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November tours highlight the best of Charlestons entertaining


									                                                                                                                                                 O C TO B E R 2 0 0 6

                                                                                         Timely News and Events from Historic Charleston Foundation

                                          November tours highlight the best of Charleston’s entertaining traditions
                                          Two new house and garden tours will introduce
                                          visitors and residents to the secrets of Charleston’s cen-
                                          turies-long tradition of hospitality and gracious enter-
                                          taining style. The Charleston Entertains tours, set for
                                          Nov. 17 and 18, will feature some of the city’s most
                                          distinctive historic private houses and gardens, while
                                          showcasing various aspects of entertaining in true
                                          Charleston style.
                                                The tours, sponsored by Historic Charleston
                                          Foundation, will feature six to eight of the most distinc-
                                          tive private houses and gardens in the city’s Old and
                                          Historic District.
                                               The Charleston Entertains – Inside Secret Gardens
                                          tour on Friday, Nov. 17, from 2-5 p.m., will feature
                                                                                                       Zoe Sanders, former first lady of the College of Charleston, will be one
                                          various aspects of entertaining in garden and courtyard      of the featured authors on the Charleston Entertains tours this fall.
                                          spaces. On the following day, Saturday, Nov. 18, cele-       Guests will be able to enjoy tasting some of Zoe’s favorite samples from
                                                                                                       her book, “Entertaining at the College of Charleston.”
                                          brated local authors will greet visitors and sign copes of
                                          their books from 2-5 p.m. for Charleston Entertains –
                                          Authors at Home.                                             before the tour date, so early reservations are
                                               Tickets, which are $50 per tour or $85 for a com-       encouraged.
    What’s ­Inside                        bination ticket to both tours, can be purchased online            Proceeds from the weekend support the preservation
                                          at or by calling 843-722-         initiatives of Historic Charleston Foundation. For more
      ­Aiken-Rhett ­Update ­ 2            3405 after Nov. 1. Tickets are limited and often sell out    information visit:

      ­             New ­Staff ­ 3 ­
      ­               at ­HCF ­
      ­                                   City develops new preservation plan in conjunction with 60th anniversary
      ­      A ­Sunset ­Salute ­ ­ 4
      ­    to ­Our ­Volunteers ­ ­
                                          Historic Charleston Foundation will celebrate                in partial support of a much-needed update of the city’s
      ­     Walking ­the ­Wall ­ ­ 5      its 60th anniversary in a big way next year, marking the     nationally renowned preservation plan. The gift will
                                          occasion with a $75,000 gift to the city of Charleston       provide the seed money to retain a team of nationally
      ­          Web ­Update ­ 6                                                                               renowned consultants who will facilitate the
      ­                                                                                                        update of the city’s 1974 plan.
      ­           Governor’s ­ 6
                                                                                                                    HCF will sponsor a Fall Preservation Forum
      ­           Conference ­
                                                                                                               on Monday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m. at The Charleston
                                                                                                               Museum auditorium to introduce the plan and
                                                                                                               consultants to the community.
          Please send your                                                                                          The architectural/planning firm of Page &
             comments to:
                                ­                                                                              Turnbull, from San Francisco, will lead the planning
            Leigh Handal, Editor                                                                                                                           Continued on page 7
            Historic Charleston
                     Foundation                                                                                  Historic Charleston Foundation will celebrate its 60th
                         PO Box 1120                                                                             anniversary next year with a significant gift to the city of
                 Charleston, SC 29402                                                                            Charleston in support of an update of the city’s nationally
                                                                                                                 renowned preservation plan. The first community forum
                                                                                                                 about the plan is scheduled for Nov. 6 and will include
                                                                             presentations by Mayor Joseph Riley, the plan’s consulting
                                                                                                                 team and local preservation experts.
        Team aT The Top!
    Progress continues at the
    historic Aiken-Rhett House
    as workers complete the
    protective sealing of the house’s
    exterior envelop.The museum
    house will remain open
    throughout the restoration and
    conservation effort, providing
    visitors a rare opportunity to
    see preservation in progress.
    The exterior work is being
    funded through a prestigious
    Save America’s Treasures grant,
    which requires matching funds
    from private donations. For
    the latest news on the project,
    visit our “Field Notes” web blog
    by HCF Director of Museums
    Fielding Freed at www. under the
    Experience History link.

