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									Enviroschools Taranaki 2011
                                                                                                      In this newsletter

                                                                                                   • Regional event at
                                                                                                     Otaaraua Marae

                                                                                                   • Enviroschools Clusters

                                                                                                   • Students making
                                                                                                     community radio

                                                                                                   • Dear Diary –
Inter-generational action at Otaaraua Marae.
                                                                                                     happening dates for
                                 Right: Kuia Whero Bailey calls pukeko with harakeke.                ES in 2011.
                                                                                                  “There   are    clearly     many

                                                                                                  ways     that    people       are
Kia ora Tatou! Welcome to Enviroschools in 2011
                                                                                                  connected        with        their

Hi again from the Enviroschools Taranaki team.                                                    environment.          If      we

                                                                                                  recognize       and        deepen
We are pleased to be putting together this newsletter. Through
                                                                                                  these connections, we are
sharing knowledge, experience and resources, we build and
                                                                                                  more likely to act in ways
strengthen the Enviroschools community.
                                                                                                  that enhance, rather than

To this end, in this newsletter you can                                                           degrade our natural world”
check out events, cluster workshops, online                                                       (Enviroschools kit, p. 53)
forums, web links, and school profiles.
                                                                                              Inside>>>Waitara's St.
                                                                                              Joseph's School
Dear Diary,                                                                                   Wetland Makeover

Cluster Workshops 2011                           Regional Event 2011
9.30am – 2.30pm                                  To be announced.
Workshop 1: March 17th
Clusters & reflection teams I                    Workshop 3: August 11th
Youth Jam 2011                                   ES, curriculum & action
6th ,7th ,8th July – to be confirmed             competence.
Workshop 2: July 7th
Reflection teams II

           February 2011. Enviroschools : email: ph: 06-756-9100. web:
                                                Enviroschools Clusters in Taranaki
                                                The Enviroschools                             developments in the use of
                                                Programme in Taranaki is in                   on-line forums.
                                                the midst of positive                         Ultimately, this new
                                                evolution.                                    approach leads to a more
                                                Funding cuts from                             resilient environmental
 In Taranaki the Māori new year                 government and local                          learning community as we
 (May/June) is marked by the rise               council have led to the                       turn to our peers and
 of Puanga, a star in the Pleiades              development of a cluster                      experience the resulting
 cluster.                                       and workshop approach.                        whakawhanaungatanga.
                                                This means less direct                        See the next page of this
 During this time the food stocks
 are plentiful after the harvest                contact time with schools                     newsletter for details of
 period and it is time to prepare the           and students.                                 clusters for Taranaki.
 land for the upcoming growing                  On the other hand, it is                      Experience from other
 season.                                        leading to resource                           regions using the cluster
                                                sharing, synergies between                    approach shows clusters
 Just as during Puanga,                         schools and their common                      would benefit from
 Enviroschools Taranaki has
                                                local environments, and                       meeting once per term.
 plentiful skills, resources and
 experience, and is ready for the
 growth that is coming in 2011.

 Keep your radar tuned in to the
 RSS feed-
 - for plans in 2011 for a series of
 Puanga traditional maori gardening

St. Josephs Waitara Rocks!
One of the many national projects supporting the
environment is Project Crimson. In 2010, St Josephs
School Waitara won a “Treemendous” makeover.

In March 2010, the Waitara community united to
implement the great design work of students and
staff, developing a school learning and teaching
resource and turning an un-used school area into a
primo wetland hang-out space. To see more about
the school makeover, go to

