17th-century sources, such as “The
Countess of Lincoln's Nurserie,” a manual that urges
elite women to breastfeed, and “A happy husband,
or directions for a maide [sic] to choose her mate.
As also, a wives behavior towards her husband after
marriage,” written by a man. The class jumped to
the 20th century in studying the longest-running
marriage column, ongoing today, “Can This
Marriage Be Saved?” in the Ladies Home Journal.

The class also viewed eight films, including the
1982 film, “The Return of Martin Guerre,” based on
a true story about a 16th-century French peasant
woman's decisions after her missing husband returns
and his identity is questioned, and the 2002 movie,
“Far From Heaven,” about a “perfect” 1950s
American housewife who finds out her husband is a
homosexual and then befriends a well-educated
African-American gardener working for the family.

“Ideas about what a wife should be and do change
over time, in response to various changes in society
— economic changes, demographic changes,
etcetera,” says Blair. “For example, urbanization and
the creation of a middle class led to radically
different expectations for wives of that middle class
than had existed before.”

“Societies are constantly grappling with basic
questions of who can get married and what makes a
marriage,” says Throckmorton, who also teaches at
Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Va. “In early
modern Europe, marriage was the most important
decision anyone could make.” She uses the wives of
Henry VIII to show what marriage meant to noble
women, but the instructors discuss the lives of
peasant women and slave women in America, as

Students may be surprised, for example, to learn
that upper-class women in the 16th and 17th
centuries on average bore 10 to 15 children and did
not usually breastfeed, so they could become
pregnant again sooner and produce more children,
whereas working-class women usually had six to
eight births and usually nursed for about a year.
“I think we are at a peak of concern over marriage
and, especially, motherhood issues,” Blair says. “The
whole ‘mommy wars’ thing, the debate over
‘helicopter parents,’ show that we, as a nation, are
particularly concerned about the appropriate roles for
parents, and especially mothers and wives. It’s up to
future historians to figure out why this is, although
I will say that, historically, periods of strong
concern about national security tend to line up with
periods of increased emphasis on motherhood and
parenting. The 1950s, with its Cold War fears and
strong emphasis on family, is a good example of

“As a woman, knowing our history is important,”
said Catrina Garland, a fifth-year Master’s of
Education student who majored in Spanish, “I
wanted to learn the history and evolution of
marriage, what's traditional and what's modern.”

Ben Allen, a history major who has three older
sisters, said he realized most history is presented
from a male point of view and he wanted to get a
different perspective. He said he also likes the films
they are watching, ones he probably wouldn’t have
chosen on his own.

“Marriage and our ideas about it affect all of us,
even people who aren't married,” Throckmorton
points out.
The purpose of U.Va.’s January Term, held Jan. 2-
11 this year, is to provide students with unique
opportunities: new courses that address topics of
current interest, study abroad programs,
undergraduate research seminars and interdisciplinary
courses. The intensive format of January Term
classes encourages student-faculty contact and allows
students and faculty to immerse themselves in a
Closing the Gender Gap

One Man’s Perspective on Majoring in SWAG
By Rocco Caponi (Studies in Women and Gender
Posted 02/19/08
This is an image of Rocco Caponi

Caponi (Studies in Women and Gender ’08)

Wrestling, construction, conservative, and male are
words not immediately associated with SWAG or
feminism. I, however, am an exception to this line
of thought. I am Rocco Caponi — a fourth year
SWAG major at U.Va. I am the captain of the
wrestling team and ranked in the top ten in the
nation. I work construction during the summer, lean
conservative in political thought and — last but not
least — I am of the male half of the human race.
Outside of the classroom I live in a world that is
full masculinity, where manliness is considered a
requirement, not a character trait. One might wonder
how a man such as me could not only become a
part of SWAG but truly enjoy the time I spend
here. That question can easily be answered by a
look at my professors and me as a person, as well
as the reactions of my family and friends to my
decision to major in SWAG.

As for my personality, I love a good debate, and
there is no better place to find that than in SWAG
courses. I became a SWAG major because of the
atmosphere in the classrooms. The ability to discuss
and argue a point in a respectful manner is hard to
get in other majors that are more lecture-based.
These are courses that I find fun to take and have
made my college career more enjoyable. The
professors and the students in these courses hold
their views true to their hearts, from what I have
seen, live out these beliefs in their day to day lives.
Yet the part that is most impressive about the
debates is the manner in which they are held. I
remember the first SWAG course I took. I was the
only male and I was outnumbered 20 to one on the
issue of Title IX — federal legislation that requires
(among other things) equal funding for men’s and
women’s athletics. As a wrestler, this issue hits
close to home. I was given time to argue my point
and bring up aspects of the issue that others were
unaware of — not as women, but as non-wrestlers.
Those who disagreed with my position argued with
reason and academic thought. Just as one feminist
cannot speak for all women, I cannot speak for all
men. While often in the classroom I might have the
minority view, I am able to expand and contribute
to the conversation, pointing out areas where
everyone may not agree.

One of the main things in SWAG courses that is
fun and interesting for me are the professors
themselves. One would not expect a man to get
special treatment in a SWAG course and this is true
in every form. The professors, on the flip side, have
never alienated me in any form. At times the best
comment I can give on certain issues is that I just
don’t know. Over the course of my studies, my
SWAG professors have helped me reach a point
where I have to say these words on fewer and
fewer issues.

The most humorous aspect of being a male SWAG
major is the reactions that I get from people when I
tell them my major. Granted, a male SWAG major
is rare, and a wrestler majoring in SWAG is
probably even rarer. One common reaction is that
people just don’t believe me! When I receive these
reactions from fellow students I often try to
convince them to take a SWAG course. Once I
explain what I have written above, they understand
why I enjoy these courses. I have succeeded on a
few occasions but not as often as I’d like!

My family, on the other hand, was not surprised at
all by my decision to major in SWAG. My mother
just looked at me and said that I would be the kind
of guy who would do this. I have always been the
kid that never conformed to ‘normal’ standards, and
was going to do what he felt was best.

I have enjoyed my time as a SWAG major and will
continue to enjoy it until I graduate in the spring. I
will continue to encourage my fellow classmates to
take these courses because I have found them not
only enlightening but fun as well. I didn’t enter the
major with a great plan or goal. But the one thing
that I do get is another perspective. Since there is
no one or singular feminist view, it helps to be
outnumbered in a class. Yes, a male SWAG major
is a rare sight — yet I enjoy my major and would
not trade it for any other.

Lakeside Caché

Perspectives from a Female Graduate Student in
By Patricia Oikawa
Posted 02/19/08
This is an image of Patrica Oikawa

Photo courtesy of Patrica Oikawa

At the end of my first field season in graduate
school, my cohort of students met with a few
faculty members to discuss ways to improve our
program. We were all part of a National Science
Foundation (NSF)-funded program that involved both
research and training in interdisciplinary science. The
meeting was instigated by the students who had
identified some problems during the summer. There
were certain issues we had decided to bring up at
the meeting, such as the fact that certain workshops
were not productive and that communication between
students and faculty needed to be improved. The
faculty sincerely cared about the success of the
program, so they had agreed to meet with us and
take our suggestions seriously. The meeting was
held at a large picnic table by lake’s edge at the
biological station. There were five students in my
cohort (four women and one man) and three faculty
(two men and one woman).

When we got to the issue of improving workshops
in the future, one of the faculty members asked for
suggestions for future workshop themes. Suddenly, I
thought of a great idea: “Why don’t we have one
geared towards discussing women’s issues in the
sciences?” Most people at the table looked down. I
continued on, “One of the requirements for NSF-
funded programs is the promotion of women and
diversity in the sciences. We could discuss how to
achieve these requirements and identify the
responsibilities scientists have for promoting diversity
in our fields.” After an awkward pause, one of my
fellow students spoke up: “We don’t want to
exclude anyone.” She was alluding to the only male
member of our cohort. By this point, it was clear
that no one at the table supported my suggestion
and I felt uncomfortable. The idea was quickly
discarded and the conversation continued on.

Since this experience by the lake, I have moved
along in graduate school and am now in my third
year of the Ph.D. program in Biology at U.Va.
Sometimes I reflect on that day and wonder what
was going through my peers’ heads. There were no
verbal attacks against my suggestion nor were there
comments indicating that it wasn’t an issue of
importance. Essentially, it came down to lack of
interest mixed with hesitation over discussing a topic
that may “exclude” people. I think this moment
reflects the general attitude I have encountered in
graduate school concerning equality in the sciences.
Some people do not discuss equality for women
because it is not a pressing issue or because it is

I think the main reason people are not actively
concerned with women’s equality in science is
because it is so hidden that we do not even notice
it. Women scientists are not forced to sit at the
back of the lecture halls. The majority of men are
not actively excluding or oppressing women in the
sciences. Nevertheless, women continue to suffer
losses and professional disappointments in scientific
For example, it is a fact that female scientists do
not advance at the same rate as their male peers.
There are also discrepancies in salary and women
are more likely to leave science than men (if you
are interested in more details on statistics concerning
these statements visit: or go to the link
at the U.Va. Studies in Women and Gender

It is also difficult to talk about equality with my
peers while female graduate students are well
represented in scientific departments. Many people
don’t realize that despite the fact that we are
educating a lot of young women, we are not
retaining them. A summit held at MIT involving
Caltech, Stanford, University of Michigan, Yale,
Princeton, Penn, Berkeley, and Harvard worked
toward three goals for helping women in the
sciences, one of which was having the number of
female faculty mirror the number of female students
they educate (Bailyn 2003). This is a goal that the
University of Virginia, among most American
universities, is far from achieving.

On a positive note, I think the University of
Virginia’s Women in Mathematics and Sciences
(WIMS) group is a great resource for young women
battling these issues. The purpose of WIMS is to
provide students with a support group and to
educate them on the issues they will face once they
graduate. Emphasis is on getting female faculty
together with female graduate students, inviting
speakers to talk with the group on feminist issues,
as well as outreach to younger female students. Last
year, for example, WIMS organized a shadowing
day where girls from the community who were
interested in science were able to follow a graduate
student around so they could see what it is like to
be a young scientist. WIMS provides support for
female graduate students and also is empowering for
us at a stage where we often feel impotent.

The kind of support that WIMS provides is,
unfortunately, hard to come by as a young woman
in the sciences. There have been many moments in
my career when I have felt isolated, insecure, and
lost. While all graduate students go through that
process, women face distinct challenges. Due to
these issues specifically affecting women’s
professional careers, I believe that above all, women
need better access to support systems. And this
support does not only concern childcare (female
faculty without children have been shown to suffer
the same setbacks female faculty with children face
in academia). The support must come from both the
University and community.

As a graduate student, it would be comforting and
inspiring to know that the University is hiring as
many female faculty as male faculty and that once
those female faculty are hired, they are supported
and ensured more positive experiences in academia.
It would also be important to see faculty members
working together to make sure that equality is
achieved in the academic setting. This would include
ensuring female faculty are not given extra
obligations due to their sex (such as sitting on too
many committees) as well as keeping tabs on the
rate of advancement of female faculty and lab space
allocation between the sexes in each department.

Young female scientists also need to witness support
coming from the greater community. We should ask
ourselves: Are dominant stereotypes concerning the
role of women in society challenged on a regular
basis? Are children being raised in environments
where it is okay for the parents to share
responsibilities 50/50? Aspiring female scientists fear
not only academic resistance, but resistance when
they drop off their children at daycare, when they
talk to other women at church, and when they ask
their husbands to cook dinner.

I cannot count the number of times I have talked
with other female graduate students who vow never
to end up like certain professors (e.g. the one with
bad hair and no family). But that is not how
academia has to be for us! Women can be scientists
while being wonderful mothers and wives, but we
do need support and fair opportunity and we need
young female scientists to be aware of the support
that is available and aware of ways to change
things for the better.

Therefore, young female scientists have two main
afflictions to overcome: ignorance and impotence.
The first concerns the fact that most female students
are unaware of discrepancies in salary and rates of
advancement. We are also uninformed about how
U.Va. stands concerning those statistics on a
University or departmental level. Generally, we are
blind to the obstacles women have faced in the past
and how they tackled them in order to achieve
professional scientific positions. For example, how
do women negotiate pregnancy issues when applying
for postdoctoral positions? And how do students
successfully report sexual harassment without
jeopardizing their careers? The second obstacle
concerns our failings to organize and empower our
faction. Action should be taken to help bring
women together in constructive ways. For example,
we could collect data from U.Va. faculty about
various forms of discrimination and publish those
findings. This sort of process has occurred at other
institutions (e.g. MIT) and has been amazingly
effective at eliciting change (Bailyn 2003).

Society tends to use masculine characteristics when
defining scientists (i.e. assertive and competitive),
but science is more about curiosity and persistence,
both gender-neutral characteristics (Georgi, 2000). I
would add creativity to that list of gender-neutral
attributes and am thankful that female scientists are
equipped with all three. These attributes will allow
us to realize the issues we face, abide in the
struggle for equity, and think of new ways to fight
insidious professional oppression.

Literature Cited
1. Bailyn, L. 2003. Academic careers and gender
equity: lessons learned from MIT.
            Gender, Work and Organization. 10 (2).
2. Georgi, H. 2000. Is There Unconscious
discrimination against women in science?
            American Physical Society (APS) News.
January, back page.
Faculty News

What have we been up to?
Posted 02/19/08

Ellen Fuller is on sabbatical this year. She is using
her time actively to conduct research for her second
book project on women’s transnational social
movements. The project focuses on Okinawa Women
Act Against Military Violence (OWAAMV), a group
that engages in both local and global networking to
address the reduction/elimination of military bases
and violence against women and girls. She will
conduct research in Puerto Rico, Okinawa, and the
U.S. over the course of this year, and will present
preliminary findings at the Southeastern Women’s
Studies Association conference in April. Her first
book, The Transnational Workplace in Japan:
Conflicts of Culture, Gender, and Authority, will be
published by Temple University Press this year.

Ann Lane continues her research on her current
project, a book-length manuscript on the subject of
consensual sexual relations between faculty and
students. She continues to serve on the board of the
Distinguished Lectureship Program of the
Organization of American Historians, and was
nominated for Woman of the Year 2007 by the
Governing Board of Editors of the American
Biographical Institute. She was also selected for
inclusion in the volume Feminists Who Changed
America, 1963-1975 (edited by Barbara J. Love,
University of Illinois Press).

Farzaneh Milani is on administrative leave and
completing a book manuscript tentatively titled,
Remapping the Cultural Geography of Iran: Islam,
Woman, and Freedom of Movement. She served as
Guest Editor for special issues of Iran Nameh: A
Journal of Iranian Studies (in Persian) and the
Journal of Iranian Studies (in English). Both are
devoted to the Iranian poet, Simin Behbahani.

Holly Shulman taught a new SWAG course in
Spring 2007, Reading Women's Documents in the
Digital Era. She is currently directing two students
for an independent study of Dolley Madison and
American Memory. She was elected to serve on the
Committee on the James Harvey Robinson Prize of
the American Historical Association. In January
2008 she helped organize a conference funded by
the National Endowment for the Humanities and
held at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
on the future of scholarly documentary editions in
the digital age. Her work on the Dolley Madison
Digital Edition, funded by a grant from the National
Endowment for the Humanities, continues to
progress and receive national notice, with invited
presentations across the country. She has established
an institutional research relationship with Montpelier,
the historic home of Dolley and James Madison.
She is also working with the National Civil Rights
Museum on their project to honor Dorothy I. Height
and the civil rights program of the National Council
of Negro Women called “Wednesdays in
Mississippi,” and with a documentary film team in
Los Angeles on the same topic.

Karlin Luedtke was an Invited Speaker for U.Va.’s
prestigious Unforgettable Lectures Series, giving a
talk entitled “So Hoo’s a Feminist Anyway?” In
April she will present a paper at the Southeastern
Women’s Studies Association conference, titled
“Making Sense of Pornography: Gendered
Interpretations of Sexually Explicit Images,” which
is based on her dissertation research. The Summer
Transition Program, which she directs, hosted 77
pre-matriculated students — the largest group of
incoming first years since the program was
expanded five years ago.

Vanessa May is teaching two 200-level classes
called “The Political History of Housework” and
“Feminism, Conservatism, and American Values.”
She is also teaching an upper-level seminar on
“Women, Gender, and Sexuality.” After defending
her dissertation, entitled “Working in Public and in
Private: Domestic Service, Women’s Reform, and
the Meaning of the Middle-Class Home,” in May
2007, Vanessa received her Ph.D. from the
University of Virginia in August. She is now
beginning the process of revising the dissertation for
publication, working on an article, testing the job
market, and working on several conference papers.
Although all that writing can be rewarding, Vanessa
really enjoys meeting with students, reading their
work, and hearing their ideas in class discussions.

Denise Walsh received the Best Dissertation Prize
from the Women and Politics Research Section of
the American Political Science Association in 2007
for her dissertation, “Just Debate: Culture and
Gender Justice in the New South Africa.” She was
also co-winner of the Journal of Southern African
Studies 2006 Best Article Prize. Walsh has a
forthcoming publication, “Citizenship, Gender and
Civil Society in South Africa,” which is the lead
article in the edited volume Organizing Across
Divides: Gender and Democratization in South
African Civil Society. This past fall, Walsh
presented papers at two conferences. One of those
papers, Rejecting the Culture-Women Rights
Dilemma, will be the basis for her second book
project on South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.
Walsh was recently recognized by the Lantern
Society for Leadership in Women’s Education and
has been nominated for a University teaching award.
She also was awarded a University of Virginia
Summer Grant to complete her book on public
debate and gender justice in South Africa.