                        Aiken-Rhett exterior reflects exuberance of antebellum era
                        Extensive conservation work has begun on one of               and she identified the correct yellow for the restoration based
                        Charleston’s most renowned antebellum mansions, thanks        on the building’s 19th century appearance. According to
                        to a prestigious $225,000 Save America’s Treasures (SAT)      Buck, white stencil lines were applied to simulate stone. In
                        grant administered by the National Park Service. While        keeping with the tastes of the time, the house would have
                        scaffolding will surround the Aiken-Rhett House at 48         resembled an Italian villa.
                        Elizabeth St. for the next few months, the historic build-         “Limewash colors maintain their vibrancy yet they have
                        ing’s doors will remain open to visitors.                     a depth to them you just can’t get from modern paints,” said
                             The most obvious change to passers-by will be the        Director of Museums Fielding Freed. “A limewashed wall has
                        application of a deep yellow limewash finish to the stucco,   a kind of mottled look, which is the inescapable result of
                        which will restore the façade to its 1858-1860 appearance.    limewash’s water-like consistency. I was able to appreciate the
                        In addition, shutters, windows and doors will be restored,    aesthetic changes to the Aiken-Rhett House once I understood
                        which will prevent moisture from entering the building.       the building’s limewash and color history and the need to
                        All measures serve the dual purpose of restoring the house    put the top coat on the stucco.”
                        to its 19th century appearance as well as weatherproofing          Freed is keeping the public up-to-date on the progress
                        original building materials.                                  of the restoration through an online blog, and he invites lo-
                              “Limewash is not paint. It’s the very top coat of ex-   cal residents to visit the property often to view the work in
                        terior stucco,” said Richard Marks of Richard Marks           progress. To learn more about the restoration or make a
                        Restoration, contractor for the exterior restoration work.    donation online, visit
                        “Since it is lime based, it bonds to the masonry below it     ence/arh/restoration.html. Click on “Field Notes and Latest
                        and helps create a protective yet permeable outer coating.”   Updates” to read Freed’s latest blog reports.
                        Marks is working with restoration architect Glenn Keyes            Each SAT award encourages private sector investment
                        on the project.                                               with the requirement of a one-to-one match with nonfed-
                             Nationally recognized paint expert and conservator       eral funds. Those who wish to support crucial conservation
                        Susan Buck has been researching paint sequences at the        efforts at the Aiken-Rhett House through a donation may
                        Aiken-Rhett House for years. Buck determined that the         call Kit Matthew, Director of Development, at (843) 724-
                        house had been limewashed multiple times over the decades,    8496.
New faces at HCF…                                                                                                                  Winslow W. Hastie

