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BTK Dental Implants
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We’re working with a smile, for a smile.
btk, professionals’ support.

BTK dental implants are being worked out with implantology professionals. They ensure utmost stability,
ideal tissues response and reduced recovery time. All medical devices are certified, clinically approved and
attested by daily surgical practice.

Abutments, plastic abutments, retentive screws, transfers for impression, replicas, milling abutments,
titanium and gold abutments: the wide range of prosthetic components is realized through advanced
technology with safe and efficient materials and satisfies all surgical needs.

Surgical kits have compact dimensions and are fully autoclavable. These characteristics allow a reasonable
storage of surgical instruments. Colors coding leads and simplifies the surgical procedure and enables a
fast localization of all devices during surgeries.

Biocompatibility, technology, know-how

In the realization of our implants and prosthesis, we exclusively use pure titanium certified according
to the most rigorous international standards: our medical devices stand out for materials voltage and
elasticity, guaranteeing a high occlusal-load resistance.

The surface of our implants is unique thanks to the exclusive Double Acid Etched Surface (D.A.E.S.) process
that gives a supervised micro-rugosity, favouring the osteoblasts cellular retainer and the interaction with
bone tissue.

We keep guaranteeing our devices qualitative standard, rigorously CE certified. Our quality system is
certified by UNI EN ISO 9001/2008 and UNI EN ISO 13485/2004, and it is in conformity with the Directive
93/42/CEE and its following amendments and integrations.

 We’re working with a smile, for a smile.
BTK Dental Implants
Shape, threads profile, and system connections are examined
to ensure a comfortable insertion and a precise and long-lasting
matching with the prosthesis. The wide range of BTK’s products
satisfies all surgical demands.

                                      8 NECK
                                      • Smooth neck, which is suitable for monophasic surgery
                                      • Octagon with tapering connection
                                      • Uncutting apex

                                                                                diameter (mm)
                                                         INT           3,3           4,1          4,8

                                                           6                      125SR41G      125SR48G
                                           length (mm)

                                                           8         125SR33J      125SR41J     125SR48J

                                                           10        125SR33L     125SR41L      125SR48L

                                                           12        125SR33N     125SR41N      125SR48N

                                      8 FORM
                                      • Conic implant
                                      • Octagon with tapering connection
                                      • Double-lead threads

                                                                                diameter (mm)
                                                         INT           3,3           4,1          4,8

                                                                 8   130SR33J      130SR41J     130SR48J
                                           length (mm)

                                                                10   130SR33L     130SR41L      130SR48L

                                                                12   130SR33N     130SR41N      130SR48N

We’re working with a smile, for a smile.
• Cylindric implant
• Internal and external hexagon connection system
• Four apical cutting cavities design

                                                        diameter (mm)
               INT                    3,25                   3,75         4,25              5
                     8,5                                   106IR37J     106IM42J     106IW50J
 length (mm)
                     10          106IR32L                  106IR37L     106IM42L     106IW50L
                 11,5           106IR32M                   106IR37M   106IM42M      106IW50M
                     13          106IR32P                  106IR37P     106IM42P     106IW50P
                     15         106IR32R                   106IR37R     106IM42R     106IW50R
               EXT          3,25             3,25 PL         3,75          4                5
                     8,5   103EN32J          103ER32J      103ER37J     103ER40J        103EW50J
 length (mm)

                     10    103EN32L          103ER32L      103ER37L     103ER40L     103EW50L

                 11,5      103EN32M      103ER32M          103ER37M     103ER40M     103EW50M

                     13    103EN32P      103ER32P          103ER37P     103ER40P     103EW50P

                     15    103EN32R      103ER32R          103ER37R     103ER40R     103EW50R

• Conic implant
• Internal and external hexagon connection system
• Hemispherical implant apex

                                                        diameter (mm)

               INT              3,25                          4                     5
                     8,5                                   108IR40J              108IR50J
 length (mm)

                     10       108IR32L                     108IR40L              108IR50L
                 11,5         108IR32M                    108IR40M               108IR50M
                     13       108IR32P                     108IR40P              108IR50P
                     15       108IR32R                     108IR40R              108IR50R
               EXT              3,25                          4                     5
                     8,5                                   107ER40J              107EW50J
 length (mm)

