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The Struggle for Reform - Challenges and Hopes for Comprehensive Health Care Legislation       Page(s)
Iglehart, J.K.

Common Genetic Variation and Human Traits         Page(s) 1696-1698
Goldstein, D.B.

Genomewide Association Studies - Illuminating Biologic Pathways       Page(s) 1699-1700
Hirschhorn, J.N.

Genetic Risk Prediction - Are We There Yet?    Page(s) 1701-1704
Kraft, P. Hunter, D.J.

Coronary Bypass Surgery with or without Surgical Ventricular Reconstruction    Page(s) 1705-1717
Jones, R.H.

Genomewide Association Studies of Stroke      Page(s) 1718-1728
Ikram, M.A.

Association of HTRA1 Mutations and Familial Ischemic Cerebral Small-Vessel Disease        Page(s) 1729-
Hara, K.

Changes in the Incidence and Duration of Periods without Insurance    Page(s) 1740-1748
Cutler, D.M. Gelber, A.M.

Minimally Invasive Total Knee Arthroplasty for Osteoarthritis   Page(s) 1749-1758
Leopold, S.S.

Current Concepts: Genomewide Association Studies and Human Disease         Page(s) 1759-1768
Hardy, J. Singleton, A.

Pulmonary Arteriovenous Fistula    Page(s) 1769
Kraemer, N. Krombach, G.A.

Bilateral Subacute Subdural Hematomas     Page(s) e23
Wind, J.J. Leiphart, J.W.

A Woman with Respiratory Failure and a Cavitary Lesion in the Lung      Page(s) 1770-1780
Weinblatt, M.E. Abbott, G.F. Koreishi, A.F.
Surgical Ventricular Reconstruction for Heart Failure     Page(s) 1781-1784
Eisen, H.J.

Crohn's Disease, Autophagy, and the Paneth Cell       Page(s) 1785-1786
Klionsky, D.J.

MEDICAL JOURNAL OF AUSTRALIA Issue: 2009 Volume 190; Number 7

Cycling and health: an opportunity for positive change?       Page(s) 347
Bauman, A.E. Rissel, C.

Making sense of differing bowel cancer screening guidelines       Page(s) 348-351
Ee, H.C. Olynyk, J.K.

The high cost of drugs in the United States     Page(s) 352
Zajac, J.D.

Bicycling injuries and mortality in Victoria, 2001-2006 Page(s) 353-357
Sikic, M. Mikocka-Walus, A.A. Gabbe, B.J. McDermott, F.T. Cameron, P.A.

Use of gastrostomy tubes in older Western Australians: a population-based study of frequency, indications
and outcomes Page(s) 358-361
Calver, J. McCaul, K.A. Burmas, M. Horner, B.J. Flicker, L.

Access block: it's all about available beds Page(s) 362-363
Fatovich, D.M. Hughes, G. McCarthy, S.M.

Access block can be managed Page(s) 364-368
Cameron, P.A. Joseph, A.P. McCarthy, S.M.

Myths versus facts in emergency department overcrowding and hospital access block         Page(s) 369-374
Richardson, D.B. Mountain, D.

Interventions to circumvent intensive care access block: a retrospective 2-year study across metropolitan
Melbourne Page(s) 375-378
Duke, G.J. Buist, M.D. Pilcher, D. Scheinkestel, C.D. Santamaria, J.D. Gutteridge, G.A. Cranswick, P.J.
Ernest, D. French, C. Botha, J.A.

The direct factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban     Page(s) 379-385
Verma, A.K. Brighton, T.A.

Chromobacterium violaceum endocarditis and hepatic abscesses treated successfully with meropenem and
ciprofloxacin Page(s) 386-387
Lim, I.W.M. Stride, P.J. Horvath, R.L. Hamilton-Craig, C.R. Chau, P.P.

Pertussis prevention and treatment: a call for wider access to azithromycin      Page(s) 388-391
Bowen, A.C. Ferson, M.J. Graudins, L.V. Palasanthiran, P.

``My foot hurts'': a flare of rheumatoid arthritis?   Page(s) 392-395
Dugar, M. Rankin, W.A. Rowe, E. Smith, M.D.

Depression and anxiety with physical illness     Page(s) S49

Doctor displacement: a political agenda or a health care imperative?        Page(s) 396
Ludbrook, G.L. Maddern, G.J.
Isoniazid hypersensitivity in a child   Page(s) 397
Merritt, T.D. Massey, P.D.

Curtain cords and accidental childhood hanging        Page(s) 397
Byard, R.W.

Health information privacy and patient safety Page(s) 398
Morton, A.P. Smith, S.E. Croll, P.R. Whitby, R.M.

Rational thromboprophylaxis in medical inpatients: not quite there yet      Page(s) 398
Fletcher, J.P. MacLellan, D. Gibbs, H. Matthews, G.

What is the health service for?   Page(s) 399
James, A.E.

Effect of smoking among Indigenous and non-Indigenous mothers on preterm birth and full-term low
birthweight Page(s) 400-400
Walters, B.N.J.

BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL Issue: 2009 Number 7701

Management of lateral hip pain: Similar principles can be applied from evidence at other anatomical sites
 Page(s) 961
Bahr, R. Khan, K.

Social deprivation and poor prognosis after cardiac surgery: Targeting cardiac rehabilitation after surgery at
deprived groups is key Page(s) 962
Denvir, M.A. Zamvar, V.

Inhaled corticosteroids after respiratory syncytial virus infection: Are ineffective and should not be used to
prevent subsequent wheeze Page(s) 963
Handforth, J.

Increasing access to medicines: Antimicrobials should be a special case because of the risk of antimicrobial
resistance Page(s) 964-965
Finch, R. Garner, S.

HIV testing in primary care: UK pilots will assess provider initiated ``opt-out'' testing strategies    Page(s)
Bryce, G.

Three elderly patients died after being given inappropriate drugs, inquest finds      Page(s) 969

Drug industry protests over need to register trial results   Page(s) 969

Home birth as safe as in hospital for low risk women, study shows       Page(s) 970

UK will still publish hospital standardised mortality ratios despite criticism   Page(s) 970

Doctors warn government against removing benefits from alcoholics who refuse treatment              Page(s) 971
Doctors are asked whether ``body MOTs'' should be regulated         Page(s) 971

Amnesty fears for safety of human rights activists in Sudan       Page(s) 972

FDA puts restrictions on a clinical trial review board after secret investigation reveals faults   Page(s) 972

Meningitis toll rises as west Africa faces its worst epidemic for 10 years      Page(s) 973

Obama hopes to cut healthcare costs and increase coverage         Page(s) 973

New funding mechanism is launched to expand access to artemisinin based combination drugs            Page(s)

Patent pools: an idea whose time has come        Page(s) 974

WHO policy on snakebite treatment may result in more deaths          Page(s) 975-975

Fighting a lost cause?   Page(s) 978
Martyn, C.

Doctors as leaders: Next week, the BMJ and the King's Fund will hold a debate asking if doctors have
neglected their duty to lead the NHS Page(s) 979
Imison, C. Giordano, R.W.

This house believes doctors are neglecting their duty to lead health service change      Page(s) 980-982
Maynard, A. Mountford, J. Cave, J. Goldman, M.

Using financial incentives to achieve healthy behaviour        Page(s) 983-1012
Marteau, T. Ashcroft, R. Oliver, A.

It's time to put the placebo out of our misery    Page(s) 1015
Nunn, R.

Deaf Sentence    Page(s) 1016
Quin, J.

The cup of immoderation      Page(s) 1017
Dalrymple, T.

Rigoletto Page(s) 1017-1017
Greenhalgh, T.

Mental illness-not a laughing matter    Page(s) 1002

Comparison of fluoroscopically guided and blind corticosteroid injections for greater trochanteric pain
syndrome: multicentre randomised controlled trial Page(s) 986-988
Cohen, S.P. Strassels, S.A. Foster, L. Marvel, J. Williams, K. Crooks, M. Gross, A. Kurihara, C. Nguyen,
C. Williams, N.