Rina Williams presented a paper on “Hindu Law as
Personal Law: Gender, Nation and Religion in the
Hindu Code Bills, 1952-1956” at the Annual
Conference on South Asia at University of
Wisconsin-Madison. The paper will be included in
an edited volume, Law and Hinduism: An
Introduction, under contract with Cambridge
University Press and scheduled for release this fall
(edited by Timothy Lubin, Don Davis Jr., and
Jayanth Krishnan). She is also starting another
project comparing women’s rights organizations and
their activities and international linkages in three
countries of South Asia: India, Pakistan, and
Bangladesh. Preliminary research on this topic will
be presented at the Southeastern Women’s Studies
Association conference in April.
Iris: A Magazine for Thinking Young Women
A 25-plus year history at U.Va. and counting
By Virginia Moran
Posted 02/19/08

Fall 2007 saw the return of Iris: A Magazine for
Thinking Young Women, which has been most
warmly received! Iris has a 25-plus year history at
U.Va. It began as mimeographed sheets about the
Women’s Center, transformed to a national journal
for and about women, to a brief incarnation as a
largely student publication. It has grown today into
a magazine designed for and informed by thinking
young women. Like a smart older sister, Iris seeks
to illuminate the complex experiences of young
women by sharing personal stories of struggle and
success. The first issue featured an article by a
woman who is the joyfully self-described “queen of
the oddballs,” Hilary Carlip; a story by well-known
contemporary writer and U.Va. creative writing
faculty member Ann Beattie; a column on the HPV
vaccine; and an essay by a Goth bride. The first
issue was distributed to 10,000 current women
students and young alumnae. The next issue will
feature an article on the psychology of snap
judgments, from choosing jam to speed dating. Iris
can be read online at
Essay Contest Winners 2007
Graduates and Undergraduates Write Award-Winning
Posted 02/19/08

Elizabeth Cady Stanton Essay Contest Winners

Lindsay Friedman
Graduated in May 2007 with a BA in History
My thesis, “Undressed, Redressed, Addressed:
Women and Their Clothing in Colonial India, 1837-
1901,” investigated British and Indian women’s
histories and experiences of colonial India through
an analysis of their interactions and relationships
with dress and each other. Dress is a reflective and
expressive feature of society, which I applied as a
boundary-crossing framework to study various and
diverse communities of women's thoughts, attitudes,
and actions. My research revealed that in addition to
the obvious racial relations that dominated the
colonial landscape, women’s lives were significantly
influenced by internal class divisions, their social
and occupational roles in colonial society, the
tensions between shifting and modernizing public
and private domains, and regional and religious
variations. Thus, investigating the operation of dress
in society enabled a broader historical understanding
of how British and Indian women experienced the

Katie Cristol
Graduated in May 2007 with a BA in Political and
Social Thought
Current research suggests that voters in the South
retain more traditional attitudes about the role of
women and therefore elect fewer women to public
office than in other regions of the country. Yet
there are examples of Southern women holding the
highest political positions. To what might we ascribe
their success?

Through personal interviews with journalists,
campaign staff, constituents, and academics
conducted in North Carolina, Arkansas, and
Louisiana, I attempt to establish a “360 degree”
view of the election of Elizabeth Dole, Blanche
Lincoln, and Mary Landrieu to the U.S. Senate.
These perspectives are complemented by a review of
newspaper coverage beginning in January of the
election year and continuing through election day.

A common theme in the findings is the aversion of
Southern men to be seen as denigrating, or even
criticizing, a Southern woman. The implication of
this phenomenon is that Southern women are able to
escape both negative attacks and the deleterious
public image associated with women candidates who
go negative themselves. Within this analysis, the
traditional gender attitudes of the South may be
viewed as a boon to Southern women candidates,
rather than a barrier.
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Honorable Mention

Danya Atiyeh
Majoring in English Language and Literature
In this essay, I explore the gendered aspects of
musical performance based on an analysis of the
Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra’s
Youth Concert last October. I discuss the interplay
between CUSO’s director and conductor, Kate
Tamarkin, and the program's guest narrator, NBC
29’s local weatherman, Norm Sprouse, establishing
the ways that the two speakers enacted gendered
performances on several different levels of their
presentation. By examining gendered patterns of
dialogue and discourse, I look at the way Sprouse
maintained discursive control over the performance,
despite the fact that Tamarkin appeared to be in
control of the orchestra and the performance space.

As I describe in the essay, “Through […] various
levels of performativity, Sprouse and Tamarkin
revealed the operation of traditional gender dynamics
in what initially seemed to be a non-gendered
musical performance.” Though this essay provided a
single example of a much more complex issue, I
hoped to point out, from an anthropological
perspective, some of the many ways in which
members of our society — even, perhaps, some of
the most enlightened ones — enact traditional
gender roles at an unconscious level.
Zora Neale Hurston Essay Contest Winner

Adam Jortner
4th year Ph.D. candidate in the Corcoran Dept. of
He is spending the 2007-08 academic year as the
Carpenter Fellow in American Religious History at
the University of Pennsylvania.
My essay on “Republican Shakerhood: Ann Lee,
Morality, and Religious Freedom in the American
Northeast, 1780-1819” investigates the eighteenth-
century claim that Ann Lee — an illiterate woman
living near Albany, New York — was the second
coming of Jesus Christ. An examination of the
writings of Lee’s followers (the Shakers) and her
opponents reveals a surprising indifference to Lee’s
radical claims about the gender of the godhead. In
fact, anti-Shaker writings worried more about Lee’s
control over her followers than her ideas of a
female messiah. When Shakers were arrested for
political concerns (i.e., their refusal to perform
military service), they crafted a defense based on
the very femininity of their god, painting themselves
as a domestic institution that valued but did not
threaten the republican order. This examination of
the Shakers therefore suggests that early American
religion was more theologically tolerant than
politically tolerant. This paper will serve as a
chapter in my upcoming dissertation on the politics
of miraculous claims in the early United States.
SWAG Social

Returning Students and Faculty Reconnect at Oct. 3
Posted 2/19/08

Photo by Tricia Crawford

Camera iconSWAG Social Slideshow

This October, SWAG held our second annual
SWAG Social. Students, faculty, and friends of the
Program gathered to chat, connect and reconnect,
and jump start what is sure to be another great
year. This year the social was held in the SWAG
office in Minor Hall. The students were able to
check out our library and enjoy the hors d’oeuvres!
SWAG’s New Website

Something Old is New Again!
Posted 02/19/08

SWAG is delighted to debut our newly redesigned
and updated webpage! It was designed to integrate
seamlessly with U.Va.’s website while presenting the
distinct character of our Program and meeting the
unique needs of our students and faculty, alumnae
and friends. Of particular note are:

 ● A password-protected page for faculty to access
important administrative and student information, to
make advising easier and more efficient. We’re
especially excited that Tricia Crawford won a
College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Award for
Innovation for this feature!

 ● Archived newsletters and course lists; catalogue
information for our growing library and DVD
collection; and updated links to outside websites of

We are also delighted to have created — with the
assistance of the Arts & Sciences Communications
Office — an easy-to-use Giving Page for your
donations to the Program. Simply click on “Support
Us” and you will be taken to an online form that
allows you to send a donation directly to us — and
describes the many critical ways your assistance
supports our teaching and research missions. Please
point your browser to and spend
some time surfing with us!

 Butterfly Goodbye
We've been saying goodbye to the monarch butterfly
for a long time now, and due to the clearing of
land in the small, 217 square-mile area in central
Mexico where they migrate to every winter, we may
see the demise of this beautiful species very soon.
Will we be saying goodbye to some birds as well?
Full Story

Turn Your Radio On...and Hear Whitley!

Whitley will be on Coast to Coast AM Thurs. night
& signing books in CA on May 3rd! -

Starting at 11 pm Pacific, on Thursday April 17,
Whitley Strieber will be on Coast to Coast AM
with George Noory, talking about his new graphic
novel The Nye Incidents, which is based on REAL
incidents. His collaborator Craig Spector will be
there too. This will be one of the hottest "Coasts"
of the year, so don't miss it! Both Whitley and
Craig will be signing books at Dark Delicacies
bookstore in Burbank, CA starting at 2 p.m. on
Saturday, May 3rd. Anne Strieber will also be there
and she'd love to meet everyone!
Full Story

Is This the Way the World Will End?

And will it end this summer? -
Even some physicists are afraid
The $8 billion CERN particle accelerator which is
being developed 300 feet underground in a 17-mile-
long circular tunnel on the border between France
and Switzerland. When it’s turned on this summer,
it will send particles crashing into each other close
to the speed of light, creating energy more powerful
than the sun. There is speculation that when that
happens, it will create a black hole that will destroy
Full Story

Whitley Talks About His New Graphic Novel!

In his latest journal, Whitley writes: "I have
collaborated on a graphic novel about human
mutilations called the Nye Incidents that is going to
be out shortly. (If you want a copy, the best thing
to do is to call your local comics store and ask
them to order it. It's by Craig Spector and it's from
Devil's Due Comics.) Now, why have I done this?"
It turns out the comic is based on a real story!
Full Story
First Dreamland Festival June 27-29

For the first time ever, Dreamland is holding a
festival. All of our hosts will be there, and we hope
to see you there too! On April 19, we will post a
"Dreamland Special" conversation between Anne
Strieber and William Henry, during which William
will tell us why Nashville, where the conference is
being held, is such a magical place. The theme of
the festival is High Strangeness, and all of our
resident experts will be presenting over the course
of the weekend.
Full Story
Throughout human history, there have been recorded
evidence that we are not alone in the universe.
Even in the prehistoric era, there have been carvings
and wall drawings of objects that resemble flying

With all of the evidence available, why hasn't our
government released information about UFOs or
aliens? What are they hiding from us?

Here at, we've collected military
de-classified documents, first-hand witness reports,
ex-military and scientist interviews, abductee
information, and many other incredible files.
We have over 180 shocking files that will affirm
the existence of UFOs, aliens, and the government

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their leaders so...
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American Chronicle
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Argentina: Meteorite Crash Confirmed
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Koniewo (2000)
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POLAND: UFO Formation Flew Rapidly Over
Warsaw [14/03/07]
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Mainstream Media
UFO Blog
Billy Cox
Tue, Apr 15 2008 - 2:38 PM
A revealing glimpse of Mike Wallace - Sarasota
Thu, Apr 10 2008 - 12:35 AM
Future unclear for proposed UFO theme park in
Roswell - Sarasota H...
Sat, Apr 5 2008 - 2:52 AM
Old fallacies are hard to break - Sarasota Herald-
Fri, Apr 4 2008 - 2:54 AM
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Videographer wants more evidence - Sarasota
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UFO Sighting Reports From HBCC UFO Research
(April 15, 2008)
North Vancouver Island, British Columbia Two
Amber Lights
Saugus MA Massachusetts A Sideways Diamond
Shaped UFO
Alert Bay, British Columbia Three Objects Sit
Stationary In 1924
Seaton Devon, England 10 Gold Couloured Lights
Lawrence Weston, Bristol, U.K. Approximately 20
Surprise, Arizona Unusual Bright Moving Object
And 4 F16s
Hope, British Columbia Frightening Sounds And
Nehalem Bay, North Tillamook County, Oregon
Object Hovering
The Vike Report Radio Show - UFOs (Listen Or
Download Show #60)
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UFO Video, Disclosure Project, Soviet Migs chase
Fastwalkers, the UFOs files
UFOs if only they could solve my problems.
A few Quotes About UFOs And Aliens For Your
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Astronautica News
Wed, Apr 16 2008 - 3:10 AM
NASA Extends Cassini Spacecrafts 4-Year Mission -
Tue, Apr 15 2008 - 11:49 PM
NASA Tweaks a Spacecrafts Path en Route to Mars
- Popular Science
Tue, Apr 15 2008 - 10:11 PM
Saturns rings captured by Nasas Cassini spacecraft -
Tue, Apr 15 2008 - 9:57 PM
Scientists Reconstruct the Pioneer Spacecraft
Anomaly - Scientific...
Tue, Apr 15 2008 - 7:31 PM
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Planets -
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Names Of Planets - ...
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Spacecraft - Space Daily
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Aviation Week
Mon, Apr 14 2008 - 2:23 AM
2 minor planets named after TN girls - Chandigarh
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concert - MLive....
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Star partiers to check out space station, visible
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Sat, Apr 12 2008 - 9:49 PM
NASA Preparing Spacecraft for Studying Lunar Dust
- TechShout!
Fri, Apr 11 2008 - 9:01 PM
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Fri, Apr 11 2008 - 4:15 AM
Symphony to perform Planets - Red Bluff Daily
Thu, Apr 10 2008 - 11:55 PM
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Coldest Brown Dwarf Ever Observed: Closing The
Gap Between Stars ....
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About Me
My Photo

    Name:Frank Warren

View my complete profile
Friday, January 05, 2007
O'Hare UFO Witness Appears in Silhouette on CNN
O'Hare UFO Witness in Silhouette
By Frank Warren
      Mainstream media’s interest in the “O’Hare
UFO Incident” hasn’t waned yet; the latest to jump
in on the “UFO bandwagon” was/is Anderson
Cooper of “Anderson Cooper 360°” aired by CNN.

Interesting to note that on CNN’s web-site for
Cooper’s show, it’s described as follows:

     “ . . . a fast-moving, surprising and provocative
alternative to the typical network evening newscast.
Backed by the global resources of CNN.”

For this particular episode nothing could be further
from the truth; this broadcast couldn’t be anymore
“typical” in regards to the media’s handling of the
“UFO subject,” certainly wasn’t provocative, and by
no means was a surprise! Moreover, if skeptic “Joe
Nickell” is considered to be one of CNN’s “global
resources,” then one can imagine the “caliber” of
this particular segment!

To be honest, up until now, I have looked at
“Anderson Cooper” as a “breath of fresh air” in
regards to “television journalism”; I must admit I
was anticipating at the very least a “serious” look
into the matter; however, Cooper followed the same
path as those before him (historically speaking) in
making light of the incident. This by the way is
concerning an “unidentified, unauthorized aircraft”
directly over the “second busiest airport in our
nation; witnessed by “several airport personnel!” All
this in a “post 911 world” during a period when
our nation is at war!

It didn’t take long to realize that “investigative
journalism” was going to go by the wayside in
regards to this segment; in my view, it was
transparent this was a ratings ploy by CNN since
this story is so hot right now!

Right out of the gate as Cooper was “priming the
pump” for the segment, he immediately painted it
with a “Roswell brush.” Rather then take a
“construct” view of this incident; he immediately
attaches an “alien stigma” to it! Given the
disparaging questions that would follow by the
“boots on the ground” reporter, Gary Tuchman, and
later a commentary by known debunker “Joe
Nickell” it would seem, “in my view, there was
“willful intent in steering the viewer to a particular

The first question out of Tuchman’s mouth was,
“You don't believe this was possibly your
imagination?” (Ad nauseum).

Tuchman’s tone and further questioning was typical
of what Americans come to expect from the
mainstream media when they “broach the subject of
UFOs.” (Which is a rare phenomenon unto itself).
Usually, (at least as of late) the rib-poking and
guffaws and altogether “light approach” to the
subject is associated with a “distant light” in the
sky; in this instance it’s about a “structured craft”
over a very busy airport (second only to Atlanta),
witnessed by trained airport personal. One would
think that in a “post 911” world, and a nation that
is constantly being reminded that it is “at war,” the
attitude by those in the media, particularly that of
CNN, would be more of a “concerned, investigative,
unbiased” position—especially when it concerns at
the very least “unauthorized aircraft” over one of
our nations airports!

I found the segment to be disheartening to say the
least—you be the judge:

    COOPER: Such a strange story.
     Another mystery in the sky, this time here in
the states. You may have heard about the strange
sighting over O'Hare International Airport. Could
Chicago be the new Roswell, New Mexico? That's
what some are asking.

     CNN's Gary Tuchman talked to one of the
airport workers about what he says he saw.


(voice-over): Flights come to Chicago's O'Hare
Airport from all over the world. But do they come
from other worlds?

    (on camera) You don't believe this was possibly
your imagination?

definitely not my imagination.

    TUCHMAN (voice-over): Joe is a mechanic for
United Airlines. While taxing a jumbo jet to the
hangar, he and another mechanic...

     "JOE": Looked out the window in the general
direction and noticed an object up in the sky, dark
gray object, sitting above the terminal complex.
     TUCHMAN: Joe, which is not his real name,
is one of several airport workers, some of whom
have talked to the "Chicago Tribune", who said they
saw a saucer-shaped UFO hovering just beneath the
clouds at the airport.

     He's the first to go on camera to talk about it
since this happened several weeks ago. He wants to
remain anonymous.

    (on camera) But you're sure it was some kind
of object that normally would not be above O'Hare

     "JOE": I've been at O'Hare for quite some
time. And let's just say that I've never seen an
object in my time that looked like this. And I'll tell
you definitely it was not an airplane as we know it.

     TUCHMAN: But it could be an airplane as
another world knows it?

    "JOE": Possibly.

    TUCHMAN (voice-over): We brought in one of
Chicago's top sketch artists...

    "JOE": Followed the contours of the object.

     TUCHMAN: ... to listen to Joe and draw a
picture of what he says he saw.
      "JOE": More like an oval, dark gray oval.

    TUCHMAN: Because no photos have surfaced,
and Joe doesn't know of any.

      (on camera): It didn't say "Goodyear" on it, did

      "JOE": No "Goodyear," no.

      That's a really good drawing.

      TUCHMAN: That's what it looks like?

      "JOE": Very much so, yes.

     TUCHMAN (voice-over): Other witnesses told
an organization called the National UFO Reporting
Center that the object eventually shot straight up in
the sky at a great rate of speed.

    "JOE": It looked like literally someone had
poked a hole in the clouds, just a round hole.

      TUCHMAN: Joe thinks the disk is either a
stealthy military project or a spacecraft from another
planet. But... "JOE": I find it very strange or very
peculiar that somebody who possesses the
technology to travel between star systems would sit
over an airport in Chicago.
    TUCHMAN: Hard to argue that.

     A spokesperson for United Airlines says, "We
are aware of what the employees said they saw, but
this is not something United would investigate."
Talk to the FAA, says the airline.

     The TSA and the Chicago Department of
Aviation also told us to talk to the FAA. So we
did. And an FAA spokesperson told us, "We, too,
don't have the power to investigate." The FAA adds
that radar did not pick up anything out of the
ordinary and the sighting might have been caused
by a weather phenomenon.