This spring and summer saw a number of changes at                 Carolina silver trade. Most recently, Culp was the Andrew
Historic Charleston Foundation as new staff members joined        W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow in the Department of American
HCF. “I am so enthusiastic about the excellent qualifications     Art at the Art Institute of Chicago and an adjunct profes-
and high-caliber leadership skills that these new staff mem-      sor at Northwestern University in Chicago.
bers bring to the HCF team,” said Executive Director Kitty        Rick F. Rockwell has joined the Foundation as Manager
Robinson.                                                         of Easements and Technical Outreach. Rockwell began              Kathryn Matthew
Winslow W. Hastie began his duties as HCF’s new Director          his career in the United States Marine Corp. Following
of Preservation in August. Hastie holds a master’s degree in      service in the Persian Gulf War and an honorable discharge,
historic preservation from the University of Georgia and a        he graduated cum laude from Eastern Michigan University
bachelor’s degree from the University of the South. A native      with a bachelor’s degree in history. He went on to earn
of Charleston, Hastie spent the past six years in San Francisco   a master’s degree of arts and science in historic preserva-
as a preservation planner and planning consultant at Carey        tion from E.M.U. Rockwell has more than 10 years of
& Co. Inc. Architecture and as an urban planner and pres-         experience managing construction projects, most re-               Fielding S. Freed
ervation specialist in the city and county of San Francisco       cently at Meadors Construction in Charleston.
planning department. Since returning to Charleston, Hastie        Jennifer M. Mortensen has been hired as Administrative
has served as the senior preservation planner for the city of     Coordinator for the Museums and Preservation depart-
Charleston in the Department of Design, Development and           ments. She earned her master’s degree in historic preser-
Preservation.                                                     vation from Clemson University and the College of
Kathryn K. Matthew was hired as Director of Development.          Charleston after graduating magna cum laude with a
She holds a doctorate degree from the University of               bachelor’s degree from Fairfield University. Mortensen             Brandy S. Culp
Pennsylvania, a master’s degree in business administration        worked previously as an intern in the preservation depart-
from the Carlson School of Management at the University           ment and as a volunteer for numerous Foundation
of Minnesota and a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke           projects.
College. Matthew has more than 20 years of experience in
                                                                  Tomoko A. Rivers has joined the Foundation part time
the nonprofit arena in executive leadership and fund raising.
                                                                  as Human Resources Coordinator. Rivers graduated from
She has served as Director of Marketing and Philanthropy
                                                                  Limestone College with a bachelor’s degree in human
for the Massachusetts Chapter of the Nature Conservancy,                                                                            Rick F. Rockwell
                                                                  resource development and is currently working toward
as Vice President for Expansion and Exhibit Development
                                                                  a master’s degree in human services/organization manage-
at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, and as Senior
                                                                  ment and leadership from Springfield College. She man-
Adviser for Marketing and Exhibit Development at the
                                                                  aged a home health care agency for three years before
Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia.
                                                                  joining the Foundation.
Fielding S. Freed has been promoted to Director of Museums.       Carol Ezell has assumed new duties as Museum House
Freed, formerly Manager of Foundation Properties, holds           Shop Manager. Having received a four-year certificate in
a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin and a                                                                          Jennifer M. Mortensen
                                                                  painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
bachelor’s degree from the University of Tennessee. Before        in Philadelphia, as well as a B.A. degree from the University
coming to the Foundation, he managed Redcliffe Plantation         of Pennsylvania, Carol has taught in both public and
State Historic Site for the S.C. State Park Service where he      private school settings in Charleston and Orangeburg
was honored with the 2003 Robert J. Papenfus Award for            counties. Before joining HCF part time, Carol served as
Excellence in the Management of Natural and Cultural              historian/guide at Charleston City Hall in the Council
Resources.                                                        Chambers and as interpreter of the Legare Waring House
                                                                                                                                   Tomoko A. Rivers
Brandy S. Culp joins the Foundation as Curator. She               at Charles Towne Landing. A licensed tour guide, Carol
graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree from           has been conducting walking tours in Charleston for
Hollins University and received a master’s degree with an         nearly 25 years.
emphasis in American decorative arts from Bard Graduate           Contact information for all staff members can be found
Center in New York. There she completed her thesis on 18th        online at:
century Charleston silversmith Alexander Petrie and the           contact.html.
                                                                                                                                       Carol Ezell        
    HCF hosts sunset salute to sensational volunteers
    Historic Charleston Foundation’s outstanding corps of                  Volunteer and Public Relations. “We are fortunate that so many
    615 dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers have, to date,              wonderful volunteers return year after year, and this year, I was
    donated 7,006 hours of their time to HCF this year.                    astounded to realize that seven individuals have reached the
         The annual Volunteer Appreciation Party will be a harbor-         quarter century mark. Now that’s commitment!”
    side, sunset soiree at the Capt. James Missroon House, 40 East              Mickey Baker, Karen Cookson, Tim Cookson, Carolee Fox,
    Bay St., headquarters of Historic Charleston Foundation. The           Nancy Hill, Barbara Lannan and Cheryl Steadman will be hon-
    event on Monday, Oct. 23, will celebrate the enormous con-             ored for their enormous contributions to the Foundation during
    tributions made each spring by volunteers and homeowners               their 25 years of volunteer service. They will each be awarded a
    during the Foundation’s two largest fund-raisers, the Festival         gold lapel pin at the Volunteer Appreciation Party to mark this
    of Houses and Gardens and the Charleston International                 extraordinary milestone.
    Antiques Show.                                                              Thirty-two new members of the Frances R. Edmunds Society
         “I am always amazed by the level of commitment and                will also be recognized. The Edmunds Society is named in honor
    enthusiasm the volunteers bring to the Foundation. Their smiles        of Historic Charleston Foundation’s first executive director, who
    and enthusiasm re-energize me,” said Fanio King, Manager of            went on to lead the Foundation for almost 40 years. The Edmunds