Social deprivation and prognostic benefits of cardiac surgery: observational study of 44 902 patients from
five hospitals over 10 years Page(s) 989-991
Pagano, D. Freemantle, N. Bridgewater, B. Howell, N. Ray, D. Jackson, M. Fabri, B.M. Au, J. Keenan, D.
Kirkup, B.

Baseline self reported functional health and vulnerability to post-traumatic stress disorder after combat
deployment: prospective US military cohort study Page(s) 992-995
LeardMann, C.A. Smith, T.C. Smith, B. Wells, T.S. Ryan, M.A.K. Millennium Cohort Study Team

The effect of high dose inhaled corticosteroids on wheeze in infants after respiratory syncytial virus
infection: randomised double blind placebo controlled trial Page(s) 996
Ermers, M.J.J. Rovers, M.M. van Woensel, J.B. Kimpen, J.L.L. Bont, L.J. RSV Corticosteroid Study

Improving quality of mother-infant relationship and infant attachment in socioeconomically deprived
community in South Africa: randomised controlled trial Page(s) 997
Cooper, P.J. Tomlinson, M. Swartz, L. Landman, M. Molteno, C. Stein, A. McPherson, K. Murray, L.

Clopidogrel in acute coronary syndromes        Page(s) 998-1002
Chua, D. Ignaszewski, A.

Diagnosis in general practice: Diagnostic strategies used in primary care Page(s) 1003-1005
Heneghan, C. Glasziou, P. Thompson, M. Rose, P. Balla, J. Lasserson, D. Scott, C. Perera, R.

Diagnosis in general practice: Excluding serious illness in feverish children in primary care: restricted rule-
out method for diagnosis Page(s) 1006-1008
Thompson, M.J. Harnden, A. Del Mar, C.

Guidelines: Diarrhoea and vomiting caused by gastroenteritis in children under 5 years: summary of NICE
guidance Page(s) 1009-1012
Khanna, R. Lakhanpaul, M. Burman-Roy, S. Murphy, M.S. Guideline Development Group and the
technical team

LANCET -LONDON- Issue: 2009 VOL 373; NUMBER 9672

Health slips as the financial crisis grips   Page(s) 1311
The, L.

When is therapy therapy?      Page(s) 1312
The, L.

UK alcohol policy: a costly decision for public health      Page(s) 1312
The, L.

Can the polypill save the world from heart disease?      Page(s) 1313-1314
Cannon, C. P.

Should the CD4 threshold for starting ART be raised?        Page(s) 1314-1316
Wood, R. Lawn, S. D.

Prevention of diabetic retinopathy     Page(s) 1316-1318
Einarsdottir, A. B. Stefansson, E.
GFR shot by RIFLE: errors in staging acute kidney injury      Page(s) 1318-1319
Pickering, J. W. Endre, Z. H.

Public disclosure of clinical research Page(s) 1319-1320
Strahlman, E. Rockhold, F. Freeman, A.

Interference, intimidation, and measuring mortality in war    Page(s) 1320-1322
Mills, E. J. Burkle, F. M.

Launch of the health-care reform plan in China     Page(s) 1322-1324
Chen, Z.

A call for research papers from China     Page(s) 1324
Chen, L. Horton, R. Summerskill, W.

Obama administration may flat-line funding for PEPFAR        Page(s) 1325
Zwillich, T.

The drug price is right-or is it?   Page(s) 1326-1327
Siva, N.

Ministerial meeting agrees plan for tuberculosis control    Page(s) 1328
Cheng, M. H.

Sutras on AIDS in India     Page(s) 1329-1330
Dube, S.

Intimate interstices   Page(s) 1330
Martin, C.

Michael Rawlins: doing the NICE thing        Page(s) 1331
Morris, K.

Silas Weir Mitchells The Case of George Dedlow Page(s) 1332-1333
Bourke, J.

Philip Alexander Poole-Wilson       Page(s) 1334
Watts, G.

Stigma and schizophrenia      Page(s) 1335
Olabi, B.

Stigma and schizophrenia Page(s) 1335
Chen, S. Zhang, W. Zhang, J.

Stigma and schizophrenia Page(s) 1335-1336
Karidi, M. Theleritis, C. Stefanis, N.

Stigma and schizophrenia      Page(s) 1336
van Zelst, C.

Stigma and schizophrenia - Authors reply Page(s) 1336-1337
Thornicroft, G. Brohan, E. Rose, D. Sartorius, N. Leese, M.

Health care for detainees    Page(s) 1337
Arnold, F.
Health care for detainees   Page(s) 1337-1338
Gatherer, A. Fraser, A.

Negative and positive effects of trade on health    Page(s) 1338
Bovet, P. Paccaud, F.

Alcohol misuse: local innovations are also important Page(s) 1338-1339
Mackenzie, G. Forbes, G. Scott, M. Ferguson, M. Davis, H.

Smoking cessation: learning from experience        Page(s) 1339
Daube, M.

GSK: please extend patent pool to AIDS drugs        Page(s) 1339
Douste-Blazy, P. Bermudez, J.

Enjoying and enduring: groups reading aloud for wellbeing         Page(s) 1339-1340
Neelon, F. A.

Chagas disease 100 years after its discovery    Page(s) 1340
Igreja, R. P.

Department of Error    Page(s) 1340

Department of Error    Page(s) 1340

Effects of a polypill (Polycap) on risk factors in middle-aged individuals without cardiovascular disease
(TIPS): a phase II, double-blind, randomised trial Page(s) 1341-1351

Timing of initiation of antiretroviral therapy in AIDS-free HIV-1-infected patients: a collaborative analysis
of 18 HIV cohort studies Page(s) 1352-1363

Effect of calcium dobesilate on occurrence of diabetic macular oedema (CALDIRET study): randomised,
double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre trial Page(s) 1364-1371
Haritoglou, C. Gerss, J. Sauerland, C. Kampik, A. Ulbig, M. W.

Suicide Page(s) 1372-1381
Hawton, K. van Heeringen, K.

Mitral regurgitation Page(s) 1382-1394
Enriquez-Sarano, M. Akins, C. W. Vahanian, A.

Donors roles in building of global public goods in health    Page(s) 1395-1397
Gupta, M. D. Gostin, L.

Fast-in, fast-out Page(s) 1398
Hefele, B. Naumann, N. Trollmann, R. Dittrich, K. Rascher, W.


Ounces of Prevention - The Public Policy Case for Taxes on Sugared Beverages          Page(s) 1805-1807
Brownell, K.D. Frieden, T.R.
Global Health: Rationing Antiretroviral Therapy in Africa - Treating Too Few, Too Late     Page(s) 1808-
Ford, N. Mills, E. Calmy, A.

Dronedarone for Atrial Fibrillation - An Odyssey   Page(s) 1811-1814
Zimetbaum, P.J.

Effect of Early versus Deferred Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV on Survival   Page(s) 1815-1826
Kitahata, M.M.

Telaprevir with Peginterferon and Ribavirin for Chronic HCV Genotype 1 Infection       Page(s) 1827-1838
McHutchison, J.G.

Telaprevir and Peginterferon with or without Ribavirin for Chronic HCV Infection      Page(s) 1839-1850
Hezode, C.

A Randomized Trial of Rosuvastatin in the Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism          Page(s) 1851-1861
Glynn, R.J.

Asthma in Pregnancy Page(s) 1862-1869
Schatz, M. Dombrowski, M.P.

Medical Progress: Aspergillosis   Page(s) 1870-1884
Segal, B.H.

Familial Hypercholesterolemia     Page(s) 1885
Li, S.G.

Chvostek's Sign and Carpopedal Spasm     Page(s) e24
Athappan, G. Ariyamuthu, V.K.

A Man with Chest Pain, Dysphagia, and Pleural and Mediastinal Calcifications    Page(s) 1886-1896
Gaissert, H.A. Piyavisetpat, N. Mark, E.J.