    (on camera) You don't believe it was a weather

    "JOE": Not at all. Not for a minute.

     TUCHMAN (voice-over): O'Hare has apparently
been UFO free since that November afternoon,
although Joe now tends to pay special attention to
that same patch of airport sky.

    Gary Tuchman, CNN, Chicago.

     COOPER: As you heard in Gary's piece, the
FAA says what the airport worker saw was most
likely caused by a weather phenomenon. But the
workers are still not convinced.

    Earlier, I spoke with Joe Nichol, investigative
columnist for "Skeptical Inquirer" magazine.


     COOPER: You know, Joe, as we just heard a
lot of these witnesses say they saw a dark gray
saucer flying under the clouds. What could this be?

INQUIRER": No one seems to know, and that's the
thing about unidentified flying objects. They're real
in the sense that, yes, people see things, and they
don't know what they are.

     The problem is, you can't infer from an "I
don't know" that you do know. You can't say I
don't know what it is and then, therefore, it's an
extraterrestrial craft.

     There really are all kinds of things, Anderson,
in the sky, from weather balloons, all kinds of
atmospheric phenomena, meteors, space debris, secret
government planes, various blimps, not all of them
with "Goodyear" on it. And we see these under
strange and unusual conditions, and oftentimes we
don't know what they are. COOPER: Do you simply
not believe that extraterrestrials exist, or do you
hold it out as a possibility, but you just want to
see the evidence?

     NICHOL: Belief is not really a word that
science uses a lot. That's -- that's a different
domain. But really there may be extraterrestrials. No
one can deny that there -- there could be.

     The question is, are extraterrestrials visiting the
planet earth? And to date we have a huge amount
of evidence that they are, but it's very, very poor
evidence. It's not...

     COOPER: You look at -- you look back at
Roswell in 1947. That's probably the thing that a
lot of people cite as probably the most famous
unidentified flying object. You were just down in
the Mohave investigating. What did you find out?

     NICHOL: Well, we did a test in the Mohave
Desert relating to the Roswell, New Mexico, crash,
as you mentioned, in 1947. And we think we know
exactly what crashed on Mack Brazel's ranch.

     He came into town        and talked about finding
this strange debris. And      it was -- he described it as
foil paper, sticks, string,    tape, and rubber. And we
now know that a secret        United States government
spy balloon from Project Mogul was missing in that

     And if you look at photographs of the
wreckage and compare it to Mogul wreckage, it's
very clear that that's what it was. It was a spy

     COOPER: There's also this video from a couple
of years ago. The Mexican air force I guess it was,
released a video. They said it was -- it was 11
unidentified objects that they shot. We're looking at

    NICHOL: 2004?

    COOPER: Yes.

     NICHOL: Yes. Those are oil well flares in the
Bay of Campeche. They have been clearly identified

     This is -- this is instructive for us because
what happens is somebody sees something. They
don't know what it is. Sometimes they have video
for us to look at. It gets a huge amount of
attention, all of which promotes the idea that there
are UFOs. Then people do the hard work and figure
out what it is, and that, nobody's interested then,
and it sort of fades away.
     So we're always getting these new, fresh reports
as we're doing now. And by the time we -- we
figure it out, if we do, there may be less interest.

     COOPER: And yet there are always people
who will believe, until I guess proven otherwise.
Joe, it's good to talk to you again. Joe Nichol,
thanks. NICHOL: Same here, Anderson. Thank you.


See Also:

O’Hare UFO Incident Seeps Into Mainstream Media




posted by Frank Warren at 7:58 PM

Blogger instantkarma78 said...

     Agreed. The mainstream press does nothing but
either ignore or backhand slap anyone, any group or
any entity at all that attempts to come forward and
make light of any UFO sighting or contact
experience that may be, without any other origin,
natural or man made. The transcripts point out in
this case, more than equal time was given to the
"registered skeptic". In fact, don't these people
always come off with an air of intellectual
superiority? So certain of themselves that they
attempt to definitivly identify something that they
themselves did not witness, no matter how qualified
the initial observer may or may not have been? Do
they not also drag out the same "evidence" to point
out how wrong anyone who disagrees is?

     Yhea, so they mention the Mexican FLIR
footage. People see that and think "WTF is that?".
That was almost certainly the thermal signature of
gas being burned off of offshore oil rigs. That is
what investigation is for. It did its job. Most
rational people will agree, for that matter there are
those who will believe anything, hell there were
people who believed that David Koresh was the son
of god and followed him into death. Well, like most
of "those who want to believe too much" in
ufology, they are the small majority, the nutcases
who are pointed out and ridiculed. The vast
majority of people involved in UFOlogy are more
objective than that, and deserve more credit than to
be grouped in with those few nutjobs who think
they were abducted by Spock and are carrying a
half-vulcan love child.
     What about the Mexico City mass sightings that
occured in the early 90's multiple times, all well
documented by literally thousands of videos and
photographs and witnessed by millions? The skeptics
hardly ever use that as a counterpoint. I challenge
any one of them to debunk those incidents with
anything more tangible than weather balloons or the
work of hoaxers. Those two possible debunkings are
absolutely impossible in the face of the evidence. Its
also of noth that while picked up by the Mexican
media and reported extensively, it took several years
for this information to be even mentioned by the
mainstream US press. And then it was not presented
in its entirety, recieving a 15 second blurb and the
crappiest photo they could find on the evening news
right before Wheel of Fortune comes on.

    OK, off my soapbox.
    1:38 AM
Blogger Dr.Funkenberry said...

    It helps to understand, that in all liklihood,
Anderson Cooper works for the CIA.

     No this isn't a fantasy/paranoid vibe. Google
Anderson Cooper, he attended "training sessions" at
CIA headquarters while attending Yale - the
birthplace of the CIA. While he maintains he
"dropped out" of the program, the 'company', as
CIA employees call it, is a lot like the mafia,
nobody ever really leaves.
      He has traveled extensively overseas as a
"jounalist" a normal CIA cover. The Church
Commision, a congressional body performing
hearings during Watergate, uncovered the fact that
the CIA had extensive ties to the media and CIA
agents worked as journalist and other positions
within the corporate media of the day. There is no
indication that this practice has ever ceased to be

     It makes sense, I caught the end of this
segment on TV and it sure looked like a spin job
to me. The StarTrek soundtrack and flashing
overhead light ring, were certainly not the tools of
serious journalism.

    CNN became a CIA organ when TimeWarner
bought them, Google Clare Booth Luce - the
founder of Time, if you want a good spook story.

      So don't expect news from CNN on this or any
other story. Their job is spin and churn. They move
on before someone notices the flaws in the last
      8:11 AM

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OrangeOrb, and has a monthly column in UFO
Magazine by the same name. She is also a
contributer to the Binnall of America website,
writing her 'Trickster's Realm' column. Drawing on
her life long relationship with UFOs and the
paranormal, Regan writes about UFOs and Forteana
in Oregon , her home for many decades, and is
also a UFO witness and experiencer herself. Regan
is also an aritst, and author of Two Oregon Tales:
UFOs and Bigfoot, soon to be available as an e-
book. Email Regan Lee.

by Regan Lee

Posted: 23:31 April 6, 2008


Bigfoot - Photographic Proof or Elaborate Hoax?
Is this a photo of Bigfoot?
An interesting characteristic of Bigfoot, UFO and
alien encounters is the electronic, beeping sound
many witnesses report hearing during these incidents.

(My personal experience with beeping sounds: I’ve
occasionally have been abruptly awakened late at
night, and yes, around 3:00 am, because of a loud
beeping sound in my head. The sound is very
distinct, very mechanical, and all I can say is, as
loony as it sounds, it’s from inside my head, not an
exterior source, like from a truck outside or
someone’s alarm clock. This has happened several
In Peter Guittilla’s Bigfoot Files, he writes about a
1979 report of Bigfoot activity in the area where
the witnesses lived -- hearing screams, etc. -- as
well as beeping sounds:

     “One night in April at 2:30am my husband
woke me to listen to odd beeping sounds coming
from the woods. These have not been identified and
continued on and off for about a year.” ~ p136

Guittilla recounts other Bigfoot stories, where
witnesses say they hear all kinds of unusual sounds
coming from areas reported to have Bigfoot activity,
including coming from underground: The sounds
which often occur in combinations, are described
variously as buzzing, beeping, whirling, humming
...” ~ p 197 Bigfoot Files

In The Hunt for The Skinwalker, a “hairy
humanoid” was seen racing across the property (the
ranch in Utah, home of the skinwalker phenomena)
The rancher shot at the creature, being sure he hit

     ”. . .but the creature barely flinched. . . .
When he chased after it, he heard a weird sound
that resembled a soft whine combined with an
electronic beeping noise. ~ p179, Hunt for the
The following is from an interesting report on
“skinwalker ranch” type phenomena that occurred in
the 1970s on a ranch in Elvert County, Colorado:

     On another evening, very annoyed at the
repeated blows, Jim hurried outside with his rifle
and fired at the fleeing bigfoot. Jim is a good shot
and the creature was hit although without seeming
to be too inconvenienced by the fact. It must have
been wearing a bulletproof vest! Subsequently the
people at the ranch heard a hoarse crying sound
mixed with a kind of beep-beep. ~ From Prologue:
US Air Force, UFOs and Bigfoot, the Great
Deception.PUBLISHER: Trafford Publishing. PRICE: £9:89, $19:13. ISBN:
142513207-3. If you'd rather place an order by
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or 250-383-6864. From Europe, ring our UK order
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Miriam Delicado's Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy
There are thousands of books from all corners of
the Globe which deal either with UFO Sightings or
the people that see them, whether that's close up or
having the misfortune to be abducted. Those who
know this subject, know how very wide and varied
it can be. There is an absolute multitude of
hypothesis's as to what is going on, each author of
each hypothesis thinks that their conclusion or idea
is the right one, there may be of course a bit of
overlap and a bit of give and take on certain
elements, but in the main, each author has dealt
with their own witnesses and tried to find out
what's going on in what is a very controversial

There are probably as many authors as there are
UFOs these days each who want you to buy their
book. Some are doing it for the sincere belief that
what they have experienced demands to be heard
and there is nothing the matter with that, but there
are some authors who effectively will make claims
in the extreme and deserve to be exposed. Every
time I read a book containing claims that the author
has met aliens I'm hoping that whilst reading the
book I can see the sincerity and feel the truth
coming through, and I'm pleased to say, I certainly
felt it with this book. This book didn't just start it
'exploded' and generally when I am reviewing a
book I will mark for points of reference every page
in ten, however, with this book I was marking
paragraphs and sentences on nearly every page to
come back to and I can't say that I have 'ever'
done that with any book that I have reviewed in
my life and boy they've been a few.

So what makes this book stand out from the rest,
surely this is just another person making claims that
they've met and interacted with aliens! Yes well that
is true, however what is significantly different in
this book, (certainly for me), is the author's own
heartfelt feelings on her own personal experiences
that absolutely come racing out of he pages of this
book and floods through the reader's mind. It's
gripping stuff, maybe not something that is all so
different from other such claims (to a degree!)
however there are some marked differences in this
author's claims more so to the fact that she is not
talking about meeting the all too often 'grey's, but
of the 'aliens' (if we can call them that) who were
more prevalent in the 1950's and 60's and I refer to
the tall beautiful golden haired blue eyed Nordics,
(students of UFOlogy should well remember them)

OK so shall we begin and see what this book has
in store for the connoisseur of their UFOlogical
learning's? I think we should.
Miriam was just your normal woman living with her
parents in a small town in British Columbia. Born
in 1966, Miriam soon grew up knowing that she
was different, it was a feeling that was very strong
and it was a feeling that soon proved correct as a
host of weird and peculiar things started to happen
to her as she continued her journey throughout her
life. As a child, her sisters and her had very little
in the way of toys and amused themselves playing
for endless hours in the nearby fields close to her
home this was all sweet and innocent until she
found that she could read people's thoughts. She just
needed to stare at someone and more often than
not, their thoughts would come racing into her
mind. This was no idle nonsense, Miriam's friend's
confirmed her utterances on more than one occasion
which brought laughter but sometimes frowns as the
information was later proved correct. When Miriam
was young, her father played a very important role
in her life, they used to go for long walks where
he would tell her about the wonders of the
universe, it seemed to her young mind, that
although he was imparting incredible information,
most of which her young mind couldn't assimilate,
she felt that he was still holding back, that there
was something else that he wasn't quite telling her,
which, as the years rolled by, proved more than

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A UFO Digest Book Review
reviewed by Malcolm Robinson, SPI
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Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy
by Miriam Delicado

Not only was Miriam's father highly knowledgeable
about stars and planets and the wonders of the
universe, he was very psychic, and proved his
ability to Miriam and her sisters on many occasions,
he kept telling her that she was 'special' and gifted
but didn't elaborate any more than he had to. In
1976 the family moved house and soon after they
had settled into their new home they soon realised
that they were sharing it with something else,
something 'unseen', this presence was felt very
strongly by Miriam and, dare I say, by anyone who
stayed over in the household as they were kept
awake by banging and dragging sounds. It was
during this time that (as Miriam puts it) her psychic
ability began to awake and manifest. Soon Miriam's
psychic ability would expand and prove somewhat
astonishing to all her friends.

The book goes on to inform the reader about many
paranormal events in young Miriam's life and also
of the time when she held a girlfriend's hands
(whose hands were covered in unsightly warts) and
within a few seconds her female friend said that she
could feel her hands 'tingling' a few weeks later her
friend showed Miriam her hands and all the warts
were gone, coincidence? or a healing ability ?

Sadly like a number of teenagers these days,
Miriam took to drink and drugs and lost the way
(shall we say) for a number of years and descended
into a life which wasn't pleasurable by any means,
however, even although her life was more or less at
rock bottom, her psychic gifts were even more
stronger and she states in her book that her 'gift'
was as common as 'breathing' In 1980 after a
family argument, Miriam went out for a walk and
during that walk there was a sudden realisation that
she was put on this planet to help people, but she
didn't understand why, all this however, would soon
become clear as she made her way throughout her
life. It was also at this point that she left the
family home to try and make a go of it herself.

The main event or catalyst should I say, that
changed forever the life of young Miriam Delicado,
was when she was 22 years of age (1988) It was a
night when her whole perception of life and who
she was changed forever, it was the beginning of a
journey which has taken her to write this book, get
the message of the 'aliens' over and try to make
mankind understand that we truly are 'not alone' in
the vastness of the cosmos.
Initially the events started with a strange dreamlike
encounter of going through a tunnel and meeting
some strange people as she slept on a coach at a
friend's house, I won't go into the details of this
encounter too much here, however some weeks later
on a car journey to Vancouver with friends as she
lay dozing in the back seat, she was again
catapulted back into that tunnel where a voice
boomed out saying that "We are your friends, we
are your family, we are coming for you". To say
that she was shocked would be an understatement.
A short while later into the journey, Miriam and
her friend saw lights behind their car, but initially
didn't think too much of them thinking that perhaps
it was another car following behind them. For the
next couple of hours or so, these lights would keep
pace with the car, then disappear for a while then
come back close again. Needless to say it 'wasn't'
another car. Fairly soon Miriam was catapulted into
the Twilight Zone. She claims the car was stopped
on the road and six small childlike' aliens' came
towards the car, taking her from the car and into a
UFO that was sitting on the road. These small
creatures Miriam relates, did NOT have the large
slanted eyes that other witnesses claim to see on
these creatures, rather what she saw, was big
ROUND eyes. !
She was taken on board this object, whilst all the
time hearing in her head, that she would not be
harmed. It was also on board this object that she
saw tall beings with beautiful blue eyes and long
blond hair. As I say, this was the catalyst and
turning event in her life, which set her out on a
journey to tell 'US' why these 'aliens' are here, what
they want, and what's going to happen to mankind
in the very near future. Of course you the reader
reading this review want to know all this don't you!
Well the point of this review is to whet your
appetite enough to buy this book and for you to
find out for yourselves what this 'message' is so I
won't go into all the aspects that Miriam covers in
this book, suffice it to say, I will continue to
inform you of how her life shaped up 'after' this
close encounter.

The months following this event, Miriam continued
to have psychic messages coming to her from the
'aliens' that she had met on this craft, they were
more or less preparing her for something but at this
time she didn't quite know what. Her psychic
powers grew and grew and she relates to the reader
in her book a number of her early childhood
memories of a percent of them actually relate to her
meeting the tall blond aliens earlier in her life pre
1988 when the big event happened. It would seem
(as it would seem with others) that these 'guys' had
always been with her. There were of course
distressing recall, for instance when one of the
aliens said to her that they had to change her
blood, now that would be enough to scare anybody,
certainly me!
It's at this point of the book that we learn so much
more of what the alien agenda is, and Miriam
relates a heck of a lot of stuff which is both
surprising and thought provoking (buy the book and
see what I mean). What I will say is she talks
about orb like probes that go round the world
gathering information; she talks about aliens and
military people in the same room (MILABS!!)
Miriam would recall that when she was younger,
she would wake up with strange nose bleeds and
markings on her body that previously were not
there. In 1989 Miriam found herself in the company
of a lady called Karen, meeting Karen was to prove
yet another turning point in Miriam's life (again
read the book to see why, I'm not re-writing it
here) The book goes on to bring to the reader other
fascinating tales of Miriam's dealings with people
who clearly were 'aliens' but trying to pass
themselves off as human beings, but they looked so
ridiculously out of place that she was astonished
that nobody else could see this. Miriam does say,
that there is a fair percent of aliens who 'walk
amoungst us, unnoticed as aliens as they look so
human, but others haven't a clue how to dress (so
where's the intelligence on this?) She also discusses
her dealings with MIB's (Men In Black) and that in
itself makes for interesting reading.

Some years after wanting to inform the world and
their granny about her contact with 'beings from
other worlds' she suddenly felt that enough was
enough, she had reached a wall where it just wasn't
that important anymore. From attending UFO
Conferences she stepped aside and gave them a
miss. And even when she did attend UFO
Conferences it wasn't to hear the speakers, she was
more interested in talking to the people that actually
went to these gatherings for she found that the
people who attended UFO Conferences were far
more interesting than the actual speakers themselves
(she may have a point there !)

