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									Fall 2010                                                                         SAA Newsletter
                                                                                                                 University of
                                                                                                                 Northern Iowa

                                                                                                                      Composed by:
                                                                                                                    Brady Fritz

                                                                                                                    Brad McLaury

                                                                                                                    Anne Rhode

                                                                                                                    Derek Boeding

                                                                                                                    Lindsey Aldrich

There’s No Place Like Home?                                                                                         Stephanie Erenberger
On August 5th, 2010 Executive
board members; Nick Sibenal-
ler, Nicholas Kavanaugh, Jenny
Gibbs, Brad McLaury, and
Darion Watson, along with
Fearless leader and advisor,
Paul Sapp traveled to Dorothy’s
homeland of Kansas; Kansas
City to be exact. The mission;
attend the CASE ASAP Confer-
ence. This mission was a suc-
cess, there was great informa-
tion exchanged between the
schools in attendance. Presen-
tations were given on imple-
menting and maintaining a         exec team was able to interact     standing Advisor. This proves that we
mentor program within an          with other organizations much      are a part of something great, every-
organization, which benefited     like SAA and develop new ideas     day our organization maintains its
our newly implemented Big         to keep pushing all of us to be    mission to invite, inform, and inspire.        Inside this issue:
Purple Little Purple mentoring    outstanding. Of course it wasn’t   The conference ended but the ideas
program. Also, marketing ideas,   all learning and presentations,    were only beginning, many of the new      There’s No Place Like       1
fun retreat games and training    the Student Admission Ambas-       programs implemented this semester        Home?
concepts, and keeping the gen-    sadors and Advisor Paul Sapp       came from the exec board working
eral spirit of the organization   were both honored the last         together and discussing ways that         COMMendable Students 2
at max capacity were among        night of the conference. SAA       SAA can be tweaked to be one step
the attended presentations. The   obtained the award for Out-        greater. Look forward to more fun         Panthers of the Month 2-3
                                  standing Organization, a very      activities throughout spring semester!
                                  prestigious honor, while Paul
                                  received the award for Out-        By: Brad McLaury                          Let the Good Times          4

                                  Invite, Inform, Inspire                                                      Retreat Squared             5

                                                                                                               Senior Tribute              6-7

                                                                                                               Epic Fall Formal            8
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         COMMendable Students
         Not only do these students promote UNI daily      love a good haunted house? SAA was there with
         to visitors and newcomers on campus, but          their spooky masks and scares working the whole
         they also take the time to reach out to the       night through; one October weekend.
         community to volunteer and help out in a
                                                           Students have also participated in area-wide ser-
         variety of places!
                                                           vices including Habitat for Humanity and the
         Our ambassadors have volunteered in sev-          Northeast Iowa Food Bank. We were also able to
         eral areas this semester, right here in the       help build and provide houses for those without a
         Cedar Valley, and throughout the state of         home, and volunteer our time and talents distrib-
         Iowa. To start the year off right, our ambas-     uting food to those in need in the Cedar Valley. For
         sadors spent time at the Iowa State Fair          the fast approaching Christmas season, SAA will
         manning the UNI booth. They put on hundreds       be caroling at a local nursing home, singing all our
         of Panther tattoos, handed out posters and        favorite carols.
         UNIam wristbands. SAA's also gotten their
                                                           We could mention so much more about this out-
         hands dirty a number of times, adopting a
                                                           standing group of volunteers. They commit so
         highway, and cleaning up trash on campus
                                                           much time already to this group - to see how
         after major events like homecoming. We do
                                                           much they do on top of their campus activities
         what we can to keep the city and campus we
                                                           shows just how dedicated they are to making a
         love looking neat and clean!
                                                           difference and helping others around them.
         So many of us love kids, so we chose to help
                                                           By: Anne Rohde
         out Hansen Elementary at their fall carnival;
         running games, painting faces, and playing
         with all those who attended. And who doesn't