When to Start Antiretroviral Therapy - Ready When You Are?        Page(s) 1897-1898
Sax, P.E. Baden, L.R.

A Step Forward in Therapy for Hepatitis C     Page(s) 1899-1901
Hoofnagle, J.H.

Management of Incidental HCV Infection Page(s) 1902-1906
Afdhal, N.H. Lok, A.S.F. Di Bisceglie, A.M.


How to measure success in treating chronic leg ulcers   Page(s) 1021
Gray, J.E. Leaper, D. Harding, K.

At what age should cervical screening stop?   Page(s) 1022
Strander, B.

Improving relatives' consent to organ donation   Page(s) 1023
Shafer, T.J.
The 2009 budget and the NHS      Page(s) 1024
Ham, C.

A single search can find any article published in the BMJ since 1840       Page(s) 1025-1026
Delamothe, T.

Cauda equina syndrome      Page(s) 1027

Surgery for breast cancer; Standardised mortality ratios     Page(s) 1028-1028

Nicotine replacement therapy; Tea and cancer      Page(s) 1030

WHO raises level of alert on flu pandemic as disease spreads      Page(s) 1031

NHS told to make efficiency savings of GBP 2.3bn         Page(s) 1032

Health department to cut infant deaths     Page(s) 1033

Germany reviews policy on HPV vaccine         Page(s) 1034

Germany bans fetus tests for adult onset illnesses     Page(s) 1035

Rwanda vaccine drive for pneumococcal disease          Page(s) 1036-1037

What's new in the other general journals    Page(s) 1038-1039

Brain connections: Ideas that a map of brain function could be clinically useful fell out of fashion many
years ago, but new imaging technology is resurrecting them Page(s) 1040-1041
Watts, G.

The death of DNR     Page(s) 1043
Sokol, D.

Eliminating Chagas disease: challenges and a roadmap         Page(s) 1044-1046
Reithinger, R.

A dent in our sobriety   Page(s) 1081
Shawcross, D.L.

A capital gain for the world's poor?    Page(s) 1082
Groves, T.

Deafening silences   Page(s) 1083
Dalrymple, T.
Secret Remedies: What They Cost and What They Contain           Page(s) 1083-1083
Till, M.

Larval therapy for leg ulcers (VenUS II): randomised controlled trial Page(s) 1047-1049
Dumville, J.C. Worthy, G. Bland, J.M. Cullum, N. Dowson, C. Iglesias, C. Mitchell, J.L. Nelson, E.A.
Soares, M.O. Torgerson, D.J.

Cost effectiveness analysis of larval therapy for leg ulcers Page(s) 1050-1053
Soares, M.O. Iglesias, C.P. Bland, J.M. Cullum, N. Dumville, J.C. Nelson, E.A. Torgerson, D.J. Worthy, G.
VenUS II team

Four layer bandage compared with short stretch bandage for venous leg ulcers: systematic review and
meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials with data from individual patients Page(s) 1054-1057
O Meara, S. Tierney, J. Cullum, N. Bland, J.M. Franks, P.J. Mole, T. Scriven, M.

Incidence of cervical cancer after several negative smear results by age 50: prospective observational study
  Page(s) 1058-1060
Rebolj, M. van Ballegooijen, M. Lynge, E. Looman, C. Essink-Bot, M.-L. Boer, R. Habbema, D.

Modifiable factors influencing relatives' decision to offer organ donation: systematic review     Page(s)
Simpkin, A.L. Robertson, L.C. Barber, V.S. Young, J.D.

Cardiac resynchronisation therapy for chronic heart failure    Page(s) 1064-1069
Cubbon, R.M. Witte, K.K.A.

Rational testing: Investigating hirsutism   Page(s) 1070-1071
Sathyapalan, T. Atkin, S.L.

Practice pointer: ``I need a note, doctor'': dealing with requests for medical reports about patients   Page(s)
Toon, P.D.

Drug point: Topiramate can induce hypoadrenalism in patients taking oral corticosteroid replacement
  Page(s) 1076
Jacob, K. Trainer, P.J.

Lesson of the week: Diabetic ketoacidosis caused by exposure of insulin pump to heat and sunlight
  Page(s) 1077-1078
Pryce, R.

LANCET -LONDON- Issue: 2009 VOL 373; NUMBER 9673

Medical emergency in Sri Lanka      Page(s) 1399
The, L.

How ethical are for-profit institutional review boards?    Page(s) 1400
The, L.

Resistance to the Affordable Medicines Facility for malaria?     Page(s) 1400
The, L.

Advancing care for acute heart failure-no time to relax    Page(s) 1401-1402
Hernandez, A. F. Granger, C. B.
Emergence of clinical vascular tissue engineering     Page(s) 1402-1404
Mironov, V. Kasyanov, V.

Seguro Popular in Mexico: is premature evaluation healthy?         Page(s) 1404-1405
Victora, C. G. Peters, D. H.

Ideas and ideals: ethical basis of health reform in Mexico      Page(s) 1406-1408
Frenk, J. Gomez-Dantes, O.

Whole-body CT in multiple trauma       Page(s) 1408-1409
Fabian, T. C.

Malaria: 2 years in the fast lane   Page(s) 1409-1411
Feachem, R. G. Phillips, A. A.

A vaccine against malaria: a substantial step forward       Page(s) 1411-1412
Moorthy, V. Smith, P. G. Kieny, M. P.

Italy urged to give end-of-life bill more time for debate     Page(s) 1413
Paterlini, M.

Novartis under fire for accepting new reward for old drug       Page(s) 1414
Anderson, T.

Outlook hazy for smoking rates in the USA       Page(s) 1415
Barclay, E.

North Korea halts foreign food-aid programme        Page(s) 1416
Yim, E. S.

Women in medicine-whatever next?        Page(s) 1417-1418
Dacre, J.

Tales from Tapologo     Page(s) 1418
Shetty, P.

Bob Snow: championing malaria in Africa         Page(s) 1419
Das, P.

Human papillomavirus, abstinence, and the other risks        Page(s) 1420-1421
Gilman, M. Gilman, S. L. Johns, M. M.

Charles Lieber    Page(s) 1422
Snyder, A.

Glycaemic control in paediatric critical care    Page(s) 1423
Zuurbier, C. J. Bos, A. P. van Wezel, H. B.

Glycaemic control in paediatric critical care    Page(s) 1423
Preissig, C. Rigby, M.

Glycaemic control in paediatric critical care Page(s) 1423-1424
Joosten, K. Verbruggen, S. C. Verhoeven, J. J.

Glycaemic control in paediatric critical care - Authors reply Page(s) 1424
Van den Berghe, G. Vlasselaers, D. Desmet, L. Vanhorebeek, I. Mesotten, D.
Ethical criteria for allocating health-care resources    Page(s) 1424-1425
Baker, T. Baker, P.

Ethical criteria for allocating health-care resources    Page(s) 1425
Gandjour, A.

Ethical criteria for allocating health-care resources - Authors reply   Page(s) 1425-1426
Persad, G. Wertheimer, A. Emanuel, E. J.

PTC124 for cystic fibrosis    Page(s) 1426
Goodier, J. L. Mayer, J.

PTC124 for cystic fibrosis - Authors reply Page(s) 1426-1427
Kerem, E. Kerem, B. Welch, E. M. Trotta, C. Weetall, M. Miller, L. Jacobson, A. Peltz, S. W.

Humanitarian crisis in Vanni, Sri Lanka      Page(s) 1427
Agampodi, S.

Assessment of childhood immunisation coverage           Page(s) 1427-1428
Wiysonge, C. S. Ofal, J.

Assessment of childhood immunisation coverage           Page(s) 1428
Aaby, P. Benn, C. S.

Department of Error     Page(s) 1428

Relaxin for the treatment of patients with acute heart failure (Pre-RELAX-AHF): a multicentre,
randomised, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, dose-finding phase IIb study Page(s) 1429-1439
Teerlink, J. R. Metra, M. Felker, G. M. Ponikowski, P. Voors, A. A. Weatherley, B. D. Marmor, A. Katz,
A. Grzybowski, J. Unemori, E.

