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					                                              Association of Vascular and Inter ventional Radiographers


                      As I come to the end of my                  • Rewriting policies and procedures – awaiting
                      term of President, I would                    Board approval
                      like to recap what the Board
                                                                  • Improve membership communication
                      of Directors and I have
                                                                    with the Board by utilizing the committee
                      worked on this past year. We
                      have made some big strides.
Jaime Nodolf, RT(R)
                                                                  • Added 10 articles on the website for CEU
   • Instituted routine conference calls allowing
                                                                  • Joined forces with ADVANCE
     us to cut most travel

   • Changed Past Presidents Formal Dinner                     The list may not seem long to some, but many
     to a Past Presidents Reception decreasing                 hours were put in to each and everyone. The
     expenses thou continuing to acknowledge                   Board will continue to work on these items and
     our historical roots                                      will continue to add more to make this organiza-
                                                               tion strive. We have all volunteered our time and
   • Solicited funds from vendors for support
                                                               energy for this organization and hope that more
   • Changed to electronic newsletters, cutting                people will follow.
     printing costs
                                                               Thank you to all the Board and Committee
   • Came up with a new website design,                        Members for your time and commitment to
     waiting for installation                                  this organization.

   • Working to improve areas of interest from
     survey comments

            Winter 2011                                   Inside this Issue
            Interventional Informer Editor:                2   The Checklist Manifesto     17 BOD & Committees
            David S. Douthett, RT(R)(CV)                   3   2011 Award of Excellence    19 Shari Ullman Scholarship
                                                           4   Press Release                  Foundation
            12100 Sunset Hills Road | Suite 130            5   2011 Annual Meeting         20 Bill SB336
            Reston, Virginia 20190                         8   CARE Bill                   21 Editor’s Message
            703-234-4055 | Fax: 703-435-4390              10   Meetings Around the World   27 Gestures
            e-mail:                         11   Chapter Happenings          28 Annual Meeting Schedule
                                    15   Board of Directors          31 Membership Application
                                                          16   New Members                 32 What is AVIR?
book review

      The Checklist Manifesto—How to Get Things Right
      by Atul Gawandy
          Reviewed by Karen Finnegan

                                   C      hecklists, huddles
                                          and read-backs are
                                    everywhere. They are
                                                                 one million dead and the factors that led
                                                                 Dr. Gawandy to the development of the simple
                                                                 surgery checklist. Atul tells the story of what lead
                                    not just the current buzz    up to his decision and many other interesting stories
                                    words that medicine has      along the journey to implement the checklist.
                                    adopted to create more       Although his stories are entertaining, the lessons to be
                                    work and angst for the       learned are very thought provoking.
                                    healthcare professional
                                                                  It seems that a simple checklist is not so simple to
                                    but simple methods to
                                                                 design. They have to help with memory recall and
                                    insure patient safety.
                                                                 clearly set out the minimum steps necessary in a
                                    Other professions
                                                                 process while being usable and filled out quickly.
                                    have been early adap-
                                                                 One benefit that the checklist also accomplished
      tors of the checklists, such as the airline industry,
                                                                 was making the conglomerate of professionals in the
      the construction industry, disaster recovery and the
                                                                 operating room act more as a cohesive team. This
      restaurant business, but healthcare is just starting
                                                                 also seemed to have a positive effect on the outcome
      to realize the impact a simple checklist can have on
                                                                 because everyone felt more accountable not only to the
      preventing mistakes.
                                                                 patient but to the rest of the team.
      Why is medicine plagued with errors? Dr. Gawandy,
                                                                 In IR and anywhere else that central lines are placed
      a surgeon at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in
                                                                 in the hospital where I work, we use the checklist
      Boston, believes the answer is simple; “the volume
                                                                 for preventing central line associated blood stream
      and the complexity of knowledge today has exceeded
                                                                 infections. Our hospital went from the state’s worst
      our ability as individuals to properly deliver it to the
                                                                 infection rate to only 1-2 a month. That made most
      people consistently, correctly and safely”. He believes
                                                                 of us a believer but we still do not like the idea
      that the medical professionals train longer, specialize
                                                                 of a checklist for a procedure that we do multiple
      more, use ever-advancing technologies and still they
                                                                 times a day. More than twenty of The World Health
      experience avoidable failures. It is his premise that
                                                                 Organization countries have adopted the surgical
      health care can do better by using the simplest of
                                                                 checklist as the standard of care and their results
      methods: the checklist.
                                                                 are compelling that the simple checklist can make a
      The surgeon, Dr. Gawandy is challenged by the              difference.
      World Health Organization to develop a global
                                                                 I recommend this book for anyone who still doubts
      program to reduce avoidable deaths and harm from
                                                                 the value of the checklist, or who feels foolish by
      surgery. The caveat was there was no money for
                                                                 having to do the checklist and especially anyone who
      research nor implementation and only 193 member
                                                                 likes to hear “war” stories about surgical and other
      countries needed to benefit from his discovery. This
                                                                 industries mistakes.
      book looks at the worldwide problem of unsafe
      surgery that leaves seven million disabled and at least

  2   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer

           HEIDI APFEL: 2011 Award of Excellence Recipient
                               Melissa Post, MBA, CRA, RT(MR)(CV)(CT), FAVIR

                    Don’t worry when you are not recognized,
                     but strive to be worthy of recognition.
                                            —Abraham Lincoln

This year, I am honored to write an article on the 2011 Award of Excellence Recipient, Heidi Apfel.
 In the last Newsletter, we discussed having pride and    Heidi is a natural fit for this award. She is also one
 the amount of sweat equity it takes to feel proud.       whom the AVIRdesires to represent this organiza-
 Working hard and being an integral part of some-         tion (subliminal plea for you to assume an office
 thing positive is worthy of recognition.                 role). We are grateful for Heidi’s dedication to the
                                                          IRfield and proud to welcome her in to the Award
 It is required to be nominated by your peers to          of Excellence family.
 receive the recognition: Award of Excellence. Upon
 the receipt of many such nominations, it became          Those she joins are:
 clear that Heidi is worthy of recognition. Let me tell
 you why:                                                    1997 – Richard Cless
                                                             1998 – Gara Colelli
    “Her Success is a testament to her excellent             1999 – David Hall
     work ethic, commitment to patients and
     their families, dedication to the team and              2000 – Gene Maziarski
     her organizational and technical skills”                2001 – Marie Schodle
                                                             2002 – Sharon Misler
    “Heidi has an immense knowledge of IR and
     is our ‘go-to’ person”                                  2003 – Leona Benson
                                                             2004 – Sandra Dixon & Amber Mitchell
    “She is a self-starter whom her colleagues and
                                                             2005 – Viki Allenbach
     MD staff hold in the highest esteem...”
                                                             2006 – Jaime Nodolf
    “She… actively takes on the role of mentor for           2007 – Patricia Crane
     new and beginning technologists with in the
     section”                                                2008 – Rebecca Lassiter
                                                             2009 – John Mancera
    “…always lends a hand and… goes above                    2010 – Stephan Haug
     and beyond”

    “…she is a highly professional and                       Congratulations!
     mature individual.”

                                                                          Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 3
                     Contact: Mike Bederka | Phone: 610-278-1400, x1128 | Email:
                     Website: | Address: 2900 Horizon Drive, King of Prussia, PA 19406

                  ADVANCE Forms Alliance with the Association
                   of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers
               King of Prussia, PA—ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology, the leading informational resource for
               healthcare professionals in the imaging and radiation oncology fields, has partnered with the Association
               of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers (AVIR).

               This partnership will enable ADVANCE and the AVIR to take advantage of various cross-promotional
               opportunities and work together to educate the imaging community throughout 2011. AVIR will contribute
               a regular column to ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology and collaborate on two joint educational

               All qualified members of the AVIR will be eligible to receive a free print and digital subscription to
               ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology. AVIR members will also get a chance to sign up to receive
               free weekly e-newsletters from ADVANCE, which offer timely news and original articles not available in
               the print magazine

               The AVIR is made up of interventional technologists, interventional radiology nurses, cardiovascular
               technologists, radiology physician assistants (RPAs), vendor representatives and other associated

               ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology provides 98,900* allied healthcare professionals with
               cutting edge practical and technical information regarding the imaging and radiation oncology fields,
               including vascular and interventional radiography. Via a bimonthly print magazine, a weekly e-newsletter,
               a website that is updated on a daily basis and special focus issues on women's health, radiation
               oncology, PACS/IT and more, ADVANCE keeps imaging and radiation oncology professionals constantly
               up to date with the latest news, articles and multimedia content.

               ADVANCE for Imaging & Radiation Oncology is published by Merion Matters. Merion Matters is based in King of
               Prussia, Pennsylvania, and proudly serves millions of nursing and allied healthcare professionals nationwide. Since
               1985, the company has provided the healthcare community with print magazines, websites, e-newsletters, in-person
               and virtual events, custom communications and promotional services, a popular healthcare shop and more.

               **98,900 calculated from ADVANCE Readership Report run 2/3/11. ADVANCE Readership Report references the following subscription options: total
               number of unique print subscribers, digital print edition subscribers and e-newsletter subscribers. Subscribers do not overlap.

4   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer

McCormick Place Convention Center | Chicago, Illinois | Held in Conjunction with SIR

                                  Joni Schott, Program Chair

      The AVIR Annual Scientific meeting is scheduled for March 26-30th,
       2011 in Chicago, IL. Chicago is the perfect city for a large meeting
    because of its offerings. There is something for everyone. We are excited
     about the diverse, well-rounded program that is planned for this year.