A full twelve years later (1991) it suddenly all
came back. She woke up one morning and knew
that she had work to do, and a heck of a lot of it
to boot. That was it, the desire, the enthusiasm and
drive was back in abundance to kick start another
series of events which again would shape her life.
Part two of her journey was just about to begin.

The 'aliens' as she calls them had a plan for her,
she knew through information given to her in the
past that there was a certain area on the planet
which was so important and was somewhere where
she just had to visit to fit some final pieces of the
jigsaw together for it all to make sense. That place
was The Four Corners Area in Arizona USA.
Miriam arranged for a friend of hers to share the
car journey to the Four Corners area as it was quite
a drive, she didn't say too much to her friend for
fear of putting her off. Prior to going on the trip
Miriam had read up on the Hopi Indian tribe and
was staggered to learn some amazing revelations
more so to do with what was called the Blue Star
Prophecy, this tells of a nine pointed star which
will appear in the sky just before the end times.
The more she learned about the Four Corners Area
from a combination of her own research and the
messages from her alien friends, she realised that
this area was the 'safe lands' this area will be
protected when the world comes to an end.

The book then goes into Miriam's journey to the
Four Corners and with every page there is
revelation after revelation some amazing stuff is
found in these pages not just to the fact about how
very significant the Four Corners area is concerning
the end of the world, but mostly to do with how
Miriam herself fits in to all this. That she herself is
a very significant piece of the puzzle to the
descendants of the Hopi people. That her visit to
these lands was forecast in times gone by. We learn
that the ancient Hopi Indian people were actually
taken to Earth from a dying planet by the aliens
(yes sounds far fetched I know and smacks of
something out of a comic book) But don't forget
dear reader, that fact is often stranger than fiction
and that what seems farcical and crazy may not
necessarily be so.

Miriam does visit the place that would seem was
her destiny from when she was born; she eloquently
describes the vastness of the desert plains and the
beauty it holds in the sparseness of the area. And
when she stops off to get some groceries from a
small store she shouldn't be surprised to see an
incredibly beautiful tall blonde Nordic alien waiting
for her. During her travels she frequently see's what
she describes as orbs, not the ghostly orbs as we
Brits know them, but small spherical alien space
craft probes, these are seen by her (and others)
periodically during her time at and around the Four
Corners Area.

So am I about to reveal the main purpose and story
behind this book? Well I could do but its best
served by you the reader by ordering a copy of this
book for yourself. There are no small grey beings
to be had here; just tall blonde blue eyed Nordic
type aliens. Of Course we may ask ourselves why
oh why have others not reported these tall blonde
beings of late. Well maybe they have but they have
somehow not surfaced back into the main stream
UFOlogy. Admittedly some might find this book
awash with the proverbial peace and love that
UFOlogists have come to know from our space
friends, but don't forget, this currently is not always
the case, for the student of UFOlogy knows far too
well about how bloody serious the UFO abduction
phenomenon is, how terrifying it is to those it
occurs to when they are poked and prodded and not
given the chance (it most cases) to voice their free
will. This book is different, it tells how there are
other aliens who have our best interests at heart that
the world is changing that we have to have respect
for mother Earth, we are raping this planet in
deforestation and climate change will always be a
concern. There WILL be end times, of that Miriam
was shown and told in no uncertain terms. The
world is on the verge of great change.

Miriam was told that we, human kind, are the sole
result of alien intervention and experimentation in
the past. We are 'their' children, we are 'their'
creations, they, not God, not evolution made us.
There are families and individuals throughout the
Earth who are important to the 'aliens', these
families (and individuals) have been monitored since
they were children.

Later in the book when Miriam goes back to her
home town, she meets up with her father and this
time Miriam opens up to him more about her
dealings with the aliens, it is during this meeting
that Miriam was blown away by her father's
revelations. It would appear that he too has known
about the aliens since he was a small boy, that he
has been taken and that their family had 'special
genes' and that they were 'bred' not born. Amazing
stuff! You bet. However, her father also tells her to
steer well clear of the aliens and not to get
involved with them as it will destroy her life!!

Miriam in her book states quite matter of factly that
she is a hybrid of the tall blonde aliens and that
the aliens have altered her DNA 'after' she was

This book as I've said earlier is a terrific read, I
guess more to the seasoned UFOlogist more than
Joe Public, simply because this book may seem too
far fetched to some members of the general public,
which is a shame. For instance there is a lady who
Miriam meets at a psychic fair, both women know
immediately that they have know each other before,
they get in conversation and the lady states to
Miriam that she somehow see's a picture of 'aliens'
changing Miriam's blood. To Joe Bloggs in the
street that will sound pretty hard to believe, but like
I've said before, just because something sounds and
looks ridiculous doesn't mean to say that it is so.

The book ends with who what and why. Who the
aliens are, what they are here for and why. Make
no bones about it, this is serious folks. Miriam
states that only the strong willed will survive the
end times, that the only safe place in America will
be the Four Corners area in the Arizona desert,
(there are other safe lands on each continent of this
planet though sadly she doesn't mention where these
other ones are) Only those of pure heart will
survive the end times. Again it does sound sugary
and over the top. But don't be misled, this review
does NOT do this valuable book any justice
whatsoever, only YOU and YOU alone, can decide
when you read this book if what you read is true.
Your heart will direct you to the truth, not your

The messages (and I've not even scratched the
surface here) are many in this book. We are told
that there are aliens walking amoungst us, aliens
that are living in underground bases and aliens that
are living in other dimensions. They are here, and
have our best interests at heart. So is there anything
in this book that we haven't all heard before I hear
you ask? For me yes there is. There is something
in the words, something that hits you smack in the
face when you read this book that you know that
what you are reading is the truth.

An interesting and wonderful book then of 'people'
from other worlds who have looked over us since
our inception and would appear will do so at the
end of our time. As Miriam says in her closing
Miriam arranged for a friend of hers to share the
car journey to the Four Corners area as it was quite
a drive, she didn't say too much to her friend for
fear of putting her off. Prior to going on the trip
Miriam had read up on the Hopi Indian tribe and
was staggered to learn some amazing revelations
more so to do with what was called the Blue Star
Prophecy, this tells of a nine pointed star which
will appear in the sky just before the end times.
The more she learned about the Four Corners Area
from a combination of her own research and the
messages from her alien friends, she realised that
this area was the 'safe lands' this area will be
protected when the world comes to an end.

The book then goes into Miriam's journey to the
Four Corners and with every page there is
revelation after revelation some amazing stuff is
found in these pages not just to the fact about how
very significant the Four Corners area is concerning
the end of the world, but mostly to do with how
Miriam herself fits in to all this. That she herself is
a very significant piece of the puzzle to the
descendants of the Hopi people. That her visit to
these lands was forecast in times gone by. We learn
that the ancient Hopi Indian people were actually
taken to Earth from a dying planet by the aliens
(yes sounds far fetched I know and smacks of
something out of a comic book) But don't forget
dear reader, that fact is often stranger than fiction
and that what seems farcical and crazy may not
necessarily be so.

Miriam does visit the place that would seem was
her destiny from when she was born; she eloquently
describes the vastness of the desert plains and the
beauty it holds in the sparseness of the area. And
when she stops off to get some groceries from a
small store she shouldn't be surprised to see an
incredibly beautiful tall blonde Nordic alien waiting
for her. During her travels she frequently see's what
she describes as orbs, not the ghostly orbs as we
Brits know them, but small spherical alien space
craft probes, these are seen by her (and others)
periodically during her time at and around the Four
Corners Area.

So am I about to reveal the main purpose and story
behind this book? Well I could do but its best
served by you the reader by ordering a copy of this
book for yourself. There are no small grey beings
to be had here; just tall blonde blue eyed Nordic
type aliens. Of Course we may ask ourselves why
oh why have others not reported these tall blonde
beings of late. Well maybe they have but they have
somehow not surfaced back into the main stream
UFOlogy. Admittedly some might find this book
awash with the proverbial peace and love that
UFOlogists have come to know from our space
friends, but don't forget, this currently is not always
the case, for the student of UFOlogy knows far too
well about how bloody serious the UFO abduction
phenomenon is, how terrifying it is to those it
occurs to when they are poked and prodded and not
given the chance (it most cases) to voice their free
will. This book is different, it tells how there are
other aliens who have our best interests at heart that
the world is changing that we have to have respect
for mother Earth, we are raping this planet in
deforestation and climate change will always be a
concern. There WILL be end times, of that Miriam
was shown and told in no uncertain terms. The
world is on the verge of great change.
Miriam was told that we, human kind, are the sole
result of alien intervention and experimentation in
the past. We are 'their' children, we are 'their'
creations, they, not God, not evolution made us.
There are families and individuals throughout the
Earth who are important to the 'aliens', these
families (and individuals) have been monitored since
they were children.

Later in the book when Miriam goes back to her
home town, she meets up with her father and this
time Miriam opens up to him more about her
dealings with the aliens, it is during this meeting
that Miriam was blown away by her father's
revelations. It would appear that he too has known
about the aliens since he was a small boy, that he
has been taken and that their family had 'special
genes' and that they were 'bred' not born. Amazing
stuff! You bet. However, her father also tells her to
steer well clear of the aliens and not to get
involved with them as it will destroy her life!!

Miriam in her book states quite matter of factly that
she is a hybrid of the tall blonde aliens and that
the aliens have altered her DNA 'after' she was

This book as I've said earlier is a terrific read, I
guess more to the seasoned UFOlogist more than
Joe Public, simply because this book may seem too
far fetched to some members of the general public,
which is a shame. For instance there is a lady who
Miriam meets at a psychic fair, both women know
immediately that they have know each other before,
they get in conversation and the lady states to
Miriam that she somehow see's a picture of 'aliens'
changing Miriam's blood. To Joe Bloggs in the
street that will sound pretty hard to believe, but like
I've said before, just because something sounds and
looks ridiculous doesn't mean to say that it is so.

The book ends with who what and why. Who the
aliens are, what they are here for and why. Make
no bones about it, this is serious folks. Miriam
states that only the strong willed will survive the
end times, that the only safe place in America will
be the Four Corners area in the Arizona desert,
(there are other safe lands on each continent of this
planet though sadly she doesn't mention where these
other ones are) Only those of pure heart will
survive the end times. Again it does sound sugary
and over the top. But don't be misled, this review
does NOT do this valuable book any justice
whatsoever, only YOU and YOU alone, can decide
when you read this book if what you read is true.
Your heart will direct you to the truth, not your

The messages (and I've not even scratched the
surface here) are many in this book. We are told
that there are aliens walking amoungst us, aliens
that are living in underground bases and aliens that
are living in other dimensions. They are here, and
have our best interests at heart. So is there anything
in this book that we haven't all heard before I hear
you ask? For me yes there is. There is something
in the words, something that hits you smack in the
face when you read this book that you know that
what you are reading is the truth.

An interesting and wonderful book then of 'people'
from other worlds who have looked over us since
our inception and would appear will do so at the
end of our time. As Miriam says in her closing
The Bible, UFOs, Aliens, and the Paranormal
Matthew 24:4, 24-25
1 Timothy 4:1
I spoke to a Christian woman last week who told
me that her son, who was raised in church, was
living with a girl and they weren’t married. She
said, He know better, but she didn’t have any
church background. Her mom only religion is
believing in Alien abductions.

In April 1997 39 devotees to a UFO cult called
Heaven’s Gate cult led by Marshall Applewhite,
killed themselves believing after their deaths they
would join an alien space they said was riding
piggy-back on a comet. This event brought to the
forefront again just how many people actually
believe in UFOs and aliens. Although Heaven’s
Gate represents the radical fringe of a global UFO
movement, there are millions of less-dedicated,
everyday followers who believe in UFOs and alien
life. In 1997 one poll suggested 40% of Americans
believe aliens have visited our planet. Surveys
suggest that more than 20 million Americans believe
they’ve seen a UFO in the sky- Other data suggests
more than 3 million inhabitants of this planet say
they have had a personal encounter with a being
from another planet–or with a UFO.(Alien Invaders,
Charisma July. Although they have been seen
throughout history, their sighting has literally
exploded since WW2. So we need a response
besides you are stupid or a mental case. How do
you fit UFOs and Aliens into your Biblical
framework. They aren’t mentioned by name in the
Bible. Unfortunately most Christians are confused
and have no answer for paranormal activity. I had
an elderly woman (not from our church) but from a
holiness church tell me she had visits from her dead
loved ones to comfort her.


Across the globe, UFO sightings are reported almost
weekly. Many are published on the Internet with
related reports of such things as "crop circles" and
cattle mutilations.
Strange ring-like patterns discovered on July 27,
1991, near Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, England, and
in 1992 in Durham, North Carolina. There have also
been an estimated 10,000 cases of cattle mutilations
reported in which the animals had been
"exsanguinated," or had their blood removed. Some
believe aliens are the cause.

A series of ‘flying saucers’ caused a stir in southern
England before being revealed as hoaxes, complete
with sound effects from built-in batteries and
loudspeakers. (answers in genesis)

Many of the true believers in aliens and UFOs
cannot be dismissed simply as oddballs or
eccentrics. Sightings have been reported by
astronauts and former President Jimmy Carter.
One of them is Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper.
In 1951 as a young pilot, he was flying an F-86 jet
over Germany when he saw flying-saucerlike objects
flying in formation. In 1978 her wrote a letter to
the United Nations stating he believed in UFOS.

In June 1965 astronaut Ed White–the first American
to walk in space- and astornaut James McDivitt
were passing over Hawaii in a Gemini spacecraft
when they saw weird-looking metallic objects.
Although photos were taken, they were never
The United States Government had an offshoot of
NASA called SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial
Intelligence). Shut down in the 1990’s.

Others believe the U.S. Government has withheld
proof of extraterrestrial life forms for years from the
American People. One such person is former
astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who walked on the moon
during the Apollo 14 space flight 1971.

He rejects the government account of an alleged
UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

The US government, in fact, has a long history of
investigating UFOs. Their research originated with
what was called Project Blue Book, which-after
examining more than 13,000 cases of UFO sightings
over 20 years-offically debunked the existence of

Later a secret group called MJ-12 (Operation
Majestic 12) was created by then president Harry
Truman on Sept. 24, 1947, to deal with public
hysteria surrounding certain UFO sightings.
Harvard University psychiatry professor John E.
Mack recently attracted worldwide attention with his
collection of cases of people claiming they were
‘abducted by aliens’.
There was also the release of a film alleging to be
of an autopsy on an alien from a crash in New
Mexico close to the U.S. Air Force Base at
Roswell. The blurry footage, which most have
dismissed as an obvious and crude forgery, was
nevertheless the main attraction at the 1995 UFO
World Congress in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Then of course, there was the ‘alien invasion’ film
Independence Day, which grossed more in its
opening week than any previous film in history.
A recent poll in Germany revealed that 17% of the
population believe in visits by alien craft, while
31% believe there is intelligent life in other

How, then, should one understand the UFO
phenomena and all the associated ‘hype’? In the
German magazine Focus, it was recently stated
‘90% of UFO reports turn out to be humbug, but
there is a residual 10% which are not easy to

Voyager 1 and 2 send a mistaken message to the
The Bible tells us that man will accept a lie rather
than admit to the truth that God created
all things, that man is a sinner and must bow down
and accept his Creator as Lord of his life. To avoid
the truth, man has ‘changed the glory of the
uncorruptible God into an image made like to
corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed
beasts, and creeping things’ (Romans 1:23).

What better way to show how man has done this
than to look at the two Voyager spacecraft,
launched in 1977 and sent barreling towards
the outer reaches of the solar system. On each ship
is a gold-coated phonograph record, offering a
message to extraterrestrial civilizations.
This message includes pictures of the ‘evolution of
man’ from molecules, via fish, reptiles, ape-like
creatures, to humans. It also presents
the ‘evolution of man’ in sound—a series of sounds
in an evolutionary progression: music of the spheres,
volcanoes, earthquakes,
mud pots, wind, rain, crickets, frogs, birds, hyenas,
elephants, chimpanzees, wild dogs, footsteps,
heartbeats and laughter. There is also
the sound of fire and speech, of stone tools, a tame
dog, Morse code, ships, a train, the F-111 aircraft
and so on.
The Voyager craft also offer greetings from
representatives of nations around the world. These
messages bring greetings from Earth, calls for
help, offers of friendship, pleas for peace and
promises that man is thinking about them (the
extraterrestrial intelligent beings), calling these
supposed beings out there ‘great ones’.
And just to make sure they were communicating,
scientists included a greeting from some whales! In
the book Murmurs of Earth: The
Voyager Interstellar Record, by Carl Sagan and
others, we read about the ‘whale greeting’: ‘We
listened to it [the whale greeting] many
times and always with a feeling of irony that our
imagined extraterrestrials of a billion years hence
might grasp a message from fellow
earthlings that had been incomprehensible to us.’16

United Nations delegate Wallace R.T. Macaulay of
Nigeria made an impassioned plea in his message
carried by Voyager: ‘To extraterrestrial
intelligent beings: We are supposed to inhabit this
planet alone but we know this is not quite so. In
Africa, we want to believe
that we have you and you are all-knowing, and
perhaps possess high intelligence and therefore can
help us solve the many problems of
our world here.’
Why don’t they listen to the message from God?
Psalm 121:2 tells us where to look for solutions:
‘My help comes from the Lord, who
made heaven and earth.’

Man has rejected the heavenly message
Man is crying out for purpose and meaning in life.
But he is not listening to God. In fact, he doesn’t
want to listen. As we read in
Ephesians 4:18: ‘Having their understanding
darkened, being alienated from the life of God
through the ignorance that is in them,
because of the blindness of their heart.’ In 2 Peter
3:5, the Apostle tells us that man is ‘willingly
ignorant’—he deliberately rejects the
truth about creation.
This great, infinite Intelligence—the Lord God of
the Bible—sent His prophets, and
man stoned them. God sent His Son, and man
nailed Him to a cross. God gave us His
Word, and man has burned it and its preachers at
the stake. Man cries out on one hand
for there to be something more, but then shakes his
fist at God. Why? Because man
really wants to make his own god—he doesn’t want
to acknowledge that he is in rebellion
against his Creator.