                     10       107EN32L                    107ER40L               107EW50L
                 11,5         107EN32M                    107ER40M               107EW50M
                     13       107EN32P                    107ER40P               107EW50P
                     15       107EN32R                    107ER40R               107EW50R
                                                    BT EVO DL
                                                    • Mixed cylindrical-conic implant (cylindric body, with a soft
                                                      conicity due to threads profile)
                                                    • Internal and external hexagon connection system, both
                                                      available in standard and Switching Platform (SP) versions
                                                    • Hemispherical implant apex

                                                                                           diameter (mm)
                                                                    INT           3,3           4             5
                                                                            7                              115IW50I*

SHORT IMPLANTS                                                            8,5                115IR40J      115IW50J
                                                     length (mm)
                                                                          10    115IR33L     115IR40L      115IW50L

                                                                       11,5     115IR33M     115IR40M      115IW50M

                                                                          13    115IR33P     115IR40P      115IW50P

                                                                          15    115IR33R     115IR40R      115IW50R
                                                                    EXT           3,3           4             5

Suitable for implant rehabilitation in atrophic                             7                111ER40I*     111EW50I*
crests, thanks to their reduced dimensions that
avoid maxillary sinus or inferior alveolar nerves                         8,5   111EN33J     111ER40J      111EW50J
                                                     length (mm)

injuries. The absence of bone grafts or maxillary
sinus lift operations simplify and accelerate the                         10    111EN33L     111ER40L      111EW50L
surgical procedure protocol.
                                                                       11,5     111EN33M     111ER40M      111EW50M

                                                                          13    111EN33P     111ER40P      111EW50P

                                                                          15    111EN33R     111ER40R      111EW50R

SWITCHING PLATFORM                                  * Short implants

                                                                                           diameter (mm)
                                                                   INT SP         3,3           4             5
                                                                            7                117IR40I**    117IW50I**

                                                                          8,5                117IR40J      117IW50J
                                                     length (mm)

                                                                          10    117IR33L     117IR40L      117IW50L

                                                                       11,5     117IR33M     117IR40M      117IW50M

                                                                          13    117IR33P     117IR40P      117IW50P

                                                                          15    117IR33R     117IR40R      117IW50R

                                                                   EXT SP         3,3           4             5
The reduced diameter of the abutment in
proportion with the platform of the implant                                 7                113ER40I**    113EW50I**
allows a greater respect of the biological
extensiveness.                                                            8,5   113EN33J     113ER40J      113EW50J
                                                     length (mm)

                                                                          10    113EN33L     113ER40L      113EW50L

                                                                       11,5     113EN33M     113ER40M      113EW50M

                                                                          13    113EN33P     113ER40P      113EW50P

                                                                          15    113EN33R     113ER40R      113EW50R

                                                    ** Short SP implants
Special Implants
Implant TWO conic shape simulates the real dental root,
modelling it as post-extractive.
The MINI collection settles the temporary prosthesis
stabilization issues in a single surgical session.

                          • Conic implant
                          • Internal octagon connection
                          • High primary retention

                                                                 diameter (mm)
                                                    4                 5                   6

                                          10    ITW40100CM        ITW50100CM        ITW60100CM
                           length (mm)

                                         11,5   ITW40115CM        ITW50115CM        ITW60115CM

                                         13,5   ITW40135CM        ITW50135CM        ITW60135CM

                                         15,5   ITW40155CM        ITW50155CM        ITW60155CM

                          • Thin and little invasive implant
                          • Prosthesis not required
                          • Suitable for monophasic surgery

                                                                 diameter (mm)
                                                        1,9                         2,5

                                          10         IMI19100A                   IMI25100A
                           length (mm)

                                         11,5        IMI19115A                   IMI25115A

                                          13         IMI19130A                   IMI25130A

                                          15         IMI19150A                   IMI25150A

01T_0557_10 _ 062 00 013

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                                                              and targeted on the achievement of common goals.

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                                              Products with the EC mark.

                                              Quality system certified UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 and UNI EN ISO 13485/2004,
                                              in accordance with Directive 93/42/EEC - Annex II(3).

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