           More than 150 historic
        property owners and 600
      volunteers are essential for
     the success of HCF’s annual
    spring Festival of Houses and
        Gardens, the Foundation’s
        single largest fund-raising
      event. All proceeds support
       the preservation initiatives
           of HCF. Volunteers and
          homeowners are invited
       to celebrate the success of
      the spring 2006 tours with
        a reception on Oct. 23 at
        the Capt. James Missroon
           House, 40 East Bay St.

       Edmunds Society 2006 Inductees                        Milestones in Volunteering

    Dudley Andres                     Hilde Kuck            We thank and salute all of the volunteers who have reached special
    Martha Andres                     Margaret MacDonald    milestones in 2006 in their years of service with the Foundation.
    Gail Banks                        Mac McTeer
    Roberta Banks                     Larry Millhouse       25 Years           15 Years              10 Years            Phillis Mikula
    Fran Bennett                      Jennifer Mortensen    Mickey Baker       Donald Burkett        Les Black           Joy Morris
    Judy Brown                        Georgia Murphy        Karen Cookson      Shirley Gaston        Nancy Black         Jane Nepveux
    Smith Coleman                     Carole Nicolini       Tim Cookson        Janet Gopsill         Ruth Bracey         Dolores Osuna
    Karen Cookson                     David Ruley           Carolee Fox        Tom Gopsill           Ginny Brush         Rebecca Patte
    Tim Cookson                       Bill Schandall        Nancy Hill         Mary LaBoone          Ted Brush           Linda Pezzullo
    Cheryl Curren                     Doreen Schneeberger   Barbara Lannan     Nancy Pinckney        Susan Coomer        Bob Pingry
    Maggie Epstein                    Bob Uhler             Cheryl Steadman    Roseann Poetz         Paula Coomer        Marvin Pontiff
    Peggylee Fulmer                   Mary Uhler                               Nancy Shows           Hon Keith           Linda Reid
    Ann Garris                        Liz Van Anda          20 Years           Dean Traxler          Arthur Knapp        Lola Reilly
    Rebecca Geary                     Arleen Weeks          Marge Kramer       Paula Traxler         Carol Knapp         Bob Reilly
    Mary Jacobs                       Mary Whyte                               Eleanor Veronee       Pat Kruger          Ruth Sloggett
    Skip Johnson                                                               Cindie Whirledge      Bernice Magoulas    Tom Sloggett
    Alissa Keller                                                              Rose Mary Youmans