III Eye Witness Accounts

Best selling author Whitley Strieber wrote about
hisown abduction by aliens in his books
Communion, Transformation, and Breakthrough.
However, he experienmented in the occult before his
alien encounters.

Linda Cortile is a woman who witnesses say was
beamed aboard a spaceship on Nov. 30, 1989.
According to their statements, Linda was levitated
by a blue light onto a large, glowing, reddish-orange
UFO near the Brooklyn Bridge.

How do we know that reports of alien encounters
are true or that extraterrestrial life exists?
Does the Bible say anything about beings visiting
Are these encounters, and others like them the result
of drug use, over-active imaginations or memories
that surface during hypnotic treatments?
What should Christians think about UFO accounts?

Actually there are far too many documented
accounts of both abductions and UFO sightings to
dismiss all of them with simplistic explanations. It
is likely that the experiences are real. However, the
source of their alien encounters is undoubtedly not
extraterrestrial, but demonic.
Experiences -Real experiences don’t mean they are
true or Godly. It may not be imagination.

IV UFOs and Aliens Understood From a Biblical

a. Ezekiels Images p131 Angels :Dark and Light -
Gary Kinnaman

Ezekiel 1:15-21; 10:11
What in the world was Ezekiel seeing? It was the
glory of God, but it is possible that, as a part of
the vision, Ezekiel was witnessing what people
today might call a UFO.P131 Kinnaman

Even Billy Graham admits that “UFOs are
astonishingly angel-like in some of their reported
appearances.” (Quoted from Angels God’s secret
agents. P14)

In his book on Angels Billy Graham noted that
"some Christians, whose views are anchored in a
strong commitment to scripture, contend that ...
UFOs are angels.. These people point to certain
passages in Isaiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, and the Book
of Revelation, and draw parallels to the reports of
observers of the alleged UFO appearances....p131
Gary Kinnaman , Angels Dark and Light, I am
fairly convinced that UFO’s are indeed the
manifestation of spirit beings–and for the most part,
not the good kind...

UFOs seem to defy the laws of gravity and physics,
Albrecht and Alexander tell us that “their motions
and maneuverings are...enigmatic–they have been
known to change their shape suddenly; occasionally
they ‘materialize’ as if from nowhere, but more
often ‘vanish’ into this air in the midst of a
sighting. While in view of both human observers
and radar instruments, they have performed
unbelievable aerial maneuvers, such as 90 degree
turns at speeds of several thousand miles per hour!”

Ezekiel put it this way; “As they moved, they
would go in any one of the four directions the
cherubim faced; the wheels did not turn about as
the cherubim went. The cherubim went in whatever
direction the head faced, without turning as they
went” (Ezekiel 10:11)

Physicist J. Lemairtre, writing in the highly regarded
UFO publication Flying Saucer Review, said "We
can conclude that it is impossible to interpret UFO
phenomenon in terms of material spaceships as we
conceive of them, that is, in terms of manufactured
and self-propelled machines."...p133 Kinnaman
believes that UFOs only appear as matter, but are
really just a concentration of energy. All of this
simply points to a spiritual basis for UFO sightings,
some of which may be good angels of God, like
what Ezekiel saw near the Kebar River in Babylon.

Most of the time, I believe (as Gary Kinnaman)
UFO sightings are manifestations of angels of
darkness. As I looked over Alien pictures on the
net for this presentation I had eerie sense of evil.
The main reason for this they are manifestation of
angels of darkness is that UFO sightings have
never, at least to my knowledge, led a person closer
to God. In fact, most UFO experiences have just
the opposite effect.

b. 1 Timothy 4:1 The Bible warns about doctrines
of demons and deceiving spirits in

c. Ephesians 2:2 “Prince and power of the air”

d. 2 Corinthians 11:14 -Satan masquerades as an
angel of light, a liar and the Father of Lies.(John

e. Revelation 12:9 The huge serpent was thrown
down. That ancient snake, named Devil and Satan,
the deceiver of the whole world, was thrown down
to earth. Its angels were thrown down with it.
The most Bizarre of UFO sighting are those
involving alleged “abductions.” Brian Scott is the
most famous. He claims to have met the occupants
of UFOs on at least 5 different occasions, in the
Superstition Mountains in Arizona. He said weird-
looking being communicated with him telepathically,
without moving their mouths or speaking. The
message was a combination of general information
about the aliens’ origin and purpose, vague
philosophy, and a promise that they would return.
Which they did. His accounts of events are blatantly
occultic, and never lead people into the presence of

Nor can all abduction accounts be summarily
dismissed as delusions, dreams or fraud. Ginger
Thompson’s case is one of them
Ginger Thompson shows an X-ray of the implant
she says was left in her head by aliens. The pea-
size object in her brain was discovered by doctors
at the Mayo Clinic, she says, who were baffled by
its origin. She is matter-of-fact, even a little weary,
as she recounts being experimented upon by

But then he came across what he calls the real
UFO cover-up, which drew him back into the world
of sightings and Grays--but with a new mission.
With a Christian friend who had also been part of
the MUFON network, Jordan discovered the
astonishing case of a man who claimed to have
halted his abduction experience.
It was the first time Jordan had ever heard such a
thing--and it happened when the man called out the
name of Jesus. "Nobody had ever said you could
escape an abduction. There
was no mention of it in any of the literature," he
Since then, Jordan and his colleague have traced
about 100 abduction cases that have been stopped
by the name of Jesus.

On the whole, if you were to call up a pastor and
say you had been abducted by aliens, 95 percent of
them would refer you to a psychiatrist before they
would refer you to Jesus," Guy Malone who
ministers in Roswell New Mexico.

V The Result of UFO Encounters

Do they bring people into the presence of the
Living God as Ezekiels experience did?
How did the spiritual lives of those who
encountered aliens change?
The plot, they contend, is illustrated by the views
of the likes of Stanton Friedman, a full-time UFO
researcher, author and speaker for more than 30
years whose studies have led him to the conclusion
that aliens are visiting Earth and the observation
that: "It gives you a new sense of perspective about
where man fits in the universe."

"The idea is to get our eyes off of God. If what
these aliens say is true, then it denies the Creator,"
he explains. "That’s the bottom line--they are trying
to destroy our relationship with the Creator." (Chris

And, in the meantime, say Ward and his associates,
UFOs draw people almost inevitably into New Age
beliefs. It is certainly the case at Journeys Beyond,
where the merchandise tables selling books about
UFOs and alien abductions are mixed among stalls
offering aura photography, psychic and tarot
readings, past-life studies, etheric handprints, auric
renderings and astral-projection lessons.

Her (Ginger Thompson from above) views of God
have changed, too. Raised in a Baptist church, she
no longer believes in hell.
"It’s where you are," she says. Jesus was "just a
man like we are, sent here to show us that we
have the same power that He had." God is "not
something we can touch. God is pure energy," she
Even more disturbing than the mere communication
with aliens is the growing number of women who
claim to have been impregnated with alien seed, as
well as accounts about sexual activity among angels,
aliens, demons, and humans. It is hard to tell if any
of these reports have any truth in them at all.

Conclusion: The Delivered
For years Cathy Land was plagued by an unsettling
sense of being "visited." When she realized what
was happening, she turned to God to end her
abduction experiences.
The pieces started to fit together the night they
dropped her. For years Cathy Land had been
plagued by the sense that something wasn’t quite
right. There were periods of unaccounted missing
time, mornings when she felt heavy and lethargic
despite a full night’s sleep, an unsettling sense of
somehow having been visited.
Then she woke up with an alien’s face inches from
"He had dropped me. I could feel his breath on my
face. It startled him that I woke up. He had this
confused--’That’s not supposed to happen’--look on
his face. The second one still had hold of my legs.
I rolled over into a fetal position and went right
back to sleep."
In the morning she told her son what had happened.
Usually the family dismissed her recollections as a
joke. This time he told her: "Those were not aliens;
they were demons."
"It finally all made sense," she recalls.
Her son’s comment propelled her to the Internet,
where she found some Christians who didn’t dismiss
her experiences as nonsense. Her faith was enriched
and deepened as she discovered that God’s power
could free her from her years of torment.
"I stopped being so scared, and I got mad," she
says. "I finally understood. These things were trying
to get the world’s attention away from God, and
how better to do that than make people think they
are being invaded from outer space? These are not
benevolent little E.T.s come to clean up the
environment, fix the hole in the ozone layer. They
are not from a distant galaxy. They are raping
women, they are murdering animals, they are
terrifying children."
An office manager for a medical supply company,
and one-time stock-car racer and singer-musician,
Land began to read all she could to learn more
about what had troubled her for so long. She had
been fascinated by UFOs since early childhood, one
time reporting a seashore sighting to the police.
"Many times I would have a strange feeling just
before going to bed," she says, adding that precise
memories were hazy when she awoke. "I would feel
like something had happened during the night--but
nothing I could put my finger on."
One time her son told of a frightening encounter
he’d had with "a tall man." She admits that his
account had scared her.
But she continued to devour books and TV shows
on alien phenomena. She told family members about
her experiences and talked about UFOs with friends,
though most laughed her off.
"Sometimes it made me feel like I was losing my
mind. Maybe I did dream this all up. But there
were too many things over and over and over
again," she says.
As she read all the Christian material she could find
on the subject after her spiritual awakening, she
began to see how she had been so deceived for so
long. "Everything started to make sense," she says.
"I realized that everything I had read had probably
been happening to me all along, and it scared me.
Then it made me mad. How dare they mess with
me and my children?"
Land’s anger over the years her life was "held" has
spurred her to tell her story to others caught in the
UFO mesh.
"This is war. It’s the most ingenious hoax there is.
It’s a plan to get the world’s attention away from
the gospel of Christ, and it’s working."
She says many exploring the UFO world are, as she
was, "searching for love."
"That’s what they are looking for, really, in their
beliefs about aliens. But there’s only one place they
will find unconditional love, and they are looking in
the wrong place."
An active part of her local Baptist church in
Jacksonville, Florida, Land says that she now has a
peace she never knew before. "I didn’t know it for
years.," she says. "It was a miserable existence from
day to day. Nobody should be victimized like that.
If I can save one person from being harmed, then I
have to do this for God. It’s my offering to Him.
Alien Invaders -Charisma Magazine Paul McGuire
Alien Nation & Aliens Among Us - Andy Butcher
Charisma & New Man July/Aug 2002
Is there Intelligent Life in Outer Space- Ken Ham
Angels :Dark and Light -Gary Kinnaman
Widely regarded as one of the true classics of
science fiction, Star Maker is a poetic and deeply
philosophical work. The story details the mental
journey of an unnamed narrator who is transported
not only to other worlds but also other galaxies and
parallel universes, until he eventually becomes part
of the "cosmic mind." First published in 1937, Olaf
Stapledon's descriptions of alien life are a political
commentary on human life in the turbulent inter-war
years. The book challenges preconceived notions of
intelligence and awareness, and ultimately argues for
a broadened perspective that would free us from
culturally ingrained thought and our inevitable
anthropomorphism. This is the first scholarly edition
of a book that influenced such writers as C.S.
Lewis and Arthur C. Clarke and which Jorge Luis
Borges called "a prodigious novel."
The Earth
Milky, cosmos, galaxies
Interstellar Travel
Interstellar Travel, planetary system, Jupiter
in The Other Earth
gustatory, Bvalltu, cosmic rays
Travel Again
astronomy, Bvalltu, galaxy as known
Worlds Innumerable
Echinoderm, Homo Sapiens, NAUTILOIDS
Intimations of the Star Maker
pilgrimage, Love-God, few worlds
more »
vn More Worlds
ichthyoids, arachnoids, artificial photosynthesis
Concerning the Explorers
pronoun, Englishman, concreteness and glamour
The Community of Worlds
Ichthyoids, planetary systems, interstellar travel
A Vision of the Galaxy
nebula, aeons, filmy
Stars and Vermin
stellar evolution, stellar population, white dwarf
A Stunted Cosmical Spirit
nebulae, infinite spirit, amoeboid
The Myth of Creation
uncon, tonal, ultimate cosmos
Back to Earth
Animalcules, rising storm, Lenin
A Note on Magnitude
Utopia, spiri, telescope
West Kirby, Dyson Sphere, Cepheid variables
science fiction, Liverpool, Methuen
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Ye are the salt of the earth; but if the salt have
lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? - Page
Appears in 526 books from 1799-2007

a soap-bubble with irregularities and corrugations on
its surface is perhaps the best representation.. . of
the new universe revealed to us by the theory of
relativity. The universe is not the interior of the
soap-bubble but its surface. - Page 297
Appears in 27 books from 1900-2004

but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall
it be salted? - Page 287
Appears in 333 books from 1744-2007
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With infinite complacency men went to and fro over
this globe about their little affairs, serene in their
assurance of their empire over matter - Page 287
Appears in 44 books from 1934-2006
So with a stately swiftness, in the profoundest
silence, the solar system fell from me, as it had
been a garment, until the sun was a mere star amid
the multitude of stars. - Page 285
Appears in 12 books from 1896-2004

used to sit, hour after hour, night after night,
outside our house in Africa, watching the stars.
‘Well,' he would say, ‘if we blow ourselves up,
there's plenty more where we came from! - Page
Appears in 7 books from 1979-2004

the attempt to see our turbulent world against a
background of stars may, after all, increase, not
lessen, the significance of the present human crisis.
It may also strengthen our charity toward one
another. - Page xxxii
Appears in 6 books from 1968-2005

Two lights for guidance. The first, our little glowing
atom of community, with all that it signifies. The
second, the cold light of the stars, symbol of the
hypercosmical reality, with its crystal ecstasy. - Page
Appears in 6 books from 1968-2004
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The Wesleyan Early Classics of Science ...
... Fiction presents the first scholarly edition of Olaf
Stapledon's 1937 masterpiece, Star Maker, edited by
Patrick A. McCarthy. Physicist Freeman Dyson
provides a foreword.
Reed Business Information (c) 2004
The SF Site Featured Review: Star Maker
In my graduate school science fiction seminar taught
by the noted critic H. Bruce Franklin, Star Maker
was left off the syllabus because it would take too
The Star Maker, by Olaf Stapledon
Read Star Maker. No, that's too weak a statement.
Before you read any other sci-fi, read this book.
John's Book Reviews: Star Maker
The universe and the explorers strive to meet the
Star Maker. What they discover, though, is a
marvelous paradox of pitiless love and merciful
cruelty. ...
Star Maker, by Olaf Stapledon
Read book reviews of Science Fiction Books,
Fantasy Books, and Horror Books; join other science
fiction, fantay and horror writers and fans in
sfreader's ...
  Mutiple Witness Sighting in Texas
The MUFON Journal's February issue begins the
investigation of the Stephenville, Texas UFO
sighting. Over 200 hundred people showed up for
an interview session conducted by MUFON Texas.
MUFON took over 50 reports pertaining to the
A Closer Look at the O'Hare UFO Sighting.
Richard F Haines takes a detailed look at the event
that took place at O'Hare International Airport on
November 7, 2006 in the current International UFO

UFO Crash in Holland? The January/February issue
of UFO magazine introduces Ufologist Nuno Alves.
Nuno left his native Portugal to investigate UFO's
in the Netherlands. While there he meet a man who
claims to have knowlegde of a deliberate kill of a
UFO in Holland.

Earth and Moon as Seen From Mars Orbit
This remarkable image was taken from the Mars
Reconnaissance Orbiter on October 3, 2007. Using
its High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment
(HiRISE) camera the Orbiter was able to capture
both Earth and Moon from a distance of 142
million kilometers (88 million miles).If you look
closely you may be able to make out the west coast
of South America on the lower right side of the

Photo Credit : NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of

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"Given our human limitations, a UFO is a
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The experience deeply effects the human psyche. It
elicits psychological projection or identification to
frame a reference for comprehending the
inexplicability of the event/experience. It is neither
real nor imaginary only, but rather a (blending) of a
real event and a psychological interpretation of the

John P. defines UFO as:
"Aerial craft of unknown origins, operated by an
intelligence of other than human capabilities."

John C. denotes:
"Beyond the obvious acronym, the term UFO
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with the specific notion that they are intelligently
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... are you kidding me?

"Thousands of humans were being used as so many
lab rats; the blond, blue-eyed women were
especially popular for use as sex objects by aliens."

Kate Mucci relating what was described to her by
Jo Ann Richards, wife of Mark Richards, who
claimed he was an Air Force Special Operation
assigned to the underground installation at Dulce,
New Mexico. (Mark was unable to participate in the
interview...he's been incarcerated for the past 24
(January 2007 UFO Magazine)

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What can mollusks (clams, snails, oysters...) tell us
about alien abductions? The answer may surprise


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and with which all things are infused. Associated
especially with Ralph Waldo Emerson and his
followers, who have been called transcendentalists.
(The name was erroneously applied to them because
of an incorrectly supposed relationship to Kant's
philosophy) 2. that in philosophy which goes beyond
(transcends) empiricism or what is experienced in
order to ascetain the A PRIORI fundamental
principles or structuring processes of all knowledge.
Source : The Harper Collins Dictionary : Philosophy
2nd Edition
This Week In History ......
Sunday April 13 thru Saturday April 19
Apr 14 1897 Springfield,Illinois Farmworker John
Halley and vineyard owner Adolf Weinke witness a
large light in the sky which landed near the two
men. The men entered into conversation with the
pilot. Part of the Great Airship Mystery of 1897.

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UFO's In Earth's History

The Historical Record of Planet Earth speaks of ongoing
contact with extraterrestrials as found in oral traditions,
tablets, stone monuments, petroglyphs, and art forms
found throughout the planet. Many of these images could
also be lenticular clouds.

