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					  Strongsville United Church of Christ                           Church Telephone: 440-238-6697
          (Congregational)                                      Email:
          13740 Pearl Road                                  
      Strongsville, Ohio 44136                                  Fax: 440-238-3417 (Call before faxing.)
    Rev. M. Kenneth Morris, Pastor                                Worship at 10:00 A.M. on Sunday
                                             MARCH                2010             NEWSLETTER

         WORSHIP               OPPORTUNITIES                                                              MINISTERIAL MUSINGS

                                                                                            Judi Fenger, who is the Executive Director of the
             SUNDAY – MARCH 7 – 10:00 A.M.                                           Jewish Maltz Museum in Beachwood, wrote an
                 Third Sunday in Lent                                                interesting column in a recent newsletter. She wrote:
             Sermon: “Putting Christ to the Test"
              Scriptures: 1 Corinthians 10:1-13                                             “A recent study from the non-partisan Pew
                                                                                     Research Center, Global Restrictions on Religion,
                      Greeter: Linda Plain                                           shares very sobering data. A third of the world’s
                      Nursery: Linda Plain                                           countries, home to 70% of the world population, have
                   Coffee Hour: Gina Cathcart                                        high or very high restrictions on religion. There are
     After Church – Rev. Robin Schreiber on the                                      public tensions between religious group in 87% of all
  Urban Immersion – Cleveland Style (See page 4.)                                    countries of the world, and in 64%, hostilities include
_____________________________________________                                        physical violence.”

             SUNDAY – MARCH 14 – 10:00 A.M.                                                 Most of us have never experienced hostility toward
                 Fourth Sunday in Lent                                               us because of what we believe. We have always known
                                                                                     religious freedom. We have always been able to worship
                Sermon: “Love that Welcomes"                                         as we please. We have been allowed to express our
                Scriptures: Luke 15:1-3; 11b-32                                      beliefs without fear of repercussion.
              One Great Hour of Sharing Offering
                                                                                            Is that changing? Are we witnessing more attacks
            Greeter: Barb Fraunfelder                                                against churches and against people who exercise their
               Nursery: Lora Rung                                                    beliefs? Statistics show that hate crimes have increased
           Coffee Hour: Barb Franfelder                                              every year since 1990. Hate groups in America have
_____________________________________________                                        increased more than 50% in ten years.
             SUNDAY – MARCH 21 – 10:00 A.M.                                                 Lent is a good time to consider this question.
                  Fifth Sunday in Lent                                               Jesus was put to death because he dared to express
                 Sermon: “Imitate the Christ"                                        religious views that differed from the established
                Scriptures: Philippians 3:4b-4:2                                     practices of his time. He dared to challenge the status
                 Greeters: Volunteers Needed
                    Nursery: Doug Thorn                                                      Are we at risk because of what we believe?
                  Coffee Hour: Vicky Masuga
 Deadline for Easter lilies—order form on back page                                                            Ministering with you in Christ’s name,
_____________________________________________                                                                                         Kenneth Morris

             SUNDAY – MARCH 28 – 10:00 A.M.
                     Palm Sunday
      The Sunday School will meet in Pilgrim Hall                                                  ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING
          at 9:45 A.M. to process with palms.
                 Sermon: “The Lord Needs Us"                                         The annual One Great Hour of Sharing Offering will be
                   Scriptures: Luke 19:28-40                                         received during our worship service on Sunday,
                                                                                     March 14, 2010.
                 Greeters: Volunteers Needed
                    Nursery: Gina Cathcart                                           Enclosed with this newsletter are information and an
                 Coffee Hour: Rachel Morgan                                          offering envelope. Your support is greatly appreciated.

