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• Lehigh’s classification in higher
• General Academic Information
• Special Programs
• Student Life
• Admissions and Financial Aid
• Summary
       General Description

Medium sized comprehensive
research institution with
three undergraduate
      Lehigh’s Place in Higher
• Classified as Research 1
• No classification for mid-sized
• Ranked top 40 by US NEWS
• Selected by US NEWS as a
   top 20 athletic program
           Our Strengths

• Lehigh is the right size
• Faculty do research and teach the
• Students blend the liberal arts and pre-
  professional programs
• Hands-on real world experiences
• Lehigh combines the scholarship of a
  research institution with the teaching of
  a liberal arts college
        Faculty and Classes

• Student to faculty ratio 11:1
• Avg. class size 25-30 students
• 80% of classes have less than 30 students
• All classes are taught by
• 99% of faculty have PhD or
  terminal degree in their field

• Asa Packer - Main academic and residential
• Mountaintop - Houses College of Education,
  Biological Sciences and Chemical
  Engineering, ATLSS center, Energy Research
• Goodman - home to athletic fields, Stabler
  Arena, Indoor Tennis Facility, and Rauch
  Field House
• 1600 acres total (684 hectares)
• One contiguous land mass
   College of Arts and Sciences

• 50+ majors and 42% of all students
• A true liberal arts college
   within the university
• 1900 students and
   190 faculty
• Students earn a Liberal
   Arts degree and take
   Business and Engineering
                 College of Arts and
                  Sciences Majors
•Africana        •Cognitive Science         •Natural Science
                 •Computer Science          •Philosophy
                 •Economics                 •Physics
                 •English                   •Political Science
                 •Engineering Bioscience    •Pre-Med, Dental, Optometry
                 •Environmental Science     •Psychology
                 •French                    •Science Technology and
•Asian Studies
•Astronomy and
Astrophysics     •History
•Behavioral      •International Careers
Neuroscience                                •Religion
                 •International Relations
•Biology                                    •Russian Studies
•Biochemistry                               •Theatre
•Chemistry                                  •Urban Studies
                 •Molecular Biology
•Classics                                   •Women’s Studies
         College of Business
           and Economics

• 9 majors 24% of incoming class
• Triple accredited by AACSB
• 28% of graduating class
• New cross-college
• Many students will minor
  or major in a Liberal Arts
  college major
        College of Business and
          Economics Majors
•   Accounting
•   Business Economics
•   Business Information Systems
•   Computer Science and Business
•   Economics
•   Finance
•   Management
•   Marketing
•   Supply Chain Management
      P.C. Rossin College of
 Engineering and Applied Science

• 15 majors
• 34% of students
• Co-op program for students
  in the top 1/3 of the class
• Several new programs
• Students visit the Arts college
   and take minors often in
   Music and Theatre
         P.C. Rossin College of
    Engineering and Applied Science
• Applied Science          • Engineering Physics
• Bio-Engineering          • Environmental
• Chemical Engineering       Engineering
• Civil Engineering        • Industrial Engineering
• Computer Engineering     • Information and
• Computer Science           Systems Engineering
• Computer Science and     • Materials Science and
  Business                   Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
                           • Mechanical
• Engineering Mechanics      Engineering
        College of Education

• Mainly graduate program
• Can minor in education as undergrad
• BS-BA/Masters of
  Education five-year
  combined degree program
• Certified in 37 states
• College of ED rated 38th
• School psychology
   program rated in top 10
Special/New Academic Programs

• IBE (Integrated Business and
• Accelerated Medical, Dental,
• IPD (Integrated Product
• College Scholar Program
• Bio-Engineering
• Environmental Engineering
Special/New Academic Programs

• Information and Systems
  Engineering and the Leadership
• Martindale Scholars
• Tauck Scholars
• Clipper Project
• Pool Scholars
Study Abroad Opportunities