       The meeting will be conducted at the McCormick Place Convention Center. The
       McCormick Center is an amazing complex. RSNA holds their annual meeting at
     McCormick. The floor plan is very well designed as far as meeting space, transpor-
     tation options, restaurants and shopping. The AVIR meeting will be held in the new
       West Building. Buses will run to and from the hotels throughout the day and are
                              scheduled for every thirty minutes.

                                                               Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 5
The program committee has been busy on the
meeting plans and details. We will try some new
concepts that include two panel discussions/
presentations. The program includes a nice variety
of educations sessions. Topics will include neuroin-
terventions, ablations, venous and arterial disease
and treatment, patient care, musculoskeletal proce-
dures, IR veterinary care, UAE, and new procedures
and technology on the horizon. Dr. Buddy Connors
will be presenting this years Gold Medal Lecture.
As many of you know, Dr. Connors is an excellent
speaker and advocate for technologist and nurse

The pre-meeting workshops include a half day PICC
workshop and a half day ARRT registry review.
The SIR plans are progressing as well. Highlights
this year include oncology and palliative care, liver
tumor therapy, carotid/stroke interventions, women’s
health, embolics, lung tumor therapy, nanotech-
nology, renal tumor therapy, biliary interventions,
vascular imaging, hemodialysis, and peripheral arte-
rial interventions. The SIR program includes plenary,
symposia, categorical course, workshops and scien-
tific sessions.

The meeting hotels are all within the same general
vicinity. Chicago is known for Michigan Avenue
or the Magnificent Mile, which is truly a shopping
extravaganza. Some of Chicago’s tourist sights
include Wrigley Field, Millennium Park, Lincoln Park
Zoo, Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio, John
G. Shedd Aquarium, the Art Institute, the Museum
of Science and Industry, and the Field Museum.
The restaurant selection is phenomenal and as
far as night life, there are many options including
Broadway shows, Navy Pier, comedy clubs, and
many musical venues.




                            Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 7
      The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

      NEWS               RELEASE
      Editor: For more information on this two-page article,
      contact Christopher Cook – phone (651) 681-3199;
      fax (651) 687-0349; e-mail 

      CARE Bill: Building Awareness and Momentum
      (March 4, 2011) — The CARE bill was featured in a February 28 New York Times article that
      called attention to the patient-safety proposal as a way to improve the quality of medical imaging
      exams and radiation therapy procedures.

      The article explained that the Consistency, Accuracy, Responsibility and Excellence (CARE)
      in Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy bill would establish educational and certification
      standards for personnel who perform exams and procedures that use medical radiation.

      The bill has the support of 26 national organizations representing more than a half million
      healthcare professionals.

      The article was the latest in a 13-month New York Times series on radiation overdose errors and
      continued the conversation, hopefully leading towards movement forward by legislators in
      passing the bill in the near future.

      ―In the bigger picture, healthcare requires a continuous quality improvement process,‖ said Jerry
      B. Reid, Ph.D., executive director of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists
      (ARRT). ―We believe that passing the CARE bill would be a large step forward towards
      achieving the best possible safety and quality.‖

      ―In addition to standards for personnel who perform exams, procedures, and use medical
      radiation, we believe that quality and safety improvement requires a multi-disciplinary
      approach,‖ Reid continued. ―It often depends on sound policy and procedure wherever care is
      delivered, transparent oversight, properly programmed and maintained technology, committed
      healthcare teams, and engaged patients and families.‖

      The Registered Technologist (R.T.) credential is one important component of quality and safety
      in a working partnership with practice and facility accreditors and state regulators, physicians,
      and hospital, clinic and imaging center leaders across the country.

      The ARRT’s mission is to promote the highest possible standards for patient care by recognizing
      qualified individuals in medical imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation therapy. The
      ARRT credentialing process is based in a multi-faceted Equation for Excellence. Education, plus
      ethics, plus examination equals excellence – is a comprehensive process in which technologists
      earn a credential and then maintain their qualifications so that they are able to safely provide
      patient care throughout their career.

8   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
Once qualified through successful completion of education, experience, and examination, the
equation for excellence requires individuals to live by ethical standards and always act in the best
interest of their patients. Continuing education is required to ensure the most current knowledge
and skill in an ever-advancing healthcare environment.

Peace of mind by helping reduce the possibility of misdiagnosis or treatment errors; helping
improve outcomes through better images, treatment and procedure quality; helping create
efficiencies that bring increased safety, added value and decreased healthcare costs; and helping
deliver exceptional patient experiences through well-rounded education, ethics and engagement
in the profession – that’s the value of credentialed technologists.

Visit The New York Times to read the latest in the series. For more information on the CARE bill
or to take action by letting your local legislators know why you support it, visit the American
Society of Radiologic Technologists website to find tools on who to contact in your area.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists promotes high standards of patient care by
recognizing qualified individuals in medical imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation
therapy. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minn., ARRT evaluates, certifies, and annually registers
more than a quarter-of-a-million radiologic technologists across the United States. For more
information, visit


      online: | phone: 651-687-0048
      Concern about:                                          Quinnipiac University
        extension 8540   Education & Registration             Hamden, CT
        extension 8580   Ethics
        extension 8560   Examination & Certification          Ohio State University
                                                              Columbus, OH
        extension 8530   Psychometrics
                                                              University of Medicine/Dentistry
      ARRT – Recognized Radiologist Assistant                 of New Jersey
                                                              Newark, NJ
             Educational Programs
                                                              University of Arkansas for
      Bellevue College
                                                              Medical Sciences
      Bellevue, WA
                                                              Little Rock, AR
      Bloomsburg University
                                                              University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
      Bloomsburg, PA
                                                              Chapel Hill, NC
      Loma Linda University
                                                              Virginia Commonwealth University
      Loma Linda, CA
                                                              Richmond, VA
      Midwestern State University
                                                              Weber State University
      Wichita Falls, TX
                                                              Ogden, UT

                                                                           Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 9
                      MEETINGS AROUND THE WORLD
MEETING                                  FOCUS                          WEBSITE                               LOCATION                  DATE
36th SIRAnnual Meeting                   Pe r i p h e ra l     SIR      w w w. S I R m eet ing. org           C hi c ago, I L           M arc h 26–31, 2011

21st Annual AVIRScientific Meeting       Pe r i p h e ra l     AV I R   w w w. av ir. org                     C hi c ago, I L           M arc h 26–31, 2011

2011 Mid-Atlantic Vascular and           Pe r i p h e ra l              c om os el e@ s ent ara. c om         V i rgi nia B eac h, VA   A pr i l 1–2, 2011
Endovascular Therapies

Venous Symposium in New York             Pe r i p h e ra l     VS       w w w. venous s y m pos ium .         N ew Yor k , N Y          A pr i l 8, 9 2011
                                                                        c om / 2011/ index . ht m l

33rd Charing Cross International                                        w w w. c x s y m pos i um . c om      London, U K               A pr i l 9–12, 2011
Symposium: Vascular & Endovascular
Consensus Update

New Advances in Cardiovascular &                                        w w w. s avealegs aveahear t . c om   S an Juan, P R            M ay 6–7, 2011
Endovascular Technologies

International Vein Congress (IVC):       Pe r i p h e ra l     IVC      w w w. iv c m iam i. c om             M iam i B eac h, F L      M ay 12- 14, 2011

Society for Vascular Medicine            Pe r i p h e ra l              w w w. vas c ular m ed. org           B os t on, M A            June 2 –4, 2011

2011 Vascular Annual Meeting             Pe r i p h e ra l              w w w. vas c ularweb. org             C hi c ago, I L           June 1 6–19, 2011

Complex Cardiovascular Catheter          Pe r i p h e ra l /   C3       w w w. c 3c onferenc e. net           O r l ando, F L           June 2 6–30, 2011
Therapeutics                             Cardiac


        For Professionals                                                          Available in
                                                                                   20-30 mmHg & 30-40 mmHg,
                                                                                   Open and Closed Toe.
                                                                                   Now exclusively for the medical professional for in o ce
                                                                                   dispensing - VENOPAKTM Compression Stockings. For
                                                                                   • Injection or laser Sclerotherapy
                                                                                   • RF & Laser Venous Ablation
                                                                                   VENOPAK o ers the quality and support you expect
                                                                                   from a leading medical compression stocking
                                                                                   manufacturer at factory direct prices.
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                               Thigh Length: $7.30 each stocking*
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          Venosan North America, Inc., PO Box 1067, Asheboro NC 27204-1067
       Phone: 800 432 5347 – Fax: 800 849-0946 – Email:

10   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
Chapter Happenings
 Tony Walton
Below are the most current contacts for the active AVIR Chapters. The AVIR is dedicated to developing new and
supporting existing state and regional chapters. From my experience with AVIR, activities at the Chapter level
are rewarding and a great resource for networking, both locally and nationally.

