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Body Fat %
               Too much or too little body fat can put your health at risk. This highly accurate monitoring technique shows
               you in seconds if you are in the healthy range based on your age, sex and height. Use regularly to see the
               effect of your diet and exercise programme. This will motivate you to follow a healthy lifestyle and keep
               within the healthy range.

Body Water %
               Helps you understand how your body's composition changes as your hydration levels change. It is
               important to drink plenty of water a day to stay healthy (minimum of 2 litres/3½ pints per day).

Bone Weight / Mass
               Indicates the weight of bone mineral in the body. The development of muscle tissue has been shown to
               encourage stronger, healthier bones. It is important to develop and maintain healthy bones through plenty
               of exercise along with a calcium rich diet.

Muscle Mass
               Displays the amount of muscle in the body. For every extra pound of muscle gained the body uses
               approximately 50 extra calories a day. Any user who experiences a change in their muscle mass should
               monitor and adapt their calorie intake accordingly. Because muscle is denser than fat, monitoring muscle
               mass gives a more accurate understanding of a person's overall composition and changes in their total
               body weight.

Basal Metabolic Rate
               Indicates the number of calories your body burns when at rest. Unlike other methods of calculating BMR,
               Innerscan Fitness takes the amount of muscle in your body into account, giving a more accurate picture of
               your dietary requirements. Your BMR will tend to decrease as you get older – you can help prevent this
               through a regular routine of cardiovascular exercise and increased activity.

Metabolic Age Rating
               Your BMR starts to decrease after the age of 17 and the metabolic age rating indicates what age level your
               body is currently rated at. The results range guide covers ages between 12 and 50 years old.

Visceral Fat Rating
               Visceral fat surrounds the internal organs in the stomach/trunk area of your body. High levels of visceral fat
               increase the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Monitoring your results can
               help you adjust your lifestyle to stay in the low risk range. The Visceral Fat Healthy Range shows if the
               amount of visceral fat you have is healthy.

Physique Rating
               Describes your overall physique or body shape by examining the balance between the amounts
               of body fat and muscle in your body.

Athlete Mode
               For people who do more than 10 hours a week intense exercise
               and who have a resting heart rate of under 60 beats
               per minute.

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