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      6     Letters:
            feedback from our readers           17        AFB Overberg
                                                          welcomes the Gripen               30         Looking into the
                                                                                                       affairs of military veterans

    10      Russian President
            visited South Africa                20        Siyandiza thrills
                                                          learners at Umtata                32         Comparing the safety and
                                                                                                       efficacy of antiretrovirals

    11      Our Deputy Minister
            visits Simon's Town                 21        Essential skills tested
                                                          in international event            34         What do our members
                                                                                                       know about HIV and AIDS?

    12      16 Days of
            Activism campaign                   22        Paying homage to
                                                          a Sergeant Major                  36         Batho Pele -
                                                                                                       going the extra mile

    13      Sponsors for
            goodwill visit                      24        Our Department
                                                          rises above the rest
                                                                                            38         The Offering of
                                                                                                       Political Science

    14      Mother City
            hosts AAD 2006                      26        Let the nation
                                                          sing and dance                    41         "Use your power
                                                                                                       to empower"

    16      Air power -
            Africa's saving grace?              28        Proudly preserve
                                                          and treasure heritage             42         Adult education
                                                                                                       in Ba-Phalaborwa

                                                29        The phasing out
                                                          of the commandos                  44         Mendi Memorial
                                                                                                       Scholarship Fund

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    SA SOLDIER                     NOVEMBER 2006

    SAS ISANDLWANA, alongside the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town, was open to
    the public during this year’s Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) Exhibition.
    (Photo: F Sgt David Nomtshongwana)

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    FRONT COVER: Africa's largest aerospace, defence and security exhibition
    was recently held at Air Force Base Ysterplaat in Cape Town. Read more
    about the Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD) 2006 on pages 14 and 15.
    (Photo: F Sgt David Nomtshongwana)

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                            NOVEMBER 2006                       SA SOLDIER

     From the                                                          A bvaho ha
     Editor's desk                                                     Mudzula-tshidulo

    T                                                                  T
              his edition is brimming with remarkable successes                 hipida tsha bugu ino tsho dala nga mafhungo a avhu-
              and controversial issues.                                         di a vhudibvelesidzi na a nwamaho.
                  "This year saw the establishment of the National                  "Nanwaha ho bveledziswa fhethu-vhupo ho rini-
              Aerospace Centre of Excellence. It represents the                 waho upfi "National Aerospace Centre". Izwi zwi
              latest intervention by Government to fast track the               sumbedza u di imesela na u nzhenelela ha muvhuso
              process of upgrading the SA Aerospace Industry                    kha u disa tshaduko na nyaluso kha sia la Aerospace
              and positioning this as part of the global aerospace              fhano Afrika Tshipembe hu tshi itelwa u vhumisana
              supply chain." These were the words of the Minister               ha shango lothe kha sia la Aerospace." Ayo ovha maip-
    of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, at the official opening of          fi a Mutatisei-dendele wa muhasho wa mmbi Vho-Mosiuoa
    Africa's largest aerospace, defence and security exhibition in     Lekota vha Cape Town musi hu tshi vulwa lwa tshiofisi fhethu
    Cape Town. Read more about the Africa Aerospace and                huhulwanesa kha zhago la Afrika. National Aerospace Centre
    Defence (AAD) 2006 on pages 14 and 15.                             hu do sumbedzwa zwithu zwa Aerospace, vhudilweli na
        "South Africa has an obvious interest in preserving            tsireledzo. Vhunzhi nga aya mafhugo a Africa Aerospace and
    regional peace and stability to promote trade and develop-         Defence (AAD) 2006 kha siatari 14 na 15.
    ment and also to avoid the spillover effects of conflicts on the       Chief Director wa Force preparation, Maj Gen Des Baker,
    continent," wrote the Chief Director Force Preparation, Maj        vha tshi nwalela SA Soldier vho amba uri, Afrika Tshipembe i
    Gen Des Barker, in an in-depth article for SA Soldier. Does air    na lutamo lwa uri hhuvhe na mulalo na vhudziki uri hu vhe na
    power have the potential to assist in the redevelopment of         nyaluwo ha vhurengiselani na usa ada ha khakhathi kha zhago
    Africa? Read pages 16 to 20 and decide for yourself.               la Afrika. Naa maanda zwifhufhi a nga thusa u fhata Afrika
        The Department recently bade farewell to WO1 Jakes             nga ndila ya khwine? Vhalani siatari 16 uswika 20 ni vhe na
    Jacobs, the Sergeant Major of the SANDF. SA Soldier wishes         ndivho.
    him all the best for the future and also congratulates WO1             Muhasho uno wo onesa WO1 Jakes Jacobs, Sergeant Major
    Johan "Skieps" Scheepers on his new appointment as the             wa SANDF. SA Soldier i vha tamela mashudu mavhuya. SA
    incoming Sergeant Major of the SANDF. Read more about              Soldier i fhululedza WO1 Johan "Skieps" Scheepers vho tholi-
    the change of office and farewell parade on pages 22 and 23.       waho sa incoming Sergeant Major wa SANDF. Zwa tshaduko
        The Department of Defence came out tops in the first           gadoroni zwi kha siatari 22 na 23.
    Golden Key Awards ceremony held on international Right to              Muhasho wa Vhupileli wo wana tshiphuga tsha u thoma
    Know Day. The DOD received the highest score of all 28             kha mushumo wa u thoma wa "Golden Key Awards" wo fari-
    national government departments at the inaugural annual            waho nga nduvha la Right to know. Muhasho wa Vhupileli wo
    Golden Key Awards. The awards were for best practice in            fhira mihasho yothe ya 28 ya muvhuso kha duvha la uthoma la
    areas relating to the Promotion of Access to Information Act       "Golden key Awards". Tshipuga itshi tsho vha tshi tsha
    (PAIA). Well done! Read more about this impressive victory         tshumelo ya vhudi ya "Promotion of Access to Information Act
    on pages 24 and 25.                                                (PAIA). Maambiwa a gundo ili kha siatari 24 na 25.
        The readers of SA Soldier are encouraged to support the            Vha vhali vha SA Soldier vha khou tutuwedziwa u tikedza
    16 Days of Activism campaign by obtaining and wearing              16 Days of Activism campaign nga u ambara "ribbon" tshena
    white ribbons and pins of women's empowerment groups,              ibvaho kha zwigwada zwo di imisela nyaluwo ya vhathu vha
    especially over the period 25 November to 10 December              tshisadzini, nga maanda ubva 25 Khubvumedzi u swika 10
    2006.                                                              Nyendavhusiku 2006.
        Let us unite against woman and child abuse. If you are             Kha ri farisane ri lwe na u tambudziwa ha vhathu vha
    being abused in any way or if you know of anyone who               tshisadzini na vhana. Arili ni tshi tambudziwa kana u divha
    needs help - speak out - get help! Read more about this            munwe a todaho thuso - ambani - wanani thuso. Siatari 12 i
    unsettling issue on page 12.                                       amba nga ili fhungo li vhavhaho vhukuma.
        On 1 December - World Aids Day - another Phidisa clin-             Nga 1 Nyendavhusiku - "World Aids Day" - inwe kiliniki ya
    ic will be opened in Ba-Phalaborwa. Also remember that it is       Phidisa i do vulwa ngei Phalaborwa. Ni si hangwe uri u bva 2
4   Malaria Awareness Week from 2 to 10 December.                      u swika 10 Nyendavhusiku ndi vhege ya ndivho nga ha
        The SA Soldier Editorial Team is delighted to welcome          Malaria.
    the long-awaited Assistant Editor, Lufuno Netshirembe, to              Vha shumi na vhanwali vha SA Soldier vho takalela u tan-
    our SA Soldier family. We                                                             ganedza mulindelwa vhukuma Lufuno
    are looking forward to                                                                Netshirembe ane a vha muthusi wa
    working with him.                                                                     munwali muhulwane wa SA Soldier. Ri fhu-
                                                                                          lufhela tshumisano ya vhudi na e. (sedzani
     Nelda Pienaar                                                                        tshifanyiso: munwali muhulwane na
     Editor                                                                               muthusi wa munwali vha amba ngaha SA
                                                                                          Soldier i tevhelaho.)

      The Editor and Assistant
                                                                                         Nelda Pienaar
     Editor discussing the next
          edition of SA Soldier.                                                         Munwali muhulwane

    SA SOLDIER                      NOVEMBER 2006
                                                             Winning letter
                                                                                              Dangers of
    Our tomorrow looks bright                                                                 common cold
     To be part of this magazine is a great     currently the best disciplined soldiers in
                                                                                              As a Community Service doctor
     thing; thank you again. The SANDF is       Africa. This allows us to build morale
                                                                                              in the military, I feel it is my duty
     achieving a reputable image with years     and our own labour force for the medi-
     of experience in most countries. We are                                                  to inform our military community
                                                um and long term. And of course our
     a fairly new National Defence Force        major desire is to move as quickly as         about the dangers of the common
     formed by the management team that         possible towards a formidable force on        cold. I must, however, start with a
     has run for some years. That made me       the continent. For our part we will con-      brief description of the life story
     aware that many of the exciting and        tinue our efforts to improve the SANDF        of this far too common syndrome.
     high growth opportunities were in the      by providing and improving our ser-               The usual pathway involves a
     SANDF. Many people are now realis-         vices. Thank you once again to uni-           cough or a sneeze that is within
     ing the wonderful opportunities in our     formed members and PSAP for your              hearing distance, at which time
     organisation. If you go to our website     significant contribution in the quest to      millions of germs are put into the
     and read the newspapers, especially SA     build a winning country, a winning            air. A person who hears this
     Soldier, you will see outstanding          nation, and to do all the things that will    cough or sneeze will then breathe
     opportunities for young South Africans     ensure that the country and community         these germs into his mouth or
     in our organisation.                       will applaud. This greatly strengthens        nose. A few days later this person
         The SANDF should seize those           our efforts and gives us a powerful base      will experience a runny nose or
     opportunities in many ways: firstly by     for the future, and tomorrow looks even       sore throat, or both to varying
     involving ourselves in new develop-        brighter than today.                          degrees. During the day the
     ments within our organisation. We are      Sgt N.S. Monyamane, Limpopo
                                                                                              runny nose runs back and the
                                                                                              mucus simply runs down the
     They did it again!                                                                       throat. A greater amount of
    "The wise win before they fight, while      the skill - This will was shown by Sgt        mucus will also run forward out
    the ignorant fight to win". Colonel         Jacob Pule who fell ill during the regional   of the nose. The person rarely
    Lawrence Mbatha quoted General Sun          championships in Potchefstroom in July.       runs a fever at this time.
    Tzu in the Art of War, when he encour-      He had to be hospitalised at 1 Military           The danger, however, is at
    aged the team from SA Army Support          Hospital until a few days before the          night. While the person is sleep-
    Base Johannesburg who went to partic-       national event at Heidelberg. Upon his        ing, this mucus runs back into the
    ipate in the annual WO/NCO                  discharge from hospital Sgt Pule went on      windpipe and the person begins
    Competition that took place at SA           to cheer his team to victory in Heidelberg.   to cough. A few more days pass
    Army Gymnasium in Heidelberg in             Sgt Pule was replaced by Sgt Melamu of
                                                                                              and this mucus is now in the
    September 2006. All the SA Army for-        ASB Potchefstroom during the national
                                                                                              lungs, gets infected by a different
    mations took part in this important         championships. The B-team came sixth
                                                                                              germ, and the person coughs up
    event of the SA Army. The SA Army           out of 32 teams that took part. ASB
                                                                                              green or yellow sputum and may
    Support Formation was well represent-       Johannesburg was made up of Sgt
    ed at the event and ASB Johannesburg        Alpheus Mahlomola Mokwena, Cpl                run a fever. Once in the lungs we
    emerged eventual winners of the event.      Cynthia Timla and Cpl Leticia de Lange.       are talking about bronchitis or
        Champions are not made in the sta-      S Sgt Japie Lottering was the team driver.    pneumonia and the dangers of
    diums. They are made from something             Everybody from the unit wished the        these are so much greater than
    inside of them, a desire, a dream and a     team well and one of the cards they           when the first germ started in the
    vision. They have that last minute          received from the unit read: "The Africa      nose.
    stamina. They have to be a little faster.   Cup      was     won      by     Botswana.        If we can encourage our sol-
    But they must have the skill and the        Congratulations to both teams".               diers and their families to get to
    will, but the will must be stronger than    Lt L.W.Z. Ntola, ASB Johannesburg             the sickbays as soon as possible
6                                                                                             when they are still only at the
                                                                                              runny nose or sore throat stage,
    R200-00 prize for the best letter                                                         we at the sickbays can often stop
    SA SOLDIER welcomes letters to the Editor. Short letters are more likely to be pub-
    lished, and all letters may be edited for reasons of style, accuracy or space limita-     the problem when it is still in the
    tions. Letters should preferably be typewritten and double-spaced. All letters must       nose or throat with medicines that
    include the writer's full name, address and home telephone number. The volume of          will dry the nose and ease the
    letters we receive makes individual acknowledgement impossible. Please send               throat and stop it spreading to the
    your letters to: The Editor, SA SOLDIER Letters, Private Bag X158, Pretoria, 0001.        lungs.
    Letters may also be faxed to (012) 355-6399 or sent via email to            Antibiotics will rarely be
    We would like to hear your comments or ideas, particularly about matters affecting        needed if we can catch the cold in
    members of the Department of Defence. Regrettably, anonymous letters cannot be            the nose or throat. Dr A.G. Kelly,
    answered officially or published - Editor.                                                Bluff Sickbay, Durban

    SA SOLDIER                     NOVEMBER 2006
We have come a long way
On 22 September 2006 we as a country,        the last rebel group, the Front for          Reintegration (DDR) mission.
and the SANDF in particular, have cel-       National Liberation (FNL), signed the            COMOROS - The Comoros gov-
ebrated eight years of our involvement       ceasefire agreement. Now they can            ernment requested the AU to monitor
in creating peace and stability in our       devote their energies to pursuing eco-       the elections. The AU established the
region and the continent. It was the         nomic development and the improve-           African Union Mission to support the
SANDF that on 22 September 1998              ment of social services. The facilitator     elections in the Comoros (AMISEC).
deployed forces in Lesotho after the         was South Africa's Minister of Safety        The South African government
Lesotho government appealed to the           and Security, Mr Charles Nqakula.            deployed more than one thousand sol-
Organisation of African Unity (now the       South Africa was honoured by the trust       diers to monitor the elections. The elec-
African Union) for help during the riots     and confidence shown by the UN when          tions went very well under the watch-
and destabilisation. It was the SANDF        it appointed a South African to be the       ful eye of the South African contingent
that quelled the riots and returned the      United Nations Force Commander in            commanded by Col Sibanyoni.
situation to normality after certain sec-    Burundi - Major General Mgwebi. He               The pain of the violent conflict that
tors of the Basotho refused to accept the    has carried out his duties with diligence    the people of Burundi, the DRC, the
democratically elected government of         and zeal. South Africa can be proud to       Sudan and the Ivory Coast and
Lesotho by occupying the palace of           claim that its mission is accomplished       Ethiopia/Eritrea have is a pain we also
King Letsie III.                             and there is peace in Burundi.               bear. The dismal shame of poverty, suf-
     "Elsewhere, in the rest of the world,       DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF                   fering and human degradation of our
including countries immersed in vio-         CONGO (DRC) - We started our oper-           continent is a blight that we share.
lent conflict, our country continues to      ations in 2003 under the United Nations      Hence our peacekeeping support oper-
serve as one of the central reference        Mission in Congo, known by its French        ations. Our Defence Force and our
points pointing the way forward              acronym MONUC. South Africa and              country are held in high esteem by the
towards the peaceful resolution of even      the SANDF, in particular, created con-       people of Africa. These masses see our
the most seemingly intractable con-          ditions for the holding of the first round   country as a beacon of hope and an
flicts." These words were echoed by our      of elections on 30 July 2006. It is South    important ally in their own struggles to
President, Thabo Mbeki, who is the           Africa that played a big role in the inte-   achieve peace. Despite the questioning
Commander in Chief of our SANDF.             gration process, helping first with iden-    of its combat readiness by certain sec-
Those words are more relevant to the         tifying soldiers. There is nobody more       tors of the media and society the
central role played by the SANDF in          qualified for that role as we have also      SANDF has managed to make peace in
making peace and bringing about sta-         travelled that route of integration. After   those countries. Whatever the setbacks
bility on our continent. The SANDF is        identification the number of soldiers        of the moment, nothing can stop us
involved in peace support operations         identified for integration was reduced       now! The SANDF will triumph.
under the auspices of the Southern           to 28 000 from an initial 58 000. The        Whatever the difficulties, Africa will be
African Development Community                exercise saved the DRC government            at peace. Cpl B. Sintu, SA Army
(SADC), the African Union (AU) and           millions of rands. South Africa helped       Support       Formation,       currently
the United Nations (UN) in support of        to refurbish the military base for the       deployed in Burundi
Government's diplomatic initiatives to       newly integrated 14th Brigade com-
foster peace and stability in the re-        posed of militia factions and members
gion and on the African continent. The       of the old army. The second round of              tion   s!
role and the success of SANDF opera-         elections will be held on 29 October         Atten member Fr
                                                                                                          ee o
tions in the following countries speak       2006 under the watchful eye of our men        DOD                 f cha
                                                                                                             e                g
volumes:                                     and women currently deployed there.          South African
     BURUNDI - The SANDF started its             ETHIOPIA AND ERITREA - South
operations in Burundi in 2001. It started    Africa also has men and women serving        Soldier Classifieds
as a South African Protection                in Ethiopia/Eritrea under the United         To advertise in the South African
Detachment, and later the AU took            Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea      Soldier Classifieds, please write your      7
over. Other countries such as                (UNMEE) as military observers. They          advert in fewer than 200 characters
Mozambique, Kenya, Pakistan, Nepal           are making a difference to the lives of      and send it together with your contact
                                                                                          details and force number to:
and Ethiopia also joined and later the       the people there.
                                                                                          SA Soldier, Advertisements, Private
mission was taken over by the UN and             The SUDAN - The SANDF is serv-           Bag X158, Pretoria, 0001, or email:
was called the United Nations                ing in the Sudan under the African , or Fax: (012) 355
Operation in Burundi (ONUB).                 Mission in the Sudan (AMIS). The             6399. The Editor reserves the right to
     The great success of this mission       SANDF is trying to bring about peace         withhold any inappropriate material.
                                                                                          Publication of adverts may take up to
was the holding of elections in 2005,        and stability under difficult conditions.
                                                                                          four months. SA Soldier does not
which were declared free and fair by             IVORY COAST - The SANDF                  accept any responsibility for any loss-
the international community. 7               deployed a number of troops for the          es suffered or damages incurred as a
September 2006 was a landmark when           Demilitarisation Demobilisation and          result of any published classifieds.