Ancient Astronauts

Reptilian looking entities found in Iraq - 5,000-4,500

Sumerian Gods

Alien Gray Entity

Art Exhibit British Museum #52

Sumerian Gods - Scroll Through The Images

Figurines, Lizard-headed or Ubaid Style, clay, Ur (Ubaid
culture), 5th millenium BCE, h:13.6 cm From the Ubaid
- Southern Mesopotamian Period, 5000 BCE - 4000
BCEFound in Ur. The Ubaid culture succeeded the Halaf
at the end of the 6th millenium BCE in southern Iraq,
then spread throughout Mesopotamia. Ubaid culture is
known for painted pottery; large houses of tripartite plan
for extended families; and lizard-headed figurines of
both male and female gender. Figurines such as the
above examples are typical. The figure on the left holds a
baby on her hip and suckles it. The figure on the right
has incised stretch marks on her abdomen. It has been
suggested that the brown-painted dots and lines represent
tatoos, and the clay pellets scarring. It is unknown if the
shape of the skulls represents actual head-
binding.Similar Lizard-headed figurines have been found
at Eridu. Collon, Dominique. Ancient Near Eastern Art.
Berkeley: University of California Press, 1995, pg 46.


7,000 B.C. - The Lolladoff plate, discovered in Nepal,
appears to show a hovering disk-shaped object in the
center and a small being, resembling an alien resembling
an alien gray, beside it. The circular pattern is
reminescent of the spiraling movement of consciousness
- Golden Ratio - Sacred Geometry of creation.


This cave painting is c.10,000 BC and is from Val
Camonica, Italy.
It appears to depict two beings in protective suits holding
strange implements.


Strange suited figure found in Kiev. It dates to ca. 4,000


7000 year old petroglyph discovered in the province of
Querato, Mexico in 1966.
There are 4 figures with outstretched arms below a large
oval object radiating what appear to be beams of light.


Ancient Figures in Space Suits

United States - Native Americans

Petroglyphs dating back thousands of years ago by
ancient Indians in the American Southwest. According to
Indian folklore, two objects collided high in the sky and
one crash-landed in the region of Death Valley. Some
men arrived (presumably in another ship) and spent some
time repairing the damaged craft and were observed by
the local Indians. The two images below may possibly
depict the ship (left) used by the men who came to repair
the damaged craft. In comparing the two images, the one
on the right seems to depict structural damage around the
edges and the bottom. Could it be the one that allegedly
crashed? The images are stills taken from an old TV
series entitled "In search of..." hosted by Leonard

Sego Canyon, Utah. Estimated up to 5,500 BC.

6000 BC from Tassili, Sahara Desert, North Africa.


Two cave paintings from Tanzania. Both are estimated to
be up to 29,000 years old. The one on the left is located
in Itolo and depicts several disc shaped objects. The
other painting is from Kolo shows four entities
surrounding a women. Notice also the entity looking
down from inside some sort of box or object.


Wandjina petroglyphs from Kimberley, Australia.
About 5,000 years old and may represent alien beings.
Gods - Link Between Australia and Egypt


This is an old Chinese illustration from a fictional book
entitled "Illustrated Survey of Weird Countries" (c.1400
A.D.) and had the following original caption: "Ji Gung
Land: The people could make flying cars that travelled
far with a suitable wind. In Tarng's day (c.1700 B.C.), Ji
Gung people flying a car on a westerley reached Yew Jo.
Tarng dismantled their car so it could not be
demonstrated to the people ... Later an east wind came
on which he had them fly the car back to their own
country [5,000 km] west of our gateway."

This is an artistic reproduction of a relief found in a
labyrinth on the island Jotuo in the Toengt'ing lake. An
expedition took place in 1957 (two years before an
earthquake in that region). The expedition was led by
professor Tsj'i Pen-Lai. They found various reliefs
showing "humans" in strange clothes which looked like
astronaut suits (hose like objects attached to the clothes).
They also found a painting which apparently resembled
the solar system. The third and fourth circle (planet)
were connected with a line. Also there were ten planets
(excluding the sun as planet). This connects easily to the
theories about Nibiru, planet X, etc.

Illustration depicting a sighting of a burning wheel in the
year 900 over Japan.

1465 - Cigar shaped UFO - flaming girder seen in the
sky during the reign of Enrico IV
From Notabilia Temporum by Angelo de Tummulillis

A wood cut from 1479 Arabia shows the appearance of a
rocket ship complete with rivet and metal and pointed
front with stars gleaming in the background.

This is a tapestry called Summer's Triumph It was
created in Bruges in 1538 and presently resides at the
Bayerisches National Museum. You can clearly see
several disc shaped objects in the top of the tapestry.
A wood cut found in Nurnberg Germany in 1561 depicts
alarge dark missile with a many others like it in the sky.
Also depicted are globes, cylindrical space ships, and the

Illustration depicts a sighting by two Dutch ships in the
North Sea of an object moving slowly in the sky. It
appeared to be made by two disks of different size. The
source for this account is one of the books entitled
Theatrum Orbis Terrarum by Admiral Blaeu. These
books were compilations of articles by different authors
and consisted of detailed accounts of long engagements
at sea, cartography information, etc. The images of 2
cirlces meeting - the oval - link with Sacred Geometry
and Archetypes

In France there was a coin minted in 1680 that shows a
hovering disc shaped UFO with what appears to be port
holes or lights around the outer rim. Due to the fact that a
coin was minted depicting this UFO.

Vimanas - Ancient Aircraft in Egypt and India

In Egypt there exists a star clock for the Precession of
the Equinoxes and an electric light bulb that dates to
2600 BC. An electric battery was discovered in a rock
carbon dated approximately 500,000 years ago.

15th Century

"Prodigiorum Liber"

Renaissance illustration of a UFO sighting in Rome
in a book by Roman historian Julio Obsequens.


This picture shows a UFO sighting over Hamburg,
The objects were described as 'two glowing wheels' -
November 4, 1697 - Wheels - Spoked Wheels.

Wheels - 12 around 1 - Alchemy Wheel - Wheel of
The Cross - 'X' - 4 sections - 4th Dimension - Time

UFO'S in Religious Art

In this painting found on a wood drawer from furniture
kept at the Earls D'Oltremond, in Belgium, Moses is
depicted receiving the tablets of the Ten
Commandments, with "flaming horns." Several equally
flaming objects are in the sky before him. The date and
artist are unknown.
"The Baptism of Christ"

A disk shaped object is shining beams of light down on
John the Baptist and Jesus - Fitzwilliam Musuem,
Cambridge, England - Painted in 1710 by Flemish artist
Aert De Gelder. It depicts a classic, hovering, silvery,
saucer shaped UFO shining beams of light down on John
the Baptist and Jesus. What could have inspired the artist
to combine these two subjects?

17th century fresco of the crucifiction - Svetishoveli
Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia.
Note the two saucer shaped craft on either side of Christ.

"La Tebaide"

Painted by Paolo Uccello - circa 1460-1465.

The picture on the right shows a red saucer shaped UFO
seen near Jesus.
The painting hangs in the Academy of Florence.

Frescos throughout Europe which reveal the appearance
of space ships in the skies including this painting of 'The
Crucifixion' - painted in 1350. It seems to depict a small
human looking man looking over his shoulder - at
another UFO as if in pursuit - as he flies across the sky in
what is clearly a space ship. The leading craft is
decorated with two twinkling stars, one reminiscent of
national insignia on modern aircraft. This paintng hangs
above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in
Kosovo, Yugoslavia.

"Glorification of the Eucharist" was painted by
Bonaventura Salimbeni in 1600.

Today it hangs in the church of San Lorenzo in San
Pietro, Montalcino, Italy.
Does the 'Sputnik satellite-like device' represent the
Earth? Website


A fourteenth century fresco of the Madonna and Child
depict on the top right side the image of a UFO hovering
in the distance. A blow up of this fresco reveals
tremendous details about this UFO including port holes.
It seems to indicate a religious involvement between
UFO's and the appearance of the Christ Child.

This painting is called "The Madonna with Saint
Giovannino". It was painted in the 15th century by
Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) and hangs as part of
the Loeser collection in the Palazzo Vecchio. Above
Mary's right shoulder is a disk shaped object. Below is a
blow up of this section and a man and his dog can clearly
be seen looking up at the object.
"The Assumption of the Virgin"

Painted circa 1490 by an unknown artist.

Saucer shaped "clouds" intrigue modern ufologists.
Could so many have appeared in the sky at one time? Or,
are the hat shaped UFOs depicted so numerous here to -
punctuate- certain events as being particularly holy?

The Life Of Mary - 14th Century Tapestries


'The Magnificent' - Notre-Dame in Beaune, Burgandy

The painting above was done by Carlo Crivelli (1430-
1495) and is called "The Annunciation with Saint
Emidius" (1486) and hangs in the National Gallery,
London. A disk shaped object is shining a pencil beam of
light down into Mary's crown chakra. A blow up of the
object is next to the painting.

The picture above depicts Jesus and Mary on what
appear to be lenticular clouds. The painting is entitled
"The Miracle of the Snow" and was painted by Masolino
Da Panicale (1383-1440) and hangs at the church of
Santa Maria Maggiore, Florence, Italy.
Barry H. Downing's The Bible and Flying Saucers

    The Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is filled
with accounts of encounters with divine beings.
Abraham and the 'smoking firepot' and a flaming torch
that appeared in the sky as a sign of acceptance of his
sacrifice (Genesis 15:17), the 'pillar of cloud'by day and
the 'pillar of fire' by night that led Moses and the
Israelites (Exodus 13:22), God landing on Mount Sinai
in smoke, with a sound of a trumpet before them
(Exodus19:18-19), Elijah being 'carried up to heaven' in
a 'chariot of fire' which created a whirlwind (II Kings
2:11), and of course, Ezekiel's famous close encounter.
(Ezekiel 1:1-28).

    The New Testament likewise contains many familiar-
sounding sightings. Foremost is famous Star of
Bethlehem which Matthew records that the Wise Men -
probably Zoroastrian astronomer-priests - followed till it
came to rest over the place where the child was (Matt.
2:9) - most unusual behavior for a supernova, comet, or
planetary conjunction!

    The birth itself had been immediately announced by
the appearance of a messenger shining with the glory of
the Lord to shepherds in the fields at night. (Luke 2:9)

    Downing, himself a minister, argues that many of the
terms describing such glorious and shining lights could
be descriptions of UFOs. Even the shape believed to be
the Holy Spirit that was seen to descend like a dove at
Christ's baptism and the bright cloud at the
Transfiguration, (Matt. 17:1-8) might have been
extraterrestrial craft. The men in shining clothes, such as
those the disciples believed were Moses and Elijah at the
Transfiguration, would then have been their occupants.

    After the Crucifixion, yet another of these fellows
came out of the sky, rolled the stone away from the tomb
and announced the Resurrection. And of course, at the
end of Jesus mission on Earth, he rose into the air and a
cloud took him out of their sight while two of those
mysterious Men in White consoled the disciples (Acts

LENTICULAR CLOUDS - Painting done in 1420

This fresco is located in the San Francesco Church in
Arezzo, Italy.

ET's - Giants - In The Bible - Flood Stories

Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days;
and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto
the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the
same became mighty men which were of old, men of

Numbers 13:33 And there we saw the giants, the sons of
Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own
sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.
Deuteronomy 2:11 Which also were accounted giants, as
the Anakims; but the Moabites call them Emims.

Deuteronomy 2:20-21 That also was accounted a land of
giants: giants dwelt therein in old time; and the
Ammonites call them Zamzummims; A people great, and
many, and tall, as the Anakims; but the LORD destroyed
them before them; and they succeeded them, and dwelt
in their stead:

Deuteronomy 3:11-13 For only Og king of Bashan
remained of the remnant of giants; behold, his bedstead
was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the
children of Ammon? Nine cubits was the length thereof,
and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man.
And this land, which we possessed at that time, from
Aroer, which is by the river Arnon, and half mount
Gilead, and the cities thereof, gave I unto the Reubenites
and to the Gadites. And the rest of Gilead, and all
Bashan, being the kingdom of Og, gave I unto the half
tribe of Manasseh; all the region of Argob, with all
Bashan, which was called the land of giants.

Deuteronomy 9:2 A people great and tall, the children of
the Anakims, whom thou knowest, and of whom thou
hast heard say, Who can stand before the children of
Joshua 12:4 And the coast of Og king of Bashan, which
was of the remnant of the giants, that dwelt at Ashtaroth
and at Edrei,

Joshua 13:12 All the kingdom of Og in Bashan, which
reigned in Ashtaroth and in Edrei, who remained of the
remnant of the giants: for these did Moses smite, and
cast them out.

Joshua 15:8 And the border went up by the valley of the
son of Hinnom unto the south side of the Jebusite; the
same is Jerusalem: and the border went up to the top of
the mountain that lieth before the valley of Hinnom
westward, which is at the end of the valley of the giants

Joshua 17:15 And Joshua answered them, If thou be a
great people, then get thee up to the wood country, and
cut down for thyself there in the land of the Perizzites
and of the giants, if mount Ephraim be too narrow for

Joshua 18:16-17 And the border came down to the end of
the mountain that lieth before the valley of the son of
Hinnom, and which is in the valley of the giants on the
north, and descended to the valley of Hinnom, to the side
of Jebusi on the south, and descended to Enrogel, And
was drawn from the north, and went forth to Enshemesh,
and went forth toward Geliloth, which is over against the
going up of Adummim, and descended to the stone of
Bohan the son of Reuben,
2 Samual 21:20 And there was yet a battle in Gath,
where was a man of great stature, that had on every hand
six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in
number; and he also was born to the giant.

1 Chronicles 20:6 And yet again there was war at Gath,
where was a man of great stature, whose fingers and toes
were four and twenty, six on each hand, and six on each
foot: and he also was the son of the giant.

Other References to Giants

The Annunaki - Gods from the Skies - (Anak, Anakim,
Anakites, Nephilim, Arba, Rephaites). Anu, Pleiades,
An, Anshar, Kishar, Antu, Ki, Gibil, Nusku, Gulu,
Ninmah, Nergal, Cuthah, Kuta, Gudua, Gudea, Imdugud,
Ningursu, Danu.

Giants Before the Flood

Then the Elohim (Hebrew idiom of a plural of magnitude
or majesty (Gen. 1:1), used of heathen gods, or of angels
or judges as representatives of God, Elohim is plural in
sense as well as form. It's etymology, the most likely
roots mean either "be strong," or "be in front," the power
and preeminence of God; as to EL (Heb. 'el, God) it is a
generic word for God in the Semitic languages: Aramaic
elah, Arabic ilah, Akkadian ilu. In the OT, el is used over
two hundred times for God. El has a plural, elim,
occasionally elhm in Ugaritic; but the Hebrews needed
no plural, though a plural term, 'elohim, was their regular
name for God.

The root from which ‘el was derived may have come
from 'wl, "to be strong"; from an Arabic root 'ul, "to be
infront of" as a leader from a Hebrew root ‘lh to which
both ‘el and ‘elohim belonged, with the meaning
"strong"; from the preposition el, "to be infront of"; and
using the same prepositions, as putting forth the idea of
God as the goal for which all men seek.

A truly satisfactory theory is impossible, because ‘el and
the other terms for God, 'elohim and 'eloha, are all
prehistoric in origin.) make their return in Genesis 6:2,
when the "sons of God" have intercourse with the
"daughters of men," ..."and they took them wives of all
which they chose."

The results of this event beget Lamech (Heb. lemekh,
meaning undetermined), father of Noah, based his faith
on the promised deliverance from the Adamic curse of
Gen. 3:14-19, he foresees, even if faintly, the coming of
One of his seed (cf. 1 Chron. 1:3; Luke 3:36) who will
remove that curse (cf. Rom. 8:18-25). Jared was Enochs'
father, who through tradition dictated to his son about
5800 B.C.

"The Lamentations of Jared" how Gods came to the earth
and led astray his own tribe of Adam and those tribes of
Cain also.
From Adam to Noah there were seven major Patriarchs
born, Noah being the eighth person as shown in 2 Peter
2:5. Note that Cain and Abel are not counted for a total
of ten, but Seth was the first.

Uta-Napishtim (Babylonian Noah) was the tenth King of
Babylon before the Flood. The Sumerian King List
mentions five cities existing before the Flood; Eridu,
Bad-tinia, Larak, Sippar, and Shuruppak.

# The first king was Alorus, who ruled for 120 sari, or
432,000 years before the Flood (note 162,000 years).
# Abulim reigned for 28,800 years.
# Abolga reigned 36,000 years.
# Two more kings reigned for 64,800 years. These
represented the five cities. While in Eridu Kings from
Heaven reigned for 64,800 years before the Flood.
# If eight kings ruled for 241,200 years then the last five
kings totaled 140,400 years.

A Chaldean priest, Berossos, writing in Greek ca. 289
B.C., reported that according to Mesopotamian belief
432,000 years elapsed between the crowning of the first
earthly king and the coming of the deluge.

The early Sumerian king list names eight kings with a
total of 241,200 years from the time when "the kingship
was lowered from heaven" to the time when "the Flood
swept" over the land once more "the kingship was
lowered from heaven" (Thorkild Jacobsen, The Sumerian
King List, 1939, pp. 71, 77).
A Biblical analysis of the Masoretic text of the ages of
the Patriarchs when their sons were born shows only
1,656 years passed from the Creation to Adam's Fall
until the Deluge and Shem's fatherhood.

Genesis 6:4 "There were giants in the earth in those
days..., when the sons of God came in unto the daughters
of men, and they bare children to them, the same became
mighty men (Nephilim) which were of old, men of

# "Sons of God appears to refer to angels (Job 1:6, 2:1 "a
day when they came before the Lord, and Satan was
among them"):
# Job 38:7 "When the morning stars sang together, and
they all shouted for joy";
# Psalms 89:6 "S who among them can be likened unto
the Lord?"). Genesis 6:1-2 may likewise involve angels
(in this case they are fallen ones) or they may be demon-
possessed individuals, but others view these "sons of
God" as kings/rulers/princes.