North Carolina Chapter of AVIR                                          Lone Star State Chapter
Diane Koenigshofer MPH, BSRT-R(CV), FAVIR                               Alan Seeley RT (R)(VI)                                              
Diane has about 350 people on our mailing lists for meetings and
average about 60 attendees per meeting. They hold 1 Saturday
seminar a year and try to provide 8 CEs.                                North Texas Chapter
The next meeting will be in the Fall of 2011 in the Chapel Hill area.   Sven Phillips RT (R)(VI)
Orange County California Chapter (OCAVIR)
Brett Thiebolt (R)                                                      Sven Phillips is starting a Vascular                                                    Interventional Certification program in
This Chapter has approximately 65 active members, and are a             affiliation with Brookhaven College in
combination of RT’s, CVT’s and RN’s. OCAVIR and LAAVIR                  September 2011. The program will offer
held a joint Endovascular Symposium in 2009. 40 associates              31 hours college credit and provide clin-
attended the meeting. 7 CEU’s were given approved for both ARRT         ical sites for technologists. The program
and AACN. 12 vendors participated.                                      is 10 months in length and will allow the
                               Plans are to set up another Vascular     students to sit for the VI exam. As the
                               Symposium for 2011 with the help         NTAVIR Chairman, he hopes to partner
                               of the newly resurrected Orange          with Alan Seeley this year to conduct a
                               County Angio Club. Dates to be           Texas meeting. Their last meeting drew
                                                                        approximately 40 plus attendees and
                                  Northern California Chapter          offered 6 CE’s. Sven is our newly elected
                                   Darlene Crockett RT (CV)             Director-at –Large, Congratulations.
Happy RT’s and RN’s                Darlene held a meeting in            SE Wisconsin Chapter
                                   Old Sacramento, California in        Julie Malkowski
                                  November 2010, 32 technologists
                                   and nurses attended to receive 8
                                   CEU’s. The NorCal Chapter is         Julie Chairs the SEW-AVIR chapter in
                                   hoping to do the same this year as   Wisconsin. The chapter has been around
                                   well.                                for a long time, at least 15years if not
                                                                        more. Julie has been involved with it for
Jenelle, Glenda Barham, and        Los Angeles Chapter                  the last 10 years. They offer 12 credits
Darlene Crockett                   Jeane Rhoten RT (R)(CV)              a year if you are an AVIR member by
                                               having an all day 8 CEU meeting in the
                                   Seattle AVIR                         spring and 4 other 1 hour talks during
                                   Leona Benson RT (R)(CV) FAVIR        the rest of the year. This year’s meetings
                                       are still to be announced.
                                           Baltimore Chapter
                                                                        Sharon Misler RT (R)(CV) FAVIR
Dr. A. Lee presents Cardiology                                

                                                                          Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 11
chapter happenings

 Steve Haug and Anita Bell           Dr. Mark Levy discusses           AVIR Past President Jeff Kins
 present at VI Review                Atherectomy at GWL                talks with Bard Vendors

 Virginia Chapter VAAVIR                                       Buckeye State Chapter (Ohio)
 Rita Howard RT (R)(CV)                                        Jamie Hiott RT (R) (CV)(M)(CT)(VI)                                  
 Christopher Shaver RT (R)                                     South Carolina (SCAVIR)                                     John Furtek RT (R)
 The Virginia Chapter is the largest of all the active
 chapters, totaling over 100 members. Last year      
 they held an 7 CE VI Review Course in May at
 Richmond and an 8 CE Conference in November                   SCAVIR recently held The Sanctuary of Endovascular
 in Williamsburg. Over 110 technologists and nurses            Therapy (SET) at the Sanctuary Resort, Kiawah Island,
 attended the two events combined. This year, plans are        Feb 24-26. Future meeting details can be found at
 to have the annual conference in October at the Great
 Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, Va. Contact Rita and              Metro Atlanta Chapter
 Chris for further details.                                    Thomas Staton RT (R) (CV)
 New York Capital AVIR                               
 Kevin Brown RT (R)                                            Great Lakes Chapter (Michigan)                                               Michelle Denomme
 Previously Chaired by Israel Rasaswamy, who will    
 relocating to the Miami area. Kevin Brown will be             Rocky Mountain Chapter
 the point of contact in the central New York region.
                                                               Erik Stein RT (R)
 This chapter features educational sessions combined
 with regional Angio Clubs. Their last meeting was in
 November 2010, and featured presentation by local             Erik has been involved with the Rocky Mountain
 vascular surgeons.                                            Chapte for a few years,. They plan on a regional
 NE Connecticut AVIR                                           meeting this fall/winter. Dates are to be announced.
                                                               This region will undoubtedly draw from the
 Meredith Gaiter-Brown BSN, RT (R)(CV)(MR)(M)
                                                               surrounding states. Look for updates/notices regarding                                                 this event.
 Meredith expressed her concerns for the past lack of
 interest by regional members, but would like to see
 the chapter active once again. Interested individuals
 in that region are encouraged to contact her to assist
 promoting renewed interest in the educational process.

 12   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
                                                                                            chapter happenings

Per-Diem and Travel Assignments:                           notices, even Facebook notices can increase your atten-
Are you interested in travel work? Being in the situa-     dance, and spark more interest. Contact the AVIR
tion myself, I’ve often encountered job offerings that     office or any board member for assistance.
I could not commit to for various reasons. But what        Why are Chapters so important?
if , as an AVIR member, you could select to be noti-       At the grassroots level, Chapters help foster local
fied if a position became available in a city,region or    and regional educational opportunities and increase
state you desired? The AVIR website has dozens of          the overall visibility of the AVIR. Membership had
positions posted for both permanent institution and        decreased over the last few years, which could be due
for travel assignments as well. It’s easy as posting a     to the national economy, and the restructure of the
resume on the AVIR website Career section. Go there        membership term. Several Chapters faded into obscu-
today to explore your future possibilities. The AVIR       rity. But there has been a resurgence, new members,
has relationships with permanent, travel and per-diem      renewing members, and most important new Chapter
companies that can put you in the right job at the         interest. A Chapter’s activities enables its members,
right time for the right pay!                              and vice versa. Every technologist needs to obtain
Future Chapter Contacts                                    CE’s to maintain their respective certification, why not
Miami, Florida                                             achieve this goal, offer networking opportunities and
                                                           industry exposure? Providing education is a win-win
Israel Rasaswamy RT (R) (CV)                               for everyone involved.                                         Getting local physicians involved, speaking on
Tampa, Florida                                             current therapies and procedures, enhances not only
Christopher Sheridan RT (R) (VI)                           an Institution’s image, but also exposes attendees to
                                                           innovations and techniques to take back to their own                           practices. Talk to your interventional radiologists
New York City, New York                                    about supporting the AVIR and its activities, whether
Rennie Mohabir RT (R)                                      it’s providing a lecture locally, regionally or assisting
                                                           staff members in attending the Annual Meeting.
                                                           How Can You Start a Chapter in your
Living close to these metropolitan areas? Contact the
                                                           State or Region?
above individuals to express your support and ideas.
Active Chapters need active members. The following         Depending on where you live, there may be a
areas and regions need active chapters.                    Chapter already, but you can still be involved. The
                                                           Chapter listings have been updated with current
 • Idaho
                                                           contact information, so feel free to e-mail the Chapter
 • Pennsylvania                                            Representative in your area or region to inquire about
 • Massachusetts                                           upcoming meetings or events. New interests in New
                                                           York City and Tampa, Florida are also listed, along
 • Colorado
                                                           with their respective contacts.
If you live in these areas, there are numerous
                                                           The process of starting a Chapter has a few require-
AVIRmembers who will benefit from organized
                                                           ments. Evaluating interest amongst your peers,
educational activities , such as those an active Chapter
                                                           whether within your institution, city or region is
can provide. Are you interested in joining the AVIR
                                                           a first step. Networking this interest through the
or getting involved in rewarding Chapter activities?
                                                           AVIR and industry sponsors can help promote an
Contact your area/regional Chapter representative. It’s
                                                           increased awareness, and potential members. The
a great way to start!!
                                                           AVIR has Chapter Committee , lead by the Director
Involved in a Chapter and need better exposure, let        at Large, to help facilitate your needs. Reviewing
the AVIR help you by getting the word out about            the AVIR Chapter manual will also be necessary, as
upcoming events. Email blasts and website events           there are reporting requirements, CE application, and

                                                                          Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 13
chapter happenings

 sponsorship information essential in having successful      Chapter Manual, and find the contacts of those who
 events. Selecting leadership, and organizing formal         can help you be a success. The current website (www.
 or informal meetings to discuss possible events and is being upgraded in the very near future The
 delegating the tasks that go along with AVIR spon-          AVIR is also hosted on Facebook, where meetings and
 sored CE presentations is important. Communicating          events are posted, as well as blogs regarding practice
 those discussions and events to your constituents is        and industry ideas. Visit us there as well.
 important as well. Visit the AVIR website to access the