Effectiveness of haemodialysis access with an autologous tissue-engineered vascular graft: a multicentre
cohort study Page(s) 1440-1446
McAllister, T. N. Maruszewski, M. Garrido, S. A. Wystrychowski, W. Dusserre, N. Marini, A. Zagalski, K.
Fiorillo, A. Avila, H. Manglano, X.

Public policy for the poor? A randomised assessment of the Mexican universal health insurance programme
 Page(s) 1447-1454
King, G. Gakidou, E. Imai, K. Lakin, J. Moore, R. T. Nall, C. Ravishankar, N. Vargas, M. Tellez-Rojo, M.
M. Avila, J. E.

Effect of whole-body CT during trauma resuscitation on survival: a retrospective, multicentre study
 Page(s) 1455-1461
Huber-Wagner, S. Lefering, R. Qvick, L. M. Korner, M. Kay, M. V. Pfeifer, K. J. Reiser, M. Mutschler, W.
Kanz, K. G.

Green urine Page(s) 1462
Leclercq, P. Loly, C. Delanaye, P. Garweg, C. Lambermont, B.

Early breast cancer Page(s) 1463-1479
Benson, J. R. Jatoi, I. Keisch, M. Esteva, F. J. Makris, A. Jordan, V. C.

Coeliac disease Page(s) 1480-1493
Di Sabatino, A. Corazza, G. R.
Painless jaundice with serial multi-organ dysfunction Page(s) 1494
Khosroshahi, A. Stone, J. R. Pratt, D. S. Deshpande, V. Stone, J. H.


Does Comparative-Effectiveness Research Threaten Personalized Medicine?       Page(s) 1925-1926
Garber, A.M. Tunis, S.R.

Debate about Funding Comparative-Effectiveness Research      Page(s) 1927-1928
Avorn, J.

The Neglected Purpose of Comparative-Effectiveness Research      Page(s) 1929-1932
Naik, A.D. Petersen, L.A.

Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of Drug-Eluting versus Bare-Metal Stents in Sweden        Page(s) 1933-1945
James, S.K.

Paclitaxel-Eluting Stents versus Bare-Metal Stents in Acute Myocardial Infarction    Page(s) 1946-1959
Stone, G.W.

Epilepsy, Ataxia, Sensorineural Deafness, Tubulopathy, and KCNJ10 Mutations         Page(s) 1960-1970
Bockenhauer, D.

Brief Report: STIM1 Mutation Associated with a Syndrome of Immunodeficiency and Autoimmunity
  Page(s) 1971-1980
Picard, C.

Vaccine Refusal, Mandatory Immunization, and the Risks of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases       Page(s)
Omer, S.B.

Mechanisms of Disease: Scleroderma Page(s) 1989-2003
Gabrielli, A. Avvedimento, E.V. Krieg, T.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm      Page(s) 2004
Al-Omran, M. Aljabri, B.

Fecaliths in Crohn's Disease   Page(s) e25
Liman, A.K. Zbytek, B.

A Red Flag   Page(s) 2005-2011
Fazel, R.

EDITORIAL: Membrane Physiology-Bridging the Gap between Medical Disciplines             Page(s) 2012-2014
Bleich, M.

New York City's War on Fat     Page(s) 2015-2020
Mello, M.M.

The Origins of Brown Adipose Tissue     Page(s) 2021-2023
Enerback, S.

Fractional Flow Reserve for Guiding PCI      Page(s) 2024-2026
Coronary Angiography by 64-Row CT         Page(s) 2027-2030

Glucose Control and Vascular Complications in Type 2 Diabetes       Page(s) 2031

Air Pollution and Life Expectancy     Page(s) 2032-2033

Blood-Pressure Measurement       Page(s) 2034

Developing Unbiased Diagnostic and Treatment Guidelines in Psychiatry       Page(s) 2035-2036

QJM -OXFORD- Issue: 2009 VOL 102; NUMBER 5

Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis amongst the ethnic Asians living in the west;an important entity to consider
in the hospital setting Page(s) 361-362
Sinharay, R.

Expenditure and value for money: the challenge of implantable cardioverter defibrillators   Page(s) 349-
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A chance meeting     Page(s) 365-366
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Antioxidant treatment for heart failure: friend or foe   Page(s) 305-310
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Metastatic calcinosis cutis   Page(s) 359-359
Chung, S. D.

Cappuccio response to correspondence      Page(s) 363-364
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Sitting and standing blood pressure measurements are not accurate for the diagnosis of orthostatic
hypotension Page(s) 335-339
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Oral antioxidant supplementation does not prevent acute mountain sickness: double blind, randomized
placebo-controlled trial Page(s) 341-348
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Osteoarticular tuberculosis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus   Page(s) 321-328
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Retrospective analysis of Healthcare Resource Group coding allocation for local anaesthetic video-assisted
`medical' thoracoscopy in a UK tertiary respiratory centre Page(s) 329-333
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Voodoo dolls and the cancer patient: patients do trust their doctors Page(s) 311-319
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Microcytic anaemia can `mask' co-existing cobalamin deficiency        Page(s) 362-363
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Elements: In this months issue    Page(s) 303-304
Bannon, M.

Haemodynamic changes in acute opiate withdrawal         Page(s) 357-357
Stuart Reece, A.


Eating disorders in younger children: current issues and unanswered questions      Page(s) 403
Hay, P.J.

Coeliac disease: to screen or not to screen, that is the question   Page(s) 404-405
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Liaison between public hospital staff and the pharmaceutical industry: guidance from the NSW Therapeutic
Advisory Group Page(s) 406
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Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry: time for a national policy?      Page(s) 407-409
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Burden of eating disorders in 5-13-year-old children in Australia     Page(s) 410-415
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Perinatal exposure to HIV among children born in Australia, 1982-2006 Page(s) 416-420
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The Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases guidelines for the diagnosis, management and prevention
of infections in recently arrived refugees: an abridged outline Page(s) 421-425
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Guidelines Writing Group

The natural history of vitamin D deficiency in African refugees living in Sydney      Page(s) 426-428
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Screening for coeliac disease using anti-tissue transglutaminase antibody assays, and prevalence of the
disease in an Australian community Page(s) 429-432
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Interprofessional education in health sciences: the University of Queensland Health Care Team Challenge
  Page(s) 433-436
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Alcohol taxation policy in Australia: public health imperatives for action Page(s) 437-439
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How can we prevent and treat cardiogenic shock in patients who present to non-tertiary hospitals with
myocardial infarction? A systematic review Page(s) 440-445
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Genesis of medical thromboprophylaxis guidelines in Australia: a need for transparency and
standardisation in guideline development Page(s) 446-449
Millar, J.A.
Commentary Page(s) 450
Fletcher, J.P.

Prolonged varicella viraemia and streptococcal toxic shock syndrome following varicella vaccination of a
health care worker Page(s) 451-453
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Sore throat: a trivial complaint masking a life-threatening condition   Page(s) 454-455
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Quality of Australian clinical guidelines and relevance to the care of older people with multiple comorbid
conditions Page(s) 459-459
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Patients expect transparency in doctors' relationships with the pharmaceutical industry   Page(s) 459
Cole, C.H.

Patients expect transparency in doctors' relationships with the pharmaceutical industry   Page(s) 460
Dalton, B.S. Richards, D.J.

Patients expect transparency in doctors' relationships with the pharmaceutical industry   Page(s) 460
Tattersall, M.H.N. Dimoska, A.

What changes are needed to the current direction and interpretation of clinical cancer research to meet the
needs of the 21st century? Page(s) 461
Gandhi, M.K.

What changes are needed to the current direction and interpretation of clinical cancer research to meet the
needs of the 21st century? Page(s) 461
Olver, I.N. Haines, I.E.

Dealing with ``rogue'' medical students: we need a nationally consistent approach based on ``case law''
 Page(s) 461
Abrahamson, S.J.

