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									   SRS; linkage with microarray analysis platform Genespring
                          Phil Strutt, LION Bioscience
                        Jacqueline Finn, LION Bioscience

SRS is a versatile software tool that enables you to simultaneously search
hundreds of public bioinformatics repositories as well as to include your own ‘in
house’ databases. SRS is available as a web based service via for example the
EBI website, but can also be installed locally. This local installation is freely
available for the academic community. Recently, LION Bioscience developed a
link between SRS and the widely used microarray analysis software package
Wednesday the 21st of October at 14.00 hours, LION will present and
demonstrate the features of SRS 7.1 and integration with Genespring at room
C102 of the Androclus (main) building of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
(University of Utrecht, Yalelaan 1).


   1. SRS 7.1 and its connection's to microarray data
   2. Live demo and screen shots of the SRS-GeneSpring Connector
   3. Introduction of the concept of LION Target Engine and its Genespring

If you are interested to join this short seminar, please write a short email to
René van den Ham (, stating your name and research
interest(s). You might also want to include some questions that you would like to
see addressed during the presentation. You may think of the following:

How does SRS automatically update the databases in the installation? (SRS
How can I view 3D structures within SRS? (SRS 3D)
Can I access the functionality of SRS by using bioinformatics languages such as
java? (SRS Objects)

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