                                                                    NOVEMBER 2006                           SA SOLDIER
    Baptism of fire
     Nature has its own way of perpetuat-          is, but at both the operational and tacti-   Darfur are indicative of the correctness
     ing itself and maintaining its balance.       cal levels. Since 2004 the SANDF has         of our 2010 HR Strategy. 6 SAI Bn and
     For instance, the animal and plant            been in a process of rejuvenation            others before them received their bap-
     kingdoms protect and reproduce                through the recruitment of new mem-          tism of fire and suffered misfortunes.
     themselves perpetually with the aim of        bers under the 2010 Human Resources          These incidents contributed a lot to
     preserving life on earth.                     (HR) Strategy. This process is called the    breaking down the artificial walls
          The same process applies to organ-       Military Skills Development System           between the new and already serving
     isations. Without consistent, deter-          (MSDS). By means of this system young        members, because in most cases hard
     mined and focused programmes to               men and women are recruited to the           times create conditions for mutual sup-
     regenerate, protect and reposition            Defence Force for a period of two years      port, togetherness and comradeship.
     themselves, organisations are bound to        and if thereafter they are not absorbed          Therefore the success and failure of
     fail to deliver on their mandate. In this     into the full-time systems, are allowed      these integrated units will depend on
     scenario the ultimate consequence is          to join the Reserve Force. The few that      the extent to which they are prepared to
     the complete failure of organisations,        have completed their initial and corp        face constructive criticism and the inter-
     thus leading to their ultimate demise.        training have already been integrated        nalisation of lessons learnt. The
          The SANDF is not immune to the           into various units, squadrons and ships.     SANDF, as a living and vibrant organi-
     above phenomenon. For it to survive                Already some of these integrated        sation, is and will continue to rejuve-
     as a viable organisation it must adapt        units have been deployed on peace mis-       nate the SANDF and regenerate itself so
     to the present and future circum-             sions abroad, eg in the Comoros, the         as to effectively and efficiently deliver
     stances and realities. The present-day        Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC),          on its mandate. The integration of the
     SANDF has gone through a critical and         Burundi and Darfur. This process has         old and young soldiers into the SANDF
     important milestone on its road to            set the stage for the unfolding and          will be a process that requires of every-
     achieving the necessary balance and           implementation of the 2010 HR                body patience, determination and
     growth in terms of its values, princi-        Strategy. These integrated units com-        understanding of the vision and strate-
     ples, outlook, etc. At this juncture the      prising new and serving members have         gy of the DOD. The road ahead is still
     question may be asked, what have we,          already proved themselves in battles         fraught with uncertainties and chal-
     as the SANDF, achieved in this regard         and skirmishes in Africa.                    lenges. What is certain is that the
     thus far? For the purposes of this letter          The recent challenges and successes     SANDF is firmly on the road to rejuve-
     the answer lies not at the strategic level    faced by our deployed troops, especially     nation and regeneration.
     per se, no matter how important that          6 SA Infantry Battalion (6 SAI Bn) in        Lt Gen S.Z. Binda, Pretoria

    National Ceremonial Guard I salute you
    National Ceremonial Guard - you are            limited resources. Members of the NCG,       may feel the exhilaration of victory. I
    the cornerstone of the SANDF, the              your job is recognised by the entire         am a bona fide member of you, know-
    cream of the crop. It is so important to       world. Remember, happiness lies in the       ing you are not a unit of controversy
    know that you were not established,            joy of achievement and the thrill of cre-    and dispute. Your members must con-
    but designed in October 1996. Thanks           ative effort. The Excellencies, Heads of     tinue with their good work with
    for the contribution of former President       State, ambassadors of the people of the      patience, which is a good by-product of
    Nelson Mandela. We are proud of you.           world enjoy the hospitality in our coun-     tribulation. I wonder what the future
    We shall always commemorate your               try because of you.                          has in store for the members of the
    achievements. People come and go, but              You are the Pride of the SANDF.          NCG in terms of the three "R's" - Relief,
    the National Ceremonial Guard (NCG)            Keep on reflecting the good image and        Recover and Reform? May the mercy of
    continues. It still exists, and let us not     professionalism in every task you per-       God prevail at the NCG.
    forget its role and high-profile job with      form and accept challenges so that you       Rfn N.P. Jara, A-Coy, NCG

    My clean uniform
     Some years back while I was working at        bat uniform. One afternoon while I was       convince him, but to no avail. I was so
8    the then 155 SAI Bn, I was attached to a      waiting for a duty bus, my platoon           unlucky because it happened that we
     specialised company. I was working            sergeant saw me with my clean uniform        were to do our merit assessments the
     with an equestrian platoon. We went           and shining boots. When he saw me he         following week. After the sergeant has
     home dirty most days because we had           looked at me… and nodded his head up         signed my merit assessment, he gave it
     to feed, clean and ride the horses. The       and down with an expression of hatred.       to me… I looked at it. In the space for
     horses sweated a lot. So as a living-out      He asked me: "Where were you, troop,         written remarks, my platoon sergeant
     member I brought along my washing             when the other guys were cleaning the        had written: "this member cannot be a
     kit, toiletries and a coverall. After morn-   horses?" I replied: "I was with them         leader because he hides himself during
     ing roll-call I always went to the bunga-     Sergeant." "If you were at the stables,      working hours." That was all because of
     lows to change, and then in the after-        why are you so neat? Look at your boots,     my clean uniform.
     noon I washed and dressed in my com-          you were not there," he said. I tried to     Rfn H.T. Manyoni, A-Coy, NCG

    SA SOLDIER                       NOVEMBER 2006
                                                                       Let us fight AIDS
                                                                       Even though I am not a doctor, I would like to talk
                                                                       more about this painful illness that is killing our
                                                                       parents, our brothers and sisters. It does not mind
                                                                       if you are rich or not, it also does not check your
                                                                       status or profession.
                                                                           I am really concerned about the increasing num-
                                                                       ber of AIDS cases. In most cases we are so ignorant
                                                                       about AIDS. Before we can get into details, let us
                                                                       think about the orphans and people who are com-
                                                                       mitting suicide after being told that they are infect-
                                                                       ed. Let us also think about the pressure that the kids
                                                                       are facing after discovering that their parents are
                                                                           In doing my research I have visited many
                                                                       orphans, as my intention was to understand the
                                                                       challenges they face. I was shocked one day when
                                                                       one of the orphans told me about what had hap-
                                                                       pened when he was on a school trip in Durban to
                                                                       the beach. Their teacher bought food for them as a
                                                                       group, but he got his food separately from the oth-
                                                                       ers. He told me that that teacher had left a mark on
                                                                       him that could not be removed. Why was that
                                                                       orphan treated like this? The answer is, people
                                                                       knew about the status of his parents and assumed
                                                                       that he was also infected. Who said that orphan was
                                                                       infected? We must know that a child can be born of
                                                                       an infected mother without being infected if he was
                                                                       delivered without a cut. Cuts and breastfeeding are
                                                                       the factors that most frequently cause infection from
                                                                       a mother to a child, ie through blood.
                                                                           I want to start first by being harsh, even though
                                                                       I will come to the solution later. People know very
                                                                       well that on each and every national road that we
                                                                       travel we can be involved in an accident at anytime.
                                                                       When we are travelling on those roads, anything
                                                                       can happen because although you can drive safely,
                                                                       another driver can drive recklessly and your life can
                                                                       be over. Why do you commit suicide after being told
                                                                       that you are infected? Maybe you could be the first
                                                                       one to be cured after successful research by scien-
                                                                       tists. Do you know that you can live a little longer if
Congratulations SA soldiers                                            you are educated about this illness, and also by
I am very happy to write this message to you to congratulate you.      accepting yourself? Think about the partners who
I thank you so much for all services rendered in our country. I wish   are infected and affected because of our bad
you a good life because your presence is very important in the         behaviour. If you are a womaniser - you must either
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).                                    stop it or condomise.
                                                                           After much research I came to the conclusion          9
    I am from the DRC - north Kivu Province - and a student at
Mount Sinai Institute. Would you please send some of your maga-        that people did not understand AIDS and did not
zines. Thanks and continue with your good work that you do in          support those who were infected. Think about a per-
our country. God bless you. Mr Patrick Katoto, email                   son who was raped: she needs very strong support.
                                                                       Let us think about the teacher that caused irrepara-
                                                                       ble damage in the mind of that learner by discrimi-
                                                                       nating against him. Let us support the people who
Erratum October 2006 edition                                           are infected and affected.
                                                                           I want to make a serious request to the Chief of
Please take note - the former Chief of the SANDF was General           the SANDF to force each and every member of the
Siphiwe Nyanda and not, as published, Lt Gen Siphiwe Nyanda.           SANDF to undergo the course that raises awareness
Refer to page 24 of the October 2006 edition of SA Soldier. Editor     of this illness. Sgt Mlangeni Paulos, Pretoria

                                                                 NOVEMBER 2006                         SA SOLDIER

      Russian President
      visited South Africa
     Article and photos by Lt P.G. van den
     Berg, Int Com Officer Naval Base
     Simon's Town

                ladimir Putin became the first
                Russian President in history to visit
                South Africa. He was welcomed
                with full military honours at
                Tuynhuis on 5 September 2006,
                which included a 96 man guard of
                honour and a 21 gun salute. During
     his visit President Putin and President Thabo
     Mbeki had multilateral talks on a wide range
     of issues, including trade relations, economic
     development and military agreements. The
     Guard Commander was Lt P.G. van den
     Berg, the Second Officer of the Guard was
     S Lt M.R. Khumalo and the Warrant Officer
     of the Guard was WO2 C.D. Daniels. The
     sailors from the Reaction Force Squadron
     formed the guard and their dress and bearing       The 96 man guard of honour and the SA Army Band waiting for the
     were immaculate.                                   arrival of the Presidents of Russia and South Africa.


      The two presidents, President Vladimir Putin (middle, left) and President Thabo Mbeki (middle, right), being escorted
      by the aide-de-camp, Col Delmont Delcarme, Officer Commanding General Support Services Coordinator (front, left),
      and Capt (SAN) Judy Rusting-Patrick, SSO Staff Duties (front, right).

     SA SOLDIER                     NOVEMBER 2006
Our Deputy Minister
visits Simon's Town
By Lt P.G. van den Berg, Int Com        Government) promoted a non-racial,          The Deputy Minister reiterated the
Officer Naval Base Simon's Town         non-racist workforce and that every sin-    importance of communication in the
Photo: AB M. Venter                     gle member of society, regardless of race   SA Navy and that all efforts had to be

                                        or creed, was welcome and had a future      made to improve the two-way flow of
         he Deputy Minister of          within its ranks.                           information within the organisation.
         Defence, Mr Mluleki George,        He also informed the MSDS mem-              Mr George was most impressed
         conducted a visit to the Fleet bers that they possessed skills that were   with the MSDS members overall and
         in Simon's Town on 13          in short supply within the country and      said that he would leave Simon's
         September 2006. The Chief of   that they had to endeavour to be part of    Town satisfied that the SA Navy cared
         the SA Navy, V Adm             the Accelerated and Shared Growth           for its MSDS members. He also said
         Johannes (Refiloe) Mudimu,     Initiative for South Africa (ASGISA) and    that the SA Navy must endeavour
and various other high ranking naval    the Joint Initiative for Priority Skills    to find employment for the MSD
officers accompanied him.               Acquisition (JIPSA). Mr George also         group not retained in the Core Ser-
    The aim of his visit was to gain    allowed a short time for questions from     vice Contract System. This would be
clarity on the Military Skills          the MSD 05 group. Many of the ques-         done through the Redeployment
Development System (MSDS) and           tions raised were technical in nature and   Agency, which is in the process of
especially the way in which it was      were answered by the directors present.     being established.
utilised within the
SA Navy. The
Deputy Minister
was briefed by R
Adm (JG) J.G.
Barker, Director
Naval Plans, on the
details     of  the
MSDS and the
challenges faced by
the SA Navy.
    After the brief-
ing the Deputy
Minister addressed
the MSD 05 group
at      the    SAS
Cinema Hall. He
informed        the
assembled MSD
members that they
were very impor-
tant to the DOD
and that all possi-
ble avenues were
being explored in
retaining them to
serve their coun-
try. He also reiter-     Mr Mluleki George, the Deputy Minister of Defence, speaks during the presentation on the
ated that the SA         MSDS. He is flanked by Capt (SAN) Marcelle Patrick, SSO Fleet Career Management, and
Navy (and SA             V Adm Johannes (Refiloe) Mudimu, the Chief of the SA Navy.

                                                              NOVEMBER 2006                          SA SOLDIER

     16 Days of Activism
     By Alex Ntladi,                          Ms Nomatyala Hangana, intends to           ending violence against women and
     Com Officer Department of                ensure that the campaign is taken to       children. The Department of Provin-
     Provincial and Local Government          the people at grassroots level and         cial and Local Government, working

                                              beyond South Africa's borders. The         closely with the Directorate: Special
              fforts to stamp out any form    local government policy and legisla-       Programmes in The Presidency, has
              of abuse against women and      tive framework creates an enabling         since forged partnerships with civil
              children, through the 16        environment for gender equality,           society, business and other govern-
              Days of Activism campaign,      empowerment and participation of           ment departments to broaden the
              are fast gaining momentum.      women and other disadvantaged              potential impact of the campaign.
                  The United Nations-         groups. This makes it even more ef-            The processes of reaching the tar-
              initiated campaign, adopted     fective regarding developmental            get audience will incorporate the use
     by the South African Government in       initiatives.                               of public participation platforms, such
     1999, takes place annually with events       At the end of the 2005 16 Days of      as community development workers
     from 25 November to 10 December.         Activism campaign, President Thabo         (CDWs) and ward committee mem-
     The primary focus is on generating       Mbeki announced that Government            bers. Communication and media plat-
     awareness on the negative impact vio-    intended to extend the fight against       forms of the campaign will include a
     lence has on women and children, as      gender-based violence into a 365-days      combination of formal advertising
     well as the rest of society.             programme. This announcement led           slots with public service announce-
         Furthermore, the campaign focus-     to a watershed conference on 365 Days      ments, participation in talk shows,
     es on challenging perpetrators to        of No Violence in May this year, in        magazine programmes and media
     change their behaviour and attitude,     which 260 participants from all            information sessions. Radio advertis-
     including actively engaging with men     spheres of government, constitutional      ing targeting the various regions and
     and boys in the discourse about vio-     bodies, civil society, business, unions,   specific language groups will form
     lence in homes, communities and in       faith-based organisations, traditional     the backbone of the broader outreach
     the workplace.                           authorities and international partners     programme.
         As the new national convener of      signed the Kopanong Declaration.               To assist in the outreach, commu-
     the campaign, the Deputy Minister of     The signatories agreed on a co-ordi-       nicators are urged to feature the cam-
     Provincial and Local Government,         nated and comprehensive approach to        paign logo extensively in their internal
                                                                                           publications, external correspon-
                                                                                           dence and advertisements, including
                                                                                           websites. Employers and employees
                                                                                           are encouraged to support the cam-
                                                                                           paign by obtaining and wearing
                                                                                           white ribbons and pins from
                                                                                           women's empowerment groups.
                                                                                               One of Government's main goals
12                                                                                         in the Second Decade of Freedom is
                                                                                           to make South Africa habitable for
                                                                                           all its people, including vulnerable
                                                                                           groups such as women and children.
                                                                                               Working in partnership, height-
                                                                                           ened awareness is expected to result
                                                                                           in behavioural and attitudinal
                                                                                           change that will ultimately lead to
                                                                                           decreased levels of interpersonal
                                                                                           violence, thus making human digni-
                                                                                           ty and social justice a lived experi-
                                                                                           ence for all South Africans.

     SA SOLDIER                   NOVEMBER 2006
Sponsors for
goodwill visit
Article and photo by F Sgt David          Mutual PFA, Qube, the SA Army             will tell them that the people of South
Nomtshongwana                             Foundation, Sanlam, SAFI and Clicks       Africa are proud of them.

                                          Health Group.                                 This took place after ABSA
        he positive response from the         The gifts will be given to the sol-   General Manager of Group Public
        sponsors and donors shows         diers in December as they will not be     Affairs, Mr Moshe More, said "bravo"
        clearly that the people of        with their families during the festive    to the SANDF for the sacrifices made
        South Africa appreciate the       season.                                   by our soldiers in leaving their fami-
        role played by our soldiers           The Chief of the SANDF, Gen           lies behind to be deployed external-
        deployed abroad and inter-        Godfrey Ngwenya, thanked all the          ly. It was a tremendous effort. We
        nally. Further evidence of this   contributors and said that he was         are aware of the effort they are mak-
was when twelve sponsors came for-        touched by the fact that people were so   ing to stabilise Africa, which will
ward to give over R600 00.00.             informed about the role of our soldiers   benefit everyone economically and
   The sponsors were ABSA Group,          and the DOD as a whole. It shows that     otherwise. Mr More added that
ABSA Consultants and Actuaries,           this Defence Force does not belong to     should the SANDF decide to celebrate
Maxi Credit Solutions, Metropolitan,      the Generals, but to the people of        a safe homecoming for the soldiers
Novare Actuaries and Consultants,         South Africa.                             ABSA will again be a partner in that
Old Mutual Group Schemes, Old                 When he speaks to the soldiers he     particular initiative.


ABSA General Manager of Group Public Affairs, Mr Moshe More, hands over a cheque to the Chief of the SANDF,
Gen Godfrey Ngwenya, while Lt Gen Rinus Jansen van Rensburg, Chief of Corporate Staff, looks on.

                                                                NOVEMBER 2006                         SA SOLDIER

      Mother City hosts
      Africa Aerospace and
      Defence 2006
     By Lebohang Letaoana
     Photos: F Sgt David

              frica's largest aerospace,
              defence and security exhibi-
              tion was held at Air Force
              Base Ysterplaat in Cape
              Town from 20 to 24
              September 2006. The exhibi-
              tion has been traditionally
     held at AFB Waterkloof in Pretoria,
     which is currently undergoing a major
     upgrade of existing runways.
         This year's show coincides with
     the South African Government strate-
     gy for strengthening, growing and
     forging worldwide alliances for its
     domestic aerospace, air transport,
     maritime, land systems, security and      From left: The Chief of the SA Air Force, Lt Gen Carlo Gagiano, the Chief of
     space industries.                         the SANDF, Gen Godfrey Ngwenya, and the Minister of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa
         As usual the show set aside three     Lekota, at the official opening of the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2006.

