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P161_Man_ Pension coding form


									                                                                   Pension coding form
                                                       Employer PAYE reference

                                                       National Insurance number

                                                       Issued by



Your PAYE tax code
Your current PAYE tax code may need               The information we ask for here will enable us
changing because:                                 to give you the correct tax allowances for the
• you have started to receive an occupational     tax year – a tax year starts on 6 April one year
  or personal pension                             and ends on 5 April the next.
• you are nearing State Pension age and may       We want you to pay the right amount of tax:
  soon be getting your State Pension              failure to complete this form may mean you
• you already receive a pension but you are       pay too much, or too little.
  nearing age 65 (and higher tax allowances       If you want a large print version of the
  may be due).                                    form, or any help with completing it,
                                                  please phone us on the number above.
 Personal details
     Your first name(s)                                If you are married or in a civil partnership,
                                                       enter your spouse’s or civil partner’s
                                                       date of birth

     Your last name

                                                       Please enter the date you were married

     Your contact daytime phone number

                                                       If your spouse or civil partner has died, enter
     Your date of birth DD MM YYYY                     their date of death

P161 (SEES)                                   Page 1                                    HMRC 07/10
Your State Pension
If you do not know the details of your State Pension please hold on to the form until you do.
    Weekly amount of State Pension (exclude            Date your State Pension started DD MM YYYY
    Pension Credit and Child Dependency
    Addition, Attendance Allowance
    and Disability Living Allowance)
                                                       If you have deferred your State Pension,
     £                     •
                                                       put 'X' in this box

Other pensions
If you have more than two pensions, include details of the others on page 4. For more detailed
information on types of pension, please see the P161 Helpsheet which is included with this form.

    First pension                                      Second pension
    Name and address of pension provider               Name and address of pension provider
     Name                                              Name

     Address                                           Address

     Postcode                                          Postcode

    Type of pension                                    Type of pension

    Personal pension                                   Personal pension

    Occupational pension                               Occupational pension

    Retirement annuity                                 Retirement annuity

    Other                                              Other

    Pension number, if known                           Pension number, if known

    Pension provider’s PAYE tax reference,             Pension provider’s PAYE tax reference,
    if known                                           if known

    Date pension began                                 Date pension began

    Amount of current monthly pension,                 Amount of current monthly pension,
    before tax                                         before tax
     £                     •                           £                      •

                                              Page 2
Jobseeker’s Allowance, taxable Incapacity Benefit or Employment and
Support Allowance
    Your current weekly benefit                            Date benefit started DD MM YYYY
     £                      •

    Please tick if you receive:                            If you expect this benefit to end, enter the
                                                           date it will stop being paid
    Jobseeker's Allowance

    Taxable Incapacity Benefit

    Employment and Support Allowance

Other taxable income
To check you are paying the correct amount of tax, we need to know about any other
taxable income.

    If you are employed now or have                        If you are self-employed
    been in the last 12 months
                                                           What kind of self-employed work do you do?
    Name and address of employer

     Address                                               When did you start

     Postcode                                              Your estimated profits for this tax year
                                                            £                     •

    Your works or payroll number
                                                           Your 10 digit tax reference
                                                           (UTR from page 1 of your Tax Return)
    Date you started in this employment

                                                           Date you intend to stop working, if applicable
    Monthly pay, before tax
     £                      •

    Date you intend to stop working or the date
    you ceased working

    Employer’s PAYE reference number, if known

                                                  Page 3
Savings income
With joint accounts, enter only your share. Do not include any non-taxable exempt income
such as interest from an ISA or the first £70 from a National Savings Ordinary Account.

    Taxed bank and building society interest                 Company dividends – including dividends
                                                             from unit trusts
    Total estimated interest (after tax) for this
    tax year                                                 Estimated dividend income for this tax year,
                                                             excluding tax credit
     £                       •

                                                             £                       •

    Untaxed interest – from some National
    Savings & Investment products, such as                   Purchased life annuities
    pensioner, income and capital bonds
                                                             Estimated taxable income for this tax year
    Total estimated interest for this tax year               £                       •

     £                       •

Any other taxable income
For example, rents received from property letting, Carer’s Allowance or foreign pensions.
(Please provide details in the ‘Other information’ box below).

    Estimated other taxable income for this
    tax year
     £                       •

Other information
For example, do you expect any changes in your income in the next 12 months?
(Please continue on a separate piece of paper if necessary).

Charitable giving
If you are 65 or over or you pay tax at a higher rate, the charitable payments you make under
the Gift Aid scheme can reduce your tax bill.
    Gift Aid payments you expect to make this tax year
     £                       •

Your signature
    Your signature                                           Date DD MM YYYY

                                                             Please send the completed form to us
                                                             at the address shown at the top of page 1.

                                                    Page 4

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