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					Groove Virtual Office® – Installation & Configuration

A 60-day trial version of Groove Virtual Office® can be obtained from

If you have not already installed Groove® on one of your computers, please select “Create a new
Groove account“ and continue with “A“!

If you already have a Groove® account, please choose “Use a Groove account you have already
created“ and go to step “B“!

A: Create a new Groove account

Enter your name and email address to create the new account. You can now add people to your
Groove® contact list (Contacts > “Add Contact“ on the launchbar) and invite them to a File Sharing
Workspace – in order to set up a peer-to-peer network (P2P) – or you can join existing P2P networks
(see “Configuration“).

B: Use a Groove account you have already created (Multiple Computers)

In order to synchronize your own computers, you have to – if not already done during a prior
installation – setup your Groove® account to be used on multiple computers (Options > Preferences >
Account > Multiple Computers). During the installation on the other PCs, you should select the option
for an existing account. Just enter your email address and password, and your account will be
imported and configured on the new PC.

Setting-up a peer-to-peer network 1

Create a common P2P network folder for all participants:

    1. Click on "New Workspace" on Groove®’s launchbar, choose “File Sharing“ as a workspace
       type and name the folder.
    2. Let Groove® create a new folder; either on your desktop or elsewhere on your hard drive. Now
       the new folder opens automatically in Windows® Explorer.

In order to add your own computers (Multiple Computers) to the P2P network, just follow these steps
(you should go through steps 3 to 5 on all of your PCs that you intend to include in the P2P network):

    3. Please install and start Groove® on your other PCs (if not already done).
    4. Click with the right mouse button on the gray colored Workspace on Groove®’s launchbar and
       select "Get Workspace".
    5. Double click the new Workspace and choose where the P2P network folder should be
       created 2 .

1                              ®                                    ®
  If you were invited to a Groove File Sharing Workspace or a Groove P2P network, please follow the instructions under
“Joining a peer-to-peer network” on the next page.
  Please ensure that “Fetch everything (automatic download)“ is selected!
In order to invite external partners or computers to your peer-to-peer network, please go on with
these steps:

       3. Click “Invite Someone“ on the left panel of the Explorer window, choose the people you want
          to invite from your Groove® contact list, or type in their names/email addresses (click “Add
          More“ to include further recipients) and assign all of them “Manager“ rights.
       4. Click on “Invite“ to send the workspace invitation.
       5. The invited people need only to accept the invitation and to choose the place where the P2P
          network folder will be created (see next section).

You can invite additional computers – your own or external – to a P2P network at any time by just
repeating steps 3 to 5.

Joining a peer-to-peer network

If you were invited to join a Groove® Workspace via email or via Groove® message, please do these

       1. If you haven’t installed Groove Virtual Office® yet, please click on the link in the invitation
          email, download the Groove® installer and launch the installation wizard (see above under
          “Installation“). Please select the option “Create a new Groove account“.
       2. Click on the GRV file attached to the email or accept the invitation, which was sent to you via
          Groove® message.
       3. Double click the new workspace on Groove®’s launchbar and choose the place (e.g. on your
          Desktop) where the P2P network folder should be created 3 .

    Please ensure that “Fetch everything (automatic download)“ is selected!

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