                                                                                        days for trade, and two days were
                                                                                        open to the public. More than 400
                                                                                        exhibitors from at least 25 countries
                                                                                        took part in this year's Africa
                                                                                        Aerospace and Defence (AAD) exhibi-
                                                                                        tion. Mr Oliver Stratford, CEO of the
                                                                                        Commercial Aviation Association of
                                                                                        South Africa and Show Director, said:
                                                                                        "In 2006 the aim has been to enhance
                                                                                        the participation of general and com-
14                                                                                      mercial aviation industries by show-
                                                                                        casing these on a larger scale. This has
                                                                                        been achieved by the strategic setting
                                                                                        of objectives which have identified
                                                                                        particular target markets."
                                                                                            Top ranking senior officers, mili-
                                                                                        tary attachés, members of parliament
                                                                                        and businessmen were some of the
                                                                                        people who attended the official open-
                                                                                        ing of the AAD 2006. In his speech the
      Mr Mosiuoa Lekota, the Minister of Defence, looks at the scale model of an        Minister of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa
      Airbus A400 military transport aeroplane.                                         Lekota, said: "One of the 'cutting edge

     SA SOLDIER                  NOVEMBER 2006
The recently acquired Gripen against the backdrop of Table Mountain. The fighter jet attracted a lot of attention from
the public.

interventions' outlined in the South      Aerospace Industry and positioning        equipment companies, such as Denel,
African Government's Vision 2014 is       this as part of the global aerospace      the DOD, Armscor, Execujet, Airbus,
the repositioning of the aerospace        supply chain."                            Boeing, AgustaWestland, SAAB,
industry as a future growth industry.         After the opening it was time for     TyssenKrupp Marine Systems, BAE
This year saw the establishment of the    the delegates to visit the different      Systems, EADS and many others. The
National Aerospace Centre of              hangars to get acquainted with the lat-   former Chief of the SANDF, Gen
Excellence. This represents the latest    est technology offered by the major       Siphiwe Nyanda, now CEO and
intervention by Government to fast        suppliers of civil and military           Managing Director of Ngwane
track the process of upgrading the SA     aerospace, defence and security           Defence Group, was one of the
                                                                                          exhibitors of the AAD 2006.
                                                                                              "A vibrant and growing
                                                                                          aerospace and defence indus-
                                                                                          try requires national vision,
                                                                                          leadership, collaboration be-
                                                                                          tween Government and indus-
                                                                                          try and international partners.
                                                                                          This African Aerospace and
                                                                                          Defence trade show is once
                                                                                          again testimony to the evolving
                                                                                          and growing relationship
                                                                                          between South Africa and the
                                                                                          increasing number of interna-
                                                                                          tional companies," said the
                                                                                          Minister of Trade and Industry,   15
                                                                                          Mr Mandisi Mpahlwa.
                                                                                              In conclusion, Minister
                                                                                          Lekota said: "Part of our
                                                                                          defence spending must encour-
                                                                                          age the growth of our domestic
                                                                                          aerospace industry. Without a
                                                                                          strong service industry to
                                                                                          maintain, repair and upgrade
                                                                                          our aerospace and defence pur-
                                                                                          chases we would be wasting
A display of the SA Air Force at the AAD 2006.                                            our money."

                                                               NOVEMBER 2006                         SA SOLDIER

      Air power - Africa's
      saving grace?
      By Maj Gen Des Barker, Chief
      Director Force Preparation
      Photo: F Sgt David

                outh Africa has an obvious
                interest in preserving regional
                peace and stability to promote
                trade and development and also
                to avoid the spillover effects of
                conflicts on the continent.
                    Today it can be argued
      that the employment of air power,
      contrary to the tenets expressed by the
      forefathers of air power, Trenchard
      and Smuts in 1915, has diversified to
      such an extent that it is no longer only
      an offensive tool to be used to protect
      the sovereignty of a nation, but rather
      that owing to its flexibility, mobility
      and reach, it has been elevated to one
      of the major power bases guaranteeing
      the security of nations, and even conti-
      nents. In the particular case of Africa it
      would not be incorrect to say that air
      power will become Africa's saving
      grace. The corollary to this is that
      without air power, the call by
      President Thabo Mbeki for the African              Air power
      revival via the New Partnership for
      Africa's Development (NEPAD) has
      little probability of succeeding.
                                                            has the
           No longer is air power regarded
      purely as an offensive capability bent
                                                           to assist
      on delivering ordnance on the enemy,
      but today it is all-encompassing with a
      significant collateral responsibility

      within the fields of humanitarian aid
      and natural disaster relief. Today, in a
                                                             in the
      world in which mankind has mastered
      the art of killing, air power not only           redevelopment
      has the power to take life, but in effect
      to support life.
           To paraphrase somewhat, within
                                                          of Africa.
      the "Fog of Peace", it is often difficult
      to discriminate between the collateral
      responsibilities of the military and
      those of the disaster relief teams. The
      humanitarian support efforts provid-          Oryx helicopters capability demonstration at the
      ed to prevail over the devastating            Africa Aerospace and Defence 2006.

     SA SOLDIER                        NOVEMBER 2006
effects of the Tsunami in December           from one part of Africa to another can         Africa's Minister of Transport, Mr Jeff
2004, the August 2005 "Hurricane             sometimes still involve lengthy air trips      Radebe, who in his opening address at
Katrina" and the more recent earth-          via Europe and railway gauges are not          the African Aviation Safety Seminar in
quake carnage in Pakistan provide a          always compatible, which makes the             Johannesburg on 28 February 2006 stat-
stark reminder of the huge potential of      overland movement of goods difficult           ed that: "Despite some progress, it
air power to act as a "Force for Good".      and there are no trans-African super           remains an unfortunate fact that the
    Looking to the home front, the life-     highways to ease the flow of traffic. It is    picture for Africa still does not look
saving role of the water-bombing heli-       clear that the socio-economic upliftment       good.
copters fighting fierce fires along the      of Africa will require modern air, road            "Urgent measures need to be taken
Cape Peninsula, the Cape south coast         and rail infrastructure, but unfortunate-      if we want to win the confidence of the
and the Mpumalanga forests during            ly the establishment of suitable infras-       rest of the world. Although Africa
January 2006 is only a small example         tructure is a costly, long-term project        accounts for only about 3% of the
of the diversity of air power in the pro-    and, until such time, air power in its         world's aircraft departures, in 2004
tection of people and resources.             role as a force for peace, will in all like-   Africa accounted for about 27% of all
    Today it is important to under-          lihood be the key element in overcom-          fatal accidents in the world and while
stand that air power is more than just       ing the shortcomings imposed by inad-          the global average of hull losses per
firepower and it has two manifesta-          equate transportation infrastructure.          million sectors was 0.78, the African
tions, offensive air operations and              Compounding the problem is that            hull loss average was 5.2". Getting dis-
humanitarian support. In fact, the time      navigation aids and inferior air traffic       parate economies and levels of devel-
is right for air power in its current        control make aviation in Africa particu-       opment throughout Africa to work
guise to be regarded not only as a           larly challenging. Shackled by unrea-          together to harmonise air power poli-
"Force for Peace", but also as an            sonably high fees and excessive taxa-          cies will be a major challenge.
African security enhancer.                   tion by governments and their civil avi-
                                             ation authorities, air power in Africa         Environmental scan
African air power dilemma                    has generally gone into decline due to             Great demands have been, and will
    Without being overly critical, post-     inadequate governmental understand-            continue to be imposed on South
colonial Africa's track record to date       ing of the potential of air power to con-      Africa to contribute materially to
has not been encouraging, having been        tribute to the reconstruction and devel-       peacekeeping and peace support oper-
characterised by weak states by wars,        opment of Africa.                              ations in Africa. South Africa has much
poverty, crime and disease. Travelling           This opinion is shared by South            Continued on page 18

AFB Overberg welcomes the Gripen
By Capt Abby Matloa
Photo: WO2 M. Nel

The much awaited Gripen fighter air-
craft arrived in South Africa on 14 July
2006. A few days later it landed at AFB
Overberg, ie on 18 July 2006. SAAB in
Linkoping, Sweden, manufactures the
Gripen aircraft. The aircraft arrived
from Sweden by sea, and took four
weeks to arrive. At AFB Overberg the
test pilot for the Gripen aircraft, Lt Col
Charl Coetzee, said with exhilaration:
"It is an honour for me to fly the air-                                                                                                 17
craft. The aircraft is extremely agile       The much awaited Gripen fighter aircraft arriving at Air Force Base Overberg.
and yet easy to fly".
     The SA Air Force is expecting 26        to operate on a data link with other air-      requirements. Asked what made the
aircraft: 9 dual seater and 17 single        craft. The SA standard of the Gripen           Gripen different from the Cheetah, Lt
seater aircraft. The Gripen SA is the        will still be under development. The           Col Coetzee said, "the Gripen is easier
fourth generation to enter service any-      manufacturer, SAAB, will test all the          to fly and more capable than other
where in the world. The aircraft fea-        systems for the SA model, and a large          fighter jets that I have flown, including
tures a digital electronic flight control    part of the testing will be done at            the Cheetah. It has a more powerful
system (fly by wire), electronic cockpit     the AFB Overberg's Test Flight                 engine, a better range and it provides
display, a FADEC engine providing            and Development Centre. The centre             the pilot with more information that he
high thrust to weight ratio, modem           has the responsibility to verify that          needs for combat" said Lt Col Coetzee
impulse Doppler radar and the ability        delivered aircraft meet the contracted         happily.

                                                                     NOVEMBER 2006                             SA SOLDIER
     Continued from page 17                      conventional threats and the establish-       includes a variety of tasks apart from
     to contribute to such an arrangement;       ment of a 6 000 strong African Union          the conveyance of passengers and
     the proven capabilities of the SANDF        (AU) Standby Force announced by the           cargo. Spraying crops against diseases
     and the experience of its personnel         Minister of Defence, Mr Mosiuoa               and pests, emergency evacuation of
     provide a unique indigenous service to      Lekota, on 5 September 2005, will             injured persons, water bombers to
     the region. Economically and logisti-       empower governments to respond                extinguish forest fires and photograph-
     cally, however, severe restrictions exist   quickly to conflict in Africa by provid-      ic and geophysical surveys are just
     that could see South Africa's ability to    ing a rapid reaction force on the conti-      some of the typical critical missions.
     assist       severely      jeopardised.     nent similar to the EU Rapid Reaction         Using their unique capabilities, heli-
     Considering the vast size of the            Force. The intention is to have the force     copters are used in the construction of
     African continent, the resources avail-     available for operations in 2010.             buildings, power lines, radio mast
     able to maximise the contribution of air        Thus each country will have to            inspections, servicing ships offshore,
     power are, at best, minimal.                assess its doctrine and security policies,    supporting lighthouses, oil exploration,
         All African states, including the       what assets it possesses and what it can      and search and rescue operations.
     landlocked ones, depend heavily on          contribute to the common good. The            These all play an important role in nat-
     sea-borne exports and imports, and          strategic issue then becomes regional         ural disaster support.
     such maritime resources are not             organisation through the South African            Closer to home, South Africa may
     immune to threats. Maritime resources       Development Community (SADC) and              at short notice require participation by
     and trade are important to Africa and       continental organisation through the          its air assets in peace support missions
     are likely to become more important as      AU. This raises the issues of interoper-      and other diplomatic initiatives associ-
     offshore oil, gas and diamond mining        ability, common standards of training,        ated with regional security. Such oper-
     become increasingly important as a          equipment and logistics and even the          ations could range from merely show-
     source of income for several African        possibility of standard procurement           ing the flag, through tactical reconnais-
     states. All the while, the protection of    regimes for common equipment needs.           sance and air defence, while air denial
     Africa's maritime assets will have to                                                     missions could even include the full
     take on a higher priority in the future.    Threat analysis                               spectrum of offensive counter-air oper-
     From March until the end of May 2006             Likely conflict scenarios could          ations that could be associated with
     there were 19 hijackings by pirates off     involve terrorism, armed raids with or        peace enforcement missions. These
     the coast of Somalia, one of which          without the sanction of the host state,       potential scenarios clearly highlight the
     included a United Nations (UN) World        piracy, infringements on maritime             need for the retention of a viable air
     Food Programme supply ship.                 resources and similar small-scale, low        capability to ensure effective participa-
     Currently most of the African states        intensity threats. Ethnicity or undocu-       tion in any mandated military opera-
     are essentially blind to what occurs off    mented migrants could spark off con-          tion that would be sanctioned by either
     their shores and few have the ability to    flict that could sweep across borders         the UN or, at least, by the AU.
     take action at sea.                         with the distinct danger of State                 The air system has thus had to
         The US military is in the process of    involvement. The possibility of sub-          embark on a path of rejuvenation to
     ramping up a programme to help              state violence or of irrational state         meet the aspirations of South Africa as
     African states improve their maritime       actions escalating to limited war can         a reliable partner in supporting the
     security through the creation of a com-     consequently never be completely disre-       region in its quest for stability and
     prehensive maritime security initiative     garded. Last but by no means least,           growth. Given the uncertainties of
     for Africa. General James Jones,            Africa historically has never really seen     today's world, we must exploit the
     EUCOM Commander, told the Senate            any completely stable period since inde-      versatility of air power to the full
     Armed Services Committee on 7               pendence from colonialism and there is        and justify the nation's confidence in
     March 2006 that "the waters off Africa      currently nothing in place to change this     future procurement programmes by
     have been host to significant criminal      viewpoint.                                    demonstrating their relevance and
     activities and the US fears insurgents           In a wider context, the most imme-       cost-effectiveness.
     could take advantage of this lack of        diate threat to South Africa and the
18   government control". The problem is         region is the threat of socio-economic        SAAF capital acquisition
     that African countries do not have the      and political collapse. The effects of one    programme
     resources to intervene.                     or more of drought, recession, political          It is quite appropriate to consider
         Throughout Africa states of insecu-     instability, internal violence or civil war   the words spoken by Winston
     rity exist and collective security has      are evident in several countries in the       Churchill in the House of Commons on
     thus gained favour within the region        region and it is within the realm of such     14 March 1933. "Not to have an ade-
     and, given the limited resources of the     challenges that air power has the poten-      quate air force in the present state of
     states in the region, defence alliances     tial to assist in the redevelopment of        the world is to compromise the very
     will be manifested in a manner simil-       Africa. The question is how?                  foundations of national freedom and
     ar to that of the European Union                                                          independence."
     (EU). Military pacts between African        Air power as security enhancer                    There is no doubt that air power, as
     neighbours will reduce the effect of           The main role of air power in Africa       a flexible extension of the military arm,

     SA SOLDIER                     NOVEMBER 2006
lies at the root of Africa's continental      in several parts of the continent and the      Only ten are available south of the
security and as such, in the context of       various international peace support            Sahara, with a coastline of over 22 000
the economic and security dimensions          efforts serve to underline the require-        km to monitor; this is obviously totally
of South African national security, con-      ment for effective and efficient use of air    inadequate for such an immense task.
sideration by government was given to         transport. A swift deployment is essen-        African countries will have to find a
the recapitalisation of the SA Air Force      tial to any effective crisis response and      way to control their waters and protect
in terms of the Strategic Defence             air transport will often be the only           assets and trade, but to do that
Packages (SDP). The White Paper on            means available to achieve that and to         requires that they must first be able to
Defence (1996) specifically addressed         ensure logistic support to deployed            patrol their waters, which will require
obsolescent equipment and support for         forces until secure ground routes can be       both aircraft and ships. Ships can
the defence industries which were driv-       established.                                   arrest pirate vessels, smugglers and
en by Government's efforts to stimulate            The problem is that the SA Air Force      errant fishermen, but first they have to
the economy through foreign direct            does not possess sufficient airlift capac-     locate them, which is difficult to do
investment and the rejuvenation of the        ity to meet the SANDF's requirements;          with only shipping radar, and a combi-
South African industrial base as a cata-      in fact, the current fleet of C-130 aircraft   nation of capabilities is thus necessary.
lyst to industrial activity, internation-     is incapable of accommodating a large          Satellite imagery alone cannot provide
al collaboration, employment oppor-           percentage of the engineering equip-           the frequency or the image resolution
tunities and the sustainment of a             ment and there is no other alternative to      needed for cost-effective coverage and
"high-tech" defence industry.                 get the equipment to the required desti-       evidence of transgressions.
    The emphasis is thus on the mainte-       nations. The DOD is thus required to               Whereas the SA Air Force's acquisi-
nance of core capabilities and the sys-       pay for and insure Russian cargo air-          tion of the Super Lynx 300 maritime
tematic renewal of the equipment need-        craft to lift troops and equipment; the        helicopter will enhance the SANDF's
ed to maintain those capabilities under       typical cost for airlift rental is between     capability to operate in the demanding
the "SA Air Force's Vision 2015" or,          R500 000 to R800 000, depending on the         maritime security environment and
alternatively, to face a situation of block   size of the aircraft and the freight load.     will complement the capability of the
obsolescence. By world standards, the         Clearly, the lack of adequate heavy air-       new corvettes, the current SA Air
SA Air Force's force design represents a      lift will continue to handicap SANDF           Force inshore maritime aircraft, the
modest force, but within the context of       peace support operations until the             C47-TP, is totally inadequate. The air-
Southern Africa and the expected              arrival of the Airbus A-400M in 2012.          craft does not possess adequate elec-
developments in the region, it repre-              With a mainland coastline of more         tronic surveillance, maritime radar or
sents an adequate and indeed, superior        than 32 500 km and exclusive economic          offensive capability, and as such pro-
force.                                        zones (EEZ) totalling more than 11,7           vides no real added benefit to the SA
    Peace support operations are              million square kilometers, Africa has          Navy in terms of long-range maritime
expensive and usually involve heavy           only twenty-nine maritime patrol air-          surveillance. The current capability of
airlift and capital outlays for the setting   craft at its disposal. Of these, 19 are        Africa is therefore clearly inadequate
up of new infrastructure for deploy-          operated by north-African states and 15        for the enormous maritime patrol task.
ments. The ongoing security problems          of them by one country alone, Algeria.         Continued on page 20

Helicopter now fully operational
By Lebohang Letaoana
Photo: F Sgt David

17 Squadron hosted a small gather-
ing to celebrate the AgustaWestland
A109 Light Utility Helicopter's being                                                                                                    19
fully operational at Swartkops on
14 September 2006.
    The helicopter can now be utilis-
ed for humanitarian operations, dis-
aster relief, transport and medical
    Brig Gen Hugh Paine, Director
Helicopter Systems, said he was excit-         From left: Brig Gen Phillip Wilcock, Director Air Force Acquisition, Mr Patrick
ed about seeing the Agusta being fully         Chabarat, Head of Africa Region AugustaWestland, Brig Gen Hugh Paine,
operational, as it would realise the           Director Helicopter Systems, Col Johann Jacobs, SAAF Project Officer LUH,
objectives of the SANDF.                       and Mr Johan Odendaal, Armscor Project Manager.

