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									                                  Adult First Aid

     Broad Spectrum Antibiotic (prescribed by doctor)
     Tylenol PM
     Ibuprofen & Tylenol
     Hydrocortisone Cream
     Sinus Medicine
     Pepto Bismol
     Heartburn Medicine (Tums, Rolaids, etc.)
     Throat drops/lozenges
     Cough/Cold Medicine
     Band-Aids (all sizes)
     Sterile Gauze
     Rubbing Alcohol/Peroxide
     First Aid Kit
     Triple Antibiotic Cream

Courtesy of Jennifer Matasovsky   Gianna (a. 7-2-2007)
                            Baby First Aid

Infant/Toddler Tylenol
Infant/Toddler Ibuprofen
Infant/Toddler Benadryl
Infant/Toddler Liquid Vitamin (Polyvisol, etc.)
Baby Oragel (teething)
Baby Laxative
Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline, etc.)
Nose syringe (bulb)
Ear syringe (bulb)
Thermometer (Rectal, Digital, etc.)
Measuring spoons for medicine
Measuring droppers for medicine
Measuring syringe for medicine
Infant Stool Softener
Infant Gas Drops
Infant/Toddler Cough/Cold Medicine (Triaminic, etc.)
Baby-Safe Sunscreen (Water Babies, etc.)
Baby-Safe Cotton Swabs (Q-tip, etc.)
Medical First-Aid Kit (
                         Adult Food Items

Peanut Butter
Microwave Popcorn
Granola Bars
Instant Oatmeal/Grits
Tea Bags/Instant Coffee
Easy Mac
Dry Soups (Lipton, Ramen, etc.)
Carry on's needed: food/candy for layovers
Snacks/cookies/granola bars/trail mix/candy
                         Baby Feeding/Food

Kaolectrolyte or Pedialyte
Bottled Water
Sippy Cups
Baby forks/spoons
Playtex "Drop-in" Bottles (2-4 oz. and 4-8oz. sizes)
Playtex "Drop-in" Refills
Playtex "Drop-in" Nipples (various sizes/styles)
Burp Cloths
Portable Bottle Warmer
Disposable bowls and cups
Disposable spoons
Baby Cereal
Bottle Sterilizer
Dishwasher Nipple Holder
Bottle Cleaning Brush
Bottle Drying Rack
Bottle Warmer
Terry Cloth Bibs
Disposable Bibs
Baby Bowls (with lids)
                         Adult Toiletry Items

Facial Tissue (travel packs)
Toilet Tissue (travel size)
Feminine Hygiene Products
Dove Soap (unscented)
Anti-bacterial Wipes (Adult)
Anti-bacterial Gel
                         Baby Toiletry Items

Diaper Cream (Desitin, etc.)
Baby Powder
Disposable Diaper Bags (scented)
Pacifier clips
Pacifiers (multiple sizes/styles)
Diapers (estimate at least 1 per hour)
Travel Changing Mat
Baby Grooming Kit (hair, nails, etc.)
Gentle Baby Soap
No-Tears Baby Shampoo
Baby Skin Lotion (Eucerin, etc.)
Baby-Safe Bug Spray
Soft Washcloths
Travel pack size of baby wipes
Drool towels
                           Adult Clothing

Carry on: blow up pillow
chamoise travel towel
Wash cloth
                              Baby Clothing

Hooded Towels
Several changes of clothing
Baby blanket
Receiving Blankets
Blanket Sleepers
Baby Booties/Socks
Knit Caps
Spit up/drool rags- LOTS!

Latex Gloves
Zip-loc bags (for snacks and various size)
Common Phrase Translation Book (country specific)
Strike-anywhere matches
Multi-Function Tool (Leatherman, Swiss Army, etc.)
Paper plates
Drain stopper
Travel Alarm Clock (2)
Night Light(s)
Bathtub Thermometer
Fire Extinguisher(s)
Screen (if warm out)
Duct Tape
Rope (for drying clothes)
Small bottle of palmolive or hand soap
Pack enough detergent for your initial 2 loads of laundry
A small travel sized umbrella.
Address cards for giving to other Americans to keep in touch
inflatable hangers

Decks of Cards
Travel Games
Digital Camera
Video Camera
Laptop Computer
Power Converters (varies by country)
Extension Cords
Long Phone Cord
Extra Batteries
Favorite Movies/TV on DVD
Portable CD Player/I-Pod/MP3 Player
External Zip Drive/Thumb Drive
Cards (Phase 10, etc.)
Eurosurge- Like a surge protector.