 Membership Breakdown
 As I mentioned before, AVIR membership reached its lowest period in            In the Summer 2010 newsletter,
 the last decade in 2010, several factors I feel there are 2 major contribu-    We published a state by state break-
 tors to this.                                                                  down, Membership vs Specialties,
 The Economy, plain and simple. Job market, home values, gas prices,            using that membership data, and
 etc. All affect how we see value in our daily lives. The AVIR wants to         comparing it to February 2011, we
 give you more bang for your buck, by offering educational opportuni-           are seeing increases, some big, some
 ties (in various formats) and promoting the profession world-wide.             small, but increases. Here’s the
                                                                                breakdown, as of February 2011.
 Membership renewal period, in mid 2009, the renewal went from, July            Keep in mind that memberships
 1 to Jan 1, and a sharp decline happened as a result. Some members just        can trickle in week to week, so
 didn’t renew. If you know somebody like this. Please remind them.              while these are accurate to February,
                                                                                the numbers could be higher by
                       AV I R   AV I R                       AV I R   AV I R    this printing.
  State/Country        2010     2 0 11    State/Country      2010     2 0 11
  ALABAMA                                NEVADA                        5        I am pleased to say that there were
  ALASKA                                 NEW HAMPSHIRE        3        3        not any areas that decreased in
  ARIZONA               12       15      NEW JERSEY           17       20       census. There are still areas where
  ARKANSAS                               NEW MEXICO           2        2
                                                                                membership is needed, mostly
  CALIFORNIA            60       68      NEW YORK             33       37
  COLORADO              13       15      NORTH CAROLINA       35       43       in the Great Plains states. In that
  CONNECTICUT           13       15      NORTH DAKOTA         1        1        regard, members are needed every-
  DELAWARE               2       3       OHIO                 15       21       where. Our membership even
  DIST OF COL                            OKLAHOMA             4        5        stretches out to areas as far as Saudi
  FLORIDA               22       26      OREGON               8        8
  GEORGIA               18       20      PENNSYLVANIA         50       59
                                                                                Arabia, Hong Kong and Uraguay
  HAWAII                 3       3       PUERTO RICO          1        1        and Canada as well. Increasing
  IDAHO                  3       3       RHODE ISLAND         8        8        our membership numbers, allows
  ILLINOIS              16       27      SOUTH CAROLINA       12       14       the AVIR to offer different on-line
  INDIANA               10       12      SOUTH DAKOTA
  IOWA                   2       2       TENNESSEE            2         2
                                                                                educational opportunities, as well
  KANSAS                 3       3       TEXAS                17        22      as plan and develop regional meet-
  KENTUCKY               2       2       UTAH                 6         7       ings as well as the Annual Meeting
  LOUISIANA              3       3       VERMONT              1         1       with SIR and ARIN. Help promote
  MAINE                  6       6       VIRGINIA             83       107
                                                                                the AVIR, in your labs and
  MARYLAND              29       31      WASHINGTON           16        20
  MASSACHUSETTS         18       29      WEST VIRGINIA        1         1       amongst your peers. Thank you for
  MICHIGAN              29       31      WISCONSIN            34        39      your continued support.
  MINNESOTA              7       9       WYOMING
  MISSISSIPPI           4        5       CANADA                5        5
  MISSOURI              5        7       OTHER                 3        4
  MONTANA                                Total                641      776
                                         Increase over
  NEBRASKA               4        6                    21%

 14   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
From left to right: Jeffrey Kins, David S. Douthett, Karen Finnegan, Melissa Post, Jaime Nodolf, Tony Walton, Joni Schott,
Dana Bridges, and Bill Greear

                              2010-2011 AVIR Board of Directors
                              Jaime Nodolf, RT(R)                                 William “Tony” Walton RT(R)
                              President                                           Director at Large
                              3121 Prospect Drive                                 8398 Windsor Drive
                              Sun Prairie, WI 53590-7010                          Mechanicsville, VA 23111
                              Work Phone: (608) 890-6994                          Work Phone: (804) 828-6986
                              Home Phone: (608) 332-4425                          Work Fax: (804) 828-7926
                              Email:                         Cell Phone: (804) 244-1792
                              Jeffrey Kins, RT(R)(VI)
                              Immediate Past President                            David S. Douthett, RT(R)(CV)
                              4201 White Heron Pt.                                Publications Chair
                              Portsmouth, VA 23703-5359                           1304 Murray Drive
                              Work Phone: (757) 886-6520                          Chesapeake, VA 23322
                              Home Phone: (757) 686-9578                          Work Phone: (800) 447-7585 x1271
                              Email:                             Fax: (757) 482-0473
                                                                                  Home Phone: (757) 482-5722
                              Melissa Post, MBA, CRA, RT(MR)(CV)(CT),             Email:
                              Vice President                                      Dana Bridges, RN
                              1706 Cumberland Ct                                  Associate Representative
                              Waunakee, WI 53597                                  1509 Fox Hollow Rd.
                              Work Phone: (608) 262-7549                          Greensboro, NC 27410
                              Home Phone: (608) 335-3868                          Work Phone: (336) 312-0095
                              Email:                           Home Phone: (336) 856-7790
                              Bill Greear, MHA, MBA, RT(R), (CV)
                              Secretary/Treasurer                                 Joni Schott, MBA, RT (R)(CT)
                              11926 Red Sorrel Lane                               Program Co-Chair
                              Huntersville, NC 28078                              W3209 Schaefer Rd
                              Work phone: (704)-304-5867                          Belleville, WI 53508-9660
                              Fax: (704)-304-5197                                 Work Phone: (608) 263-4099
                              Home Phone: 704-947-7002                            Fax: (608) 263-8297
                              Email:          Home Phone: (609) 424-6901
                              Leona J. Benson, RT(R)(CV),
                              FAVIR                                               Karen Finnegan, MS, RT(R)(CV), FAVIR
                              Web Site Chair                                      Past Presidents Chair
                              20519 14th Drive, SE                                1321 Elm Road
                              Bothell, WA 98012                                   Baltimore, MD 21227
                              Work Phone: (425) 261-4145                          Work Phone: (410) 328-3694
                              Fax: (425) 261-4149                                 Fax: (410) 328-2213
                              Cell Phone: (425) 772-6673                          Home Phone: (410) 242-9242
                              Email:                     Email:

                                                                                     Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 15

      ACTIVE MEMBERS                                    CLINICAL ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
      Jennifer Barrett         Greenville, NC           Pamela Mansfield   Wilmington, DE
      Meagan Beauchamp         Boston, MA               Darlene Messer     Garfield Heights, OH
      Tari Ann Bocook          Gahanna, OH              Gina Smith         Owasso, OK
      Alex Bruce               Boston, MA               James Williams     Bellevue, WA
      Lynda Campbell           Tallmadge, OH            Ryan Zewatsky      Norfolk, VA
      Heather Carver           Farmington, UT
      Wade Cobb                Union City, CA           CORPORATE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
      Jonathan Craig           Morton, MS               Katherine Duncan Chapel Hill, NC
      Kenneth Doud             Bourbonnais, IL
      Stefanie Feyka           Pittsburgh, PA           STUDENT MEMBERS
      Lori Hart                Three Rivers, MI         Daniel Heiser        Gainesville, VA
      Jaclyn Heiser            Yulee, FL                Megan LeBel          Charlottesville, VA
      Jacqueline Huldt         Grand Island, NE         Bethany McCollough   Charlottesville, VA
      Harold Hulings           Gillett, PA              Amhelia McCracken    Waynesboro, VA
      Joy Jacob                Skokie, IL               Brian Sharp          Earlysville, VA
      Stephan Johnson          Selkirk, NY
      Holly Keenan             Plymouth, WI
      Stephen Kelbach          Euclid, OH
      Karen Keyes              Hampden, MA
      Jodi King                Sheboygan, WI
      Matthew Lee              Janesville, WI
      Mark Lingad              Waukegan, IL
      Thomas Lukas             Renton, WA
      Matthew McGill           Easthampton, MA
                                                           EXCELLENCE is a talent or quality
      Patrice Moe              Bloomington, MN             which is unusually good and so surpasses
      Heather Nemeth           Mount Pleasant, SC
                                                           ordinary standards. It is also an aimed for
      Sherri Nixon             Champaign, IL
      Michael Owiesny          Saint Clair Shores, MI      standard of performance. Actual studies
      Nicole Price             Leesburg, VA                have shown that the most important way
      Roberta Rehor            La Grange, IL
      Gordon Remchuk           West Chazy, NY              to achieve excellent performance in our
      Kathy Schiavina          West Springfield, MA        profession is to practice. Achievement of
      Laura Sears              Duluth, GA
      Lorie Shafer             Colorado Springs, CO        excellence in this field commonly requires
      Christopher Sheridan     Lutz, FL                    approximately 10 years of dedication,
      Kari Smith               Kankakee, IL
      Raina Thrower            Kinston, NC                 comprising about 10,000 hours of effort.
      Sarah Umiker             Salado, TX
      Amy Warburton            Bourbonnais, IL
      Linda Weiland            Warrenville, IL
      Dennis Windsor           Bloomington, IN

16   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
getting involved

 AVIR Board of Directors & Committees
    Jeffrey Kins, RT(R)(VI), Immediate Past President,Nominating Committee Chair

    Our Board of Directors consists of President-Elect, Secretary/ Treasurer, Director-at-Large, and Associate
    Representative. A requirement to be nominated for a Board position consists of being a current AVIR
    member and must have served on an AVIR committee for at least one (1) year. The following are a brief
    explanation of some of the responsibilities and commitments.

    President-Elect: Three (3) year commitment.               and conference calls. Jamie Nodolf after 5 years on
                                                              the board will move into the Past President slot.
    Vice President: this is a voting position. Your           She has a wealth of experience with most every
    first year responsibilities would include being           position on our board of directors.
    the Chair of the Education Committee, Chair
    of the Fellowship Committee, and a member of              Secretary/Treasurer: One (1) year commitment.
    the Finance Committee. You also shall attend              This is a voting position. Your responsibilities
    all Board Meetings and conference calls, write            include chairing the Finance Committee and the
    newsletter articles, work closely with President for      Membership Committee. You will work closely
    a smooth transition, and stand in for President           with the home office on all Financial Reports,
    whenever needed. This year we have voted in               write newsletter articles, present a Finance report
    Tony Walton, whom comes with great creden-                at Annual Business Meeting, and attend all Board
    tials and also spend the last year working as             Meetings and conference calls. This year Bill Greer
    Director-at-Large.                                        was re-elected and is looking to continue on his
                                                              mission to create a solvent organization.
    President: this position is a non-voting position
    (unless there is a tie). Your second year responsibili-   Director-at-Large: One (1) year commitment.
    ties would include being the Chair of the Ethics          This is a voting position. Your responsibilities
    and Judicial Committee, a member of the Finance           include being the Chair of Chapters Committee,
    Committee, a correspondent with all external orga-        a member of the Education Committee and the
    nizations, and presidential correspondence. You are       Finance Committee, assist with local chapter
    responsible for writing the “Presidents Message” for      committees by answering questions and corre-
    the newsletter, work with Immediate Past President        sponding with local chapter members. You will
    on projects thus enabling a smooth transition.            write newsletter articles, present the Director-at-
    You conduct the Annual Business Meeting and are           Large report at Annual Business Meeting, and
    responsible for the agenda for all of the Board of        attend all Board Meetings and conference calls.
    Director meetings and conference calls. This year         This year we welcome in Sven Phillips as the we
    Missy Post will step up as our new President as she       get representation from all over.
    transition out of VP.
                                                              Associate Representative: One (1) year commit-
    Past President: this is a voting position. Your third     ment. This is a non-voting position and your
    and last year of commitment include being the             responsibilities would include Chairing the Associate
    Chair of the Nominating Committee, a member               Representative Committee and attend all Board
    of the Finance Committee, and are responsible             Meetings and conference calls. This position repre-
    for the AVIR External Liaisons. You will write            sents non-RT members. Dana Bridges will be this
    newsletter articles, work with President on projects      year’s Associate Representative.
    from previous years, and attend all Board Meetings