                                                                       NOVEMBER 2006                            SA SOLDIER
     Continued from page 19                      emphasis is on the projection of stabili-    to ensure that we respond quickly and
     Is it any wonder then that piracy has       ty through credible deterrence, and          sensibly to changes in conceptual air
     become so predominant off the coasts        resorting to the offensive only when         power thinking. Living in an era char-
     of Somalia?                                 required. However, it is clear that in the   acterised by instability and unpre-
         Although the role of the SA Air         wider context of the African security        dictability we cannot say with certain-
     Force has undergone a subtle change         dilemma, deficiencies exist that current-    ty where and when crises will emerge,
     from a strategic to a more tactical air     ly prohibit air power in all its facets      but emerge they will.
     force, we must heed the lessons             from contributing to the socio-econom-            The world will continue to be an
     learned from 86 years of air power          ic reconstruction and development of         arena of clashing group interests that
     practice that have confirmed that con-      Africa. The current state of Africa's        will inevitably, from time to time,
     trol of the air cannot be achieved by       transportation infrastructure means          involve collective violence, therefore
     superior numbers of inferior aircraft.      there can be no doubt that South             the ability to coerce an enemy rapidly
         The SA Air Force's recapitalisation     African air power will have a major role     will remain an invaluable option. And
     programme of Gripen, Hawk, Agusta           to play in any future continental securi-    if diplomacy and deterrence should
     109, Rooivalk, Super Lynx and lately        ty and redevelopment initiatives.            fail, at whatever level of intensity, air-
     A-400M, is a clear statement of intent      However, the great African vision of         men must thereafter be prepared, first-
     and support for the collateral utility of   building a strong, economically vibrant      ly, to shape the battle space for our
     air power as an African security            and peaceful continent remains a dis-        ground or maritime forces, and sec-
     enhancer. From the foregoing, it is evi-    tant dream unless the potential capacity     ondly to provide direct support to
     dent that to be able to provide a bal-      of air power in all its various compo-       their activities within such battle
     anced air power, a suitable maritime        nent forms can be harnessed.                 space, whether the operation be
     patrol aircraft must be acquired for the        There is no doubt that the future of     SANDF, SADC or AU coalition forces
     SA Air Force as a matter of urgency.        the SA Air Force and of Africa is inex-      made up of multinational groupings.
                                                 tricably linked to developments in air       Today air power is not only a force for
      Conclusions                                power, and one of the greatest chal-         peace, but an African security
        Within the SA Air Force the              lenges facing the SA Air Force today is      enhancer.

     Siyandiza thrills learners at Umtata
     By Amn Thabang Bapela,                      information.
     Journalist Ad Astra                         Next the chil-
     Photo: F Sgt David                          dren were af-
     Nomtshongwana                               forded an op-
                                                 portunity     to
     The Deputy Minister of Defence, Mr          admire, and to
     Mluleki George, has encouraged learn-       go on board
     ers to focus a little bit more on           two helicopters
     Mathematics and Science as subjects at      - a BK 117 and
     school in order to shape their own          an Oryx - of the
     future. He was speaking at the Umtata       SA Air Force.
     National Airport in the Eastern Cape        One of the
     during the Siyandiza Programme              learners from
     Awareness launch on 1 September             Mpundweni
     2006. Mr George told the learners that      High School,
     focusing on Mathematics and Science         B o n g e k a
     would enhance their chances of being        Makwade,
20   accepted into the SA Air Force, since       when      asked
     these two disciplines were among the        how he felt
     requirements for admission to the Air       after flying for
                                                                     Col George Ramfremisa, SSO Siyandisa Awareness
     Force. The MEC for Education, Mr            approximately
                                                                     National Office (middle), with the learners and members of
     Mkhangeli Matomela, said in his             twenty     min-
                                                                     the Siyandiza Programme inside a Hercules C130.
     address that improving the perfor-          utes, replied:
     mance of learners should be looked at.      "This is a lifetime experience. I never     Also present at the launch were the
     He promised to discuss this matter          thought for a second that I would one       Chief Director National Aviation
     with the Minister of Education, Mrs         day be flying in a defence helicopter. I    Academy, Maj Gen Nhlanhla Ngema,
     Naledi Pandor. A total of seven schools     will therefore study hard to meet the       who hosted the event, and the Chief of
     attended the event, and the Siyandiza       requirements to fulfil my wish to           Human Resources, Lt Gen Temba
     exhibitors plied the students with          become a pilot in the SA Air Force".        Matanzima.

     SA SOLDIER                     NOVEMBER 2006
Essential skills tested
in international event
By Maj J.P. Prinsloo,                     Gymnasium and since the year 2000           2.4 km running - 7 min 14 sec
SO2 Com Army Gym                          they have presented this competition.       4 km walking - 19 min 56 sec

                                              This year's competition had over        The competition took place in good
         he eleventh annual SA Army       330 entries. Altogether 288 were SA     spirit and every participant gave his
         Warrant Officer and Non-         Army members from across South          best. Good relations were also estab-
         commissioned Officer Com-        Africa and more than 50 international   lished with our neighbouring coun-
         petition took place at the SA    members also participated. The inter-   tries in Africa. Gifts were exchanged
         Army Gymnasium in Heidel-        national guests came from Botswana,     between the various senior Sergeant
         berg in September 2006. This     Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.           Majors of the different defence forces.
         prestigious competition origi-       The aim of the competition is to        At the prize-giving ceremony the
nated in the days of WO1 Koos             determine the best Lance Corporal,      following formal results were made
Moorcroft, a former Sergeant Major of     Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant,     known:
the SA Army. It resulted from his visit   Warrant Officer and Pace Stick Team     Fittest Member:
to England in 1995 when he was intro-     in the SA Army.                         L Cpl X.W. Mthembu
duced to the annual WO/NCO com-               Over the three days of intense      Best Shot: S Sgt E.A. van Coller
petition. He brought this concept back    competition the essential skills of a   Best Lance Corporal in the SA
to South Africa and the first ever SA     WO/NCO were tested, namely theory       Army: L Bdr B.M. Motlapema
Army WO/NCO Competition was               exams, pace stick, fitness, shooting,   Best Corporal in the SA Army:
held in 1995 at the SA Army College in    drill and neatness. Some of the indi-   Cpl D.J.P. du Bus
Pretoria. Because of the interest and     vidual results of the SA Army fitness   Best Sergeant in the SA Army:
participation the venue at the SA         tests were as follows:                  Sgt M.A. Sebotsa
Army College became too small. The            Push-ups - 115 in 2 min             Best Staff Sergeant in the SA Army:
venue was moved to the SA Army                Sit-ups - 157 in 2 min              S Sgt C.S. Makhambi
                                                                                            Best Warrant Officer in the
                                                                                            SA Army:
                                                                                            WO1 S. Biyela
                                                                                            Best Reserve Force Pace
                                                                                            Stick Team:
                                                                                            ADA Formation Reserve
                                                                                            Force A-team
                                                                                            Best Pace Stick Team in
                                                                                            the SA Army:
                                                                                            ASB Johannesburg
                                                                                            Best Pace Sticker:
                                                                                            Sgt D.A. Felezweni
                                                                                            Best Pace Stick Driver:
                                                                                            WO1 P.C. le Roux
                                                                                            Overall Best Team for 2006
                                                                                            and the winner of the
                                                                                            Grand Prix Trophy:
                                                                                            SA Army Artillery Formation.
                                                                                                The event was a huge
                                                                                            success and each and every
                                                                                            staff member of the SA Army
                                                                                            Gymnasium put in a huge
                                                                                            effort to ensure that this com-
Maj Gen Mshengu Mandita, GOC SA Army Support Formation, congratulates                       petition was one of the best
Sgt Daddy Felezweni, the Best Pace Sticker 2006, while WO1 Joseph Tshabalala,               to be presented in recent
Sergeant Major of the SA Army, looks on. (Photo: Lt Lulamile Ntola)                         years.

                                                              NOVEMBER 2006                         SA SOLDIER
      focus on people

      Paying homage to
      a Sergeant Major
      By Lebohang Letaoana                         WO1 Jacobs had a message for the in-    you all of the best, and with your
      Photos: F Sgt David                          coming Sergeant Major of the SANDF,     proven abilities you will undoubtedly
      Nomtshongwana                                WO1 Johan "Skieps" Scheepers: "I wish   be able to fulfil the major task ahead".

          magine serving your country for
          more than 40 years without receiv-       New Sergeant Major of the SANDF
          ing any charge. WO1 Jakes Jacobs,
          the Sergeant Major of the SANDF,         WO1 Johan "Skieps" Scheepers was        Sergeant Major, South West Africa
          will tell you that it takes discipline   born in August 1951 in Ganspan,         Military School as RSM, 7 South Africa
          and morale to achieve this mile-         Northern Cape Province. He was con-     Division as the Division Sergeant
          stone. WO1 Jacobs bade farewell to       scripted in 1969 and did his National   Major, Army Battle School as the
      the Department he has called home            Service at the School of Armour in      Formation Sergeant Major and the
      for four decades at a change of office       Bloemfontein. He joined the then        Eastern Transvaal Command as the
      and farewell parade held at SA Army          SADF in May 1973 and is qualified as    Command Sergeant Major. In
      College on 29 September 2006.                an All Arms and Armour Instructor.      September 1999 he was appointed as
          Family, friends and colleagues               WO1 Scheepers has gained vast       the first Divisional Sergeant Major of
      came in numbers to share this special        experience in his military career and   the Joint Operations Division, and
      and emotional day with the Sergeant          has served in 1 Special Services        has been appointed as the Sergeant
      Major of the SANDF. The chief func-          Battalion, the School of Armour, 2 SA   Major of the SANDF with effect from
      tionary, Lt Gen Rinus Jansen van             Infantry Battalion Group, 202           1 October 2006.
      Rensburg, the Chief of Corporate             Battalion in Rundu in the then              WO1 Scheepers has been awarded
      Staff, said: "Sergeant Major Jacobs is       SWA/Namibia as the Regimental           the following medals and decorations:
      leaving the SANDF after a full life of
      delivering excellent service. During a
      career spanning more than forty years
      he has distinguished himself as an
      outstanding soldier, a soft-spoken
      leader whose service to the SANDF
      and the country has been absolutely
          During the parade a general
      salute, salute flight and 17 round gun
      salute were performed. It was refresh-
      ing to see a parade where all four
22    Services payed homage to a Sergeant
      Major. The Scripture reading and
      prayer were conducted by the
      Chaplain General, Brig Gen (Rev)
      Marius Cornelissen.
          In his keynote speech, WO1 Jacobs
      said: "As the outgoing Sergeant Major
      of the SANDF and a soldier who
      has been in uniform for 41 years,
      I am proud of the SANDF and its
                                                   The outgoing Sergeant Major of the SANDF, WO1 Jakes Jacobs (left), and
      members, the Regular Force as well as        the incoming Sergeant Major of the SANDF, WO1 Johan "Skieps" Scheepers,
      the Reserve Force." In conclusion            during the inspection of the parade.

     SA SOLDIER                       NOVEMBER 2006
                                                                                            Q: Which challenges did you face as
                                                                                            the Sergeant Major of the SANDF?

                                                                                            WO1 Jacobs: A few, for example after
                                                                                            the former Chief of the SANDF, Gen
                                                                                            Nyanda, appointed me as the Sergeant
                                                                                            Major of the SANDF, we had the
                                                                                            Tempe Military Base incident. On that
                                                                                            day Gen Nyanda, the Minister of
                                                                                            Defence and I went to the Tempe
                                                                                            Military Base and the biggest chal-
                                                                                            lenge that we had was to improve dis-
                                                                                            cipline, esprit de corps and morale in
                                                                                            the SANDF. It was a huge challenge,
                                                                                            and this is one of the challenges that I
                                                                                            am going to hand to the new Sergeant
                                                                                            Major of the SANDF, namely to
                                                                                            improve discipline, morale and esprit
                                                                                            de corps because you cannot improve
                                                                                            discipline without morale and esprit
Chief of Corporate Staff, Lt Gen Rinus Jansen van Rensburg, presenting the                  de corps. The other challenge was the
outgoing Sergeant Major of the SANDF, WO1 Jakes Jacobs, with the 40 Year
                                                                                            empowerment of Warrant Officers. To
Loyal Service and Good Conduct Medal with Bar. WO1 Johan "Skieps"
                                                                                            empower a person is very important
Scheepers, the incoming Sergeant Major of the SANDF, looking on.
                                                                                            and the Sergeant Majors cannot do
Pro Merito Decoration, Pro Merito             few projects. The first one was when          their job if they are not empowered. So
Medal, Military Merit Medal, Pro              the former Chief of the SANDF, Gen            over the years I made it my duty to
Patria Medal, Southern Africa Medal,          Siphiwe Nyanda, appointed me as               empower the person working with me,
General Service Medal, Tshumelo               Chairperson responsible for changing          under me. I definitely think empower-
Ikatelaho Medal, Unitas Medal and             the old Coat of Arms on all rank              ment is also a challenge.
the 10, 20 and 30 Year Loyal Service          insignia. So when you look at the rank
and Good Conduct Medals.                      insignia, the committee and I designed        Q: What are your future plans?
    WO1 Scheepers is a widower. He            them. So this is one legacy I will leave
was married to the late Meida and has         behind. Secondly, I was also responsi-        WO1 Jacobs: As you know, I lost my
four children.                                ble for changing all the flags. I also ini-   daughter, Hanley, two months ago
                                              tiated the goodwill parcel project for        and it changed my plans totally
                                              our deployed soldiers. We started this        because now I must retire and relax.
A highly disciplined soldier                                                                From now on until December I will not
                                              project five or six years ago with R27
Q: WO1 Jacobs, it has been 41 years of                                                      do anything. From January onwards I
                                              000 and on 13 September 2006 we hand-
service: How do you feel about leaving this                                                 am going to keep myself busy with my
                                              ed over a donation of more than half a
organisation?                                                                               hobbies, woodwork, cabinet making
                                              million rands for the goodwill parcels. I
    WO1 Jacobs: 41 years is a long                                                          and anything that I can do with my
                                              also think that the Defence Force that
time, some of the soldiers are not even                                                     hands: that is what I will be doing.
                                              you see today is more disciplined than
41 years old. It is not easy for me to
                                              ten years ago. These are the few things
leave this Service because when I start-                                                    Q: What is your last message to the
                                              that I can say I will leave behind.
ed my career I was only 17 years old                                                        members of DOD?
and today I am 58 years old. I do not
                                              Q: What are the highlights of your
know what it is to be a civilian. I can                                                     WO1 Jacobs: My message to the sol-          23
                                              military career?
only talk about soldiers and uniforms,                                                      diers is, and they must believe me:
and so it is not an easy task to leave.                                                     there is a very excellent career for each
                                              WO1 Jacobs: My first highlight is my
There is nothing else that I can do (out-                                                   and everyone in the SANDF. But each
                                              years of service in the Defence Force
side military). I am a soldier and I will                                                   and every soldier must work very
                                              which is 41 years, without a DD1 (with-
remain a soldier for the rest of my life.                                                   hard. Look after him or herself, and be
                                              out any record) - an absolutely clean
                                              service record. The second highlight of       loyal to the SANDF and the leader
Q: Which legacy would you like to
                                              my military career was the integration        group. We as soldiers must learn to
leave behind?
                                              into the new SANDF, when I was inte-          care for each other. If we care for each
WO1 Jacobs: During my last seven              grated from the SADF to the SANDF             other, we will learn to trust each other
years as a Sergeant Major of the              and appointed as the Sergeant Major of        and if we trust each other, we will be
SANDF, I participated and initiated a         the SANDF.                                    the best Defence Force in the world.

                                                                      NOVEMBER 2006                            SA SOLDIER
     promotion of the access to information act (PAIA)

     Our Department rises
     above the rest
                                                                                              The DOD
     By Amn Arnaus Rakoma
     Photo: Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole
                                               who have done exemplary work in pro-
                                               moting openness, transparency and

             he Department of Defence
                                               accountability in the public and private
                                               sectors through the Promotion of Access
                                                                                           Centre receives
             came out tops in the first
             Golden Key Awards ceremony
                                               to Information Act (PAIA).
                                                   Alison Tilley, the Chief Operating       an average of
             held on international Right to    Officer (ODAC), told SA Soldier that it
             Know Day. This glorious event
             was held in Johannesburg on
                                               was not surprising that the DOD had
                                               come first. "For a long time the DOD has
                                                                                           five new PAIA
             28 September 2006.
         The DOD received the highest score
                                               found creative ways within available
                                               resources to put in place systems to          requests per
     of all 28 national government depart-     implement the PAIA effectively."
     ments at the inaugural annual Golden
     Key Awards. The Department of Land
                                                   Mukelani Dimba, ODAC Train- ing
                                               and Advocacy Co-ordinator, comment-
     Affairs was the runner-up. The awards     ed that it was the mandate of ODAC to
     were for best practice in areas relating  promote an open and transparent           South Africa to realise their human
     to the Promotion of Access to             democracy, to foster a culture of corpo-  rights. ODAC seeks to achieve this mis-
     Information Act (PAIA).                   rate and government accountability and    sion by supporting the effective imple-
         Lt Col Pieter de Waal of the DOD      transparency and to help people in        mentation and protection of rights and
     received the SAHRC/
     ODAC Award on behalf of
     the Secretary for Defence
     and the DOD. He thanked
     the SAHRC and ODAC
     jointly for nominating the
     DOD as the recipient of
     this award as top achiever
     and expressed his sincere
     thanks and gratitude. He
     added that the DOD was
     honoured and would con-
     tinue to serve and advance
     the interests of the people
     of South Africa.
24       The     Golden      Key
     Awards are an initiative of
     the Open Democracy Ad-
     vice Centre (ODAC) and
     the South African Hu-
     man Rights Commission
     (SAHRC) to recognise na-
     tional government depart-
     ments, deputy informa-
     tion officers, private insti-   Lt Col Pieter de Waal (left) receives the SAHRC/ODAC Award on behalf of the Secretary
     tutions, journalists and        for Defence and the DOD from Mr Sello Hatang, the Manager of PAIA of the South African
     members of the public           Human Rights Commission.