Society honors her indomitable spirit of leadership and her        Walk the walls of old Charles Towne
‘can do’ attitude, and membership reflects her character and
      Retired engineer Ian MacDonald worked nearly every
day in the spring as a Foundation volunteer, pursuing his
passion for history. He served as a street chair, senior docent,
senior street marshal, docent, street marshal, antiques show
volunteer, harbor cruise lecturer and more, racking up an
astonishing 132 hours of volunteer service in March and
      “This event is our chance to say thank you to all of the
volunteers who give so much of themselves and make our
two largest fund-raisers possible,” King said. “Of course,
it’s also a chance to have some fun.”
      To learn more about volunteering for the Festival of
Houses and Gardens or the Charleston International Antiques                                                                 The Walk the Walls
Show, call Fanio King at (843) 720-1184.                                                                                    event, Oct. 26, will
                                                                                                                            allow participants
                                                                   The public is invited to relive a bit of local history   to revisit some of
                                                                   by walking the early18th century walled city of Charles  Charleston’s earliest,
                                                                                                                            little-known history.
                                                                   Towne on Thursday, Oct. 26, from 6-9 p.m. The            Proceeds from the
                                                                   walk begins at the Capt. James Missroon House,           event will support
                                                                                                                            future study and
                                                                   headquarters of Historic Charleston Foundation, at       preservation of
                                                                   40 East Bay St. at the top of High Battery.              the wall.
                                                                        Participants will visit several locations associated
                                                                   with the walled city, including Granville Bastion at
                                                                   40 East Bay St., Colleton’s Bastion near 51 Meeting St., the old draw
                                                                   bridge at the corner of Meeting and Broad, and Half Moon Battery
                                                                   at the Old Echange Building.
                                                                        The Walk the Walls event commemorates the 300th anniver-
                                                                   sary of the attempted invasion of Charleston by French and Spanish
                                                                   ships from St. Augustine, Fla., 1706.
                                                                        “Legend has it that the intimidating appearance of Granville
                                                                   Bastion, the most heavily fortified section of the wall, helped to
                                                                   deter the invasion force,” said Katherine Saunders, HCF’s Associate
                                                                   Director of Preservation and co-chair of the Mayor’s Walled City
                                                                   Task Force. The Walled City Task Force was created by Mayor Joseph
                                                                   P. Riley Jr. in August 2005 to ensure that the remnants of the walls
Kate Stanton     Phyllis Fullmer        Ellen Straub               are identified, researched, preserved and interpreted for the public.
Janet Wooley     Peggylee Fulmer        Rita Stryszyk                   A barbecue will follow the walk at the former location of the
                 Danielle Girard        Walter Stryszyk            bastion as guests celebrate Charleston’s little known brush with
5 Years          Edith Gunn             Lin Thomas                 danger. Walled city experts will recount those events and the impact
David Barnard    Katherine Haman        Terry Thomas
                                                                   of the wall on Charleston’s history and architecture.
Mary Ann Barnard Betty Jones            Nancy Tweed
                                                                        Tickets, which are $25 per person and include the tour and
Beth Clary       Elayne Kajsza          Cindy Wills
Ann Cline        Beth Kelley                                       barbecue, can be reserved by calling 843-724-8486. The HCF Young
David Daniels    Georgeanna Kicklighter                            Collectors Committee, sponsors of the event, seeks to increase aware-
Mary Daniels     Phyllis Lewis                                     ness of the Mayor’s Walled City Task Force and raise funds to support
Bev Ennis        Peggy Reider                                      activities of the task force.
Marianne Fritts  Sherry Remillard                                       The task force will sponsor lectures on Oct. 28 and Nov. 4 from
George Fullmer   Anne Roffey                                       2–4 p.m., at the Charleston County Public Library, 68 Calhoun St.
                                                                   These are free and open to the public.
    One-stop shopping for all your information needs
    You can find it online @!                               Horizon?” Download a .pdf copy of your own, found under
    Historic Charleston Foundation staff has been busy this summer                     the “About HCF” link.
    updating information and adding some exciting new sections                              If you’re really looking for a good time or a school project,
    to its website. Get the latest progress reports on the Aiken-Rhett                 check out the “Hartnell Maps,” created by HCF’s 2004 US/
    House conservation initiative by checking out “Field Notes,”                       ICOMOS intern Cameron Hartnell under the “Experience
    the new museums blog by HCF Director of Museums Fielding                           History” section. Teachers can also find curricula guides for
    Freed.                                                                             the Nathaniel Russell House, Aiken-Rhett House and Old
          Want to become an active part of the preservation move-                      Powder Magazine under the “Education” link in that
    ment in Charleston? Look at all the ways you can “Get Involved”                    section.
    on the homepage’s main menu. Want to know what’s happen-                                If you have any trouble finding the information you’re
    ing right now on Charleston’s preservation front? Visit “Hot                       looking for, just type your key words into the handy “Search”
    Issues” under the “Preservation” section. Want to receive oc-                      box at the top right-hand corner of the homepage. If you have
    casional e-mails alerting you to current preservation issues? Give                 any suggestions for the site, Director of Public Programs Leigh
    us your address for the “Preservation Alert” list.                                 Handal would love to hear them. You can e-mail her, or any-
          Ticket sales for this fall’s Charleston Entertains tours, as                 one on the staff, directly from the “Contact Us” page under
    well as the 60th Annual Festival of Houses and Gardens and                         “About HCF.”
    the 2007 Charleston International Antiques Show, go on sale                             Staff is currently revamping the entire retail and licensed
    online Nov. 1. These events sell out quickly, so take advantage                    products section to better integrate it into the site, and plans
    of the early online ordering capability before the brochures hit                   to have the newly designed virtual store up just in time for
    the snail-mailboxes.                                                               holiday shopping. So keep in touch by visiting us often at
          Have you seen HCF’s recently released 2005 annual report,           to see what’s new.
    “The Changing Face of Preservation: What’s on the City’s

