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                                          OFTEN COPIED, NEVER EQUALLED
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TEL: + 32 (0)9 250 12 11                  RESULTS OF COURT ACTIONS TO DATE.
FAX: + 32 (0)9 250 14 24
VAT BE 418.250.835 - HRG 125.024
Fortis Bank BE33 2900 0170 0046           In the Honda Press Release of December 2003, we communicated our official stance with
BIC GEBABEBB                              regards to counterfeit products.

                                          We explained that Honda will take appropriate measures whenever.
                                          1. Patents, registered trademarks or design rights are infringed.
                                          2. The end-user is likely to be confused.
                                          3. The majority of functional parts are interchangeable.

                                          With some manufacturers and distributors we have been able to reach a common
                                          understanding without taking legal steps. As an example, Kama Ltd UK has given
                                          undertakings not to import into the UK, market or sell any engines or products manufactured
                                          by, or under the name Kama. (May 2004).

                                          In cases where we have been unable to reach an amicable agreement, we are continuing
                                          to take legal action. Although this is a time-consuming process, we are starting to see

                                          Honda has already obtained favourable final judgement in several cases against certain
                                          counterfeited Honda products (hereafter referred to as copy products):
                                          1. A final judgment in South-Africa against Hoffman International Group, distributing engines
                                             known as Kama and Hoffman (13/10/2003).
                                          2. A final consent judgment in the United States against Eastern Tools & Equipment,
                                             Worldbest Kama Machinery Co. and Wuxi Worldbest Kama Machinery Co. (November 2003).
SELLING AGENTS                            3. A final consent judgment in UK against Gianni Ferrari UK, distributing Kama copy
                                             products (October 2002).
Honda Engines                             4. A final judgment in Germany against Zhejiang Ever Fine Import and Export Company
Honda Logistik Center Deutschland GMBH       (January 2004).
Sprendlinger Landstraße 166
D-63069 Offenbach/Main
                                          5. A final judgment in Germany against Wuxi Worldbest Kama Machinery Co. (December 2003).
TEL: + 49 (0)6 98 30 93 65                6. A final judgment in Germany against MTZ (March 2004),
FAX: + 49 (0)6 98 30 91 28

Italy                                     Only in Spain has a court rejected our claim against Antonio Moner, S.L., a company
Honda Engines                             distributing Kama engines. In the judge’s opinion, Honda waited too long before filing
Honda Logistic Centre Italy S.P.A.
Via Strà, 153
                                          the claim (May 2004). As a consequence the court did NOT make any ruling on whether or
I-37030 Colognola ai Colli (VR)           not the engines were unfair copies.
TEL: + 39 04 56 17 33 41
                                          Honda is appealing against this decision.
FAX: + 39 04 56 15 12 70

Sweden                                    As well as ‘final judgments’, we have obtained several preliminary injunctions. Preliminary
Honda Engines
Honda Logistics Center Sweden AB          injunctions are granted by the court to prohibit sales and marketing of the infringing
Box 50583                                 products, to immediately protect the plaintiff’s (Honda’s) rights during the main proceedings.
Västkustvägen 17
                                          Preliminary injunctions are only given when the court is convinced that there is a clear case
SE-20215 Malmö
TEL: + 46 40 38 07 18                     of infringement.
FAX: + 46 40 38 07 88
MOBILE: + 46 73 699 07 18

United Kingdom
Honda Engines
Honda Logistics Centre (UK) Ltd.
Unit 3210, Wellington Parkway,
Magna Park Lutterworth,
Leicestershire LE 17 4XW United Kingdom
TEL: + 44 (0)1 45 55 59 429
FAX: + 44 (0)1 45 55 59 428


European Engine Center
Parc d’Activités de Pariest
Allée du 1er Mai, BP 46
Croissy Beaubourg
F-77312 Marne-La-Vallée Cedex 2
TEL: + 33 (0)1 60 37 31 18
FAX: + 33 (0)1 60 37 33 66                                                                                                           1/2
We have preliminary injunctions in the following jurisdictions where legal action is proceeding against companies offering copy

In Italy against:
   • Kama Italia Import & Export (November 2002).

In Germany against:
   • Chongqing Lifan Industry (Group) Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd. (September 2003).
   • Shanghai Kunjek Handtools and Hardware Company Ltd. (September 2003).
   • Chongqing Zongshen Group I/E Corporation (September 2003).
   • Zhe Jiang Danau Machinery Co. Ltd. (September 2003).
   • Genovo Power Products Co. Ltd (March 2004).
   • Alpha Machinery Ltd. (March 2004).
   • GMG Hardware Tools Imp. + Exp. Col, Ltd. (March 2004).
   • Tai Zhou Da Jiang Ind. Co. Ltd. (March 2004).
   • Taizhou Yangchun Electric Motor Co. Ltd. (March 2004).
   • Congqing Loncin General Purpose Engine Co. Ltd. (March 2004).
   • Zhejiong Wanda I/E Co. Ltd. (March 2004).
   • Zheijang Bried Chuck Industry Co. Ltd. (March 2004).
   • Zhejiang Anlu Cleaning Machinery Co. Ltd. (March 2004)
   • Profi-Tech Diamant Werkzeuge GmbH (April 2004).
   • Flourish Wangda Industrial (March 2004).

The above companies have been selling either Honda copy-engines labelled as Kama, Zongshen, Loncin or Lifan or otherwise
using Honda’s engine descriptions for non-Honda products or mounting these engines on products such as pumps, generators
or lawnmowers.

In Portugal against:
   • Goios & Lage, Lda (March 2004).
   • Fatomipe-Equipamentos Agricolas, SA (March 2004).
   • Luis Moreira, Maquinas e Acessorios, Lda (March 2004).
   • Armando Mariano dos Santos (March 2004).
   • Armando Manuel Cardoso Robalo (Casa Nando) (March 2004).
   • Jose Teodoro da Conceicao Farinha, Unipessoal, Lda – Casa Moto-Serras (March 2004).
   • Jovimoto, Sociedade Commercial de Motorizadas, Lda (March 2004).
   • Agrifica – Comerciao de Maquinas Agricolas e Acessorios, Lda (March 2004).
   • Proelectrica – Mendes e Cardoso Lda (March 2004).
   • Grupel – Grupos Electrogenos, Lda (March 2004).

The above companies have been selling Honda copy-engines or copy -generators labelled as ‘Kama’.

In Greece against Pseka, S.A., selling copy-products labelled as Miyake (May 2004).

Copies of the original final judgments and preliminary injunctions can be found on our website http://www.honda-engines-eu.com

We will continue to pursue, by all legal means, the manufacturers and distributors of imitations in order to protect the market,
and more specifically, the end-users from confusion.


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