     SA SOLDIER                  NOVEMBER 2006
                                                                                          requests for information. Shortly after
                                                                                          the implementation of the PAIA the
                                                                                          DOD also compiled a manual to enable
                                                                                          any member of the public to view the
                                                                                          description of the records in the posses-
                                                                                          sion of the DOD. It also contains proce-
                                                                                          dures on how to obtain this informa-
                                                                                          tion or records whether automatically
                                                                                          available or not.
                                                                                              The DOD Information Centre
                                                                                          receives an average of five new PAIA
                                                                                          requests per month. The requests
                                                                                          emanate from within South Africa and
                                                                                          abroad. The topics on which informa-
                                                                                          tion is requested range from military
                                                                                          operations and co-operation with other
                                                                                          countries to personal information. Each
                                                                                          of the requests requires an inordinate
                                                                                          amount of work. In many cases the
                                                                                          requests are inadequately defined,
                                                                                          which makes it difficult to trace the
                                                                                          information requested, or the records
                                                                                          are not readily available. All of the
                                                                                          requests involve extensive research.
laws that enable access to and disclo-      the exercise or protection of any rights      Often a single request involves a thou-
sure of information.                        and that national legislation must be         sand or more classified files which have
                                            enacted to give effect to this right.         to be scrutinised and prepared for
The different awards                            The Promotion of Access to                release. The Information Office fre-
   In addition to the Golden Key            Information Act, (Act No 2 of 2000) giv-      quently liaises and co-ordinates with
Award for national government               ing expression to this right came into        the owners of the information, third
departments, three other awards were        effect in March 2001 and the DOD sub-         parties, Defence Intelligence and the
made. Candidates for these awards           sequently promulgated two policies on         DOD Legal Services. Each request is
were called for publicly and were           the implementation of the Act in the          considered on its own merits and
awarded as follows:                         department.                                   access to the requested information
   The Deputy Information Officer of            In terms of the Act and the DOD           may only be granted or denied in terms
   the Year Award was awarded to            policies the Secretary for Defence has        of the relevant sections of PAIA.
   Senior Superintendent Emelda             been appointed as the Information                 The Department annually submits a
   Crooks of the SA Police Services. (A     Officer (IO) and the Minister of Defence      report to the Human Rights
   Deputy Information Officer is the        as the Relevant Authority (RA) for the        Commission and the Department of
   individual in each national depart-      DOD. The Chiefs of the Services and           Justice on its implementation of the
   ment tasked with responding to           Divisions have been appointed as              Act, and provides details on matters
   requests for information in terms of     Deputy Information Officers (DIOs).           such as the number of requests
   PAIA.)                                   These DIOs will render reasonable             received, the number of requests grant-
   The award for the citizen/organisa-      access to the DOD records to members          ed in full, the number of requests
   tion which has been a frequent user      of the public, upon request.                  refused (partially or in whole), the
   or promoter of PAIA was awarded              An Information Act Advisory               number of internal appeals lodged, and
   to the South African History             Committee (IAAC) has been established         the number of applications to court
   Archives.                                to advise the IO on recommendations           lodged on the grounds that an internal      25
   The award for the Best Media             from the DIOs regarding requests for          appeal was regarded as having been
   Usage/Engagement with PAIA was           information and to assist the IO and the      dismissed.
   awarded to Evelyn Groenink.              RA regarding appeals. Information Act             The Constitution of the Republic of
                                            Advisory Subcommittees (IAASCs)               South Africa, 1996 (Act No 108 of 1996)
Access to DOD information                   have also been established to advise the      stipulates that everyone has the right of
regarding the PAIA                          DIOs regarding requests for informa-          access to any information held by the
    The Constitution of South Africa        tion. The DOD Information Centre has          State and any information that is held
stipulates that everyone has the right of   been established as the nodal point to        by another person that is required for
access to any information held by the       deal with requests for information and        the exercise or protection of any rights
State and any information that is held      related matters. It also assists requesters   and that national legislation must be
by another person that is required for      with respect to prescripts regarding          enacted to give effect to this right.

                                                                    NOVEMBER 2006                            SA SOLDIER
      heritage day

      Let the nation sing
      and dance
      Article and photos by F Sgt David

               he Capetonians braved the
               chilly   morning      of   24
               September 2006. It seemed
               nothing would keep them
               from     celebrating     2006
               Heritage Day, not even bad
               weather. Regardless of the
      inconvenience         caused        by
      unfavourable weather conditions
      there was a colourful start to the day
      when the National Flag was hoisted.
      Different groups sang gospel music
      and interfaith prayers entertained the
      crowds. The theme of 2006 Heritage
      Day was "Celebrating Our Music, Our
      Heritage" - what an appropriate
      theme indeed.
          The different musical sounds
      could have moved the "dead" to dance     Fltr: The Premier of the Western Cape, Mr Ebrahim Rasool, the Executive
      to the rhythm. The SA Army Band led      Mayor of Cape Town, Ms Helen Zille, our Commander in Chief, President
      the guard of honour beautifully. If      Thabo Mbeki, and the Minister of Arts and Culture, Dr Pallo Jordan, admiring
      music is the food of the soul, then      the different groups passing at the Heritage Day celebrations in Cape Town.

                                                                                       everyone present on that day ate more
                                                                                       than enough. Not only the music
                                                                                       brought joy to the people, but also the
                                                                                       huge numbers of people that gather-
                                                                                       ed was part of the excitement too. As
                                                                                       if the music was not enough the
                                                                                       SA Navy stole the limelight when
                                                                                       the sailors paraded in Darling Street
                                                                                       to usher in President Thabo Mbeki.
26                                                                                     His arrival had everyone shouting
                                                                                       with jubilation. The President was in
                                                                                       the company of Col Itel Zürich and
                                                                                       Capt (SAN) Judy Rusting-Patrick, the
                                                                                           The Minister of Arts and Culture,
                                                                                       Dr Pallo Jordan, the Premier of the
                                                                                       Western Cape, Mr Ebrahim Rasool,
                                                                                       and the Executive Mayor of Cape
                                                                                       Town, Ms Helen Zille, accompanied
                                                                                       the President during the military
      The SA Army Band entertaining the people on Heritage Day.                        parade. Silence reigned during the

     SA SOLDIER                    NOVEMBER 2006
                                                                                                                   South Africa,
                                                                                                                   which is con-
                                                                                                                   fronted by a
                                                                                                                   different set of
                                                                                                                   ranging from
                                                                                                                   matters       of
                                                                                                                   criminal abuse
                                                                                                                   of women and
                                                                                                                   children,     to
                                                                                                                   the    poverty
                                                                                                                   and destitu-
                                                                                                                   tion that con-
                                                                                                                   tinue to afflict
                                                                                                                   many of our
                                                                                                                   people,      we
                                                                                                                   must ask our-
                                                                                                                   selves what
                                                                                                                   the role of our
                                                                                                                   music and our
                                                                                                                   artists should
                                                                                                                   be,    without
The Guard of Honour presenting arms for President Thabo Mbeki during                                               making any
the Heritage Day celebrations.                                                                                     prescriptions
21 round gun salute. Most were per-           produced at different times and places      about matters of artistic expression,
plexed by the sounds of shots as they         reflected the morals, values and spirit     creativity and the productions of our
tried to figure out where the sound           of communities and societies of their       performing artists. We need to engage
was coming from.                              time.                                       our musicians to ask them what their
    Because it was the last day of the             "The spirit of ubuntu, which en-       individual or collective role should be
Africa Aerospace and Defence (AAD)            shrined the values of group solidarity,     in making music one of the critical fac-
2006, the Air Force could not miss this       compassion, respect, human dignity          tors in dealing with our current socio-
opportunity to showcase some of their         and collective unity characterised the      economic challenges.
best aerial manoeuvres. The Agusta-           lifestyles of our forebears. The stories,       At the same time, clearly our
Westland A109 Light Utility Heli-             legends, fairytales, the music and          Government must do everything pos-
copter, the BK 117 and the Oryx heli-         dance of this historical epoch reflect      sible to give the necessary support to
copters together with the Silver              these values and norms. And then            our musicians and other cultural
Falcons mesmerised the crowds dur-            came the time when we heard the             workers.
ing the fly-past.                             songs of resistance and protest in              "Clearly, what musicians sing is
    In the true spirit of the "rainbow        which the oppressed masses of our           easily imprinted in our minds and
nation" not only did the military             people called for the restoration of        imagination, especially of young peo-
parade take place on Heritage Day,            their liberties and freedoms. Such cries    ple, at times more than what parents
but also different groups dressed in          and rhythms are evident in the musi-        and teachers teach or what religious
their favourite regalia to represent          cal performances of the artists of the      leaders preach. I think that if the same
their constituencies participated on          time as they persistently envisioned a      sermons and moral lessons were to be
that day.                                     new day of a democratic South Africa        given by our artists and musicians,
    In his speech the President shared        that is non-racial, non-sexist, non-trib-   these would indeed become etched in
the sentiments of most of us for the          al and free from all forms of discrimi-     the minds of young people. I therefore
music. "Music talks to our experiences,       nation. As many of us know, the music       would like to make a call to all musi-
our troubles and hopes as individuals,        of the time helped to sustain the           cians to do what the musicians of pre-
families and communities. It talks to         momentum and impetus of the strug-          vious years did, who in the composi-
our trials and tribulations as a people       gle for liberation and freedom.             tion of their songs never forgot to refer
and expresses visions and ideals that              "Today we honour and remember          to the challenges of the day."
human generations have cherished              all those artists through whose music,          In conclusion he told people of the
over the millennia," he told the mass-        dance and theatre we got inspiration        importance of 24 September 2006 on
es. "As life is like a kaleidoscope that is   to join hands to promote the vision of      our national calendar and wished all
dynamic and ever changing, music fol-         liberty and democracy for all. In a         across our magnificent land a very
lows suit. Yesteryear's music that was        post-colonial and post-apartheid,           happy Heritage Day.

                                                                     NOVEMBER 2006                          SA SOLDIER

      Proudly preserve and
      treasure heritage
     By Amn Arnaus Rakoma                     background of its origins. Col             culture and our historical inheritance.
     Photo: Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole              Sithabiso Mahlobo, the Officer Com-            Maj Mpaka Leolo, S Sgt Kenosi

                                              manding of CAT, opened the occasion        Seiso and S Sgt Ntshengedzeni
               eptember is the month dur-     with an important message. He said         Netsianda said that they enjoyed the
               ing which we are proudly       that South Africa had a great heritage,    day greatly, while Ms Jennifer
               South Africans, irrespective   and mostly a glorious one. "We should      Moodley said: "I enjoyed the day and
               of race, origin, norms, val-   celebrate ourselves, emulating our         it was good to have cultural groups
               ues, culture and religion,     great past that has been our great her-    gathered together learning about each
               and we celebrate our her-      itage." After deliberations with vari-     other's cultures. The day was a suc-
               itage and embrace our          ous cultural groups Col Mahlobo com-       cess. Everything was excellent and
     diverse cultures.                        mented that it was clear how proud         people were in the most extravagant
         The Centre for Advanced Training     our people were of themselves and          traditional attire".
     (CAT), a training unit of the Service    there were no better or lesser values in       Col Mahlobo kept the crowd on
     Corps situated to the west of Pretoria,  any culture.                               the edge of their seats with his Nguni
     hosted its Heritage Day celebrations         WO1 Lionel Moodley, RSM of             traditional dancing demonstration.
     on 20 September 2006. The event was      CAT, was the organiser of the festivi-     During the celebrations, the rhythm
     well planned and depicted various        ties, aided by Col Mahlobo. He stated      of the drums and traditional dan-
     cultures. There were lots of activities  that Heritage Day was one of the sig-      ces allowed guests to experience the
     and entertainment, such as dancing       nificant days in our calendar that         spectacular variety of the different
     demonstrations. Each cultural group      recognised aspects of South African        cultures.
     had to prepare
     its own tradi-
     tional dish and
     display its tradi-
     tional items and
     dress code.
         SA     Soldier
     visited the place
     where nine dif-
     ferent cultural
     groupings were
     taking part in
     this festivity of
28   diverse cultures,
     namely Tswana,
     Pedi, KhoiSan,
     Southern Sotho,
     Afrikaner, Col-
     oured, Zulu, In-
     dian, Venda and
     Tsonga.      Each
     group had to
     present its cul-
     ture and give a       From left: Ms Jeniffer Moodley, L Bdr Mashadi Ngwenya, Bdr Juliet Ranoko, Col Sithabiso
     brief historical      Mahlobo (OC of CAT), Pte Puleng Malefane and Pte Puseletso Malefane celebrating Heritage Day.

     SA SOLDIER                 NOVEMBER 2006
The phasing out of
the commandos
                                                                                          Where do
                                                                                          we stand?
By Maj Merle Meyer,                           April 2005 to March 2006. Group         The member can demobilise and
SO1 Com SA Infantry Formation                 33 - Nelspruit, Soutpansberg            will no longer be a member of the

                                              Military Area - Musina, Group 30 -      SANDF.
         resident     Thabo      Mbeki        Potchefstroom, Group 16 -               The member can join the SAPS as a
         announced on 14 February             Marievale, Group 22 - Kimberley         reservist.
         2003: "in order to ensure safe-      and 54 commando units.                  The member can join the Army
         ty for all in the rural areas,       April 2006 to March 2007. Group         Conventional Reserve (ACR) regi-
         including the farmers, gov-          1 - Cape Town, Group 9 -                ments, previously known as the
         ernment will start in the near       Pietermaritzburg, Group 15 -            "citizen force regiments" and will
         future to phase out the              Thaba Tshwane and Group 27 -            continue to serve in the SANDF on
SANDF commandos at the same time              Eshowe and 63 commando units.           a part-time basis, on condition that
as we create in their place a new sys-        April 2007 to March 2008. Group         the member complies with the age
tem whose composition and ethos               6 - Port Elizabeth,                     and medical criteria. Over a thou-
accord with the requirements of all           Group 18 - Doornkop, Group 20 -         sand commando members have
rural communities."                           Mafikeng, Group 23 - Upington           completed the conversion-training
    Since then the SANDF, specifically        and 38 commando units.                  course at various centres in the
the SA Army Infantry Formation, Joint         April 2008 to March 2009. Group         country to become fully-fledged
Operations and the SA Police Service          2 - Oudtshoorn, Group 10 - Durban       ACR members. The first group of
(SAPS) have jointly decided which             and 11 commando units, Group 12         these members deployed to the
commando units will be decommis-              - Ermelo, Group 14 - Polokwane          Democratic Republic of Congo
sioned, and when.                             and Group 24 - Kroonstad.               (DRC) with 4 SA Infantry Battal-
    This decision depends on where                                                    ion in October 2006.
the SAPS can take over the function of     Composition                             The commando members who choose
the commando and on the crime level            Before the phasing out process      to demobilise are encouraged to
in the area. The process of phasing out    started there were 20 Group Head-       remain involved in the safety and
the commandos and replacing them           quarters and 183 commando units.        security of their communities, and one
with the SAPS is called the SANDF          The racial and gender composition       way of doing this is to join the local
Exit and SAPS Entry Strategy. It is        was as follows:                         community policing forums.
aimed at preventing a security vacu-
um. The SAPS Entry Strategy is called        RACE                      MALE          FEMALE             TOTAL
Sector Policing and the phasing in of        African                   12 697        2 437              15 134
this system depends on the SAPS.                                                                                               29
                                             White                     26 477        5 659              32 136
Closing dates                                Coloured                   3 951          675                4 626
    The last commandos will be               Asian                        304            24                 328
decommissioned in 2009 and the num-
                                             TOTAL                     43 429        8 795              52 224
ber of commandos and group head-
quarters decommissioned per year
will be as follows:                        Options for commando
    April 2004 to March 2005.              members
    Group 46 - Mhatata, Group 36 -            At this stage, the commando mem-        * Sources: State of the Nation Address
    Bloemfontein and seventeen             ber has three options to choose from    - Mr Thabo Mbeki, Houses of Parliament,
    commando units.                        regarding his future:                   Cape Town, 14 February 2003.

                                                               NOVEMBER 2006                         SA SOLDIER
      military veterans

      Looking into the affairs
      of military veterans
      By Nomonde Vuthela
      Photo: F Sgt David                                                                                 Job
                 o all those demor-
                 alised military vet-
                 erans out there                                                                     recruitment
                                                                                                       drive in
                 who feel that the
                 Department is not
                 looking into their
      care! We know what is hap-
      pening to you and that is
      why we are trying to do                                                                   because we have in existence a broad-
      something, but we need you                                                                er database detailing the individual's
      to be patient," said Brig Gen                                                             employment history, medical and
      Nompi Mahlangu, Director                                                                  housing status," Brig Gen Mahlangu
      Military Veterans Affairs, to                                                             stated.
      all military veterans living in                                                               The reskilling of military veterans
      and around South Africa.                                                                  started when the DOD established the
          Speaking to SA Soldier at                                                             Service Corps, which was almost
      Defence Headquarters in                                                                   eleven years ago, but over the years
      Pretoria, Brig Gen Mahlangu         Brig Gen Nompi Mahlangu,                              problems relating to the type of earlier
      said: "It is difficult to say       Director Military Veterans Affairs.                   training offered by the Service Corps
      after eleven years, be patient                                                            began to emerge. "Men and women
      we are doing something, but things          above the age of eighteen who has             returned to the Department wanting
      are shaping up. As a Department we          served in a former force or was               to know why they were not trained
      will also make sure that the members        involved in military activities and was       adequately during their period with
      that are still in the system will be        not dishonourably discharged, would           the Service Corps," revealed Brig Gen
      reskilled properly so that when they        qualify to be a veteran."                     Mahlangu.
      leave they do not add to the numbers            "My responsibility in this office is          "So, there is this project that is run
      of the already unemployed and               to ensure that the policies are in place,     under the Safety and Security Sector
      become military veterans that are also      that the programmes in terms of the           Education and Training Authority
      destitute".                                 Veterans Act are in place and to deliv-       (SASSETA) National Skills Fund,
          "We are looking into the issues of      er accordingly," Brig Gen Mahlangu            where we are now trying to redress
30    military veterans and for those veter-      stressed.                                     the situation and retrain all those who
      ans that are already on the outside we          According to Brig Gen Mahlangu            were undertrained," continued Brig
      are putting programmes together;            there is a list of military veterans in the   Gen Mahlangu. "Implementation of
      they must be patient and not lose           DOD Central Personnel Register                the project started in 2003 and was
      hope," Brig Gen Mahlangu said.              (CPR), that is all those members that         finally approved in 2005 and the
          She explained to SA Soldier that a      came from a military background, but          Department of Labour contributed
      "military veteran" was an individual        were not integrate into the new               R56 million towards this, but it is not
      who according to the Military               SANDF. Also included in the veterans'         enough because the DOD, as a leader
      Veterans Act of 1999 had served in          category are people that have since left      in Veterans' Affairs, must also come
      any of the former forces and was not        from the DOD employment system.               up with initiatives."
      dishonourably discharged. As Brig           "In that grouping we are also looking             "The project will run for only two
      Gen Mahlangu put it: "Anybody               at those that are not on the CPR,             years, and we ask what will happen