          Panthers of the Month: Derek and Mariah
         The title of Panther of the Month is a very                                  count on. He has stepped
         prestigious honor, given to those members                                    up as a new member and
         who truly exemplify an outstanding perform-                                  has gotten really in-
         ance. SAA members write about a particular                                   volved. He is super fun to
         member they feel deserves this honor, and                                    be around, and when
         submit their nominations to the VP of Commu-                                 something needs to be
         nity Outreach. Once a POM is selected, they                                  done, he is one of the
         are featured on the SAA homepage and con-                                    first to be willing to help.
         gratulated at a meeting, in which they are                                   He is involved in so much,
         revealed. The following were the nominations                                 and in so many activities,
         written for Mr. Derek Boeding and Miss Mariah                                but to see him give to SAA
         Lockie.                                         as much as he does is really something. He has a
         By: Brad McLaury                                phenomenal way of connecting with people. Every
                                                         lunch bunch he does, he sits with the families and
         Derek, September POM:                           just talks with them. I see him rocking the purps &
         “This new ambassador is really someone I        khakis quite often, and his tours sound fabulous. He
         value and consider very special. For the very   is super-amazing! Thanks for all of your hard work
         short time that I've known him, he's been a     this semester! “
         wonderful friend and someone I can really
Page 3                                                                                SAA Newsletter

         Mariah, October POM:                        the-scenes parts and she deserves to be recognized. Thank
                                                     you for typing up the list of Homecoming events for each SAA
         “I would like to nominate Mariah for her    member, sorting through the Admissions cages, spending time
         contributions to the Pride Committee and    catching people up on the Pride Cry routine, organizing notes
         this organization, especially over the      from mandatory University-wide Homecoming meetings, and
         past few weeks. As the Pride Chair, she     the numerous other things you helped with. Also, thank you for
         ensured everything ran smoothly and         all of the work you put into the Panther Festival. SAA Home-
         each member of the committee was able       coming would not have been what it was without your dedica-
         to have a lead role. She acted as a great
                                                     tion and efforts towards it.”
         resource and did so many of the behind-
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Let the Good Times Roar!
It was the week that every UNI student looks forward to each fall,      Challenge Tourists”
Homecoming. SAA was heavily involved with many of the week’s
                                                                                 The annual Alumni Tailgate was another success, past
festivities and even placed in each of the week’s events.               ambassadors joined current members to catch up over games and
         Ambassadors kicked off the week with a Panther Pride           cheesy potatoes. Ambassadors all headed into the Dome to watch
themed meeting, where members were encouraged to come                   another Panther Victory, which ended Homecoming week on a high
dressed to their best in purple and gold. Panther themed cup-           note.
cakes were provided by the Executive board, to get ready to let
                                                                                  Homecoming Week wasn’t complete until campus was
the good times roar, for Homecoming 2010.                               clean from the fun week of UNI activities. Ambassadors split up
 Ambassadors worked all week; on Maucker Murals, in which the           campus and worked together to pick up trash to keep UNI beautiful.
SAA mural was of TC following the yellow brick road under a dou-        Overall, Homecoming 2010 was another successful year for SAA.
ble rainbow, which was later tied into the theme of our skit, for       They participated in activities, traditions, supported their Panthers
Pride Cry. With the judging taking place at the Panther Festival,       to victory, and helped to keep campus clean. SAA definitely lived up
SAA took second place overall.                                          to this year’s theme and “Let the Good Times Roar”
Weeks of preparing their stomp steps, munchkin voices and sing-         By: Lindsey Aldrich
ing skills; were all put to the test, as SAA took the stage on top of
the Union for Pride Cry Preliminaries. SAA set the bar as they
were chose first to perform. With a Wizard of Oz themed skit,
Dorthy and TC took off on an adventure to find TC’s Roar. Along
their way, they ran into The Wicked Witch, Glenda; the Good Witch
(Who brought Purple Stilettos to help UNI win), the Munchkins,
and Coach Farley. Ending their skit with an energized UNI Fight
Song, SAA qualified for Pride Cry Finals. As Homecoming Friday
arrived, SAA prepared for Pride Cry Finals; during the annual Pep
Rally. Giving an outstanding performance, SAA took second
          SAA members paired up in teams of two to participate
in Panther Scramble. Wrapping themselves in toilet paper, bal-
ancing pencils and trying to eat an Oreo off their face, were only
a few of the unique challenges the Ambassadors had overcome
to win. For the third year in a row, SAA swept the competition,
taking first, second and third place!
          The night continued as SAA participated in the first
annual Traditions Challenge Amazing Race. Ambassadors re-
ceived pictures of UNI traditions and participated in a campus
wide scavenger hunt. Some ambassador groups were stumped
by some of the pictures, while others decided to play Frogger
across Hudson Road, to beat the competition. Each group took
pictures at each UNI tradition to complete the race, while also
participating in the Traditions Challenge. One group of Ambassa-
dors won “Best Dressed” by wearing Hawaiian shirts, fanny
packs, maps of campus and even “mandals” to be the “Traditions
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Retreat Squared
Something old, something new, something purple and Ice cream             photo and conversations among ambassadors.
                                                                         Both the Fall Retreat and Mid-Semester Retreat were a huge suc-
Continuing an SAA tradition, the Fall Retreat opened the 2010-2011       cess thanks to the hard work and dedication of Executive, Darion
school year. Purples and khakis flooded in front of the University       Watson and the Membership Development Committee.
of Northern Iowa sign, on the corner of University Avenue and
                                                                         By: Derek Boeding
College Street. The annual group photo and individual headshots
kicked off the Fall Retreat on the exceedingly beautiful day.
After changing in to t-shirts and running shoes, members pre-
pared for the intense and exhilarating campus wide scavenger
hunt. After exhausting all leads, Ambassadors raced with photo
evidence to the Alumni Suite at the McLeod Center.
Pizza and cookies gave Ambassadors a second wind for the re-
maining retreat activities. One group remained in the Alumni Suite
for an activity that required Ambassadors to “walk” in another’s
“shoes”. The activity showed differences and similarities that
members have, and reminded Ambassadors to be mindful of such
differences throughout the year.
The second activity on the concourse of the McLeod Center “tied”
members together. Purple twine, passed between Ambassadors,
wove an intricate web that illustrated the bonds that the group
would continue to form. After the activity, participants were en-
couraged to cut a section of the web to wear as a reminder of
their connection to SAA. The Fall Retreat came to a close with an
entertaining skit guessing game.
A sweet new addition to the SAA calendar, the Mid-Semester Re-
treat, featured an all- you-could-eat ice cream buffet with all the
fixing’s! After appeasing their sweet tooth Ambassadors were
invited outside the McLeod Center for the first activity of the eve-
The “privileged walk” started with the group standing in a straight
line holding hands. After a series of questions read by the amazing
Deb Gray, the activity concluded with Ambassadors out-of-line, yet
still holding hands. The purpose of the activity was to illustrate the
diversity of the group, as well as show how privileged members
are to be in such great company.
After moving back indoors, Ambassadors broke into groups for a
           spirited group activity. The competition heated up as
           two groups went head to head, racing to be the first to
           call out a series of numbers strewn on the floor. The
           Mid-Semester Retreat came to a close with a group
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                 Senior Tribute
       Senior Questions:

