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									Tarmbu,Product of Wukir’s Adventure

A lot of touches that made the artist Wukir Suryadi looked genius as seen
in the art performance that called ‘Ambient Experiment’.

Teks Darma Ismayanto

In the exhibitions that held in four different spots, Jenderal Sudirman
Monument Park, Gubeng Railway Station, Balai Pemuda Complex, and the yard
of former Mpu Tantular Museum, Wukir Suryadi tried to criticize the East
Java Provincial Government’s decree on the transfer of Taman Budaya East
Java’s function to be the Student Training Building. Wukir attracted
Surabaya City’s public with his creation of musical instrument, Tarmbu,
which, at the same time, he demonstrated skillfully. A lot of touches
that made the artist Wukir Suryadi looked genius as seen in the art
performance that called ”Ambient Experiment” together with Ilham J. Baday
in Surabaya on last April 25-28.

For Wukir, the exhibition, at the same time, served as the introductory
arena for the psaltery that made of bamboo material, the process of which
required five months during his adventure in Bali Island in the beginning
of 2008. The modified instrument that adopted from sasando and lute
traditional musical instrument with the physical shape of bamboo spear,
which introduced to the public for the first time in the middle of 2008
in Bali in several exhibitions together with a number of local ethnic
musical groups, and he even produced an album that called ‘Experimental
Ethnic Music’ together with the music digital group ’E.P Yehezkiel’ that
launched in Bali recently.

Surabaya was the third city that watched the demonstration of tarmbu
musical instrument. Previously, after being introduced in Bali, Wukir had
also played this musical instrument during the anniversary of the
Riverside Community (Komunitas Pinggir Kali) in Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
in December 2008.

Tarmbu musical instrument can be played by plucking (like a guitar),
snatching (like a bass), rubbing (like a violin), and at the same time,
by beating [like a kendang (small drum covered with leather at each end),
jimbe, or other beating musical instruments]. Wukir looked like having an
experiment by showing the visual effect that responded from the space,
audience, and audio/sound in four different spots of his performance
areas, which supported by ‘Digitec JamMan’ so that the sounds of his
instrument that was plucked, snatched, rubbed, and beaten have become a
nice composition of sound.

-Wukir Suryadi is not a stranger anymore, particularly among the senior
artists in East Java. He has been introduced to the art since his
childhood. When he was still in the third grade of Elementary School in
year 1989, he had joined Teater Idiot group, Malang City under leadership
of M. Simwan who was known as the pupil of Dramawan and Malang State
University Professor, late Prof. Dr. Hasyim Amir. It was convinced that
discipline atmosphere that was formed in Teater Idiot Studio has played a
role in Wukir’s thinking power and creativity.

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