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                                 from the President
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                                                                                                                 Message from the President
     from the President
                    I t is my honour to be the President of the Institute. It gives me the
                 opportunity to ser ve members and to bring in new dimension to the
                 surveying profession. My president year was vibrant and memorable.
                 It witnesses the most unforgettable SE Asia tsunami disaster in late 2004;
                 the resignation of Mr CH Tung from the Chief Executive of HKSAR in
                 March; the election of Mr Donald Tsang as the new Chief Executive of
                 HKSAR; the talk of the town on the controversial West Kowloon Cultural
Complex development project; the defeat of the Constitutional Reform and the aftermath
of the WTO’s 6 th Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong which left us with an unhappy
memory of violence, loss of business and inconvenience caused to Hong Kong citizens.

While we are busy working for the betterment of Hong Kong in the area of our expertise
including but not limited to the planning of the Lantau Island and the Kai Tak area, the
land application list, urban renewal and the mandatory building inspection scheme, I find
Hong Kong is becoming more divisive day by day. As a responsible professional body,
we are trying our best in offering our views in the areas of our expertise to help society to                           1
understand the issues in debate before they make their own judgment. Similarly, we are
continuously monitoring the performance of the government to ensure that they are
performing with the most transparent operation possible. It is sad to see that while the
economy is picking up, we are living in a polluted city and mentally stressed environment.
There is political and social criticism everyday. We are not living in a city of harmony.
Most professionals a r e p o l i t i c a lly a p a t het i c . W ha t t hey wa nt a re st abi li ty and
predictability. I sincerely hope that everyone in Hong Kong, and in particular our members,
would spend more effort in improving our built environment for our health and for our children.

The most significant accomplishments in this Council year include:

1 The formation of the Property Facility and Management Division;
2 The signing of the Reciprocity Agreement for Cost Engineers in China for the Quantity Surveying
  Division where 173 of our QS members qualified as Cost Engineers in China;
3 The signing of a Memorandum of Mutual Recognition of Membership with the RICS;
4 The formation of the Hong Kong Business Valuation Forum with the Hong Kong Society of
  Financial Analysts and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Hong Kong Chapter;
5 The launching of the following publications on the local standards
   (a) The HKIS Valuation Standards on Properties;
   (b) Guidance Notes on Valuations of Properties for Mortgage Purpose (Second Edition 2005);

                                                                                 The HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF SURVEYORS
                                                                                  DIRECTORY & ANNUAL REPORT 2004/2005
Message from the President

                               (c) Standard Form of Building Contract 2005 (jointly with HKIA and HKICM);
                               (d) Standard Method of Measurement of Building Works (4th edition) (jointly with HKCA
                                   and other E&M institutes); and
                               (e) ATC Guides and Procedures for Technical Members;
                             6 Significant improvement in advocacy raising the profile of surveyors in Hong Kong.

                             One disappointment in the year was the defeat of the motion on direct membership.
                             With the increasing competition surveyors are facing today both locally and internationally,
                             a sensible way for the sustainability of the profession is to expand our membership base
                             both in Hong Kong and in China. Without lowering our professional standard, direct
                             membership route would allow us to recruit those high caliber members already working
                             in the surveying related fields into our Institute. I trust the incoming Council will continue
                             their effort in this area to complete our uncompleted task.

                             The Annual Report gives an overall summary of the work of the General Council, Divisional
                             Councils, Boards and Committees during the year 2004/05. I would like to take this opportunity
                             to thank the Editorial Board and the Secretariat in producing this Directory and Annual Report.
                             May I wish you and the Institute every success in the years to come.


                                                                                                     T T Cheung

                                                                                     Message from the President
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          !"   !"#$%&'(#)*+,-%./01234/56/789:;<=>?@,


                                                     The HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF SURVEYORS
                                                      DIRECTORY & ANNUAL REPORT 2004/2005

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