                    HELP US GROW!                               We are once again planning our Spring Plant Sale. At
                                                                this time we are planning to have the same flowers
Do you have any ideas for attracting new members to
                                                                available as last year – flats of Begonias, Impatiens,
our church? The Membership Committee of the
                                                                Marigolds and Petunias, 10” hanging baskets –
Diaconate would appreciate your input! Please let Barb
                                                                Begonias, Impatiens, Fuchsias and Boston Ferns and 4”
Fraunfelder, Cathy Hawk, Mary Mortus or Lora Rung
                                                                pots of Geraniums, and 5” pots of New Guinea
                                                                Impatiens. Delivery will be in mid-May.

                                                                More details will be in the April newsletter along with a
                                                                pre-order form. Please consider purchasing your
      Make candy – March 1, 3, 8, 10 – 9:30 a.m.                spring flowers from our sale and help support our
       Package candy – March 12 – 10:30 a.m.                    church. Also, pass along the idea to family and friends!
Sell candy – March 14 and 21 – after the church service         The flowers are very colorful and well grown. They will
                                                                look nice in individual pots or planted in beds around
       All ladies are welcome to join in on the fun!            your home or trees.

                                                                The profit is spent on church expenses as decided by the
              UCC CAMP FOR CHILDREN                             Official Board. Last year our profit was $665.50!
Information and registration forms are on the table
beneath the display in Pilgrim Hall. This year the camp         If you have questions, please contact Barb Fraunfelder at
is encouraging online registration at             440-331-3673.

For those not registering online, the registration form
must be completed and signed by a parent and
Rev. Morris. Completed forms must be returned to
Dianne Maringer by Sunday, March 28, to qualify for
                                                                                    OUR PRAYER LIST
the lowest rate.
                                                                Long-Term Care/Shut-ins: Dorothy and Bill Betz at the
                                                                Canton Regency, Don Hawk (husband of Sue and
                                                                brother of Dale) at The Villa Camillus, Mildred Hoffman
Are you the person we need? Someone who is willing to           at Century Oak Nursing Home, Josephine King at The
be in the middle of everything? Likes to know what is           Altenheim, Louetha Rieth at Sunrise Assisted Living of
going on? Well, there is an offer of an exciting position       Dresher in Pennsylvania, Lorna Robinson at Manorcare
waiting for you at Strongsville UCC!                            on Rocky River Drive in Cleveland, Erla Mae Schultz at
                                                                Elmcroft Assisted Living in Medina
As the Coordinator of Publicity, you will be the point
person at SUCC where our boards and committees                  Church Family: Virginia Bedford, Charlie Garner,
could come with news of their events and you will               Adele Lonsdale, Ginny McKenzie, Don Rebar (husband
arrange to advertise those events with external sources,        of Connie) in Florida, Doris Soucie
e.g., local newspapers, community advertising sources.
You may need to assist in the writing of some articles.         Extended Church Family: Bob Barrett, Carl Dutkig
How about it? If you are interested, please contact Barb        and Irene Fecser (relatives of the Millhoanes and
Fraunfelder, 440-331-3673.                                      Masugas), Donna Fargo (mother of Sally Herzog),
                                                                Barb Felgenhauer (aunt of Lora Rung), Karen Stockman-
                                                                Givens (cousin of Carol Woodward), Edward Miller
                   In Sympathy                                  (uncle of Betty Babics) at Shurmer Assisted Living,
                                                                Marj Szabo, Trudie Taylor (sister of Karen Morgan)
     Our love and prayers are extended in sympathy
 to Jim Heinrich and family on the passing of his father,       Please call the church office with updates for our prayer list,
          Robert Heinrich, on February 8, 2010.                                        440-238-6697.
            A memorial service will be held on

    Sunday, March 14, at 2:00 p.m. in our Sanctuary,
          followed by a luncheon in Pilgrim Hall.
           Deepest sympathy is extended also
    to the Jannsohn family on the sudden passing of
             Aimée’s brother, Peter Russ, on
                Wednesday, February 24.
                 SPRING PLANT SALE