Teething rings/toys
Soft books
Soft/Quiet Toys
Bring musical toys
Kids music CD’s

Gifts for Caregivers
Donations for Orphanages
         Furniture - Home and Nursery Items

Umbrella Stroller
Crib/Baby Bed with new, firm mattress
Changing Table with new pad
Rocker/Glider with foot rest
Chest of Drawers
Traveling Playpen (Pack-n-Play, etc.)
Car Seat/Travel System
Baby Carrier
Bouncy Seat/Johnny Jumper
Baby Swing
Diaper Genie
Clothes Hamper
Waste Basket
Baby Monitor (Audio)
Water-Proof Mattress Covers/Pads (2+)
Crib Sheets (3+)
Crib Bumper Pad
Changing Table Pad Cover
Outlet Covers
Baby Gates
Toilet Lock
Cabinet/Drawer Locks
Smoke Detectors
Carbon-Monoxide Detector(s)
Radon Detector(s)
q   Slippers                                                75 ac
    Carry on: blow up pillow                                   ac
·   chamoise travel towel                                      ac
·   Wash cloth                                                 ac
q   Salt/Pepper/Spices                                      74 af
q   Peanut Butter                                           80 af
q   Microwave Popcorn                                       82 af
q   Granola Bars                                            83 af
q   Instant Oatmeal/Grits                                   84 af
q   Tea Bags/Instant Coffee                                 85 af
q   Easy Mac                                                87 af
q   Dry Soups (Lipton, Ramen, etc.)                         88 af
·   Carry on's needed: food/candy for layovers                 af
·   Snacks/cookies/granola bars/trail mix/candy                af
q   Broad Spectrum Antibiotic (prescribed by doctor)         2 afa
q   Tylenol PM                                               3 afa
q   Ibuprofen & Tylenol                                      8 afa
q   Hydrocortisone Cream                                    10 afa
q   Benadryl                                                11 afa
q   Sinus Medicine                                          13 afa
q   Pepto Bismol                                            14 afa
q   Heartburn Medicine (Tums, Rolaids, etc.)                15 afa
q   Multi-Vitamin                                           20 afa
q   Throat drops/lozenges                                   21 afa
q   Cough/Cold Medicine                                     22 afa
q   Band-Aids (all sizes)                                   48 afa
q   Sterile Gauze                                           49 afa
q   Rubbing Alcohol/Peroxide                                52 afa
q   Q-tips                                                  54 afa
q   Medical First-Aid Kit (           192 afa
q   Triple Antibiotic Cream                                211 afa
q   Hooded Towels                                          124 bc
q   Onesies                                                132 bc
q   Several changes of clothing                            151 bc
q   Baby blanket                                           156 bc
q   Receiving Blankets                                     228 bc
q   Blanket Sleepers                                       248 bc
q   Baby Booties/Socks                                     249 bc
q   Knit Caps                                              250 bc
q   Kaolectrolyte or Pedialyte                              35 bf
q   Small/Dry Snacks                                       103 bf
q   Bottled Water                                          104 bf
q   Sippy Cups                                             116 bf
q   Baby forks/spoons                                      118 bf
q   Playtex "Drop-in" Bottles (2-4 oz. and 4-8oz. sizes)   120 bf
q   Playtex "Drop-in" Refills                              121 bf
q   Playtex "Drop-in" Nipples (various sizes/styles)       122 bf
q   Burp Cloths                                            123 bf
q   Sterilized Nipples                                     142 bf
q   Portable Bottle Warmer                                 144 bf
q   Disposable bowls and cups                              146 bf
q   Disposable spoons                                      147 bf
q   Baby Cereal                                            257   bf
q   Bottle Sterilizer                                      258   bf
q   Dishwasher Nipple Holder                               260   bf
q   Bottle Cleaning Brush                                  261   bf
q   Bottle Drying Rack                                     262   bf
q   Bottle Warmer                                          263   bf
q   Terry Cloth Bibs                                       264   bf
q   Disposable Bibs                                        265   bf
q   Baby Bowls (with lids)                                 267   bf
q   Infant/Toddler Tylenol                                  16   bfa
q   Infant/Toddler Ibuprofen                                17   bfa
q   Infant/Toddler Benadryl                                 18   bfa
q   Infant/Toddler Liquid Vitamin (Polyvisol, etc.)         19   bfa
q   Baby Oragel (teething)                                  30   bfa
q   Baby Laxative                                           33   bfa
q   Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline, etc.)                        59   bfa
q   Nose syringe (bulb)                                    125   bfa
q   Ear syringe (bulb)                                     126   bfa
q   Thermometer (Rectal, Digital, etc.)                    131   bfa
q   Measuring spoons for medicine                          134   bfa
q   Measuring droppers for medicine                        135   bfa
q   Measuring syringe for medicine                         136   bfa
q   Infant Stool Softener                                  208   bfa
q   Infant Gas Drops                                       209   bfa
q   Infant/Toddler Cough/Cold Medicine (Triaminic, etc.)   210   bfa
q   Baby-Safe Sunscreen (Water Babies, etc.)               214   bfa
q   Baby-Safe Cotton Swabs (Q-tip, etc.)                   216   bfa
q   Decks of Cards                                          69   e
q   Travel Games                                            72   e
q   Pens/Notebooks                                          73   e
q   Digital Camera                                          90   e
q   Video Camera                                            91   e
q   Laptop Computer                                         92   e
q   Power Converters (varies by country)                    93   e
q   Extension Cords                                         94   e
q   Long Phone Cord                                         95   e
q   Extra Batteries                                         96   e
q   Favorite Movies/TV on DVD                               99   e
q   CDs                                                    100   e
q   Portable CD Player/I-Pod/MP3 Player                    101   e