Influenza, marksmanship and the last gasps of the Great War     Page(s) 462
Inglis, T.J.J.

The medical and retrieval costs of road crashes in rural and remote northern Queensland, 2004-2007:
findings from the Rural and Remote Road Safety Study Page(s) 462
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The medical and retrieval costs of road crashes in rural and remote northern Queensland, 2004-2007:
findings from the Rural and Remote Road Safety Study Page(s) 463
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Safety of nanoparticles in sunscreens   Page(s) 463
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Knowing - or not knowing - when to stop: cognitive decline in ageing doctors     Page(s) 464-464
Fenwick, D.G.

Clinical, electrophysiological and genetic features of a large Australian family with paramyotonia
congenita (Med J Aust 2009; 190: 334-336) Page(s) 456
Tonsillar swelling: always a simple diagnosis? Page(s) 457
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Ten questions you must ask your doctor       Page(s) 436-455
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Fixing sex. Intersex, medical authority, and lived experience     Page(s) 456-456
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Dexamethasone and Postoperative Bleeding After Tonsillectomy in Children Page(s) 1764
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Effect of a Housing and Case Management Program on Emergency Department Visits and Hospitalizations
Among Chronically Ill Homeless Adults: A Randomized Trial Page(s) 1771-1778
Sadowski, L.S. Kee, R.A. VanderWeele, T.J. Buchanan, D.

Incidence of and Outcomes Associated With Ventricular Tachycardia or Fibrillation in Patients Undergoing
Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Page(s) 1779
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C.B. APEX AMI Investigators

Microalbuminuria and Risk of Venous Thromboembolism Page(s) 1790
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The Social Face of Economic Growth: China's Health System in Transition          Page(s) 1809-1810
Ho, C.S. Gostin, L.O.

Employment and US Health Care Reform: Saving Jobs While Cutting Costs            Page(s) 1811-1813
Sessions, S.Y. Detsky, A.S.

Incremental Health Care Reform       Page(s) 1814-1815
Brennan, T.A. Mello, M.M.

Health Care Reform: Beyond Ideology        Page(s) 1816
Orentlicher, D.

Assessing Authority Page(s) 1819
Rennie, D. Chalmers, I.

A 51-Year-Old Woman With Acute Onset of Facial Pressure, Rhinorrhea, and Tooth Pain: Review of
Acute Rhinosinusitis Page(s) 1798-1807
Hwang, P.H.

Update: A 60-Year-Old Woman With Atrial Fibrillation         Page(s) 1808-1821
Mattson-DiCecca, A.A. Reynolds, E.

A Woman Holding a Pink        Page(s) 1744
Cole, T.B.

Dinosaurs Page(s) 1746
Basile, M.A.
Giving Up Page(s) 1747-1831
Cripe, L.D.

Salvage in Life-insurance    Page(s) 1832

Housing the Chronically Homeless: High Hopes, Complex Realities           Page(s) 1822-1824
Kertesz, S.G. Weiner, S.J.

Guideline Supports Long-term Use of Medication to Lower Prostate Cancer Risk         Page(s) 1753-1757

Intake Recommendations to Adults-United States, 1999-2006 Increase in Coccidioidomycosis-California,
2000-2007 Page(s) 1759


Swine flu Fragile health systems will make surveillance and mitigation a challenge       Page(s) 1087
Coker, R.

Prescribing antibiotics for acute cough in primary care Can be reduced by improving communication and
measuring CRP Page(s) 1088
Hay, A.D. Juttner, K.V.

Childhood disability and social policies Thinking needs to extend beyond biomedical dimensions of disease
 Page(s) 1089
Rosenbaum, P.

Diagnosis and treatment of primary hypothyroidism New guidance highlights how to do it in primary care
 Page(s) 1090
Allahabadia, A. Razvi, S. Abraham, P. Franklyn, J.

Unemployment and health Health benefits vary according to the method of reducing unemployment
 Page(s) 1091-1092
Dorling, D.

Quality in primary health care; European Working Time Directive; ``I want to see the consultant''       Page(s)

English schools close as confirmed flu cases rise    Page(s) 1095

Staff shortages persist at troubled Mid Staffordshire trust   Page(s) 1095

NICE launches portal for professionals to access evidence      Page(s) 1096

Global aid agencies boost support to poorer nations to fight flu threat   Page(s) 1096

Rheumatoid arthritis patients should be referred more swiftly    Page(s) 1097
European flu toll reaches 107 confirmed cases       Page(s) 1097

Polyclinics could be focus of care for offenders with mental health problems, report says   Page(s) 1098

Health minister Ara Darzi pushes innovation in the NHS          Page(s) 1098

Darzi opens first of London's polyclinics       Page(s) 1098

Lung cancer treatment in UK lags behind other countries         Page(s) 1099

Doctors do pull their weight in changing NHS, debate decides         Page(s) 1099

US institute of Medicine report calls for an end to firms' drug and device promotion to doctors    Page(s)

Hanumappa Sudarshan: the quiet reformer who has set up health services for 600 000 people         Page(s)

Indian doctor starts his third year in prison    Page(s) 1101-1101

YANKEE DOODLING: No gifts, please, we're doctors               Page(s) 1103
Kamerow, D.

Influenza A/H1N1: questions and answers The pandemic alert level has been raised to phase 5-just one
level short of a full pandemic-by the World Health Organization. As influenza A/H1N1 spreads quickly
from its origins in Mexico, Rebecca Coombes assesses the threat and our levels of protection Page(s)

Open government? Researchers are turning to the Freedom of Information Act to shed light on health
policy decisions, but, as Jane Cassidy reports, getting data is not always straightforward Page(s) 1106-

Is the private sector better value for money than the NHS? A Scottish case study The value for money of
work contracted out to independent sector treatment centres has been hard to assess. Allyson Pollock and
Graham Kirkwood look at data from the only such centre in Scotland Page(s) 1108-1111

The flu epidemic in Mexico: the challenges for doctors         Page(s) 1147
Sotelo, J. Perez-Padilla, R.

The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care       Page(s) 1148
Ham, C.

An impossible woman       Page(s) 1149
Dalrymple, T.
Clinical Examination    Page(s) 1149
Warriner, D.

Mexican standoff    Page(s) 1150-1150
Spence, D.

Of rabbit and humble pie    Page(s) 1150-1150
Moore, W.

Effect of point of care testing for C reactive protein and training in communication skills on antibiotic use
in lower respiratory tract infections: cluster randomised trial Point of care testing reduced Dutch general
practitioners' prescribing of antibiotics from 53% of patients to 31% Page(s) 1112-1115
Cals, J.W.L. Butler, C.C. Hopstaken, R.M. Hood, K. Dinant, G.-J.

Participation in life situations of 8-12 year old children with cerebral palsy: cross sectional European study
Among 1174 children in nine European regions, those with pain and greater impairments were most likely
to miss out on normal daily and social activities, although those in east Denmark were the least excluded
  Page(s) 1116-1121
Fauconnier, J. Dickinson, H.O. Beckung, E. Marcelli, M. McManus, V. Michelsen, S.I. Parkes, J.
Parkinson, K.N. Thyen, U. Arnaud, C.

Sociodemographic variations in the contribution of secondary drug prevention to stroke survival at middle
and older ages: cohort study In nearly 13 000 patients who had strokes between 1995-2005 in England only
a quarter of men and a fifth of women got the appropriate drugs in primary care, with those aged over 80
markedly less likely to receive lipid lowering drugs Page(s) 1122-1126
Raine, R. Wong, W. Ambler, G. Hardoon, S. Petersen, I. Morris, R. Bartley, M. Blane, D.

Meeting information needs of patients with incurable progressive disease and their families in South Africa
and Uganda: multicentre qualitative study Interviews with seriously ill patients and their caregivers in sub-
Saharan Africa reveals that they are rarely provided with adequate information about their disease and its
prognosis Page(s) 1127-1131
Selman, L. Higginson, I.J. Agupio, G. Dinat, N. Downing, J. Gwyther, L. Mashao, T. Mmoledi, K. Moll,
A.P. Sebuyira, L.M.