                  STEEPLE LIGHTING

To light the steeple for a week, the minimum donation is                              Strongsville UCC
$5.00. Information and donation forms are on the
bulletin board in Pilgrim Hall. Multiple donations for the       ROAST PORK, KIELBASA & SAUERKRAUT DINNER
same week will be accepted.                                                     Saturday – March 6, 2010
                                                                           Seatings at 5:00 P.M. and 6:30 P.M.
               Week of February 7, 2010                                    Reservations Only: 440-238-6749
          In honor of Steven Daniel Renfro and                            Adults: $8.00          Ages 13-18: $6.00
             Parents Chris and Katie Renfro                             Ages 6-12: $4.00          Under 6 years: Free
         Congratulations and Welcome, Steven,
                                                                    Help is needed for the dinner. Please see the signup
                  to Our Church Family
                                                                    sheet on the bulletin board in Pilgrim Hall. For safety
          Love, Your Church Grannie and Mom
                                                                 reasons, no children under age 6 (with or without parent)
                                                                  can be helpers in any capacity during the serving hours
                                                                  of 5:00 to 7:15 p.m. Children who are 6 to 10 years old
              Week of February 14, 2010                          must have a parent helping them. Adult help is needed.
                                                                  If you will be donating bakery or helping, please sign up
                In Memory of Don Bushea                                because we cannot assume your participation.
                     Betty Bushea                                     After church on Sunday mornings, tickets may be
                                                                               purchased in the Gathering Area.
    Happy Birthday on February 18 to Barbara Craig
                   With love, Mom

   Happy Birthday to My Two Wonderful Daughters—
    Valerie L. Hopkins and Vicky L. Masuga, whose
             birthdays are today – Love ya                                            ALTAR FLOWERS
                      Love, Mom
                                                                 The Altar Flower Chart for 2010 is on the bulletin board
                                                                 in Pilgrim Hall. Please write in pencil. Beside your
              Week of February 21, 2010                          name, please indicate how many vases you want: (1) or
                                                                 (2) – or – if you are flexible – please write (1 or 2) which
      Happy Birthday on February 22 to Pam Craig                 will allow someone else to have the flowers, should they
        and on February 26 to Nadine Burnand                     want them the same day. Typically there are 2 vases on
             With love, Mom and a friend                         the altar on Sunday morning, but the church can
                                                                 accommodate up to 4 vases because the church owns 2
               In memory of little Bandit,                       extra vases. For your convenience, there are Altar
        whose angel wings have taken him Home                    Flower forms and envelopes by the chart. For the
                                                                 Sunday bulletin, your wording must be given to the
                                                                 church office by 9:00 a.m. on the Friday before the
                  Week of February 28                            Sunday you provide the flowers.

          Happy Birthday Today to Larry Wentz                    As of this writing, flowers are still available for the
                    With love, Mom                               following dates:

                                                                          March 28 – 1 vase
        Thank you to all who light our steeple!                           May 16 – 1 vase
                                                                          May 30 – 1 vase
                                                                          August 8 – 2 vases
                                                                          September 12 – 1 vase
                      THANK YOU                                           October 3 – 1 vase
                                                                          October 17 – 1 vase
         We thank you so very much for your cards,                        October 24 – 1 vase
thoughts, care and concern on the passing of Jim’s                        November 21 – 2 vases
father, Robert Heinrich, on February 8. Your support                      December 5 – 1 vase
has been wonderful.                                                       December 19 – 1 vase
                             Fondly, The Heinrich Family
                                                                 Thank you to all who provide altar flowers!