Author W. Raymond Drake states that in the Kabalistic
Book of Enoch the Giants engendered by the Fallen
Angels and daughters of men turned against mankind
before the Flood.

Noah and the Giants - Anakim / Anninaki - After the
Noah's three sons may have brought with them wives,
who were not pure descendants of Adam but those of the
Anakim (Heb. 'anaqim, sons of Anak, Heb. 'anaq, long-
necked) or possibly the Canaanites. Or else after Ham
and Japheth eventually became the ancestors of the
"goyim," where they combined with the Anakim who
survived the Flood.

The early Sumerian texts called them Anunaki, "those
who came from heaven to earth." The Anakim as in
Genesis 6:4 they are the sons of the sons of God, they are
called the Nephilim (uncertain etymology) or giants
(Heb. rapha, raphah, Heb. gibbor, mighty, Rephaim of
Canaan ancestor of Og, king of Bashan, Emims of the
Moabites, Zamzummims of Ammonites, Heb.
murmurers, Zuzites (Zuzim) in Gen. 14:5) who were of
old, men of renown.

This cross breeding may be the reason why the ancestors
believe that sexual relations could affect one's health.
One might even suspect that the Anakim were possibly
the Greek Gods of mythology "fallen angels" the original
Hebrew "B1nai Elohim" some who did not survive the

Genesis and the Talmud both suggest that the Giants,
who resented God for destroying their ancestors,
meddled in the affairs of mankind.

Eventually Nimrod seen in Genesis 10:8-10 "And Cush
begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one (first king) in
the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD:
wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter
before the LORD." Nimrod (Heb. nimrodh, assumed
"rebel"), a descendent of Ham, was responsible for
building the city of Babel (Babylon).

This individual was the beginning of the kingdom in
Babylonia, and he became the founder of Nineveh and
other cities in Assyria. He became distinguished as a
hunter, ruler, and builder. He lived for an undetermined
amount of centuries after the Flood, and was the
grandson of Ham. He was a bold man, and of great
strength of hand.

He persuaded men not to ascribe to God, in order to
bring them into a constant dependence upon his own
power. He swore to build a tower too high for the waters
to be able to reach! Thus avenging himself on God for
destroying their forefathers!

Many legends have grown up around the name of
Nimrod, some claiming that he was identical with
"Ninus," an early Babylonian king or god (king of
Assyria, founder of Nineveh, known in history as
Shamshi-Adad V of 811 B.C.). Again, some have
associated Nimrod with the building of the Tower of
Babel (Gen. 11:1-9). Others have identified him with the
ancient king of Babylonia, Gilgamesh (Akkadian Epic of
Gilgamesh, 5th king of the 1st Dynasty of Erech after the
Flood), but there is no proof that the two were identical.
The Talmud stresses that while Esau (Heb. ‘esaw, hairy)
spent his days hunting and that an arrow from his bow
killed the giant Nimrod (legends of "Ninus" or
"Gilgamesh"). Did Nimrod finally die after all this time
from Genesis 10 through 26?

Also attributed to him and his people were the building
of Erech, Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.
Asshur, son of Nimrod, built Nineveh, Rehaboth, Calah
and Resen.


After the Flood in Sumer, Emmerkar, Lugalbanda
(Lugulbanda) and Gilgamesh (estimated at 3,000 B.C.),
were among the first kings of the city of Erech. The
second, third, and fifth rulers of the First Dynasty of
Erech, which followed the First Dynasty of Kish, which
received the "kingship" from heaven immediately after
the Flood. Some believe that this flood occurred in 4,000
B.C. and was a different one than compiled in the
Genesis account. Lugalbanda was a god and shepherd
king of Uruk (Erech) where he was worshipped for over
a thousand years. Possibly the third king of Uruk after
the great flood. Gilgamesh (Akkadian Epic of
Gilgamesh, 5th king of the 1st Dynasty of Erech after the
Flood) presented Lugulbanda with the horns of the Bull
of Heaven.

Around 3200 B.C. Menes was consolidating Upper and
Lower Egypt, Sumer was prospering, and then the
Semitic peoples appeared on the scene with Sargon
(2550-2400 B.C.) conquering Erech (Uruk), Ur, E-
Ninmar, Lagash, to the mountains of Elam, Crete and
uniting the area. Sargon, king of Agade, vice regent of
the goddess Ishtar, king of Kish, pashishu (a class of
priest who prepared and applied ointments) of the god
Anu, King of the Land, great ishakku (chief priest) of the
god Enlil.

Alexander the Great had two UFO encounters that were
recorded. During his invasion of Asia in 329, while
crossing a river, Alexander and his men saw what was
described as gleaming, silver shields in the sky. The
objects repeatedly swooped down at the soldiers,
scattering men and horses and creating quite a panic.

Seven years later, while attacking a Venetian city in the
eastern Mediterranean, observers on both sides of the
conflict reported another incredible event. Objects
appeared in the sky. One of the objects suddenly shot a
beam of light at the city wall, crumbling it to dust. This
allowed Alexander's troops to easily take the city.

The following is a report taken from the North American
Review, 3:320-322, 1816 - a report which the author E.
Acharius was also taking to the Royal Academy. The
event took place over the village Biskophsberga.

    On the 16th of last May (1816), being a very warm
day, and during a gale of wind from south-west, a
cloudless sky, at about 4 O'clock, p.m., the sun became
dim, and lost his brightness to that degree, that he could
be looked at without inconvenience to the naked eye,
(the sun) being of a dark red, or almost bright color,
without brilliancy.

    At the same time there appeared at the western
horizon, from where the wind blew, to arise gradually,
and in quick succession, a great number of balls, or
spherical bodies, to the naked eye of the size of the
crown of a hat, and of a dark brown color.

    The nearer these bodies, which occupied a
considerable though irregular breadth of the visible
heaven, approached towards the sun, the darker they
appeared, and in the vicinity of the sun, became entirely

    At this elevation their course (speed) seemed to
lessen, and a great many of them remained, as it were,
stationary; but they soon resumed their former, and
accelerated motion, and passed in the same direction
with great velocity and almost horizontally.

    During this course some disappeared, others fell
down, but the most part of them continued their progress
almost in a straight line, till they were lost sight of at the
eastern horizon.

   The phenomenon lasted uninterruptedly, upwards of
two hours, during which time millions of similar bodies
continually rose in the west, one after another irregularly,
and continued their career exactly in the same manner
(mentioned above).

    No report, noise, nor any whistling or buzzing in the
air was perceived. As these bodies slackened their course
on passing by the sun, several were linked together,
three, six, or eight of them in a line, joined like chain-
shot by a thin and straight bar; but on continuing again
amore rapid course (speed), they separated, and each
having a tail after it, apparently of three or four fathoms
length, wider at its base where it adhered to the ball, and
gradually decreasing, till it terminated in a fine point
(tapered tails).

    During the course, these tails which had the same
black color as the balls, disappeared by degrees.

The author goes on to state that some of the balls came to
Earth near one observer. As it neared the ground it lost
its black color and became hard to see until they reached
the ground and again became more visible, but this time
as a ball of changing colors.

The people compared them to soap bubbles. These then
disappeared leaving a thin film: "....a scarcely perceptible
film or pellicle, as thin as a cobwed, which (itself) was
still changing colors, but soon dried up and vanished.

Since this event took hours it was witnessed by all the
people of the village.
1824: Strange Phenomenon at Orenburg

In late September 1824, people in Orenburg, Russia were
puzzled when they heard something clattering on the
onion-shaped roof of the Orthodox church. They soon
discovered "little symmetrical pieces of metal" falling
from the clear blue sky. Months later, on January 25,
1825, the same phenomenon occurred again. Samples of
the material were gathered and sent to St. Petersburg
(then capital of Russia.)

In Oeuvres vol. 11, page 644, a scientist, M. Arago,
noted that a chemical analysis of the objects had showed
them to be "70 percent red oxide of iron, and sulphur,
and loss (of mass) by ignition (combustion) 5 percent."

Amazingly the pieces of metal showed signs of having
been manufactured. The Orenburg "sky fall" attracted the
attention of Prince Pavel Vasilyevich Dolgorukii, the
"librarian" of the mystic Brothers of the Inner Order.

This was an offshoot of the Lodge Harmonia, founded by
Nikolai Novikov in St. Petersburg in 1780. When
Empress Catherine II suppressed the Masonic lodges of
Russia in 1792 and jailed Novikov, Dolgorukii and two
brothers, Yuri and Nikita Troubezkoi, formed the
Brothers of the Inner Order.

They then set about collecting hundreds of books on
alchemy, mysticism and the paranormal, including works
by the most notorious occultists of the period. The
collection had a first edition Originalschriften des
Illuminatenordensekte by Adam Weishaupt and
pamphlets by Jean-Baptiste Willermoz and the ayatollah
Shaikh Ahmed Ahsai.

After Dolgorukii's death in 1838, the collection and
perhaps a handful of those mysterious Orenburg
artifacts--passed into the possession of his daughter,
Mme. Nadyezhda de Fadeyev.

In 1846, about the time of the war between the USA and
Mexico, Mme. de Fadeyev's 15-year-old niece, Elena
Petrovna von Hahn, spent the summer reading all the
mystical books in her deceased grandfather's library.

Thirty years later, as the author/occultist Madame
ElenaBlavatsky, she hinted at the strange doings in
Orenburg in her book, The Secret Doctrine...more than
one Russian mystic travelled to Tibet via the Ural
Mountains in search of knowledge and initiation in the
unknown crypts of central Asia. And more than one
returned years later with a rich store of such information
as could never have been given him anywhere in

This trail, similar to the "Underground Railroad" for
escaped black slaves in the early Nineteenth Century
USA, led from St. Petersburg and Moscow straight
through Orenburg. The Dolgorukii collection vanished
sometime in the 1890s, after Mme. de Fadeyev's death.
Orenburg is located just south of the Ural Mountains 600
kilometers (360 miles) east of Moscow. (See The
Complete Book of Charles Fort, Dover Publications Inc.,
New York, NY, 1974. The Masters Revealed by K. Paul
Johnson, State University Press, Albany, NY, 1994,
pages 19 to 22.)

Example of Earth Light

Bonnycastle, R. H.; American Journal of Science, 1837

    At a quarter past nine O'clock on Sunday night the
eighth day of May, in the present year (1837), my
attention whilst regarding the heavens was forcibly
attracted to the sudden appearance due east of a shining
broad column of light.

    At first, as my window overlooks the bay of Toronto
and the low island which separates it from the lake, I
took this singular pillar of light for the reflection from
some steamboat on the clouds, but having sought the
open air on the gallery which commands a full view of
the bay and of Ontario.

    I was convinced that the meteor was an effluence of
the sky, as I now saw it extend upwards from the eastern
water horizon line to the zenith, in a well defined, equal,
broad column of white strong light, resembling in some
degree that of the aurora, but of a steady brightness and
unchanging body, whilst there were few or no clouds.
    Ursa Major, then near the zenith, was situated with
regard to this column, at a quarter past nine as below, the
column passing nearly vertically between (z) and (H)
[the author refers to the Greek letters here].

    There was no moon, as on that day it rose at 2h. 4m.
consequently it was dark, and the sky was not very
cloudy the meteor was seen to the greatest advantage as
the night wore on.

    It passed very slowly and bodily to the westward,
continuing to occupy the space from the horizon to the
zenith, until the upper part first faded slowly and then the
whole gradually disappeared, after it had reached nearly
to due northeast.

A UFO Visits Ohio In 1858

Posted in The Ilustrated Silent Friend

     Three years after the publication of Walt Whitmans
Leaves of Grass, a mysterious miniature book appeared
in the bookstalls of New York City. Just large enough to
fit in the palm, and easily hidden in a gentleman's pocket
or a ladys knitting bag, The Illustrated Silent Friend, by
William Earl, M.D., of 12 White Street, offered an
extraordinary variety of arcane information.

    As the title page of the paperback copy I own
informs the public, the Silent Friend is A Complete
Guide To Health, Marriage and Happiness, Embracing
Subjects Never Before Scientifically Discussed - With
Magnificent Illustrations In Anatomy Of The Lungs,
Fistal Delivery, Monstrosities, Uterine Tumors,
Generative Organs, Deformities, Diseases, & C. Also,
Valuable and Practical Receipts In Medicine, The Arts,
Etc. And in 382 pages printed in minute type, Dr. Earl
delivers a breathtaking range of quaint and curious lure.
Sandwiched in between advertisements for male safes
[condoms] made of white Indian rubber, and herbal cures
for gonorrhea, were recipes for making wood more
durable than iron and practical advice for would-part-
time mesmerists.

     Of course, many books of the time dealt in similar
subjects, but not quite with Dr. Earls panache: "To
transfer a pale and sallow face to one of beauty," he tells
us, "take one dozen common iron nails, about 2 inches
long, one tablespoon of extract of aloes hepatica, put
these into a large bottle and poor upon them two quarts
of eider, cork them up tightly and shake them every day
for one month, then strain off the clear liquid, and of this
take one table spoon upon rising and going to bed, when
all paleness will leave the face, and it will ultimately
attain beauty."

    Whether this beauty is attained in life, or ultimately
achieved upon the death by poisoning of the patient, Dr.
Earl fails to say. Among all the snake-oil clap-trap
contained in this entertaining bit of Americana is one
entry that, in its strangeness, and its use of specific
names and places, stands out from the rest. On pages
253-256, we find this startling entry:

    "Do the Inhabitants of other Planets ever Visit this
Earth? I propose in this connection to make a few
remarks on the following: Mr. Henry Wallace and other
persons of Jay, Ohio, have recently detailed to me the
annexed. There are thousands of such cases on record.
These gentlemen state, that sometimes since on a clear
and bright day, a shadow was thrown over the place
where they were; this necessarily attracted their attention
to the Heavens, where they one and all beheld a large
and curiously constructed vessel, not over one hundred
yards from the earth. They could plainly discern a large
number of people on board of her, whose average height
appeared to be about twelve feet. The vessel was
evidently worked by wheels and other mechanical
appendages, all of which worked with a precision and a
degree of beauty never yet attained by any mechanical
skill upon this planet.

     Now, I know that thousands will, at this recital, cry
humbug, nonsense, lunacy, &c., but I know that there are
other thousands who will read and reflect. It is for these
latter thousands that I write. Once upon a time there
appeared a celebrated reformer, who arose among the
people and taught a new doctrine, that from its
reasonableness and its simplicity, electrified the hearts of
the thinking people. But the party who didnt think, and
who hated reason, and new ideas, cried out, away with
him to the crucifixion. And they did crucify his body, but
they have not yet succeeded in crucifying the reason, and
new facts and ideas that be taught.

    In view, then, of the above, I venture to advance the
following remarks: I believe that the time will come
when all of the inhabitants of all worlds or planets in the
solar system, will regularly visit each other when in the
fullness or fruition of things, an interchange of ideas and
commodities, visiting and greetings between the
respective inhabitants of all worlds or planets, will be
common and universal. I believe that the grand
aspirations of an advanced humanity on this earth, is not
without a good cause and a good reason.

    I believe that when the respective atmospheres seen
surrounding the different planets in the solar system,
indeed, of every part of the universe, shall have passed
into the highest condition of excellence and purity of
which it is capable, that it will then give life to a more
exalted and finished condition of genera and species, or
inhabitants. That all of the planets are now inhabited by a
kind of beings suited to their respective planetary and
electrical conditions, is, I think, certain. And that the
inhabitants of thousands of these worlds, that roll with
eternal beauty throughout the boundless regions of the
immensity of space, have attained that advanced
condition in their planetary being, I have no doubt,

   And that this ship which Mr. Wallace and others saw,
was a vessel from Venus, Mercury, or the planet Mars,
on a visit of pleasure or exploration, or some other cause;
I myself, with the evidence at hand, that I can bring to
bear on it, have no more doubt of, than I have of the fact
of my own existence. This, mind, was no phantom that
disappeared in a twinkling, as all phantoms do disappear,
but this aerial ship was guided, propelled and steered
through the atmosphere with the most scientific system
and regularity, at about six miles an hour, though,
doubtless, from the appearance of her machinery, she
was capable of going thousands of miles an hour, and
who knows but ten thousand miles an hour. What can be
more wonderful as an illustration, than the Electric
Telegraph to connect the old world with the new. And
why then, may not the scientific geniuses of other planets
have done as much as ours have?

    Besides this, if I had room, I could draw an argument
from the electrical condition of the media existing
between the planets, to show that a body once in motion
at a given distance from a planetary body in space, will
move with nearly the speed of electricity till it meets
again the resisting media, or atmosphere of another
planet or body in space. That all of this knowledge, and a
million times more, may be known to some of the
exalted beings of other planets in space, I have no doubt.
But as I was saying, this aerial ship moved directly off
from the earth, and remained in sight, till by distance she
was lost to the view. The foregoing is my firm and
decided conclusion and belief in this matter."
     Dr. Earl lived on to publish a new, enlarged
Illustrated Silent Friend, as well as The Parent's
Companion; On the diseases of infants and children;
Woman; her duties, relations and position; A medical
and social work; Seven Causes of Debility; and
Moderate the pace that Kills; High pressure business life;
all in 1878 and catalogued by the Library of Congress.

    Of course, the crux of the matter is this: was there
really a Henry Wallace of Jay, Ohio? The most logical
place to search would be the old census records for Ohio,
and this is exactly what I determined to do. Because of
logistical difficulties (I live half a world away), I
contacted the Ohio Historical Society via the internet,
paid the requisite fee, included a self-addressed envelope
with my written request, and received, by mail the
following letter dated April 21, 1999:

   Dear Mr. Glass:

    Regarding your request for information from the
1850 Census, please see the attached materials. You will
note that there are several "Henry Wallaces" listed in the
Index to the Federal Census of Ohio; unfortunately, none
of them are listed in a county that includes a town by the
name of Jay. However, there is a town named Jay in Erie
County, which is just east of Lorain County. So we
copied the Lorain County listing for a Henry Wallace in
the hopes that this was the man you are interested in.
     The appended pages included copies from the 1860
census of Ohio. I scanned through the spidery and
antique handwriting, and there he was! Henry Wallace of
Eerie County, and presumably of Jay, was number 549 in
the records. His age in 1860 was 30 years old. He was
married to Cloe, 28, and had a daughter named Eva B
who was 12 years and 8 months old at the time. Henry
and his wife were Irish; his occupation was listed as
"Sailor." What is more, the entry just previous to Henrys
is for one David Wallace, 27 years old, and also from
Ireland. He too had a wife and a young daughter to
support. Davids occupation is listed as "Ship Carpenter."