    National Governor’s Conference
    Historic Charleston Foundation staff was pleased to host a special tours program during the        S.C. First Lady Jenny Sanford
    annual National Governor’s Conference in August, which was held in Charleston. HCF organized a
    private house and garden tour for the governors’ spouses, as well as a luncheon featuring garden
    speaker P. Allen Smith. Enjoying the day’s events are HCF Executive Director Kitty Robinson; P.
    Allen Smith; First Lady of Arkansas Janet Huckabee, Conference Chair; and First Lady of South
    Carolina Jenny Sanford, South Carolina Conference Hostess.

                                                                                                 Curator’s Corner
New rates, foreign languages a part
of HCF’s museum house experience
Based on the belief that
historic house museums should
be a part of every visitor’s experi-                                                             By Brandy S. Culp,
ence, Historic Charleston                                                                        Curator
Foundation has initiated a newly
discounted admission rate for
youth, ages 6 to 16. Beginning in                                                                as museums are built on the generosity
September, junior guest rates of                                                                 of their patrons, object donations and
$5 went into effect at both the                                                                  long-term loans are crucial to develop-
Nathaniel Russell and Aiken-Rhett                                                                ing strong collections. historic
houses, the Foundation’s two                                                                     Charleston Foundation’s museum
museum properties. A youth                                                                       Department is fortunate to have had
ticket to both houses is $10.
                                                                                                 the support of many dedicated patrons
     Interpretive translations of Museum Assistant Mary Taylor works on enhanced
                                       interpretive resources for visitors with mobility chal-   throughout the years which has enabled
the houses are available in French, lenges.
German and Spanish and staff is                                                                  hCF to acquire and maintain its mag-
working on a new, enhanced interpretation of the two houses’ second                              nificent collection of 18th and 19th cen-
floors for visitors with accessibility challenges.                                               tury decorative and fine arts. It is with
                                                                                                 much appreciation that we continue to
                                                                                                 receive contributions from friends of
Preservation Plan                Continued from page 1
                                                                                                 the Foundation.