                                                                             Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 17
                                                                                                getting involved

     The previous commitments might of seemed a            Finance Committee: Seeks contributions from
     bit more than what you were capable of at this        outside sources to fund the projects of the
     time; so, there are Committees that need a strong     Association.
     representation of members. Please consider joining
                                                           Chapter Committee: Members are known as
     one or more of these committees. It is a great way
                                                           Chapter Liaisons. Each Chapter Liaison is assigned
     to be involved in the decisions of the association.
                                                           a regional area where they shall be responsible
     Nominating Committee: Prepares the ballot for
                                                           for helping new chapters get started or helping
     the general election.
                                                           existing chapters with problems and/or questions.
     Ethics/Judicial Committee: Considers any ethical
                                                           This committee is chaired by the Director-at-
     or judicial question regarding the policies of the
                                                           Large. All local chapter liaisons must submit a
     Association or Local Chapters or actions of the
                                                           bi-monthly report on the activities for the past
     members of the Association.
                                                           two months and future activities of their assigned
     Education Committee: Responsible for policies         chapters.
     concerning continuing education programs; for
                                                           Annual Program Committee: Plans and conducts
     reviewing and approving the educational program
                                                           the Annual and Regional Meetings of the
     of meetings/seminars endorsed by the national
     Association; and for assisting other organizations,
     including local chapters, in planning the content     Publications Committee: Develops and imple-
     of educational meetings/seminars in which the         ments policies and guidelines regarding the
     Association will be endorsing (e.g. Regional AVIR     relationship between the Association and
     Meetings).                                            publishers of professional journals and other
                                                           publications in the field of Cardiovascular and
     Fellowship Committee: Reviews applications for
                                                           Interventional Radiology. The committee over-
     admission as a Fellow of the AVIRand elects as
                                                           sees the newsletter and other publications of the
     Fellows those applicants who satisfy the relevant
     criteria. Fellowship Committee members are
     required to have AVIR Fellowship status.              Associate Members Committee: Reviews asso-
                                                           ciate member concerns and supervises associate
     Award of Excellence Committee: Reviews nomina-
                                                           membership recruitment. Committee members
     tions for the Award of Excellence and elects the
                                                           shall have associate membership status.
     most qualified nominee who satisfies the relevant
     criteria. Award of excellence committee members       Web Site Committee: Reviews and recommends
     shall be recipient’s of the Award of Excellence.      to the AVIRBoard content to be placed on AVIR
                                                           Web site.
     Membership Committee: Reviews membership
     concerns and supervises membership recruitment
     efforts. Committee Members should include the
     Associate Member Representative.

18   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer

 Shari Ullman Scholarship Foundation
  David Douthett RT R CV

    T     his is the second year since the AVIR renamed
          the Gold Medal Lecture in honor of Shari
    Ullman. After Board approval, the AVIR presented
                                                          Technologists wanting to participate would submit
                                                          an essay with specific criteria (topic to be deter-
                                                          mined) which would be reviewed by a committee.
    this honor to Shari two years ago and she was         The technologist chosen would have all expenses
    really touched. In fact to quote Shar: “this means    paid to attend the Annual Meeting. The expenses
    the world to me.” The first annual Shari Ullman       would include registration to the AVIR Annual
    Gold Medal Award was given at our 19th Annual         meeting, coach airfare and hotel for four nights.
    Meeting in San Diego. Unfortunately, Shari past
                                                          Shari Ullman Scholarship Fund had its initial
    away before she could present the first Gold Medal
                                                          kick-off at the 20th Annual Meeting in San
    Award named in her honor. However, Shari’s
                                                          Diego. Many contributors have come forward
    family was able to attend the first awarding of the
                                                          and we were hoping to be able to start this last
    Shari Ullman Gold Medal Lecturer Award to Dr.
                                                          year to award this; however the funds in the
    John Aruny. A duplicate crystal was presented to
                                                          Foundation would not support that at this time.
    her family, in remembrance of Shari. This year it
                                                          Please help us fulfill this Scholarship by making
    is being presented to Dr Buddy Conners, a great
                                                          your donation. We are super close and with
    supporter, champion and contributes and helps this
                                                          just a little more, next year we can award this
    organization move forward just as it was meant to
                                                          scholarship and send our first deserving active
    be as the “Shari Ullman Gold Medal Award”.
                                                          member off to San Francisco to the 22nd AVIR
    Several of the Past Presidents have suggested that    Annual Scientific Meeting.
    a fitting way to honor Shari’s many contributions
                                                          The AVIR will be accepting donations for the
    to the AVIR would be to set-up a scholarship to be
                                                          Shari Ullman scholarship fund which help create
    given to a deserving active member to attend the
                                                          the Foundation.
    Annual Meeting. Although there is much planning
    to be done, an initial approach has been suggested.

   Editors Award Winner                                     Newsletter Advertising Rates
                                                            and Production Schedule
   AVIRwould like to acknowledge the following
                                                          Type                         Dimensions (inches) Ad Rate
   writer for their publication in the past issue.
                                                          Classified Ad                1 column inch       $ 125.00
   Karen Finnegan, “ When Hospitals                       1/8 page black/white ad      2¼ x 3¾             $ 225.00
                     Should Fly”                          1/4 page black/white ad      4½ x 3¾             $ 425.00

   Attention All Writers                                  1/2 page black/white ad      4½ x 7½             $ 800.00

                                                          Full page black/white ad     9 x 7½              $ 1,500.00
   The Interventional Informer is offering $100 to the
   best article. This is awarded four (4) times a year.   Full page color ad           9 x 7½              $ 2,000.00
   The articles should be originals. No limit in size,
                                                          Issue                        Close Date          Pub Date
   but they must pertain to Interventional Radiology.
   Just submit your article with name and address for     2011 Winter                  Jan 20, 2011        Feb 20, 2011
   the AVIRBoard of Directors to review.                  2011 Spring                  April 20, 2011      May 20, 2011

   Best of luck!                                          Full payment must accompany ad order.

                                                                               Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 19
We Thought You Would Want to Know About This One…
 Donald F. Haydon CAE

     A    bill, SB336, has been filed in New Mexico
          to amend the New Mexico Medical Imaging
     Licensure law that was passed in March of 2009. 
                                                            The next stop in the New Mexico process is the
                                                            Senate Judiciary Committee (where it could go
                                                            on the calendar as early as tomorrow) a link to the
     SB336, as originally drafted, would provide            New Mexico Senate Judiciary Committee follows: 
     exemption from the provisions of the medical 
     imaging licensure law to three nursing specialty       aspx?CommitteeCode=SJC  If supported within
     groups including the Certified Registered Nurse        the Judiciary Committee, then it would then go
     Anesthetists (CRNA), advanced practice nurses          to the full Senate and then over to the House for
     and nurse midwives.  Those of us within the            consideration.  Things can move very quickly in
     ultrasound professional community were working         New Mexico, and having members contact both
     on a more reasoned approach to exemption for           members of the reference committees, as well as
     these nursing groups based on a ‘Point of Care’        their own state representative and senator, is a step
     approach when the bill (last week) passed out of       worth considering. 
     the Public Affairs Committee in a much more
                                                            Our objective in providing this information is to:
     onerous form, and with a recommendation to
     the New Mexico legislature to “Do Pass” the bill.        • Create a awareness among the national medical
     The Public Affairs Committee passed amendment              imaging community about the threat now
     language that would allow all nurses to provide all        posed by NM SB336
     medical imaging services.
                                                              • Encourage the medical imaging professional
     Compounding the problem is the speed at which              associations and related organizations to engage
     the New Mexico legislature moves; they only have           their local membership constituency/registrants
     a 60 day session and there is just about half that         in creating a timely oppositional response to
     time left in this current session.  We experienced         SB336
     the warp speed review problem when we were
     first involved with the proposed medical imaging       There are other statutory and regulatory issues
     licensure law in 2009.  It is not a exaggeration to    pending in other states (e.g. West Virginia,
     say that the legislative calendar in New Mexico        Oregon) and having SB336 passed in its recently
     makes it very difficult to provide for informed        amended form could create a troublesome prec-
     decision-making based on comprehensive infor-          edent.  We hope you found this information to be
     mation assemblage.                                     helpful.

     The professional ultrasound organizations have all     Donald F. Haydon CAE
     either issued, or will shortly, member alerts for a    Chief Executive Officer
     ‘Call to Action’ in New Mexico.  The take away         Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
     message in these alerts is a simple one, this bill     Plano, Texas
     should not be passed.  We have also encouraged
     our respective members to engage their physician
     partners in taking this bill to task with the appro-
     priate New Mexico legislators. 