Effect of guideline based computerised decision support on decision making of multidisciplinary teams:
cluster randomised trial in cardiac rehabilitation pico Providing computerised decision support to teams
working in cardiac rehabilitation helped them to adhere to guideline recommendations Page(s) 1132
Goud, R. de Keizer, N.F. Riet, G.t. Wyatt, J.C. Hasman, A. Hellemans, I.M. Peek, N.

Kawasaki disease Page(s) 1133-1138
Harnden, A. Takahashi, M. Burgner, D.

The competent novice: How to handle stress and look after your mental health Junior doctors can take
action to avoid stress and depression associated with their workload. This article explains how, and gives
advice on who to seek help from if the need arises Page(s) 1139-1142
Iversen, A. Rushforth, B. Forrest, K.

10-minute consultation: Request for slimming tablets     Page(s) 1143-1144
Mercer, S.W. Lean, M.E.J.


Effects of Home-Based Diet and Exercise on Functional Outcomes Among Older, Overweight Long-term
Cancer Survivors: RENEW: A Randomized Controlled Trial Page(s) 1883-1891
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Demark-Wahnefried, W.

Circulating Estradiol and Mortality in Men With Systolic Chronic Heart Failure Page(s) 1892-1901
Jankowska, E.A. Rozentryt, P. Ponikowska, B. Hartmann, O. Kustrzycka-Kratochwil, D. Reczuch, K.
Nowak, J. Borodulin-Nadzieja, L. Polonski, L. Banasiak, W.

Policies on Donation After Cardiac Death at Children's Hospitals: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of Variation
 Page(s) 1902-1908
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Oversimplifying Primary Care Supply and Shortages     Page(s) 1920-1921
Freed, G.L. Stockman, J.A.

The Chasm Between Intention and Achievement in Primary Care        Page(s) 1922-1924
Baron, R.J.

Grow the US National Health Service Corps      Page(s) 1925-1926
Saxton, J.F. Johns, M.M.E.

Aspirin and Secondary Prevention in Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Perspective for the Early 21st Century
 Page(s) 1927-1928
McDermott, M.M. Criqui, M.H.

Commitment to Care for the Community        Page(s) 1929-1930
DeAngelis, C.D.

Retraction: Cheng B-Q, et al. Chemoembolization combined with radiofrequency ablation for patients with
hepatocellular carcinoma larger than 3 cm: a randomized controlled trial. JAMA. 2008;299(14):1669-1677
  Page(s) 1931
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Aspirin for the Prevention of Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease: A Meta-
analysis of Randomized Trials Page(s) 1909-1919
Berger, J.S. Krantz, M.J. Kittelson, J.M. Hiatt, W.R.

Spring Storm Approaching     Page(s) 1857
Torpy, J.M.

Biopsy Page(s) 1858-1859
Skillman, J.A.

Beyond the Numbers     Page(s) 1860-1940
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Biosecurity in the Global Age: Biological Weapons, Public Health, and the Rule of Law (Gostin, Fidler)
 Page(s) 1932-1938
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Uncommon Causes of Stroke (Caplan, Bogousslavsky, eds)       Page(s) 1932-1938
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Kidney Transplantation: Principles and Practice (Morris, Knechtle, eds)   Page(s) 1932-1938
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Atlas of Gross Pathology With Histologic Correlation (Rose)     Page(s) 1932-1938
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Understanding Assisted Suicide: Nine Issues to Consider (Mitchell)     Page(s) 1932-1938
Duling, R.

The Last Alcoholic Days of F. Scott Fitzgerald    Page(s) 1939-1941
Markel, H.


Picking the Right Poison - Options for Funding Health Care Reform       Page(s) 2045-2047
Oberlander, J.

Medicare and HMOs - The Search for Accountability       Page(s) 2048-2049
Kronick, R.

Globalized Clinical Trials and Informed Consent     Page(s) 2050-2054
Annas, G.J.

Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Older Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer           Page(s) 2055-2065
Muss, H.B.

Effect of Clopidogrel Added to Aspirin in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation   Page(s) 2066-2078
The ACTIVE Investigators

Epinephrine and Dexamethasone in Children with Bronchiolitis       Page(s) 2079-2089
Plint, A.C.

Antivenom for Critically Ill Children with Neurotoxicity from Scorpion Stings     Page(s) 2090-2098
Boyer, L.V.

Brief Report: Fatal Case of Deer Tick Virus Encephalitis    Page(s) 2099-2107
Tavakoli, N.P.

Fungal Nail Disease    Page(s) 2108-2116
de Berker, D.

Extravasation of Epirubicin   Page(s) 2117
Vano-Galvan, S. Jaen, P.

White Tongue Page(s) e26
Tareen, M. Grossman, M.E.

A Man with Coma after Cardiac Arrest      Page(s) 2118-2126
Kotton, C.N.

The ACTIVE Pursuit of Stroke Prevention in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation    Page(s) 2127-2129
Go, A.S.

The Challenge of Managing Wheezing in Infants       Page(s) 2130-2133
Frey, U. von Mutius, E.

Private obstetric intervention: good, bad or whatever?     Page(s) 467
Pesce, A.F.

How safe are anticholinergics in patients with COPD?        Page(s) 468-469
Hew, M.J. Sestini, P. Irving, L.B.

Expanding indications for pacing in chronic heart failure     Page(s) 470-473
Krum, H. Sanders, P.

Adverse outcomes of labour in public and private hospitals in Australia: a population-based descriptive
study Page(s) 474-478
Robson, S.J. Laws, P. Sullivan, E.A.

Sociodemographic correlates of antidepressant utilisation in Australia Page(s) 479-483
Page, A.N. Swannell, S. Martin, G. Hollingworth, S. Hickie, I.B. Hall, W.D.

Self-reported adverse events in health care that cause harm: a population-based survey Page(s) 484-488
Adams, R.J. Tucker, G. Price, K. Hill, C.L. Appleton, S.L. Wilson, D.H. Taylor, A.W. Ruffin, R.E.

Perinatal transmission of hepatitis B virus: an Australian experience Page(s) 489-492
Wiseman, E. Fraser, M.A. Holden, S. Glass, A. Kidson, B.L. Heron, L.G. Maley, M.W. Ayres, A.
Locarnini, S.A. Levy, M.T.

Breast cancer screening: emerging role of new imaging techniques as adjuncts to mammography         Page(s)
Houssami, N. Lord, S.J. Ciatto, S.

Back pain: a National Health Priority Area in Australia?     Page(s) 499-502
Briggs, A.M. Buchbinder, R.

Usefulness of `Austroads' fitness-to-drive guidelines: lessons from the Gillett case   Page(s) 503-505
Beran, R.G. Gerber, P. Devereux, J.A.

Informing patients about emerging treatment options: creating ``saviour siblings'' for haemopoietic stem
cell transplant Page(s) 506-507
Strong, K.A.

The China-Australia training on psychological crisis intervention for medical aid leaders and volunteers
after the Sichuan earthquake Page(s) 508-509
Parker, R.M. Ng, C. Coghlan, A. Fraser, J. Raphael, B.

An association between tick bite reactions and red meat allergy in humans Page(s) 510-513
Van Nunen, S.A. O Connor, K.S. Clarke, L.R. Boyle, R.X. Fernando, S.L.

Implement hospital reforms now: no more inquiries        Page(s) 514
Jones, M.R.

Health reform: reinventing the wheel     Page(s) 514
Wright, J.S.

Reforming NSW Health: the importance of using credible data        Page(s) 515
Evans, S.M. Cameron, P.A. McNeil, J.J.

Reforms must rid hospitals of bullying    Page(s) 515
O Connor, A.E.
Abolishing mixed-sex hospital wards: a good first step     Page(s) 516
Kennedy, J.R. Kennedy, M.C.

Feasibility of implementation is not yet clear   Page(s) 516-518
Coote, W. Stewart, G.J. Dwyer, J.M.