    Presumably, David and Henry were brothers and
next-door neighbors in Jay. Further perusal of the page
indicates that their neighborhood was composed
primarily of sailors, millers, farmers and domesticsi.e.,
Henry and his family appear to have been members of
the working poor of the time. Their position in society
was no doubt a difficult one, as was that of many Irish
immigrants. Add to this the probability that Henry
Wallace was corresponding with Dr. Earl because of a
sexually-transmitted disease picked up during his sea-
faring life, and an interesting picture emerges: either the
sailor was a consummate blarney artist practicing his gift
upon a big city snake-oil salesman, or Wallace was a
simple person telling the truth to one whom he--
mistakenly--believed to be a man of science.

   The "other persons," Dr. Earl mentions above, may
well have been from this neighborhood of poor people in
the small town of Jay, Ohio. No doubt Henry Wallace
never suspected that Dr. Earl would mention him by
name in his odd little book and thereby allow us to catch
a glimpse of this poor man and those who might have
witnessed one of the most extraordinary sights any
human could behold. What thoughts could have run
through their minds in the presence of an airship
hovering so near to the earth that it clearly exhibited its
crew of giants and the intricate machinery that made it
fly? And then to watch it move grandly through the air
until lost from sight!

Magnolia UFO Sightings Database

July 1868 Copiago (Chile).

A strange "aerial construction" bearing lights and
making engine noises flew low over this town. Local
people also described it as a giant bird covered with large
scales producing a me- tallic noise. Although not an
actual landing, this is the first instance of close
observation of an unknown object at low altitude in the
nineteenth century.

Magnolia UFO Sightings Database

Dec. 07, 1872 Banbury (Great Britain). At King's Sutton
an object 0100 hours resembling a haystack flew on an
irregular course. Sometimes high, sometimes very low it
was accom- panied by fire and dense smoke. It produced
the same effect as a tornado, felling trees and walls. It
sud- denly vanished. (Fort 189)

May. 15, 1879 Persian Gulf. Two very large "wheels"
were seen spinning in the air and slowly coming to the
surface of the sea. Estimated diameter: 40 m. Distance
be- tween the objects: 150 m. Speed: 80 km/h/ Duration:
35 min. Witnesses aboard the ship "Vultur" (Round up
17; Anatomy 12)

1880 Aldershot (Great Britain). A strange being dressed
in tight-fitting clothes and shining helmet soared over the
heads of two sentries, who fired without result. The
apparition stunned them with something de- scribed as
"blue fire." (FSR 61, 3; Magonia)

1880 Eastern Venezuela. A 14-year-old boy saw a
luminous ball descending from the sky and hovering near
him. He felt somehow "drawn" to it, but succeeded in
backing away in spite of his terror. (Lor. III 2O6)

Capron, J. Rand; Nature, 1882 (Auroral "meteor" / UFO)

I happened to turn to the south, where the moon (with a
very pronounced lumiere cendree on its dark part) was
nearly on the meridian, when I saw a spindle-shaped
beam of glowing white light, quite unlike an auroral ray,
had formed in the east. As I looked this slowly mounted
from its position, rose to the zenith, and passed it,
gradually crossing apparently above the moon, then sank
into the west, slowly lessening in size and brilliancy as it
did so, and fading away as it reached the horizon. The
peculiar long spindle shape, slow gliding motion and
glowing silver light, and the marked isolation of this
cloud from the other portions of the aurora made it a
most remarkable object, and I do not recollect in any
former aurora to have seen anything similar.

Strange Cylinder of fire

Symon's Monthly Meteorlogical Magazine, 1869

    Our in Cheatham county [Tennessee] about noon on
Wednesday - a remarkably hot day - on the farm of Ed.
Sharp, five miles from Ashland, a sort of whirlwind
came along over the neighbouring woods, taking up
small branches and leaves of trees and buring them in a
sort of flaming cylinder that traveled at a rate of about
five miles an hour, developing size as it traveled.

    It passed directly over the spot where a team of
horses were feeding and singed their manes and tails up
to the roots; it then swept towards the house, taking a
stack of hay in its course.

    It seemed to increase in heat as it went, and by the
time it reached the house it immediately fired the
shingles from end to end of the building, so that in ten
minutes the whole dwelling was wrapped in flames.

     The tall column of traveling caloric then continued
its course over a wheat field that had been recently
cradled, setting fire to all the stacks that happened to be
in its course.

    Passing from the field, its path lay over a stretch of
woods which reached the river. The green leaves on the
trees were crisped to a cinder for a breadth of 20 yards,
in a straight line to the Cumberland.

    When the "pillar of fire" reached the water, it
suddenly changed its route down the river, raising a
column of steam which went up to the clouds for about
half-a-mile, when it finally died out.

    Not less than 200 people witnessed this strangest of
strange phenomena, and all of them tell substantially the
same story about it.

    Personal note: What travels at tree-top level
appearing as a "sort of flaming cylinder" and that burns
everything it nears for a great distance, and that is not
part of a storm, and is able to move in straight lines, and
has so much sustained heat that it can send up a vast
cloud of steam for a distance of 1/2 mile once it follows
a river?

Noble, William; Knowledge, 1883

    Can any of my brother readers of 'knowledge offer a
feasible explanation of a very remarkable phenomenon
which I witnessed at 10h. 35m. p.m. on Tuesday, August
28? I was just coming out of my observatory when, on
the E. N. E. point of the horizon beneath the Pleiades, I
saw a bright light. My first thought was that the moon
was rising, but an instant's reflection sufficed to remind
me that she would not be up for the next two hours. As I
watched the light becoming brighter and brighter, I saw
that it threw a kind of radial illumination upward, the
effect of which I have tried to reproduce in the
accompanying rough little sketch.

    As will be seen, a few distant cumulo-stratus clouds,
close to the horizon, crossed it. For a moment I imagined
that I was viewing the apparition of a new and most
glorious comet; but, as I watched, the "tail" disappeared
and what would represent the nucleus flashed up

   Then I made up my mind that some distant house,
barn, or haystack was on fire, and returned to the
observatory for a 3 inch telescope, which I keep for
looking over the landscape.

     Before I had time, however, to enter the door, every
vestige of illumination disappeared as suddenly as it had
come into view, and after waiting in vain for some time,
I left the observatory and came into the house. I have
diligently inquired if there was a fire anywhere in this
part of Sussex on the night of which I am speaking, but
there was none.

Magnolia UFO Sightings Database
Nov. 02, 1885 Scutari (Turkey). A luminous object
circled the har- bor. Altitude: 5-6 m. Illuminated the
whole town. Duration: 1 1/2 min, as a bluish-green
flame. Then plunged into the sea. Made several circles
above the ferry-boat pier. (LDLN 48; Anatomy 14)

Nov. 12, 1887 Cape Race (Atlantic Ocean). A huge
sphere of fire was observed rising out of the ocean by
witnesses aboard the "Siberian." It rose to an altitude of
16 m, flew against the wind, and came close to the ship,
then "dashed oft" toward the southeast. Duration: 5 min.
(LDLN 48; Anatomy 14)

Mar. 28, 1897 Omaha (Nebraska). The majority of the
population observed an object arriving from the
southeast. It looked like a huge light, flew northwestward
slowly, came to low altitude. A crowd gathered at a
street corner to watch it.

Apr. 01, 1897 Everest (Kansas). The whole town saw an
object fly under the cloud ceiling. It came down slowly,
then flew away very fast to the southeast. When directly
over the town it swept the ground with its powerful light.
It was seen to rise up at fantastic speed until barely
discernible, then to come down again and sweep low
over the witnesses. At one point it re- mained stationary
for 5 min at the edge of a low cloud, which it
illuminated. All could clearly see the silhouette of the
craft. (FSR 66, 4)
Apr. 12, 1897 Nilwood (Illinois). On the property of Z.
Thacker, 19 km north of Carlinville, an unknown object
landed. Before the three witnesses could reach it, the
craft, which was shaped like a cigar with a dome, rose
slowly and left majestically toward the north. Witnesses:
Edward Teeples, William Street and Franklin Met- calf.
(186; Anatomy 12)

Apr. 12, 1897 Girard, near Green Ridge (Illinois). A
large crowd of miners saw an unknown object land 3 km
north of Green Ridge and 4 km south of Girard. The
night operator of the Chicago-and-Alton Railroad, Paul
Mc- Cramer, stated that he came sufficiently close to the
craft to see a man emerge from it to repair the ma-
chinery. Traces were found over a large area. The object
itself was elongated like a ship with a roof and a double
canopy. It left toward the north. (186,187)

Apr. 14, 1897 Gas City (Indiana). An object landed 2 km
south of Gas City on the property of John Roush,
terrifying the farmers and causing the horses and cattle to
stampede. Six occupants of the ship came out and
seemed to make some repairs. Before the crowd could
approach the object, it rose rapidly and flew toward the
east. (188)

Apr. 15, 1897 Linn Grove (Iowa). A large object was
seen to fly slowly toward the north. It seemed ready to
land and five men (F. G. Ellis, James Evans, David
Evans, Joe Croaskey, Benjamin Buland) drove toward it.
About 7 km north of Linn Grove, they found the craft on
the ground, came within 700 m of it but it "spread its
four giant wings and rose towards the North." Two
strange figures aboard the craft made efforts to con- ceal
themselves. Witnesses were surprised at the length of
their hair. Most residents of Linn Grove saw the craft in
flight. (190)

Apr. 15, 1897 Howard-Artesian (South Dakota). A flying
object coming closer and closer to the ground followed a
train, as reported by the engineer, Joe Wright (FSR 66,4)

Apr. 15, 1897 Perry Springs (Missouri). A passenger
train on the Wabash line, going toward Quincy, was
followed by a low-flying object for 15 min between
Perry Springs and Hersman. All the passengers saw the
craft, which had a red and white light. After Hersman it
flew ahead of the train and disappeared rapidly, although
the train was then running at 65 km/h. (190)

Apr. 16, 1897 Downs Township (Illinois). Approximate
date. While working in his field, Haney Savidge saw an
aerial craft land near him. Six people emerged from it
and spoke to him for a few minutes before leaving again.

Apr. 17, 1897 Williamston (Michigan). At least a dozen
farmers saw an object maneuver in the sky for an hour
before it landed. A strange man near 3 m tall, almost
naked and suffering from the heat, was the pilot of the
craft. "His talk, while musical, seemed to be a repeti-
tion of bellowings." One farmer went near him and
received a blow that broke his hip. (196)

Apr. 19, 1897 Leroy (Kansas). Alexander Hamilton was
awakened by a noise among the cattle and went out with
his son and his tenant. They saw an elongated cigar-
shaped object, about 100 m long with a transparent cabin
underneath showing narrow reddish bands, hovering 10
m above ground. They approached within 50 m of it. It
was illuminated and equipped with a searchlight. Inside
it were "six of the strangest be- ings" the witness had
seen, also described as "hid- eous." They spoke a
language no witness could understand. A cow was
dragged away by the object with the help of a strong red
cable; it was found butchered in a field the next day.
(Anatomy 16; Ma- gonia)

Apr. 22, 1897 Rockland (Texas). John M. Barclay was
intrigued when his dog barked furiously and a high-
pitched noise was heard. He went out, saw a flying
object circling 5 m above ground. Elongated with protru-
sions and blinding lights, it went dark when it landed.
Barclay was met by a man who told him his purpose was
peaceful and requested some common hardware items to
repair the craft. He paid with a ten-dollar bill and took
off "like a bullet out of a gun." (192; Magonia)

Apr. 22, 1897 Josserand (Texas). Frank Nichols, who
lived 3 km 2400 east of Josserand and was one of its
most respected citizens, was awakened by a machine
noise. Looking outside, he saw a heavy, lighted object
land in his wheat field. He walked toward it, was stopped
by two men who asked permission to draw water from
his well. He then had a discussion with a half-dozen
men, the crew of the strange machine. He was told how
it worked but could not follow the explanation. (193;

Apr. 23, 1897 McKinney Bayou (Arkansas). Judge
Lawrence A. Byrne of Texarkana, Arkansas, was
surveying a tract of land when he saw a peculiar object
anchored on the ground. "It was manned by three men
who spoke a foreign language, but judging from their
looks one would take them to be Japs." (Farish, in
Allende Letters (Award Special, 1968) )

Apr. 25, 1897 Merkel (Texas). People returning from
church ob- served a heavy object being dragged along
the ground by a rope attached to a flying craft. The rope
got caught in a railroad track. The craft was too high for
its structure to be visible but protrusions and a light
could be distinguished. After about 10 min a man came
down along the rope cut the end free, and went back
aboard the craft, which flew away toward the northeast.
The man was small and dressed in a light- blue uniform.
(194; Magonia)

Apr. 26, 1897 Aquila-Hillsboro (Texas). Approximate
date. A law- yer was surprised to see a lighted object fly
over. His horse was sacred and nearly toppled the
carriage. When the main light was turned off, a number
of smaller lights became visible on the underside of the
dark object, which supported an elongated canopy. It
went down toward a hill to the south, 5 km from Aquila.
When the witness was on his way back one hour later he
saw the object rising. It reached the altitude of the cloud
ceiling and flew to the northeast at a fantastic speed with
periodic flashes of light.

1909: Airship buzzes New Zealand Beach

New Zealand was repeatedly visited by UFOs, then
known as "airships" in 1909. On Saturday night (July 24,
1909), some half dozen boys were playing on the beach
at Kaka Point near Mr. Bates (residence) and saw a huge
illuminated object moving about in the air.

It appeared as if it was going to alight at Kaka Point. The
light from it was distinctly reflected on the roof of Mr.
Fitzgerald's cottage. The boys thought it was being
attracted by their lantern and left it on the beach. The
airship then glided around the rocks at the old pilot
station and nearly came in contact with them. It shortly
afterwards disappeared. The boys said it was as big as a

On Sunday night (July 25, 1909) the mysterious object
again made its appearance at the beach and was seen by
Mr. George Smith and Mr. Poulter about 8:30. Mr. Smith
viewed it through a very powerful night glass. It was
apparently over Mr. Aitkenhead's house when he first
saw it, but it glided high in the air and sailed north in the
direction of Kaitangata, swooping west and east and
finally disappearing over the horizon.

About 10:30 Mr. Smith was called out by Mr. Poulter to
see the airship which again had made its appearance.
This time it headed out to sea and eventually
disappeared. As seen through the glass, Mr. Smith said it
appeared to be a fair size, dark superstructure with a
powerful headlight and two smaller ones (lights) at the


One of the strangest UFO sightings in India occurred on
September 15, 1954 at Manbhum, in Bihar state. Ijapada
Chatterjee was working in his office at the mica mine
outside Manbhum that day (he was the manager) when
he heard the miners shouting. Rushing outdoors,
Chatterjee watched a saucer-shaped object descend to an
altitude of about 500 feet. The UFO hovered, then soared
upwards at terrific speed, causing a tremendous gust of
wind. The object was seen over a mine which has
supplied berylium for the U.S. Atomic Energy

Astronomers and Scientists have seen UFO's

From the MUFON Journals

Brian Zeiler reports more astronomers than generally
realized have seen UFOs. The list is compiled in a 1964
compilation of data from NICAP, a civilian UFO group
with mostly Ph.D.s on the board of directors. Very
scientific, pragmatic, academic group.

On July 10, 1947, a top astronomer saw an elliptical
object which hovered, wobbled, ascended suddenly.

August of 1949, Clyde W. Tombaugh, astronomer saw a
circular pattern of rectangular lights, keeping fixed

Summer 1948, Carl Mitchell, physicist saw three
luminescent greenish discs one-second apart, pass across
sky from N to S. On March 20, 1950, Seymour L. Hess,
meteorology and astronomy saw a disc or sphere in
apparent "powered" flight.

On August 3, 1951, Walter Webb, an astronomer saw a
bright glowing light moving in undulating path.

In 1952, W. Gordon Graham, astronomer saw an UFO
"like a smoke ring, elliptical in shape, and having two
bright pinpoints of light along its main axis move
overhead from west to east.

On August 5, 1952, James Bartlett, astronomer saw
during the daylight observation of Venus a flight of two
disks with a diameter about 30 minutes of arc; passed
overhead and turned east. Then two more disks with
dome-like protrusions in center.
On June 11, 1954, H. Percy Wilkins, an astronomer saw
two silvery objects "like polished metal plates" moving
against the wind. A third grayish oval arced across sky.

On November 25, 1954, Marcos Guerci, meteorologist
saw two luminous objects observed from airport; one
apparently semicircular, other circular.

12/7/54 R. H. Kleyweg, meteorologist. Hemispherical
disk tracked through theodolite.

11/1/55 Frank Halstead, astronomer. A cigar-shaped
object followed by domed disk.

6/18/57 Henry Carlock, physicist. Observing sky with
telescope; twice glimpsed UFO with halo around it and
"what appeared to be three portholes."

11/10/57 Jacques Chapuis, astronomer at Toulouse
Observatory saw a maneuvering yellow star-like object
for 5 minutes. The UFO finally ascended straight up out
of sight.

5/22/60, Observatory Staff Majorca . Triangular UFO
about 1/4 apparent size of moon sighted at 9:33 AM,
spinning on its axis while on steady course.

3/16/61 R. J. Villela, a meteorologist in Antarctica saw a
fireball-like object in low-level flight.
5/20/62 C. A. Maney, a physicist with six others saw a
maneuvering light, turn sharply, and make sudden
changes in speed. These reports cover only though 1964,
so this should annihilate the myth that astronomers and
scientists don't see UFOs.

- Brian Zeiler and NICAP











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