     SA SOLDIER                      NOVEMBER 2006
                                                                                       projects under Working Solutions
                                                                                           Mr Murray added: "This is a pro-
                                                                                       ject funded by the Department of
                                                                                       Labour through the National Skills
                                                                                       Fund and it is a project to provide
                                                                                       reskilling for military veterans so that
                                                                                       they can earn a living. The aim of the
                                                                                       project is to source employment
                                                                                       opportunities and to provide jobs
                                                                                       accordingly. Today what we have
                                                                                       done is to have invited military veter-
                                                                                       ans' structures, ie unemployed mili-
                                                                                       tary veterans from the Soweto area,
                                                                                       and we have given them a briefing on
                                                                                       what the project is and told them what
                                                                                       our employment opportunities would
                                                                                       be and have spoken to them on the
Some of the military veterans who showed up for the SASSETA reskilling                 kind of training we could offer them."
and job opportunity recruitment drive in Soweto.                                           "Those that have above Grade 12
                                                                                       can be channelled straight into skills
after that? What are we going to be        Standing Committee to oversee the           training. Those whose qualifications
doing with the rest of the veterans,       processes and ensure that there is no       are below that will be going through
because we have currently a database       corruption taking place."                   an assessment process to determine
of 30 000 military veterans, and all            "What is important is that we are      their Adult Basic Education training
these people at some stage will want       trying to solve the unemployment            (ABET) Level. Then we will provide
to be reskilled," she noted as she com-    issue first, and then to train the people   them with the necessary training,
mented on how there was still a huge       for specific jobs. Most of the compa-       which will be followed up with skills
need for a much bigger effort.             nies have already given us letters of       training," he added. "We are able to
    The SASSETA is one of the devel-       intent to say, yes, we have vacan-          offer a range of employment opportu-
opmental initiated sector training         cies for this number of people in these     nities in Gauteng, namely painting,
authorities responsible for the skilling   specific jobs."                             plumbing and bricklaying in the con-
of veterans. Basically its brief is to          "The Surgeon General is involved       struction sector. There are also quite
facilitate training in the corporate       with the project to look at their medi-     a lot of offerings in the call centre
world and for the unemployed. But          cal support. We are involved with the       arena: debt collectors, who do tele-
SASSETA is not able to administer this     Department of Labour on the issue of        phonic follow-ups on people, in the
particular project (that of reskilling)    housing for military veterans," she         tourism sector and in the product
because it is not a "SASSETA specific      added as she elaborated on what was         merchandising, ie persons responsible
function" and has outsourced the pro-      still to happen. "We are looking at it to   for getting products onto the shelves
ject to a firm known as Working            identify excess land and excess hous-       of supermarkets."
Solutions International.                   ing to be used specifically for that pro-       "We will probably need to recruit
    Brig Gen Mahlangu further              ject with the Department of Housing.        in Soweto again. An interesting obser-
explained that visits are conducted        Even though it is not enough because        vation is that quite a few people in this
throughout the country with the aim        there are still not enough resources,       area suggested that they did not need
of identifying military veterans who       the fact that the Directorate Military      ABET training, which means we will
need to be reskilled and also those vet-   Veterans Affairs has also expanded is       proceed with skills training a lot faster
erans that have adequate skills, but       yet another positive."                      here," Mr Murray said. "There are also
remain unemployed. She said: "In                SA Soldier visited a site in Soweto    individuals with their own business         31
addition to the data collected, we then    where the recruitment of military vet-      initiatives who have spoken to me.
involve the Military Veterans              erans for reskilling, employment and        This project will help pick up some of
Association for Umkhonto we Sizwe          job opportunities was taking place.         those next year and help people start-
(MK), APLA, the former TBVC states         There we met Mr Chris Murray, a             ing their own businesses."
and former SADF members, to be pre-        Project Manager from the SASSETA                "We are as good as the structure's
sent at the venues where the recruit-      Military Veterans Project, who said         communication channels are. We can-
ment is taking place."                     that he was part of a team that was         not communicate with everybody.
    "This is to ensure that the process-   managing the project and that each          Therefore we need the various civic
es are transparent and that the co-ordi-   member of the team had different            organisations to heighten the commu-
nator of the whole process is also a       responsibilities, but that all have had     nication between themselves and their
veteran that has been appointed by the     lengthy experience in managing SETA         people," Mr Murray concluded.

                                                                  NOVEMBER 2006                          SA SOLDIER
      HIV and Aids prevention and care

      Comparing the safety
      and efficacy of
      By Dr Dhesi Achary,                      and building capacity on surveillance,     KZN in Mtubatuba, and the proposed
      SSO Medical Services                     motivational        behaviour       and    site at AMHU LP, which is to open on

                                               approaches to antiretroviral (ARV)         1 December 2006 at Ba-Phalaborwa.
              he fourth annual Phidisa         management.                                Patients that do not qualify for ARVs
              Conference was held in Port          Project Phidisa is a five-year part-   in the research programme, receive
              Elizabeth in July 2006. The      nership between the SA DOD, the            their treatment at an ARV roll-out site
              conference was well attend-      United States Department of Defence        within a SAMHS facility. Valuable
              ed by over 150 delegates         and the United States National             lessons have thus been learnt from
              from more than 19 different      Institute of Health (NIH). Project         Phidisa in terms of the provision of
              countries.                       Phidisa is not a treatment initiative,     ARVs at these sites, particularly relat-
          The aim of the conference was to     but a clinical research project to com-    ing to deployments.
      provide an opportunity for Phidisa       bat HIV and AIDS in members of the             The Surgeon General, Lt Gen
      personnel and international delegates    SANDF and their dependents. There          Vejaynand      Ramlakan,       officially
      to meet, discuss, network and share      are two clinical research studies,         opened the "Africa Day" at the confer-
      experiences of the progress achieved     known as Phidisa I and Phidisa II,         ence on 27 July 2006. In his opening
      so far at Phidisa, and thus assist in    which make up Project Phidisa.             address he highlighted the partner-
      the future planning of the research          Phidisa I is an ongoing epidemio-      ship resulting from the bilateral agree-
      programme.                               logical study of HIV and risk-related      ment on 26 April 2006 between the US
          The theme of the conference was      co-infections, focuses on HIV-infected     and SA governments that has a pro-
      "The Optimal Conduct of a Clinical       individuals who have CD4 T cell            jected programme schedule until 26
      Research Programme within a              counts below 200 cells per microlitre      April 2010. He emphasised the value
      Military Context in South Africa". To    (ul) and who do not qualify for or         of shared leadership and collective
      this end delegates from various armed    decline enrollment in Phidisa II. (CD4     wisdom, which in the past saw South
      forces highlighted best practices and    T cells are the primary immune             Africa being unshackled from the
      future strategies in presentations on    system cell targeted by HIV.)              chains of apartheid and colonialism.
      the challenges of HIV and AIDS pre-          Phidisa II is an ongoing ran-              Lt Gen Ramlakan reiterated the
      vention and care in the military set-    domised control trial that compares        fact that Phidisa, as a research project,
      ting during plenary sessions. The ses-   the safety and efficacy of different       was very important not only to the
      sions were divided into various theme    combinations of antiretroviral (ARV)       SAMHS, but also to the wider
32    groups (based on specialist expertise    treatment as provided to ("HIV posi-       Southern African community and, as
      and clinical practice) to address the    tive, treatment naïve, research qualify-   such, the commitment and pledge
      progress made so far, and identified     ing") SANDF members and their              made by the various stakeholders held
      the challenges faced at the various      dependants at six research sites in a      testimony to this fact. The Surgeon
      sites and new goals to be met the fol-   military setting.                          General highlighted the release of pre-
      lowing year.                                 There are three urban research         liminary data and results as being a
          The     United     States    DOD     sites, namely 1 Military Hospital in       very significant milestone in the histo-
      HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme            Pretoria, 2 Military Hospital in Cape      ry of the project. He congratulated the
      (US DHAPP) conducted concurrent          Town and 3 Military Hospital in            project on all the gains achieved,
      sessions for African delegates from      Bloemfontein; and three rural sites, viz   despite the numerous challenges it
      the various armed forces in a work-      Area Military Health Unit (AMHU)           faced.
      shop mode that shared knowledge          Eastern Cape in Umthatha, AMHU                 He then conceptualised the Phidisa

     SA SOLDIER                    NOVEMBER 2006
                                                                                                          was one of the
                                                                                                          building blocks in
                                                                                                          the establishment
                                                                                                          of the envisaged
                                                                                                          SAMHS Research
                                                                                                          Institute and it
                                                                                                          must therefore be
                                                                                                          fully aligned and
                                                                                                          integrated into the
                                                                                                          normal      SAMHS
                                                                                                          structures and sys-
                                                                                                          tems. This will en-
                                                                                                          sure both sustain-
                                                                                                          ability and conti-
                                                                                                          nuity and assist in
                                                                                                          preparing for a
                                                                                                          "Life after Phidisa"
                                                                                                          as the taking of
                                                                                                          ARVs as a lifelong
                                                                                                              Dr Cliff Lane,
                                                                                                          Director of Clini-
                                                                                                          cal Research at
                                                                                                          NIAID, NIH, and a
                                                                                                          US Phidisa Exe-
                                                                                                          cutive Committee
                                                                                                          member,       stated
                                                                                                          that research was
                                                                                                          as robust as the
                                                                                                          supporting health
                                                                                                          care service that
                                                                                                          served it. He stres-
                                                                                                          sed that research
                                                                                                          was an integral
                                                                                                          part of the overall
                                                                                                          health care deliv-
                                                                                                          ery system that
                                                                                                          afforded the pa-
                                                                                                          tient the option of
                                                                                                          voluntarily taking
                                                                                                          part in research as
                                                                                                          a standard of care
                                                                                                          after informed con-
                                                                                                          sent has been
                                                                                                          obtained. Careful
                                                                                                          consideration must
                                                                                                          be given to all
                                                                                                          moral and ethical
                                                                                                          concerns, as well
Lt Gen Vejaynand Ramlakan, the Surgeon General, addresses those in
attendance at the Phidisa conference.                                                                     as established stan-
                                                                                                          dards in conduct-
project in terms of the "Age of Hope"      yardstick measure of any such              ing such research. Recruiting and
and thus the theme of hope as              research was the impact it had on the      retaining patients for the full duration
espoused by our Commander in               lives of ordinary South Africans and       required, is critical to the success of
Chief, President Thabo Mbeki, in his       the hope it provided for them.             the research and he expressed the
State of the Nation Address earlier this       The Surgeon General stated that        hope that Project Phidisa and the ARV
year. However, he pertinently remind-      Phidisa, as an integral part of the new-   roll-out project would complement
ed delegates not to forget that the        ly established HIV/AIDS Directorate,       each other.

                                                                 NOVEMBER 2006                          SA SOLDIER
      survey - key findings in 2006

      What do our members
      know about HIV and
                                                                                              The focus
     By Lt Col Adrian D. van Breda,
     Military Psychological Institute
                                                                                             of the KAP

                n 1 September 2006 the                                                         Study is
                report on the fifth HIV KAP
                study in the DOD was
                released to the Surgeon
                                                                                           the prevention
                General. The KAP study
                measures changes in the
                                                                                               of HIV
                Knowledge, Attitudes and
     Practices of DOD officials in respect of
     HIV and AIDS. The focus of the KAP
     study is the prevention of HIV infec-
     tions. The first study was conducted in
     2001, making this the longest running
     replicated health survey in the DOD.
                                                various constructs that are relevant to       A total of 3 652 questionnaires
     Methodology                                the programme. It is not possible to      were sent out, of which 2 721 were
         A cross-sectional research design      attribute such changes, with certainty,   returned adequately (ie at least two
     was followed to determine the know-        to the specific programme.                thirds) completed, giving a 74.5%
     ledge, attitudes and practices of the          The role of a specific program-       national return rate and a 3.7% sample
     population at specific times. This         me, such as Masibambisane, in caus-       of the DOD. This sample meets the cri-
     allows for comparisons to be made          ing such change can, however, be sug-     teria of representivity and the results
     of the population over time. This          gested by the sequencing of indica-       of the KAP study can, with confidence,
     methodology, often termed Behav-           tors. If there is evidence of program-    be generalised in respect of the DOD
     ioural Surveillance Survey methodo-        me roll-out, of increased knowledge       population.
     logy (BSS) (Family Health Interna-         and attitudinal change and of reduc-          This excellent return rate is a trib-
     tional, 2000), is "based on classic HIV    ed risk behaviour, then there is rea-     ute to the HIV Nodal Points in
34   and sexually transmitted disease (STD)     son to believe that a reduction in        SAMHS units. They have taken own-
     serologic surveillance methods" (Uto-      seroprevalence may, at least in part,     ership of the KAP study and have
     mo & Dharmaputra, 2001, p 6). This is      be attributable to that specific          worked tirelessly and assertively to
     the methodology used by our Depart-        programme.                                collect the required data. Four units,
     ment of Health, for example in the                                                   Area Military Health Unit (AMHU)
     antenatal clinic HIV and syphilis          Sample                                    Eastern Cape, AMHU North-West,
     prevalence surveys (NDOH, 2005).              In the 2006 KAP Study, a five per-     AMHU Northern Cape and 2 Military
         Surveillance survey research does      cent sample of the DOD was drawn,         Hospital, returned 100% of their ques-
     not evaluate a specific intervention or    using quota sampling. Service, re-        tionnaires, while AMHU KwaZulu-
     programme (Family Health Inter-            gion, gender and rank were used to        Natal, 3 Military Hospital and the
     national, 2000, 2001). Rather it is able   construct a proportional sample           Institute of Maritime Medicine (IMM)
     merely to track changes over time in       frame.                                    returned 90% or more.

     SA SOLDIER                    NOVEMBER 2006
Key findings                                    to DOD members should thus be              on how to address this issue. Units
     Although in 2006 statistically sig-        urgently improved. Brief, large-           that have developed programmes
nificant improvements (at p < .01,              scale information sessions (mass           to address stigma and discrimina-
using the Mantel-Haenszel chi-square            awareness programmes) should be            tion are encouraged to report these
test) were seen in 18 of the 30 indica-         avoided. HIV prevention training           to the Director HIV.
tors (60%), this is less than in 2004,          should be run with small groups of      7. Young Privates. Young privates
where 21 of 31 indicators showed                approximately 10-20 participants           (under the age of 25) remain an
improvements (68%).                             over at least ten hours, with peri-        extremely vulnerable group - 40%
     Furthermore, in the 2006 study             odic refresher training thereafter.        of these young people engage in
three indicators significantly deterio-    3.   Risk Behaviour.         Sexual risk        sexual risk behaviour, compared
rated, whereas in 2004 no indicators            behaviour remains high (32%),              with 32% of the entire sample. A
had deteriorated.                               with clear indications that it is          concerted effort to reduce risk
     Overall, this suggests that the HIV        associated with higher risk for STIs       behaviour among young Privates,
prevention programme, while still               and HIV. HIV prevention pro-               as early in their career as possible,
showing improvements over time, is              grammes need to target risk                is an essential part of reducing the
in need of revitalisation and refocus-          behaviour more aggressively, with          HIV prevalence of the DOD as a
ing. This finding is consistent with the        stronger emphasis on the reduc-            whole.
impressions obtained through site vis-          tion of the number of sex partners.
its, discussions with HIV Nodal Points          Faithfulness remains a crucial com-     References
and reviews of reported HIV projects.           ponent of HIV prevention.               Family Health International. (2000).
     These data in combination point       4.   Condom Use. Knowledge of con-               Behavioral surveillance surveys
towards a great need for a review               dom use remains very poor, with             (BSS): Guidelines for repeated
of the HIV prevention programme of              no sign of improvement in five              behavioral surveys in populations at
the DOD.                                        years. For instance, a third (35%) of       risk of HIV. Arlington, VA: FHI.
                                                respondents in 2006 still believe           Available:
Recommendations                                 that an oil-based lubricant (eg baby        aids/wwdo/wwd12a.html#anchor
   Based on the findings of the KAP             oil) can be used on condoms. This           545312 [2004, May 25]
study, the following seven recommen-            poor knowledge is compounded            Family Health International. (2001).
dations were supported by the                   by low levels of condom use                 Evaluating programs for HIV/AIDS
Surgeon General:                                among those engaging in risk                prevention and care in developing
1. Programme         Implementation.            behaviour (31%). Furthermore,               countries: A handbook for program
   The comprehensive roll-out of the            almost half (47%) of the respon-            managers and decision makers.
   HIV programme remains low -                  dents in 2006 reported negative             Arlington, VA: FHI. Available:
   only 49% report exposure to work-            attitudes towards condom use. In  
   place programmes in the previous             the light of these findings, training       impact/impactpdfs/evaluation-
   12 months and 57% report expo-               in the correct use of condoms, com-         handbook.pdf [2004, May 25]
   sure to HIV training in the previ-           bined with training in condom           NDOH. (2005). National HIV and
   ous 24 months. HIV workplace                 negotiation within a sexual rela-           syphilis prevalence survey: South
   programmes must be established               tionship, is essential.                     Africa: 2005.      Pretoria, RSA:
   in every DOD unit. These pro-           5.   OHS Training. Knowledge of self-            National Department of Health.
   grammes should be managed by                 protection when assisting an                Available:
   the unit's Military Community                injured person who is bleeding              za/docs/hiv-syphilis-f.html [2006,
   Development Committee (MCDC),                remains low (50%), with no sign of          August 11]
   which should be chaired by the               improvement over the five years         Utomo, B., & Dharmaputra, N.G.
   unit Commanding Officer, with                since 2001. Such knowledge should           (2001). Findings of the Behavioral
   SAMHS personnel in an advisory               be addressed through training and           Surveillance Survey (BSS 1996-         35
   role.                                        mass awareness.                             2000) on female commercial sex
2. HIV Prevention Training. The            6.   Stigma and Discrimination.                  workers and adult male respondents
   increase in exposure to HIV train-           There appear to be concerning lev-          (FCO # 87530 BSS V). Indonesia:
   ing found in the KAP study contra-           els of stigmatising attitudes               Center for Health Research,
   dicts the reduction in reported HIV          towards people living with HIV              University of Indonesia.
   training found in the HIV Projects           and AIDS (ranging from 37% to               Available:
   Database. This suggests that KAP             55%). A subprogramme on the pre-            HIVAIDS/pub/Archive/bss/index.
   participants have a broader defini-          vention of stigma and discrimina-           htm [2006, September 27]
   tion of "HIV training" than we do.           tion in the workplace should be         Van Breda, A. D. (2006). HIV KAP
   The quantity, type and quality of            established and qualitative data            Study: Key findings for the
   HIV prevention training provided             obtained to provide further clarity         SAMHS. Milmed, 22(1), 15.