20   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
e d i t o r ’s m e s s a g e

  Around the World with What is new and What should not be New!
       David S Douthett RT R CV

       Like last issue I am going around and getting clips      ARGON Medical Devices, Inc. (Athens, TX)
       of new items that are hitting the news and hence         announced today that it has entered into a
       forth being brought around to everybody in the           definitive license agreement with Rex Medical, LP
       lab, that will listen.                                   (Conshohocken, PA) to market and distribute the
                                                                Option retrievable inferior vena cava filter.
       Merit Medical Systems, Inc. has announced that
       it has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food        PAD CAN INCREASE CAD?
       and Drug Administration for its ASAP thrombus            In the Journal of the American College of
       aspiration catheter. The company stated that the         Cardiology, Ayman A. Hussein, MD, et al
       device, which has been available in Europe, will be      published findings from an analysis that sought to
       launched immediately in the United States.               characterize the progression of coronary athero-
                                                                sclerosis in patients with concomitant peripheral
       According to the company, the ASAP aspiration
                                                                arterial disease (PAD) (2011;57:1220–1225).
       catheter kit is designed for the quick removal
                                                                PAD is associated with adverse cardiovascular
       of fresh, soft emboli and thrombus from vessels
                                                                outcomes; however, the impact of concomitant
       of the arterial system. The ASAP kit contains a
                                                                PAD on coronary atherosclerosis progression in
       dual-lumen rapid exchange catheter with related
                                                                patients with coronary artery disease has not been
       accessories. The ASAP is a single-extrusion, 100%
                                                                well established, the investigators noted.
       wire-braided, kink-resistant catheter with a large
       aspiration lumen to facilitate quick aspiration.         The investigators concluded that patients with
                                                                concomitant PAD were found to have a higher
                                                                incidence of extensive and calcified coronary
       Teleflex Incorporated (Limerick, PA) announced
                                                                atherosclerosis, constrictive arterial remodeling,
       that its Arrow NextStep antegrade chronic hemo-
                                                                and greater disease progression. These changes
       dialysis catheter has received market clearance
                                                                likely contribute to adverse cardiovascular
       from the US Food and Drug Administration. The
                                                                outcomes. The benefit for all patients in achieving
       company expects to launch the product in the
                                                                low levels of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
       United States later this year.
                                                                supports the need for intensive lipid lowering in
       According to the Teleflex, the Arrow NextStep            patients with PAD, the investigators concluded.
       catheter is indicated for use in adult patients. It is
       designed to attain long-term vascular access for
       hemodialysis and apheresis. The device provides
                                                                AHA: HOSPITAL COSTS RISE 5%
       ease of insertion and sustained high flow. The ports
                                                                IN LAST DECADE
       are reversed to match the heart’s natural blood flow     Factors such as labor expenditures, shortfalls in
       dynamics and are significantly separated to enhance      reimbursement and health IT related costs are
       flow and minimize recirculation. The venous port         major drivers in hospital price increases over the
       releases blood into the superior vena cava. The arte-    past decade. Hospital costs have increased by
       rial port draws blood from the right atrium. Side        almost 5 percent per year from 2000 to 2009,
       holes on the tip of the catheter are designed to pull    according to a report published this month
       blood from all sides of the catheter.                    that was sponsored by the American Hospital
                                                                Association (AHA).

                                                                               Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 21
                                                                                                 e d i t o r ’s m e s s a g e

      ENDOVASCULAR TREATMENT                              “Patients do not necessarily want to know whether
      FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS                               the stent I have put in is patent or not. They want
     Zamboni explained that, though multiple sclerosis to know about their limb preservation, they want
     is an inflammatory neurodegenerative disease of       to know about their pain control, they want to
     the central nervous system of unknown origin          know about their maintenance of mobility and
     – widely considered to be autoimmune in nature – function and they want to know about wound
     it is strongly associated with chronic cerebrospinal healing. . So I am suggesting here that all of us
     venous insufficiency.                                 look beyond the coronary paradigm when we start
                                                           dealing with below-the-knee study designs.
     This link was supported by Zamboni’s recent
      study of 65 patients affected by clinically defined There were patient vs. physician-centered
     multiple sclerosis, along with 235 “healthy”          outcomes and that lessons learned from the
      control subjects. Though this study left open the    surgical literature had shown that graft patency
      question as to whether venous stenoses are the       is equated with a successful clinical outcome and
      cause or product of multiple sclerosis.              amputation-free survival.
     “I cannot answer this at the moment,” said              “However, graft patency and its association with
      Zamboni. “The interesting thing, though, is that        other ‘patient-centric’ outcomes such as symptom
      when you can treat the stenosis, you have, in time, relief, wound healing and mobility are poorly
      an improvement in those patients. Especially in         correlated and these are very complex patients,”
      the first phase.”
                                                              Patency is only part of the answer. Looking to the
      Zamboni’s current, ongoing study is exploring the       literature, it is highlighted that in a 2007 study
      effects of endovascular treatment for stenosed jugular (Taylor et al, Journal of American College of
      and azygous veins in a cohort of 100 multiple scle-     Surgery) which set out to determine success after
      rosis patients, with follow-up to one year.             bypass for critical limb ischemia, clinical success
                                                              was defined as achieving all of the following: graft
     “I think that this is really promising,” he said. “I
                                                              patency to the point of wound healing, limb
      have good cooperation with the neurologists in
                                                              salvage at one year, maintenance of ambulatory
      my country. And I think that this could be prom-
                                                              status at one year and survival for six months.
      ising if neurologists and vascular people work back
      to back on this.                                       The results of this study which enrolled 331
                                                              patients with Rutherford class 3–6 lesion, showed
                                                              that graft patency and limb salvage at three years
      ExPENSIVE TECHNOLOGIES                                  was 73%, but the total clinical success when
      SHOULD YIELD BETTER PATIENT-                            combining all four of the parameters was only 44%.
      Krishna Rocha-Singh, Prairie Vascular Institute       “For below-the-knee lesions, expensive tech-
                                                             nologies should yield better patient-relevant
     Interventions using coronary drug-eluting stents        outcomes—perhaps an adequate percutaneous
     below the knee in claudicants (Rutherford category      transluminal angioplasty result alone is sufficient.
     2 to 3) is a new, emerging study inclusion criteria.    Although an important element, in the USA,
     You can do trials in patients with ischemic limbs       payers will not reimburse for ‘stent patency’. We
     while excluding Rutherford Category 6 patients          must challenge each other to promote rigorous
                                                             trial designs to advance this field beyond tech-
      Coronary drug-eluting stents have superior binary      nology-driven surrogates,” Rocha-Singh said.
      patency rates compared to percutaneous translu-
      minal angioplasty/bare metal stents in patients
      with so-called “ischemic limbs” with mean lesion
      lengths less than 3cm.

22   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
e d i t o r ’s m e s s a g e

                                                                assessed for the primary endpoint at six months.
                                                                Investigators found that office-based blood pres-
                                                                sure measurements in the renal denervation group
                                                                decreased by 32/12mmHg (+/- 23/1mmHg, baseline
                                                                of 178/96mmHg; p
                                                                Between-group differences in blood pressure at six
                                                                months were 33/11mmHg (p
                                                                At six months, 84% of the subjects receiving renal
                                                                denervation had a decrease in systolic blood pres-
                                                                sure of 10mmHg or more versus 35% of 51 controls
  RENAL DENERVATION REDUCES                                     (pThere were no major procedure-related or device-
  TREATMENT-RESISTANT HYPERTENSION,                             related complications.
  New data presented at the American Heart                      Dierk Scheinert, Leipzig, Germany, who presented
  Association Scientific Sessions show that renal dener-        these results at the LINC annual meeting noted that
  vation significantly reduces blood pressure in patients       there were no serious device- or procedure-related
  with treatment-resistant hypertension. Murray Esler,          adverse events in the 52 patients. There was one femoral
  Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne,            artery pseudoaneurysm treated with manual compres-
  Australia, presented results from the Symplicity              sion; one post-procedural drop in blood pressure
  HTN-2 trial. The results were simultaneously                  resulting in a reduction in medication; one urinary tract
  published online in The Lancet.                               infection; one prolonged hospitalisation for evaluation
                                                                of paraesthesias and one back pain treated with pain
  Elser told delegates that “Activation of renal sympathetic    medications which resolved after one month.
  nerves is key to pathogenesis of essential hypertension.”
  The proprietary radiofrequency generator used in the          “Six month renal imaging in 43 patients showed no
  procedure is automatic, operates on low power and has          vascular abnormality at any radiofrequency treatment
  built-in safety algorithms.                                    site. One magnetic resonance angiography indicates
                                                                 possible progression of a pre-existing stenosis unre-
  Investigators set out to assess effectiveness and safety of    lated to radiofrequency treatment with no further
  catheter-based renal denervation for reduction of blood        therapy warranted,” he said.
  pressure in patients with treatment-resistant hypertension.
                                                                There were no changes in measured renal function
  Symplicity HTN-2 is a multicentre, prospective,               with denervation, which suggests that the procedure
  randomised trial. Between 9 June 2009 and 15                  itself and associated hemodynamic changes have no
  January 2010, Esler et al randomised 106 patients             deleterious effects on the kidneys.
  who had a baseline systolic blood pressure of
  160mmHg or more (≥150mmHg for patients with
  type 2 diabetes), despite taking three or more anti-          IS RENAL ARTERY REVASCULARISATION
  hypertensive drugs in a one-to-one ratio to undergo           A DEAD DUCK?
  renal denervation (n=52) with previous treatment or           Nicholas Chalmers
  to maintain previous treatment alone (control group,
  n=54) at 24 participating centres. The primary effec-         After ASTRAL, is there a role for renal artery interven-
  tiveness endpoint was change in supine office-based           tion? Nicholas Chalmers and Michael Jaff will try to
  measurement of systolic blood pressure at six months.         convince CX33 delegates wit arguments in favour and
  Primary analysis included all patients remaining in           against revascularisation of the renal arteries in the
  follow-up at six months.                                      debate ‘Renal artery revascularisation is a dead duck’.
                                                                CX33 will seek consensus whether there is any justi-
  Forty nine (94%) of 52 patients who underwent                 fication for renal artery intervention and whether the
  renal denervation and 51 (94%) of 54 controls were            CORAL trial adds valuable data to this discussion.