q   External Zip Drive/Thumb Drive                         102   e
q   CD Player                                              187   e
·   Cards (Phase 10-Siegler)                                     e
·   Eurosurge- Like a surge protector.                           e
q   Umbrella Stroller                                      155   f
q   Crib/Baby Bed with new, firm mattress                  163   f
q   Changing Table with new pad                            164   f
q   Rocker/Glider with foot rest                           165   f
q   Lamp                                                   166   f
q   Chest of Drawers                                       167   f
q   Traveling Playpen (Pack-n-Play, etc.)                  168   f
q   High-Chair                                             169   f
q   Car Seat/Travel System                                         173   f
q   Stroller                                                       174   f
q   Baby Carrier                                                   176   f
q   Bouncy Seat/Johnny Jumper                                      177   f
q   Baby Swing                                                     179   f
q   Humidifier/Vaporizer                                           180   f
q   Diaper Genie                                                   181   f
q   Clothes Hamper                                                 182   f
q   Waste Basket                                                   183   f
q   Baby Monitor (Audio)                                           185   f
q   Water-Proof Mattress Covers/Pads (2+)                          223   f
q   Crib Sheets (3+)                                               224   f
q   Crib Bumper Pad                                                225   f
q   Changing Table Pad Cover                                       229   f
q   Outlet Covers                                                  233   f
q   Baby Gates                                                     234   f
q   Toilet Lock                                                    235   f
q   Cabinet/Drawer Locks                                           237   f
q   Smoke Detectors                                                239   f
q   Carbon-Monoxide Detector(s)                                    240   f
q   Radon Detector(s)                                              241   f
q   Latex Gloves                                                    51   hk
q   Zip-loc bags (for snacks and various size)                      57   hk
q   Common Phrase Translation Book (country specific)               62   hk
q   Flashlight                                                      64   hk
q   Candles                                                         65   hk
q   Strike-anywhere matches                                         66   hk
q   Clothesline/Clothespins                                         67   hk
q   Multi-Function Tool (Leatherman, Swiss Army, etc.)              68   hk
q   Paper plates                                                    71   hk
q   Drain stopper                                                   76   hk
q   Travel Alarm Clock (2)                                          97   hk
q   Night Light(s)                                                 188   hk
q   Bathtub Thermometer                                            238   hk
q   Fire Extinguisher(s)                                           242   hk
·   Screen (if warm out)                                                 hk
·   Duct Tape                                                            hk
·   Rope (for drying clothes)                                            hk
·   Small bottle of palmolive or hand soap                               hk
·   Pack enough detergent for your initial 2 loads of laundry            hk
·   A small travel sized umbrella.                                       hk
·   Night Light                                                          hk
·   Address cards for giving to other Americans to keep in touch         hk
·   inflatable hangers                                                   hk
q   Teething rings/toys                                            128   t
q   Soft books                                                     129   t
q   Soft/Quiet Toys                                                137   t
·   Bring musicl toys                                                    t
·   Kids music CD’s                                                      t
q   Facial Tissue (travel packs)                                   40    ta
q   Toilet Tissue (travel size)                                    41    ta
q   Feminine Hygiene Products                                      42    ta
q      Shampoo/Conditioner                       43   ta
q      Conditioner                               44   ta
q      Toothpaste                                55   ta
q      Listerine                                 56   ta
q      Dove Soap (unscented)                     58   ta
q      Anti-bacterial Wipes (Adult)             105   ta
q      Anti-bacterial Gel                       106   ta
q      Diaper Cream (Desitin, etc.)              23   tb
q      Baby Powder                               60   tb
q      Disposable Diaper Bags (scented)          61   tb
q      Pacifier clips                           115   tb
q      Pacifiers (multiple sizes/styles)        139   tb
q      Diapers (estimate at least 1 per hour)   148   tb
q      Travel Changing Mat                      150   tb
q      Baby-wipe Warmer                         184   tb
q      Baby Grooming Kit (hair, nails, etc.)    195   tb
q      Gentle Baby Soap                         202   tb
q      No-Tears Baby Shampoo                    203   tb
q      Baby Skin Lotion (Eucerin, etc.)         213   tb
q      Baby-Safe Bug Spray                      215   tb
q      Soft Washcloths                          227   tb
·      Travel pack size of baby wipes                 tb
·      Drool towels                                   tb
Prescription Meds                                 1
Things with Expirations Dates                     6
Travel Size Only (we’ll get it in Kaz)           39
Anytime List                                     46
Grownups                                         47
q     Gifts for Caregivers                       77
q     Donations for Orphanages                   78
§     ELECTRONICS                                89
Baby                                            109
§      FURNITURE                                161
§      BABY "GEAR"                              171
§      BABY CARE / MEDICINE                     190
§      LINENS                                   221
§   CLOTHING                 245
§   FEEDING                  253

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