Inappropriate prescribing for osteoporosis Page(s) 519-520
Nordin, B.E.C. Horowitz, M. Chatterton, B.E.


Home UVB phototherapy for psoriasis Is as safe and effective as outpatient treatment, but provision is poor
 Page(s) 1153
Anstey, A.

Natriuretic peptides in acute myocardial infarction Their role in treatment remains uncertain    Page(s) 1154
Ribeiro, A.L.P.

Treating failed asylum seekers in the NHS Is humane, but puts pressure on finite resources      Page(s) 1155
Newdick, C.

Perinatal mortality in the Netherlands Consistently poor performance indicates that it is time for change
 Page(s) 1156
Keirse, M.J.N.C.

The FDA and the Declaration of Helsinki A new rule seems to be more about imperialism than
harmonisation Page(s) 1157-1158
Goodyear, M.D.E. Lemmens, T. Sprumont, D. Tangwa, G.

Blood glucose in type 2 diabetes; Doctors as leaders     Page(s) 1159

Obama's team on health care; Deprivation and prognosis       Page(s) 1160

Health promotion; Sharing medical research data     Page(s) 1161

Increasing access to medicines; Placebo misery; Benefits and alcoholics      Page(s) 1162

More people should be given the chance to die at home, MPs say      Page(s) 1163

Systemic failings in NHS contributed to death of Baby P      Page(s) 1163

Canadian company demands right to publish drug adverts        Page(s) 1164

Publisher apologises for fake journal sponsored by Merck      Page(s) 1164

Number of cases of A/H1N1 flu more than doubles in four days       Page(s) 1164
Gaza patients ``forced'' to help security services in exchange for Israeli medical treatment   Page(s) 1165

UK adopts growth charts based on data from breastfed babies        Page(s) 1166

GPs should get specific training on how to deal with patients' alcohol problems, MPs are told     Page(s)

Giving private and NHS drugs separately will be hard, MPs say       Page(s) 1167

Watchdog warns government over poor data on road deaths          Page(s) 1167

Young women at more risk of HIV infection than young men          Page(s) 1168

Agencies search for alternatives to DDT to control mosquitoes      Page(s) 1168

Psychiatrist is again found guilty of murder of former boss     Page(s) 1168

Hackers demand $10m for the return of medical records         Page(s) 1169

What's new in the other general journals    Page(s) 1170-1171

Wit and the lost lessons of history   Page(s) 1172
Heath, I.

Betting on health: US websites are encouraging people to make public commitments to change their
behaviour. Karen McColl investigates whether they work and the implications for public health policy
  Page(s) 1173-1175

Should hospices be exempt from following national CPR guidelines?: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is
traumatic and often unsuccessful in seriously ill patients. Max Watson and colleagues argue that current
guidelines on its use are unsuitable for hospices, but Claud Regnard and Fiona Randall believe they ensure
all patients get the best care Page(s) 1176-1177

The interrogation of detainees: how doctors' and psychologists' ethical policies differ: The treatment of
detainees in prisons such as Guantanamo Bay is controversial. Kenneth Pope and Thomas Gutheil ask
whether the different stances of doctors and psychologists are justified Page(s) 1178-1180

The BMJ, of all places   Page(s) 1213
Poluri, R.

Direct Red: A Surgeon's Story    Page(s) 1214
Dillner, L.
Do not go gentle into A&E       Page(s) 1215
Dalrymple, T.

Medical Ethics or, a Code of Institutes and Precepts Adapted to the Professional Conduct of Physicians and
Surgeons Page(s) 1215
Sokol, D.K.

From the outside in    Page(s) 1216-1216
Spence, D.

The unknown warrior      Page(s) 1216-1216
Farrell, L.

Home versus outpatient ultraviolet B phototherapy for mild to severe psoriasis: pragmatic multicentre
randomised controlled non-inferiority trial (PLUTO study) Ultraviolet B phototherapy for psoriasis is as
safe and effective when given at home as it is when given in an outpatient department Page(s) 1181-1186
Koek, M.B.G. Buskens, E. van Weelden, H. Steegmans, P.H.A. Bruijnzeel-Koomen, C.A.F.M. Sigurdsson,

Surgical treatments for men with benign prostatic enlargement: cost effectiveness study An economic
analysis has found that several new surgical treatments for benign prostatic hypertrophy may not be cost
effective Page(s) 1187-1190
Armstrong, N. Vale, L. Deverill, M. Nabi, G. McClinton, S. N Dow, J. Pickard, R. BPE Study Group

Longitudinal community plasma HIV-1 RNA concentrations and incidence of HIV-1 among injecting drug
users: prospective cohort study In this Vancouver cohort of a typically hard to reach group, plasma HIV-1
RNA independently predicted HIV incidence and might, therefore, prove a useful tool in increasing
HAART uptake Page(s) 1191-1194
Wood, E. Kerr, T. Marshall, B.D.L. Li, K. Zhang, R. Hogg, R.S. Harrigan, P.R. Montaner, J.S.G.

Prognostic value of N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide in elderly people with acute myocardial
infarction: prospective observational study In more than 3000 French patients, mostly male and with a
mean age of 68, NT-proBNP concentration had incremental prognostic value above and beyond that of the
GRACE risk score and traditional biomarkers Page(s) 1195
Lorgis, L. Zeller, M. Dentan, G. Sicard, P. Buffet, P. L Huillier, I. Beer, J.C. Vincent-Martin, M. Makki, H.
Gambert, P.

The role of surgery in Clostridium difficile colitis   Page(s) 1196-1200
Noblett, S.E. Welfare, M. Seymour, K.

Easily missed? Streptococcal perianal infection in children    Page(s) 1201-1202
Lehman, R. Pinder, S.

A patient's journey: Polycystic kidney disease Polycystic kidney disease is inherited, so most patients have
seen how it has affected their relatives. Young adult patients have no symptoms and need no drugs, but
kidney function will slowly deteriorate Page(s) 1203-1204
Schipper, K. Abma, T.A. Hene, R.J. Widdershoven, G.A.M.

10 minute consultation: Genital warts     Page(s) 1205-1206
Delaney, E.K. Baguley, S.

Lesson of the week: Distinguishing optic disc drusen from papilloedema Consider optic disc drusen in optic
disc swelling to ensure appropriate investigations and management Page(s) 1207-1209
Hu, K. Davis, A. O Sullivan, E.
Drug point: Strontium ranelate may cause alopecia Page(s) 1210-1212
Sainz, M. del Pozo, J.G. Arias, L.H.M. Carvajal, A.

LANCET -LONDON- Issue: 2009 VOL 373; NUMBER 9674

Swine influenza: how much of a global threat?        Page(s) 1495
The, L.

Emergency and comprehensive care for stroke needed          Page(s) 1496
The, L.

Patient selection criteria and the FLEX Study     Page(s) 1497-1498
Herbst, R. S. Hirsch, F. R.

Immunisation timing: the protective layer in vaccine coverage        Page(s) 1499-1500
Buttery, J. P. Graham, S. M.

A global fund for the health MDGs? Page(s) 1500-1502
Cometto, G. Ooms, G. Starrs, A. Zeitz, P.

NHS Evidence: better and faster access to information       Page(s) 1502-1504
Leng, G. C.

An academia-industry partnership in health care Page(s) 1504-1505
Hahn, J. Hargreaves, R. Hinde, A. Huggins, J. P. Cohen, J. Gillen, D.

International family-planning budgets in the "new US" era Page(s) 1505-1507
Gillespie, D. Maguire, E. S. Neuse, M. Sinding, S. W. Speidel, J. J.

The African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation            Page(s) 1507-1508
Mboya-Okeyo, T. Ridley, R. G. Nwaka, S.

Health issues sidelined in Indias general election     Page(s) 1509-1511
Solberg, K. E.

Binayak Sen and the cost of dissent in India    Page(s) 1512
Chatterjee, P.