                                                                               Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 23
                                                                                                 e d i t o r ’s m e s s a g e

Chalmers, consultant vascular radiologist, Manchester         clinical indication and have no other explanation for
Royal Infirmary, Manchester, UK, will speak for the           their resistant hypertension and/or kidney disease.
motion. “The outcome of the ASTRAL trial is a                “Patients must have failed maximal medical therapy
reduction in the grey area of uncertainty surrounding         and should have viable renal parenchyma. During the
treatment of renal artery stenosis. We now know               procedure assessment of hemodynamic factors such
that, with very few exceptions, atherosclerotic renal         as the fractional flow reserve and hyperemic systolic
artery stenosis can be managed conservatively,” he            gradient may help direct treatment further.
told Vascular News. He will tell the CX audience that
isolated case reports demonstrate the benefit of renal       “Admittedly, in a real world situation, endovascular
artery intervention. However, he will say, these cases        renal artery stent revascularisation is not without
are not representative of the vast majority of athero-        risk. Therefore it should be emphasised that proce-
sclerotic renal artery stenosis.                              dural expertise is critical to minimise periprocedural
                                                              complications. Advances in embolic protection device
“Historically, several uncontrolled cohort studies have       technology may further reduce risk of renal athero-
 claimed to demonstrate that intervention preserves or        matous embolisation. By carefully selecting patients,
 improves renal function in these patients. However, in       predictable, clinically meaningful and beneficial long-
 the absence of a control group, these claims are weak.       term results can be anticipated.
 Several small controlled trials failed to show benefit,
 but were underpowered to do so,” he said.
                                                                                         Coronary CT angiography
The ASTRAL trial is a large randomised trial involving                                   study rules out coronary
806 patients with renal artery stenosis. It has, as yet,                                 artery disease in a 58-year-
demonstrated no benefit from intervention in terms                                       old asymptomatic man with
of blood pressure control or preservation of renal                                       multiple cardiovascular risk
function.                                                                                factors. Image source: U.
                                                                                         Joseph Schoepf, Medical
“Critics have claimed that the negative outcome of                                       University of South
 ASTRAL is due to the operators’ lack of experience                                      Carolina, Charleston
 and skill resulting in a high complication rate. In other
 words, those individuals who benefitted from inter-
 vention were balanced by those who were harmed by           AIM: LOW-DOSE CCTA RIVALS ANGIO FOR
 it. This theory is not supported by the data: analysis      CAD DETECTION
 of change in serum creatinine shows no evidence of          Low-dose coronary CT angiography (CCTA)
 either benefit or harm compared with conservative           suggested that the sensitivity of the technique rivals
 treatment in the great majority,” Chalmers said.            catheter-based angiography and may offer an alterna-
                                                             tive to invasive angiography in ruling out coronary
Speaking against the motion that renal artery revas-
                                                             artery disease in symptomatic patients, according to
cularisation is a dead duck, Michael Jaff, cardiologist,
                                                             a meta-analysis of 16 studies published March 15 in
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA,
                                                             Annals of Internal Medicine.
will argue that publications that failed to show a
therapeutic advantage for renal artery stenting had          Although 2.3 million CCTA studies are performed
significant methodological flaws which prevent               annually in the U.S., the noninvasive exam is associ-
conclusions from being drawn.                                ated with an effective radiation dose of 12 millisievert
                                                             [mSv], which has sparked concerns among physicians
“Although renal artery interventions should not
                                                             and patients. Prospective ECG gating, also known
 be used for all patients with hypertension and an
                                                             as step-and-shoot or sequential mode, cuts dose up
 incidental finding of renal artery stenosis, there is
                                                             to 80 percent by limiting radiation application to a
 retrospective and prospective data to support its use
                                                             predefined point in the cardiac cycle. However, some
 in appropriately selected patients,” Jaff said. He added
                                                             physicians have voiced concerns about the potential
 that patients should be chosen for endovascular renal
                                                             reduced diagnostic quality of the resulting dataset
 artery stent revascularisation only if they have a clear

24   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
The Placement and Retrieval of IVC Filters

  James F. Benenati, MD, provides his insight on the SIR guidelines regarding IVC filter use and
  reminds us that patient follow-up and appropriate retrieval are tantamount to success

  What are the major issues surrounding the use              How have these issues come to light?
  of inferior vena cava (IVC) filters in the current
  practice of preventing pulmonary embolism (PE)?            These issues have come to light by looking at the
                                                             overall use of a product. This type of information
  IVC filters are very important tools for physicians        is easily attainable, and it has become apparent
  treating patients with deep venous thrombosis and          that the number of filters being placed annually is
  PE. There is very good evidence that these filters         rising sharply. There may be good reasons for this
  are effective in certain patient populations. One          and proper indications; I’m not stating that we are
  of the issues that has arisen recently is that IVC         doing something wrong. I’m stating that we need
  filters tend to be overused and that the indica-           to take a very close look at what we are doing and
  tions for the filters are starting to be expanded and      have very good followup with our patients. It may
  stretched into areas where we don’t have a lot of          be that this is all very appropriate, but we need to
  evidence to justify their use. Importantly, there          have better follow-up and control of our patients.
  may be some situations in which you can’t wait
  for level I evidence. If something makes very good         When is a retrievable device preferred over
                                                             a permanent device?
  sense and it is believed that it may be best medical
  practice, it may be appropriate to use a device with       A retrievable device is favorable over a perma-
  an expanded indication. We do not want to deny             nent device when a patient’s risk of having PE
  patients a treatment that could possibly help them.        is limited to a short period of time. Patients
                                                             who may be at high risk in a temporary situa-
  Any implantable device carries some risk with it,
                                                             tion, as, for example, those who possibly have a
  and if you are placing filters too liberally, you are
                                                             clot in their leg and are undergoing surgery or
  putting some patients at risk either without benefit
                                                             are exposed to certain risk factors that may be
  or with limited or unproven benefit. More and
                                                             limited in time. When they are out of the period
  more retrievable filters are being used. Filter use
                                                             of risk, the filter should come out.
  in this country is increasing quickly, and one of
  the problems is that a majority of the temporary           To what degree are the current devices of concern
  filters are not being retrieved. Retrievable filters are   as to how they are used and monitored?
  often being used as permanent devices, and many
  patients are not being followed closely enough             There are a variety of devices available. They are
  with these devices. We must be cautious and make           all different, and the data on them are different.
  sure that if someone receives a temporary filter, the      They all tend to work pretty well. Some of the
  filter is removed when the patient’s risk of PE has        filters seem to be more problematic than others,
  passed. We need better follow-up in this country,
  and that is exactly what the US Food and Drug
  Administration suggested in their warning letter in
  August 2010.

                                                                            Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 25
     and those need to be examined more closely. Some        What is the ideal timing and nature of follow-up for
     filters tend to migrate more than others or tilt,       patients in whom an IVC filter has been placed?
     bend, and fracture in the vena cava. It is prob-
                                                             The ideal timing and follow-up depend on the
     ably best dealt with by a postmarket trial—not a
                                                             indication for the filter and the patient’s clinical
     registry—to look at the use and the safety profiles
                                                             status. A filter that is being placed permanently
     of the filters, either individually or all-inclusive.
                                                             with no chance of coming out might not require
     Some of the responsibility falls to the manufac-
                                                             close follow-up. A patient who has an opportu-
     turers to be aware of whether their devices are
                                                             nity to have the filter removed needs appropriate
     problematic, and if they are, it is their responsi-
                                                             follow-up as determined by the implanting
     bility to issue warnings, report problems to the US
                                                             physician at the time the device is placed. It’s
     Food and Drug Administration, and either modify
                                                             the responsibility of the implanting physician to
     the devices or pull them from the market.
                                                             bring the patient back at an appropriate time for
     What is the Society of Interventional Radiology         follow-up.
     (SIR) recommending within their guidelines
     specifically pertaining to the education of             What types of imaging equipment should every
     both interventionists and hospital staff who            center have available?
     are involved in implanting, monitoring, and             Implanting filters requires good-quality imaging
     retrieving filters?                                     equipment with the ability to record and store
     The SIR recommends all interventionists be prop-        permanent images and the ability to perform imaging
     erly trained through accredited fellowships. To         runs. Documentation of location of placement and
     place a filter, one must have adequate training;        patency of the vena cava must be recorded.
     this is attained by properly accredited fellowship      How much or how often is continuing medical
     training or post-fellowship educational activities      education (CME) required for interventionists who
     that provide adequate training in imaging and           are placing these devices?
     device placement.
                                                             This skill set needed to perform IVC filter place-
     One must understand all the indications and risks       ment requires specific training in the venous
     of placing the filter, and physicians are obligated     system. This should be obtained during fellowship
     to obtain informed consent and explain these            training. CME is vital in all areas of intervention
     procedures to their patients along with risks,          and should occur frequently. Specific CME in
     complications, and alternative therapeutic options.     venous interventions should be obtained periodi-
     In the appropriate setting, when a filter can be        cally in order to be qualified to place IVC filters.
     removed, the patient should be followed closely,
     seen back by the implanting physician, and have
     the filter removed at the first available time that
     the patient is out of the window of risk for PE.