                                                                   NOVEMBER 2006                          SA SOLDIER
     batho pele

      Going the extra mile
      By Nomonde Vuthela
      Photos: Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole

               he "Batho Pele" Compulsory
               Frontline     Staff    Training
               Programme awarded certifi-
               cates of participation to DOD
               members who took part in the
               Batho Pele service delivery
               workshops designed to capaci-
      tate employees to deliver efficient
      and effective service to all DOD clients.
      The certificate ceremony held on
      22 September 2006 at Defence Head-
      quarters in Pretoria was a way of
      encouraging recipients to go out there
      and spread the "People First" principle,
      especially when they return to their
      respective work environments.
          "We have to do what we do with a
      smile," R Adm (JG) Alan Green, Chief
      of Staff Training Command, told the
      recipients during the certificate cere-
      mony. "We who are sitting here all
      believe in empowerment and we are
                                                  Maj Gen Makabongwe Ntshinga, GOC Training Command, presents
      here today because of what has been
                                                  S Sgt Terence van den Heever of Defence Corporate Communication with a
      achieved," he said, adding: "We have to
                                                  Batho Pele participation certificate at a certificate ceremony held at Defence
      be on the move and we cannot afford to      Headquarters.
      be complacent." He continued by nar-
      rating an "Old African Tale of the          Department can meet and deliver on its    Mr Phillemon Mogale, who said: "Batho
      Gazelle and Lion", namely that with         requirements only if its members can      Pele is about putting in extra effort, and
      every sunrise the gazelle knows he has      serve with commitment." He added:         if members think a job is just a job, then
      to outrun the lion, while the lion fully    "We are sick and tired of people who      they are in the wrong place". He also
      understands that when the sun rises he      do not want to tow the line; if we pull   emphasised that the Batho Pele work-
      must run faster than the slowest            together we will make it."                shops were necessary because they
      gazelle if he wants to eat.                     Maj Gen Ntshinga emphasised:          instilled within every member a notion
          Presenting the certificates, Maj Gen    "You must shine that torch so that oth-   that: "as the DOD we belong, we care,
36    Makabongwe Ntshinga, the GOC                ers who see it will see the light and     we serve to make a better life for all".
      Training Command, said senior mem-          learn the proper way of doing things."        Mr Mogale explained how the
      bers of the Management Service under-       He also called on more DOD members        White Paper on the Transformation of
      stood and knew the importance of the        to engage themselves in the forthcom-     the Public Service was introduced in
      Batho Pele principles and that their per-   ing "Batho Pele" programmes (work-        1995 as part of Government's com-
      formance appraisals would be mea-           shops) that will be running in the near   mitment to a service delivery driven
      sured according to how well they had        future.                                   public. Subsequently "Batho Pele" was
      promoted the Batho Pele service deliv-          SA Soldier had the opportunity of     introduced as the first step towards
      ery concept to subordinates.                attending one such programme at           improving service delivery. He also
          "DOD members can and should be          ASB Bloemfontein on 31 July 2006,         pointed out that "Batho Pele" was
      willing to provide service with a           where we met and spoke to the             premised on eight principles, namely
      smile," Maj Gen Ntshinga said. "Our         Batho Pele Programme Coordinator,         consultation, service standards, access,

     SA SOLDIER                      NOVEMBER 2006
courtesy, information, openness/
transparency, redress and value for
    The Batho Pele programme has
since been rolled out to all DOD mem-
bers and employees and, to facilitate
the training processes, a total of 181
DOD officials have been trained
through DPSA by mid 2006.
    In order to promote Batho Pele each
member must ask the question: "What
can I do to enhance delivery to all
South African citizens?". Mr Mogale
stressed: "The programmes reorientate
all public servants to continue to
improve service delivery and also chal-
lenge the employees to change their
attitudes."                                 Mr Phillemon Mogale, Batho Pele Programme Coordinator,
    He again highlighted the impor-         during a workshop held at ASB Bloemfontein.
tance of the workshops, stating that
they served as a platform for entrench-     SA Public Service. "The mission is to     rubber stamps. Thieves intent on self-
ing Batho Pele in the way the public ser-   create a people centred and people        enrichment, bureaucrats who think
vice should operate and with this also      driven public service that is charac-     they have a right to ignore the vision
came the understanding of corruption        terised by equity, timeousness and a      of Batho Pele, who come to work as late
and unethical behaviour in the work-        strong code of ethics," said Mr Mogale.   as possible, work as little as possible
place.                                          "We must be impatient with those      and knock off as early as possible,"
    The Batho Pele programmes help          in the Public Service who see them-       President Thabo Mbeki said in his
drive the vision and the mission of the     selves as pen-pushers and guardians of    State of the Nation Address in 2004.


Drumming together for service delivery are some of the DOD Batho Pele Coordinators, from left: WO1 Maggie
Mokhehle, Maj Gen Makabongwe Ntshinga, Ms Victoria Mamabolo, Mr Philemon Motsepe, Ms Buyiswa Nkunjana,
Mr Phillemon Mogale, Col Slinger Swart, Lt Col Solome Mawela-Gaye and Col Jerry Germano.

                                                                 NOVEMBER 2006                          SA SOLDIER

      The Offering of Political
      Science at the Military
     Here follows the abridged version          al and (sub)regional environment in       the present and foreseeable future, as
     of Prof Theo Neethling's inaugural         which the SANDF - as a foreign policy     well as about South Africa's member-
     address, as Professor to the               instrument - functions and operates.      ship of and interaction with alliances
     University of Stellenbosch and the             The courses in Political Science at   and multinational organisations, such
     Military Academy (Political                the Military Academy are intended to      as the United Nations (UN) and the
     Science), delivered on 18 July 2006        provide to students a firm under-         African Union (AU).
     (Prof Neethling was promoted from          standing of the democratic values on          Like their counterparts in mili-
     Associate Professor to Professor           which the South African constitutional    taries all over the world, the future
     in July 2005. It is a worldwide tradi-     dispensation was founded and in           duties of young South African officers
     tion that when an academic is pro-         defence of which the SANDF should         could take them to foreign soil -
     moted to the rank of professor that        serve. The intention is to make young     whether attached to UN or other con-
     person must deliver an inaugural           officers understand and comprehend        tinental, multinational missions. A
     address within one year of being           the domestic, regional and interna-       sense of duty is not enough to prepare
     promoted.) - Ed:                           tional environment in which security      them for such challenges. The study of

                                                policy and related decisions are made     Political Science can without any
                ur future military leaders      and implemented. The aim is to edu-       doubt be instrumental in enabling
                need to be accomplished         cate young officers to the point where    young officers to develop the general
                and informed functionaries      they can deal with issues and ques-       knowledge and information they will
                in the decision-making          tions regarding the challenges or         need, but also supply them with a
                environment where South         threats to South African interests in     great deal of skill relevant to function
                 Africa's de-
                 fence and se-
      curity outlook and poli-
      cies are at stake. They
      need to be able to facili-
      tate the shaping of
      South Africa's defence
      and security outlook, as
      well as to consider and
      pursue South Africa's
      national interest.
          The responsibility of
38    the Department of
      Political Science is to
      play a meaningful role
      in preparing officers
      who will command and
      lead the SANDF in the
      21st century. It is firmly
      believed that an educa-
      tional background in
      Political Science will
      assist students to meet     From left: Prof Chris Brink, US Rector, Prof Theo Neethling, Dean of the Faculty of
      the challenges that are     Military Science, Dr Edna van Harte, Interim Dean of the Military Academy, and
                                  R Adm (JG) Derek Christian, Commandant of the Military Academy.
      shaping the internation-
     SA SOLDIER                   NOVEMBER 2006
in their professional military careers.                About the professor                           to various governmental, defence
Whether it be the politics or political chal-              Theo Neethling obtained his               and academic institutions in
lenges of Southern Africa, the Great Lakes             MA degree in 1989 and his D Litt et           Africa, Asia and Europe. He also
area, North Africa, the continent as a whole,          Phil in 1992, both in the field of            lectured as Visiting Professor in the
or further afield, or even of our own com-             International Politics. After serving         Department of Political and
munities, the knowledge and understanding              two years as an Air Force Officer, he         Administrative Studies at the
they could acquire through Political Science           joined the Chief Directorate:                 University of Malawi in 2003.
will certainly be relevant, useful and valu-           Constitutional Planning of the for-               As far as other academic com-
able in equipping them to meet their re-               mer Department of Constitutional              mitments are concerned, he is a
sponsibilities in a globalised international           Development in Pretoria in 1991,              member of the SA Association of
community.                                             and was involved in South Africa's            Political Studies, as well as the
    However one may regard the nature of               epoch-making constitution-making              Africa Institute of SA, and served
the contemporary environment in which                  process in a support capacity. In             as Research Associate of the Africa
officers need to operate, one point seems              1997 he joined the Centre for                 Institute of SA in 2001/2002. He
certain: the demands placed on leaders of              Military Studies of Stellenbosch              furthermore acts as Editor-in-Chief
South Africa's military have grown in scope            University as a senior researcher. In         of Scientia Militaria: South African
and complexity. These demands extend well              2002 he was appointed as Associate            Journal of Military Studies, and
beyond the traditional roles and tasks of              Professor of Political Science at the         served on the Editorial Board of
military forces. In this regard, an under-             School for Security and Africa                the Washington-based Online
graduate foundation in Political Science can           Studies and promoted to Professor             Journal of Peace and Conflict Reso-
most certainly play an important and signif-           of Political Science in 2005.                 lution between 1999 and 2003.
icant role in providing a relevant and appro-              He is the author and co-author            Other recent and ongoing activi-
priate professional education for future               of close to 70 scientific and popular         ties involve commitments as exter-
SANDF leaders.                                         scientific articles, and has contri-          nal examiner for postgraduate
                                                       buted to eight scholarly works.               students at a number of South
    * Please contact Prof Theo Neethling at his        Furthermore, he has presented 25              African universities, as well as act-
email address: if you are          research papers at national and               ing as reviewer for various subject
interested in receiving his complete inaugural         international level, and has taken            journals, chapters and scientific
address.                                               part in 13 official and research visits       reports.

    ntio embers
               !                                                                             Free
AtteD m                                   of ch
 DO                                             arge
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                                                                        NOVEMBER 2006                               SA SOLDIER
     Thuto ya babagolo e a gola Ba-Phalaborwa
      Ka Estelle Venter,                          baithuti. Dipego tša mathomo e be e le       ba bewa maemong afe. Ditebogo di
      Ass Dir Training Wing                       tša go kgahliša kudu le baithuti ba be ba    lebišwa go batho bohle bao ba tšere
      (Mofetoledi ka Onica Boshoga)               na le mafolofolo le maikemitšo kudu.         go karolo go mošomo wo mogolo wo.
                                                  Baithuti bao bontšhi bja bona e lego         Go tšea karolo ga lena go maphelo
      Ka la 17 Julae 2006 e be e le letšatši la   mašole, ba bona se e le sebaka sa go ith-    a baithuti go tla ba thuša go ba le
      boitumelo go baithuti ba 58 kua 5           labolla, maemo a bona mošomong,              bophelo bjo bokaone kudu.
      Special Force Ba-Phalaborwa, ka ge          maemo a bona a selegae, ka go ka kgona
      letšatši le e be e le la go hlongwa ga      go nyaka mošomo wa maemo a godimo                * The English version of this article is
      lefelo la Thuto ya babagolo (Adult          le go šomela DOD le naga ka bophara          available on page 42. To obtain a transla-
      Education Centre: AEC). Tshepedišo          gabotse. Maj Riaan Nel wa 5 Special          tion of this article or any article publish-
      ya go telefala e šišintšwe ke Lt Col        Force ke mokgohlaganyi kua Ba-               ed in SA SOLDIER in any one of our offi-
      Linette Kapp wa Special Force a             Phalaborwa, le ka fase ga taolo ya           cial languages, please make use of the
      thušwa ke Col Maryna de Bruin.              gagwe dilo kamoka di sepela go ya ka         professional services rendered by Dir-
          Baithuti ba ba ile ba lekwa ba bewa     mokgwa wo di beakantšwego ka gona.           ectorate Language Services of the DOD.
      go ya ka maemo a bona a maleba. Go          Diteko tša mathomo tša baithuti di tla       For assistance contact Col Daan Vorster,
      ile gwa kgethwa barutiši ba bararo ba       ba mafelelong a Nofemere 2006, ke moo        Director Language Services, at tel no:
      projekte ya tsebotlhaka go thuša            go tlago tšewa sephetho sa gore baithuti     (012) 392 3176 - Ed.

      "Sebenzisa Amandla Akho (Igunya Lakho)
      Ngu Nomonde Vuthela                         hobo zokufunda zinqongophele. Isebe         kweyo Msintsi, banxibe ilebhile yosuku
      (Iguqulelwe esiXhoseni ngu Ntombi           lezoKhuselo linethemba lokuncedisa          lokungxungxa ukubonakalisa imbumba
      Ndlumbini-Madzidzela)                       izikolo ezibini ngalo msebenzi, ukuxhasa    yamanyama nenkxaso kubantu abanobul-
                                                  ezona mfuno zazo. Eli galelo liyakunceda    welwe. Nanjengesiko, iSebe lezoKhuselo
      Imibutho emibini eyaziwa ngokuba yi         ezi zikolo zibini ekuhlaleni ziqhubeka      lithatha inxanxheba ekuxhaseni ukuqond-
      DOD Disability Forum kunye ne               nokukhulisa abantwana ngalo lonke ixe-      wa kwempembelelo yolu nyuso ngxowa
      Curamus Association ithathe isigqibo        sha. Umbutho weSebe lezoKhuselo(DOD         mali ihlangene nokukhunjulwa kosuku
      ngokuthi ikhumbule usuku lokungx-           Disability Forum) uzakuphinda kwa-          lokungxungxa (Casual Day). ISebe
      ungxa lwalo nyaka kunye nabantwana          khona uxhobise abantu abenethamsanqa        lezoKhuselo belisaziwa libhunga jikelele
      abavela kwizikolo ezibini ezahlukileyo      abangabafundi kwizikolo ezizodwa            (National Council) (abaququzeleli) nge-
      ,sigqibo eso "sokuvumela okanye sok-        iMmekwa Maseding neMfikhalo ezakhi-         galelo lalo mandulo kubantu abano-
      wenza abantwana abazizidalwa ngeng-         we eWinterveld. Ngokuthabatha inxaxhe-      bulwelwe.
      qondo     bazive    befana      nabanye.    ba kusuku lokungxungxa kulo nyaka,              Udweliso lwenkqubo lwaqala ngo-
      Izikhumbuzo zosuku lokungxungxa             umbutho unethemba lokwenza ngcono           nikezelo lwezinto eziphuma kubameli
      ezazibanjwe ngomhla wokuqala kwe-           umrhuno we-R164 390 owenziwe yim-           nangokuvulwa kwamagumbi okufundela
      yoMsintsi 2006 kwisikolo esisodwa           pembelelo yokhuliso ngxowamali kunya-       awaye epeyintwe ngokutsha. UMnu
      iMmekwa Masending Emakapanstad,             ka ophelileyo.                              Terence Bridget, umdlali weqonga kum-
      zazigcwele bubumnandi nokuziyolisa.             "Abantu abanobulwelwe bafuna            abona kude, owaziwa ngcono ngegama
          Umphathi wezamathuba olungelel-         ukuphathwa        njengabantu     bonke,    elingu Jerome kumdlalo "i 7de Laan"
      wano kwiSebe lezoKhuselo (Chief             mhlawumbi xa inokwenzeka loo nto            nanje ngoChico kwi "Isidingo" nabanye
      Director Equal Opportunities), uNjengele    siyakufunda ukukuncoma ngenene ukun-        abameli abathatha inxanxheba, babonisa
      Ntsiki Motumi, wacacisa ngokuthe gca        gafani kwethu," watsho uNjengele            inkqubo eyolisa umxhelo kubantwana
      ukuba ukukhumbula usuku lokungx-            Motumi. Wahambisa wathi iSebe               (ebantwaneni). Umkhosi wezoMoya
40    ungxa lungokuncoma ubuchule abanabo         lezoKhuselo libonakalise ukuzibophelela     waseMzantsi Afrika, nawo wangenelela
      abantu     abanobulwelwe.        Ethetha    ebudlelwaneni kunye nabantu abanobul-       ekuboniseni abantwana ngesicima mlilo
      kwindimbane eyayihlanganisene kwisi-        welwe kunye nombutho womZantsi              ku Mkhosi wezoMoya.
      kolo esisodwa eMmekwa-Maseding              Afrika ngokubanzi ,ngokuxhasa usuku
      kwindawo ezisemaphandleni kum-              lokungxungxa        nangokuthi      isebe        * The English version of this article is
      mandla womntla Ntshona, uNjengele           lezoKhuselo lihloniphe, livume amalun-      available on page 41. To obtain a translation of
      Ntsiki Motumi wababongoza abantu            gelo, iimfuno, amandla negalelo labantu     this article or any article published in SA SOL-
      ukuba basebenzise igunya labo ekuxho-       abanobulwelwe.                              DIER in any one of our official languages,
      biseni. Ezi zikolo zizonke zithabatha           Usuku lokungxungxa ngumsebenzi          please make use of the professional services ren-
      abantwana abangamashumi asixhenxe           wonyuso ngxowa mali lwabantu abanob-        dered by Directorate Language Services of the
      anethoba(79),kodwa izinto zokuqala          ulwelwe. Unyaka nonyaka, abantu             DOD. For assistance contact Col Daan
      ezizimfuno ezinje ngamanzi, ezococeko,      basemZantsi Afrika bakhuthazwa ukuba        Vorster, Director Language Services, at tel no:
      umbane, izithuthi, ukutya kunye nezix-      banxibe hlukileyo ngomhla wokuqala          (012) 392 3176 - Ed.

     SA SOLDIER                      NOVEMBER 2006
"Use your power
to empower"
By Nomonde Vuthela
Photo: Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole

           he decision taken by the DOD
           Disability Forum in conjunc-
           tion with the Curamus
           Association to celebrate this
           year's Casual Day with chil-
           dren from two different
           schools for the mentally
impaired was about: "letting children
with disability feel like other chil-
dren". Held on 1 September 2006 at
Mmekwa-Maseding Special School in
Makapanstad Casual Day celebrations
were jam-packed with fun.
     The DOD Chief Director Equal
Opportunities, Maj Gen Ntsiki
Motumi, stated that celebrating Casual
Day was about appreciating the abili-
ties of people with disabilities.
Addressing the large crowd gathered
at the Mmekwa-Maseding Special
School in the rural North West region,
Maj Gen Motumi urged people to "Use
their power to empower".
     Together these schools accommo-       DOD Chief Director Equal Opportunities, Maj Gen Ntsiki Motumi, and
date 79 children, but lack basic neces-    television actor, Terence Bridgett, plant a tree during Casual Day
sities such as water, sanitation, elec-    celebrations at Mmekwa-Maseding Special School in Makapanstad.
tricity, transport, food and educational   to be treated like ordinary people and     the DOD participates and supports the
equipment. Through this project the        perhaps if that happens we will come       awareness raising campaign linked
DOD hopes to assists the two schools,      to learn to truly appreciate diversity,"   with    celebrating     Casual    Day.
which are in dire need of support. The     said Maj Gen Motumi. She added that        Recognition for contributing has in the
contribution will provide the schools      the DOD in supporting Casual Day           past been given to the DOD by the
with the necessary staying power           demonstrated a commitment to a             National Council for Persons Living
needed to continue developing the          community with disabilities and the        with Disabilities (organisers).
children on an ongoing basis.
                                           South African society at large, and that       The programme began with the
     The DOD Disability Forum will         the DOD respects and acknowledges          handing over of sponsored items and
once again empower these fortunate         the rights, needs, potential and the       the unveiling of newly painted class-
beneficiaries who are learners from the    contributions of people living with        rooms. Mr Terence Bridgett, the televi-
Mmekwa-Maseding and the Mfikhalo           disabilities.                              sion soap actor, better known as
Special       Schools     (situated   in       Casual Day is a fund-raising pro-      Jerome from "7de Laan" and as Chico
Winterveld). By participating and sup-     ject for persons with disabilities. Each   from "Isidingo", and various partici-
porting this year's Casual Day the         year South Africans are encouraged to      pating sponsors presented a fun-filled
Forum hopes to better the financial        dress differently on 1 September and       programme for the children. The SA
contribution of R164 390 made at last      wear a Casual Day sticker in a show of     Air Force joined in entertaining the
year's fund-raising campaign.              solidarity and support for people liv-     kids by putting on a display by the Air
     "People with disabilities only want   ing with disabilities. As is customary,    Force Fire Brigade.