       1. What are your plans for after graduation?

       2. What is your favorite SAA memory?

                    Jessica Staudt
                    1. I will be student-teaching in Mason City, Iowa during Spring 2011. After student-teaching I'll be looking for a job
                    2. There are so many incredible memories that have been made during my time in SAA, that it is hard to pick one as
                    a favorite! I can say that my favorite memories are the ones where I have been stopped in my tracks by the words
                    and actions of our members. The ambassadors I have been privileged to know, continuously inspire and amaze me.
                    I often find myself pausing to soak up the moments when I am with other ambassadors because they each bring a
spark that transforms any situation into something special.

                    Libbe Hassenfritz

                    1. After graduation, I am planning on moving back to good old Mt. Pleasant to live the exciting life with the parents. I will
                    be there until May, working at the hospital, and trying to save some money. In May, I will be taking a 3 week trip with
                    my dad and some family friends to Peru; to hike the Andes, and explore the Incan ruins! After the trip, I will be moving
                    to the Chicago area, in June, to begin Physician Assistant school at Midwestern University!
                   2. My favorite SAA memory would have to be homecoming. Not only did I love being a part of the amazing Pride Cry, but
                   our participation and passion for UNI were evident in every event throughout the week. I will always be able to look
back on those weeks and remember how much fun I had with everyone, how much the group worked together to dominate every event, and
what an amazing organization SAA really is.