26   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
editorial comments

    Never ever passed these things along and I am not    I asked him if he wanted to play a little football
    starting now, I am just going to share this story    with my friends. He said yes..
    with thousands and hope that the good gesture just
                                                         We hung out all weekend and the more I got to
    Start! We all know or knew someone like this!!
                                                         know Kyle, the more I liked him, and my friends
    One day, when I was a freshman in high school,       thought the same of him. Monday morning came,
    I saw a kid from my class was walking home           and there was Kyle with the huge stack of books
    from school. His name was Kyle.                      again. I stopped him and said, ‘Boy, you are gonna
                                                         really build some serious muscles with this pile of
    It looked like he was carrying all of his books.     books everyday!’ He just laughed and handed me
    I thought to myself, ‘Why would anyone bring         half the books.
    home all his books on a Friday? He must really
    be a nerd.’                                          Over the next four years, Kyle and I became best
                                                         friends... When we were seniors we began to think
    I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a         about college. Kyle decided on Georgetown and I
    football game with my friends tomorrow after-        was going to Duke. I knew that we would always be
    noon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on.       friends, that the miles would never be a problem.
    As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running
    toward him.                                          He was going to be a doctor and I was going for
                                                         business on a football scholarship.. Kyle was vale-
    They ran at him, knocking all his books out of       dictorian of our class. I teased him all the time
    his arms and tripping him so he landed in the        about being a nerd.
    dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them
    land in the grass about ten feet from him... He      He had to prepare a speech for graduation. I was so
    looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his     glad it wasn’t me having to get up there and speak
    eyes. My heart went out to him. So, I jogged
                                                         Graduation day, I saw Kyle. He looked great.
    over to him as he crawled around looking for his
                                                         He was one of those guys that really found himself
    glasses, and I saw a tear in his eye.
                                                         during high school. He filled out and actually
    As I handed him his glasses, I said, ‘Those guys     looked good in glasses. He had more dates than I
    are jerks.’ They really should get lives. ‘ He       had and all the girls loved him. Boy, sometimes I
    looked at me and said, ‘Hey thanks!’ There was a     was jealous!
    big smile on his face. It was one of those smiles
                                                         Today was one of those days.
    that showed real gratitude. I helped him pick up
    his books, and asked him where he lived…             I could see that he was nervous about his speech.
                                                         So, I smacked him on the back and said, ‘Hey, big
    As it turned out, he lived near me, so I asked
                                                         guy, you’ll be great!’ He looked at me with one of
    him why I had never seen him before.. He said
                                                         those looks (the really grateful one) and smiled. ‘
    he had gone to private school before now. I
                                                         Thanks,’ he said.
    would have never hung out with a private school
    kid before. We talked all the way home, and I        As he started his speech, he cleared his throat, and
    carried some of his books. He turned out to be a     began ‘Graduation is a time to thank those who
    pretty cool kid.                                     helped you make it through those tough years.
                                                                                                continued page 30

                                                                       Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 27

      McCormick Place Convention Center | Chicago, Illinois | Held in Conjunction with SIR

       AGENDA                     Saturday, MarCh 26, 2011
                                           Hyatt Regency cHicago
                                           gold level, east toweR, Room columbus H
       ADNEGA                              8:00 AM–8:30 AM  Continental Breakfast
                                           8:30 AM–11:45 AM PICC Workshop
     PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE             12:45 PM–4:00 PM CIT Exam Review

                                  SuNday, MarCh 27, 2011
                                           mccoRmick Place convention centeR
                                           west building, FouRtH FlooR, Room w475
                                           7:00 AM–8:00 AM   Continental Breakfast
                                           8:00 AM–8:15 AM   Presidents’ Welcome
                                           8:15 AM–9:15 AM   Ablation 101: An Introduction to Percutaneous
                                                             Radiofrequency Ablation and Cryoablation
                                           9:15 AM–10:15 AM  DVT / Venous Interventions
                                           10:15 AM–10:30 AM Break
                                           10:30 AM–11:30 AM The Management of Renal Artery Stenosis
                                           11:30 AM–1:00 PM  Imaging Device Symposium, Room W476
                                                             Sponsored by Cook Medical
                                           1:00 PM–2:00 PM   Interventional Treatment of Venous Disease in the Legs
                                           2:00 PM–3:00 PM   From Zero to HeRO: An IR Survival Guide to HeRO
                                                             Graft Management
                                           3:00 PM–3:15 PM   Break
                                           3:15 PM–4:15 PM   Renal Ablation

                                  MoNday, MarCh 28, 2011
                                           mccoRmick Place convention centeR
                                           west building, FouRtH FlooR, Room w475
                                           7:30 AM–8:00 AM   Continental Breakfast
                                           8:00 AM–9:00 AM   Panel: Acute Stroke and Intervention
                                           9:00 AM–10:00 AM  Vascular Anomolies-Embolization
                                           10:00 AM–10:30 AM AVIR Business Meeting
                                           10:30 AM–11:30 AM Carotid Artery Stenting: What You Need To Know
                                           11:30 AM–1:00 PM  Imaging Device Symposium, Room W476

28   | Winter 2011 | Interventional Informer
  AGENDA                    Concurrent Sessions
                                  Room w475:
                                  1:00 PM–2:00 PM      Gold Metal Lecture
  ADNEGA                          2:00 PM–3:00 PM      Peripheral Artery Disease
                                  3:00 PM–3:15 PM      Break
PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE         3:15 PM–4:15 PM      Spine Interventions
                                  4:15 PM–5:15 PM      Veterinarian IR Medicine-Oncology

                                  Room w476:
                                  1:00 PM–2:00 PM      Interventional Coding I: Vascular Family
                                  2:00 PM–3:00 PM      Interventional Coding II: Interventions
                                  3:00 PM–3:15 PM      Break
                                  3:15 PM–4:15 PM      GI Bleed
                                  4:15 PM–5:15 PM      Hybrid OR/Angio Suites

                            tuESday, MarCh 29, 2011
                                  mccoRmick Place convention centeR
                                  west building, FouRtH FlooR, Room w475
                                  7:30 AM–8:00 AM   Continental Breakfast
                                  8:00 AM–9:00 AM   Panel: Management of Renal Artery Stenosis
                                  9:00 AM–10:00 AM  Venous Interventions
                                  10:00 AM–10:30 AM Break
                                  10:30 AM–11:30 AM Dural Sinus Stent Placement for Advanced
                                                    Pseudotumor with Papilledema:
                                                    A Disease Treatable with Interventional Techniques
                                  11:30 AM–1:00 PM  Imaging Device Symposium, Room W476
                                                    Sponsored by Space TRAX
                            Concurrent Sessions
                                  Room w475:
                                  1:00 PM–2:00 PM      Extreme IR: The Show Goes On
                                  2:00 PM–3:00 PM      Pain Management-Spinal and Joint Interventions
                                  3:00 PM–3:15 PM      Break
                                  3:15 PM–4:15 PM      Interesting Cases Across Species From Fish to Lions
                                  4:15 PM–5:15 PM      Status and Controversies of UFE

                                  Room w476:
                                  1:00 PM–2:00 PM      Yttrium 90 Radioembolization for Liver Malignancies
                                  2:00 PM–3:00 PM      Peripheral Artery Disease
                                  3:00 PM–3:15 PM      Break
                                  3:15 PM–4:15 PM      Endovascular Repair of AAA’s
                                  4:15 PM–5:15 PM      Diagnosis and Treatment of Shoulder, Chest,
                                                       Abdomen, Pelvis, and Buttock Vascular Malformations

                                                                         Interventional Informer | Winter 2011 | 29
      AGENDA                          WEdNESday, MarCh 30, 2011
                                               mccoRmick Place convention centeR
      ADNEGA                                   west building, FouRtH FlooR, Room w475
                                               7:30 AM–8:00 AM   Continental Breakfast
 PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE                     8:00 AM–9:00 AM   TACE and Portal Vein Embolization
                                               9:00 AM–10:00 AM  Pelvic Congestion and Fallopian Tube
                                                                 Recanalization and Post-Partum Hemorrhage
                                               10:00 AM–10:30 AM Break
                                               10:30 AM–11:30 AM Cosmetic IR
                                               11:30 AM–1:00 PM  Imaging Device Symposium, Room W476
                                                                 Sponsored by Siemens
                                               1:00 PM–2:00 PM   Pediatric Vascular Procedures
                                               2:00 PM–3:00 PM   Irreversible Electroporation
                                               3:00 PM–3:15 PM   Break
                                               3:15 PM-4:15 PM   The History of IR: From 1896 -2010 “In Constant
                                               4:15 PM–5:15 PM   Oncological Interventions

continued from page 25

Your parents, your teachers, your siblings, maybe a         Mom and dad looking at me and smiling that same
coach...but mostly your friends...I am here to tell all     grateful smile.
of you that being a friend to someone is the best gift
                                                            Not until that moment did I realize it’s depth.
you can give them. I am going to tell you a story.’
                                                            Never underestimate the power of your actions..
I just looked at my friend with disbelief as he told
the first day we met.                                       With one small gesture you can change a person’s life..
He had planned to kill himself over the weekend.            For better or for worse.....
He talked of how he had cleaned out his locker              God puts us all in each others lives to impact one
so his Mom wouldn’t have to do it later and was             another in some way. Look for God in others.
carrying his stuff home. He looked hard at me and
gave me a little smile.                                     ‘Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our
                                                            wings have trouble remembering how to fly.’
‘Thankfully, I was saved. My friend saved me
from doing the unspeakable...’ I heard the gasp go          There is no beginning or end.. Yesterday is history.
through the crowd as this handsome, popular boy             Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. 
told us all about his weakest moment. I saw his

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