• Semester and year long programs
• More than 50 approved programs
  in 30 countries
• Students pay Lehigh tuition and are
  eligible for Lehigh financial aid
• Faculty lead 3 winter break programs
   and 8 summer programs in 11
   different countries
Career Planning and Placement
• Career counseling
   • 333+ companies interview on
   • The high level of hands on
     experience allows Lehigh students to
     talk to employers about they have
     done here rather than what they
     would like to do in their first job
   • 59% of class of 2001 got their job
     through on campus programs
• Internships and Externships
   Job Placement Statistics
• All data reported 6 months after
• Average placement from 1996-
  66.0% employed
  23.5% graduate school
   5.6% military and other
   4.8% still seeking
• Lehigh graduates are consistently
  above the national average for
  starting salary
• Freshman and Sophomores are
  guaranteed housing
• Housing lottery is for location as
  supply exceeds demand
• Dormitories and Apartment Style
• Special Interest Housing
• Fraternities and Sororities
• Off-campus housing
• 20% of students live
            Social Opportunities

• 95% of students stay on-campus on weekends
• Over 150 groups and organizations on campus

  •   24 varsity sports
  •   24 club sports
  •   Arts Programs
  •   Fraternities and Sororities
  •   Community Services
  •   Communications
  •   Religious, political clubs
            General Facts
•   One hour from Philadelphia
•   One 1/2 hours from NYC
•   International Airport 10 min away
•   Historic Bethlehem
•   Shopping Mall and theaters
•   Bethlehem Works
•   A true “Metro-burban” campus with the
    city on one side, a mountain with deer
    in the middle, and corn fields on the
    other side
   Application Process

• Transcript
• Standardized Tests
• Guidance counselor and one teacher
• Extracurricular activities
• Application/Essay
• Campus visit
    Admitted Students Profile
• Foundation of solid courses and grades
   honors, AP’s, IB, or other accelerated courses

• Standardized Tests
   SAT’s mid range 1210-1350 ACT’s range 28-31
   25% of students fall above and below range

• Rank in class
   Approximately 50% come from schools that
  provide a rank in class
   Most have rank or GPA in the top 15% of class

• Most students have some leadership roles
       Application Options

• We accept the common application
• Electronic applications through LU
  web site
• No preference which application you
  fill out
       Application Deadlines

• Early Decision
  • November 15
  • Binding
  • Decision mid December
• Regular Decision
  • January 1
  • Accelerated Medical Program Dec 1
  • Reply by end of March
  • Deposit by May 1
             Financial Aid

• Most aid is need-based
• 2 forms to fill out
  • FAFSA - Federal Application for Student Aid
  • College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS
  • Previous year’s income tax returns and W-2’s
• Average package $19,697 of which
  $15,500 is in grant money
• Lehigh students receiving financial aid -
   Presidential Scholarship

• Fifth year tuition-free
• Graduate with 3.75 GPA or better
• Can be used for second
  bachelor’s or toward
     Asa Packer Scholars

• $15,000/year
• Chosen from the applicant pool
  and representing approximately
  the top 5% of all applicants
• Students demonstrate outstanding
  performance inside and outside
• Must maintain a 3.2 GPA
        Dean’s Scholars

• $10,000/year
• Students who excel academically
   demonstrate leadership skills
• Take part in special trips, social
  events, educational opportunities
• Must maintain a 3.0 GPA
       Baker and Choral Arts
•   Baker for theater and instrumental
•   Choral for vocal
•   Offer to approximately 6 students
•   $2,500 per year for 4 years
•   Do not need to major or minor in
    music at Lehigh, just need to
Air Products Scholars Program

• Provides $5,000 scholarships for
  students of color in chemical,
  mechanical, and materials science
• Provides mentorships by Air
  Products and Chemicals, Inc.
• Provides summer job with the
  chance to make $5-6,000 in salary
        Rodale Program in
      On-line Communication

• Students write, research, design and
  produce web sites, email bulletins,
  CD-ROMs and other new media to
  prepare for careers in    on-line
• $2,500 scholarship
        Unisys Program

• Students and faculty work on
  Corporation research projects
• Interact with Unisys personnel and
  learn state-of-the-art business
• Unisys will offer summer job for
  three summers and will pay 1/3 of
  fall semester tuition after a
  summer of employment

• Comprehensive University
• Heart and soul of a liberal arts college
• Small enough to be personal and
  large enough to be powerful
• Committed to both need
  based and merit aid
• Depth and breadth of
  offerings both academic
  and extracurricular

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