                    Eva Andersen

                    1. After graduation, I plan on pursuing a career in comedy performance and producing. First, I will serve as an intern
                    at The Colbert Report in New York City. I will be taking acting and sketch classes at People's Improv Theatre, in NY. In
                    ten years, I want to be on Saturday Night Live. In 20 years, I want to have made a positive impact on the entertainment
                    industry by providing intelligent critique and good, clean, hilarious entertainment--just because it's good and clean
                    doesn't mean it has to be lame!!!
                     2. I think my favorite memory of SAA is just the whole notion of POW [Panther of the Week] nomina-
tions. Every single person in the group is solid gold, and definitely deserves recognition for their accomplishments--
whether they are academic, personal, or just something remarkably kind that they did to help another in need. It brings
me great joy to hear about the positive actions of other members. I always end up thinking--wow. How lucky I am to be
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         Kelsey Ternes

         1. After graduation, I will be student teaching in Cedar Rapids. In June, I will get married and then move to Minneapolis
         with my fiancé (new husband, I guess!). I plan to search for a music teaching job in the Minneapolis area while student
         2. My favorite SAA memory is homecoming. I love seeing the whole student body come together, with alumni, and sup-
         port the Panthers. But being part of a group so devoted to our school has made it mean even more!

         Kelsey Staudacher
         1. I am student teaching in Music Education, then I am going to Grad School for Student Affairs for Administation in Higher Educa-
         2. My favorite memory of SAA, is the simple thing we do each week: the Studs and Duds. I am just am amazed that we have so
         many fantastic people in one room that do so many great things and have such great hearts. Each week, it is my favorite to see
         how humanity has stepped up and shows that we are the good, in college students. We make a difference for the better and we
         don't expect anything in return, most of the time, but the little Studs are a wonderful reminder that we are a great force, if we
         want to be. Awesome...

         Bart Upah
         1. So, my future plans just changed about a week or so ago. So, after Graduation, I will actually stay on campus next
         semester, while being the Graduate Residence Life Coordinator in Dancer Hall. After the Spring semester, I will con-
         tinue graduate school for student affairs elsewhere, even though UNI will always be number one in my heart!
         2. I would say my favorite SAA memory would be anytime I see an SAAer on campus and they say hi! It just automati-
         cally brightens my day! It just reminds me about how great this group is, and how very blessed I am to be a part of
         such a wonderful organization, with outstanding members!

         Kyle Woiwood
         1. I will be moving to Minneapolis, after graduation, to start Full-Time with PricewaterhouseCoopers, a public account-
         ing firm.
         2. My favorite SAA memory was during a retreat, we had to act out a scenario with props and eventually a twist was
         thrown at you. Our twist was to have someone be our arms for us. I, luckily, had Nick Sibenaller as my arms. It made
         me laugh pretty hard, along with the whole group!
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                                                                                                          Fall 2010

Epic Fall Formal
          On Friday November 19th, the entire UNI campus             After dinner, the traditional SAA group picture was
was fueled with excitement. While the majority of stu-      taken. Then the dancing was officially underway! After a good
dents were simply excited for Thanksgiving break to offi-   four hours of crazy dancing, raving and rapping, the night was
cially begin, the members of the Student Admissions Am-     ready to end. It had been a wonderful evening of bonding, pic-
bassadors had a second reason to be excited - fall for-     tures, and amazing memories. This one will go down
mal 2010 was finally here! Formal was held at Fox Ridge     in history, as one of the best!
in Dike, Iowa.
                                                            By: Stephanie Erenberger
          This year, SAA’s own Leah Fischer, who was
also the night’s Birthday Girl, took the liberty of plan-
ning a bus, to drive members from campus to Fox
Ridge; and then home again, after the festivities were
over. The bus began picking people up at 4pm and
returned at 5 and 5:30, to pick up more riders. It was
a fun way to start the night!
          Socializing officially began at Fox Ridge at
6pm and dinner was served shortly after. Everyone
truly enjoyed dinner, which was an array of mashed
potatoes, chicken, lasagna, salad, and rolls, that
ironically got many people’s high remarks! However,
          the crowd favorite was definitely the deli-
          cious cheesecake, which was served for

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