                                                                 NOVEMBER 2006                          SA SOLDIER

      Adult education
      in Ba-Phalaborwa
      By Estelle Venter, Ass Dir              Maryna de Bruin. The learners were         the DOD and the country as a whole.
      Enablement Training Wing                assessed and placed on their appropri-         Maj Riaan Nel of 5 Special Forces is

                                              ate levels. Three educators form           the co-ordinator at Ba-Phalaborwa,
                 July 2006 was an exciting    Project Literacy were appointed to         and under his supervision everything
                 day for 58 learners at       assist the learners. The first feedback    is going according to plan. The learn-
                 5 Special Forces in Ba-      was very positive and the learners         ers' first assessment will be at the end
                 Phalaborwa, as this was      were very enthusiastic and dedicated.      of November 2006, when it will be
                 the day the Adult Educa-         The learners, who are mostly sol-      decided on which levels the learners
                 tion Centre (AEC) was        diers, see this as an opportunity to       will be placed. Thanks are due to
                 established.                 better themselves, their working con-      everybody involved in this huge task.
         The lengthy process was initiated    ditions and their domestic conditions      Your involvement in the lives of learn-
      by Lt Col Linette Kapp from Special     by their being able to apply for higher    ers will help them to have a more
      Forces, who was assisted by Col         posts and to deliver a better service to   meaningful life.


     Some of the learners at the launch of the Adult Education Centre at 5 Special Forces in Ba-Phalaborwa.

     SA SOLDIER                    NOVEMBER 2006
"I am a soldier like
any other soldier"
By Nomonde Vuthela                                                                                     said. "People were
Photo: Sgt Lebogang Tlhaole                                                                            shocked to see a

                                                                                                       woman in a helmet
      knew that one day I would be a                                                                   and body armour
      commander because immediately                                                                    going forward."
      one chooses Infantry, one needs to                                                                   Col Mpaxa's other
      understand that Infantry goes                                                                    exploits while at 6 SAI
      through the command line,"                                                                       Battalion     included
      asserted Col Nontobeko Mpaxa,                                                                    deploying along the
      Officer Commanding Army                                                                          borders of Lesotho on
Support Base Port Elizabeth, speaking                                                                  the other side of
to SA Soldier.                                                                                         Maseru,        working
    "Women are thought to prefer the                                                                   "hand and glove" with
Human Resources and financial sec-                                                                     the local police force
tions and the military industry is                                                                     to combat crime. "I
known to be a male's only domain. So                                                                   remember in the year
when I joined up I wanted to see myself                                                                2000 we confiscated
in the frontline and the only place I                                                                  dagga worth over two
could be in the frontline was in the                                                                   million Rands. I was
Infantry," she added. "I wanted to be in                                                               given an opportunity
                                             Col Nontobeko Mpaxa, Officer Commanding
front like a real soldier and not to be                                                                to go to Parliament on
                                             Army Support Base Port Elizabeth.
dealing with papers, finances and                                                                      5 October of that very
things like that. I was in Infantry before   recalled. "I was SO1 Operations, then    year to attend a luncheon in my hon-
the integration of the SANDF; and I did      SO2 Operations and at last I became a    our due to the successes that I had,"
a number of courses in Infantry."            commander.                               she said. "My soldiers did very well,
    After integrating into the SANDF at          She emphasised: "I am a soldier      both internally and externally."
Wallmannsthal in 1994, Col Mpaxa was         like any other soldier, despite the gen-     "I have an open-door policy and
placed at Group 18 in Doornkop,              der question. I know the policies. I     not with a closed heart, but with an
Johannesburg, in 1996. In 1998 she was       know the rights and the wrongs. I        open heart. The troops will read you
promoted to Company Commander                understand the Code of Conduct. I        easily and they can tell if you genuine-
after completing the Junior Command          stick to what I say. When I give a com-  ly care," she continued.
Staff Duties Course.                         mand I know what actions to take             In 2005 Col Mpaxa became the first
    "I was then qualified to be a            should a person not obey my com-         woman to command an Army Support
Lieutenant Colonel, but because I knew       mands or orders." Recalling some of      Base. In relation to her current post as
that one day I would be given a battal-      the difficulties in the past Col Mpaxa   the Officer Commanding Army
ion, I then requested to be taken to a       said: "Do not speak and then decide to   Support Base Port Elizabeth, Col
unit. I had no clue what commanding a        withdraw, as happened to some            Mpaxa said: "I am now a commander
battalion would be like. Therefore I         young women in the Infantry core;        with human resource responsibilities.
insisted on being sent to a unit and so I    they could not stand commanding          My focus is more on people. I always       43
was taken to 6 SA Infantry Battalion,"       those platoons because it was quite      make sure that in my balance sheet I
she added.                                   challenging."                            put human resources first because
    Col Mpaxa was the first woman                "My first deployment was at 6 SA     they are the ones who look after the
in the SANDF to become a commander           Infantry Battalion in Cape Town dur-     other resources," she added.
in operations. "To start with, mixed         ing the taxi and bus violence in 2000        "Women have been marginalised,
feelings were there. It had never hap-       and, as a company commander with         but sometimes they marginalise them-
pened before in the history of opera-        three platoons, I had to position two    selves too. It is high time they start
tions; a woman was commanding a              of the platoons to perform certain       believing in themselves. They should
fighting battalion for the first time!       tasks and curb the violence. I had to    develop and equip themselves aca-
There were never women commanders            be in front with my helmet and           demically. Do any type of training that
in operations when I started," she           body armour and there was fire," she     is offered," advised Col Mpaxa.

                                                                  NOVEMBER 2006                          SA SOLDIER

      Mendi Memorial
      Scholarship Fund
      By Ben Button,                                  sponsored a motion at a meeting of the         African Legion co-operated in persuad-
      SA Legion of Military Veterans                  Interdenominational African Ministers          ing the Department to reconstitute the
                                                      Association which resulted in a resolu-        Fund and a committee was formed
      * Next year on 21 February 2007 it will be      tion to observe the Mendi Day of 21            from the former bodies which were still
      the 90th anniversary of the sinking of the      February. On this day all members              in existence, six in all, with the addition
      SS Mendi                                        assembled in solemn and reverent               of the South African Legion. It took

                                                      remembrance of the deeds of valour and         time to take care of necessary formali-
                  n 21 February 1917 at 05:00,        sacrifice of the men of their race who         ties. Interest had accumulated while the
                  the ship SS Mendi, sailing in       went to serve their king and country,          fund was dormant, and by September
                  the English Channel, was            hoping and believing that in the distri-       1974 the capital amounted to R14 533.
                  struck and cut almost in half       bution of the spoils of war their compa-           It was decided to use this money to
                  by the Darro, causing the           triots and relatives would share in the        provide bursaries to approved appli-
                  former to sink. A total of 607      blessing of peace and the opportunities        cants studying for matriculation.
                  Black South African soldiers        guaranteed by the successful arms of the
                  and nine of their White fel-        Allies.                                        What is the Mendi Memorial
      low countrymen drowned in the dis-                  In 1931 the Association invited            Scholarship Fund?
      aster. African oral tradition gave              the whole of 'Bantudom' to observe                 There are many funds that provide
      rise to the famous legend as to how             Mendi Day as a national day of                 bursaries mostly for post-matric stu-
      these men met their fate with African           commemoration.                                 dents at technikons and universities.
      dignity.                                            Thus Mendi Day, observed on 21             Unlike us, very few concentrate on
          It is recorded that Rev Wauchope            February, became for the black people          learners at the formative level.
      Dyobha calmed the panic and quiet-              of South Africa the equivalent of                  With our limited funds awards are
      ened the men in their hour of death,            Delville Wood Day for white South              made to pupils in Grades 11 and 12
      capturing their attention by raising his        Africans or Anzac Day for Australians          based on merit. These are spread
      arms aloft in the true tradition of his         and New Zealanders. Memorial services          throughout the country, especially in
      race, as he cried out in a loud voice:          were held in many centres, sometimes           the rural areas where the need is very
          "Be quiet and calm, my countrymen.          addressed by prominent white guests.           great. The current award is R500 per
      What is happening now is what you came              In 1931 the International African          annum per learner.
      to do …. you are going to die, but that is      Ministers Association invited other                To date the Mendi Memorial
      what you came to do. Brothers, we are           black organisations to join in a national      Scholarship Fund has already awarded
      drilling the death drill. I, a Xhosa, say you   committee to establish a Mendi                 more than 5 600 bursaries worth over
      are my brothers… Swazis, Pondos,                Memorial Scholarship Fund. Later a             R1 million to Black learners in Grade 11
      Basotho… so let us die like brothers. We        constitution was adopted, whose prima-         and 12 (matric). The present require-
      are the sons of Africa … Raise your war         ry objective was 'To assist African child-     ments are an aggregate of 60% or more,
      cries, brothers, for though they made us        ren to obtain higher education within          a certified copy of the Grade 10 report
      leave our assegais in the kraal, our voices     the Union of South Africa and abroad by        and a letter of recommendation from
      are left with our bodies."                      means of scholarships and bursaries'.          the school principal or a leader in the
          A short silence followed and then           There were twelve founding bodies on           community.
      these soldiers who were from the                the Committee affording a broad spec-              The Fund does not assist anyone
44    mines, the kraals and the open veld             trum of black interests, eg religion,          with his or her studies after matricula-
      shed their army boots and started to            teaching, politics, the women's councils       tion and does not grant bursaries to
      dance the "dance of death" with all the         and ex-service organisations. Local            learners in lower grades.
      vigour they could muster.                       committees were started and fund-rais-             Enquiries and application forms are
          Being a man of God, Rev Dyobha              ing commenced. The Department of               available from the Mendi Memorial
      in all probability would have induced           Native Affairs had a representative on         Scholarship Fund, PO Box 1936,
      them to sing what is today part of our          the committee who acted as treasurer.          Houghton, 2041 or telephonically: (011)
      anthem 'Nkosi Sikelel' i Afrika' (God               It proved difficult to control the local   486 4533 or fax (011) 486 2855.
      bless Africa), the first verse of which         committees who tended to spend their               Entrants will be eligible to win a
      was written in 1897 by Enoch                    money on local projects. The Fund              copy of the book "Black Valour" by
      Sontonga.                                       appears to have ceased to function by          Norman Clothier outlining the saga of
          In about 1928 the Rev Robert N.             1950. In 1973 the Soweto and                   the sinking of the troopship SS Mendi
      Mashaba of the Methodist Church                 Johannesburg branches of the South             in which over 600 soldiers drowned.

     SA SOLDIER                         NOVEMBER 2006
Teaching our youth
to fish

Article and photo by Lt P.G. van
den Berg, Int Com Officer Naval
Base Simon's Town

        he Izivunguvungu MSC
        Foundation for Youth is not
        just enriching the lives of the
        youth through sailing and
        music development, but also
        teaches its members how to
        feed their families through
     Weather conditions do not always
allow for sailing to take place and
hence those youngsters that are inter-
ested are taught the basics of fishing.
The Defence Ski Boat and Angling
Club in Simon's Town donated a boat
to the Izivunguvungu programme.
This boat was christened the
"Ukuvuna" meaning "harvest" in Zulu.
The fishing company Sea Harvest also
donated R10 000 to the project, which
was used to purchase fishing tackle,
fuel and a GPS system.
     Although all the Izivunguvungu
youngsters are exposed to fishing, not
all of them take to it. The weather in
the False Bay area can cause the sea to
become quite choppy, especially when
a small boat like the Ukuvuna is lying
at anchor.
     Those kids that do enjoy the fish-                                                                                     45
ing cannot get enough of it. If the catch
is really good, the fishermen can take
half of what they have caught for
themselves, while the other half goes
towards maintaining the boat. Some
of the fish caught include snoek,
stumpnose, red roman, chokka and            Andile, one of the youngsters, was proud of this red roman that he caught.
     Through this programme the             their families. Not only will the        the yachting and music industry, but
youngsters involved are taught extra        youngsters in the Izivunguvungu pro-     now the fishing industry beckons as
life skills with which they can support     gramme be able to find employment in     well.

                                                                NOVEMBER 2006                        SA SOLDIER

      Siyandiza kicking at
      AFB Bloemspruit
      By F Sgt Ethel Lemmetjies,                           The twenty-two senior Falcons      render to that dream and let it lead you
      Siyandiza Coordinator AFB                       learned a lot about management, lead-   on to the best place."
      Bloemspruit                                     ership and effective communication          The Bloemspruit Falcons realised on
      Photo: Warrant Officer Alex                     skills, while the 38 Young Falcons went the last camp that everyone had the
      Henning                                         through the basics of the introductory  power for greatness, rather than fame,

                                                      programme. The competition was          because greatness is determined by
                  nce again AFB Bloemspruit           tough between the three flights, namely service. What they know now is that if
                  shows that when they do             the Agusta, Oryx and Rooivalk to deter- you want success, you cannot make
                  things, they either do them         mine which one was the toughest. At     success your only goal. The key is not to
                  excellently or not at all. On                                               worry about being successful, but to
                                                      the end of the day it was the Falcon spir-
                  23 June 2006 sixty learners         it that won.                            work instead towards being significant
                  from the Eastern Cape,                   To the South African youth out     and success will automatically follow.
                  Northern Cape and the               there I want to say: "We all need a     When you shift your focus from success
      Free State arrived at AFB Bloemspruit           vision for our lives and even as we     to service, your life instantly has more
      to let their dreams take flight. Bloem-         work to achieve the vision, we must     meaning.
      spruit hosted the annual Falcons Camp           surrender it to the power that is greater   The Falcons learned that you could
      from 23 June to 1 July 2006. This year          than us. The fact of the matter is that decide to have a life of significance by
      they combined the Advanced and                  God can dream a much bigger dream       giving of yourself to others. In the sur-
      Introductory Camp with the theme of             for you than you could ever dream for   vival or group forming exercise the
      the week: "Greatness could be yours".           yourself. Success comes when you sur-   important lesson was learned that to
                                                                                                                   give more of your-
                                                                                                                   self and working
                                                                                                                   together with each
                                                                                                                   other created suc-
                                                                                                                   cess. What is also
                                                                                                                   important is that
                                                                                                                   you must have have
                                                                                                                   the courage to fol-
                                                                                                                   low your passion.
                                                                                                                       Ignoring your
                                                                                                                   passion is like dying
                                                                                                                   a slow death. Pas-
                                                                                                                   sion whispers to
                                                                                                                   you through your
                                                                                                                   feelings,     leading
                                                                                                                   you in the right
46                                                                                                                 direction. Do what
                                                                                                                   you love. Give it
                                                                                                                   back in the form of
                                                                                                                   service, and you
                                                                                                                   will do more than
                                                                                                                   succeed. You will be
                                                                                                                   used for a purpose
                                                                                                                   greater than your-
                                                                                                                   self. Follow your
                                                                                                                   dream or passion
      Senior Falcons, Siba Tyu and Jethro         Pretorius, give a thumbs up for Siyandiza and the                and then greatness
      Air Force Falcons.                                                                                           could be yours.

     SA SOLDIER                      NOVEMBER 2006

By Cpln (Dr) R.M. Ngwanya, SA                                                                         sudden view of things. It first
Army Support Formation Chaplain                                                                       weighs all the evidence, partic-

                                                                                                      ularly that which is brought in
         ove that is brought by South                                                                 favour of the accused.
         African soldiers into Africa as seen                                                             Love does not behave
         with reference to 1 Cor 13: 4-8                                                              unseemingly. Love is not rude
              "Love is patient, love is                                                               or willingly offensive to any. It
         kind. It does not envy, it does                                                              renders to all their dues: fear to
         not boast, it is not proud. It is                                                            whom fear, honour to whom
         not rude, it is not self-seeking,                                                            honour, courtesy, civility,
it is not easily angered, and it keeps no                                                             humanity to all in the world.
record of wrongs. Love does no                                                                        Love honours all people.
delight in evil but rejoice with the                                                                      Let us marvel because "love
truth…" (NIV)                                                                                         is not provoked". Soldiers out-
     It is of paramount importance that                                                               side our borders are at times
we concentrate on the soldier/chap-                                                                   provoked. When doing good
lain who is merciful: someone who is                                                                  work in the name of love, one
meek according to Matthew 5:4-8. The                                                                  should not be provoked. A sol-
aim of this short article is to analyse                                                               dier, like love, should triumph
love as seen by Paul in the book of                                                                   over all.
                                                Chaplain (Dr) R.M. Ngwanya.
Corinthians. The main goal is to reach                                                                    Love prevents provoca-
that which soldiers/chaplains ought                 Charity, the love for our neigh-          tions, which would otherwise arise,
to be when outside their comfort                bours, suffers long. It is patience           because it thinks no evil. Merciful peo-
zones.                                          towards all people. It suffers all weak-      ple cannot avoid knowing many
                                                ness, ignorance, errors, infirmities, all     things that are evil. They cannot but
What is Paul's understanding                    the forwardness and littleness of faith       see them with their eyes, and hear
of love?                                        of the children of God; all the malice        them with their ears. Love does not
    The word "Love" used by Paul                and wickedness of the children of the         put out their eyes, so that it is impossi-
implies compassion, tender-hearted-             world. It suffers all not only for a time,    ble for them not to see that things are
ness. This eminent part of brotherly/           but to the end. South African soldiers        being done. Neither does it take away
sisterly love is highlighted so that            are joining hands with other soldiers in      their understanding any more than
loving your neighbour as yourself can           the world feed and give water to our          their senses.
be maintained. The vast importance of           brothers and sisters in Africa, thus,
this love shows us that "though we              doing justice to all the people in the        Conclusion
speak with tongues of men and                   world. In every step toward this there            This completes the character of
angels, though we have the gift of              is a desirable end, namely to overcome        those who are true South African sol-
prophecy, understand all mysteries,             evil with good.                               diers and chaplains in deployment.
and have all the knowledge, though                  Love is kind. It is soft, mild, benign.   They endure not some, not many
we have all faith so as to remove               It stands away from moroseness, all           things only, not most, but absolutely
mountains, and give all our foods to            harshness or sourness of spirit. Love         all things. Whatever the injustice, the
feed the poor, and our very bodies to           inspires the sufferer at once with the        malice, the cruelty of people can
be burned" this would profit us noth-           most amiable sweetness and the most           inflict, they are able to suffer. A sol-
ing. The wisdom of God given to us by           fervent tender affection. This is the         dier/chaplain calls nothing intolera-
Paul is a full and particular account of        impact of soldiers in the rest of Africa.     ble. He or she never says of anything,
Love. Such love considers clearly                   Consequently, "love envies not". It       "This is not to be borne". Know that
those who are merciful and who will             is not hasty in judging. It does not pass     everyone appreciates the sacrifice you
in turn obtain eternal mercy.                   a severe judgment or have a slight or         are making. God bless you all.

                                                                        NOVEMBER 2006                            SA SOLDIER

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