effort. Page & Turnbull team member Charles Chase is a name well known                           hCF has recently acquired a donation
to many Charlestonians, as he formerly served as the city’s preservation ar-                     to enhance its outstanding decorative
chitect for more than 10 years.                                                                  arts holdings. among the gifted objects
     “The initiative for a new plan began at the Foundation, and its comple-                     is a pair of Federal side chairs with fine-
tion will be the culmination of this very special year and our gift to the city.”
                                                                                                 ly carved prince of Wales feathers,
said Kitty Robinson, Executive Director and forum moderator.
     Panelists will include Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr.; Winslow Hastie, HCF’s                     swags, tassels and water leaves decorat-
Director of Preservation; Cynthia Jenkins, Executive Director of the                             ing the back splats.The chairs are
Preservation Society of Charleston; John Hildreth, Executive Director of                         thought to have originally been in
the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Southern Office; and Eddie                         homewood, the elegant maryland resi-
Bello, City of Charleston Architect and Preservation Officer.                                    dence of Charles Carroll Jr., son of
     “Community involvement is crucial to the success of the new preserva-
                                                                                                 Charles Carroll of Carrollton, who was
tion plan,” said Katherine Saunders, Associate Director of Preservation. “We
hope that the fall Preservation Forum will be the beginning of that input                        a signer of the Declaration of
process.”                                                                                        Independence. Staff looks forward to
     Many of the recommendations in the 1974 Historic Preservation Plan                          researching the chairs to further trace
have been successfully implemented. The existence of the city’s preservation                     their exact provenance. hCF Trustees
office stems from the plan, as do height restrictions and anti-neglect ordi-                     and staff extend their thanks to mrs.
nances.                                                                                          James Carroll of the Isle of palms for
     “Charleston led the way in this initiative, and it is time to do so again.
                                                                                                 her gifts and to alice L. patrick and
We live in a different city than we did 30 years ago and the challenges to
preservation have changed accordingly. Many issues simply need to be                             Thomas R. Bennett for their assistance
refined, while new issues, like archaeology and the preservation of the city’s                   with this donation.
environs, need to be addressed,” Saunders said.
     For more information, call (843) 724-8486.
Mark Your Calendars Now!
   There’s a lot going on at historic Charleston          February 20
Foundation these days and you don’t want to miss out!         60th anniversary Spring Lecture I, 7 p.m., The
mark these important dates on your calendar….                 Charleston museum auditorium, free

october 23                                                February 26
    hCF Volunteer appreciation party, Capt. James             60th anniversary Spring Lecture II, 7 p.m., The
    missroon house, 40 east Bay Street, open to all hCF       Charleston museum auditorium, free
                                                          march 5
october 26                                                    60th anniversary Spring Lecture III, 7 p.m., The
    Walk the Walls program and walking tour, sponsored        Charleston museum auditorium, free
    by hCF’s Young Collectors, tickets $25, call 724-8486
    for ticket information                                march 15-april 14
                                                              60th annual Festival of houses and Gardens, full
November 6                                                    calendar of events and ticket information at www.
    Fall preservation Forum, 7 p.m., The Charleston 
    museum auditorium, free and open to the public
                                                          march 16-18
November 17                                                   2007 Charleston International antiques Show, full
    Charleston entertains – Secret Gardens, 2-5 p.m.,         calendar of events and ticket information at www.
    $50, call 722-3405 for ticket information        (preview party march
November 18
    Charleston entertains – authors at home, 2-5 p.m., april 24
    $50, call 722-3405                                        Charter Day/60th anniversary Celebration

         Historic cHarleston Foundation                                                                orgaNizatioN
         40 East Bay Street                                                                             U.S. PoStage
         Charleston, SC 29401                                                                         CharleStoN, SC                                                                   Permit No. 1374

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