                 MISSION OUTREACH                                           CHURCH STREET MINISTRIES
The Mission Outreach Committee at its February 21               Church Street Ministries, located across the street from
meeting discussed suggested new mission projects in             Marc’s in Berea, is in need of cereal for its regular
the greater Cleveland area. The word “mission” has              distribution to clients. You may bring cereal in and place
become an energizing word since our church volunteers,          it in the box in the hallway by Pilgrim Hall.
Judy Carte and Mary Mortus, became goodwill
ambassadors to the Dominican Republic. The
congregation’s support for the work they are doing is
remarkable.                                                              PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY UPDATE
                                                                The Women’s Fellowship and I are very pleased with the
Two suggested projects – at Bethany UCC and/or
                                                                response we’ve received on this project. There are nine
Denison Avenue UCC – were considered. Both
                                                                women who have crocheted or knitted 38 shawls and lap
churches are a part of an overall program being
                                                                throws. Thank you all for your help.
sponsored by the Cuyahoga West Program District,
WRA. The program, Urban Immersion, is to get
                                                                The following persons have received a shawl or lap
acquainted with inner city life through the work in which
                                                                throw: Marg Adams, Shirley Alli, Virginia Bedford,
some of our inner-city UCC churches are involved.
                                                                Dorothy Betz, Nancy Cochran, Charlie Garner, Don
Summer work camps with young people and adults will
                                                                Hawk, Mildred Hoffman, Josephine King, Millie Lantzer,
be held.
                                                                Adele Lonsdale, Ginny McKenzie, Alice Preston, Louetha
                                                                Reith, Lorna Robinson, and Erla Mae Schultz.
On Sunday, March 7, Rev. Robin Schreiber, pastor of
Bethany UCC, will meet with all interested youth and
                                                                If you know of anyone in our church family who needs a
adults at 11:30 a.m. to explain some things we might do
                                                                shawl or lap throw, please let me know.
to help, prior to the summer work camps. Lunch will be
                                                                                                             Ruth Saylor
provided at the meeting. All interested people are
                                                                                                    Women’s Fellowship

On Tuesday, April 20, at 7:00 p.m., Denison Avenue
UCC is sponsoring an Energy Workshop, led by the San
Jose Taiko troupe (drums) – one of the oldest, most                         INTERFAITH PASSOVER MEAL
respected and spirited Taiko groups in North America.           We have been invited to attend an Interfaith Passover
Rev. Nozomi Ikuta, pastor of Denison UCC, said of it:           Seder at Fairmount Temple on the eastside of Cleveland
                                                                on Wednesday, March 24, at 7:00 p.m. If you would like
Last November I took part in a three-day workshop of            to join other church friends in attending and to carpool,
nothing but San Jose Taiko. It was a powerful immersion         please sign up on the bulletin board in the Gathering
not only in their spirit, but in the community that they        Area by the deadline of Sunday, February 28.
fostered. It was that energy and community that inspired
me to try to create (a similar group) as an empowerment
tool for the Denison community. The spirit and energy
that we experienced and unleashed together was literally            CD’S FOR THE ORGAN RESTORATION FUND
one of the peak experiences of my life.”
                                                                The sale of the Christmas Music CD’s was very
The Mission Outreach Committee is a co-sponsor of San           successful and raised even more than we expected,
Jose Taiko ($100 contribution). Tickets to support the          thanks to your generosity and donations! A terrific start
event are $10.00. Judy Carte, Erv and Grace Koch                to our ongoing CD’s that will be made available
attended a similar presention at Redeemer UCC about a           throughout the year as a fundraiser to restore our
year ago.                                                       beloved pipe organ.

                                                                The latest CD now available is our wonderful Bell Choir.
                    HAITIAN RELIEF                              This CD was recorded in Spring of 2006 by Mark
                                                                Fraunfelder. Songs include Ode to Joy by Beethoven,
The United Church of Christ is responding to the disaster       Awesome God, and other Bell Choir favorites. Take
in Haiti. As of January 25, 2010, over $500,000 has             home the spirit of Strongsville UCC with this beautiful
been received.                                                  Bell Choir music of our church!

Please be assured that contributions are being used to          CD’s are available in the Gathering Area, or ask any
meet both immediate needs in Haiti and long-term                Organ Committee member, and we’ll see that you get
recovery initiatives. You may make a donation using one         one, too.
of the pew envelopes and marking it “Haitian Relief.”


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