Twisted science, regulation, and molecules      Page(s) 1513-1514
Tyrer, P. J.

A life in the lyme light   Page(s) 1514
Shetty, P.

Triage Page(s) 1515
Edwards, M.

Shannon Hader     Page(s) 1515
Bristol, N.

Florence Nightingale and Elizabeth Blackwell         Page(s) 1516-1517
Boyd, J.

Mark H Beers     Page(s) 1518
Harding, A.
Treatment of alcohol-use disorders     Page(s) 1519
Ameisen, O.

Treatment of alcohol-use disorders     Page(s) 1519
Caputo, F. Bernardi, M. Zoli, G.

Treatment of alcohol-use disorders - Authors reply       Page(s) 1519-1520
Schuckit, M.

Spousal violence and spontaneous fetal loss        Page(s) 1520
Shelton, J. D. Adetunji, J.

Spousal violence and spontaneous fetal loss - Authors reply        Page(s) 1520-1521
Alio, A. P. Salihu, H. M.

Medical missionaries in Africa     Page(s) 1521
Stufe, A.

Medical missionaries in Africa     Page(s) 1521-1522
Kruger, C.

Psychiatry: all in the mind or all in the brain?    Page(s) 1522
Green, J.

Psychiatry: all in the mind or all in the brain? - Authors reply    Page(s) 1522-1523
Yawar, A.

Tomorrows Doctors: a global perspective       Page(s) 1523
Jessop, V. Johnson, O.

Predicting atrial fibrillation Page(s) 1523
Arnar, D. O. Holm, H. Gudbjartsson, D. F.

Predicting atrial fibrillation - Authors reply Page(s) 1523-1524
Schnabel, R. B. Sullivan, L. M. Benjamin, E. J.

Protocols, probity, and publication Page(s) 1524
Schulz, K. F. Altman, D. G. Moher, D.

Department of Error     Page(s) 1524

Department of Error     Page(s) 1524

Cetuximab plus chemotherapy in patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (FLEX): an open-label
randomised phase III trial Page(s) 1525-1531
Pirker, R. Pereira, J. R. Szczesna, A. von Pawel, J. Krzakowski, M. Ramlau, R. Vynnychenko, I. Park, K.
Yu, C. T. Ganul, V.

Recombinant human erythropoiesis-stimulating agents and mortality in patients with cancer: a meta-
analysis of randomised trials Page(s) 1532-1542
Bohlius, J. Schmidlin, K. Brillant, C. Schwarzer, G. Trelle, S. Seidenfeld, J. Zwahlen, M. Clarke, M.
Weingart, O. Kluge, S.
Timing of childrens vaccinations in 45 low-income and middle-income countries: an analysis of survey
data Page(s) 1543-1549
Clark, A. Sanderson, C.

Graft-versus-host disease Page(s) 1550-1561
Ferrara, J. L. Levine, J. E. Reddy, P. Holler, E.

New-generation drugs that stimulate platelet production in chronic immune thrombocytopenic purpura
 Page(s) 1562-1569
Nurden, A. T. Viallard, J. F. Nurden, P.

Rescuing the bottom billion through control of neglected tropical diseases   Page(s) 1570-1575
Hotez, P. J. Fenwick, A. Savioli, L. Molyneux, D. H.

Fever, rash, and crusting ulcers Page(s) 1576
Thukral, A. Tripathi, K. Khan, I. Chaudhary, R.

LANCET -LONDON- Issue: 2009 VOL 373; NUMBER 9675

What has the Gates Foundation done for global health?      Page(s) 1577
The, L.

A UK Google for guidelines      Page(s) 1578
The, L.

Pre-empting a pandemic-fact or fiction?     Page(s) 1578
The, L.

Voglibose for prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus     Page(s) 1579-1580
Scheen, A. J.

Resuscitation at birth and long-term follow-up      Page(s) 1581-1582
Hack, M. Stork, E.

Home-based management of malaria in the era of urbanisation       Page(s) 1582-1584
Kallander, K. Nsungwa-Sabiiti, J.

Accelerating the health impact of the Gates Foundation Page(s) 1584-1585
Black, R. E. Bhan, M. K. Chopra, M. Rudan, I. Victora, C. G.

Primary health care as a route to health security    Page(s) 1586-1587
Chan, M.

Certification of brain death: take care   Page(s) 1587-1589
Powner, D. J.

Arterial blood measurements in climbers on Mount Everest       Page(s) 1589-1590
West, J. B.

Influenza begs many questions     Page(s) 1590
McConnell, J.

Questions raised over response to influenza A outbreak     Page(s) 1591-1592
Moloney, A.
US Senate confirms new health secretary      Page(s) 1593
Loewenberg, S.

Geoffrey Norman       Page(s) 1597
Webster, P.

Global Fund looks to boost private sector contributions     Page(s) 1594
Anderson, T.

Does autism need a cure?     Page(s) 1595-1596
Baron-Cohen, S.

Witness to birth days    Page(s) 1596
Harding, A.

Time for a fat tax?   Page(s) 1597
Laurance, J.

Female patients and practitioners in medieval Islam   Page(s) 1598-1599
Pormann, P. E.

Sir John Royden Maddox       Page(s) 1600
Watts, G.

10-day below-knee cast for management of severe ankle sprains       Page(s) 1601
van Rijn, R. M. van Middelkoop, M.

10-day below-knee cast for management of severe ankle sprains       Page(s) 1601
Kerkhoffs, G. van den Bekerom, M. Struijs, P. van Dijk, C.

10-day below-knee cast for management of severe ankle sprains       Page(s) 1602
Polzer, H.

10-day below-knee cast for management of severe ankle sprains - Authors reply      Page(s) 1602-1603
Lamb, S. E. Cooke, M. W. Hutton, J. L. Marsh, J. L.

Was the Pope wrong?      Page(s) 1603
Alcorn, T.

Was the Pope wrong? Page(s) 1603
Green, E. C. Hearst, N.

Was the Pope wrong?      Page(s) 1603-1604
Uebersax, J. S.

Was the Pope wrong?      Page(s) 1604
OBrien, J.

Department of Error     Page(s) 1606

Buried data and the UK Healthcare Commissions legacy          Page(s) 1604-1605
Bird, S. M.

Lets make the studies within systematic reviews count       Page(s) 1605
Knottnerus, J. A. Knottnerus, B. J.
NICE head injury guidelines pre-empted two millennia ago       Page(s) 1605-1606
Hyam, J. A. Green, A. L. Aziz, T. Z.

Department of Error    Page(s) 1606

Voglibose for prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomised, double-blind trial in Japanese
individuals with impaired glucose tolerance Page(s) 1607-1614
Kawamori, R. Tajima, N. Iwamoto, Y. Kashiwagi, A. Shimamoto, K. Kaku, K.

Resuscitation at birth and cognition at 8 years of age: a cohort study   Page(s) 1615-1622
Odd, D. E. Lewis, G. Whitelaw, A. Gunnell, D.

Home management of malaria with artemether-lumefantrine compared with standard care in urban
Ugandan children: a randomised controlled trial Page(s) 1623-1631
Staedke, S. G. Mwebaza, N. Kamya, M. R. Clark, T. D. Dorsey, G. Rosenthal, P. J. Whitty, C. J.

Intracerebral haemorrhage Page(s) 1632-1644
Qureshi, A. I. Mendelow, A. D. Hanley, D. F.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations grant-making programme for global health        Page(s) 1645-1653
McCoy, D. Kembhavi, G. Patel, J. Luintel, A.

Towards a new developmental synthesis: adaptive developmental plasticity and human disease Page(s)
Gluckman, P. D. Hanson, M. A. Bateson, P. Beedle, A. S. Law, C. M. Bhutta, Z. A. Anokhin, K. V.
Bougneres, P. Chandak, G. R. Dasgupta, P.

Fatal consequences of an ear infection Page(s) 1658
Stalpers, X. L. Smink-Bol, M. Verweij, P. E. Wesseling, P. van Dijk, G. W.

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