or to watch an awesome movie made on the day,
go to

          February 2011. Enviroschools : email: ph: 06-756-9100. web:
                                           Regional ES Event at Otaaraua Marae, Tikorangi
        Enviroschools                        This 2010 event saw              planting kumara,
     Clusters in Taranaki                    students from Tikorangi          potatoes, and other
                                             School, St Josephs               veges, and harvesting
    (full contact details available in
   the attached cluster contact list)        Waitara, Te Pi'ipi'inga          from the nearby bamboo
                                             Kakano Mai I Rangiatea           groves to create structures
   North                                     Kura Kaupapa Maori,              in the garden.
   Ahititi School
  In Taranaki the Māori new year             and Moturoa School               We all worked beside
   St. Josephs Waitara
  (May/June) is marked by the rise           come together at                 Whero Bailey, a respected
  of Puanga, aSchoolthe Pleiades
   Tikorangi star in                         Otaaraua Marae in                kuia who cares for the
  cluster.                                   Tikorangi.                       marae with her husband,
  During this time the food stocks           With creative planning           and who has plenty of
   Moturoa after the
  are plentifulSchool harvest                from Te Waka Kai Ora,            gardening tricks up her
   Marfell Community
  period and it was time to prepare          DoC, Whero Bailey and            sleeve.
  the land for the upcoming growing          the Enviroschools Team,          The kids loved learning
   Mangorei School
  season.                                    participants were
                                                                              how things are done in the
   Highlands Intermediate                    offered a unique cultural        garden including how
  Just as during Puanga,                     and practical learning           to sharpen the blunt
  Enviroschools Taranaki has                 experience.                      garden tools we turned up
   Kohanga Moa
  plentiful skills, resources and
                                             Students enjoyed great           with! Beginning
  experience, and is ready for the
   Inglewood High School                     weather and awesome
  growth that is coming in 2011.
   Waitoriki School                                                           as strangers, we
                                             activities ranging from
   Kaimata School
  Keep your radar tuned in to                water monitoring,                left the marae for plans in          creating insect habitats,        with new connections.
  2011 for a series of Puanga
  Opunake High School
  workshops from Te Waka Kai Ora.
  Coastal Taranaki School

   Stratford High School
   Stratford Primary
   Marco School

   Matapu School
   Kakaramea School
   Ngamatapouri School

                   ADVENTURE RADIO
Do your students want to
go to air on community radio?
Interested in making radio segments
about the environment?
Training, coaching & other support
can be provided to your school at no cost.                               Frozen Pies for sale. Vertical Horizons is
Email: to make some Adventure Radio            raising money for a school for
                                                                         disadvantaged children in India. Contact
                                                                         Steve @ 756 8770
                         Connecting with community environment organisations
Enviroschools Taranaki
                         Taranaki has a wealth of people and
Peter Heard              groups dedicated to caring for our
                         environment. At the recent opening of
                         the new environment centre – Hive
                                                                             Some environmental
13 Brougham Street       Taranaki – a selection of environment          organisations active in Taranaki
New Plymouth             groups came to share their kaupapa.
                         As a result, there is a list of community
                         environment organisations to be found
Phone:                   at, under the                      Hive Taranaki
06 756 9100              community organisations page.
                                                                                   60 Springs
                         Of great interest to some schools is the I.T
                         based monitoring group under the
                                                                        T.E.R.R.A.I.N (a hub for Taranaki
Fax:                     banner of T.E.R.R.A.I.N. Find out about             environment groups)
06 769 6008              T.E.R.R.A.I.N, Friends of Te Henui, and
                         other organisations on the Hive website.
                                                                         TRC environmental education
                                                                         Department of Conservation
E-Mail:                                                                 Ngamotu Marine Reserve Soc.
                         Online Forum for teachers
                         The first Taranaki Enviroschools “cluster
                                                                          Taranaki Heptalogical Soc.
                         cuppa” has started an online google                      Forest & Bird
Web Site:                group with the purpose of sharing ideas,
                         experiences, connections and resources.
                                                                            Kiwi Conservation Club
                         Kristen from Moturoa Montessori has
                                                                               Te Waka Kai Ora
                         kindly opened the online space for other       East Taranaki Environment Trust
       There are no      teachers.
                                                                           Farmers Market Taranaki
   passengers on         Your school’s lead ES teachers contact
                         details will be forwarded to Kristen, and
                                                                           Friends of Pukekura Park
Spaceship Earth. We
                         an invitation to the group will be sent.
       are all crew.
                         If you would like to join the group but are
~Marshall McLuhan,       not a lead teacher please send your
            1964         contact details to

                                                                                   Hive Taranaki is
                                                                               Taranaki's environment
                                                                                  hub, connecting
                                                                                 people's stories and
                                                                                    solutions for a
                                                                                sustainable Taranaki.

 - A physical & on-line information hub of local stories & solutions for sustainability.
 - A physical and on-line meeting space for people & groups to share information &
   resources on community projects.
 - A community workshop & clasroom venue.

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